Time To Back Off Knight And Terry


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — Really, this is how low we’ve sunk as sports fans, that we make ourselves feel better by further humiliating the loser rather than being satisfied by marveling at the victor?

Boston’s Jason Terry joined Detroit’s Brandon Knight in Twitter and YouTube infamy on Monday night as unfortunate victims of vicious dunks. Because each guard, both standing no taller than 6-foot-3 and barely a buck-ninety soaking weight, chose to challenge LeBron James and DeAndre Jordan as they launched their massively larger bodies toward the rim like heat-seeking missiles, rather than take the easier matador approach, Terry and Knight have become Internet punch lines.

The 6-3, 189-pound Knight found himself in a helpless position when Jordan, the 6-foot-11, 265-pound Clippers center, caught a lob from Chris Paul with his right hand, seemed to freeze in mid-air with his legs spread as if in a dead sprint and his arm cocked back ready to fire. In an instant, Jordan slammed it home with Knight caught in the middle trying to contest, practically stuck to Jordan’s chest only to be squashed like a bug on the grill of an 18-wheeler.

A dunk to behold for sure. So how come just hours later, someone tweeted that Knight, and not Jordan, was trending on Twitter? Why is it more gratifying for us to kick someone around than lift someone up?

“I give credit to Brandon Knight,” said Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, asked the other day about the Jordan dunk. “DeAndre Jordan can dunk, there’s nothing special there. It takes guts to say, ‘OK, I’m playing basketball,’ and think basketball first, so I give [Knight] a lot of credit. It’s like that old Tracy McGrady and Shawn Bradley dunk. It wasn’t that Tracy McGrady dunked on him, it was that Shawn Bradley cared enough about the game to try to contest it. So DeAndre just did what DeAndre does, there was nothing spectacular or special about what he did, he does it every day, right? But a guy who’s willing to just not care what anybody says, that’s special. To me, the best player on that play was Brandon.”

James, who has shown so much maturity since losing in the 2011 Finals to Terry’s old Mavs (remember when a disappearing James and Dwyane Wade mocked an ill Dirk Nowitzki with fake coughs and sneezes?) couldn’t leave Monday’s tomahawk jam over Terry alone. Not only did James dunk on Terry, he earned a technical foul for standing over him as if ready to take his scalp along with his dignity.

James told reporters Wednesday after Miami’s shootaround that he’s had a chance to look over his massive, one-hand jam and not only did he find it to be one of his best, but he said he’s glad it happened to Terry, a personal nemesis.

Again, let’s return to the ’11 Finals. James had taken on Jet as his personal defensive assignment in the fourth quarters and had shut him down through the first three games as the Heat took a 2-1 lead. Nowitzki called out Jet for his lack of scoring punch and Jet, never one to bite his tongue stated: “Let’s see if [James] can defend me like that for seven games.”

Terry went on to average 21.7 points in Games 4, 5 and 6, busted a late-game 3 over James for the pivotal Game 5 win and a 3-2 series lead, and then dropped 27 points in the deciding Game 6 on the Heat’s home floor.

What’s been lost in Monday’s sequence during an intensely competitive game in Boston that Miami pulled out for its 23rd consecutive victory, is that Terry had just made a fine defensive play, getting a steal and then heading the other way. Only he didn’t see Wade behind him and he got stripped.

Wade got the ball got to Mario Chalmers, who found Norris Cole, who had just committed the turnover. Cole could have scored the layup, but instead set up James for the massive slam with an underhand lob. Terry, seven inches shorter and some 70 pounds lighter than James, had retreated as Boston’s only line of defense, bouncing from Chalmers to Cole to going up against the barreling James to try to at least get in the way.

Which he did. James’ 250 pounds (at least) careened into Terry in mid-air. James slammed it home as Terry crashed to the floor.

And as with Knight, it seems Terry is garnering more heat for getting dunked on while trying to make a play, than James is receiving accolades for the actual dunk.

