Kobe Putting Up Improbable Numbers While Fighting Off Father Time


Charles Barkley has an old friend he introduces to players headed for the other side of their prime.

His name is Father Time and Father Time plays a mean brand of ball, as unstoppable as Barkley in the day backing his big backside in the low block. Father Time, Barkley says, eventually shoves his pointy posterior into every career, superstar to scrub, and doesn’t let up till its all over. Just wait on him.

Even you, Kobe Bryant.

“Seventeen years of my career,” Bryant stated recently, boldly asked whether age and mileage are starting to show, “if there’s anything about me that says I’m going to allow you guys to see me slow up, it’s silly.”

Bryant is, at age 34 and 17 seasons in, boxing out Father Time like nobody’s business. He’s challenging Kevin Durant, 24, and Carmelo Anthony, 28, for the scoring title. His 27.8 scoring average is right at last season’s average,  and is two points better than his career average and is a hair higher than the average of LeBron James, 28, the runaway MVP candidate. Entering Saturday’s games, Bryant trailed only Durant in total points — by 15.

But enough about those rubber-legged whippersnappers. Bryant’s point total this season — 1,752 and counting — is well ahead of pace to become the highest total ever by a player 34 or older and in at least his 15th season. Bryant needs 344 points, another 13 games or so at his current clip, to surpass the king of the geriatric category, Karl Malone, who poured in an all-time best 2,095 points as a 36-year-old, 15-year vet.

Bryant’s season currently ranks fourth all-time under the 34-and-15 parameter. Malone holds the top two spots (also 2000-01, scoring 1,878 points at 37, 16th season) and three of the top four (also 1,788 points in 2001-02 at 38, 17th season). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 1985-86 season ranks third with 1,846 points at 38 in his 17th season.

Bryant on Friday night posted 41 points in a sensational clutch performance that began the Lakers’ final 20-game playoff push with a wild overtime win against the Toronto Raptors, a team he once popped for 81. He’s now gone for 40 or more in consecutive games and three times in the last eight games, a span in which he’s averaged 35.9 points and shot 55.6 percent (99-for-178) overall and 47.8 percent (22-for-46) from 3-point range.

It’s led to a new Twitter hashtag for Bryant — #vino — as in gets better with age. He will add to his remarkable point total Sunday afternoon in nationally televised game against the Chicago Bulls (3:30 p.m. ET, ABC).

Yet it’s not only Bryant’s scoring that’s up. Across the board he’s having a season that makes younger men weep: Facilitator mode has resulted in 5.7 apg, his highest since 2004-05; 5.4 rpg, a tick above his career average; 47.5 field-goal percentage, best of his career; and 34.3 percent from beyond the arc, his highest percentage in four seasons and above his career average.

In spite of a basketball odometer that reads 1,444 career games — regular season and playoffs — and 53,432 total minutes, Bryant’s stats suggest that he’s still evolving?

“He’s playing probably at as good a level as I’ve seen anybody play this year,” said Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks, who watches Durant and Russell Westbrook light it up nightly. “His ability to attack the paint, I mean, he seems to have two or three dunks every game now.”

Maybe it’s the German platelet-rich-plasma treatment from 2011. Probably it’s his determination and an inhuman pain threshold that hasn’t allowed him to miss more than nine games in any one season over the last eight. It pulled him back onto the floor in Oklahoma City Tuesday night after jarring his right elbow so badly early in the first quarter that he had to leave the game for treatment and was deemed by the team’s training staff to be “questionable” to return. They should  know the Mamba better than that.

Minutes later he checked back in and scored 30, nearly rallying L.A. all the way out of a big hole against the Thunder.

Two nights later at New Orleans he had 42 points, 12 assists and seven rebounds, and this time he did bring the perplexing Lakers all the way back from down 25 for a critical win to their playoff quest, just like Friday night. It’s the story of this strange Lakers season: For L.A. to have a chance to beat even the league’s lesser teams, Bryant has had to be magnificent, and even then it hasn’t always been enough to lift his disappointing club.

He’s pulled the Lakers (32-31) to just a half-game out of the final playoff spot, but to secure it, it’s clear it take Kobe gone wild the rest of the way.

“It’s fun,” Bryant said. “This is what we get paid to do, is compete at a high level. I enjoy it.”

Bryant won’t find much enjoyment if he wins the scoring title but falls short of the playoffs. He’d become the first scoring champ not to make the postseason since Tracy McGrady with the Orlando Magic in 2004. McGrady was 24 when he led the league in scoring for a second consecutive season.

But what business does Bryant have challenging for a third scoring title anyway? Fact is, 30-somethings don’t win scoring titles. Michael Jordan was the last to do it at Bryant’s age. Jordan turned 35 during the 1997-98 season, his 13th in the league and last with the Bulls. He averaged 28.7 points and punctuated it with a sixth NBA championship.

Jerry West won it at 31 in 1969-70, his 10th season. Alex English turned 30 during the ’82-’83 season, his seventh in the league.

Think Bryant can’t do it again since going back-to-back in 2006 and 2007 as a relative pup of 27 and 28? Entering Saturday’s games, he trails Durant (28.5 ppg) by 0.7 points and is 0.4 points behind Anthony (28.2 ppg). All three are capable of monster finishes as their teams fight for playoff seeding.

