The Lakers’ Most Devastating Loss Yet?


ATLANTA — In a season marred by one stunning loss after another, the Los Angeles Lakers might have suffered the most devastating setback of them all against the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night.

With Kobe Bryant crumpled in the corner of the floor in front of the Lakers’ bench at Philips Arena with 2.6 seconds to play, all the work the Lakers have done to redeem themselves from a pitiful start to this season flashed before their eyes.

Bryant landed awkwardly with Hawks swingman Dahntay Jones underneath him after his baseline jumper that could have tied the game bounced off the rim. The way the crowd (which was a raucous pro-Lakers group a la Staples Center Southeast) went silent, you’d have thought it happened in Los Angeles.

A severely sprained left ankle will sideline Bryant indefinitely. X-rays of the injury were negative, but Bryant was clearly in pain and limped to the sideline for the final 1.5 seconds of the shorthanded Hawks’ 96-92 win. The Lakers’ chances of finishing off their miraculous reversal of playoff fortunes might also have to be a limp to the finish if Bryant is out for an extended period.

Much was and will be made of the play that Bryant was injured on, with the initial shot fired by Bryant.

“As defensive players, you can contest shots, but you can’t walk underneath players,” Bryant said. “That’s dangerous for the shooter.”

He later Tweeted his frustrations:

Jones, sensing the coming firestorm, refuted all charges and argued that he was only doing his duty as a defensive stopper and nothing more:

Whatever the chatter, the damage has already been done to the Lakers.

Kobe has been the catalyst for the Lakers’ recent run. Winners of 16 of their previous 22 games, the Lakers could not afford to drop a game to a Hawks team playing without injured starters Josh Smith and Jeff Teague and backup center Zaza Pachulia.

Both teams played in Florida Tuesday night — the Lakers won in Orlando, while the Hawks fell to the Heat in Miami — so those fatigue excuses could have worked both ways. Instead of playing like a team possessed to continue their march to the playoffs, though, the Lakers played like a team totally uninterested in anything to do with the game of basketball for much of the first half.

They were down 12 at halftime. They spent far too much time on the receiving end of blows delivered by Al Horford, Devin Harris and the rest of the Hawks’ makeshift lineup (that includes the mighty Johan Petro and Ivan Johnson, who took turns outworking Dwight Howard all over the floor).

“We didn’t play well enough tonight on defense,” Howard said. “We were a step slow, and that starts with me. There were times when I lost my man. [The Hawks] made some tough shots, but we just have to do a better job on the defensive end, and that starts with me.”

Bryant tried to will the Lakers all the way back, scoring 19 of his game-high 31 points in a scintillating third quarter that was vintage Kobe, all the way down to the hook-jawed scowl at the crowd after one of his acrobatic layups. But it wasn’t enough. Not this time. Not with Bryant’s 11-for-33 shooting effort outdone in the putrid department by the 4-for-14 debacle from Steve Nash.

We just couldn’t make any shots when we needed to,” Nash said. “We didn’t get all the loose balls we needed to as well. I think we just missed shots tonight.

“Very rarely do I say that we lose a game because of missing shots. Usually it’s missed assignments or because of defense, but tonight we just didn’t convert shots. We just had missed opportunities, and missed out on some loose balls that could have made a difference. I also don’t think we had the same bounce in our step that we did last night [in Orlando].”

That was obvious, both early on and late. Howard was brutal in the second night of his homecoming tour. He didn’t get a chance to shoot another 39 free throws like he did in Orlando. His 10 points and 16 rebounds were neutralized by Petro’s 10 points and 11 rebounds.

The Hawks also got a monstrous bench effort from Johnson (12 points and eight rebounds), Kyle Korver (15 points), John Jenkins (12) and Shelvin Mack (seven points), who combined to outscore their Lakers counterparts 46-16.

And, again, while Harris was shredding the Lakers for nine straight points down the stretch, the Lakers were going to win or lose the game with Bryant. The Lakers shot 6-for-25  in the fourth, with Bryant’s 3-pointer with 16.9 seconds to play providing them with one last chance to salvage the night.

We had a four-point lead, but then we couldn’t knock down any shots, and [the Hawks] started double-teaming Kobe, which means somebody has to step up and make shots,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. “But that’s not really where we lost the game. What our guys have to understand is we lost the game because we gave up 55 points in the first half. You just can’t do that. We played with fire [and got burned]. We came back and had some chances, but that’s not basketball. We needed to come out [in the first half] like we did defensively in the second half.

“I would have liked to have seen more intensity,” D’Antoni said. “I think in the first half everybody had at least one, ‘Where is my man?’ moment on defense. I understand this was a back-to-back and that happens in the NBA, but you get over that by hitting shots.”

The Lakers will need to see much more from Nash and Howard, depending on how long Kobe is out. Bryant has been known to play through all sorts of pain, but this is the  last thing the Lakers needed, particularly in a playoff chase with Houston, Utah and maybe even Dallas that could very well go down to the final week of the season.


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  2. Patty says:


  3. Joshua GreenfarbHomo says:

    intentional or not, but definitely its a foul that wasn’t called by the refs..worse, its seen on video how the action, going under the shooter’s fall..Dont be a Hater.. be reasonable..

  4. LE_WADE says:

    Dahntay Jones and Kobe are both dirty players but jones is dirtiest……………

  5. JimD54 says:

    The refs also missed Kobe kicking out his leg to initiate the first contact. Why don’t I hear them apologizing for missing that call also….

  6. chuck says:

    ok guys In case you didn’t know …the NBA League Officials AGREED THAT THERE WAS A NON CALL with 4.9 seconds in the game Kobe took a jump shot and DAHNTAY Jones tried to block it….HE OBVIOUSLY FOULED KOBE!! Case CLOSED ….HAWKS escaped with a WIN….The LAKERS will move on…….but remember The WRATH OF THE MAMBA!!!!

  7. belthazar says:

    If they sidelined Kobe, who knows? perhaps the lakers will player more efficiently like the celtics without Rondo…
    Dwight can expect more touches in the paint and Nash can have more control as a point guard…

  8. hojikojix says:

    D0uchebag Kobe: “Worst ankle injury of my life.” …plays Friday

  9. ColdBloodedMamba says:

    Kobe has a long presence in the league for 17 years or so. But when it comes to injuries, Kobe evaded that injury line. I mean, he doesn’t get injured SERIOUSLY in his career. MJ injured himself on his early prime, so he missed a couple of games. Kobe is so lucky because he’s still playing aside of it. About the fadeaway, Kobe’s defender only contested his shot. Kobe just whining about that incident, and i guess his shoes was the main problem because of the low-cut design of his shoes exposing the ankles….

  10. dj rgm9 says:

    To all ignorant Lakers-Kobe haters!How about Durant or Lebron,wade…? When they takes the shots in the last seconds and the defender made contact certainly the refree’s blowing quick foul to give them freetrows?And when Kobe takes the last shot defender made contact why the refree’s swallow they’re wisthle a lot. Enouch video proof on you tube or old games internet to search it up and that’s a fact too!To f….ng rigged that’s how it is!I know very much about fouls, play’d myself 18 year b.ball competition a while ago.In Europe when the defender go towards the opponent and he stays right beneath the fade away shot while the opponent landing on the defender the referee wisthles foul after shot,100% always foul after shot and that means two freetrhows!Only in the Nba refree’s clearly like to ignore when they like!!!And that’s a fact too!

  11. Cole says:

    Quite a bit of non calls in this game. Howard flat out clobbered Ivan Johnson on a lay up contest….Im sure the refs didnt miss that one. Its pretty obvious the NBA wants the Lakers in the playoffs and rightfully so. They garner alot of attention. Jones D looked fine to me. Just an unfortunate landing by Bryant. Its competitive pro basketball. Unfortunately that stuff happens. No one ever wants to see a player hurt. Especially a caliber of Player like KB24. I think its silly to think someone tried to injure him on purpose.

  12. kobe4ever says:

    that’s intentional! see the movement of D.Jones he’s trying to hurt kobe he went getting underneath on kobe but referee’s totally blind. u can’t contest kobe on 1 on 1 unless u will get fouled

    • jake s says:

      Man, the referees are trained professionals. They know flagrancy when they see it. It’s not that they didn’t see it happen, it’s just that there was nothing wrong with it…

  13. Lebronblows says:

    The league already stated it was a foul call that was missed. All you lakers haters can go watch Wade carry Lebron game after game. Lebron just missed 3 wide open layups and had to be bailed out by Wades tip in after Lebron go dunked on by Jrue LOLLLLL!!!

  14. The Wise says:

    The play was not dirty. The play was a foul, but to question the defenders intentions is ridiculous. He is not Rose. Anybody that thinks the foul was intentionally to hurt Kobe is ignorant. Just accept the fact that injuries happen. And Lakers fans, if you guys dont make the playoffs because Kobe sits out for a couple of weeks, hate to tell you but ITS NOT BECAUSE KOBE HAS TO SIT OUT FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS. ask yourselves why your team is in these circumstances in the first place. stop playing the victim.

