Do You Still Believe In Thunder, Clippers?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Oklahoma City Thunder win far more often than not, they’re an elite team and, somehow, I’m having a hard time believing in them these days.

Same goes for the Los Angeles Clippers, another member of the Western Conference elite.

I know what the numbers say about the defending Western Conference champion Thunder: they’re 8-2 in their last 10 games, still have the best 1-2 punch in the West with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook and they have the experience of knowing exactly what it takes to climb the playoff mountain. This is a 50-win team (already) with a crew capable of taking it to the next level.

But that 11-4 record since the All-Star break includes losses to James Harden and the Houston Rockets, the San Antonio Spurs and two defeats at the hands of the sizzling Denver Nuggets, including Tuesday night’s eye-opening affair that saw Denver shred OKC for a jaw-dropping 72 points in the paint at Chesapeake Energy Arena.

I’m obviously not ready to write the Thunder off. But my belief in them has been shaken and stirred after watching them lose to these other elite teams.

I’m even more concerned about the Clippers, my one and only guilty pleasure in the league (I watch them religiously, against the best of the best and the lowest of the low because I’m afraid I’ll miss something like this, this or this). When Chris Paul gets rolling and Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, Jamal Crawford and the crew are flying around, there isn’t another team that entertains more.

Long before the Miami Heat went on their 23-game (and counting) tear and the Nuggets kicked off their 13-game streak, the Clippers owned the season’s most impressive win streak at 17 games.

But since the All-Star break, they are 7-5 and have losses to the Thunder, Nuggets, Spurs, Memphis Grizzlies and now, the lowly Sacramento Kings.

The other contenders in the West have been sound during this same stretch, particularly against their peers. The Thunder and Clippers, though, just seem to be missing something right now.

For the Thunder, the glaring difference (even though I know Thunder fans don’t want to hear it) is not having Harden around to help finish games.

My examination of the Clippers needs more time, which is the one thing a true contender doesn’t have much of. The playoffs are on the horizon and the question remains … do you still believe in the Thunder and Clippers?


  1. male says:

    Its either thunder or SAS going to finals this year. For okc if they lose to the heat it will have nothing to do with not having harden. Miami is just a bad matchup for okc, and until they take Charles Barkley advice and develop an inside game, then the thunder will lose to Miami. Now if SAS face Miami the guys who will make a difference are Leonard Duncan and splitter. Mainly cause they can pound Miami inside and rebound all over them like they need to. With that said I think people are too quickly counting out the Knicks and pacers. Both these teams have shown that they can stand up to the heat, and what many fail to realize is that a seven game series is a different beast. Especially because the pace does slow, big teams like the pacers will pose a challenge for the heat. The Knicks can do it because of melo’s scoring ability mixed with chandler defensive presence and stoudemires ability to make decent shots and guard guys who are bigger than him. Plus the Knicks have a better bench than Miami with guys like jr smith and Kenyon martin as well as Steve Novak and Jason Kidd playing some smaller roles. As far as Denver goes, there a great regular season team but will lose first round in the playoffs due to not really having a go to guy on there team, and because of the slower pace the post season brings. Clippers still have at least two years to go before they can contend for a championship due to lack if identity and not having that same will to win that teams like okc SAS and Miami have.that will to win is why okc beat the Lakers last year in the playoffs( the Lakers beat okc every time during the regular season). These teams I listed can lose to a certain team all year long and then come back and rape them in the playoffs, because of this will to win that the clips don’t have. In the end I do believe it will be either okc and Miami or SAS and miami, but remember, in a seven game series anything can happen(remember in 09 when the magic beat the Celtics?). All I really know though is that this will be one of the best post seasons we’ve had in a while.

  2. cvqqqq says:

    Everytime I read OKC’s arena name, I always read “cheapsteak arena, lol/

  3. Ben says:

    Honestly, I still believe in OKC, but I am a little worried. The reason why I’m worried is that Durant seems to be lacklustre recently, and I can’t help but wonder… is he too focussed on his 50-40-90 and its stopping him from just playing his natural game?

    I still think come playoff time we will get the real Thunder, and they are my favourites for the finals.

    As for the Clippers – it’s hard to believe in a team that is being outplayed by the Grizz and the Nuggets right now. But I wish they would hold onto third seed because I’d really like my West semis to be a Memphis-Spurs rematch and a Clippers-Thunder showdown (no offence to Denver, who I’d happily see win the whole damn thing but they just don’t fit in a preferred machup for me).

