Pacers’ West: ‘We Didn’t Compete’

MIAMI — With a leader like David West serving as the backbone of your team, there is one way and only way to assess the performance of the Indiana Pacers in what was billed as a statement game Sunday night against the Miami Heat.

Gloves off and straight to the point: that’s the way West delivered his postgame analysis after the Pacers were handled by the streaking Heat, whose franchise-best mark is at 18 after their 105-91 defeat of the Pacers team that handled them twice earlier this season.

“We didn’t compete from the opening tip,” West said. “I just don’t think we brought enough competitive fire. LeBron James has 13 points and you have to beat other guys. [Mario] Chalmers goes for 26. It’s just not enough. We didn’t compete hard enough. You can’t beat a team like that in their building as well as playing without competing.”

The Heat led by 10 in the first quarter, saw that lead slip away and then regained that 10-point cushion again in the final 13 seconds of the first half after a dunk by James and steal and jumper to beat the buzzer by Dwyane Wade.

A critical defensive tweak before the game, James moving over to guard Lance Stephenson and Wade sliding over to cover Pacers All-Star Paul George, was pivotal. Still, it was the Heat’s energy and collective defensive pressure that helped them squeeze the fight out of the Pacers after halftime.

“In the second half they turned it up a notch,” Pacers coach Frank Vogel said, speaking like a coach whose team had been humbled a bit. “They were under our chins on every catch and we didn’t handle that pressure well enough. We are a young team. Paul George and Lance Stephenson are still very young players and their two superstars got the best of us.”

The Heat became just the fifth team all season to shoot at least 50 percent (55.9). They also snapped the Pacers’ four-game road win streak and ended the Pacers’ streak of holding opponents under 100 points at 12 games.

Both Vogel and George went to their silver linings playbook after the drubbing, with both of them pointing out that the Heat couldn’t run completely away from the Pacers after halftime. West, however, didn’t seem interested in searching through the wreckage for any moral victories.

“I just thought that we didn’t respond to the challenge,” he said. “They came out and they made the adjustment. They got us cross-matched. We just didn’t have enough pop. That’s probably the worst defensive game we played all year. It was just too comfortable and they took away our space. [There was] just no fire in us today. We were on our heels. Any time a guy crawls into your space, and you’re leaning back, they’ve got the power advantage. It’s a position of strength versus a position of weakness. They were in a position of strength against us all night.”

How long this one night lingers for the Pacers will be hard to gauge. They won’t see the Heat again this season unless it’s in a playoff series, when their two wins over the Heat won’t mean any more than the Heat’s lone win over them.

“Our team has shown great resolve all year,” Vogel said. “And I have every confidence that they are going to respond in the playoffs.”


  1. Dylrodd says:

    The pacers are tougher and a blue collar squad. Lebron James is a trader and will never be as great as Jordan because he already lost in the finals. Jordan never did! He needed help to win a championship because he couldnt do it by himself so he left. Also scottie piipen wasnt as good or athletic as Dwade and they never had a bosh presence. So I dont want to hear hes better than Jordan because Jordan did it basically all by himself. The pacer could beat the heat if Hibbert could finish more around the rim and just keep giving him and west the ball. I dont think the heat will dominate the next few years I think this Derrick rose kid is the real deal and will have something to say about it. He wont need another two superstars like Lebron.

  2. miami heat is a very strong team..even king james has a low scoring in this game,his team can carry the miami heat especially d-wade..he has a lot of side kicks in his side..heat in the finals for sure..pacers and knicks are those 2 teams that can face the heat in the east finals but the miami heat won’t take it easy and they will beat any team in this league..MIAMI HEAT back to back title for sure:)

