Bynum Deal Burns Sixers

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Anyone reading between the lines two weeks ago should not have been surprised by tonight’s news that Andrew Bynum‘s season is over before it ever started and that he’ll need surgery on both of his ailing knees.

Bynum’s fate was sealed months ago, during training camp, when we all learned that the knee issues that have plagued him throughout his career were flaring up again after that blockbuster summer trade that sent the Los Angeles Lakers’ big man problem to Philadelphia for the Sixers to deal with.

The jaw-dropping part of this whole mess is anyone being shocked that it’s come to this: Bynum’s tenure with the Sixers consisting of not one single second of actual game action in Philly.

“After many months of rehabilitation and consulting with numerous doctors, Andrew and the doctors treating him determined that this is the best course of action at this point,” Sixers General Manager Tony DiLeo said in a statement. “We will continue to monitor and evaluate his status moving forward.”

Moving forward?

Bynum is an unrestricted free agent this summer. That’s a Bynum-filled headache the Sixers don’t need after paying him $16.9 million this season to model his wardrobe and throwback hair styles on the bench while his teammates suffered through a brutal season that was supposed to be filled with so much more.

DiLeo and the Sixers would be wise to let someone else take the next multi-million dollar risk on Bynum’s shaky knees. They’ve already poured more than enough money down that drain.

That offseason trade, a blockbuster 12-player deal involving four teams that had Sixers fans dreaming about being contenders, wound up being productive for everyone but the Sixers. Dwight Howard‘s season with the Lakers has been rough, but they are in playoff position right now and at least have hope for the future. Andre Iguodala has adjusted well in Denver, playing a similar role to the one he played for the Sixers, helping the Nuggets to a playoff spot and a 12-game win streak. And Orlando has made good use of Nikola Vucevic, Maurice Harkless and Arron Afflalo.

The Sixers got a wanna-be dominant big man with bilateral knee bone bruises that have bothered him all season, a one-time All-Star with knees that might never support a bid for a second, third, fourth or fifth All-Star nod. A September trip to Germany for the Orthokine therapy injections that worked wonders for Kobe Bryant, and more recently Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams, did absolutely nothing for Bynum.

A Sixers team that was supposed to be primed for a climb up the ladder in the Eastern Conference playoff chase after a surprise run to the conference semifinals last season has suddenly turned into the poster child for thinking and long and hard before you act on the next so-called “blockbuster” deal.

Bynum’s absence has taken a toll on all involved, including Sixers coach Doug Collins, who reached his boiling point late last month after a loss to Orlando when he vented his frustrations about how things have unfolded.

“The team that we tried to put together we’ve never seen,” Collins said after that Orlando loss. “And so I think, when you take a huge piece away from it, your warts show.”

Direct shots at Bynum and the summer deal gone wrong were included in his 10-minute rant.

“We made a huge deal. And we have nobody playing as part of that deal,” Collins continued. “How many teams can give up Andre Iguodala, Moe Harkless and Nik Vucevic, and have nothing in return playing? That’s tough to overcome, right? That’s just the facts. I’m not looking for any out. But that’s the facts. Nik Vucevic had 19 rebounds tonight. Spencer [Hawes] had one. I think Lavoy [Allen] had two.”

Promising young point guard Jrue Holiday has done his part. He became an All-Star this season and kept the Sixers afloat for a while, when everyone still believed that Bynum would actually hit the floor at some point.

But like everyone else in Philly, Holiday got burned by the Bynum deal.

And the ashes will blow through the franchise for a while, kicking up every time someone mentions Bynum’s name or the blockbuster that went up in smoke on the Sixers.


  1. What’s up i am kavin, its my first time to commenting anyplace, when i read this article i thought i could also make comment due to this good paragraph.

  2. Bynum sux, I’m officially removing him out of my 2k13 roster…lol

  3. Dubs Fan from down under says:

    Finally an article bagging another centre who is always injured other than bogut who unlike Bynum has actually played this year and got his first double double for the warriors the other day

    • Jeff says:

      yep bogut wont have huge stats for the warriors, but hes going to make a difference. If he was American he wouldn’t get half the bad press

  4. KR450 says:

    Kinda glad really. He’s lazy and immature (and dirty if you consider his shot on Barea a couple of years back indicative of his personality – it was the sign of a sore loser if nothing else) and I don’t mind not seeing him play. He’s got some skills but his attitude towards the game is poor and his work ethic at the Lakers was pathetic. I don’t care if the knees are as bad as is claimed or if he’s exaggerrating/faking it, I don’t want to see him back on the court until he grows up a bit. 16 million a year for not working a minute… Well done Philly, money well spent.