“Guys in this league can dunk,” Cuban said before Terry’s misfortune. “So you know they’re going to try to dunk, but the guys who play the game and do what’s right for the team regardless of what it might look like, those are the guys that deserve the credit. Those are the guys I get excited about it.”

This drama surely isn’t over. The Jet will certainly let his tongue flap after hearing James tomahawk him again, only this time verbally.


  1. Marko says:

    THANK YOU, Jeff Caplan, for a comment like this! I’ve been thinking about the storm of giggles and open ridiculing of Brandon Knight ever since it happened and then not only does it happen again with JET, but the situation seems even worse with LBJ’s rubbing it in after the dunk! Not only are both Jordan and LBJ way bigger and stronger than Knight and Terry, but the Miami fast break was a 3-on-1……A note to LBJ, who I like, just for the record: dunk on Dwight Howard in a half-court set and then strut and pose as much as you like! Blake posterizing Kendrick Perkins last year for example was quite different since it was a part of a a half-court possession and he dunked on a bigger guy, and even then I didn’t like all the ridiculing…..I’m from Europe and maybe it’s a sports tradition thing that I don’t get, something like cheering during fights in the NHL, but I feel quite disgusted with it. Which I hate since I love the NBA….Kudos indeed to both Terry and especially Knight who is a young kid who had the mettle to try and stop DJ.

  2. 70's kid says:

    i have nothing against posterizing, it is what it is, even back in the day. but there’s nothing special about this dunk. no matter how we look at it, this is a mismatch. Lebron clearly has all the advantages. Nothing to celebrate about. Remember MJ in his rookie years dunking on John Stockton? Someone in opponents bench yelled at him to dunk on someone his own size. Few possessions later MJ dunked on their 7footer then saying “is he big enough?” If Lebron had dunked on someone taller and stronger, a good defensive player…. now we’re talking!

  3. NBALogics says:

    4YallEntertainment clowned on em both too and honestly there’s a difference between making a good basketball play and just being dumb as hell. Going against extremely athletic big guys and your 6-3 or 6-4 with low athleticism yea you nuts lol.

  4. ko0kie says:

    lol.. what a stupid article… as if any of those player knew whats going to happen and who’s going to dunk on them in the next second. they were just suprised.. clearly they wanted to challenge it, but both were with the backs to the player and they could NOT see who’s coming at them.. they would probably have both gone away..

  5. vitamilk says:

    Remember that Pippen Dunk over Ewing? A great dunking over and humiliating another. But Ewing couldn’t care less, he knows his job was to try to stop the dunk or at least get in the way. That is playing defense and caring for the team more than himself. Knight and Terry did the right thing. Its their job. Lebron’s reaction, under the circumstances was normal. Anyone would feel good about himself after making such a dunk. But there’s nothing really special about it. Kudos to Cuban’s comment.


    Jason Terry & Brandon Knight will be teaming up next year…

  7. nbafan says:

    Jeff Caplan is garbage , that dunk was amazing. and i too glad it happened to JT the trash talking jet. He had it comming. haha

  8. Jean_Phi says:

    I don’t get all the fuzz about those dunks on twitter. It’s like people don’t have anything else to do.
    They were really great dunks and I really enjoyed them but hey, Brandon Knight got killed because he was willing to do his job.
    I’m with Cuban on this one. In my team, I’d rather have players involved on the defensive end.

    For Terry, I think it’s a little bit different. They have a biff with Lebron since back in ’11 and I think it’s understandable that Lebron showed some emotion on the court and later during the interview. He enjoyed crushing Terry on this slam so what?
    Should he say “I’m sorry I dunked on him”?