  3. BasketCase says:

    I think many of you are misunderstanding what West is saying here, “We didn’t compete” doesn’t mean they weren’t trying, he isn’t making an excuse at all… he was admitting they were just completely outplayed at both ends. Did any of you even read the article?
    Good to see internet forums providing more high level debate… Its amazing to see how quickly and often these forums descend into people just yelling about how their team is better? If you watch Basketball, you will see that any team can beat another on any given night, and momentum driven upsets happen every night of the week and extend to the Playoffs also. The Heat are on an incredible run at the moment but who is to say what will happen come playoff time? With Granger healthy and back in full swing and Paul George having a breakout season, Lebron himself would laugh in your face if you told him the Heat don’t need to be prepared for The Pacers come Playoff time.
    Pacers have beaten Miami twice this season, all of you saying that regular season games don’t matter? Then this recent win doesn’t matter either right?
    Not saying The Heat aren’t the best team in the league right now, just saying you should take a bit more of a balanced view of how the season is playing out.

  4. ace says:

    lmao you heat fans sound like groupies

  5. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:



  6. TT says:

    IMO both team played their best despite West’s excuse of Indiana didn’t compete. The only thing is that Indy’s D wasn’t as good as Miami’s D and Indy’s O cant compete with Miami’s O all season long. Didn’t Wade have like 5 or 6 steals? How many points were off of that? Lebron didn’t really have an off night, yes he didn’t score a lot but he created open shots for the others. It was an example of “pick your poison” thing. They tried to clamp LBJ and DWade down but that leave everyone else open. Bottom line is the Pacers don’t have enough talents to compete with the Heat. This Heat team might be the new bench mark for the modern nba teams, one that doesn’t require a big strong center but with speed and athlicism.

  7. Styx says:

    No doubt in my mind that the Heat are making it to the final. But you should at least consider the Pacers and my hometown Knicks. They both beat the Heat in a season series. Not saying that those two are better than the Heat; they are not. However, they are the 2 teams in the east with a legitimate chance of making it past the Heat.

  8. LebronKingOfNba says:

    frank vogel is not a good coach. seriously, this guy even don’t have a sportsmanship in his sleeve. remember when he accused the heat of a flopping team last playoffs. can’t remember a coaching staff being disrespectful to other teams. lol. he just wants attention, he even don’t know how to make adjustments. i’m seeing him fired next season specially if the pacers will be a 1st round exit to boston or chicago in playoffs

  9. cedric says:

    whatever indiana say, still they didn’t win,lets watch when playoff come…

  10. NBAfinals says:

    Miami is just playing better than anyone else in the league atm.. nevertheless i give indiana credit for what they have achieved, competing with the heat in a certain way (physical) but I just don’t see them beating them Miami in a 7 game series, they don’t have the superstars in their team which face it, every NBA championship level-teams have, Paul george is an all star but no superstar.. I see miami repeating because of their added players, especially ray allen, whom they didn’t have last year and made them even stronger, while a team as okc lost harden, and ok, Kevin Martin is good, but he isn’t a player that you’d give the ball in the last few minutes of a play-off series win. The heat have confidence in every player to make big shots which makes them unpredictable..

  11. marc says:

    lebron is a coward , he is surruonded by a lot of good players so who is gonna beat the heat with that team.

  12. Sri Yeleti says:

    Pacers had a OK game, but the Heat are on a streak and are unstoppable as a Pacers fan it is still good to win 2 of 3 this season

  13. Stepnwlf says:

    I was wondering if the Heat would retaliate after Stevenson’s “accidental” elbow to Lebron’s jaw. Nice judo move Shane.

  14. Sebastian says:

    Battier is my man. Heat will make the streak 25.

  15. Chris says:

    No offense to Miami, Lebron etc.. But this team is the defending champ.. So far nothing they’ve done has managed to impress me. Yes Lebron himself has been impressive, showing that he can be Mr. Clutch, the rest of the team? Lawl. That last pacers game was the first Time since game five of the finals last year Miami has remotely impressed me as a whole. They barely beat teams that are at the bottom of the barrel, maybe they’re preserving energy for the playoffs, I dunno but aside from LBJ the rest of the cast of the heat are so wishy washy I have no idea which version I’m going to get nightly. And this is why I’m not a heat fan, I used to love Lebron’s play on Cleveland, but I’m not jumping on the heat bandwagon just because they have Gods gift to basketball playing for them.