    • Lakers Injury prone says:

      you know why the lakers are in these circumstances…INJURIES!!!!. First to Nash, then Blake, then Howard, then Hill, then Gasol and now Kobe. and try to think, before that they were implementing a new system by Mike Brown and it didn’t work, which lead to the hire of Mike D who tried to make the Lakers fit his system rather then trying to work his system for the players he got or even create a new one. and look at it this way if the lakers had kept Bynum and not trade for Howard, Bynum wouldn’t be playing anyway because he’s injured and out for the whole season. plus Howard could of sat out half of the season because of his surgery but he’s playing, even though he’s not 100% and it shows. So get off the Lakers case, any team would be affected by the changing of a coach and injuries to star and key players

  15. MAtt says:

    You have to let jump shooters complete their range of the shot. Meaning you have to let them land cleanly as well……

  16. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ says:


    ALL AGREED that the defensive play was A-OKAY and not dirty.

    Case closed.

  17. Tyrone says:

    He couldn’t contest the shot adequately so he contested the landing, I don’t think it was an intentionally dirty play though.

    After all, in such split second decision-making you’re driven almost purely off instinct, the instinct was to get as close to Kobe as possible and he did – dangerously close. I wouldn’t wish severe ankle injuries on anyone, least of all Kobe given the fact that he probably is actually the Most Valuable Player to his team. I know Lebron is the best player right now, but if was out, they could get plenty of wins with DWade and the supporting cast. I don’t think the Lakers can.

  18. Andre says:

    First, I think it was a foul.

    But calling that DIRTY is not right. I don’t care who`s shooting or defending, it was a normal foul.

    Too bad he’s hurt, it would be interesting to see Lakers playing another playoff series, but it happens.

    And Kobe is not a saint. It’s funny to see a guy that took cheap shots his whole career, one of them against Bibby that should cost Lakers a ring, complaining about a normal foul that happened by accident in the middle of a basketball play, with the game on the line.

  19. E says:

    Kobe have lost his mind. It’s more likely a defender will land underneath you on a fade away shot due to the simple fact that defender is going to lounge forward to contest the shot exactly like jones did. What I’m hearing from Kobe is that he want the defender to deify physics and stop their body momentum in mid air

  20. LHood7214 says:

    Lakers fans need to quit whining…..Kobe aint getting away with the fade away kick the same time and expect the Referee to give him foul……Kobe retailated with a kick after realizing he was covered…..Kobe a smart man but he not getting away with it cuz the NBA pay more attention to the feets at the 3 point line nowadays……Kobe next time make the shot.

  21. Raptors says:

    If this was his first time doing it I understand……I remember 2009 playoffs when Dahntay was in denver. It seemed like he was really getting dirty and border line dirty to the point he is just there to hurt people. So looking at the highlight he was literally walking in to kobe on purpose. So yeah this is a little bit bad. He probably didn’t do it intentionally but the tweet he put on saying he got respect and all that stuff is nonsense. If I am a new basketball fun I would have bought it. But people these is pretty bad!

    And remember kobe is a player that played with broken finger, bad knee and dislocated fingers. So he won’t make comments like that out of the blue. Just saying thatsall!!!

  22. Nothing New says:

    Lebron James did the same thing playing defense on Danny Granger during the playoffs last season, no foul (given) that time either. I just love how in this case Dahntay Jones is a dirty player and when Lebron did it, it was karma for Granger running his mouth.

    For the record, yes it should be a foul in both cases, it’s not ‘deserved’ or ‘good defense’ or even ‘karma’, it’s dangerous and damaging to a player just like tunneling, borderline flagrant really because it’s invariably unsafe. Nobody with half a brain is ever going to try and draw one of these fouls deliberately because the odds on busting your ankle in a bad way are just too high.

  23. ayawmo says:

    if only shaco went jungle, we wouldve won this game. but well get it next time

  24. Farrugia says:

    Someone tell me where the foul is? He contested. Stop crying Laker fans, there is nothing wrong with this. Where does go under him? But that i mean if goes under him should his legs be over his shoulders? There is no indication of him going under. He faded, defender contested. Cry more/.

  25. BJ says:

    that was just good defense. its not like he tried to place his foot where Kobe was landing. Kobe is a cry baby because he knows he’s not about to get another ring. No Kobe, sorry, you won’t catch Mike and you will never be like Mike. Stop chasing that dream. Accept your great career as one of the greatest Laker players and NBA players as a whole. You are not an incon.

  26. Adam says:

    I enjoy watching Kobe and the lakers especially after their come back but dang, there are some crazy Kobe/Laker fans who can’t wake up for just a moment to see what is in front of them. No defensive player in the world is going to watch where his feet are so someone doesn’t land on him…someone in the NBA rolls their foot every single week, it happens…It’s part of the game. Kobe always goes for these impossible shots and 1 out of a million he lands on the guys foot. Stop trying to blame anyone, it’s an accident, it happens.

  27. NBA89 says:

    The NBA came out and said it was a foul on jones that the refs missed and that kobe should have been shooting 2 free throws

  28. Fundamentals > Flash says:

    These Lakers fans are just mad because now they have to put away their Kobe jerseys and go buy some Blake Griffin jerseys.

    It’s defense. Dahntay Jones played defense. Things like this happen ALL THE TIME. Lakers fans are just going crazy because they know they don’t have the depth to replace Kobe. Meanwhile, Tony Parker gets the same injury, he’s out a month, but Spurs fans aren’t too worried. Yes, He’s an MVP candidate, but the Spurs have DEPTH. Lakers don’t. Before any Lakers fans calls Jones a dirty player, I’d like them to remember when Kobe injured Rubio.

    It doesn’t matter much anyway. Even if the Lakers made the 8th seed, they would’ve had a quick elimination by the Spurs, because the Spurs play defense. Something the Lakers don’t know the definition of. Had they gone to the 7th seed, OKC would’ve beat them because they’re an offensive juggernaut. They would’ve had to make it all the way to the 6th seed to even stand a chance to advance against Lob City (Which is quicker, younger, more athletic team)

    • NBA89 says:

      I really dislike when people have no idea what they are talking about the clippers are OLDER then the lakers

  29. Stupid laker fanS says:

    i was reading the comments and realize that Laker fans are plain STUPID..

    jones didnt intentionally do it. it wa a defensive stop.. it was a good defense actually and nothing dirty happen’d.
    jones was defending a fadeaway shot and he was chasing it.. every player will chase a shot like that and it so happend kobe landed awkwardly. and it was a clean good defense no foul should be called. kobe is just too overrated and over acting in that situation and after the game.

    another stupid fan said that hawks did it intentionally to kobe cause they cant afford to lose the game, forgosdakes the hawks are winning and its just seconds away to finish the game..and that paly happened after the shot.. how could that be intentional for the hawks??

    cmon lakrers fan stop being Stupid and Morons like KOBE

  30. cliff says:

    basketball player…. thats the briliant coment ive ever seen in this blog, only people who doesn’t know basketball can say that is not a foul. two thumbs up with that

  31. toneP says:

    c’mon Kobe! that was a normal BBall play that every ball player has to go thru! ankle sprain is the most common injury in bball..its no different than going up for a rebound & coming down on someone’s foot. wish i had a dollar for every ankle sprain I ever got!

  32. Rick says:

    Lakers fan or not, this is a foul… you just have to let a player land…. especially since Jones didn’t jump to contest the shot….

    he had no reason to walk underneath him…AFTER the shot… yes, Kobe had his share of dirty plays (like any player in the league)

    but forgetting the context of the game… it’s a foul plain and simple….

  33. Andrew Harootian says:

    Does no one remember the Denver series in 2009? Dahntay is dirty!

  34. lakersfan101 says:

    amen my friend

  35. NBAfan says:

    Clearly this is a foul. the trick for the defender is to make it look natural but it’s not. just think about when somebody is shooting a fadeaway you lean into him upper body is closer to the offensive player than lower body. Dahntay Jones is a great and dirty defender he reminds me of Bruce Bowen who shared this “ability.” Don’t get me wrong, I have seen Kobe do this a couple of times but also got called for it.

  36. palala says:

    exactly my point bteezy.thats straight up dirty basketball and i also think that the nba is rigged,honestly! I think if the lakers make it to th playoffs with kobe in the line up,they will obviously reach the western conference finals

  37. cadroy says:

    Clear intentional sly and cunning,congrats Datnay Jones.

  38. Henrik Jensen says:

    If Celtics can go on with out Rondo and Lakers Can’t without Kobe, then its lakers own fouled.

  39. GAMEBOY says:

    First off I’m a Kobe fan and I must say he played great defense but, he was in his area when Kobe came down and it should have been a foul…That does not make him a dirty player at all he was not doing it intentional its just a play that didnt get called.

  40. Clay McCain says:

    I hope the mavericks will take 8th spot but I do think lakers will make the playoffs

  41. Basketball Player says:

    Only people who have never played basketball would be stupid enough to say this isn’t a foul. You have a right to land on the ground beneath you. A defender can’t walk underneath the offensive player on a shot, that’s the best way to get hurt and it is always a foul.

    • KJ says:

      Does that mean every time a player rolls his ankle by landing on another player’s foot he was fouled.??

      You dont even watch the game. This happens all the time and no one ever will think that’s a foul when one player’s foot inadvertently just happened to be underneath another’s. In the split of a second, heat of the moment, that could never be a foul.

      • Basketball Player says:

        No, standing underneath someone when they shoot doesn’t happen all the time. This is why the league just released a statement that it was a foul. You have to let the player land on the ground on a jumpshot. It’s different if he is running forward into the defender or something like that, but on a jumper, particularly a fadeaway, you have no excuse for taking up the space he is going to land in. It’s a foul. Go outside, try to jump more than 6 inches off the ground and have someone walk underneath you as you do it. Or just actually play basketball; you’ll see why its a foul when you are screaming in the hospital.

