For Rose, Bulls, The Clock Is Ticking


At some point – and we already might have passed that point – Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls essentially have this comeback business decided for them.

Not by Rose’s physical recovery from ACL surgery on his left knee. Not by the Bulls’ level of play and quality of supporting cast, as suggested by Rose’s brother Reggie last month. Not by any psychological trepidation that might linger longer than physiological concerns or by a bit of hurried bravado from Rose in trying to demonstrate that trepidation doesn’t exist.

No, the prospects of Rose coming back to the Bulls for any part of the 2012-13 NBA season will be dictated by the calendar and the schedule.

And since we all just lost an hour last night, the deadline leapt a little closer.

Let’s break this down in bite-size pieces, taking a look at just how much of the remaining regular season Rose might need to make a spring return, rather than something next fall, worth everyone’s while.

  • 0-5 games: Now that would just be silly. If Rose were to come back that late – with a week or less left in the season – he wouldn’t have time to flake off the inevitable rust of what would be a 50-week layoff. His and the team’s agenda would be so out of whack as to undermine each other. Make no mistake, Rose’s return will be disruptive to the Bulls both on and off the court, whenever it happens. They need to get it under control and mostly tucked away before (or after) they’re all counting losses four at a time.
  • 6-10 games: Still wouldn’t seem to be nearly enough for the former All-Star point guard to cope with, then extend the minutes leash he’ll be on for some time upon his return. Chicago’s offense would be jammed onto a learning curve, no matter how many times the Bulls claim they’re playing the same way with Nate Robinson, Kirk Hinirch or whomever running the point. Also, a 10-game project would put Rose’s announced return on or near April 1, which could heighten rather than alleviate the disbelief.
  • 11-15 games: Coming back on March 23 against Indiana at United Center would give Rose exactly four weeks until the first weekend of the playoffs. That would provide him and his teammates with 15 games to get reacquainted on the court. Careful with that number, though – it has special significance around the Bulls. When Michael Jordan came back in his second season from a broken foot, he did so with 15 games to go. Chicago went 6-9 as their young star strained at his own minutes limit, but it still made the playoffs, where Jordan scored a breathtaking 63 points in Game 2 of the three-and-out first round against Boston. There might be too much mythology around 15 for Rose or the Bulls to flirt with that.
  • 16-20 games: Oops, too late for the max anyway. Assuming Rose doesn’t make a Willis Reed-like surprise appearance Sunday afternoon, when the Bulls face the Lakers at Staples Center on ABC, there will be only 19 games left by the time they play at Sacramento Wednesday. A weeknight game against the lowly Kings, with a 10 o’clock ET tipoff from the West Coast and only League Pass beaming the game beyond Sacramento’s and Chicago’s usual viewing audience? That seems pretty Tom Thibodeau-friendly for Rose to dip his toe into the playing waters.

Unless it happens Friday at Golden State. Or on the Bulls’ three-game homestand that follows. Or, of course, not at all.

When Reggie Rose muddied the water of his brother’s comeback with his criticism of Bulls management after the NBA trade deadline, Derrick’s physical and even mental return no longer were the sole determinants of his comeback. And once went big with a “team source” announcing (even though it had been implicit in his return to 5-on-5 practicing) that Rose had been cleared medically – as in, officially deemed to not be at risk of re-injury – the Bulls, admit it or not, put pressure on their franchise guy. Pressure to not look scared, to not be a perfectionist about his early-return performances and to not appear to be assessing the club’s playoff chances, rather than concentrating solely on his knee and game.

Now there’s added pressure, from the calendar.


  1. The greatest kobe bryant 24 says:

    D.Rose ain’t MJ… Please slap that guy who said D.Rose is the next MJ… Kobe Beat bulls…. w/rose and w/out/rose lakers will be 2013 champs… Personally I want rose to play so that the Lakers will destroy your bulls with drose in the lineup.. Kobe alone is much burden for the bulls… add NASH,MWP,PAU, and the Greatest Center of all time Howard…. Lakers are unstoppable… just cry to your rose…. Kobe will destroy Him……

  2. greats no longer says:

    Look at t-mac (best scoring player ull ever see) penny hardaway (game alot like drose) Andrew (if not for the knees id take over Howard any day) and grant hill (if not for the knee would have been one of the greatest ever you tube him from back in the day he was like labron going to the rim kobes jump shot mj sleekness and Scotty pippen d) all ended because of knees

  3. alfred says:

    looking forward to his return.

