Another Close Game, Another Heat Win … And Some History Along With It


Sometimes that whole “experienced teams know how to win” storyline is a bunch of garbage.

But it’s hard to argue that it doesn’t apply to the 2012-13 Miami Heat.

For the 13th time in their last 23 games, the Heat were within five points (either way) of their opponent in the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, a situation we call “clutch time.”

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And once again, the Heat emerged victorious, taking a historic step with their 23rd straight victory that puts them all alone in second place among the longest winning streaks in NBA history. Only the 1971-72 Lakers’ streak of 33 straight tops this one. And the Heat can rightfully say that they earned their place in history, coming back from 13 points down in the fourth quarter in one of the most hostile environments in the league.

It was another edition of Celtics-Heat, and it more than lived up to the hype.

Despite the absence of Kevin Garnett, the Celtics gave the champs their biggest fight of the last month and a half, coming just a missed 3-pointer away from stopping the streak on the five-year anniversary of the night they ended the Rockets’ 22-game streak in Houston.

KG or no KG, you knew the Celtics would do everything in their power to end the streak in their building. With their talent deficiency, the Celtics needed a special performance from somewhere, and it was Jeff Green who stepped up. He scored a career-high 43 points by relentlessly attacking the basket, draining a handful of corner threes and producing a very James Harden-esque shot chart.

With 8:27 left in the fourth quarter, Jordan Crawford hit a ridiculously long 3-pointer from the right wing that put the Celtics up 96-83. At that point, you had to think that it was just one of those nights and Miami’s streak was over.

But the Heat would not let it end, now clearly invested in this streak and caring about their place in history. After allowing Boston to score on its first six possessions of the final period, their comeback had to start with defense, and the champs held the Celtics to just three scores (seven points) on their final 16 possessions of the game, highlighted by Shane Battier‘s block on Green’s final drive.

Big baskets were also needed, and the Heat got them from Mario Chalmers and James, who drained the game-winner over Green with 10.5 seconds to go.

The win takes the Heat to 28-6 in games that were within five points in the last five minutes, a vast improvement over their 40-31 record in such games over the previous two seasons.

The record is proof of a more experienced, more mature and more cohesive group.

“Sometimes you have to fail,” coach Erik Spoelstra said. “Two years ago, it seemed like every late-game situation we lost. Even when we were playing well and executing well, we just couldn’t get over the hump. That started to change last year. And we’ve been in so many situations now, the guys feel very confident, very poised. It was a matter of going through the experiences together.”

“No matter what with this team,” Dwyane Wade added, “no matter if we’re up 17 or down 17, we’re confident that we can come back in the ball game. That’s the big difference when you’re out there playing, when you know ‘all we’ve got to do is this, all we’ve got to do is that,’ we can get back in the game. It’s just a team that’s familiar with each other, that’s comfortable playing together, comfortable talking to each other and making each other better throughout the game.”

The better record in close games is also a residue of James’ improved post game, which allows the Heat to attack defenses from the inside instead of from the perimeter. Miami went to the MVP in the post on five straight possessions down the stretch, producing a Wade dunk that got them within two and a Chalmers 3-pointer that gave them their first lead since the middle of the third quarter.

To get No. 23 in Boston in this manner was special. And it’s another experience the Heat can call on as they pursue their second straight championship.

“It means a lot to what we’re trying to build,” James said afterward. “We grew again tonight. That’s big for our team.


  1. Great game Celts despite the lose-should’ve got the win but great game!
    MMMM-can’t wait till playoffs, i love the way my Celts look this year-watch come playoffs!

  2. asdfgh says:

    i think celtics with rondo and garnett would have a bigger chance to lose against miami
    because if rondo is there green wouldnt have a monster night

  3. Heat030634 says:

    It was really a tough game. A big win for Heat and a great performance by Green.

  4. The Heat r the best in the NBA I luv the Heat

  5. Blasttyrant says:

    Great game! Not a big fan of the Heat, but those guy can play!

