Howard Punches Reset Button


Dwight Howard just pushed the reset button again.

He did it last season when, amid the melodrama and speculation about his future whereabouts beyond Orlando, he abruptly excised the opt-out clause from his contract and – seemingly, for a few minutes – recommitted to the Magic. Which meant, ultimately, that he needed to be traded away from central Florida over the summer rather than walking away free and clear.

Now Howard is putting toothpaste back into the tube again or, at least, trying to ration what precious little remains.

The Los Angeles Lakers have 19 games remaining in the regular season, starting with their Sunday matinee against Chicago. And now, finally, apparently better late than never, they have Howard fully present and ready for further duty. Howard said Saturday after the Lakers’ practice that he recommitted himself to the team and its goals during some heavy introspection at All-Star Weekend in Houston. Ramona Shelburne of, after quoting Howard (“I just told myself, ‘I’m going to commit myself to being better for the second half of the season’ “), noted:

That meant cutting sugar completely out of his diet so he could get into the kind of shape he needed to be in to be the Lakers’ defensive anchor and run coach Mike D’Antoni‘s pick-and-roll sets.

That meant acknowledging that he was trying to be somebody he wasn’t the first half of the season.

And, yes, it meant admitting to himself that playing alongside the hard-driving Kobe Bryant was something that he needed both personally and professionally.

“It’s going to make me a better man and a better player from watching Kobe,” Howard said.

The big man acknowledged in the interview session that he got dwarfed by the championship-level expectations that are a constant for the Lakers (and a vast departure from the happy-if-they-can-last-three-rounds attitude around Orlando). He also talked about a bunch of stuff related to his extrovert ways and goofing-off personality that doesn’t amount to a hill of beans to one Kobe Bean Bryant.

Since All-Star Weekend, Howard had averaged 15.4 points, 14.1 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in nine games. He also was drawing praise from D’Antoni for the sort of stuff that used to be routine for him in his first eight seasons.

“He jumped three or four times after one ball,” D’Antoni said of Howard’s defensive performance Friday night, when he blocked five shots and intimidated several Raptors. “His conditioning didn’t allow him to do that [before].

“I think he was harshly judged because he wasn’t 100 percent. There’s all kind of little factors, but the further away he gets away from the [back] operation, the better he will be.”

Howard’s timing certainly could have been better. Opening Night generally is the marker at which players, coaches and most everyone else in the league aim when committing to the long grind of the NBA season. In Howard’s case, the first game in which he truly felt healed from his offseason back surgery would have sufficed.

The All-Star break? OK, it’s a logical time for renewal, what with four or five days between games and either a refreshing getaway (for non-Stars) or constant reflection-through-media-inquisition (for the biggest Stars) filling the void. It’s just a little late for someone on whom a proud franchise and a market accustomed to consistent greatness is banking.

Then again, the Lakers began the day Sunday tied for the eighth and final playoff spot in the West, with a realistic shot of moving up to as high as sixth (to avoid Oklahoma City or San Antonio  in the first round) .So it’s not too late mathematically for a recommitted Howard to get busy.

And let’s face it, is it ever too late in the NBA for a 7-footer with immense strength and laudable skills to take his team, his game, his opportunities and himself seriously? Have the multiple chances accorded to the likes of Andrew Bynum, Greg Oden, Kwame Brown, Michael Olowokandi and a dozen others, including Howard himself, taught us nothing?

Point guards and small forwards might run out of chances but in the NBA, big men of even modest proficiency tend to run out only of years or cartilage. Recommit at will, Dwight. Someone will be waiting.


  1. KilluaBest says:

    kobe said they wil be in the playoff.just believe and pray lakermania..and if they win the 1st round..then the haters will shut up..would even say the dream is now a reality..finger crossed.

  2. Samps says:

    12 24= championship ring, not now but maybe next season or so

  3. W/E says:

    The lakers are like the biggest riddle in the league, we dont know how deep they can make it, they could go as deep as it gets or even miss the playoffs depending on how Jazz and Rockets play their last games.

  4. Lakers vs. Clippers? Best Western Conf. Playoff Picture?

  5. theholyspectator says:

    dwight has a 3-4 yr window where he has to mature up and become a man in order to win a championship..within that window hell have kobe for 2 years minimum…but the odds are he wont win a title with kobe nor a title in LA since the west got teams like OKC CLIPPS and SPURS in the hunt for the ring as well…so ya maybe next season they actually go to the 2nd round seeing this year they not gonna beat the team they facing in the first round…but i dont see LA Lakers winning any more rings..not for a good 5-6 years..unless of course this guy mans up and they get other solid pieces around him..

  6. Elliott Singleton says:

    You guys really need to stfu and let him focus on the season instead you guys are worrying bout where hes going who cares STOP CRITICIZING THIS MAN LET HIM PLAY GO BOTHER LEBRON

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  8. LakersWillWin says:

    Howard was judged too harshly for his off-season back surgery. If anyone actually remembers, he wasn’t scheduled to play until late December January. He came back, and it may be good he came back because now his conditioning is looking great. Everyone seems to down-play the seriousness of his back surgery. Or, he became a Lakers so automatically half the world started hating him, that’s always something too.

  9. Rance says:

    We need Dwight. Kobe can score as much as needed but we need Dwight to get on defensive side. Last three performances are quite good especially this one with Bulls. I just hope it will be for long and not just because of playoff race. If this will continue, we have a clear hope for championship ring.

  10. jerikobe says:

    wow steve’s head is on earl clark’s body..perfect!lol

  11. jerikobe says:

    i just love how steve’s head is perfectly fit on earl clark’s body…. nice one!!!lol

  12. Charles Barkley said LA would not be in the playoffs, if all goes right lakers can make the sixth seed, hopefully play against the clippers, need to avoid okc for now

  13. dattebayo says:

    Seriously, is this a clean block on Lopez? Doesn’t he just hit Lopez left hand just beneath the ball or am I seeing things??

  14. LOL says:


    “No one just comes into LA and chooses to leave, if they are a superstar.”

    SHAQ?! Lol

  15. erwin says:

    He better put his words into action……

  16. WOW says:

    Did you just call Dwight a Mamba?!?

  17. WiTiW says:

    Dwights really stressed.. but i know in time this lakers will be better and depend on dwight more and more 🙂 Dwight just have to remove all the media attention right now and play ball

  18. Eaham says:

    Dwight won’t leave LA. No one just comes into LA and chooses to leave, if they are a superstar. ON top of that Dwight has to leave 30 Million on the table if he decides to go somewhere else. he ain’t going’ nowhere. He’s just a snake