  4. michaelphelpscantswim says:

    D Rose is DONE. he should have Lebron mentality. hahaha move to other team with A+ player to win a champ… like LeBron did. he moved to Miami. … D.Rose! move to OKC.. hahahaha

  5. MarleyMarl says:

    I can bet all my money, hell, I can bet my own life that Rondo will have shorter hiatus from them game than Rose and when he comes back, he will be just like the good, old Rondo did. Mark my words. Rose is a sissy, he has got great teammates with whom he could easily to the ECF and then everything’s possible.

  6. d rose mvp says:

    d rose is the next mj fo all those that hate on him get yourself in cheque drose mvp is always the mvp ant nobody got game like him come back patner bulls surely do need ya

  7. Andrea says:

    No reason to coming back… Bulls won’t make the Finals with or without Rose. Simple.

  8. Beebs says:

    W/E shutup u don’t know what your talkin about , and thank you JW.
    I’m a big bulls fan and rose needs to come back when he feels he is ready. ITS HIS CAREER NOT OURS. So its up to him.
    The bulls do need another 2guard to accompany rose. RIp Hamilton is old and just doesn’t have it anymore. They need to pick someone up from the FA’s like someone said JR smith or monta Ellis!

    • W/E says:

      Just get over it, Rose will never be again the pre-injury explosive player he was when he comes back…now his has the knees of a 60 year old man,ur boy HAS to play alot more careful.

  9. NBAIQ says:

    The 6-10 games mark seems right to me, if he comes back this year. Limiting his minutes to 20 per game until the last three games, then bumping his minutes up to 30 per would be ideal.Yes he will have rust but he’s a mvp player which means he’s already better than most players in the league. If all goes well, I’d suggest 30min per in the first round making the Bulls role players step up and win the series. Not relying on D-Rose will help this Bulls team go deep in the playoff. Their unorthodox style of play will be hard to defend once Rose is back on the court. Also, let’s not forget…D-Rose is returning from a knee injury but he’ll have some of the freshest legs in the post season…dangerous if you ask me. I guess only time will tell, but when he does return we’ll all be here cheering for him to take the Bulls to the next level.

  10. michaelphelpscantswim says:

    He is not ready yet. he still in pain. right after their practice, his knees is messed up… he knows how bad his knees is…
    for D Rose. he knows it. he’s being emotional, because he knows there is something wrong with his knee.

    he is another Penny Hardaway, B. Roy, V.carter…
    he is not gonna be the same. no more speed, no more jump..
    he got to play smarter.

    HE is not Confident. he knows that.
    HE is DONE…

  11. trey says:

    i think that drose need to stayon the team all year

  12. Mike says:

    the guy who started comparing Rubios game/injury to Rose is a fuxkin idiot. The only damn thing these two got in common is that their last names start with the same damn letter. Rubio wouldnt touch DRose even on his worst day, thatd be like comparing Nash to Westbrook.

    • JBird says:

      Mike I agree about Rubio doesn’t compare to Rose but Nash is a Hall Of Famer while Westbrook could be that one day but he has a long way to go.

  13. Armani says:


  14. Armani says:


  15. Shayan Haque says:

    Dear Derrick Rose,
    I think Derrick Rose should be back when he’s 150% ready. Which I think would be best for him next season. He would have a fresh start and would be ready for the season. I don’t think he should come now. I know he’s all hype and could dunk. But the thing is that he has to be Derrick Rose. Remember, it’s that he has to be back as early as possible. He should be back when he is 150% like he was last season. It would be too risky for him to return at this moment of time. He is not eligible to play. He needs to be back when he is stronger, faster and more skilled than atleast 70% of all the NBA athletes. He shall not return this early or else it will be unhealthy for him.
    Shayan Haque.

  16. brian says:

    I can’t believe someone had the audacity to put a timer on Rose’s return. The title of this blog is disrespectful to Derick and any other injured players, and a clear cry for attention. He is not going to come back for you or any of us. He will come back when he is physically and mentally ready.

  17. DL0 says:

    alright.. for the people who think rose is whinning about his knee and to look at rubio and how quick he came back… well rose depends on his legs, thats how hes so explosive. no one else uses his legs more, but maybe russell

  18. Ted says:

    He’s still a loser. He won’t win a championship because of his mentality. You bet.

  19. W/E says:

    D.Rose former All Star will never be the same again when he comes back, he gotta work his jumpshoot and change his game if he wants to have a healthy career, he should copy Chris Paul game for the sake of his knees and his Nba career..