  4. javi says:

    I’m a lifelong Nuggets fan, Denver native, the whole bit; I’m not concerned or worried for the Clips or Thunder per se, but rather amused at their budding senses of urgency and panic as the playoffs get closer. Ok, that may be an overstatement, as I don’t see Blake or KD really ever panicking, but they HAVE to be nervous that they have both now lost the season series to a contender that’s constantly nipping at their heels. I work a ton of late hours at DISH lately, and don’t ever get to see the games in their entirety, and while it’s a bit frustrating, I now have a new app that lets me take all my live TV with me wherever I go. I’ve been watching the second halves of games on my iPad, using the new DISH Anywhere app, and it’s much nicer riding the bus with a Nuggets game in front of me rather than looking out the window. It’ll all come down to first round matchups anyway, but I can tell you that whether it’s the Grizz, the Clips or the Thunder, NOBODY wants to start the playoffs facing Denver.

  5. Crazygirl992 says:

    wheres the opition for neither?

  6. RockChamboom says:

    the only team making it to the playoffs from the west is SAS they have a solid team the best coach in the league and they want it so if the survive the regular without injurys they can make it for sure OKC is thumbling down the ladder and not hanging in there so i think they are out they are my fav team but with no harden they dont stand a chance has for the clips they have a good PG probably the best in the game but still missing alot of pieces to the puzzle the denver is a tem how is showing that can have it to make it to the finals and th e grizlies too would be out there in the contender list but okc is missing a piece and it is shown by they re inconscistency during the playoff run after the all star break we will see what happens



  8. baruch zachter says:

    There are four teams in the western conference which have the capibility of making it to the finals. The OKC, San Antonio,Clippers, and Denver. OKC are good but are soley based on Durrant and Westbrook for offence. San Antonio is just San Antonio and will deffinetley be a strong contender. Their players are good but their coach is better. The Clippers are good but not an elite team. Atleast not now. The reason I am deffinetley not counting tem out is because their team is extremely deap. They have so many components and chris paul puts it all together.Watching the clippers play is always spectacular. The Denver Nuggets are up there. they are fat and always moving. for most teams turnovers are almost sure points, for them a majority of missed shots are fast break points. The thing that holds me back from saying all in for them is that in the playoffs the pace slows down and denver will not be denver without fast pace type games.Another problem is that they are not very consistent. but if they do get into the finals they will be at such a high level that they are sure to win it.

  9. d.clark says:

    this is the same writer (sekou smith) that wrote about how the grizzlies would beat the clippers in last years first round, if the clippers cant get a decent coach they will be a championship contender, vinny del negro is disgraceful, hes terrible, and okc wont get to the conference finals much less the finals this year

  10. LION says:


  11. LBJ says:

    Lakers vs Miami nba final. ! !!!

    • Chris says:

      I wanna see that matchup and I don’t care who wins it. So long as it’s entertaining to watch and both teams play their hearts out I don’t care who gets handed that trophy when it’s over. Of course I’d prefer Kobe just get his sixth ring already so he can frickin step back and let someone else shine

  12. kimmy says:

    Yes, the article is correct, OKC is slipping. I love that team, but yes, they need a better bench and they don’t seem mature enough to handle pressure like being down by 10 points. They appeAr to be easily discouraged and almost seem to pout when they are losing. They just need more time to grow. This is my favorite team. I am their number one fan, but why did they let Hardin go? Someone was right, he was their closer. Sorry, Kevin Martin is iffy, not consistent. But it doesn’t matter what anyone says. It’s going to be OKC against the stupid Heat. And the Heat will win again. Nobody can beat this team. They are already poised for a win. Maybe next year OKC. WATCH OUT FOR THE THUNDER! GO OKC! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

  13. Chris says:

    I believe in the Clippers before I believe in the thunder for one reason: The Heat. The Clippers split the series 1-1 and while I’m not really sure a season will dictate the outcome of an NBA finals I think Westbrook needs to mature a bit before they can take on the challenge of the Heat. I don’t think the Clippers could take the Heat in the finals either, but I think the Clippers are deeper and their core is much more mature which is going to make a huge difference in a title run. But I could be wrong either way, still I think the only team in the west with the chance to last a 7game series with the Heat are the Spurs as long as they remain Healthy. Gotta give it up to Popovich for how he’s lead his team through adversity

    • Jason Page says:

      The Heat are better this year than last! They will be unbeatable unless they stumble like Spurs did last year? I do not see either team doing that this year! Both finals teams!

