That’s DeAndre — Not Michael — Jordan


Best dunk of the season? Please.

Try among the best dunks in Clippers history. The edge still goes to Blake Griffin mauling Danilo Gallinari with a full arsenal of power, agility and hops into a concussive finish, although others will choose different Blake Superior moments. But DeAndre Jordan turning innocent Piston Brandon Knight into road kill Sunday night in Los Angeles was a crescendo for the ages.

Seriously, for the ages. Jordan uncommon athleticism for a big man capped by the coordination and the power move at the basket deserves to be in any John StarksMichael JordanTracy McGradyBaron DavisScottie PippenKevin JohnsonRonnie Price conversation for the best NBA dunks, non-contest category. (The best dunk by an NBA player in any setting is Vince Carter turning Frederic Weis into a punchline at the 2000 Olympics. End of discussion.)

In the moment, though, the seismic event Sunday at Staples Center is the slam of the season, for the league and certainly for the Clippers.

1. Heir Jordan


Knight will get a ton of grief because that’s the way it works, but, really, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. He wasn’t even challenging the shot. Knight’s move was to try to intercept a Chris Paul pass that seemed to be thrown into the middle of the lane, out of harm’s way.

DeAndre (not Michael) Jordan moved it into harm’s way. He was a left-hander who controlled the lob with his right hand, a 7-footer with the dexterity of a wing, a defensive specialist at center who will now forever be remembered for a play on offense.

2. Butler Did It


Caron Butler easily ditched Carter’s defense in the corner, drove baseline and threw down on Chris Kaman. Those are the facts of the thunderous moment.

That we’re talking, yes, Caron Butler is an added sidelight. Not Griffin. Not Jordan. Not Eric Bledsoe. Not even Travis Leslie in preseason, before getting waived. Butler, 32, is a highlight of flight.

3. The Two-Man Game


Monta Ellis lost the ball after Milwaukee reached the front court. Bledsoe gained possession and threw ahead to Jamal Crawford for what should have been an easy breakaway basket. No Buck was close to Crawford. But Griffin was.

Griffin can dunk, as you may have heard. But Crawford’s delivery doused the play in glitter: left hand to right hand between the legs and flips up the lob at the perfect height for the trailer, Griffin, to finish. It was more the pass than the dunk.

4. Point Well Taken


Good things can happen with Paul running the break and fellow point guard Bledsoe on the wing. CP3 can get where he needs to get on the court and the athleticism of Bledsoe means he can get where he needs to get in the air even at 6-1.

Paul’s hook-shoot pass over his right shoulder arced into the lane, where Bledsoe took over by controlling the ball with his right hand and hammering the ball through the rim. The little men ruled the paint.

5. Paul Bearer


CP3 really is everywhere. The defense. The drive, the finish.

The dunk itself is nothing out of the ordinary. But it’s Paul controlling the moment, and that’s never ordinary either.


  1. Willie says:

    He dunked on a guard, whoopty-doo! @ the end of the day Knight avg more pts per than DeAndre Jordan. Nice dunk, but
    @ the end of the day Jordan is still the weakest link.

  2. wooderson says:

    what did i just read?

  3. Made in China says:

    best dunk huh? watch this 🙂

  4. matt says:

    i’m sorry these were monster dunks, i agree, diserving of number one, but how the hell is eric bledoe’s dunk all the way down there? i see people talk about athleticism and vertical hops and how you must account for it in judging the dunks…… well?

  5. doodsjr says:

    DJ dunk was really a Great one!, Love it the hung time! It’s the best so far in this Conference!!!

  6. DJP says:

    I’m not a Clippers fan, I don’t even like D. Jordan, but that was just nasty beyond measure!

  7. pancho says:

    jordan is a 7 footer, knight 6’2 ….pekovic 6’11 and barnes 6’7, i think that barnes’s dunk was better than jordan, the clippers are over extremely overrated, cp3 and crrawford are the best players of that team, griffin is a dunker only and jordan is nothing

    • ClippsFTW says:

      BG is getting a lot better in the post and his mid range jumper is really developing. He can do more than just dunk now

  8. lakerfan says:

    kobe’s dunk over yao ming and dwight howard…..what do you fellows? whats their size?

  9. Rocks says:

    Talking about Jordans, what about the Michael (not Deandre) Jordan dunk over Patrick Ewing after dismissing Starks and Oakley with a baseline fake and spin? I mean you look at the build up to the finish it’s amazing. Skill, Awareness, Quickness and Hops. It must be the second best dunks by an NBA player after VC’s.

  10. Eaglos says:

    Remember that we are talking about a 2.11m, 120kg center… This is one of the best dunks ever.

  11. boon says:

    yeah! forget basketball. this is what the NBA is about.. yeah.. yeah…

  12. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    KOBE’S dunk over WALLACE & HUMPHRIES….. and also over JOSH SMITH….

  13. coolitdude says:

    ok, imagine you watched DJ’s and Jamal-Blake for the first time, whichever made you let out a louder “WOW!” or “OHHHHH”, you decide… for me I woke up my neighbour by DJ’s

  14. dink says:

    deandre Jordan’s a horse , best center in the nba hands down

  15. BJ says:

    DJs dunk was the best hands down. there are very few big guys that can jump like DJ does which makes his dunks all the more spectacular. I love Crawford/Blake dunk also, but DJs was truly the best dunk so far this year.