  20. Jay says:

    I’m not a bulls fan but i think Rose should take his time resting his injured knee. It is better that way and come back next season. I think the Bulls should give up the season and don’t let D. Rose play and carry the team to get into the Finals. He is the franchise player and the pressure is in him that’s why he is not MENTALLY ready even though he is cleared to play.

  21. Kevin Wu says:

    Does Drose even play basketball?

  22. blabla says:

    ROSE is Scared he might destroy the chemistry of the team!

  23. Edgars says:

    With or without Rose, Bulls are not going to win the league this year, so what would be the point coming back if he is not 100% ready?
    Especially if insurance keeps paying he’s salary as long as he does not play.
    As much as i miss to see Rose on the court, i would rather wait till next season when he is ready to be old self and Bulls have got another guy who can create he’s own shot.

  24. Rose On Top says:

    FOR ALL YOU HATERS.. Why don’t YOU go and try play D-Rose and then after Go tear your own ACL and TRY come back within this same time next year and try to play like D-ROSE and see if your body is not the same as before, BEFORE YOU START HATING ON SOMEONE YOU DONT KNOW!

  25. Rose On Top says:

    All i got to say ROSE is… LET THESE HATER HATE Cause haters only hate when your doing something RIGHT. So Take Your Time and do what you got to do.. whatever it is it’s going to be the RIGHT thing for YOU and not for others.

  26. scott says:

    whats the big rush??

    he got a good 10 years in him

  27. Betts says:

    Why does everyone think that if d rose comes back the bulls have a chance to make the finals? It will take him 5-10 games to get his conditioning back and then he has to get use to defence etc i like rose but common he could come back but there is no chance of them making the finals

  28. erwin says:

    There is always the risk of being injured in Basketball, whether now, tomorrow or next season. the big question is Rose mentally prepared to play? The guy is a beast on court but if he will play scared, he will never regain his status as a franchise player……..

  29. jake s says:

    man lebron and co need to face more difficulty in the first 3 rounds, rose needs to come back.

  30. RJ says:

    Let’s hope he’s back for the playoffs and hits his stride quickly, cuz the east is looking pretty weak aside from the Heat, especially with Melo and Amare always missing time. Otherwise, the knicks might be able to give them a challenge. I’m not a believer in the pacers. Aside from Hibbert and George sometimes, where’s the defense? The Nets need a year, and maybe a younger athletic slasher or something to take a lil pressure off their main 3 guys. they’re a little predictable.

    So yeah, well wishes for Rose!

  31. Gil L. says:

    Im not a Bull fan, but i like D Rose…We’ll just pray for his fast recovery…FEAR is normal, especially on ACL case,but, we’ll just hope for DRose can play again and being healthy.

  32. Trade Derrick Rose says:

    Trade Derrick Rose for Jameer Nelson and then waive Nelson for the Bulls to make cap space and patiently wait as they find another great point guard again. Everyone’s happy. Orlando gets D-Rose who is a one time only MVP and Chicago clears cap space.

  33. ron says:

    next season return for rose will benefit him and the bulls as well. as it is, they wont beat miami with that line up….what they should do now is just let rose rest for the whole season, get another quality player during the summer and let rose regain his full strength before playing NBA basketball….5 on 5 practice is great but its not as physical when playing the real games…risk of re injury is very high for rose because of his playing style.

  34. LummyLumz says:

    Seems as though we have a lot of keyboard heroes on here!! Anybody that has injured themselves playing sport, especially an ACL injury, knows how hard it is to mentally prepare yourself to get back in to playing again. His knee could be stronger than ever before but the tricks your mind plays on you are ridiculous. D Rose is one of the strongest players mentally in the NBA and pound for pound one of the strongest physically. I am a bulls fan since ’91 and haven’t seen a player as gifted or mentally strong since MJ play for the bulls. All the haters on here are probably hack, sofa experts who base all their basketball knowledge on NBA 2K. I would love to see him back this season, but I would also like to see him for the next 10 seasons.

  35. jeefff says:

    must consult MJ for this dicision..

  36. NYK fan says:

    Rose is a franchise player and should be back when he feels like he’s ready, and with that being said, he should already be on the court since the chances of re-injuring himself is the same as any other player in the NBA. I think he’s letting his ego get the best of him.
    I get tired of people that say “He shouldn’t rush back”, because he isn’t rushing anymore. You play when you are healthy, and to me, after reading all the updates from medical team, he is and should be ready to play. His mental fear is what’s stopping him, and to me, mental damage is only caused by himself. He’s putting too much pressure on himself as the former youngest MVP in NBA history and is afraid that he can’t be his old self. Well, the truth is, after an injury like that, it’s hard to be your old self but you still gotta move on.
    There is absolutely no reason to miss out the whole season because he’s mentally not ready.