      • @ Jason Harden Page says:

        Spurs are not better than they were last year. They are the same and will be beaten the same by thunder. I agree though heat are better. Man I bet your dream come true would be if spurs could get your idol harden….wow now that would be special for you in your little world. Guess what? Thunder would still beat the spurs.

  14. Thomas says:

    What the Clippers are missing is a coach. They get a decent or good coach then they will championships.

    Spurs do have a chance of coming out the west. It is tough to say who will come out on top between OKC, Spurs and Clippers… But i have to favor the Spurs

  15. Mark says:

    Yes, media. I do still believe that OKC is an elite team capable of a title. Same with the Clippers only because of CP3 though. My opinion of a team is not skewed by a loss here and there. The Nuggets are hot, but they can be really inconsistent (obviously not as of late though). The Rockets aren’t poised for a title run by any means. The Spurs, god anyone losing to them is understandable! OKC is a little off as of late, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t fare well in the playoffs.

  16. Aleksander says:

    Two off the most respected NBA players needed 6-7 seasons to understand that team effort is needed to get the Ring. Thunder is in my opinion still in a learning process to get that same thought into their star 2 players.
    Clippers are on the other hand, have enough experience but they rush their plays… You can see almost every game Chris Paul loosing his temper on his teammates and trying to win it alone…
    Either off this to team getting the Ring this year would be bigger surprise than Shaq hitting a 3pt shoot.

  17. religiously says:

    I think the finals will be bobcats and washington wizards

    • RB3SPURS says:

      wow, u must be insane.there cant be 2 east teams in the finals. wizards vs. suns in finals. u heard it here first

  18. Clippers are weak spiritually says:

    Last night’s performance by Chris Paul was disgraceful against the Kings. He was so busy trying to play head games with Demarcus last night he forgot to play basketball. I lost a lot of respect for CP3 watching the Clippers last night.

  19. The Hammer says:

    This is really interesting, someone said that if the Spurs are sitting in the top of the Western Conference by the end of the regular season that reflected a Heat-Spurs match on the NBA Finals…that been said is starting to look that way. OKC is an overrated team without a third consistant player, Harden comes to mind, The Clippers have the best ensamble of veteran players, unfortunately they are not providing thoght leadership to the young Blake, Bledsoe and the like. That leaves the west with two real contenders Denver and Memphis. Memphis is a young group of players that play hard and grind you to the ground but are an inexperience crew with very small market to show for. The real Spurs contender is the Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets have a superb coaching team along with experienced leader/player and mid career sharp players, this is the right formula and you are looking at the positive results. The Spurs will have their hands full after a first round with the 8th seed, just to turn around and fight the next round which hopefuly will not be Denver. I anticipate the Spurs finishing on the top seed in the west but hopefuly will not run into th Nuggets until the end. Go Spurs!.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      How is OKC over rated? 2nd best record in the league last year (Spurs) 3rd best record this year (heat, spurs) sounds like they are rated right at the top where they belong to me.

  20. Sonics 4 Life says:

    It was obvious when the Clippers struggled with an injured CP3 out, that he is the key piece to their team.

    Last night, the Kings simply outsmarted the Clippers. Hack-a-DJ followed by Douglas’ sharp shooting sealed the victory.

    Nuggets and Grizzlies are the teams to look out for in the west.
    The Nuggets are too fast for most teams and surprisingly with that type of game pace you would expect poor defense, but they contain their opponents fairly well.
    The Grizzlies are akin to the Celtics and Pacers in that they play a slower low-scoring game based on defense and their matches usually come down to a possession or two. But these are the waters that these 3 teams like to swim in and excel at.

    Playoffs, at least in the West, should be interesting this year.