  42. Stern H8r says:

    Hey Kobe, they don’t call fouls when, (1) you are taking the last shot to tie or win a game…have you not been paying attention for the last decade, and (2) when you don’t get fouled. You missed a clutch shot, it won’t be your last.

  43. Drew says:

    lol @brad, learn to use the correct forms of affect vs effect.

  44. jowellchua says:

    just like that one game wherein he fakes the elbow injury comeon after that injury he gets how many points? he just trying hard to be like Michael Jordan the difference Jordan doesn’t fake injury nor sickness. and thatkobe is nothing but a ball hog 11 out of 33 lol what a joke

  45. BaBing says:

    Oh the Drama!!! Let see…. Bryant plays Friday against Pacers. Hobbles around. Hogs the ball and shoots 20 for 63 and is the hero. A 500 team. Nobody cares! The spotlight should be on the best players and teams not these bottom of the heap losers.

  46. Bitdaddy says:

    I think it could have went both ways, but what about the incident in Denver where he TRIPPED Kobe? That WAS INTENTIONAL and thats I believe and probably others think it was a dirty play……

  47. jowellchua says:

    Kobe is just big ego that’s all, when the Lakers lose he blame gasol, Howard and everyone else on the team, he gets injured he blames thge other guy, most overrated ballhog player puts up what? 33 shots, Dwight gets how many shots? then they lose again and blame the other guy’ what a douchiebag.

  48. Laker Fan says:

    Kobe will be back. Messed up fingers, ankles, whatever. He’ll be back. It was a tough play to watch, but I don’t think it was a egregious foul if it was one at all. That being said, you cant expect Kobe not to be a little upset when he just got injured.
    Scanning through the comments there seems to be a few guys that just sit around all day waiting to pick fights. Bring your opinions sure, but leave your douchebaggery at the door man. “Crybaby lol” is not exactly an interesting opinion.


    All you LA fans need to put on your favorite track by Justin Timberlake and “Cry me a river.” This play happens in the NBA everyday yet on this occasion its being blown to proportion because of whom you ask, Kobe Bryant. I think its about time for Bryant to listen to his own advice… quit whining, put his big boy pants on and move on. Either put up or shut up.

  50. BBall Guru says:

    @KobeBryant is, was, and will always be the greatest player in NBA history.

    The Black Mamba changed the game for good, for ever.

  51. RAPTORSFAN2013 says:

    BTW ppl, the Lakers making the playoffs should not be something to cheer about lol, this should have been an automatic accomplishment. Everything is considered a bust unless they win a championship with these players…… getting to the western conference finals or nba finals would be looked at as ok but it’s really ring or bust….. The fact that ppl are going wild because they may slide into the 8th spot is ridiculous lol this is a team that was put together to go on a 20 game win streak.

    Even if they do make the playoffs how long will they last???
    They will not beat the Spurs, OKC, Memphis, Clippers, Denver, or a healthy Golden State team in a 7 game series.
    This team should’ve had Miami type status right now, or atleast been going for top 3 in the west with spurs and okc. Sadly the Kobe era is coming to an end, and IF Howard re-signs LOL goodluck with Howard as your main superstar, you saw how well that worked in Orlando….. in the East… Laker fans just gotta have something to talk about all the time, it’s probably time for them to just hush up and play because you don’t want to be they top story of the league everyday when the games are done and can finally be called out for being a true bust.

    PS. the Raptors would love to give you A. Bargnani for a few of the Laker girls, you would then officially have the softest front court in the league lol…. Superwoman and Spaghetti legs can giggle and cry themselves to sleep on roadtrips

  52. theflowson says:

    laker fanboys need to get over themselves, if this happened to anybody else who isn’t kobe or a superstar in this league I guarantee nobody would care. they are just mad it happened to their idol and god that they worship.

    Was it a dangerous play? yes, should jones have taken that last step? no, was it intentional, no, was it a dirty play? I’m leaning towards not really.

    Consider the context. Its in the heat of the moment, a couple of seconds on the game clock, you are guarding arguably the best player in the league in Kobe. You are trying to play the best defense you can, sometimes in these situations you aren’t really thinking about these type of things, you are thinking about how to stop Kobe and play the best defense you can.

    It was inadvertent, **** happens, although not the way we would like it to, it was a freak accident, get over it. And lol @ these people crying for suspensions, it is just ridiculous.

  53. BullyBullier says:

    Why is this guy still in the league when so many competent basketball players can’t get a shot?
    Only Duke players get to hide-out on NBA rosters well after it’s obvious they stink. smdh

    Does anyone remember Jones scoring in his career? I’m sure there are better players, either overseas, or not playing, who SHOULD have that spot! But we are stuck watching this Goon/Henchman hack Ball players?

  54. Diamond says:

    Not trying to hate but Kobe deserves it. Lakers only depended on Kobe; Now lets see how they will function without him.

  55. RAPTORSFAN2013 says:

    Yes with a fade away shot your legs would be in front on you, but you still come down with good balance, these guys are elite athletes lol. The difference in this play is it was not even a real fade away, or atleast a pretty weak one by Kobe standards. Even though his legs should be in front of him through the fade, there is no reason for that one leg to slowly raise and kick out towards the defender. Lets just face the facts, if Jones was dirty on defense, you cannot say that Kobe did not kick his leg out trying for contact. Both players did what they did and this is the result, it happens. Guess what, now Kobe can go relax with his family and go spend a few million on breakfast if he wants lol so in the end, nobody should feel bad or blame anybody. In sports there are risks and they get paid very well to play so nobody should be getting this uptight about it, he will be back in a few games anyways if not less.

  56. Nothing Wrong? Really? says:

    I really doubt if the people saying there is nothing wrong with sliding underneath a jumpshooter really ever played intense basketball. If you did, you would definitely know how serious, dirty and dangerous that defense is to a jumpshooter. I guess you guys really need to suffer yourselves to really see the truth.

  57. Chris says:

    There are quite a few ignorant comments. The fact is however, running under a shooter is a very dangerous thing when they’re airborne taking a shot.

    I invite all of you to watch these 2 videos depicting the “Jalen Rose” incident Kobe was refering to and what Jalen has to say about it now: (Jalen talking about the incident) (The injury when it happened)

    Don’t be so naiive. If Rose says it himself, and this way prior to Kobe’s most recent injury, it’s the n1 unwritten rule to not run under a shooter when he’s taking a jump shot, then it must mean something. It’s dangerous and simply an unacceptable maneuver that should not be done.

    • Chris says:

      And nobody’s saying anything about not contesting the shot. You can contest the shot in a responsible manner while staying aware of where your feet are. Being sloppy about it is a serious matter and can cause injuries. No need for that.

  58. HAmerberty says:

    Kobe would miss that shot anyway, but that is clearly a foul. I’m a dirty player myself, and when I used to do something like that before. I can tell you it’s intentional.

  59. JLH says:

    I don’t think Jones intentionally injured Bryant after watching the clip…but that was certainly dangerous for the shooter. Seems like the old Bruce Bowen is back again lol

  60. Pope Francis says:

    You can see from camera view from half court that Jones stretches to get his right leg under Kobe for no reason other that to have Kobe land on his foot. This was done on purpose.

  61. Jimmy Buckets says:

    I don’t think people realize he did not hurt himself from the landing…it was the FLOP!!!1 IRONY!!!!!!

  62. LOLLLLLLL says:

    Kobe just can’t accept the fact that they lost in this game. he shud just kick dhntay in the face using 1 legged fade away 🙂

  63. Nick Pearce says:

    An old Brit here. – We like fairness this side of the pond.
    Sorry Kobe, old son – you’re an undeniable great, but that was not anything untoward by the defender!

  64. Ron Artest Peace says:

    It’s time for Dwight to step up or else they will lose that 8th spot. This could also be one of those moments he could prove to lead the team. As Kobe heals, Dwight rises to the occasion with Nash,

  65. jgsbirds says:

    who really cares??? dirty or not which i don’t believe it was dirty at all. the game was on the line-the best finisher in the world is trying to beat you with a final shot-you defend it the best way you can-he missed the shot-no foul was called cause there wasn’t a foul.

    the story here is the hawks beat the “great” laker team without 3 of their 5 starters. no mention of this anywhere!!!! all the talk is about kobe, kobe, kobe. cry me a river kobe. i hate to hear guys like him, lbj, wade, bird, magic, and above all jordan ever cry about foul calls. get over it–you’ve gotten sooooooo many calls it’s freaking pathetic! it wasn’t even a foul and you are calling it dirty??

    last week when the hawks beat you in LA–kobe traveld (took 4 steps on the game-winning jumpshot) and not a word was said on espn…it was just another great shot by kkkkkkkoooooooobbbbbbbeeeee. wha-wha-wha!!!! i love it!!!!!

  66. Jay says:

    If you’ll take a look at international ruling by FIBA (which should be adopted by the NBA) if a player, either intentional or unintentionally place a foot underneath a jumpshooter’s landing area, it would be called a FLAGRANT 2 and would be subjected for fine. I get the point of a player trying to contest the shot, but in this game where every game is crucial and health of the whole team is the only weapon a franchise have against the grueling season, that ain’t right, there are lots of dirty placers be it in the NBA, EUROPA League, and ASIAN leagues who do this obviously on purpose. Being apologetic about the incident doesn’t make it all better for the player who got hurt ain’t it?? — by the way I’m a Heat fan, just weighing in on the matter. .