  37. Dave says:

    The Bulls need an additional “Heat Killer” I don’t know what the hell management is thinking but the team is good! Come free agency next season Jr Smith, Jamal Crawford, Monta Ellis, Tyreke Evans even! They need an additional backcourt compliment! Stop “Pretending” you’re going to win a ring with what you have !!!! “You Will Not”

  38. Angela says:

    I do NOT think D Rose should rush coming back. I think feeling mentally ready is just as important as physically ready. He will not play well if he is always worried about his knee. If he needs to come back next season, as long as hes 100% ready and healthy is all that matters. I love D Rose and the bulls are my fav team in the East but lets be honest, they really don’t have a great chance at being contenders this year. Unfortunately Miami looks like they are rolling at the right time. smh

  39. #1 bullsfan says:

    What people don’t understand now a days is that rose is gonna be stronger than ever, his shot is gonna be better than ever. When you’re injured all you can do is workout and work on your shoot. D Rose is the best point guard in the league people seem to forget what he’s done the past two years. With his humble heart he could lead the bulls to the finals. To God be the Glory!

  40. Alpha says:

    Rose u got come back because some one got beat the heats.

  41. bitch please says:

    Rose, you can’t be MVP again, it was just a fluke hahaha

    • rose 3.5 says:

      @Bitch please , you being born was a fluke imbecile.

      • bigwes95 says:

        @ rose 3.5. i wouldn’t say that, doc rivers said that lebron was the real mvp and people just got tired of voting for him. and that’s why rose won it.

  42. LebronKingOfNba says:

    y do chicago fans thinks that chicago team is a scrub team without rose. fact is without rose this chicago team is a playoff team. so don’t exaggerate things that rose is carrying his team by himself. if it was cleveland i could understand. it doesn’t matter if rose comes back or not, they still be beaten by other teams like pacers, nyk, boston, or brooklyn. this chicago fans thinks they have like a jordan superstar again, truth is lebron kobe and durant are the only players we can say are on the other planet. rose isn’t there yet

  43. TT says:

    Derrick Rose is going to tear his ACL again if he ever plays for Tom Thibodeau!!! Remember last season’s game 1 against the Sixers!!! Remember who to blame!

  44. JM says:

    This article is such a steaming pile that I actually have a hard time believing that the NBA is OK with it being on the website. I mean, really? Rose shouldn’t come back with 15 games to go because Jordan did too? Wow. Also referring to him as a “former all-start” is a nice touch; the man is a multiple time all-star and an MVP; you need to show some respect. You’re not talking about Shaun Livingston coming back here. As always, very obvious bias against Chicago; another garbage article with doom and gloom written all over it.

    If you ever get bored, you can actually watch some NBA games instead of writing negative garbage about players. Just an FYI, just throwing it out there in case you get tired of hatin’; which I doubt.

  45. MichaelPhelpsCantSwim says:

    D. Rose is not gonna be the same. he’s done. its all about the healing up of his ligament. his ligament is messed up… for example, brandon Roy…

  46. StayGold says:

    Tired of hearing about these “speculations.” I don’t get why people still care about this subject. It will take Derrick Rose at least half a season to be back to his old self. Playing 5 on 5 with teammates is nothing. They won’t bump you too hard or foul you too hard. Rose needs to learn to have a jumper or else he will get messed up again. He will also have lost a step. Let’s move on from this “Return.” Bulls don’t have a team built for a title and Rose won’t change that. Make off season moves and build a title winner, not a title contender.

  47. Mr.Dee says:

    It’s very important to NOT to rush. Better come back once he feels 110%. If he rushes and comes back earlier, he will have higher chance of getting reinjured. God forbids if that happens, it will be tough to deal for fans, him and his family. And he will be in a same category with Grant Hill and Greg Oden who had great talent but “weak” body. I don’t think his body can take any other serious injuries. Please don’t rush even the season is on the line. We want to see the old MVP caliber Rose who is 200% healthy.

  48. Logic says:

    If it hurts don’t play if it doesn’t play easy as that

  49. Phil Kolar says:

    Sigh. He’ll be back when he’s back.We all hope he regains his MVP form.In the meantime, why not do something productive like become politically aware and active?Life is not just a spectator sport.