  21. Doe says:

    watch out for these nuggets probably the best i seen out of the nuggets they been incredible to watch.clippers can win it all if they can defend the 3 ball it seems to be their Achilles Heel like mentally I still don’t think they ready for spurs but if they get through the spurs then they can get through anybody. As for the thunder well you relying on 2 ppl to score before it was 3 but k martin don’t bring that harden type of scoring like he use to plus russ shoots more than anyone on the team which is the reason why they won’t win it all this year. I got 4 teams who can make it base on how their team is match up and personnel wise. Spurs,Clips,OKC,and my surpise the nuggets, I believe the nuggets up and down game and the presence of iggy and faried has change everything they were last year and this year you can’t get them out of the paint and they can run up and down with you all day.and andre miller savvy skills as a point helps them on half court execution is my reason why i feel they will surprise everyone this year.

  22. Dan Meadows says:

    I still think OKC over-reacted to Harden’s finals disappearing act. They should have traded Westbrook instead.

  23. moein says:

    okc vs. spurs in west finals,, spurs vs. heat in FINALS!!!

  24. MJfromOKC says:

    Right now OKC is trying to just finish a season without James Harden they will make roster changes in the offseason. We hired a new front office guy just in charge of personel.

    But yes Sekou we are slipping a bit. KD and Russell do a hell of a job and are experienced but also young at 24 we expect them to play and make decisions like 30 year old veterans. But aside from KD, RW, Thabo, Ibaka, Collison, and Martin I really don’t like the roster. People overlook the fact we had Daequan Cook, Royal Ivey, another guy who’s name I forget right now, and some pretty saavy veterans like Nazr Muhammad last season who you could count on not to just turn the ball over constantly. James was a huge loss offensively but it happens, his value outgrew our teams budget. I’ve watched James Hardens games this year with the rockets and he is one hell of a great player, improving from last year, and left handed, another huge factor people forget when they talk about Harden.

    Everyone in the entire city right now hates Kendrick Perkins. I would expect this to be Perkins last season with our team. Its a matter of finding the right replacement. The draft will be interesting.

  25. Caleb says:

    I Think lakers will make a run at the western conference finals, but not the finals okc is still to strong for them.

  26. xyz says:

    I believe in OKC, you can’t count them out as long as they have an amazing player like KD and a freakishly athletic and scoring PG like Westbrook. They’ll reach the Western Conference Finals for sure. As for the Clippers, I never believed in them, they depend way too much on CP3 and they still have tons of problems on the defensive end. I trust Denver more than I trust the Clippers, but I doubt they can get past San Antonio or OKC in a 7 game series, so I see a repeat of last year’s WCF.

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  28. Beasta says:

    OKC and SAS are still the team to beat. Props to nuggets they are playing good basketball.

  29. DANITo says:

    the only team that can beat the heat , is the spurs. all these other teams including okc cant beat the heat. cuz lebron can limit durant and wade can limit westbrook. lebron and james still way better than durant and westbrook and have more experience. so its not a good match up for the thunder. clippers cant get to the finals. memphis dont have a good wing man anymore , gasol and zibbo are not enough to beat the heat. so the only left over is the spurs who has the whole package if they stay healthy.perfect coach perfect system,out side and inside game. spurs for 2013

    • Topper says:

      I think you are wrong buddy, any team with a solid big that can put up 25-30 like Gasol or Dwight or Hilbert has a good chance. Remember game slows down come play-off and the bigs become important.

  30. FreeJack says:

    I still believe in the Clippers, although I need to see a coaching change in the off-season for that to continue. I think they’ve got a talented roster of players but need a couple of pieces, to really be ready to contend for a championship. A huge weakness is Jordan’s free throw shooting. If he could just get himself to 60% FT shooting, teams would not employ the “hack a Shaq” strategy on him in fourth quarters and the Clippers could have an inside presence down the stretch, which enables people to stay home a bit more on defending the long ball. We need better options at backup center and power forward. Lamar Odom is a bust, Turiaf can’t score OR shoot free throws, Ryan Hollins only knows how to foul. Caron Butler can stay at SF because although he’s inconsistent, he’s a tough defender. I also like Matt Barnes, although he has a tendency to royally blow easy plays (like breakaway layups). However, Grant Hill is another bust. I respect him, but he’s lost 90% of his game. If only Billups could stay healthy longer than four games in a row, he would be awesome as a backup to Crawford (who should start next season), playing alongside Bledsoe and coaching him on the court. I just have real concerns now about whether he CAN stay healthy.

    The biggest bust of the entire organization is Vinny Del Negro, though. He will never, ever elevate above being a mediocre pick and roll coach with almost no understanding of defense…he’s had time to do so, but nothing has changed.