  67. DWM says:

    You guys all need to relax. Kobe is so dramatic. He loves the attention and he will miraculously be back by Friday and everyone will say Wow!! What a warrior!!!!!!!!

    He’s fine people. Just fine.

  68. Tom says:

    You are supposed to play hard for 82 games a season. Don’t blame it on Jones, the Lakers are supposed to have a cushion right now.

  69. joe nba says:

    The question I have outside of the fact that when Kobe went into the air for his fade away jump shot and it was then followed by a jump contest move is, why does Kobe land on the ground after the contender who went into the air after him. Kobe should have touch the ground first, and not the other guy. My next question is to Sekou Smith, do you always write negative about Kobe and somehow in the article mention and boost about Lebron. I notice that Kobe’s chin does not crush his chest and that he is a tall man; is that ok with you.

  70. ToTheGame says:

    Lakers can’t shoot..

    Jones was so lame and lazy (on the particular scenario)… but the foul was not intended…

  71. dr love says:


    March 14, 2013 at 7:43 am you must be a low life partial educated

  72. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    #vino shoots 11/33 not throws and still blames Jones for a play that happens 100x a week in the nba

  73. David Baisa says:

    For the people who say that its kobes fault for kicking his leg out……..It’s a fade away shot….What is your legs supposed to be behind your upper body? LOLOL anyway Jones clearly took one more big step,and if you watch closely you can see him thrust his hips to make his leg go further under kobe.

  74. Herr says:

    Fact of the night: The NBA is rigged. The Lakers’ season isn’t over. Stern can’t afford to have them miss the playoffs when 70% of the NBA’s fanbase are bandwagon Laker fans that know nothing of the game. Read above comments and you’ll see that I’m right about Laker fans.

  75. Jon2k13 says:

    I would have done the samething people forget that the hawks are playing to be in the playoffs one the east from the 6 seed and down is close as hell hey think of it like this this is the reason you got Howard and nash they should more than sufice to help lakers atleast make the 7th seed

  76. W/E says:

    Kobe Bryant played like his good old 11-33 FG 5 turnovers non efficient hero mode wannabe self. I really like it to tell the truth he is exciting to watch but the lakers might be a better team as a whole without him.

  77. Ohreally!? says:

    What a lame excuse for them not making the playoffs. They threw away a winnable game. Kobe just took an earlier vacation instead of going fishing in april.

  78. KOBE tweaked says:

    in the PBA, that play could had been called a flagrant foul. defensive players are penalized for walking through the shooters landing area. i think that should also apply there.

  79. Tomcat says:

    Anybody and everybody who plays basketball KNOWS that was a dirty play. Dauntay Jones didn’t jump AND he was beat so its GREAT defense? When a defender has BOTH hands up and continues walking towards and UNDER the shooter. The ball left Kobes hands why is Dauntay still walking under him? Defenders are very conscious when playing defense and Dauntay knew what he was doing..

  80. Tomcat says:

    @ dattebayo Last season Kobe ran into Rubio and got the block call, even though it was a clear charge. Rubio tore his ACL, which effectively ended the Wolves season and yet there were no comments from Wolves fans to fine Kobe and nobody was crying out for Stern to take action.

    So Kobe charged at Rubio and he tore his ACL? When has that happened? I was at that timberwolves game. Ricky Rubio tore his ACL when he planted his foot as he tried to trap and landed awkwardly and THEN the foul happened. Watch the video dattebayo.

  81. Oh plezzz, this guy is faking his injury becuz he knows the truth which is the La La land aint making it to the playoff period, so he came up with an excuse.. Prima Drama Faker fans..

  82. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Damn Kobe needs to STFU and stop crying like a baby, because Jones did not do anything wrong, it was a really regular defense that we see all the time!!!! Kobe can’t just accept the fact that it was all about bad luck, just about tripping on Jones’ foot unluckily???

    Anyway outside of that, I wish him good health and fast recovery.

  83. Terrell says:

    Man you guys are hillarious. The man clearly undercut Kobe on purpose. If you watch the play again, you’ll see Jones look down and take an extra unnecessary step to get under Kobe. Do I think that his intention was to injure him? No I don’t. Do I think he really cares if he injured Kobe or not? No I don’t. Is he a dirty player? His history says yes. Dahntay Jones, Raja Bell and Dwayne Wade all have a history of “unnecessary” actions towards Kobe. As they say, actions speak louder than words. I guess either their jealous of him, or they’re tired of him torching their team for 30, 40, 50 points over the last 10-15 seasons. It’s documented all throughout sports history though. The best players in leagues or teams are always subjects of player bounties and “Stop him at all cost” instructions. Lebron James won’t be far behind Kobe for that, mark my words. Do you guys remember what the Spurs did to Steve Nash in the western conference finals about 7 or 8 years ago? Or what happened to Tony Parker’s eye this season? Or what the Saints did to Brett Favre and Michael Vick?

  84. Kikz says:

    Dirty Jones don’t even contest the shot and keep moving under #Kobe even after the ball was released. It was a clear dirty play and a foul.

  85. RAPTORSFAN2013 says:

    What’s next? No pump fakes because the guy might land wrong? The fouls called in this league are trash half the time, play the game and stop whining, Come on Kobe, you are turning this into a controversy because you started barking at players for not playing through pain and don’t want it turned on you, so you want to make Jones the bad guy and you the victim. Don’t kick your legs out looking for contact if you dont want a player to get into your space. Simple as that.

  86. RAPTORSFAN2013 says:

    That so called fade jumper was really Kobe just throwing his legs out there trying to get contact and get the call, D-Wade does is all the time too. This is known as a cheap cheap play. I don’t see it as him walking into Kobe but as Kobe throwing his legs out to get separation and contact. If he did not land on his foot, nothing would have been said at all.

  87. Hey guys, I watched the video closely … like 50 times …
    and I really thought it was a a FLAGRANT 2 foul on KOBE.

    I suggest a fine and suspension !!



  88. TTKIN says:

    I’d still say the Lakers have a better fatigue excuse simply cuz their a team full of old timers.

  89. navy83 says:

    I dont like kobe. Never will. This play is just dirty. Contest the shot yes. That fact that he kept his momentum going after he contested the shot is just dirty. Every athlete know that when a player goes up in the air, the slightest push once he’s up can be dangerous.

  90. Thomas Perkins says:

    Cheap shots are not what we seek for NBA and other sports in general. Dahanty Jones knew that he took a chance when he walked under Kobe and hoping that Kobe would land his foot onto his foot beneath him. They play basketball for years and years. They knew how to injure others in certain ways and more importantly, how they choose to or not to depending on their integrity of the game itself.

    Fine and suspend Dahanty Jones $10,000 and one game suspension would do good for NBA.

  91. bodjee says:

    I don’t care if the shooter name is Kobe or Dahntay, you cannot just walk under a jump shooter to deny him a landing spot (especially if someone has jumped straight up like in the case with Bryant on the that particular play) and right away starts giving high 5s to team-mates to celebrate your achievement. Nobody does that at the school yard or the YMCA! I think the NBA should do something to make sure that this kind of ignorance is not repeated in the future.

  92. dattebayo says:

    This is why you can’t have a rational discussion with most Laker fans. Last season, a lot of Laker faithful claimed James Harden was to blame for Artests elbow, because he provoked him, walked up in his space or whatever. And now there is a flood of comments saying how dirty Jones is for trying to defend Kobe Bryant and stepping under him on one play.

    Last season Kobe ran into Rubio and got the block call, even though it was a clear charge. Rubio tore his ACL, which effectively ended the Wolves season and yet there were no comments from Wolves fans to fine Kobe and nobody was crying out for Stern to take action.

    Injuries happen, grow up and get over it!

  93. Billy says:

    Sort of puts this in perspective:

  94. Francisco says:

    Lakers were that bad this year because of kobe and now they will have no time to adjust their offense using howard and nash, that WILL BE AN EXCUSE TO SAY KOBE WAS AN MVP.11 OUT OF 33, THE GUY IS NOT AN SMART PLAYER, AND NOT A CLOSER PERIOD.

  95. Jorge says:

    First, disclaimer, I am not a Lakers fan. I have seen Kobe and his Lakers play these last couple of weeks hoping their opponents will beat them. This much said, I have been impressed with Mr. Bryant’s level of game, it has been a thrill to see him play as if it was no big deal to do what he is pulling out. There are a few things that hopefully will come out of this injury. First, maybe he will revisit the words he uttered when his team-mate was sidelined with injury and Mr. Bryant was telling the press that he should just play through the pain as he would, he will find that sometimes, will to play alone does not offset an actual injury. Second, hopefully the Lakers will find an identity as a team separate from Mr. Bryant, they have a great roster at the moment, and while Kobe can perform miracles, the Lakers need to prove themselves able to play basketball with the future hall of famer in the bench. If the Lakers make the play-offs this time, I won’t be surprised if they manage to make it deep since they would have had to discover how to play basketball as a team, not as a supporting cast to a star.

    For the benefit of basketball, I hope Mr. Bryant recovers, focuses on healing and supporting his team in any way he can right now and that the Lakers learn how to play team basketball. If all this happens, the western playoffs will be all the better.

