Blogtable: Who Will Sign Bynum Now?

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Week 21: Miami at Boston lessons | Who wants Bynum? | Player, coach, team that’s let you down?

Philly fans went wild for Andrew Bynum back in August. But now? (David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

Philly fans went wild for Andrew Bynum back in August. But now? (David Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

So, who wants Andrew Bynum now?

Steve Aschburner: Bynum has “New York Knicks” written all over him, doesn’t he? Except maybe for being too young. My guess is that some team feeling pressure to spend money or make a splash – Atlanta, Brooklyn, maybe Philadelphia (throwing good money after bad) – will look past his history and temperament and mess up its salary cap for years to come. Look at what Detroit did a few years ago, overpaying Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon. Bynum, as is, probably has a higher risk/reward potential than that sort of move.

Fran Blinebury: Bakersfield Jam? Rio Grande Valley Vipers? Maine Red Claws? Texas Legends? If anybody steps forward to offer him anything close to max money next summer, they should have their franchise charter revoked and immediately assigned to the loser of the Sacramento-Seattle squabble. He belongs in the NBA D-League to prove himself.

Jeff Caplan: I think Philly owes it to itself to get this guy on the floor in a Sixers uniform. Now, it has to be at the right (read: low) price and for one year, but at this point with double arthroscopic surgery upcoming on his two ailing knees, no team is going to risk a major financial investment on Bynum, not in this new CBA era. Now, who else might take a stab at Bynum? He might be priced just right for the Heat, who have interest in Greg Oden. So why not Bynum? The Mavs are desperate for a big man and you know Mark Cuban is a risk-taker, or an opportunist, as he prefers. How about Toronto? And, of course, the team that collects burned-out big men, Charlotte.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Someone who is (a) very desperate, or (b) loves to gamble. Or – oh, yeah – someone who gave up a lot of talent and prospects to get him. The 76ers will try to keep him, that’s for sure. The only question is what that means in tangible terms: Will their offer be in line with what Bynum expects and whether another team will be on that desperate side. But if you want one team, I’d say Philly.

John Schuhmann: Charlotte has got to be the most desperate for an impact player, especially on the interior. Other candidates with cap space are the Hawks and Mavs. But while both the Hawks and Josh Smith have seemingly reached the end of the line, swapping Smith for Bynum is obviously a huge risk. And with the way Mark Cuban has talked about fiscal responsibility under the new CBA, it would be pretty surprising to see him splurge on a guy that didn’t play this season. So Charlotte is my guess. And the more interesting question is how much money Bynum is going to get.

Sekou SmithA GM who is either desperate to make a splash or trying to get himself fired. Seriously. You can’t trust Bynum’s long-view anymore than he can trust his busted knees to hold up for a few weeks, let alone an entire four or five years under a new contract. This isn’t about Bynum’s heart or desire. This is about the fact that Bynum cannot trust his body to deliver him out of this mess. He had cover in Los Angeles when his body betrayed him. Kobe Bryant was always the face of the franchise and Bynum’s health issues were always an intriguing side story but never the main topic of discussion. Without Kobe as a cloak, Bynum’s stuck in the spotlight in Philly. And it’s buyer beware from this point on with the big fella, because everyone knows his history.


  1. Brian says:

    At this point, it is clear Andrew Bynum is a role player (at best) and not a stud who will carry a franchise. The one team that will provide ample opportunity to compete, embraces the collective “role player” rather than superstar approach AND has a forgiving fan base is The Denver Nuggets. The Nuggets have proven that you can’t have enough big men willing to run the floor and the added depth would continue to cause problems for opponents.

  2. Bryan says:

    I think Hennigen is the hero in all this. To give up Dwight and not take the 1 man the world was telling him to get. Bynum is done, wasted. He was good when he’s healthy but bad knees for big men end careers. I like the heat idea, something needs to throw their chemistry, and bring them crashing back to real life. Hopefully some other player sleeps with lebrons mom haha. Send him to Toronto, I heard Canadians know how to treat people with horrible attitudes

  3. cesar says:

    It’s good if Bynum signs with the heat for a year .. the problem is if he can take the minimum salary ? …otherwise he can sign with dallas mavs…

  4. johnny dawson says:

    The genius in all of this is Kupchak. He unloaded Bynum and got Dwight Howard for about the same money!

  5. Rick says:

    I hope Bynum does join Miami. They’re looking pretty invincible these days and could use Andrew’s toxic self to poison the Heat’s chemistry and bring them down some notches.

  6. Gordon A says:

    I like the idea of Charlotte signing him, they desperately need an inside presence and couple that with the perimeter talent of Kemba Walker, MKG and the possibility of Ben McLemore or Shabazz Muhammed or Victor Oladipo at the 2, and you then have a very talented team who 3 or 4 years down the line could be lone of the best teams in the East

  7. ko0kie says:

    dude.. he should play a season for no salary in philly after all he has “done” there..

  8. Big Al says:

    The Rockets may well pick this guy up. He is a big upgrade from Asik. If he joins Harden and Lin, then Houston could certainly be a championship contender next year.

    • ko0kiE says:

      lol.. he is a huge downgrade because he won’t be healthy for half a season… and his ego is way bigger than Asiks.. something Houston really doesn’t need.

  9. jamal says:

    bynum needs a long good rest for this off season. This means lay down and let them legs rest no basketball should be on his mind. Once the season is close then start off slow by walking and exercising.