  50. bryon says:

    you da man man rose

  51. W/E says:

    … obviously when he comes back next year he gotta be alot more carefull and stop the crazy penetrations in traffic hes a 6,3″ point guard, he can’t keep playing like a slashing 6,8 – 6,10″ SF- PF he cant take the same punishment, he gotta learn to shoot the ball and create plays without getting creamed every time in the paint..or else he will get injured again and again thats for sure.

  52. Dr. O'Neal says:

    just minimize the drive and focus more on your outside shooting plus dishing and you’ll be fine D-Rose.. The Bulls need your scoring contribution, and the fans want you back on the court!

  53. Anonymous says:

    I just think of a player like G. Arena and the injuries he had a few year ago or even the QB with the Redskins. Or even Amare in New York. There is no need to rush back or even play injured especially with a franchise player like Rose. Of course there is likely to be rust when Rose returns. If Rose could return during the playoffs, that could be an added boost for the Bulls and would make more sense than him returning during the regular season. Good luck to Rose and the Bull’s either way.

  54. Bulls fan says:

    he commin back

  55. Vesko says:

    Its all abut the mental game at this point, obviously his team, and fans are eager to have him back on the court. Like he mentioned today its about getting (in-game shape). Other then the concerns on re-injuring = 0% like any other player. When he returns he’ll be simply how kids these days call it a beast, batter then ever ; )

  56. Bob slanadanapopavitch says:

    Rose is a truly gifted player, and one of my all time favorite. Just because he is cleared to play, if he doesn’t feel right, he shouldn’t and watching him play for the last 4 years, any Rose fan knows how much that man loves the game and if he able to come back this season in time for the playoffs… He isn’t going to hesitate but step back out on that court. But if he doesn’t feel right, it might be physically or mentally, he should just wait. All of you haters saying hes a pansy, you are some of the most ignorant people out there. Imagine being the next franchise player to carry the Bulls after Jordan, having all that pressure build up and for Rose to come back just because we want him to, not able to play at his full positional and maybe a possibility of re-injury which could ruin the rest of his career is just not smart. He is smarter than that and only he knows when he’s ready to return.

  57. Kevin says:

    Personally we glorify football players as some sort of gladiators and they have more whining and complaining than any other league about rules injuries. I have played football and basketball and by far basketball is much more straining.

  58. Kevin says:

    First off, for the AP factor. I believe you need your knees even more in basketball than football. Rose plays both sides of the ball, where AP can sit until his D gets the ball back for him much more time to rest. Actually if you look at all of the major sports fottbll players get the most rest game to game more than any other sport. Also one game a week is much less risky of re-injury than in the NBA where you may have three to four games a week plus multiple travel times and locations where football travels maybe once a week

  59. Mystery05 says:

    If one year is not enough to be fully recovered, then it is better to play and prepare for the next season D. Rose. Don’t mind those people that don’t know what they’re saying. Please consider his feelings coz he knows his body well than we do.

  60. jex says:

    take ur time d-rose….

    @ ted.. rubio and rose game is different.. obviously rose has the higher chance of reinjuring his knee with his game/

  61. Alberto Levy says:

    The people that are negative on D Rose are probably Miami Heat fans who get on the bandwagon, knowing in their hearts that they buy championships.

    • June says:

      Maybe before, I will believe in that as a Heat fan as well… Spoelstra is a good coach and I know he knows what’s best for the Heats. It’s just that they tend to out do what is supposed to be done, with the result of having alot of talents in their roster

  62. sports fan says:

    Ted & W/E are pretty damn immature & unintelligent to be so judgemental by calling a professional athlete who is coming off of a major injury a loser. You guys are NOT professional athletes, nor doctors, nor nba coaches, etc. And you don’t know all of the details with this situation.

    Rose knows his body better than anybody else.
    Only Rose knows where he is mentally.
    Rubio does not look like his old self.
    Rose is a much bigger investment than Rubio.
    Every athlete coming off of an injury like this has a different recovery rate.
    Team strategy & team chemistry is also affected by a superstar’s return.
    Instead of being short-sighted look at it long-term, it just might be better to come back next season.

    Unless you two have recovered from an ACL injury in a professional sport, or any sport for that matter, then you two know absolutely nothing.

    • June says:

      In short, like the old Chinese saying:

      Mind and body must be one to perform to the ultimate level.