  6. cesar says:

    I tell you even with garnet playing, they would lose to heat…the games is close because of jeff green putting 40 point ? i mean… can he do that every game ? thats once in a blue moon he do that …

  7. That was the most epic game in NBA history! Ladies and gentlemen appreciate what you are seeing in front of you. You will be able to tell future generations that “I saw that game first hand.” The way the Heat came back from that deficit, playing in a hostile environment of a Boston team that would sell their souls to win against them, and to be able to pull off the 23rd straight victory, gives me goosebumps all over. Amazing is the only word that I can muster up.

  8. joe says:

    remember everyone all it takes is one injury and the Heat are just average again and then the Spurs, Thunder, Pacers or perhaps Knicks could take a shot…look out for the nuggets and a big statement against OKC tonight

  9. theholyspectator says:

    what a game, boston gave it to em in that 1st quarter but every quarter after miami outscored them…that poise and sense of control that they have mastered has come from winning all those games…boston even with KG wouldnt have won that game…something happens to you as a player when your on a team that keeps winning…theirs a reason why miami finds a way to win..they not only face teams who bring their absolute best and more every game when they face em but they find a way to beat them..this streak is boostin their confidence and not to mention they are the defending champs and not to mention they have the best big 3 in nba…all the haters either dont want to admit it or lost in their mind about the heat…this streak could stop or keep going, either way miami is gonna murder teams in the playoffs and win that 2nd straight title…king james is in his prime and nothing less than multiple championships will suffice…so people just get used to it ….oh and its quite ironic how terry said before the game in an interview that hes not impressed by the heats winning streak and talkin smack, then gets destroyed by james who just finishes his career on that absolute nasty dunk…lol sit down terry you idiot…and watch your words more closely

  10. csplash says:

    King James does it again!

  11. mario lima says:

    I just saw Alonso Morning at breakfeast in the Daily in Miami and asked him are we going for the 33 and he said no 40 wins.
    GO HEAT !!!! Enough said

  12. joe says:

    We´ll see how weel they do when they meet the Spurs, because here, winning by just 2 points a Celtic team who is missing two of their starters who are their two best defenders, seriously no glory… And the Heat couldn´t even defend on Green.

  13. josh says:

    to mr abdul and any other oblivous celtic fans,,,watch the game again when lebron goes inside and constantly got hammered and only got 6 fts are you kidding me favorable calls……..and peirce travelled all day no calls so get off it quit crying!!

  14. deshawn says:

    if rondo and Garnett was there the heat would of had a problem

  15. BP says:

    Great Win for heat…..not impressed for Terry, that what he had for big mouth around the league.

  16. Antony says:

    Let’s agree on one thing, LBJ is far better than MJ if you compare them “as at this point in their respective carreers agewise”. Only time will tell if LBJ will maintain the momentum to rival MJ in times to come; if he can’t, then MJ carries the day but as of now, LBJ rules. Who’s is willing to argue otherwsie?

  17. jason terry says:

    lol, nothing special -.-

  18. Haters Gonna Hate.. says:

    If you play basketball. Do you play to win or lose? C’mon you guys hate seeing lakers losing. you hate the heat for winning 23 in a row. What’s wrong with you ppl

  19. Gustavo says:

    Saying this doensn’t count as much ’cause Garnett and Rondo were out, if Garnett was in, you guys honestly think Green would have had that type of game? shut up… 23 and counting, and the way the Heat are playing it will be hard to take us to 6 games in th playoffs, DINASTY IN THE MAKING!

    • san_zuku says:

      I say the same thing that you, i consider that Green’s game without Garnett, is more valuable because with Garnett on the floor, honestly, he would had a 20 point game i guess, no more, Green’s game was helpful for the C’s!

  20. bogebo says:

    I am a fan of the HEAT. The best team in the league currently. Let all the haters shut up. Appreciate the talents and skills of Heat players. EL HEAT, go for another Championship.

  21. Nate says:

    The reffs have to keep miami’s streak alive, which gathers a larger fan base= $$$$$$$$$

  22. ben says:

    congratulation to the heat and especially to the king.
    i’ll always be a LBJ fan. win or lose !



  24. W/E says:

    The Heat OWN BIG TIME, best team in the league hands down.

  25. Francis says:

    Great win for the HEAT! Hey, The Jet (Terry) where’s your big mouth now? I thought you’ll start crying when LBJ stared down at you while you’re flat on the floor.

    hahaha.. Just kidding, don’t take it personally, it was just EPIC.