  5. noyb says:

    You’d think that owners would learn from getting burned, but they’ve been getting burned for decades now on bad deals, and they’ll be getting burned on bad deals for years go come. It’s called “greed” (and it ain’t “good”).

  6. jamesfrmphilly says:

    the sixers have been burned.

    i blame the fools who made the trade. the bad knees were a known problem.
    try to get a high draft pick and start over.

  7. Ronaldo says:

    Gotta feel for the Sixers right now. Still couldn’t believe they let Iggy go instead of trying to build a better core around him. Bynum has physical challenges that could be impossible to overcome given the length of time he’s been out. And the fact that no medical procedure has been able to help so far. Can’t say he just needs rest, he’s already out for the entire season. Best he can hope for is a Grant HIll-type comeback, where doctors finally figure out what’s wrong and fix it. I say good luck to that.

  8. Blasttyrant says:

    Bynum’s a cry baby…. poor sport….

  9. theholyspectator says:

    well can you really blame bynum? hes doing what the american culture teaches us …make as much as you can with the least amount of work….good job andrew…

  10. Ro says:

    I agree that Bynum is not very good. And is also a lazy, immature child. But is it really his fault that he hasn’t been able to play a game? Is Grant Hill an a-hole for getting injured and missing so much time? Is Sam Bowie the same? Yeah the bowling thing was stupid, but let’s not judge someone for being injured like that have some master plan. Come on people

    • paul_pierce says:

      Of course its his fault. He injured himself (bowling). How stupid is that? He obviously isn’t a professional. If he had played I would actually aree with Shaq when he said that Bynum is a better center than Dwight (overrated), but when he does something so stupid you can’t argue with that. Not to mention the damage for the 76ers season.

  11. Optimistic says:

    Here’s a good strategy for the 76ers. Trade for Derek Rose, Amare Stoudemire, Eric Gorden, Danny Granger, and resign Bynum. They will only have to pay for Stoudemire (contract not insured) and luxary tax.

  12. dhreamchylde says:

    Welcome to the New Greg Oden. Hey, how much money can Bynum make as a professional bowler?? LOL!!

  13. vern says:

    Bynum robbed Philly without a gun.. Took the money and didn’t play one game. Did he even practice once?

    • TTKIN says:

      He practiced a few times. His knees were getting better, then he practiced and got hurt again.

      U cant hate on a guy for being injured. He’s unlucky, it happens. Just ask Greg Oden. But I wouldnt say Bynum robbed Philly, he loves Philly. that huge grin he had when he was traded wasnt fake.

      You want to talk about someone robbing a team, please google what Lamar Odom did last year. There’s your answer.

  14. ko0kie says:

    really sad for the sixer fans.. last two years they looked like they were the up and coming team.. sixers gm should be fired and bynum should not be given a big contract… or any contract imo.

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  16. Rocks says:

    What the Sixers’ management did was straight up reckless. How do you invest so much money in a player that has been plagued by injuries for so long and expect higher returns? Bynum has been a promising centre but his medical history shows that he will NEVER reach his potential. I mean you don’t have to be a genius to know that it’s plain stupid to trade half of your team for a player that hardly play a full season. How do you get to that decision? I really want to know. I’m not a Sixers’ fan but I really feel for its die heart supporters. Bynum did not rob the franchise but the management did. They decided to gamble and it back fired. I hate to see once was a promising team turn to a mediocre team because of the management ef ups. Someone need to be accountable and clean this mess or walk away.

  17. Fan says:

    “The Sixers got a wanna-be dominant big man with bilateral knee bone bruises that have bothered him all season, a two-time All-Star with knees that might never support a bid for a third, fourth or fifth All-Star nod.”

    Since when is he a two time all-star?


    ATLANTA needed a True Center…
    ANDREW BYNUM is available….
    but it will never get you anywhere…

  19. W/E says:

    Bynum is a lazy bum and no team should ever sign him again, amnesty this lazy kid and leave him as a free agent for the next couple years until he decides to retire.

  20. Stern H8r says:

    Andrew do what Andrew do……he is now the undisputed, most over-rated player in NBA history

  21. Eaglos says:

    Go Bynum!!! You are the best of the best. All those millions that normal humans
    will only dream of and without shedding a drop of swet!!! You rock man, enjoy
    the rest of your life.

