Vlogtable: Streaks, Dynasties, The Heat

In our latest edition of the NBA.com Vlogtable, our experts chime in on the biggest topic of the day: The streaking Miami Heat, who as of Friday morning had won 20 straight games. With a couple of road games this weekend, and a potentially huge game looming in Boston on Monday, the Heat are quickly closing in on the second-longest regular-season streak in NBA history (22 games, by the 2008 Houston Rockets) and are now at least within talking distance of the NBA-record 33 straight wins the Los Angeles Lakers ran off in 1972.

Among the highlights of this edition of the all-Heat Vlogtable:

Fran Blinebury, on the Heat’s identity: “After last season, and making the run to the championship, they know who they are now … Last year, they found that identity, they have it, they’re playing with it. And that’s what a lot of teams spend the whole season trying to do.”

Sekou Smith, on the dominant Heat: “I think it’s great for the NBA. Rivalries and great teams are always great for sports. We are getting way ahead of ourselves, though … They know that no one’s going to care about that winning streak if they don’t win the championship.”

Jeff Caplan, on the uniqueness of Miami: “This is a totally unconventional team. They’re fast, they play defense … I think it’s an amazing outfit. And I think you got to give Coach Spoelstra a lot of credit as well for really making this thing work … I remember 9-8 in Dallas [in 2011] and LeBron bumping into Spoelstra and everyone wanting him fired. They’ve come a long way, and I think it’s pretty amazing to watch what’s going on there.”

Steve Aschburner, on the Heat’s place in history: “I don’t think this win streak matters much to the Heat unless they get the record. And then it’s going to matter a whole lot, if they go on and finish their business … I’ve been asked here in Chicago, ‘How does this team rank compared  to the  ’95-96 Bulls team, the 72-victory team?’ That’s the high-water mark. Again, you got to get up there.”

Scott Howard-Cooper, on who can challenge them: “Nobody can beat them in the East … But I’m not giving up on the NBA Finals yet. I don’t think it’s ‘game over.’ Oklahoma City is really good and San Antonio is really good right now … There’s not going to be a 4-0 Finals, I just cant imagine. Those are two good teams.”


  1. This bruno from BORAT says:

    @hide86 here’s some info for your brain I hope It still functioning……. Heat loss 14 games… 10 of those are coming from EAST teams… 4 came from the WEST… Now tell me if it really matters to the HEAT if they are playing on WEST Conf. or EAST Conf. F.Y.I 23 game winning streaks…. Cry hater cry……uLOLs!!!!

  2. Heat030634 says:

    the remaining teams on miami heat’s schedule will surely wanted to break that streak!
    it’s going to be more intense and beating the highest streak record (33) is going to be hell for miami.
    i still hope they won’t get injured and have their best condition on playoffs than focus on achieving the highest record streaks.

  3. Esteban says:

    Blah, blah, blah, keep saying anything you want to try to make the Heat’s run less impressive. This is the best basketball you’ll see for the rest of your lives. Keep throwing it away because you’re an arrogant prick.

  4. Pedro says:

    since the heat are already guaranteed a playoff spot. i don’t really care if they win all of their remaining games in the regular season or not. but i do hope they can still go another level higher when the playoffs start. 16 wins is the goal in the playoffs but 16-0 would be sweeter

  5. heat fan says:

    miami haters still not appreciate the 21 game win streak if miami prove they can get championship this year after that they say again bad words even they get the rim and CONVICE AGAIN someone say in miami heat fan ” MIAMI HATERS WANT TO GET ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP 2013-2014 TO PROVE THAT WE ARE THE BEST TEAM NOW? “

  6. Chris says:

    There’s also the fact that Miami has had a relatively healthy Core All year. You could say they’ve won games they’re SUPPOSED to win in that case.

    San Antonio? Pop sat his stars, and the Bench gave Miami a run for their money. 105-100, and they had to fight to come back from losing to get that win.

    Clippers had their full lineup for the first time all season when they played Miami, with those guys coming off of injuries. Paul wasn’t 100%. I’m not saying Clippers would’ve beaten them, but the Clips are a good team, you’ve got to factor injuries in, cause so far the Clippers have shown when (mostly) healthy they could beat the Heat.

    Won’t make any excuses for OKC, I love KD but those loses were just pitiful. It’s like OKC just chokes at the mention of the Heat.

    I’m mostly talking West Coast team victories here because they get more than two chances to beat their east coast rivals and so far they’ve delivered even against teams that bested them earlier in the season.

    Either way I look forward to seeing Miami play a hopefully Healthy San Antonio, not because I think San Antonio will win but because I know it’s going to be a good game between BOTH teams. I don’t like Miami, but I won’t deny they can play ball.

