Nuggets and Streak Jr. Keep Growing


HANG TIME, Texas — Just as LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the Heat are rocketing into the stratosphere with their very special winning streak, not many are noticing that fiery little jet buzzing at cloud level.

Call it Streak Jr. The Little Streak That Could. Son of Streak. Half-Streak.

While all things Miami, as usual, is sucking the oxygen out of the room and headlines with their 21 consecutive victories, the Nuggets are now up to 11 in a row after a tough, physical win over the tough, physical Grizzlies.

Nobody’s come around yet to start asking Andre Iguodala and George Karl yet about chasing the 1971-72 Lakers, but if they keep this up they’ll start having to wonder how far the Nuggets can take this all-for-one act in the playoffs.

The biggest noise of the week came for Carmelo Anthony’s return to Denver for the first time since being dealt to New York in 2011 and the loud flop of his gimpy-kneed nine-point effort in a 117-94 thumping.

But the far more significant achievement was the Nuggets being able to stand their ground and go toe-to-toe with the Grizzlies, who had been doing plenty roaring of their own of late.

According to our buddy Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post, that did not go entirely unnoticed:

“It’s a man’s win,” Nuggets coach George Karl said. “A win that took a lot of courage and mental toughness. Maybe it took us until the fourth to find the flow of the game, but that’s the way it’s going to be against Memphis. … The mental aspect of winning this game is a big step.”

It was the kind of win that was not merely a product of the Nuggets’ up-tempo offense. It was grueling. It was physical. It was testing. It was exactly the kind of win that is often required in the playoffs.

The Nuggets are now one short of the longest win streak in franchise history, set 30 years ago under coach Doug Moe and their home record of 30-3 is now equal to that of Miami.

However in every other way, the Nuggets are the anti-Heatles, not exactly starless or devoid of talent, but far less likely to stop traffic and bring out the paparazzi than the boys from South Beach.

When LeBron makes headlines or is the lead on SportsCenter it’s usually for scoring at least 30 points. When Iguodala is delivering his night of toil, it might add up to eight points, seven assists and seven rebounds, along with his usual heavy dose of defense, as was the case against Memphis. Toss in Kosta Koufos with 18 points and 16 rebounds and the Nuggets are just workmanlike gorgeous.

Now as the Nuggets prepare for a tough back-to-back Monday and Tuesday at Chicago and Oklahoma City, they are also just a half-game in the standings behind the No. 3 seed Clippers and No. 4 seed Grizzlies in the West and looking like a bunch that could be tough to handle in another month when the playoffs start.

The skeptics keep saying the Nuggets are playing right at the edge of their limit, that there’s a ceiling on their potential.

Let the sizzling Heat get the noise and attention as they chase history and the 1971-72 Lakers.

Streak Jr. will happily lurk in their shadow.




  2. JMKS says:

    Googergeiger. Let’s look at the stats, shall we?

    LeBron is averaging 1.5 fouls per game this season, with a 1.9 career average. Iguodala is averaging 1.6 fpg this season with a 2.0 career average. Looks about the same to me. Clearly Iguodala has had many games where he commits less than two fouls. So far the stats aren’t backing you up…

  3. SHAQKOBE says:

    RONDO is out…. ALLEN IVERSON to the Greens… or Gilbert Arenas…. Go Celtics!!

  4. qimba says:

    I read about people happy to see Denver eliminated after the 2nd round.

    Say whaaaaa????????

    How about they take the NBA championship. Based on how they are playing, that would not be out of question.

    My question is, where are the real fans who don’t mouth such lack or faith, not to mention, respect?!!

  5. Silvio says:

    Gallinari most improved player of the year?
    Or Ty lawson?
    And then.. Igoudala and Faried in the first best defensive team of the season?
    This Nuggets are surprising me every day…..

  6. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    KNICKS can get players like:

    ALLEN IVERSON IS AVAILBLE ALSO… he can still play….

  7. CarstenLawson says:

    I don’t care how much attention their streak will get. The only thing that matters to me is that this squad constantly keeps proving people wrong about their abilitys and the so called lack of a go-to-guy. As I see it, the Nuggets have at least 3 options to get to ball to late in the game (Lawson, Galo and Iggy). Can’t wait for the playoffs to come and see how far this team (!) can actually go, a second round exit would probably be realistic!

  8. Blind Lemon Pye says:

    I really hope the Nuggets’ streak doesn’t get screwed over by referees, earlier this season against OKC, the Thunder got nearly 50 free throw attempts, and the game where Lawson hit the game winner, the Nuggets shot the same amount of free throws as Russell Westbrook alone. Nonetheless, NUGGETS4LI4E

  9. piter24 says:

    let’s Go Nuggets!!!

  10. greg says:

    This is the difference between the miami buying a championship and denver working for one. there is nothing glamorous about denver. this is a team that can walk the streets of denver and not get mobbed. but, miami is what the nba wants. but with their roster, they had better win it all – and they will.

  11. dattebayo says:

    googergieger is such a negative person. Finally there is an article of how good the Nuggets are doing and all he has to say is how the refs screw the Nuggets and how Miami gets a lot of calls. I enjoy watching the Nuggets, I still believe they can get the 3rd seed and if they meet the Lakers in the 1st round, I hope they sweep em out of the playoffs so those Laker fans can go into hibernation.

    • googergieger says:

      The article is patronizing and you lack reading comprehension skills.

      • dattebayo says:

        The article is from Fran Blinebury. DUH!