  22. Bok says:

    In fairness, without the knee injuries Bynum has the potential to become a dominant force in the league. I believe the Sixers’ should have done more research about Bynum’s injuries before pulling the trigger. The Lakers again got away with this 1….

  23. Scott says:

    he does not care, he could retire on 16.9 million if he could invest it wisely

  24. andrew says:

    I think it’s best to say that the best of Bynum has come and gone.

    The man can’t get onto the court long enough anymore. The Sixers would be insane to MAX contract a guy like this.

  25. dink says:

    philly really messed up on this one , losing iggy was bad enough but nik vucevic hurts the most, the kids a horse and has already had a 30 rebound game and a 20 30 game ,probably gonna be the best center in the league by the end of next season

  26. uoykcuf says:

    Even when healthy I don’t really see Bynum as a dominant big. Lakers dodge a bullet here and phil makes another bad deal. from charles, stackhouse, thomas, webber, iverson, Iggy, lou.

    • BIG P. says:


      • uoykcuf says:

        I think you just need to sum it up with he’s going to pull a “fisher”.

      • Cam says:

        how are they going to afford that? Lakers fans need to think harder before they talk.

      • Ben says:

        new salary cap wont allow it unless Bynum mans up and takes a serious pay cut because there is no way kobe deserves a cut in salary and NO WAY that Dwight will either. Bynum cant take the pay cut because money is everything in todays world. he isn’t fussed about the sixers season this year, he had nothing to do with any of it and he banked 16 mil as a result. he may care for the team and want to play ball but the fact he has made a media stunt about his injury due to dress code and hair cuts while taking their money isn’t fair on the sixers. if Bynum has any respect at all he will sign with the sixers again because he owes them that. 16 million for 0 minutes, even seconds of playing time is not fair on any team. Injury plays a big part but he has to respect all that Philly has done for him and sign for them and give them some time on the court

  27. Scot The Magician says:

    “The Sixers got a wanna-be dominant big man ”

    why do you ALWAYS hate on him sekou? you think he doesnt wanna play??…..or that hes faking the injury?….common man. dont do him like that.

    • xantheus says:

      Sorry but Bynum lost me when he re-injured himself/made his knees worse bowling!! i mean come on that does not sounds like a guy fully committed to rehabilitating himself and helping the Sixers out at all. Just more of his immaturity showing through. He doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt, none what so ever he has proven his lack of commitment to the gift of playing in the NBA too many times.

      • Scott says:

        he is not, he does not care about playing the game on a high level

        he could retire right now and invest all the millions he has made already

      • Scot The Magician says:

        Ofcourse he does you moron…if he didnt care he wouldnt have 50 knee surgeries under his belt, he has bad genetics of the knee. nothing he can do. Questioning someones will and ambition based on a uncontrollable variable is pathetic and ignorant. I have nothing to say to you except that your a moron

      • aznballer says:

        however you try to put it, it’s still a joke how the trade played out to be.
        the thing that disturbs the fans and others is that Bynum is immature on behalf of the way he conducts his professionalism.
        it’ll be shameless if he doesn’t return to philly after all that the 76ers have done for him.

    • dhk says:

      Wanna be = wants to be, but isn’t. He wants to be a dominant big man, but due to his injuries, he isn’t.


    LET ANDREW BYNUM play along with ERIC GORDON…
    they will both sign a HUGE CONTRACT and wont play…


    • slider821 says:

      and they gave up Iggy and Vucavic and Meeks for literally nothing. Who’s 76ers GM? Should be fired. Should have been fired before this deal went through. Why would he want to trade his best player for an injured player when they made noise in the playoffs last year?

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      I just want to say I have always HATED bynum ever since two playoffs ago when he rage uppercut JJ barea (a man literally less than half his size)
      That right there was DEFINITIVE EVIDENCE of bynum’s immaturity

      No matter how well he could have played, it would have not been worth it simply because of the kind of person he is

      16 million dollars and 2 players down the drain, welcome to one of the worst trades in NBA history. Sixers now have to move on and try to keep spirits high. On the bright side, Collins really is one of the really good coaches and the Sixers are lucky not to be down there with the bobcats and the magic.

      0.400 with a team like that is more than decent, and i think if they acquire a nice piece or 2 next year they have a shot at a playoff spot in the near future.