      I haven’t torn my ACL and hope I won’t coz I’ve seen people do. As a nurse, I know how hard it is to recover from that injury and it takes more time for you to be ready to come back.

      Those injuries require therapies in both physical and mental aspect…

  63. DW says:

    I grew up with the NBA of the 90’s and watched Penny Hardaway and Grant Hill both setback their careers due to injury and playing when they should have just sat out. With that being said, Derrick is making the right decision and I’m glad he’s using his own common sense and ignoring the pressure that everyone else is trying to throw on him.

  64. Hurry up d-rose and rondo.

  65. Paul says:

    All those injury look wat Peterson do the best comeback player for the min.. rose is late something wrong to this pic…the result

  66. Joe says:

    Rose need to wait till next season he doesn’t need the pressure this year of returning for the playoffs and trying too hard and re injuring himself and ending his career true fans of this guy will agree okay I’m willing to risk one season without Rose than no Rose for good because let’s face it if he re injures his acl again the season after he already had the injury his career is done

    • June says:

      Unfortunately, I feel that even more pressure will come to him come next season. My only fear is he might get traded for some unknown reason. Afterall, off season trades are something nobody expects to happen

  67. Unkle Daddy says:

    Thank you, “theholyspectator” for being the only person on here with some common sense and “serious injuries are no joke” calm down man. D. Rose stay home, rest up, work on your game a lot and pray this franchise finds you some more help in the off season. Amen

  68. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    I forget that Rose exists in between these articles. Let’s just admit it….Rose is afraid. It can be argued that it’s for good reason, since he is a jumper and a slasher (unlike Rubio) who depends on the health of his knees to play well. But really, the only way he’ll know if he’s ready is to actually play in a game at this point.

  69. Fidelvi says:

    Follow Blake griffin footsteps take the year off return in full effect next season

  70. Omar says:

    My opinion is that if he is medically cleared to play he should because the bulls franchise spent a lot of money on this guy and this is a job you know…… his team needs him right now….. win or loose this year it should be with him on the court

  71. theholyspectator says:

    who cares? bulls arent championship material even with a 100% rose…players arent the same after an injury of that kinda magnitude…especially a guy like rose who is an explosive player…just look at how he plays…the heat buried the bulls wit a 100% no inury rose…so what they are gonna beat the heat and come out the east when it gets back? they are a a good 1 to 2 pieces away from givin heat something to deal with, but as of right now they arent ready to win it this talk about when is he coming back, is pretty much pointless…keep it movin folks

  72. Cathie says:

    I don’t think you always have to have a star to win. Sometimes you need a team player not a prima donna.

    • Emmanuel Stalling says:

      The only team to win it all without a star in the last three decades is the 2004 Pistons. That’s one team, out of 30 years. You DO need a star to win in this league, in this day and age.

  73. Gil says:

    Anyone who has ever been injured in any sport would know you can never be to sure. Give him the time he needs I’d hate to see any good player re-ingure themselves. At the same time look at Mcgrady in Houston they waited to long and he became rusty and never established his game.

    • June says:

      Everybody can get injured or re-injured… It’s just the matter of how you will bounce back and on what form. Look at Carter… Alot of injuries and this season proves he can still be intrumental. Didn’t took him to score 30+ points but he was enough to spark the bench and the starters when he was needed to play. He bounced back from getting injured, tried to get back into the groove and this season shows that those payed off.

  74. AP did it says:

    What about AP he plays football and came back from a Torn ACL and he had more risk to get re injured in football so I think its easier to come back in basketball

    • mark iv says:

      This guy is right, its easier to get injured playing football than basktball and their both coming back from same injury AP= Adrian Peterson if you didnt know :p

  75. The Angry Buddhist says:

    Nobody is beating Miami this year. Two years ago , a healthy Chicago team was stomped by the Heat in the conference finals.
    Rose should wait or better yet he should accept the role of shooting guard and forgo his crazy athletic forays to the basket

    • Chris says:

      …there’s a team in the west you know that has won three championships in the last ten years with the same core players. A team who’s bench nearly beat Miami, a team that when healthy dominates the competition. A team who’s franchise player defies father time Everytime he steps on the court. Of course the media never talks about them so no one cares right? Let’s see what the Spurs can do once Parker is back before we start saying no one can beat Miami in the finals.

  76. needisaymore says:

    it takes a loser to know a loser……LOSER!!!!