    Anyway, why does everyone who hate the HEAT always use bad officiating as an excuse?

    Come on! The last block shot that Shane did to the C’s clearly show that it should be HEAT ball, but the refs gave it to the C’s instead. Now that’s bad officiating right?

    Too bad C’s never capitalized on their 2nd chance!

  26. John says:

    I have to agree with some of the “haters”…super teams like this are bad for the league. This team has 3 of the greatest players in the game (James, Wade, Allen), some in their prime, in addition to other all-star caliber players. What’s more surprising is that they’ve lost at all this season. There’s only one other comparable star playing in the conference right now and that’s Carmelo. Should people be celebrating this or trying to figure out ways to make the NBA worth playing for the 27 teams that have no chance. NBA = Joke.

  27. Michael says:

    it will all mean s h i t if they won’t win championship

  28. Kobeblackhole says:

    Lol at all these haters, travelling here, calls there calls here, no one listens to all you haters anymore, you just keep giving excuses not to like the heat and it doesnt matter, why? coz the heat is winning! hahaha go home to your losing teams and get over that last year the heat is the champs and LBJ is a Champ! you aint gonna take it away from them. unless you time travel hahaha

  29. Lawrence Nyanzi says:

    That was a great come back for the Heat!! King James for life

  30. Hmm says:

    This is kinda scary!! Miami Heat is winning everything!!

    I’m not a Heat fan or a fan of any other team for that matter. I don’t feel the same “good” feeling of excitement like i would if, it were another hard and fighting team (like Nuggets).

    This is the cause of creating a super-team. Before anyone starts commenting this, yes, i do know that Lakers got Dwight and Steve Nash and so on. Creating a super-team won’t always give you a championship, but just look at the roster of Miami Heat! It’s damn scary!! Because of the Three (Lebron, Dwayn and Bosh), other good players joined (Ray Allen, Birdman etc) the team as well. That is not fighting but joining an already super star packed team.

    The Miami Heat is so OVERLY well-balanced, that it’s bench got some of the best players in the league. It reminds me of the days where Boston had all-star players both in staring lineup and bench (which obviously led them to championship) Players are rejecting high salary just to join this super-team. Come on man, that is not how MJ, Scootie and Rodman won the games!

    Where is the fighting spirit? Where the love for basketball? Lets get some exticiment and make the teams well-balance. Don’t just over stack Miami with super players.

    This seriously makes me bored, no excitement. Especially since all the worst teams in the NBA are in the Eastern conference, not able to give any competition to the Miami Heat. They should move some the western conference teams to the eastern conference so Miami won’t just have a walk in the park trip to Playoff.

  31. Kobe Bryant says:

    I thought they were lost when the celtics had 17pts lead in 2nd Q.but they come back and won the game, sorry Heat for not believing in your team I’m a weak fan.. sorry

  32. Kirk says:

    Its nice to see no hate in the comments section for a change, just love for a great game of basketball.

  33. LBJ says:

    LeBron is the greatest ever!! LBJ!!

  34. MaraviLLa says:

    Jason Terry DEAD! On arrival to local Boston hospital.Murder charges will be brought up on Lebron James after tonight’s game!

  35. hamojomojomous says:

    now it is time for them to break the record which is 33 and 34 is the magic number it will be intresting from now onwards i stay up sometimes hier in the netherlands as if it is the playoffs

  36. b-ball says:

    they making history…so they in the front page..

  37. Sonics 4 Life says:

    Late game Lebron heroics allow the Heat to steal another victory. I’m sure Spoelstra isn’t happy that in the past couple weeks, his team has been relying completely on Lebron’s fourth quarter performances to snatch comeback victories.

  38. Dianne says:

    @Matthew, Heat is the hot news today. just leave them that way. anyway, they haven’t done anything wrong to you. I disagree what you think of the NBA’s frontpage. It is just the Heat win 23 times in a row. That’s news! That’s History!!. What is news to you then?

  39. Rocks says:

    It will be interesting to see the streak continues but No.34 is still a long way to go. And I suspect the Heat know that they won’t break the Lakers’ record but it’s fun watching their run. Personally, I think they should focus on staying healthy and going for a repeat. Making history is always good but being champions is much better imo. If they happen to break the Lakers’ record and make a repeat then they deserve to be mentioned amongst the best team in the history of the NBA. Congratulations Heat for your No.23. Exciting stuff indeed.