    • Be Realistic says:

      So Wade being Eastern Conference player of the week means nothing! Silly pacer fans lol. Miami has 4 hall of famers dont disrespect! Thats why your teams get pounded. Miami is so good they can let role players hurt you lol example Mike Miller in the finals, and Mario, and Battier now Allen lol its over loosers!

  16. Lebron iZ DeezD says:


  17. Blake Hanna says:

    Mason heat are actually 5-4 against pacers in last 9. good try though

  18. mad scientist. Haley says:

    The pacers are a great team who will undoubtably improve. They just need to harden up a bit ….going to be hard to stop a Miami heat legacy…they are playing exceptional ball and have a multifacetted fiercly competitive team

  19. MACKY says:

    Really!!!??? Ur ignorant one sided bias my friend, may ur 1st timer, do you mean that is NBA??? then dont watch!!!!! how about during the Boston??? lakers??? Bulls??? spurs??? those referees also did before. use ur brain

  20. elSnoopy says:

    Wow, someone has got to put Miami in the Western Conference! LOL

  21. Kevin Sevland says:

    Pacers got the same team as last year, we beat them without bosh, and we won this game with lebron not even scoring really. So i wonder how these Pacers got a big head. And anyone notice this Stephenson has been quite since Dexter closed line that school girl!

  22. MACKY says:

    Big 3 must to reserve their energy for the play off

  23. jonathan says:


    • Chris says:

      …you clearly haven’t heard of San Antonio. Last I heard the heat nearly lost to the team’s bench. Sorry but Pop is a way better coach than Spoelstra will ever be. His team is old and beat up and still they sit atop a conference that has way better competition than what Miami primarily faces. Clippers mostly used their bench their first game against A fully healthy Miami in the third quarter and won. Griffin and Paul only stepped in as a precaution when it looked like Miami could come back. Miami beat the clippers after they had just for the first time gotten their full lineup together. I’d love to have seen that matchup with a fully healthy clippers. But alas that’s the nature of sports, there’s always going to be one short handed team versus another. Miami is just lucky it’s mostly their conference heavily suffering from injuries

  24. sam says:

    The Truth is as far as the refs advance the heat and okc they will meet again in the finals. it is ridiculous what the refs are calling for the heat/okc and against the oppentents.sry but this league is WWF…why is ist ok for Lebrick to travel to foul so often without a call. so clear fouls and travellings.. he is not ´the best player, the refs did it and on a lucky day when he hits his jumpers then is the hype on.

  25. MACKY says:

    Lebron only 13 points??? maybe?? but i have in mind, this is just part of heat strategy, miami management, knows how pacers prepared for LBJ, every chances to catch him out bcoz of their physicality way. Obviously all hard fouls, dirty elbow, sweeping the toes, nailing the eyes watch their game again.. how indiana did dirty play… woooowwww!!!!! where is your sportmanship??? anyway very interesting, just like the bulls and piston before??? Mario is the secrete weapon that indiana cant cover anymore, You can control the scoring machine, but 3 superstar stars can are enjoying… I suggest pacers just play gently and be a man..

  26. Pacerfan says:

    All these Heat fans are saying regular season doesn’t matter so why should it matter that the Heat beat the Pacers once? Its just the regular season. Doesn’t matter. Pacers are just getting ready for the playoff run. Might as well let Miami win one so they can feel good about themselves. Right? shut up Heat fans

  27. theholyspectator says:

    take the L like a man dwest..whats all this we didnt compete so thats why we lost? cmon man…why didnt you guys compete?miami won and lebron didnt even have to go to monster mode to do it.. i recall when the heat lost both times to the pacers, they never had excuses like “we didnt compete” rather i recall lebron sayin, ya we lost, just gotta get better learn from our mistakes and move on…dwest is being very foolish with a statement like that, give credit where its due…besides why are people thinkin that the pacers would beat them in a 7 game series? they did it last year without bosh and this year they will with bosh in the lineup…anyways keep it movin…heat repeat season comin a few weeks away

  28. kingofaces2895 says:

    Yeah, Miami blows out the Pacers with LeBron not looking for his shot at all (or trying for that matter). That’s about how close the Pacers are to Miami’s level, in other words, not at all.