  77. fabrice says:

    ted you are wrong dude, rubio isn’t playing like before. Stop talking trash..rose isn’t ready to play mentally, he’s under a lot of pression.. from adidas and from the fans

    let’s be honest even with rose coming back this team can’t win, he needs to step back and come healthy for the next season

  78. Aerilon says:

    Missing the whole season is just wrong! I don’t know what Rose is thinking but he should come back when the doctors say that he isn’t risking re-injuring his knee more than any other player getting injured. Everything else is just drama for me and this comes from someone that used to play college and semi pro basketball in Europe and suffered a torn ACL. Is all about the mentality. I think Rose is afraid that he will come back and fail to lead the Bulls to glory.

    My opinion is that he should come back when he isn’t risking re-injuring his knee and just play with a minute limitation. Also when he comes back he should just leave his team do what they were doing all season long. That’s what a great leader should do.

    Rose you are a great player! Please don’t let the mentality and the drama screw you over! Come back and the wins and the titles will come in time!

    • Realist says:

      And this comes from someone who presumably torn his ACL? First of all, there is difference between the severity of ACL injuries and you out of all people should kow that. I play basketball as well and I use to be very explosive. I torned just my miniscus in my left knee, and because of it can’t jump nearly as high as I used to nowadays. Secondly, last time I checked D-Rose shredded his ACL. So please atop with the non sense.

  79. drhey says:

    hey punk you’re the loser crybaby.

  80. W/E says:

    Rose u loser take example from Rubio, he came back and hes fine, why u have to whine so much about it, just retire if u are so scared coming back.

    • Rose vs. Rubio says:

      Last time I checked Rose has played and, for the sake of being the franchise player, must continue to play at a superior level to Rubio. That includes being the explosive player he was before the injury, Rubio, meanwhile, doesn’t have to be explosive, nor has he ever. Rubio isn’t as dynamic a player and therefore, doesn’t have the risk Rose has every time he plays. While it sparks curiosity looking at other players who have recovered the same injury, there is no merit to it unless each player functions the same way on the basketball court.

      • bigwes95 says:

        @Rose vs. Rubio. i agree that his comeback should come a lot later than rubio’s. but you have to know that rose IS cleared to play, only has to play around 15-20 minutes a game for the rest of the season just to get rid of a little bit of rust. Brandon Roy got double knee surgery,not as severe as a torn acl, but the fact he still came back at all, within ten days in fact for the play-offs and lead the blazers to the win that game, with only scoring 10 points. you act like rose needs to score 25, 8, and 5 just be effective. just people hearing that he’s back will make the opponents more concernced about the game. and the greatest players know how to change their game, like grant hill. hill should be in the top ten small forwards of all time without injury, but since then he’s changed his game. and saying rubio doesn’t have the same risk is very ignorant, it’s like saying oden didn’t because he didn’t make cuts and stuff like rose. oden just had to jump and break his knee cap, and then griffin is doing all these crazy dunks all the time but he doesn’t break his knees. so that point is invalid! they don’t have to function the same, they have to function effectively while on the court. like when the dunk was outlawed in college to slow down kareem, he decided to use the skyhook, not just wait around until the rules changed. he took it upon himself to become better. and that’s what rose should try doing, learning more things incase he can’t play the same way.

  81. Hughp23 says:

    I have said since the beginning that if Rose needed to take the entire year off then do so. This year was supposed to be a wash year anyway for the Bulls with him being out.

    The team rallied together and started the season strong and then have tanked since the month of February. They are going to get into the playoffs and there is an outside chance that they could make the ECF without Rose, but with Miami playing the way they are now and with how they crushed us even when Rose was healthy 2 years ago in the playoffs….now would not be the time for a Cinderlla comeback.

    Take the year off and hopefully GARPAX will spend some $$$ and get a better 2-guard to help out. We don’t want to become the Lakers where they have Kobe and nothing to help out.

  82. Jimmy says:

    Derrick Rose has everything to lose and nothing to gain if he comes back this season, it just makes perfect sense that he comes back when he feels he is ready, which I feel will be next season. What’s the point in coming back early? He won’t have enough time to gel with his team mates again to compete with the Heat and Pacers of the east. It will upset Chicago’s flow, because they’re accustom to playing without him now. If he comes back next season, which he will, he’ll be mentally prepared for the game. Being confident with lateral movement on his knee. And he’ll be back to his electrifying best. Everyone should get off of him. His game relies heavily on athleticism, he should come back when he feels he can fully utilize his explosive ability.