  96. Mm says:

    What if kobe got the shot and count? WOULD HE complained? or he complained bcoz he didn’t tied the game, as he usually does! FRUSTRATION bcoz Laakers can’t afford to loose.. Because their are behind in standing.

  97. swatguy says:

    Kobe might need to put his big boy pants on, wrap that ankle and stop crying about the good defense.

  98. markymark says:

    What’s the purpose of that video showing Kobe’s techs/flagrants? Certainly a kobe hater! For what reason huh? He got suspened/fined/etc. because of that. That’s just fair coz he really blew his top on those instances. I’m a Kobe fan and I think he deserved to be punished for what he did. But we’re talking about the integrity of the game here, the rules of the game.
    Dnhtay not being called for a flagrant is absurd. THAT’S THE ISSUE HERE KOBE HATER.

  99. the real king james says:

    watch out for the mavs baby

  100. NBA says:

    common, in the 80’s-90’s the detroit “bad boys” pistons do more damage to players then. but i never see a player complains that what theyre doing is dangerous. its basketball! it’s physical type of game. and i think that kobe is just frustrated about that play. that what kobe lacks to become the greatest, PROFESSIONALISM in sports!

  101. Dan says:

    Pathetic how people who agree with Kobe get chalked up to being Laker-fans and thus have their opinions rendered useless by certain people on this blog. Whether or not you think Jones fouled Kobe on the play, Bryant makes a valid argument on player safety and it’s an issue I’d rather have the league address sooner than later.

  102. Dan says:

    Pathetic how everybody who agrees with Kobe is chalked up to being a Laker-fan and thus have their opinions rendered useless by certain people on this blog. Whether or not you think Jones fouled Kobe before he landed, Bryant makes a valid argument in terms of player safety and it’s an issue I’d rather have the league address sooner than later.

  103. hojikojix says:

    Kobe will play next game. #Faker

  104. Pokie says:

    What in the name of Bobby Jones is everybody crying about? Traditionally players are only protected vertically. More latitude has always been awarded to the defender when an offensive player jumps into or away from contact. It was a clean play. For my money there are not enough players like Dahntay Jones in the league as it is. Let’s not regulate the rest of them out of existence.

  105. willie says:

    alright, just kidding, lakers fans…. he was clearly fouled. he has to live with the ref’s decision though

  106. willie says:

    kobe’s pride and ego got hurt more since he missed the game-tying shot,and as seldom as it is, he choked, more than he hurt his ankle. hehehe…

    • Jubes says:

      That is how you defend kobe, to chase him on his fadeaway, just ask DWade, he knows how Kobe moves and DWade is successful most of the time, just unfortunate that he sprained his ankle, it can happen to anybody specialy if ur playing back to back games cos ur body is not fully rested and you are prone to injuries.

  107. Joseph says:

    …nobody get calls at the end of the game…even you Kobe. The real truth hurts..

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      never hated kobe as much as I do now after seeing these clips.
      #overrated #ballhog #dirtyplayer

  108. markymark says:

    (lakers vs hawks)
    Why did the refs not call a foul on Jones? That should be a flagrant 1. FTs + ball possession. Then, fine the player 100 grand or more. Or I think the rule should be changed regarding stepping into the landing spot ot a jump shooter, make it flagrant 2 coz that’s really dangerous situation for any jump shooter.

  109. markymark says:

    After watching the video above, what can you say about Jones saying that he would NEVER try to hurt Kobe?

  110. Yan says:

    WTF thats a dirty play.. he is still moving towards kobe so he collide a little bit with kobe and he landed akwardly.

  111. jtascensao says:

    Fans will be fans.

    Now Jones is to blame for poor sportsmanship but what about when Kobe destroyed Rubio’s knee while trying to force a blocking foul just a few seconds before the end of the 4th quarter?

    Ball will be ball and nobidy likes to lose.

  112. Georges says:

    I’ve played basketball for several years when I was younger, I understand what kobe is talking about. I dont think that’s what Dahntay Jones intended on that play tho. Kobe was fading back and to contest that properly, you have to fade in with him too. I’ve seen shooters go str8 up for a shot and a defender walks right under them without even putting a hand up – now thats foul! But in this play, not the case. Either way, Kobe is a beast and he’ll probably still play.

  113. Czeran Kezdi Mihaly says:

    Just for the record, I am not a Kobe fan, but still, it reminds me of Bruce Bowen and his dirty defensive tricks. And players like Jones and others who do dirty stuff like this should receive bans+financial repercussions for their actions. And IMHO he wanted to injure him, NO WAY was he contesting the shot. Not in a million years.

    Get well soon Kobe! We need worthy adversaries, not the likes of Jones may June come.
    Go Celts!

  114. hojikojix says:

    Once again, Kobe exaggerates an injury in order to divert attention from the pressing topic. In this case, the fact that he chocked this game not only in the last shot, but throughout. I’d feel like I’m being too harsh, but this is Kobe’s MO. Exaggerate injuries, and act like he is a “tough guy.” This is probably just another attempt to rub Dwight’s face in it. I am 99% certain that he will play the next game. The 1% merely accounts for diarrhea.

  115. Rondofan says:

    Get well soon Kobe.

  116. SAS says:

    lol @ lakers fans…more whining please

  117. Ice says:

    Kobe Bryant all the way!!!!

  118. The Truth says:


  119. AckWrite says:

    I also don’t think the Lakers are going to win it all this year rastaman, but their are my favorite team. =D

  120. AckWrite says:

    Just my tidbits from seeing the play around 2:45 of the first vid, It looks like Kobe faded away and pretty much already released the ball. From there it looks like Jones froze a sec before the fade then he watched Kobe shoot while running into him I mean he also may have even fouled the guy and to top all that off I know it is a foul if you make contact before the player lands from their shooting motion so I have to say I think that was a missed call. I’m not saying Jones is a dirty player it could’ve even been an honest mistake in the heat of the moment but it was still most likely a foul.

  121. Fundamentalist says:

    Dahntay Jones is not capable of guarding Kobe. Taking that option is his ultimate play. It’s obvious! What makes it worst is the no call ;(…. Com’on investigate it and let the culprit pay.

  122. scott says:

    if the ball went in and the lakers won would i be different?

    i doubt he would be complaining that much

    Nash was open for 3, like Phil said to Jordan “who is open?”

  123. joe says:

    For me, it´s clear foul. As a defender, you have to jump vertical, not jump on the shooter. What did Jones expect by not jumping vertical but jumping towards Bryant just with his feet?
    But in the end, it´s the same, foul or not, Bryant is injured.
    You can blame the rest of the team and Howard for not fighting as much as Bryant in every game, pushing him to take every important shot, to go to his limits.
    Just hoping Bryant will get back soon. He´s by far the MVP of the decade.

  124. spin says:

    Injuries happen all the time at this level. Now watching the shot again and again it is evident that the defender is not contesting any shot as his feet is on the ground at all times. He is just walking towards Kobe’s vertical axis making the injury more possible. I never liked the Lakers “attitude” ( left from the 80s), but i would give that call.

  125. rastaman says:

    this allows kobe to have some rest and give time for Nash and Howard to know more about each other…. then when playoffs starts… kobe is well rested, nash and howard are playing together better… then LAKERS 2012-2013 NBA CHAMPIONS…

  126. TheMayor says:

    Dahntay is really a dirty player but he always get away from doing that on Kobe.. I guess the commissioner need to review the video and penalized him or summoned the refs for not doing their job..

  127. chiebap says:

    jones has been doing to kobe for how many years… check this out and this one too he should be banned

  128. gian says:

    nows the time for lakers to see if not having kobe on the floor hogging the ball would make other players better!

  129. MVP says:

    maybe kobe should overthink the use of twitter..a very unprofessional way to call out refs..but after a 11/33 fgm/a performance you allways try to find the guilty in someone else i guess..and all this “kobe is the last warrior” nonsense..he’s the best payed current basketballplayer so hell yeah, he has to overcome a sprained ankle after a view days on this professional level..

  130. TheDave says:

    Really, it is called contesting a shot. It has happened this season without calls being made. It happens to Kobe and it HAS to be a foul.
    I remember last year when Kobe decided to create a moving screen and ruined Rubio’s season. No foul on that call either.
    Get over it Lakers fans, its part of playing a professional sport.

  131. DirtyJones says:

    Jones didn’t even jump to contest the shot… he intentionally slid under kobe who’s already out of bounds

    • Kikz says:

      Absolutely, agree. He just raised his arms high and keep moving under the shooting #Kobe. It was a dirty play. He don’t even jump.

  132. M1978 says:

    Damn, I play basketball all my life on amateur level. I’ve sprained my ancle many many times, sometimes severe, sometimes not. Had a couple of ligament ruptures, that’s the worst case, worse than a broken bone. With cuple of my old friends we call the movement of Jones the soccer player move. That’s because you play sometimes with guys who play soccer or handball and apply their techniques to basketball. The only – really big – problem is that this cause really bad injuries during basketball play and is considered as a hard foul and dangerous play. Couple of years ago my team was winning against a mixed team (both experienced and occasional basketball players). One of the occasional players did the same thing to me as Jones to Kobe. It was not intentional but it sidelined me for 2 months..

    Jones’s move might have been not intentional, but as a basketball player you don’t do this, even if you burn to win. This is basic knowledge. If I were the comissioner, I suspend Jones for 4-5 games to make an example. He has to learn not to play reckless.