  10. Ryan says:

    IMO Bynum is the best big man when healthy , dominant post up moves ,his defense is outstanding with his 7 8′ wingspan , & he has two rings ! I would roll the dice if I were any team out there

    • ko0kiE says:

      haha.. his defense is far from outstanding.. he is a good offensive player period. ah he has 2 rings.. none of them he contributed to… he was either sitting on the bench or being that doesn’t count

  11. Dwahn Denson says:

    After the way things went down with Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher i’m sure the last thing Mark Cuban wants to do is get involved with another former laker besides Bynum has always been overrated so for these two reasons alone you can remove Dallas from your list because it simply will not happen !!!!

  12. Dese nuts says:

    He will be a free agent until he’s 100 percent dummies.

  13. Chase says:

    Philly should definitely look to bring him back but only at the right price. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone offered Bynum close to max money but I think he and the city owe it to each other to see him in a 76ers uniform. They traded multiple prospects and their all star franchise player in Iggy for him. If Bynum is half the man I think he is he’ll go where the most money is but the logical move would be to re-sign to a 1-year deal with a team option, try to stay on court and see this move through.

    • ko0kiE says:

      if I’m the phily gm, would spend 0 bucks on him.. limit the damage you’ve down, be glad he’s off the books… just don’t try to cripple the franchise any further. philly still got great young prospects in holiday and turner.. just be patient.

  14. NBAPro says:

    Bynum will be freeagent for the rest of his careeer…

  15. Bayaraa says:

    Should go back to Lakers. And send Duhon, Hill.

  16. david stern says:

    wow they’re dissing with that d-league talk. he has two rings! he has proved himself on the floor he has great talent and can be a dominant big man especially in the east.

    • ko0kiE says:

      2 rings.. adam morrison also got 2 rings with the lakers.. he contributed almost as much. those rings don’t mean anything except he was at the right place at the right time…

  17. Reithor says:

    Just for comparison, with this CBA last summer TWolves signed Brandon Roy for 2 years at $5M per year, he played few games and retired again. And everyone knew about his knees, in much worse shape than Bynum’s. So He will find a job in the NBA, and I can guess that no less than $6M per year. However, if I were GM, would never sign him for more than minimum.

  18. glyceman says:

    yao ming played a lot better and longer than him

  19. Afrobynum says:

    How about the Lakers? LOL jk.

  20. Ahmad Huss says:

    I think the trail blazers should go with Bynum , Stotts is the type of coach that can change a ball hogging player and present them with the vision of a hard working team . He has so much potential and the team and fans in Portland are very supporting . Look at Camby , G-Wallace , Martell Webster , steve Blake , Rudy Fernandez all these players had their best seasons at Portland ,


    that’s a team to watch

    • ko0kiE says:

      hahahahaha.. dumbest suggestion ever… Portland will NEVER EVER AGAIN spend money on big men with crippled bodies.. they learned from the Oden odysee…

  21. VIC says:


  22. dreadyjun says:

    The guys has two rings. End of story.

  23. Scott says:

    More surgery will not fix the problem, he has kness that can’t handle his weight and so they swell and become agitated.

    Nothing is going to change this is all pointless BS, Andrew Bynum will retire next year after not playing another whole season

  24. Bob M says:

    Mitch Kupchak should get a statue in front of the Staples Center. With the current CBA and max contracts at such a premium, signing Bynum would be a joke. Maybe, Phoenix, since they have the fountain of youth training staff.

  25. Joe says:

    Star power lost due to lack of work ethic. Still New York would be fitting since they like to pay injury proned players alot of money.

  26. Laker advisor says:

    I was a Laker fan all my life I liked Bynum as soon as he joined the team but the fact that the guy has to prove to everybody that he still belongs here makes me a little bit mad just because he has injury problems doesn’t mean to send him down to the dleague. When he comes back he will be a star

  27. theholyspectator says:

    i agree with standard….bynum should retire, use that money you got this year wisely..invest in some international real estate, some of your buddies ideas that make sense…get your portfolio game up and live below your means, you got two rings its good enough….you lived a good life now relax in Honolulu and sip pina coladas

    • ko0kiE says:

      as long as teams are dumb enough to make him a mulitmillion dollar gifts.. why should he retire?

      and you get backstage access to any stadion and a courtside seat every game… nice isnt it?

  28. vlad says:

    The Sixers gambled too much to trade him just to get get scared after one missed season. They will try to get him again. He would be smart if he would accept a small one season deal with the sixers and then work from that.

  29. MrNBA says:

    For Bynum, this is Karma for what he did to JJ Barea back in 2011. By how JJ fell, he could’ve been seriously injured. Good thing the 5’4″ former Maverick is ten times tougher than this 7’0″ thug.
    What’s Karma’s other name again?

    • New Yorker says:

      I don’t know if it’s Karma to get $17 mil for sitting on the bench all season.

      • ko0kiE says:

        lol yes.. that’s pretty good fortune compare to 99% of the people in this world.

      • Crisj says:

        bs. Do you guys not know that Philly doesent have to pay a cent to Bynum if he doesent play this season? So where’s his 17 million now? KARMA is the perfect word to what’s going on with him

  30. vlad says:

    D-league? …..he has bad knees but he has great talent. why sould he prove himself in the D-league? Bynum’s problems are not skill related.

  31. lolsbynum says:

    @lbj lols there line up with bynum will be
    Cuz bynum will be injured! Lol!

  32. lbj says:

    bynum will join the heats, with james bosh wade. the line up would be this

    PG: Chalmers
    SG: Wade
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Bynum

  33. W/E says:

    who would be stupid enough to sign this lazy bum anyway who cant stay away from injuries, i wouldnt even trust this guy as a water boy he would probably get injured the first day by slipping, u would have to pay him while hes sitting at home in the morning and going for bowling in the afternoon, his knees are wasted, totally crippled and even worse is his unwilling lazy attitude.

  34. standard says:

    bynum should retire period.