Thibodeau Rips Bulls And Their Coach


SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It became the “All Bulls Watch,” not merely the never-ending “Derrick Rose Watch,” sometime Wednesday night as Chicago was enduring the embarrassment of a 121-79 loss to the Kings. Maybe it happened while Sacramento was shooting 54.2 percent or maybe while the visitors were hitting 2-for-21 on 3-pointers and getting beat on the boards by one of the worst-rebounding teams in the league.

After the game, the Bulls were put on notice.

Official word came courtesy of coach Tom Thibodeau, whose four-minute session with the media after the debacle at Sleep Train Arena was more like a steam letting. He called out the Bulls for lack of readiness, weak energy and … a bad job by the coach.

Asked what disappointed him most about getting blown out by the 23-43 Kings, Thibodeau said, “Just about everything.”

“Our level of intensity is very poor,” the coach fumed. “Our readiness to play is very poor. I was the most disappointed in myself. My job is to have them ready. We can’t come out like that. That’s on me. I didn’t like our intensity in the Laker game, I didn’t like it tonight. I’ve got to drive harder. And I will. There’s a fine line right now because we’re down people. For us, being shorthanded, we can never forget how hard we have to play. The guys that are there, I’ve got to get that intensity up. And I will. Trust me on that one.”

What can you do?

“We’ll see.”

There was no sign of the Bulls practicing in the parking lot at 10 p.m. or the team walking the 75 miles to Oakland for the next game, Friday against the Warriors. But there’s always Thursday.

“You go on the road, you have to defend, you have to rebound, you have to take care of the ball, you have to play inside out, you have to share the ball, you have to do your job,” Thibodeau said. “But the most important thing is being ready to play. You have to be ready to play. This is a competition. It’s not a show. It’s a competition. You’ve got to compete. You’ve got to play with an edge. You’ve got to go after people.”

Playing Wednesday without Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson and, of course, Rose, the Bulls lost for the fourth time in five games and the 11th in the last 17. They have shot 38.6, 37.1, 37 and 36.7 percent, respectively, in the most recent outings — even with the Kings at No. 29 in the league in field-goal defense at the start of the night.

“There’s two things you have to have to have great intensity,” Thibodeau said. “You have to have great concentration and you have to give great effort. That’s what gives you great intensity. When you’re lacking in intensity, you have to go back to those two things. You have to have ask yourself, ‘Are we as prepared as we need to be?’ And that’s my job. I’m going to make sure that happens.”

Have a fun next practice, Bulls.


  1. SHAQKOBE says:

    D Rose is out…. Gilbert Arenas is available….
    Michael Redd for SF….GO BULLS!!!

  2. james jones says:

    Bulls need to get rid of mohamed vidarmar and cook and get some young that can play or trade them for perry jones and jermy lamb they good.

  3. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    BULLS need a Shooter….GET MICHAEL REDD….
    ALLEN IVERSON is available and can play in Chicago……

  4. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    THIBS u can sign GILBERT ARENAS now… for Leadership temporarily.

  5. ZULU says:

    Funny how you talk when you really have to lay all that prima donna talk aside night in night out. T-Man it is time to coach baby no Rose , injuries to key guys, espn ain;t polishing your star every night. Xs & Os , come on coach……..

  6. Brandon says:

    My friends and I have been having fights for the longest time. I say the Bulls are bad while they argue it is about all of the injuries. The injury to Rip doesn’t matter because he is inconsistent and injured all of the time anyway. Hinrich is definitely better to have starting than Nate but he is also always injured and isn’t the player he used to be. Taj Gibson and Rose are the two big pieces we are missing. We need that back-up big man who can truly put the ball on the floor and score. Not to mention his amazing defense. And Rose is Rose. We are an okay team. I use the word “bad” lightly because we are in the thick of the playoff race unlike other teams that are truly bad. BUT, a lot of people need to realize that the Bulls are completely different without Rose. Yeah, we did well last year without Rose in the line-up but we also had a bench that was reliable. Getting rid of Asik was honestly dumb (although I wanted him gone after his atrocious free-throw shooting in the playoffs). C.J. Watson was great to have there. And whether or not people agree with me, Kyle Korver is actually being missed this year. I realize I am all over the place, but it makes sense seeing that the Bulls are the same way. They are up then they are down. They have a great bench and then they get rid of it. They beat the Heat then they get killed by the Heat. The Bulls are unable to beat the top teams in the league. When does it get to that point where you realize something has to change? I am tired of the inconsistency. We need to do something and it needs to be done now. I agree with Reggie Rose on one thing; the Bulls did NOTHING to put pieces around a player who damn right deserves it in Derrick Rose.

    • Fed says:

      I think Hinrich is a huge loss. When he’s on the court, the offense is WAY better. Sometimes you can see the ball going inside, make plays.
      With Robinson (and Belinelli in particular), the ball stays hopelessly outside the perimeter and there’s no play at all.

  7. King for a Day says:

    I think the Kings put together a great TEAM effort which has been elusive lately, sure the Bulls may have had an off night, and claim missing key players the Kings were missing their biggest scorer and rebounder in Cousins.

  8. hitman da man says:

    The bulls have every thing u need to win a champion ship they just need a solid 2guard

  9. Dc says:

    If I was rose I’ll just sit the rest of the year out. In the off season they need to sing josh smith and oj mayo as well in a backup center.. That will help rose and the team.