    • DJ3 says:

      I think they will lose at the 28th or 29th game, but this run is still one for the ages and one that should be appreciated and watched by all.

  40. BIGHEAT FAN says:

    i was on able to see the match on ESPN here in Nigeria cos of the differnce in time zone but i was so sure HEAT is gonna come out victorious. OMG! nothing is stopping us from the second championship in a row. one love all the way from Nigeria

  41. jetcruz says:

    Erik Spoelstra is doing a great job!!!! It is NOT easy to manage SUPERSTARS.

  42. Abdul Radja says:

    Take out all the favorable referee calls for the Miami, take out that first quarter dunk where he committed travelling and the result is fake. On this night the Heat was helped to get the streak going. It is a good marketing stunt by the league. Way to go.
    We’ll see you in the playoffs…….

    Celts forever.

    • jose says:

      No way you were to win Babe…keep crying , the Celtic/barbarian show is over
      Heat champs…keep crying little fella…because tha’ts all is left for you

      King James

    • Bruno says:

      If they were doing that, the refs were terrible at it. Because the celtics still were able to build a 13 point lead in the fourth. And if the refs were biased, they wouldn’t have given that battier block on green to the celtics. There was no indication in the entire game to such a conspiracy thinking. That’s just what bad losers say.

    • MVP says:

      oh the last scenes lebron attacking the basket were no fouls, right? and jeff green didn’t has the last contact on the ball when it went out of bounce..everybody saw it clearly..i don’t understand why refs watch it again for almost 5 minutes and make the wrong got your chances celtics fanboy..alot of them..but miami got the best player in the world and the best team on his was a fantastic game though and green got a monster night!

    • #45 says:

      why not take out the last possesion given to boston coz jeff green had the ball last? and can’t understand why people who always doubt the officials keep on watching and following the league… what are you guys bogus lovers?! s**t happens, everybody knows that… everything is part of the game, part of reality so better come out of your fake world man!

    • Frankie says:

      Keep making excuses, I agree that Lebron did travel for that first dunk but Boston got away with calls too, and Lebron got hit twice in a row in the head when he drove in on green in the last 3 minutes and he didn’t complain, then ended up tying the game and hitting the game winner, when ur team is being aggressive like the heat were ur going to get fouls call for u, like Jeff green did many times, and when battier blocked green, I have to say the ball went out on green but the celts got it and its whatever, quit being a hater and just appreciate the game

    • kjalds says:

      it doesnt matter about a travel called in the first quarter. the refs messed up a couple calls late in the fourth in favor of boston and the fourth is what matters. your celtics got 2 or 3 chances at a game winner but they didnt pull it off.

    • MrPhatz05 says:

      Just bring it on C’s, and also bring Rondo and KG in the PlayOffs so u don’t have any excuses if your team will be wiped out in elimination…

    • sick says:

      Celts no more boy… they are done!!!
      reasons, reasons & reasons! you mad?? Lol

    • DJ3 says:

      Another delusional Celtics fanboy.

    • slider821 says:

      excuses get you nowhere. You should be blaming your coach for sitting the hot hand and defender of Lebron with 8 minutes left practically giving him an open lane to take the game back.

    • Game Time says:

      Ball off Green’s elbow clear as day. Refs review and give the ball to Celtics…


  44. hey mathew, every writer has their own articles to write..respect it..i think you’re one of haters..sorry bro but miami heat is the main topic and everybody likes it.. just appreciate the articles about the heat and be happy for them..they deserves it,right?

  45. Nba fan says:

    I don’t even like the heat, but it seems like no one in this league can stop then. Can they possibly threepeat?

  46. Matthew says:

    Hey folks,

    ITS GETTING BORING. Is the NBA:COM Website the new Miami-Hypecentral?
    Yeah there’s a streak going…. we got it. And now let it be. There are other teams here who want to be ond the FRONTPAGE too.I can’t really see anymore pictures of LeBron James on this site.