  9. PetrGSW says:

    Im sorry guys, this is not gonna be a liked comment, but this is really a nice example of what the whole culture in USA is turning into. Tough words in blogs, “yeah you got owned” (high five to a buddy sitting next to you on the couch) but really a p—y and “I will sue you if you touch me” attitude in real life…(I obviously dont mean everyone, but just read all the comments on this article)… Dont watch too much TV and movies, get outside, and maybey you will grow your real balls back intead of the internet imaginal ones… sorry for my english, not from there. In case u havent noticed 🙂


    Miami Heat will be Champs again this year…

    We Love NBA in the Philippines,

  11. Dem Bausen says:

    I agree with the writer, the fans are only looking at the show the spectacle and forgetting what basketball really is.

    It’s funny to see all the comments on LeBrick Shames ’bout the grandiosity of his dunk, can’t forget it was a 3on1 and that he was completely off-balance from chasing the ball at the moment Lebrick jumped for the ally-oop, all Terry did was trying to get on the way to make the basket harder, just like Knight’s situation, other thing about this dunk, it is so over mentioned because it was LeQueen if it was any other player in the league there wouldn’t be so much hype about it.

    Cuban said the right words, those are the guys any coach would love to have on their team, someone who sacrifices himself on defense leaving everything on the court.

    Start understanding basketball. It is more than flashy dunks and ankle-breakers, it is about being inteligent and knowing what to do in the right situations.

    • ko0kie says:

      do you really think it was harder for lebron to slam it ? i doubt it.. he probably did not even notice terry until he saw him on the ground..

      • ko0kie says:

        and btw. if you use such names as “LeBrick” it devaluates everything u want to say.. poor hater

  12. rach says:

    well describing it as, “Knight caught in the middle trying to contest, practically stuck to Jordan’s chest only to be squashed like a bug on the grill of an 18-wheeler” certainly does not help the cause, now does it, Jeff Caplan?

  13. noel says:

    what is so speicial on this dunk? it’s like 3 on 1? Lebron is too big and gets an alley from cole?
    What is James taunting about he dunked on a little guy?what is so special?
    Terry isnt even a shot blocker. I will commend lebron if he dunked on a 7 footer shot blocker not a 6’3 guard?
    Lol really? It’s not special at all.

  14. beyKrewz says:

    ” just let it go to avoid a sure 3 point play ”
    giving away 2 points is much better than giving an extra point and being a lifetime souvenir for someone’s fans.
    I applaud these guys who contest but they should know when to contest or just let go and make up for your mistake.

  15. Bob M says:

    Terry and Knight were NOT contesting the dunk………. they couldn’t get out of the way in time and got the poster and the youtube hit. When someone dunks over you like you are not even there, that is emasculation period.. end of story.
    So, back off with the good defense and contesting the shot stuff. It was neither. The got to the spot late or were not paying attention and got the hammer.

    • sick says:

      so true

    • ko0kie says:

      word.. that’s not even near contesting a dunk.. if you come not even close to the shoulders with your outstretched arm you cannot call it a contested dunk.. i see no defense on those dunks. 3-point play gifts..

  16. LALA says:

    Comparing Laverne’s dunk to Jordan’s is a joke. DJ threw it down in such a way that he viciously posterized Knight who was going for the steal rather than the block. Laverne just did his usual dunk which is a nice dunk, but Terry can look at Knight and feel pretty good about himself. The best poster dunk this season was either Barnes on Pek or Kobe on the Nets.

  17. The dunk was good..... but says:

    the defense was better. The heat swarmed Terry like a pack of rabid wolves before he turned the ball over.

  18. sports fan says:

    I agree with Jerry Baylor, it was no big deal. It wasn’t a one on one dunk over a big man in a half court set like MJ did on Ewing. And if LeBron did that to Terry one on one in a half court set then that would’ve been a good thing to shut Terry up. But Terry was outnumbered 3 to 1 and Miami only walks away with 1 point. LeBron, as the leader of his team, should realize it was dumb of him to say to the media that his 3 on 1 dunk on Terry was satisfying. And he should also acknowledge, as the leader of his team, that it was dumb of him by costing his team a point on an easy bucket. If LeBron wants to be the greatest in history then he needs to display a level of maturity that at the very least matches MJ’s, Magic’s, Bird’s, etc.