    • Hm says:

      So he should just cash in this year and not play at all? Must make the organisation feel great about their supposed “franchise player” (though Noah is more valuable) when he won’t even play in the first year of a big contract, despite being cleared for play by doctors.

  83. Awkward says:

    DRose VS. LBJ

  84. Ted says:

    Rose is a loser. He keeps whining about his knee. Look at Rubio. He had the same injury as this guy and yet he was back several months ago(Rose injured his ACL about a month after Rubio). He is even playing at the same level that he was last year before he got injured. It’s all about the mentality. If he really wanted to play badly, he would have done so. That’s what great players do. Great players are very eager to play and can play even when injured. He is always worried about what if he re-injures his knee. The moment you stepped in that court, every player has a chance to get injured. If you are worried about getting re-injured, go play chess. Just another proof that Rose didn’t deserve that MVP title a couple of years ago.

    • serious injuries are no joke says:

      Have you ever come back from a knee injury sir ? Especially as serious as a torn ACL? Ricky Rubio is not the wolves franchise player, I respect that guy but he is no rose. Rose is the future of the bulls. You people who think he OS being a pansey for not coming back are clearly fools. This guy has the weight of carrying the franchise and trying to play at the level he once did. You have no clue how much pressure is on him. I’ve come back from a knee injury and let me tell you I was scared when I stepped on the court again. You think he didn’t deserve that MVP well guess what too bad he got it , stop living.g in the past hater.

      • JeffX says:

        ^ “serious injuries are no joke” ….ditto……but just to add….There are torn ACL’s and a tear in the ACL ie: some are worse than others. It’s like saying you got a cut in your leg, could be an inch long, could be a foot long. I can’t believe people hate Rose, nice humble guy who thanked his mum when he won the MVP. He won it because his team had the best record for the past two years, and he was a large part of it. The other guy I would like to see win a MVP is Durant, who is cut from similar cloth. We need good examples of how to behave in the NBA, after all it isn’t hard tofind bad examples.

      • RJ says:

        Yeah, I mean you have to know the specifics of the injuries. And well said JeffX. Thanks for pointing out the humility of Rose and Durant. People should acknowledge that.

      • kobe? says:

        Bad examples like Kobe

    • Michael Ip says:

      Rose is a Franchise Player, Rubio isn’t. Rose is a Star, Iman Shumpert isn’t. If Derrick Rose comes back he needs to be healthy and risk free. Another thing is, when Rose comes back he will be a lot more efficient than Rubio or Shumpert Combined as he is currently working on his game now. Derrick Rose will bring a big impact to Chicago, therefore you should stop complaining about Rose whining.

    • Ona says:

      Are you dumb? Derrick Rose and Ricky Rubio are different from each other they have different style of playing basketball. Drose is a scorer franchise player, and he’s explosive when he is on the court, while Rubio is more on setting plays. With Drose injury he will have a hard time adjusting for his knee to get used to what he always does on the court.

    • Terrible says:

      Someone raised a fool. Enough said.

    • emliao says:

      “Just another proof that Rose didn’t deserve that MVP title a couple of years ago”. That comment made me laugh out loud, and I don’t even like the Bulls! Rose was clearly the MVP that year.

      It’s pretty obvious all these haters don’t see the big picture in that Ricky Rubio and Derrick Rose have two completely different styles of play. Rose clearly depends on his explosiveness and leaping ability far more than Rubio does. The type of abuse Rose puts on his knees is FAR greater than most point guards, hence the rehabilitation time needs to be considerably longer. If that’s not common sense, I don’t know what is.

      With that said, I hope the Bulls go down!

    • LEE says:

      Rose is a beast did u see the size of his body? his weight
      do NOT compare Rose with rubio the style of play is totaly diferent
      Rose require much more of his body because of it
      and tear acl is totaly diferent then torn acl

    • JTWEEZY says:

      First of all Rose is exploxive and Rubio is not. Totally different games bruh. The cuts and jukes Rose makes are essential to his game. If he can not make those moves with confidence then he should not come back. Rubio plays like Jason Kidd. All ground attack!

    • mj says:

      lol rubio plays for the timberwolves..what playoff hopes are there for that franchise since garnett left? of course your gonna come back if your rubio, his team is trash

    • June says:

      I got injured before, spraining my ankle and yet I tried to play it some more even when it’s injured. It ended having me recover from that injury longer than when I should’ve normally did.

  85. Andre Morais_Portugal says:

    Coming back now or later..just comeback when u are 100%!!!