    • berry says:

      boring? come on, how can it be boring? it’s the miami heat. the commish loves them. the nba loves them. the media love them. everybody loves them

    • Saeed says:

      You can’t see anymore pic of LeBron?
      This 23 is part of history, what do you mean by that?
      If they were on usual Ws and usual streaks, yes you were right, but they’re on a streak that only one team, a Chamberlain-full team, had experienced before in NBA history. If Boston was on such a streak, it would be logical to put celtics news and Pierce’s pic on the first page each and every night they play.

      • #45 says:

        the better the team, the better the story, the better the exposure… that’s the reality of life… unless you’re living with a lot of bitterness and hate that you can’t possibly able to try and enjoy life!!!

      • WithnessThis says:


    • leo says:

      it’s HISTORY in the making dude…just enjoy it…

    • Game Time says:

      You haters are so friggin stupid and winey. What do you expect to be on when a team makes history? You must just be blinded by hate for Miami because there’s really just the main pic and some links about the win and James dunk. Aside from that the regular links to other topics or games are there. Stop crying.

    • Mongolico says:

      Wow Andrew, come on… Then what you suggest that we must commenting on this historical moment of the Miami Heat in the NBA history?,…. The Charlott 15 wins with their 52 defeats?, or perhaps we comment the 18 wins of Orlando with its 49 defeats?…

  47. miniminer says:

    N-O E-N-D I-N S-I-G-H-T

  48. Boske Taytay Tonggo says:

    James is a beast..
    Watching him play is like MJ and CHarles Barkley in one person..

  49. Jack says:

    i was calmly watching it through NBA premium here in manila, and i saw and feel the love of this game from C crowds even to the extent of booo-ing on Ray Allen who played all his best when he was with the team,..the Jet they called, earlier spread his wings when they were in comfortable lead of 17 points and did not got off the air as the final buzzer in favor of the HEAT…one big serious statement from this group of Heat team,..they can handle the pressure they dont used to,..another ring for the King!!

  50. Pearlmg says:

    His haters can continue to live in denial all they want. Why not try to recognize and appreciate Lebron’s game in his prime. Its much more enjoyable when u do. LETS GO HEAT! GO FOR THE 2ND RING!

    • Ballerr says:

      You mean their 3rd…

    • Heatgirl says:

      That’s right Baby BOW DOWN to the KING!!!!! We got this!!!! I know Boston fans will throw out all kinds of excuses, but don’t forget we beat last year in the playoffs and we will do it again!!! This Miami team is far more confident and poised from the Miami Heat the Boston Faced last year. At the end of the day Miami Heat will come out on top.

      LETS GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. zero says:

    great win! even though boston fans wont give the credit again because rondo and garnet were out and they almost won…….

    • Bstarr says:

      Yes you are very right on this one. Congrats with your win but no credit at all looking at the line ups and first 3 quarters. No Rondo and no Garnett and Heat (with their big 3) win it by only by 2 and needed to steel it in the last minutes of the game. this was not the walk-over….like some people predicted.

      Some of you still doubt that the Celtics can beat the Heat in the playoffs? It’s going to be a close one again if these 2 meet.

      Heat are red hot at the moment, playing good b-ball. But some fans must not exaggerate the situation.

      • R2D2 says:

        Credit should be given bro, no offense. Doc Rivers best said that when fighting the Heat, all other teams bring out the best in them because they are the champs. I am not a Heat fan, but I watched the whole game and both teams played well all throughout the game and Lebron didn’t lechoke.

      • MVP says:

        just totally wrong..the reason why this game was just so close IS that garnett and rondo are injured..jeff green would never has a monster night like this and by the way in 7game series the celtics would never ever have a high percentage game series like in this one..the celtics are a very deep team and last night they’ve played very well, because they have a goal, a motivation..let’s talk the players their phrases, but this one was very important for the celtics..otherwise they wouldn’t play so hard! but at the end the better team won the game, although the refs made the wrong call at the out of bounce scene..

      • Reality says:

        C’s will just lose again in the playoffs. No Rondo means … No championship run.

        On a high note for you Boston fans is that Green balled like a star … they need more of that.. he can clearly be a 22ppg player if he can focus and be consistent. Great game on his part.