  19. TT says:

    Now someone needs to dunk over Mark Cuban and make him shut his trap.

  20. Ryan W says:

    First of all, I give Terry props for at least trying to contest rather than just stepping out of the way. But he as well as every one else knows that if you contest, then there is a good chance your gonna be in the other guys poster! Especially when your a small guard and the other guy is Lebron James taking a lob! He should have known approximately what he was getting himself into.

    Second, Terry was one of the biggest reasons that the Heat lost the Finals in 2011. He shot lights out for the Mavericks those last few games, including in several key late game moments, and apparently he is a loud mouth! So you can’t fault Lebron for disliking a man who has talked a lot of trash to him, and helped strip him from his first championship! I’d probably want to dunk on a guy like that too if I could!

    • jose says:

      He also lost to the HEAT , in 2006, Yes , Lebron : Why you did thhat to the Moskito ?…Shame on You LBJ , for punking that poor kid !!!!!

  21. AAA says:

    I still dont know why Lebron got away only with a technical. He should have been arrested for attempted murder. That was a train wreck.

  22. zemogay says:

    If Lebron did that as Cleveland Cavs, as a Superstar, it will not an issue. He just done those things coz other teams dont have 3 Stars like them. If he can make Stars to help him like MJ (Pippen, Steve Kerr etc), Magic (Worthy, Scott etc), then James will be also special, But James joined the Star from Raptors and Heat, i dont know whats the barometer when you say GREAT…What if MJ, Wilkins andHakeem join in one team, it will be BORING. MJ even retired 2 or 3 times coz he already felt BOREDOM……..LEBRON might be a very good player but NOT GREAT….

  23. Kris Wayne says:

    Please! This is how we fans enjoy the game! Dont throw in deflators

  24. Witness of basketball moment says:

    Hey dudes, just accept posterizing is a kind of play in basketball.
    Okay, the defender tried to play some defense, and he dunked over the defender.
    Simple as that!
    The after comment that it is glad the person he dunked over is Jason Terry, is some sought of retaliation on the talkative guard on some mouth matter.
    Anyhow, it is a top play!

  25. Ananya says:

    LeBron can go on and on about the dunk and then Terry can remind him of 2011 Finals!

  26. Jerry Baylor says:

    big deal…Lebron dunked over a small guard…then lost a point for a technical foul because of his stupid macho posturing…a one-point dunk..i’d rather have a two-point layup

  27. Edub says:

    I don’t get it. Back in the 90’s and every era before that, it seemed like everyone in the NBA got dunked on and almost everytime some player would do some kind of taunting. Remember when Jordan dunked on Dikembe? Scottie over Ewing? I’m sure Dr. J has had a couple stare downs. r the many dunks Shaq has had over many players? You can’t tell me Shawn Kemp didn’t taunt people after dunks. I hate Lebron but respect his skill. Knight acknowledged the skills of Jordan and I’m sure he congratulated him. No need to baby the players who get paid to play a sport. We might as well have our fun online if we damn sure can’t be apart of it.

  28. ckkaar says:

    oh please!! everybody gets dunked on. even lebron james get dunked on, wade, howard, kobe, so on and so forth. people need to stop being such a cry baby like this writer. for christ sake. its basketball this is what it is. this gets fans excited. dont be such a wuss. This writer is an official heat hater. I bet caplan would write and ridicule lebron if lebron was the one who got dunked on.

  29. His Airness says:

    Posterizing a small guy means nothing. LeBron go dunk on someone your own size, someone bigger and stronger

  30. Silence I'll kill u says:

    Its a PERFECT CRIME! First, Wade robbed JT then punked by Chalmers then fooled by Cole and finally, killed by Lebron! Yeah!