  133. Pegasus says:

    trade kobe for STEVE NOVAK?????????? wahahahahaha oh my some people really do not, i repeat do not know anything about basketball, for god sake your comparing, oppppsss sorry you are saying novak is better than kobe wahahaha i cant stop laughing

  134. bryan1212 says:

    yeah, for how many years of kobe playing in the nba, even he is injured, he is still pushing himself to be the best player, but kobe is still human, kobe knows himself if he can play or not, but surely, if kobe will miss some games, but not as many games, he will be back soon as possible , 😀 go lakers

  135. Uaintdown says:

    Dirty Dahntay rears his ugly head once again. Kobe got Jalen Rose’d.

  136. gerorge says:

    always an excuse when kobe chokes. he never lets the defender land when he does a pump fake so why should a defender let the cheating fraud leand.

    he leans right into them which is an offensive foul or travel yet he gets freethrows. When he does this he is intentionally trying to injure the defender

  137. Wilson says:

    whining like a bitch

  138. ggg says:

    Now that kobe is out. lakers will probably start winning….

  139. DEALWITHIT says:

    That was a good non call. Other players get whacked worse than that and dont get a call. And he did kick his leg, so its just fair. Thats nobody’s fault, stop blaming Jones and deal with it. Btw, Kobe should be fined for publicly criticizing the ref. Others get fined, he should be too.

  140. Darko says:

    Dear Dirty Dahntay,

    Thank you for unintentionally ruining the game of basketball.

    P.S. – Please learn the rules of the game before you decide to take a stroll underneath a jump shooter.


    • Brian says:

      LMAO….What a ridiculous statement.

      • Kikz says:

        @Brian, you are a ridiculous person. Are you stupid? It was clearly a foul and that dirty jones just walk under the shooting #Kobe. The ball was already released and the dirty jones still go under him. It was a dirty play by jones.

      • Brian says:

        Obviously you’re the stupid one in this conversation, you have the dirtiest player in the league on your team(Artest aka MWP). This would have been a non factor had he made the shot. I guess it was Jones’s fault that Kobe shot 11 for 33 also…Quit whinning crybaby!

  141. Thomas says:

    What a joke! The referee has a clear vision of the play and he didn’t make the call. First that was a foul (and maybe an overtime and a victory… will see what happen if Lakers lose at the end the 8th seed for one game). Second that was a dangerous foul (not the first not the second time for a bulldog like D.Jones). I hope that referee don’t officiate again if Kobe is losing games. He must be suspend of salary also. In Europe this type of foul, put the legs between the legs of the shooter, when the defender put himself intentionally down the shooter and the shooter is thinking more in his foot landing than the shot, are not allowed, the players that do it has no respect from other players never mind the rivalries. We have respect for the game and the wealthy of the players. This is supposed to be the Nba not the park.

    PD: look another foul in playoff time of D.Jones, kicking with two hands the back of Kobe, another dangerous foul. The referees didn’t call flagrant… and when you leave this type of guys gain confidence that’s what happen. Jones must be ashamed, but also the referees of this league.

  142. Michael says:

    Those shoes were too low for ankle support …and then there was the faul, U cant walk into sbd!

  143. Nick says:

    idk about everyone else but the refs have really been making me angry the last couple months. this is just one example

    • jazZgirl says:

      I agree with you. There were several no calls and bad calls made during that game. I thought maybe I don’t know basketball as well as I thought I did when some obvious calls were missed.

  144. KR450 says:

    Definitely should have been a foul, so it’s a bad no-call. But on the other hand it’s Kobe, so I don’t really care.

  145. Eaglos says:

    Probably the best thing that happened this season.
    I prefer a sidelined Kobe than a trigger happy 11 of 33 Kobe.
    Let him rest for a while and see the real Nash taking control.

  146. Manu says:

    I think this is an opportunity for the rest of the Lakers stars to step up their game. If they wish to make some serious impact in the playoffs the rest of the team must stay more focused on defense. It´s been long since i´ve seen so many “were´s my guy?” faces on a Lakers team! Defense is key. I´m tired of seeing just epic Kobe.

  147. danilo says:

    definitely a technical foul if it happened in the pba.

  148. DANNY says:


  149. xSora says:

    Dahntay is a dirty player…Everyone remember when he was with Denver and he did like two dirty plays against Kobe? Flagrant 2 type plays mind you…Pushed Kobe in the back, and then when Kobe blew by him, he extended his right foot, tripping Kobe…

    He’s a dirty player, period…Plus that should have been called. You can’t go under the shooter…

  150. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    Love the way Howard got (what was it?) 39 FTA.

    Then, today against Atlanta (without Josh Smith and Jeff Teague), Howard is 0-3 from the FT line.

    Something doesn’t add up. Something doesn’t add up.

    Was this a surreptitious message?

    Orlando let the Lakers win World Championship in 2009?????

    Fixed??? Orlando was the real World Championship team in 2009???

  151. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    It’s karma that Bryant suffered a real injury — sprained ankle. I mean, never want to see anyone get hurt … but it was obvious to me that Bryant was “faking” that “elbow-stinger” injury. Now, Bryant gets a “real” injury.

    Hmmm. Karma. Crying wolf. Now, you pay and get a real injury.

    But, how can Bryant be out indefinitely??? Okay, he may need time to rest. D’antoni is playing him tons of minutes. But also, you know Bryant doesn’t want to be around when Indiana thumps the Lakers.

    If he plays against the Pacers, he can use the ankle-sprain as a scapegoat because he’s probably going to play poorly. Even if he hoists up over 30 shots, he’ll be incredibly inefficient.

    Thought I heard x-rays showed “negative” on the ankle-sprain. Bryant just doesn’t want to be around when Indiana destroys the Lakers.

  152. As a SPURS fan … I’m trying my very best here to stay fair and unbiased …

    But that really should have been an offensive foul on KOBE. Period.

  153. boon says:

    nah, they’ll be fine. kobe will be back the next game. the lakers and the nba just love being dramatic. it’s hollywood.

  154. BTeezy says:

    DIRTY!!! *@S#ING DIRTY PLAY! For all you guys that deny that, please shut your mouth and consider for a second if that was your team’s best player, or your favorite player – Lebron, Melo, KD, or yourself – then you wouldn’t be saying the same thing. You don’t have to like Kobe to know what’s a clean contest of a shot, or a dirty play. Another player who was infamous for dirty plays like that is Bruce Bowen!

    NBA needs fighting in the league, like hockey. I would have loved to clock Dhantay over the head for that play to my teammate. And not because of Kobe but any other player on any team, I would still do the same. Anyone that plays or played ball and have gone through the same thing knows exactly what I’m saying. So put the Kobe-hating on hold and look at the situation.

  155. jonski22 says:

    tough’s a winnable game…the Hawks doesn’t have Smith and Teague..and also Pachulia…and both pf them play last night….tough lost..something the Lakers cannot afford..losing to a winnable game,..

    as for the Kobe sprain ankle…Kobe is fine..he will play…and DJones clearly goes underneath him…

  156. Samir says:

    At first look at the video it seems like its just a contested shot. Then i realize what kobe is saying. Walking under a shooter is when a shooter gets into the area were the shooter is suppose to land. When you do that there is nowhere were the shooter can land and thus can lead to ankle sprains and maybe even ankle breaks. I get where Kobe is coming from…messed up.

  157. Edgar23 says:

    And jones one more thing if u want to defend a jumpshot try to jump not going underneath the player what a poor defender u are #thatsall

  158. Edgar23 says:

    Know what if u want to defend a fade away you should practice hard good defenders can defend fade away like LBJ tony allen wade and other players not blocking it or doing anything into a player but making him work jones need to know that u dont need to hurt somebody to be a good defender and remember when his on denver men he always want to hurt kobe

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      It was Bryant’s fault, too.

      That was a weak fadeaway. I thought the general purpose of the fadeaway jumpshot was to “fade away” from the defender. He must’ve been extremely tired and couldn’t get much lift at the end there.

      You realize Jones may have reacted expecting Bryant was going to fade back much farther than he did. Consequently, Jones inadvertently got too close to Bryant’s air space. No way he wanted to get that close to Bryant and risk fouling him, with his team only up 2 points.

      I’m still waiting for Kobe Bryant’s apology for injuring Ricky Rubio last season.


    • Brian says:

      Crybaby cry lol


    well, the lakers are now irrelevant. with kobe side lined for an indefinite amount of time, we now get to see an early preview of the man chosen to inherit this team once kobe retires.

  160. Lawrence Wong says:

    On the other hand, I don’t see any team play of Lakers in the last 5 minutes, Coach is right, somebody has to step up and not sure Kobe is asked to shoot it all or it was his own decision even in this poor shooting night.

  161. Beavis says:

    The shooter has a right to land. Definitely a missed call, definitely a dangerous play, but i’m not convinced it was intentional.

  162. ryan says:

    The ball has already left KBs hands so why go under him? dirty player!

    • June says:

      Well… You pick… Challenge Kobe and have your team have a fighting chance or stand there and do nothing and lose? Dahntay just did his job. He just happened to get under him… Deal with it… This game is in the wraps and I hope the Lakers have something in their sleeves because with Kobe out for like 2-4 weeks, they’ll have their work cut for them real time…

      • Who Cares says:

        Every time Koke gets hurt someone becomes a dirty player!