      • miguel says:

        if you honestly think that Boston can beat Miami in the playoffs…your wrong. Im not a Miami Fan a realist. Miami is not playing good ball “for now” ….the confidence the build with every win..the remaining schedule of the heat…Miami will most definitely probably reach the Lakers 33′ game streak and once there…that will be the ultimate push for them as a team. And if you recall, 2 year ago there was a game between Miami and Boston that Lebron NOR Wade played and it was only Bosh..and the Heat won. So dont use lineups as excuses. thats ignorance.

      • NBASense says:

        C’mon, you exaggerate how good the Celtics really are. Jeff Green is not going to score 43 points in another game this season or in the postseason. If Garnett had been in and both scored their average in points, the Celtics would have lost by 19 points, give or take a few. Not to mention in the playoffs, the Celtics will have to defeat Miami in Miami and Paul Pierce and Garnett will have to play at a consistently high level which, for 2 guys as old as they are, is hard to do in a 7 game series against a team as quick as Miami.

      • The Rational One says:

        Sometimes, you have to give credit when it is due. No Garnett or Rondo but, Green will not play out of his mind like that again. And it’s not even like the Heat played a great game last night; they just finished great and executed better than the Celtics.

      • sick says:

        it’s not exaggeration dude, it’s called HISTORY!!! 😉

      • E.c says:

        No it won’t Greene scored a career high 43 he’s not going to play like that all the time he averages 11 points.

      • DATRUF says:

        really bro? when was the last time you saw jeff green play that well? do you think it was because miami just cant guard him or do you think it was because every team gets up for the heat….

        theyve won 23 ina row every team is going to be playing them like its do or die and you expect them to match that instensity every night and win just cuz kg and rondo arent playing?

        come playoffs when they heat are playing with equal desperation every game every possession…maybe 3 teams in the league can compete with them and boston aint 1.

      • KunJayMaster says:

        Hey listen here buddy bud…no Garnett or no Rondo it doesn’t matter you can only play 5 players at a time. Having Rondo and Garnett only means that Green was not going to go off for 43 points because possessions would have been distributed between all those people. Best example? Look at Pierce only scored 17. What you should be is disappointed at Green for being a player with this type of ability and only average 11 points in the season…thats sad.

    • many says:

      once in a while everyone has a lucky game and jeff green just had his luck game. Jeff green shot a ridiculous percentage but Miami has seen this all year long. 50 points from russel west in the playoffs and okc still lost. 42 point from durant and okc still lost 42 points from green and celtics lost. If you want to beat miami you play good diffence and great ball movement like the spars. I am a heat fan and ii think they are better when they play a more balance offence. Maybe the celtics diffence had allot to do with wade off night and bosh only 6 of 10 shots.
      As for James good job on posting up during crunch time.

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        Green has the Potencial to be a AMAZING player in the NBA
        Heart Condition ruins it….
        Im surprised Celtics Lost….
        GG though…
        Rooting for OKC to win Championship (althought not going to happen trading KD’s wingman…)
        Atleast where better den the F(L)AKERS

  52. Ball Doesn't Lie says:

    After the block by Battier, the ball should have gone to Miami as shown in the replay. 2 chances for Boston, 2 failed tries.

    The Heat made a good statement today. I personally liked the part where James stared down on the Grounded Jet.

  53. uoykcuf says:

    It was a fun game. Me and my co-workers watched it at the bar. Everyone kinda freak out how Green was balling. And lebronze’s winner to end the night with a high note. Very entertaining game indeed!

    • jose says:

      What’s wrong eltic/ Barbarian nation ? You can not defeat the Tres Amigos de Miami?

      Go Heat
      Out Haters

    • slider821 says:

      I can’t believe Doc took out Green at 8 min left in the 4th, who was extremly hot and had been guarding lebron. Bron came in around the same time and without Green guarding him, he went off for 10 straight points. Doc subbed Green back in around 4m left but it was too late. What was he thinking? Sub out your only offense with a 10pt lead and 8 min left? Doc gave away that game with poor substitutions and Bron took advantage. Great game!

      • Game Time says:

        I think Green was a bit tired. He’s not used to playing big minutes. Also remember he does have a heart condition. Amazing job by Green. Celtics may be looking at a bright future with him Rondo, Bradley and Wilcox.

  54. Derby says:

    What a comeback! Every minute I felt like my heart would jump out of my chest! Great game! Boston really has a tough environment to play with. Another experience for the champs!