  31. Costa says:

    hahahhaha are you kidding me?! this happens everytime!stop defending those guys! and also using the finals argument??how many times have lebron received those trash talks from players too, that happened with him and Rasheed wallace back in the day with the Pistons, so stop writing those nonsense articles, and stop crying.
    also couldnt agree more with Lu.

  32. Scott says:

    Brandon Knight is athletic enough that he could get revenge by dunking on Jordan. Terry not so much.

  33. Charly says:

    It is just plain dumb to me that somebody would even think to contest a dunk if they are not tall nor strong enough to stop the guy from dunking because you are not only going to make a fool of yourself and be humiliated, you are also going to be committing a foul on the guy 99% of the time. So instead of letting a bucket go you could potentially be allowing the other team to score 3 points. Just do the math, it’s a no brainer. And by the way I hate Jason Terry, I loved that the was “The Choosen One” to be dunked on. Go Heat! all the way.

  34. Lu says:

    Oh please, there’s no effort ribbon in sports. You know very well Terry and Knight regretted jumping as soon as they did. “Oh at least they tried!” When you’re that much smaller than the one flying towards the basket, you will do nothing but get blasted out of the way. And now Lebron’s immature for those comments?? When did the NBA become such a holy place?? If you play any sport, you’re going to here trash talk, especially if you got humiliated. The old eras were full of master trash talkers

  35. theholyspectator says:

    time for jet to retire officially…you dont come back from something like that…take your ring and call it quits terry..your done…lebron destroyed your career with that dunk..shouldnt be talkin that smack…thats what you get for running your mouth about something you know nothing about…btw the c’s are also done for the year… boston 2nd round exit…next year kg gonna have more and more health issues come up as will the truth..poor rondo….miami 2k13 champs

  36. JohnAbruzzi says:

    Defensive players should give a hard foul next time instead of being dunked on. That will give dunkers something to think about,

  37. howcouldyou says:


  38. yesyesyall says:


  39. Lovedeveryminuteofit says:

    ……he being Terry even after was still running off at the mouth…..he said he hope they lose all their games. Don’t cry him a river Argentina….he got what he deserved. Don’t write a check his butt can’t cash!!!! Just saying!!!!

    • jose says:

      Terry should have cut his toungue , so that next time He can jump a little higher.
      Man , it is so sweet watching this video , over and over again..
      have you seen it many times Jeff?

  40. Eraeha says:


    Ill take JET’s three in Game 5 of the Finals over LeBrons Dunk every night. At that time JET backed up his words and LeBron mocked Dirk and got what he deserved. Terry was in the wrong place that time, so Terry dont deserve the heat.

  41. W/E says:

    Jason Terry got OWNED AND HUMILATED CAUSE HE DESERVES IT. I enjoyed that dunk by LBJ all over him so much it was so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!

  42. fan says:

    He made a great defensive play but he still got dunked on. You see that play on the playground or in the gym people are going to be buzzing. Having the videos fuels it but im sure they both have been dunked on before and have heard this stuff that goes with it. They’ll be fine

  43. Marcus says:

    lol ppl r so sensitive… ppl have been getting dunked on for years and now u wanna bring this up because ppl r making a big deal out of it over twitter and youtube… jeff caplan, u act like being dunked on is some new thing… look what happened to ewing when jordan yammed on him. u along with other sensitive ppl r the ones that make me not want to watch sports. u wanna create this safe little environment that pampers feelings and emotions… look they r basketball players. they should know that they have a great chance of getting dunked on eventual by someone…

    • Bruno says:

      I’m all for the twitter reactions and added humilation knight and terry are getting, but still I respect them more because they actually jumped then people who just give up on the play and get out the way. That’s just weaksauce.