        And you think I lack reading comprehension skills? I understand you rather well. You are a Nuggets fan that only writes complaints on this blog. The refs don’t call the game fairly, Denver doesn’t get enough calls, Durant and James are favored by the refs, …
        You just sound bitter to me, but by all means, keep making condescending comments instead of trying to have a serious discussion. The refs make a few calls on reputation, but it isn’t entirely unthinkable that James couldn’t go a stretch of games without a foul, especially the way the Heat played (or rather didn’t play) defense in December.

  12. Jan Bliss says:

    Go Denver!!!

  13. jonnyz says:

    haha Miami gets screwed over by the refs all the time? we got a comedian up there!

    • dattebayo says:

      watch the Heat@Thunder game…

      • Duhwade fanatic says:

        Heat fans are just plain s–t.. They only see what they want to see regardless of what..
        Have you forgotten how many times they get ticky tacky fouls on their favor just to give them leverage to closely contested victories.. NBA makes money from Lebron and Wade so theyll always be NBA darlings no matter what..
        And Heat fans are mostly from Miami and Miami is composed of what pop? You tell us, ablas ingles senyor.. WTF, chicken fickled minded brains thinking it’s very near USA oblivious to the thought that Miami Is Florida USA not Florida Latin America..

  14. wooderson says:

    nuggets will beat OKC is the playoffs in the second round you heard it here first

  15. HG says:

    i love the camaraderie of this team. everyone on the bench jumps up after a great dunk and congratulate each other. even guys who would be getting more minutes elsewhere root for the guys on the court.
    also, this team is so versatile. at any moment you’re going to have 4 guys who can handle the ball on the open court and 4 guys who can finish near the rim. with a disruptive defense that causes turnovers and blocks, this team has an unconventional way of scoring ton of points fast!

  16. Mike says:

    I think it’s hard to gauge just how good Denver are at the moment. Their tough schedule to start the season really messed them up when they still needed time to put things together, particularly with Lawson and Gallinari’s slow starts and incorporating Iguodala. Now that they’ve found their groove it shouldn’t be surprising that they’re making such a run, but they still have a pretty bad road record that makes me wonder how they’ll do in a 7 game series without home court. Still, I think everyone needs to get over the argument that the Nuggets don’t have a ‘go-to-guy’ with Ty Lawson and Gallinari clearly showing they can make big shots, and their win against the Grizzlies proved that they can still win when they need to grind games out.

  17. Nugget Fan says:

    I don’t mind Denver going unnoticed for this long.
    It’s just going to make it even greater when we win it all.

  18. Luke says:

    I enjoy watching the Denver Nuggets play ball. They have intensity and heart while competing. I’ve been watching and anticipating their win streak.

    Even if they lose to OKC, the Nuggets have been playing solid basketball, and they should make a decent run in the playoffs, maybe even an upset?

  19. googergieger says:

    Wow, you guys are aware there are more than five teams in the league!

    I mean sure, you patronize the heck out of Denver, despite the fact they’ve beaten good teams without the refs help during their streak, unlike Miami. They should beat Chicago. Hopefully the refs will be fair in that OKC game. Where I’m sure they won’t be. I’m sure it’ll be a manufactured blow out you all “report” the heck out of. In any case, I’ll still root for Denver. In an ideal and sane world, TEAM success would be something championed in a TEAM sport.

    Now go back to worshiping the reality show you have turned this once great sport into!

    • theking0522 says:

      Whiner!!! Go to moma and cry…Miami gets screwed by the refs all the time. You are just a hater.

      • googergieger says:

        Remind me how long did Lebron go without having a foul called on him again? What did that Orlando box score end up looking like again? How many times has Lebron fouled out in his career? How many flopping violations have gone against Miami this year? Etc….

      • lol says:

        theking0522 is a delusional heat bandwagoner

      • Average Joe says:

        Refs call games both ways against Miami. If there’s any coddling by the referees, I’m sure it’s because of personal preferences on their part. Stern, or Silver for that matter, wouldn’t risk antagonizing any of the league’s owners, especially the losing teams’ owners, by instructing refs to favor the big market teams. That wouldn’t be best business practice.

    • JMKS says:

      Maybe the reason LeBron gets relatively few fouls called on him is because he’s a universally-acknowledged great defender and thus knows how to defend without fouling? Just sayin’.

      • googergieger says:

        So he knows how to defend without fouling? How come people that are known as better defenders get fouls called on them? In fact Sefalosha, Iguodala, Tony Allen, etc, haven’t gone a game this season without having at least two fouls called on them. Next

      • Average Joe says:

        That’s called superstar treatment. All the other superstars like Kobe, MJ, or Duncan had it. It’s part of NBA basketball. Stop being a whiner.

    • dattebayo says:

      The reason that LeBron went 6 games without a foul is that he didn’t have to play any defense because the teams they played (Atlanta, Golden State, Washington, Minnesota, Dallas, Utah) didn’t have good scoring wings like Harden, Parker or Lawson. When you can play off the ball on defense and all you have to guard is a 3 point shooter, you don’t pick up many fouls on defense…

      • googergieger says:

        So he didn’t guard Josh Smith during a sequence? Or David Lee? Or Kirlenko? Or Mayo? Or Hayward? The entirity of all those games, just him in a corner with his hand up? Alright.

    • Fidelvi says:

      Stfu 21 games given to the heat by the refs??!!! Fuk outta here

  20. W/E says:

    THe Nuggets ARE GOOD, they have POTENTIAL to be SCARY GOOD in the playoffs and the next seasons if they keep developing their current crew.

  21. Nuggets WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