      • Just this once says:

        June, watch some tapes man, there are ways to challenge the shoot and make kobe out of his form. Walking underneath after the ball was in the air IS A DIRTY PLAY.

  163. basketball for life says:

    You guys really think kobe is gonna sit because of a sprained ankle . They’re in the most crucial part of the season as the hold on to the 8th spot and no one knows that more than kobe himself. He has played through far worse, anyone saying he will sit must not watch a lot of lakers basketball. BTW “indefinitely” doesn’t mean he is out, it just means they haven’t decided to say whether or not he will play…you know he is gonna play, we’re talking about kobe bean bryant here!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I surmise that Kobe Bryant is using this ankle-sprain as an excuse because he doesn’t want to be around when Indiana (their next opponent?) crushes the injury-ridden Lakers.

      Maybe he’ll come back after the Pacer game. Hehe.

  164. sports fan says:

    Dahntay Jones didn’t intentionally put his foot there for Koke to land on it & he wasn’t reckless about it either. This is a professional game that moves at a fast pace. If you’re defending a player & you see him doing a fade away jumper then your instinct is to go towards the ball to try to block it. The replay shows it was definitely a freak accident. For anyone to think that Dahntay ruined the Lakers season is ridiculous. The Lakers are to blame for where they’re at in the standings. If anything D’Antoni is probably happy. Now Nash can do what he was hired to do & Howard will get more touches as a result of that. I’d be ironic to see Howard in an interview saying that Kobe has to play through the pain.

    • alo says:

      If he was going towards the ball his upper body should be infront of his lower body cause he is lunging forward, so his leg shouldn’t be under the shooters leg. He didn’t do it intentionally cause he is so accustomed to pulling dirty plays like that it’s become a habit.

  165. RickJ says:

    This is a terrible tragedy for Kobe and the team. It may be true that Jones didn’t intentionally walk under him, but Kobe’s frustration is understandable….. Especially after it happening years ago with Jalen Rose, who later admitted he did it on purpose.

    It is a foul in the rule book. The jump shot is not over until the shooter lands. Kobe clearly landed further from the hoop than when he jumped and his landing clearly wasn’t clean….Foul….Period.

    Just sad

    • June says:

      Now this is more reasonable post. I believe Kobe said it just out of fear it was happening all over again.

  166. Lebron's Headband says:

    Anyone blaming Kobe for kicking his legs out need to have their brains examined. It’s called a fade away and/or fall away jumper. Dahntay Jones is just a straight up dirty player, even Bruce Bowen says he is, coming from one dirty player to another.

    • June says:

      Yet Bruce has a ring for doing those dirty things he needed to do… So… Deal with it… I want to see how the Lakers will do without Kobe…

  167. Chris says:

    Kobe is one of the last players left with the old school play through it no matter what type of mind set. I never really liked Kobe during his prime, I knew he was a great player but until recently I never appreciated his Heart for the game. When I saw him carrying the Lakers in the first round last year after spending a night vomiting in his hotel room, and how he struggled to fight the Thunder while the rest of the team just stood there and watched I wanted nothing more than to see him get that sixth ring. Rest of the Lakers need to step it up, Kobe will play with darn near a broken leg so if he’s sitting out in pain you know damn well it’s serious.

    Here’s hoping Pau returns like his old 2008-2010 self, and Dwight does more than rebound.. I mean jell if we wanted a center that could rebound but not score we could’ve picked up Omer Asik for less money <_<; Hope the Lakers make some patient off season moves next year instead of going for an instant championship team with old yet seasoned players. It'd be nice to pick up someone like John Wall at PG so Nash doesn't have to play 40mins, he's too old to be running around that much, or a good young small forward like Gordon Hayward. Build slow and develop, Kobe won't be around much longer and throwing money around for insta-championship isn't going to cut it.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      That first round last year was a joke. IMHO, Bryant was just trying to “be like Mike.” He wasn’t really sick. He was trying to copy what Michael Jordan did (except Jordan was really sick with the flu).

    • boon says:

      but isn’t “picking up someone like john wall” “throwing money around for insta-championship” too?

      • Chris says:

        Wall is still a young player in development who hasn’t quite reached his ceiling yet. I’m talking about grabbing superstars like Howard and an aging one like Nash in the off season. Problem with that being Dwight had a VERY serious injury, can we depend on his body to stay healthy? That wouldn’t be too much to worry about if we didn’t have a Power Forward with Knee problems, hadn’t recruited a Point Guard too old to be playing the minutes he’s putting in every night and Kobe wasn’t closer to retirement than his rookie year.

        I see picking up someone like Wall as a more long-term investment into creating a new dynasty. Even if Howard stays he’s going to need talent to surround himself with that will last more than a year or two.

  168. jazZgirl says:

    I hate to see that happen to any player, and especially to Kobe. I hope that he will get the attention he will need to have a speedy recovery. A little rest is not a bad idea either. The other guys will have to step up and earn all of that money they make. Go Lakers Go!!!

    • Chris says:

      really hoping Pau can step it up when he gets back. Says it should be a week from now, but than again they said Derrick Rose and Andrew Bynum would be playing last month <_<;

  169. Waskito says:

    C’mon don’t be cry babies. Lakers is larger than Kobe. Look at bulls they are doing ok without drose

    • Kobe>Mj says:

      You say that after they just lost by 40 points to the kings…lol

      • June says:

        Still doing it without D.Rose though… Yes they lost to the Kings by 40 but look at their track record… They’re still IN the playoffs… That should’ve been enough to say they’re doing better than the Lakers without their star player…

  170. pizzad says:

    anyone who plays basketball knows that as a defender you should never put your feet underneath the shooter in any circumstance. it may not have been intentional, but at the least, it was reckless and should be penalized. dahntay jones ruined the lakers season.

    • royd24 says:

      that should have been a foul.. a bad no call this season

    • June says:

      So next time Dahntay and the Hawks see Kobe do the fade away, they should just look at him, at the shot and look like frozen idiots and forget about guarding the shot.

      Momentum sir… Momentum… Dahntay came way away from kobe to challenge the shot… Alot of players do fade aways and have their defenders foot under their landing zone… Some get injured, some gets away with the sideling experience… Like how people say… Deal with it…

  171. joe nba says:

    he did not jump straight up to contest, he walked in under after the shoot was released, and it was over his head, while looking towards the rim and to trying to cover up his foul played sneak under slip move; otherwise he would have fell into him in the air and Kobe would have adjusted to the boby on him during the shot and come down from the air with awaress of further contact by the opponent player.

    • June says:

      You do realize there is momentum involved right? You don’t stop ASAP when you’re moving. Dahntay may have walked in but if he came in a different direction, he’s keep on walking that way just to challenge the shot. Dahntay just happens to be walking towards Kobe to challenge the shot.

    • Brian says:

      Dwight is even rubbing off on the fans now….All I hear is a bunch of crybabies

  172. Steve Novak says:

    Trade Kobe for Steve Novak. Period.

  173. ryan says:

    STupid refs didnt make the call.. it was a clear foul..The refs and Jones may have cost the Lakers their Playoff hopes. Dahntay should be suspended for not knowing the basics of defensive safety, never to go under a jumpshooter.. Not intentional your face Dahntay

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Looked unintentional to me. If Bryant is going to shoot a weak little fadeaway at the end of a game … the refs might not bail you out … and Dahntay Jones played good defense.

      It’s not Jones’ fault Bryant has poor footwork and landed on Jones’ foot. Give me a break! 😀

      Plus, after the contest, notice that Jones immediately looked at the basket to see if the shot went in. Excellent defense.

      I recall the same thing happened to Carmelo Anthony in the 2012 Olympics; I recall the same thing happened to Russell Westbrook recently. Notice how they didn’t cry and whine about it like Bryant did.

    • June says:

      Wow… So you’re saying if someone is shooting the way Kobe did, you’d just stand there and look like an idiot but if Kobe does it, it’s ok? Kinda weird for me sir… I believe Dahntay just want to challenge the shot, He didn’t intend to injure Kobe.

    • Brian says:

      Cry me a river lol

  174. joenbatoday says:

    he did not jump straight up to contest, he walked in under after the shoot was released, and it was over his head, while looking towards the rim and to trying to cover up his foul played sneak under slip move; otherwise he would have fell into him in the air and Kobe would have adjusted to the boby on him during the shot and come down from the air with awaress of further contact by the opponent player.

    • Brian says:

      Get over it, it’s part of the game. Stuff like this happens daily in the NBA but just because it happened to be Kobe everyone wearing purple and gold seems to have a problem….stop crying and GET OVER YOURSELF!

      • sally says:

        Thank you Brian, you are absolutely right, they are always whinning. They are saying “indefinitely” just to stir everybody up, you watch, Kobe will be back on the court probably after missing a couple of games. That way they can say what a work horse he is for playing hurt…..please, give me a break. If he were REALLY hurt believe me, he would not be out there. It’s a good thing they are in Hollywood because he is the biggest actor of all. Wow !!

  175. not a hater says:

    it could have been called an offensive foul since he kicked out his right leg to create the contact

    • WOW says:

      He didnt kick his leg out…its called a fade away genius…some peoples answers….SMH

    • OhShxt says:

      Thats not an offensive foul. As the ball handler your allowed to make certain contact as long as its not a charge. Learn your calls

      • Hm says:

        Too bad Kobe’s frequent use of the elbow doesn’t seem to be legal.

