Hang Time Podcast (Episode 108) Featuring SI Swimsuit Model Damaris Lewis

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Just because you are born and raised in Brooklyn doesn’t mean you have to pledge your allegiance to the hometown team, the Nets.

Sometimes the ties that bind go beyond the borough limits. For Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and NBA blogger extraordinaire Damaris Lewis that means never cutting ties with her beloved New York Knicks.

Yes, she has love for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Miami Heat and all seven of her teams (it’s a League Pass thing, trust us). But the nearly 6-foot fashion model, dancer and member of Prince‘s famous New Power Generation band joined us on Episode 108 of the Hang Time Podcast, doing whatever she could to school us on the art of being a true basketball fan.

That’s much easier to do when you have a captive audience (as you might imagine, everyone but Rick Fox was on best behavior).  And don’t let the beautiful face and runaway fashion fool you, Damaris knows the game! She weighs in on Kevin Durant and the Thunder, LeBron James and the Heat, Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers the wise old men in San Antonio and a whole lot more.

We also discuss the Derrick Rose toughness saga in Chicago as well as check in on Braggin’ Rights. Check out all of that and Damaris Lewis as she drops knowledge on Episode 108 f the Hang Time Podcast.


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  1. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:


  2. ZULU says:

    Not up on my swim suit models.Going to have to start paying more attention I guess. Obviously the Hang-Time crew does. So she’s tall get over it everyone wasn’t created in the matrix. Thought it was a continuation of the upbeat podcast and give the young lady her props. She knows her NBA basketball. Sekou Rick may not be the only one who need to watch what ‘boiling’ in the kitchen!!! Ha………

  3. NBA Baller says:

    She is soooo FINE.

  4. Scottie Pimpin says:

    deande jordan dunked on a small dude………not that exciting yo.