  29. SMH@IND says:

    You didn’t compete? Every team competes hard against MIA/defending champs from Boston to the Bobcats, especially the Pacers. They have this serious chip on their shoulder and would have loved to beat the heat at home. But these reg season wins aren’t important. What counts is playoffs and they did it 4-2 w/o Bosh and the Heat are even better this year. I respect IND and think that’s the best match up for a good Eastern finals.

  30. timo says:

    What West said is right, Pacers couldnt handle Miami all up in their space and their was no aggressiveness from lance or george. George Hill was pathetic too. I think the case of Lebron scoring 13pts was not a case of him not having to do much, he was well defended all night, and struggled to make his usual impact which is a positive.

    In reality, this whole rivalry is a bit of a mismatch, with 3 x superstars (one being the best on the planet) against a developing team from a small market. The pacers have had a great season to date considering they lost their best player just prior to the season starting. Indy need to lose like this and know how they are going to adapt to the in your face pressure come playoff time.

    • JBird says:

      Im a Pacers fan and I’ll give the Heat credit they were the better team last night and deserved to win but you Heat fans need to realize it was one game and Pacers dont try to act tough they play physical basketball and in a seven game series that could bother Lebron and the Heat but well have to see come playoff time.

      • MVbarbr85 says:

        Frank Vogel thought he had r # LMAOOOO.You Can see in his body language that he plays with hate and it tranfers 2 his players.With hate comes the dirty fouls and dirty playing.They keep trying but it aint working.The HEAT r too smart,experience and talented.Stevenson was getting tossed around like a doll lmaooo

  31. MikeD says:

    It’s arrogant Heat fans like some of you that make it really hard to support my team…. Indiana are one of the better teams in the league, they just had a bad game. Give them some credit

  32. Witness of basketball moment says:

    It is not something personal for Miami to win a game, as they always mention the phrase, to win as a team.
    I would say LeBron is like Michael Jordan in my era(although I missed Jordan era), the data does not mean he is not performing well in the game. As you may aware, LeBron is one of the most feared defender to face in the league, and this will make the data of the opponent’s key player to be doomed.
    Indiana is a physical team, and I salute Miami can play so well with patience and skills to achieve the victory(for now).
    West shall learn to be humble, or else I don’t see any chance they can take Miami in any game.

  33. Mike says:

    Let all agree that the pacers were only in that serious because bosh was out and wade was playing with one good leg. Bosh and wade are healthy and wade is playing lights out. The pacers dot have rough to beat the heat. The heat are going back to the finals. And to be honest I don’t think it will be all that hard to get back. I will give every team they play just one win until the finals, unless the face the thunder which will be a 4-1 win. The pacers won’t make it out the first round if they face Boston. Knicks will not beat the heat. As a fan of the game, you have to realize the truth and that is Miami is the best team in the league and they still haven’t reached ther full potential. James is still getting better, bosh is the best big man in the league when it comes to that 15-18 ft jumper. Wade is playing lights out and the bench is still coming into form. This team is scary good on their way on scary great. Haters will soon be believers

  34. james says:

    i really hate heat fans… same with lebron fans… not to mention kobe fans

  35. dattebayo says:

    It’s good to see that the Heat can be a little tougher around the basket. Hibbert and West got too many easy ones, but George and Stephenson had to earn it at the line and got rejected a few times. Glad to see that Stephenson is ok, his fall seemed very hard after that battier foul…

  36. amit says:

    David West is scary. Dementors are really scary

  37. please! PLEASE? says:

    naaaaaaaaaaaaah, it all starts in the playoffs, lets wait

  38. TTKIN says:

    What the hell does that mean the Heat became only the fifth team this year to shoot 50% percent? Everybody knows that’s not true so please clarify the statement. Is that specifically Indiana opponents?