      • BasketCase says:

        Wrong. Rule change this season, you can no longer kick your leg out on a jumper to create contact, if you do its called offensive. Changed it the same time as they took away KD’s rip move. Look it up if you dont believe me, I haven’t seen the play, so dont know if Kobe did it in this case, but yeah. New Rule

      • Costa says:

        Wrong again bro.Your feet are allowed to be in the place you jump from.And since in a fade away u jump backward and ur feet stay in the place u jump from its not a foul.If he gets his legs left or right u get called.

  176. Alex says:

    With Kobe out, Dwight and Nash and company are going to thrive. Kobe’s been carrying the load and having the ball in his hands too much so in this stretch of games with Kobe out, expect the Lakers to sync and play team ball and carry this team to the playoffs. I still believe they can get there, probably even 7th or even 6th seed.

    • WOW says:

      I hope you’re right because if not the Lakers are screwed

      • June says:

        That’s the problem… I’ve seen in the past four games they’ve won, they’ve relied so much on Kobe… It will now depend on how well, in the past four games, their chemistry has revolved in. I’ve been a Mavs fan and with the Mavs behind the Lakers in the standings sheet, I see this as an opportunity for the Mavs to gain ahead…

      • artifex says:

        At last it is some ex-Mav spoiling the Lakers after Odum and Fisher (ex-Laker) quit on the Mavs…
        But still, though I’d be happy with the Lakers not making the playoffs I feel really bad for Kobe.
        He is such a fighter and it is brutal if you get out through injury. Seems, it takes all the best this season (Rose from last season, Rondo, Kobe, KLove, Dirk earlier)…
        Maybe some shortened (on games) – but also stretched season would reduce the risks for players?

      • Patty says:

        YOU ARE RIGHT!

    • Brian says:

      Doesn’t matter, they will never make it past the first round even if they do happen to make the playoffs.

      • Peter says:

        It depends on the matchup. Spurs or Grizzlies 4-2 or 4-3 no problem, OKC is another story.

  177. IanK says:

    Lebron may be the best player in the league today, but Kobe is the most valuable player to his team.

    The Lakers are done unless Kobe comes back soon. They probably have 20 games remaining.

    • June says:

      If his injury is that severe, I’m seeing his sideline along the same time as much as how Parker’s injury is (which is everyone can recall, is also a sprained ankle injury) which is 3-4 weeks… Well… If Kobe can rest a bit, it’ll take 2-3 weeks… Sprains are nasty injuries and I’ve been hounded by them

    • sally wise says:

      how could it be the worst injury of his career (says Kobe) if he got up and wanted to come back out on the floor and then walked (normally) back to the locker room. All it is, is an excuse for him to give when he can’t get into the playoffs as he garanteed they would to everybody. He saw the loss coming with the hawks and all these games on the road (they do not play well at all on the road) they have to go through and he knows their not going to make it, and from what I could see Dahntay did not touch him, he just fell down trying to get the foul. His foot did come down on Dahntay’s but it did not turn all that much, I have seen a lot worse rolled ankles, believe me. He is such an actor how could you ever believe anything he says. They don’t need him anyway.

      • Lakersfan4ever says:

        Another Kobe hater, that’s so patetic, the reason DIRTY Jones did that is because that lose will hurt them even more for a playoffs spot, they just wanted get Kobe out. and Kobe will come back sooner than everyone spect and watch that the Lakers will make it deep in the playoffs.

      • John says:

        Well that’s ignorant. Are you going to tell me that Derrick Rose was faking his torn ACL because his injury didn’t “look” all that bad and no one was there to touch him? Don’t judge the condition of an injury unless you’re the one experiencing it personally.

      • Not a laker fan says:

        Someone saying KB might be healthy at all and just act like he’s injured but the fact he isn’t obviously hasn’t experienced sprained ankle. The bruise, the pain, the inflammation get double worse the day after. The problem isnt the pain. It’s the reduced flexibility because your ankle got bigger because of the inflammation. And the injured ankle is the left one, with which a right handed individual usually use to take the jumping step. Not mentioning it will disturb his balance when he jumps.. For someone as dynamic and important for the team as he is, it’s better to have worse injury on the arm than have a mild sprained ankle.

      • Mike says:

        Sally wise your opinion has no value. Idiotic comments like yours should be prohibited. Kobe never fakes an injury; no one loves the game of basketball more than he does.

      • 2pac says:

        Being able to walk after a sprain does not mean anything, it takes time to swell and you can’t always feel how bad it is because of adrenaline. This same thing happened to me just last year and I wanted to go back out on the court and i could walk. After that game however i was on crutches for a little over a week, and was limping for three more weeks. Although the injury was last year and nothing was broken i am still recovering from it. If you haven’t had many ankle injuries or even a single ankle injury during playing basketball, then you wouldn’t understand

    • Game Time says:

      IanK….duh! Who would anyone expect to be the most valuable player on the Lakers? Howard?

  178. uoykcuf says:

    What injury? Man up and play next game.

    • WOW says:

      You are telling Kobe to man up?! WTF are you serious, if there are any “old school” players left in the NBA it is him. Dude is a warrior

      • sam says:

        I hate Kobe for no big reason but the dude is the best warrior in the sport I have ever seen!

    • youkcufoff says:

      kobe’s been playing through injury for years, and youre telling him to man up?…
      whats your team boy? and ill tell you how many prima donnas you have in that team.

      • Hm says:

        He has been playing through “injury” and “sickness”. Now he has an injury. Different things.

      • June says:

        But if he tells you his team is the Golden State Warriors… I don’t see any prima donna’s there?

      • Brian says:

        Lakers have the biggest prima donna in all of sports and he’s wearing #12

      • lol says:

        paul pierce, kg, dirk nowitzky so many old school players and kobe in the only one left MY GOODNESS YOURE PATHETIC GO WATCH SOME NBA

      • uoykcuf says:

        He can walk after the game and looks fine to me. More like a publicity stunt or cry foul for the last second shot. Didn’t he told Howard to man up and play? I was just doing the same. #hopelesslakersfanboy

  179. magicman101 says:

    If it was a fade away then he had every right to walk towards Kobe to contest the shot and anything less would be considered poor defense… ❤ Kobe but #dealwithit

    • BTeezy says:

      magicman101 – what does the type of shot have anything to do with being underneath the player while he lands? Going up to a player to contest a shot is the right thing to do, no matter if it’s a fadeaway or straight up jumper. The problem is staying away and outside of the area where a player lands, regardless of shot-type. But clearly, your hatred for Kobe has blinded you towards a dirty style of play, which you think is called good defense, which it is clearly NOT. Kobe got the shot off so the defense was not there and being underneath him while he’s coming down is just plain DIRTY. League should hold players accountable and penalize their pay with fines. Then we’ll see if players are still so reckless when it clearly affects their livelihoods and families.

      • Brian says:

        WTF ever, you’re a lakers fan and think you have any right calling another team dirty??? All you have to do is mention Ron Artest(MWP) and your arguement is invalid. Kobe just thinks that he’s above everyone else and special rules should apply when it comes to defending him…Get over yourself..

      • TJ says:

        @BTeezy – This is what’s wrong with some fans these days. Instead of being able to have rational discussions and ceding the idea that their favourite players and teams aren’t perfect the immediate response is to claim “hater” on anyone who doesn’t worship that player/team. Some teams seem to attract more of them than others (esp. Lakers & Heat from what I’ve seen) but what these “fans” don’t seem to realize is that with every call of “hater” THEY are turning other basketball fans into people who want to see that team/player lose – if only to spite the dumb guy calling people “haters”.

      • tobeey says:

        everybody can get a shot up fading away..

      • Jon2k says:

        odd enough john Stockon use to do this every game just really good

      • brad says:

        Some of you people need to know the rules or remain quite the rule is you can not effect the landing of a players shot or it is a foul thats it it is not about who you like or dont like or what team they play fof a rule is a rule

      • RJ says:

        The type of shot has a lot to do with it. Kobe fades, Dahntay has to lean in to contest. So when he lands, he has to take a step or two to get his feet back under him.

        Of course, he took more than two steps, and seemed to have not even a split second of thought for where Kobe was going to come down. He was oblivious after the fact, too.

        Anyway, when I contest a fadeaway, I’ll generally contest pretty hard on a good player, and i have to take at least a step, probably two (though they don’t have to be big steps) as I land to not fall on my face, or get kicked in the face or whatever. So if you actually play defense, you (the defender) also have to regain your footing, just of course not in the place where the shooter is going to land.

    • Hm says:

      Hear, hear.

    • Scot The Magician says:

      Im a die hard lakers fan and Kobe is my fav player ever….
      nothing wrong with that defense. hes just mad hes hurt. cant blame jones, thats actually absurd

      • Just this once says:

        Oh please, jones walked under kobe AFTER kobe took the shoot, BEFORE kobe landed. Just ask someone to defend you like that while you shoot, then come back and comment.

      • Brian says:

        I’m glad to see that at least one lakers fan has some common sense.

      • NBA says:

        Guys, please.. Can you all please think in more positive ways. I don’t know is that call is right or not, but whatever it is I always believe that is the best for both sides. Maybe we can’t see the positive way directly from KB or DJ but somehow someway there would be something good for those guys

    • David says:

      magicman11 has never played basketball

      • lakersfan101 says:

        kobe deserved free throws hobefully he’ll get his revenge with dj next year. Kobe, if ur reading this i believe in you