    • Be Realistic says:

      agreed! so much power with the head over the rim. I dont care if hes bigger than BK, these are Nba players and BK is bigger than the average man so detonating on him is still impressive. But VCs dunk on the 7 footer is the best ever. This dunk ranks amongst the top along with Wades spin move and dunking on perkins and his dunking on Verajo.

  16. blaccrobb says:

    I commend Knight for trying to play defense something his teamates dont do for the pistons. But lets that jordan dude dunk on somebody his size and height. And the answer is not going to happen.

  17. Onno says:

    DJ’s dunk is the best dunk of the season !!! So much power.

  18. payton says:

    I’m not impress on De Andre jordan dunk against brandon knight. I would say that the dunk of kirk hinrich against zyndrunas ilgauskas was more impressive.. haha!!!

  19. KD says:

    Big Euro is 100% right.A Center dunking on a guard is not spectacular.Getting up in the air,putting the ball between the legs and then lobbing it up to a trailing Griffin for the windmill slam…Now THAT is spectacular.

  20. Jaedyn says:

    Tjat was one heck of a dunk Deandre Jordan good job anf your weak branden knight. Lol

  21. Den says:

    I would say the DJ dunk on BK was equal to BG dunk on KP last year…

    DJ really dunked it while BG threw it in…
    BG posterized a C while DJ posterized a PG…

    Both dunks are in the same league of excellence

  22. Big Euro says:

    DJ’s du k was great, but a Centre dunking on a Point Guard no matter how spectacular is not equal to a smaller guy dunking on a centre, a la BG on Kendrick Perkins last season.

  23. blakskorpion says:

    it’s tough. gotta call this one a tie, based on crowd reaction, athleticism, and sheer raw power, cp3 to deandre and jcrossover to blake are tied.

  24. W/E says:

    the Vince carter dunk on Frederic Weis in 2000 was uncontested,the defender just stood there trying to get a charge and Vince fly above him, its so much more humiliating for the defender to get thrown and run over while trying to block the dunk so to me any dunk that goes in while contested is more exciting cause it also exhibits strength dominance over the defender not only higher verticall and quickness.

    • nbamar says:

      kobe is the best in contested dunks this season, his dunks can be block but he still made it

    • CFWood says:

      Because elevating over someone that is 7’2″, over half a foot taller than VC, isn’t impressive.

      • Hm says:

        He didn’t say it’s unimpressive. He said it’s not as humiliating or as exciting as DJ’s dunk or similar dunks, which is true.

      • Night says:

        This is a response to both HM, and W/E.
        How is VC’s dunk on a 7’2″ individual not as humiliating or as exciting? In the words of Stephen A” That is egregious!” I’m not taking anything away from DJ, but the guy is a beast at 6’11”, 265 lbs.He’s a mack truck in comparison to BK’s 6’3″ 189 lbs. When you’re that big and have momentum with you,of course you’re going to lose. How do you figure a 189 lb’ers contested shot is going to be more spectacular than VC jumping over a 7’2″ guy?. You see larger players dunking on the smaller guys all the time. It takes true athleticism, and a huge pair to be confident enough to try and even attempt what VC did. I think it’s alot more humiliating for a smaller guy to jump over a taller guy that’s especially 7’2″ and get dunked on. I’ve never witnessed anything like that before. VC’s dunk on Fredric Weis will always be the best dunk in my books hands down.

    • E-SY says:

      It was hands down the best dunk ever done; Vince came off one dribble and jumped right over the guy in a game! And indeed… Weis is 7-2… the TFB guys can’t even jump over someone that tall in a dunk contest!

      Dunking it right in someone’s face is more humiliating, but it happens all the time. Vince Carter has done that over a 100 times including a couple of dunks over Alonzo Mourning who was the best defender in the NBA at the time. But to jump OVER someone, that may have happened about 10 times since basketball! And then there is the difference between jumpint over a 7-2 center and Lebron who jumped over a half-his-size guard…

      Vince Carter is (was) the best dunker on the planet and nobody is catching up to him… but the attempts of the Clippers are very welcome! What makes Deandre’s dunk so special is that he throws Knight out of the air onto his back. Mostly dunks over bigs result in someone standing underneath looking goofy, but Knight got ran over! That’s power!

  25. O haider says:

    Agreed. Carter’s dunk is the best by any NBA player.

    • E-SY says:

      Hell yeah!

    • abchome says:

      By any human!

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      No hes one of the top but Lil Nate is better,the guy is 5.8 and can Dunk like Carter?! if he was taller imagine how good he would be!

      • K jo says:

        Love it when people say this guy is better than this guy because if he was taller.. if he would just… if this would happen. Well guess what he’s not taller and Carter in his prime was a better dunker.

  26. Blazers Basketball 4TW says:

    I really loved the Deandre Jordan Dunk, but the Crawford to Griffin was my personal favorite.

  27. Bstarr says:

    And once again Brandon Knight was the victim. The year is young but Kyri got him at the All Star Weekend and now DeAndre gave him a blast. Poor Brandon keeps on touching the floor…..

    What happened to bad boys from Detroit….

    • matt says:

      i’m sorry, in my opinion he is the bad boy of detroit now since he’s the only one that’s even trying to play good basketball

  28. Game Time says:

    Just have the Clippers team perfrom for the Dunk Contest next season. Make it happen next year Mr. Silver.