  39. Rhedz says:

    Pacers are good but not good enough..they are skilled and young but the heat are a veteran and much more skilled than the pacers …. pacers won’t make it in the finals…maybe in the second round but that’s as far as they will go…it’s gonna be Heat and Okc repeat or Heat and Spurs…end of story…Lebron will get his 2nd ring and 3rd ring for wade…I have seen the future..lebron won’t get to 6 rings…as he will only get 5…3peats, an loss and a 2 peat and that’s it…end of story…

  40. Bwash says:

    The pacers will have to get past the first two rounds before they even think about the Heat. Im just sayin…

  41. Pacers vs Heat is a 7 game series says:

    George had a quiet night, but so did Lebron.

    The ( Chalmers vs Hill) match up and ( Hibbert vs Bosh) that made the big difference. Bosh was on fire, and Hill looked lost.

    If Granger can get his knee in good shape Indy has a shot….

    They’ve already won the Season series without him ( 2-1)

  42. Owen says:

    We didn’t compete… yeah right. Saving face bro?

  43. Almiro says:

    HEAT vs PACERS will be one of the best series in history.. Im a big heat fan and i have lot of respect for the pacers for their competitiveness and D.west is hard to handle. Also if paul geogre and lance stephenson developed it will be one of a hell match

  44. W/E says:

    West has to get over it they cant match the Heat, the title should be like : PACERS CANT COMPETE…comon the Heat r just better no doubt about it, we all know that, lets be realistic and stop overating the pacers..

  45. hova says:

    Heat are smart and strategy played a big role… like the previous years of getting beat or swept in the regular seasonby the celtics and bull.. they showed us when its crunch time and when it really matters they can outplay and compete with anyone.. and with their inside game being explioted by bigger teams no one seems to have an answer.. theorlando magic couldve ended that streak because of a big dominate scoring bigman.. but im proud to be a heat fan.. this streak somewhat display how great they are..

  46. MisterT says:

    I was hoping to see some competition there, some kind of great game, but did disappoint. Pacers looked real bad, especially in the second half, where they couldn’t get a basket. Looks like Heat has no competition in the East whatsoever.

  47. Gil L. says:

    HEAT’s level of competitiveness is so high than Pacers…Boston and Bulls have that spirit,but still short of that HEAT’s

  48. Gil L. says:

    Likewise, the HEAT didnt have enough fire those TWO previous games.WEST has all the excuses,and VOGEL too.

  49. Really tho says:

    The pacers are a good team, not even close to Miami.

  50. PacersFan4422323 says:

    I’m a pacers fan and i disagree with West. The Heat are a better team. They have the best player in NBA history. (prove me wrong). And not only will we not beat them this year in the playoffs, we will never beat them. They will win 3 more championships in the next 5 years. The other 2 will NOT be won by US. It will probably be a big market team like LAL, LAC or NY,BOS. Never Indiana, OKC, Denver none of that. NEVER.

  51. Barry Fay says:

    After watching the first quarter I stopped watching the game because I already knew that Indiana had no chance. EVERY CALL from the refs was going the Heat´s way (plus the no-calls) – THAT is what eventually drained the spark from the Pacers (as it always does no matter what the team). By the way, I am a West Coast fan with no dog in that hunt.

    • Brian says:

      funny thing is that..Pacers got more foul calls than the Heat and the Heats still able to dump them… Pacers is not a contender against the Heat even though they sure are defensive best and will probably bother the Heat in the Playoffs, but they ain’t nothing on Heat. 1-4 Heat win in the Playoffs (trust me)

    • Adam says:

      The calls went which way?!?!?! What game did you watch dude? go on and you`ll see that Miami is way below the average on free throw attempts. 21st out of 30 to be exact. Its pretty obvious that the referees are against Miami every single game to make the games interesting otherwise the Heat will win every game in average of 25 points.