    So yes, I believe in the Clippers…but they aren’t there just yet. It was unreasonable of anyone to think that a team that JUST emerged from the league’s basement to suddenly content for a championship, but that is the nature of media hype.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….agreed….except for the ‘coach’ part…….. the real problem is in acquiring so many ‘retreads’ G. Hill , MR. K, etc……. NOT a coaches decision, it is management’s brilliant idea

  31. tatlodos says:

    I think that the issue not having harden in OKC should be long gone by now. Focus on the real problem, Don’t dwell on the past.

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….indeed, and ….. “at the present moment”….. OKC can’t depend on a ‘jump shooter’ to be helping –( or dominating ! )— in crunch time supporting KW. That IS the present….not the past.

  32. Michael says:

    I don’t think either Clippers or OKC will be able to close the season and keep up with the Nuggets and Grizzlies.

    Grizzlies and Nuggets are on a roll towards a top seed. The duo could easily capture #2 and #3 (in some order); as OKC stumbles (slightly) and falls to #4. Clippers are dropping fast and will drop to #4 and lose home court advantage.

    If this happens, that means OKC will face the Clippers, and OKC will win Round 1 and fight their way to the WCF. They will have a tough ROund 2 against the Spurs, but OKC should be able to prevail and advance.

    If Grizzlies and Nuggets secure #2 and #3 (respectively) … then each will win Round 1 … and will both have a bear-fight when the face each other in Round 2.

    Grizzlies will win a hard fought Round 2 and advance to WCF to face OKC (or Spurs). Grizzlies win the WCF and advance to beat the Heat.

    We shall see in May!

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….really ??

      • Topper says:

        What??? OKC vs Clippers or SAS vs Clippers would happen in Second Round. But the way I see it LA Lakers will win 1st round againsts Spurs or OKC and face clippers in 2nd Round and whoever wins that will take it all the way…its gonna be hard for the 1st or 2nd seed to beat LA Lakers in playoffs….Lakersa will be a differnt animal then. Clippers can beat the Lakers because they will be playing for the city of LA, which is more powerful and meaningful than NBA championship…believe me (I know it sounds weird but true)

      • @ Jason Harden Page says:

        Lakers beat thunder? Ha! Please find a way to satisfy your harden obsession. We are better without him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please see the thunders record for exhibit A. Climb a tree and fall out of it

    • OKCKD35 says:

      delusional, OKC is still up 3 games in the loss column over Memphis, and 4 games in the loss column to Denver.

  33. T says:

    The Nuggets are capable of beating any team in the West right now. They are a very dangerous team. Look at their record – 3-1 vs OKC, 3-1 vs Memphis, 2-1 vs Clips, 1-1 vs San Antonio. No team has beaten OKC 3 times this year other than the Nuggets. Everyone says they’ll get knocked out in the first round and that they can’t match up toe to toe with LAC or OKC or SAS in the playoffs, but you gotta remember this is a different team than they had when Melo was there. Last year, with the lockout shortened season, the Lakers barely beat the Nuggets in 7, and the Nuggets had basically only played 70 games together since the trade that completely took their team apart. Now they’ve had time to gel, they’ve picked up a few good pieces, and they are believing in what George Karl is preaching to them.

  34. Game Time says:

    Clippers have been disappointing for the 2nd half to the season. OKC is still solid and will be in the west finals for sure.

    • Jason Page says:

      Without Harden, I do not put Okeville going past the first round. I do not think they can beat the Clippers if they play!

      • Wattsy says:

        @ Jason – #OKC Sweep!!!!!!!!

      • Common Sense says:

        first, there is absolutely no way the clippers would play OKC in the first round. Second, blah

      • nba watcher says:

        @ Jason Page. Not sure what you’re smoking but OKC won’t meet clipps in playoffs. And Harden is not a factor anymore…let it go. Hes a rocket now where he belongs…..we do not need him. Please do yourself a favor and stop making yourself sound so stupid on here. OKC vs HEAT in finals. WITHOUT YOUR HARDEN HERO