    • Christophe says:

      I wouldn’t mind to get dunked on if I was earning millions 😀

  44. DJ KR says:

    Funny how Jeff uses excuses such as size and weight disparity to make a point. No one ever says that when a linebacker or Defensive lineman delivers a crushing blow to a QB or RB ! “Oh, he got lifted from his feet because the LB weighs about 260 and he’s 190 !” GOHWT…It’s BASKETBALL ! 5 ON 5, no matter how you lay it out. The guy got Slammed on, plain and simple. That’s what excites the fans, that’s why it’s such a trending topic, that’s why you wrote about it ! Like I stated earlier, know your role, stay in your lane ! That garbage Cuban is spewing wouldn’t be said if that was one of his players dunking on someone else. And the ones crying Overrated, are the ones who can’t do it and never could !!

  45. standard says:

    too bad they got dunked on
    but they are warriors
    they are not cowards like most of this NBA players that do not play defense just score, and score and score……..
    when you do the same over and over again it gets boring, play some defense NBA.

  46. GMAN says:

    OOOOOOHHHHHHH YOU GOT POSTERIZED!!!!! damn right I will say that. lol. Stop being the sissies of the new gen. Offense always gets praise if its good, and defense always gets praised if its good. stop crying

  47. heat_champs says:

    mr.chaplan is an obvious heat hater,hahaha!

  48. DaPlayaPresident says:

    They don’t like each other. It’s no secret. Why is that a problem? KEEP THE PARTY GOING!

  49. Jason Terry absolutely deserved what he got.

    • jose says:

      Jeff , your latest writings are out-of -focus, misleading, degrading, bored and inflammatory.
      The moskito JT got what his toungue deserved.
      Sorry moskito, get out of the Lion’s snout.

  50. DontBeESPN says:

    Come on guys, please don’t turn into ESPN. Jeff’s articles are starting to produce a worrying trend. !st he tried to find the negative in the win streak, saying it wouldn’t be the case in the west, and now this. Please don’t stoop the level of Skip Bayless and ESPN, and write inflammatory garbage for the sake of hits. Keep it professional and get rid of Jeff – he’s awful.

  51. Rayge says:

    Man did you seriously wake up today just to write this garbage? Hell yeah people love watching guys get dunked on! They even named it posterizing. Where the hell was this type of article when Blake dunked on Mozgov and on Perkins?

    • Chris says:

      Jordan’s dunk happened not too far before Lebron’s likely why he got mentioned to add to the claim. Media only cares if Lebron is involved.

      Also don’t forget Blake Griffin demolishing Gasol last year :/ poor Pau.

  52. cdubbb24 says:



    • xantheus says:

      yes just like you all caps post is so very mature, “oh look at me, look at me im special”.

      you need to grow up

  53. wink says:

    yes Lebrons dunk was good but come on Jason terry was in the wrong spot what is he 6’3 or less I hope james can dunk on him anyways it was a travel anyways three steps with ball in hand travel in my books heat got lucky no k.g. in middle Celtics will win in play-offs when it counts not important in preseason

    • GMAN says:

      Travel? you dumb? it was off a lob.

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      Even the Celtics fan laugh at Terry. U can spot the Girl in the audience.

    • xantheus says:

      lol you need to go watch the video before making stupid comments. he was lobbed the ball he was in the air when he caught it how the heck is that a travel?? you are one of those that goes on youtube and finds every LeBron play just so you can comment “he travelled” on it arent you, really pathetic….

    • Average Joe says:

      Boom, you got owned. Get your facts straight before you comment or you’ll get chewed up in here.

  54. crooner says:

    yeah, glad it happened to terry. that’s so mature of lebron. if he were truly a king, he’d be a bigger man by not dignifying anything his opponent says with a retort of his own, verbal or otherwise. somehow, he’s just proving his critics right in saying that the heat are thugs. “It takes guts to say, ‘OK, I’m playing basketball,’” unfortunately, dunkers and showoffs “make” the nba. it’s not about the basketball, it’s about the warm up dunk contests, dance moves and gimmicks. so yes jeff, “this is how low we’ve sunk as sports fans, that we make ourselves feel better by further humiliating the loser rather than being satisfied by marveling at the victor”. forget sportsmanship and playing the game itself. just gather a bunch of dunkers, make the crowd love them for all the gimmickry and you shall win the championship. no matter how terrible you behave when you do lose.