      • Brian says:

        WTF? i meant to say the other way…I’m a Heat fan dude, i’m just not really good at constructing sentence.

  52. heat didnt really fight too says:

    west is weak. he thinks hes so good.
    Lebron only scored 13 pts and the heat are able to defeat the pacers. Easy victory for miami.

  53. FromPhil says:

    You right man, playing tough is over. Accept the fact that you stand no chance with Miami especially in playoffs.

  54. reebian says:

    heat. looooooooooooooooooool

  55. z says:

    yeah i find them the most annoying team in the east, specially with guys like stephenson and granger the acting tough guys hope they face the celtics in the 1st round and get beaten early.

  56. The greatest kobe bryant 24 says:

    I will destroy your Fake toughness…. I’m going to beat the Pacers by my self… I’m the greatest Basketball Player in the Planet… Lakers will win… 2013 Champs… We will win all remaining games… Including pacers

  57. HEAT! says:

    lame excuses

  58. princess says:

    now you know Vogel. you speak to much of the heat being soft. you must have underestimated them as a champ. just be humble maybe in the future you can beat them when lebron and wade have retired.

  59. Be Realistic says:

    Sorry Pacers your fake tough guy act is over! The Heat made Allstar George look average. Pacers need to humble themselves and stop with the tough guy act. Oh BTW this is not a rivalry a rivalry goes back and forth and so far Miami doesnt seem to think Indiana is on their level.

    • demented says:

      wow… tough guy act huh??? when the heat were having bumps you wouldnt say that… they won against them so i guess it aint an act… keep in mind that all people would need time to re jell… jelling aint just one and done… i believe if the heat face the pacers in the playoffs… theyll sweat hard before they win a game

      • sally wise says:

        you live in a fantasy world, “demented”, the heat cleaned the floor with them last year in the playoffs, nothing has changed since then, only the heat are better. Indiana better get their big boy pants on if they think they are getting by the Heat !!

      • Mason says:

        Yeah thats exactly what it is a tough guy act! Granger has a vag and the Heat are 7-2 the past 9 times they have played them. Which by the way the exact definition of rivalry is “Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.” There is no competition for anything in the NBA! The heat will run the league for the next few years. Pacers are a bunch of little boys.

    • O.o says:

      Really? DId Miami say that? This is just your speculation. Who are you to speak in behalf of Miami.

    • Well said says:

      Agreed, heck, both Indiana and Knicks aren’t on their level. The first two early season games they won, the Heats weren’t even playing their best, but now that it’s past All-star break and nearer to the playoffs, the Heats aren’t gonna backdown without a fight. I call a OKC and Heats finals repeat.

      • Bulls Fan says:

        The heat is the best team in the East right now and it will be a Heat and Pacers Eastern Conference Finals unless Rose return will changed that! The Pacers got beat because they were believing the hype that they can beat the heat in a 7 game series! No team can be the heat in the East in a seven game series. We all have to face the facts and truth. THe heat and their team will be the Eastern Conference Champions again. The Heat have all the weapons to get back to the Finals! On the West its Thunder and Spurs Western Conference Finals! That’s the Truth

      • manny says:

        you are right indiana and the knicks are not on miami but i Hate the fact that Miami needs all the media attention in order to come out and play. this year they beaten allot of great teams lost or almost lost to teams like wisards orlando a short handed spars and timber wolves. Miami need to start showing respect to every single opponents and not just games that will play on national television

    • Flash says:

      ^this. Walk the walk before you talk, Pacers.

    • Tough guys…bah! More like punks trying to prove they’re the new bad boys on the block….Yeah, they’re the bad boys alright…getting schooled by the big MEN…In the Pacers’ eyes, they’re always trying to catch even the trail that the Heat leave behind. Sorry, Pacers, but the Heat aren’t even looking at their rearview mirror to see where y’all at…Five steps too slow and Five levels down…

      • MaraviLLa says:

        Buahhahahahahah p*ssys pacers, learn your spot on the league and stay right where you belong.. You are not even near the Heat as far as talented as your coach and the Heat haters makes you believe ur at. Same goes for the knicks, stay wher u belong muthafockas!!!and thats 10 games below 1rst place!!!