  10. technikalex says:

    i think bulls are just in a slump. of course there are things they can correct, but they have already shown they have enough to win. don’t forget, the bulls are missing four key players right now. “d.rose watch” can’t be helping either. thibs is right though, that’s on them for lack of concentration. it will be a tough game, but they are going to come out strong on golden state.

  11. anonymous says:

    Rose is smart to sit out. after i tore my ACL i was cleared to play after 7 months. my dr was the old sonics knee surgeon so he was very good. however, 3 weeks after i came back i ended up tearing my knee again. havent been the same since. being a point guard and use to be lightening quick, i would say that Rose needs to watch out for himself and his career. if you guys remember a guy by the name of Michael Redd? he use to torch guys. after tearing his ACL in 2009 season, he came back too soon and re-tore it almost exactly a year later. trust me i know that most doctors state 9-12 months, but having tore my knee as well as talking to others who have had the same knee surgery, most players dont come back feeling close to 100% til 2-3 years later. not saying rose should sit out next season but i would definitely sit out this season for sure. also, i think Chicago will rely on him too much thinking that he will be his old self. it will take time for him to come back and play at the high level he was playing before his injury. guys like Adrian Peterson (RB for Vikings) coming back that quickly and continuing to play at that high of a level is unheard of.

  12. beebs says:

    W/E , do you even know what your talking about, joakim noah , well last time i checked was one of the best centers in the league? did that not clue in ur mind. carlos boozer has steped up and filled a hollow spot in the team and is playing to his potential you cant ask for much more. Luol deng is an excellent SF and fits good in chicago. its hard to play without your team leader and i think the bulls have done well for what we have without rose. And on the rose man up thing, shutup , you dont know how it feels to tear an ACL and neather do i, when hes ready to come back he will come back

    • W/E says:

      So u really beleive Noah Boozer and Deng as the core of the team can content for a championship…u dont know anything about basketball if u think that, Deng is average at best, Noah and Boozer are awfull, Noah is one of the best centers in the league ? well the best center in the league D12 can be considered average at best right now and Noah is just beyond awfull skill wise, like the rest of leagues centers so there yeah best of the worst maybe, the Bulls are too scared to trade them but you gotta face it unless they rebuild and change their core the Bulls cannot be championship contenters.

      • Ryan says:

        Most stupid thing i’ve read. Im convinced that you don’t watch basketball. Noah brings energy night in and night out and so does deng. When you can find me a player that sprints the length of the floor every possession 42 minutes a night and still maintains offensive and defensive capabilities then ill admit deng is average. Im also guessing that noah is a terrible center because all he did this season was record 2 triple doubles and 2 historical games. Rmb the game against detroit (30+ and 20+). Noah and deng are the key pieces that helped the bulls gain top seed two years in a row. i dare you to name 3 centers better than noah right now. (Dwight howard? i’d rather take noah who plays with his heart and gives it everything hes got than a whiner like howard.)

  13. ko0kie says:

    btw. how can derrick rose watch those games sitting healthy in the locker room? how weak is that…… I like rose as a player but cmon.. thibs will burn all those healthy players until he comes back and then what.. derrick rose alone?

  14. ko0kie says:

    I don’t believe the next training is harder or something like that.. that would be stupid because they are shorthanded already so why would you want to exhaust and drain the healthy players when the main problem seems to be fatigue and rest?!

  15. W/E says:

    The bulls are hopeless, awfull team they cant score and their coach is pushing them to much, he realized at last that his crew is really weak, they will be lucky if they somehow manage to win a single in the playoffs with their weak offence, Rose should man up come back or request a trade to a contenter, the bulls have no future with guys like Noah Boozer and Deng, they need a full rebuild.

    • W/E says:

      They are gunna get SWEPT in the playoffs no matter who they face.

      • TT says:

        I’m looking forward to that. Tom Thibodeau should be sacked after Derrick Rose tore his ACL last season against Philly in game 1. Now Derrick Rose is afraid of playing for the wrong coach who doesn’t know when to rest his best players, and losing a player like Derrick Rose is a death sentence.

      • The Worm 91 says:

        maybe they’ll get swept by a western team

  16. Gregory Walker says:

    I’m a big bulls fan but it doesn’t take a blind man to see that we need a trade Hamilton not getting the job done or Hinrich. Boozer is up and down now and we already without our start player. With names like Rudy Gay, Eric Gordan, Josh Smith floating around we should of made some type of effort to improve the team.

    • The Worm 91 says:

      trade deadline is over

    • Rob says:

      You’re not making sense. Any body here talking about the bulls being a bad team.. doesn’t make sense. Look at where they are in the play off picture .. while factoring in the 2 loses theyre still a more dangerous team then NY, Brooklyn, Boston, Bucks, Atlanta…. and it’s because they bring it. Wait till everyone gets back and theyre full strength.. dont jump the bandwagon so quick. They made some bad moves over the summer and lost a lot of key pieces but theyll get back up there. And all the players you listed to get.. they’re respective teams wont let them go. I’m not even a bulls fan, and I can see all that.

  17. zgillet says:

    They can play as hard as they want… they’re still a bad team.

    • Jeremiah Storkson says:

      I think that maybe Demarcus Cousins is not as valuable to the kings as people think. I sense a possible trade next year.