  7. This bruno from BORAT says:

    Are you bruno. from BORAT? I guess same guy….. Best teams??? West… Do some research first so you wouldn’t look like an idiot…. 21 and counting Heat have the best Record 50-14 they are on top on standings..And yes better than all WEST teams….. What’s the difference from being on EAST or WEST… It doesn’t matter on regular season… MIAMI played 29 teams in NBA… So does the WEST what’s your point??? West Best teams??? you mean SAS 50-16 OKC 49-17… MIAMI beat all west teams and all EAST teams… They beat them all…. SO what’s your point???? Even If you put the lakers in Eastern conference they will have same results… Because they will play all 29 teams in NBA… How old are you??? WEAK teams???? east??? maybe on 8 seeded East but the HEAT tops them all….

    • Chris says:

      It’s a matter of how many times they play those 29 teams. They play their western rivals, twice a year? They split the series with the Clippers 1-1, Split it with Memphis 1-1. Yes they’ve beaten the Top of the east, but only OKC they’ve beaten twice out of the top of the pack. Naturally most of their victories are going to come from their side of the fence. I give them credit for making their west games count, but Get real dude. I’d say the same thing if the West was weak and San Antonio was top in the League, and I -like- them

    • hide86 says:

      Before calling someone an idiot and mouthing off, why dont you do your own research instead of making yourself look like a fool. You play your own divisioin and confernce team 4 times instead of 2 games against team of opposite conference. What bruno is saying that the east is weaker which is a fact as west have a higher winning percntage against east team so basically the heat do play weaker teams compare to the spurs or the thunders. Yes miami did win against wests team but if they would be playing 4 times intead of 2 they might not be where they at now.

    • evilgiant says:

      They play the teams in their own conference twice as often as the other conference, so the Lakers would probably have won more games if they were an Eastern Conference team.

    • QQ says:

      Actually it does matter. You play more games against your own conference teams, and east is the weaker conference. West is more competitive and it’s no accident that West have winning record over East.

  8. LebronKingOfNba says:

    @bruno, the truth is, the 14 loss of miami came from 5 west teams (gsw,lac,mem,utah,por) and the 9 are from the east. which means, the heat are beating most teams on the west. that’s how good miami is, even though the west have many good teams, the heat are beating them

  9. mick86 says:

    Whilst i like their defense, Saying nobody can beat them in the east, see how Indiana, New york, Brooklyn and ill throw Boston go about it playoff time.

  10. ShawnKemp says:

    The overall talent level in the NBA is so low compared to what it used to be. Back in the day, kids didn’t get a chance to go straight from high school. They put in 3-4 years of university ball, learned the fundamentals and came into the draft NBA ready. There wasn’t such a thing as a project player.

    There were less teams too, so getting a spot on an nba roster was more difficult.

    • bigwes95 says:

      not really in the 90’s though, but in the 80’s is when it was hardest to make the nba and survive

  11. Leonz says:


  12. bruno says:

    EVEN if they make 70 wins next season, they still are playing against weak teams, the 3 worst teams in the league are from their divison, and they played most of the times against teams from that divison…The best teams are all in the WEST, and the 4th best team in the EAST probably didnt even make the playoffs on the west coast.

    • dattebayo says:

      During their 21 game win streak, the Heat played 11 playoff teams, 8 Western teams and only 4 teams from their division and two of those games were against the Hawks. 8 of those 21 were on the road and the Heat had 5 back-to-backs. They beat the Thunder, Grizzlies, Clippers, Pacers and Knicks during their win streak…

      btw. the Lakers had the 1st seed for three straight years and won back-to-back championships. Is that also not impressive just because the Kings, Clippers and Warriors were less competitive and at the bottom of the league (even the Suns missed the playoffs in 2009)?

  13. bruno says:

    EVEN if they make 70 wins next season, they still are playing against weak teams, the 3 worst teams in the league are from their divison, and they played most of the times against teams from that divison…The best teams are all in the WEST, and the 4th best team in the EAST probably they even didnt make the playoffs.

    • Krishawn-MIA says:

      -_- Really?!…really?! didnt they beat the thunder twice oh an every other team atleast once -_- atl, new york, indie, the grizzlies, lakers, clippers, bulls, rockets,really??

    • sick says:

      @Bruno you’re stupid!! 😉

    • Eli. Odell J. says:

      you’s just plain provably wrong on that un’ sonny,
      whats the 4th best in the east? right now – brooklyn
      they’d be 6th in the west
      whats the 7th best in the east – boston
      they’d be 7th in the west….
      try harder bud

  14. Tony says:

    Ehhhmm excuse me sir Caplan. The 9-8 record was in December 2010. December but still 2010.
    Oh the streak, I think the game @Boston will be crucial, hope this time Miami can beat them because the last meeting was really tight and close.