      • Isaac says:

        yeah you heat fans are a**holes and think your better than anybody … Lebron is great, but he knows the only way he’s getting a ring is with help… thats why he left Cleveland. Dwayne wade is the only reasonable person on the heat, im talking about personality and loyolness. Chris Bosh is the ugliest dude on earth. Ray Allen is second, only to Lebron james, is the biggest trader in the NBA. The pacers won 2 out of 3 this year… were up 2-1 last year, so techincally the pacers are on their level. And in a year or two we’ll be the team to beat. So don’t say the pacers need to get on their level. The pacers just didn’t play good. The heat are on a streak… but they don’t last forever. So I doubt they will have won 18 in a row comes playoffs. Pacers might not win it, but if they play the heat… my bet is they show the heat how they roll.

    • reebian says:

      lol. lolol. heat fan.

      • SoFlaFan says:

        Oh my Isaac, aren’t you in a dreamworld. Granger talked a lot of smack about the Heat, now whose talking? For the record, Bosh is more of a man then you’ll ever be. Lebron is no trader, he finised his contract, end of story. Hiwever, you want to call someone a trader? Try Howard, gets the coach fired and then moves to the Lakers.

        The Heat just gel, on and off the court, a real band of brothers, why it’s such fun to watch them!

        The Harlem Shake was the icing on the cake, NOBODY DID IT BETTER, deal with it!!!

    • MakeitHappen says:

      but didn’t pacers win the season against heat 2-1? sorry bandwagon heat fan but you seem to be forgetting the past.

      • sally wise says:

        those games don’t mean a thing, most of them they don’t even compete in, they are not important, it’s what’s coming up that counts…The Playoffs !! plain and simple.

      • Xcot says:

        Regular season wins are useless came playoffs, You are stupid if you think Pacers can beat Miami in the playoffs, Pacers might exit in 2nd round because Knicks will owned theam BIGTIME.

      • SmoothMM says:

        Funny how some of you say regular season is useless yet others are boasting about the defeat as if it’s the most important thing in the world. Which one is it? Nevertheless, the Heat will not repeat. There, I said it. Obvioulsy, the Heat have many positive things about their play BUT if a team can expose and attack their flaws, they can fall. Their perimeter D is spotty, especially around the 3 point line. Plus, their small ball leaves them weak on the boards and susceptible for better half-court pressure if a team knows how to use their quick-footed (if that’s a word) bigger guys. And also, minimize their fouls to avoid foul trouble and putting the other team on the line.

      • Random fan full of opinions says:

        really sally wise? if the heat were winning 2-1 it would mean something to you. like the winning streak the heat are on, that matter to you right? quit being biased for 2 seconds and realize that miami isn’t the only team in the league.

    • Nick says:

      youre an idiot dude.

    • Isaac says:

      Open your eyes kid. This is the first time Heat has downed the Pacers this season. Indiana has already taken them out twice. Think about your words.

      • Fidelvi says:

        The heat got the last win of their meeting this season that means more

      • Miguel Cruz (say something else) says:

        its the regular season!! the regular season is only a shootaround practice for the playoffs…Pacers cant keep up with the Heat in a 7 game series…simple as that. Especially when you have a coach making excuses. If your “leader” is like that then what in the world makes you think that youre team is going anywhere. simple as that.

    • Peter says:

      The Pacers have been good these past few years, but just like your mid-level teams, they have work to do. They play great, but they try too hard when the game is for big marbles. Its like with the Clips…they are doing fantastic this year, but have had stretches of going back to them oldselves…Miami seems to be on a good run but it will not matter in the playoffs…the only thing this says is that they are READY for the offseason, and they are getting in that groove and mindset.