  55. sleeplessbull says:

    the lebron dunk is so overrated… not only cause he is double of terrys size.. this wasnt even a one on one… there were 3 players throwing the ball between them terry couldnt even set up etc etc… yeah sure he couldt stop james dunking even in his dream but still.. OVERRATED!!!!

  56. JG says:

    This is not cyber-bulling.. we are savoring the play in all levels…from top to bottom. Not in Knights case, but in Terry’s sometimes you just reap what you sow.

  57. LaLa says:

    I did feel sorry for Brandon Knight for taking so much heat. But Terry has a big mouth and deserves the ridicule he received.

  58. LabMonkey says:

    As a Mavs fan, proud of the comments of Mark Cuban.

  59. LebronKingOfNba says:

    maybe ask urself y the heat had been the most criticized team in sports of all time.

    i give u a question, what’s more worst?

    a. media and fan bashing lebron’s hairline and lebron’s mom


    b. knight and terry being dunk on

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      Ask mr. Caplan. As a bias writer and no. 1 media heat hater. He can answer that right away. 🙂

  60. heat_champs says:

    boastful terry deserves such complement?tell me your kidding..i guess such dirty tongue of terry been shut down by that dunk.

    • LOL says:

      Are YOU kidding me? It is insanity to say the word boastful and not refer to James! He was so much better when he wasn’t a self-aggrandizing egomaniac. I agree, Terry talks to much and it was even a little nice to see him get his words crammed down his throat. But, it only makes me miss MJ more, appreciate KD, TD.D-Rose, etc. MJ never had to constantly proclaim his greatness, it made him all that much cooler. Lebron is the best in the game right now, hands-down, period point blank! He doesn’t need to remind everyone constantly.

      And SPOT ON article, in the sense that, WTF is up with spitting on people when they are down. Knight and Terry made the proper, self-sacrificing basketball play. They got owned, to be sure. But they should be commended in the following days, not mocked……..fair-weather basketball fans….so impressed by a monsters of men dunking all over a relatively tiny guy.

      The NBA is going down the drain, thank god it’s tournament time!

      • Krishawn-MIA says:

        I really think you’re following the WRONG NBA Lebron has to be the most unselfish less boastful “Face OF The League Superstar” Ever! I’ve never heard him proclaimed his greatness! EVER! Everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • jose says:

        Sorry man , but I really enjoy it !!!!!1 The Lion and the Mosquito Fabula : Get out of the way You little Moskito…….
        sorry man , but I am still laughing a lot ….
        Get out of the Way Moskito….JT-Moskito

        sorry man

    • LakersWillWin says:

      It’s the disrespectful generation we live in. Get used to it, it ain’t changin’.

  61. Sonics 4 Life says:

    I completely agree. How many times when the Heat get a break away, do the opponents just let them have the dunk?

    JET at least tried to make up for turning over the ball.

    • DJ KR says:

      A similiar situation almost happened to Steve Nash during the MIA vs LAL game @ MIA. Check the clip. Only, Nash was smart enough to get out of the way ! LOL ! NEVER attempt to block or hinder a power slam if you’re not strong enough !! #KnowYourRole!! #StayInYourLane!! http://watch.nba.com/nba/video/channels/originals/2013/03/20/heat-streak-top10.nba

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      Its a PERFECT CRIME! First, Wade robbed JT then punked by Chalmers then fooled by Cole and finally, killed by Lebron! Yeah!

    • slider821 says:

      This mentality is a product of NBA fans never having played league ball before. Anyone who has played on a competitive team would rather have a player willing to contest a dunk over one who cares about his ego more than helping the team defense.

    • jose says:

      Hey Jeff , you forgett someting in terms of sizes and dimensions :
      Terry’s tongue : 500 pounds / 12 inches.
      Lebron’s tongue :03 pounds / 4 inches