  35. Marco29 says:

    I depends, believe in them to do what: a long playoff run in the West or win it all in the Finals? West Play off picture is still blur between #3 and 5. Clippers will have to fight until the end with Memphis who seems to have recovered from The Rudy Gay trade and Denver who as won 13 in a row. If they can’t catch up Memphis, they need to have home court against Denver who is very solid at home but has a loosing record on the road. If they finish #3, they should overcome Houston or GSW in the first rournd? But in both cases, I don’t see them beating OKC or SAS in the second round.
    OKC will finish #2 at least and maybe #1 as SAS still has to play Miami and Denver twice. First round against Houston or Lakers, should be OK and second round against Memphis, Clippers or Denver should be tough but OK.
    So they are still on path to reach at least the West finals.
    Given their dependance on the KD-RW duo and lack of bench production, I believe less and less that they would beat the SAS in the West Finals and certainly not Miami in The Finals.
    So, I believe in none of those 2 teams to win the Finals but OKC will most likely have a longer run than the Clippers.

  36. W/E says:

    They are good teams, but u cant predict anything in the west cause every western playoff team has potential to do damage so u never know what might happen,upsets in the west would not be a suprise really, the exact opposite happens in the east where the Heat are dominating big time and everyone is expecting them to cruise to the finals but in the west u cant tell whats gunna happen.

    • 34yr fan says:


    • Common Sense says:

      thank you… End of column. Playoffs are 7 games to get four. Regular season is finish preparing for one team and now prepare for a completely different team the next day. Completely different animal. But top 5 western conference are dangerous. And by the way THE SPURS(even though I hate the team) are by far playing the best basketball other than the nuggets in the west right now and they don’t have parker. No team can adjust to adversity better. They win on the odd years and they are likely to take 2013 if teams don’t wake up to them sneaking quietly to the trophy.

  37. Bs says:

    I don’t think the nuggets could beat okc in a 7 game series

    • 34yr fan says:

      …sure they can……..their inside presence is dominant and are very good shooters. Last night Serg I. looked lost in the middle. Would make a great series though, don’t you think??

      • OKCvsHEATfinals2013 says:

        No they can’t but I will admit they would make it tough on us. But westbrook would chew his own arm off before he let someone stop us from making the finals.

  38. steppx says:

    I never did believe in the clippers. You saw when chris paul was hurt just how much he means. He “IS” the clippers….becaue blake is good, but limited…..jordan is a stiff, and Crawford a sieve on defense which for some reason everyone overlooked when his shooting was hot. The rest of the so called great bench is actually awful. Matt Barnes is good, but Lamar Odom is AWFUL beyond AWFUL……he is probably the dumbest player in the league if you watch his mistakes game in and game out. WHY is he playing at all?? The clips win because chris paul is an all time great. Period. Plays CP3 is the defacto coach, not poor lost looking del negro. As for OKC……..they have a westbrook problem. He can win you game, but increasingly he loses you games, too. He complains more and more and his judgement is worse than ever, and yes he can take over at times, and is capable of big time plays but im less sure he is capable of big time games.

    • OKCvsHEATfinals2013 says:

      Okc are the best team in the league talent wise hands down but with a mediocore coach. Sadly, we will probably get beat by the heat in the finals again this year unless Scott Brooks asks Coach Pop for advice. I hope I’m am wrong though. It will be okc vs Miami though. No one will be thunder in the west. Spurs will give us a good run because POP is a genius…but what he has to work with wont be enough. Clippers just don’t have it. They are so fun to watch and have crazy talent but they are missing something. Grizz just don’t have it either. Grizz is a tough team don’t get me wrong but they also don’t have all the pieces to beat thunder. Denver has the best chance at beating thunder so I hope we don’t play them. 90% of the problem with denver though is our coach. I want to start my own blog “WHY THE F DO YOU NOT PLAY RONNIE BREWER?????” AND WHY IS FISHER PLAYING SO MUCH??????AND WHERE IS LIGGINS?????

      • OKCKD35 says:

        Agreed, we got rid of Eric Maynor for Derek Fisher? OKC was up by 10 last night when Fisher checked in, he promptly missed 2 wide open shots and turned the ball over twice and Denver cut it to 2 just like that. Fisher is terrible, i would rather see Jackson or Martin get those mintues. The nuggets will not beat OKC in the playoffs if they meet, sont happen. Anyone paying attention to the fact that KD has said that OKC is not even showing what they will do in the playoffs, using the element of suprise! Pretty sure everyone thought Denver could take OKC 2 years ago too, didnt that end 4-1?

      • Jason Page says:

        Better team last year with Harden. This year the best team is Miami just like last year and Spurs will beat them in playoffs before they make finals!