Bryant and the Lakers are battling just to get in and that means he’s going to keep playing heavy minutes in the final 19 games. Bryant is averaging 38.3 mpg, a ludicrous amount of floor time for a player of his age and mileage. Entering Saturday’s games, only seven players average more.

Of the 10 players logging at least 38 mpg, their average age is 24.7 years with an average of 5.4 seasons in the league. None are older than 28.

To refresh, Bryant is 34 with 17.

“He’s just a determined guy,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. “He;’s got a big heart, he’s playing hard, so, he’s unbelievable. I would like to have the luxury of being able to sit him more. You know what, I say that, but he won’t let me do it.

“He wants to play and he’s going to play so he’ll battle through it. It doesn’t matter.”

And just maybe Bryant will outrun Father Time. He continues to hint that he won’t hang around until his body won’t let him, perhaps even retiring as soon as his contract expires at the end of next season, at the ripe, old age of 35.

If he does, it just might go down as Father Time’s first defeat of all-time.


  1. Yea boy , my boy keeps on putting up the numbers . I just wish all would stop compairing the to outstanding NBA stars aginst one another. I mean they are totaly differant players exspecialy age differance , labraun is a badd man and bryant equally as badd as the bone u feel me stop compairing already folks they both are making history and deserving so my hat off to them both how ever im a laker forever my brothers but if i was asked to pick between the two hands down has to my main man bryant Vino mamba u know what time it is folks kobie is the same age as my first born go on ahead with your bad selves LB and KB

  2. Joan says:

    When Lebron’s age takes a toll he’ll jus turn into Magic(Johnson)…. Not bad.. So far so Great

  3. #LONGLIVEKOBE says:


  4. #LONGLIVEKOBE says:

    kobe i think should win MVP why the numbers he is putting up are just rediculous but ofcourse MR.LEBRONKINGJAMES is most likely gonna get it cause hes team is on a 18 game win streak but thats not lebron who makes the team win 18 in a row its wade bosh and the 3 point shooting no offense to howard and nash they are getting use to playing with kobe and are getting more touches offensively the lakers look like a playoff team now. but who drives the team #kobe why he is determined and is cursed like mj with the will to learn so david stern you should give KOBE MVP #LONGLIVEKOBE

  5. El Tigre says:

    To paraphrase, HEART OVER TALENT

  6. Basketball Studies says:

    I think its funny that this article is all about kobe and you guys someone still bring lbj into it. I am far from a kobe fan, but for you guys to not think lbj is better or should be mvp your sure helping him out bc you are putting him in a story he wasn’t in


    when he stop playing basketball the NBA is soo corny ..:

  8. George says:

    I do not see why everyone keeps on starting this argument, kobe and lebron are both great players, who cares who is #1, #2, or #3, they are both major contributors to the game of ball and will be sorely missed when they are retired.

  9. nimble says:

    Kobe is incredible after all these years.

  10. AbdelRahman Elshamy says:

    I don’t know how can you compare a player 34 years old with a multiple injuries with one 28 (his PRIME) and still see that the younger player is the best !!!!

    just remember 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 sessions and playoffs and you will see that kobe did what lebron doing with age 31
    and he did not had ((Wade)) !!

    for people to think for this comparison shows that KB is the best may be 3 or 4 all time greatest player

    • Francisco says:

      you guys do no want to look , it is there in the books, lebron is, was, better than Kobe at any age, STOP MAKING STATEMENTS WITHOUT LOOKING AT STATS, while lebron never has shot under 47% after his first year, Kobe NEVER has shot over 47 in 17 years that says it all..Kobe stats at 34 are better than at 28. please argue that.you only case is rings , FT and foot work(which is not) an stat

  11. Anar says:

    wow wow wow

  12. Sevi says:

    Kobe’s my favorite current player (MJ all-time of course) and those last two 40+ games were extreme. The 3 3-pointers to take the game to OT against the Raptors, I’ve never seen anything like that. Will Lebron ever do that? No way. Kobe is the king of clutch but I still think Lebron is the best since Jordan.

  13. Chris says:

    I wish the Lakers would pick up a young guard with a similar mindset to Kobe and have him learn from the mamba. Kobe, like Garnett and Duncan belong to another era of basketball, yet these players still manage to dominate in the new age. Still when players like them are gone basketball might not even be that fun. Lebron is too Hollywood for my liking and he’s not even playing for the LA teams. No disrespect to any players skilled enough to make the league but this era of basketball has lost its touch.

    • jake s says:

      i think we will start seeing players retire sooner

      • Chris says:

        likely.. Standards really have changed for what makes greatness too. I was looking at the accomplishments of the likes of David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon and very few to even no one else has pulled off the things they have season long. But like Bill Russel said this is a different era and we can’t really hold players to the standards of his days where winning a rebounding title meant you crashed 20 boards

  14. Anonymous says:

    KOBE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all the Kobe Haters and Lebron Lovers ……. why do you even bother watching Kobe Bryant? This video has no mention of Lebron James or any other player. It only mentions Kobe so y do u watch it? ……..or could it be that …u guyz secretly LOVE watching Kobe play? hmmmm??

  15. Erock says:

    Anybody think Lebron will be playing like this in his 17th year? I highly doubt it. It’s hard to say anybody has been this good for this long. Sure, Kobe’s not the best right now, because Lebron is clearly in his prime, but I highly doubt Lebron will be playing like this in year 17.

  16. cdubbb24 says:






    LONG LIVE 24. GO FOR 6!

  17. Kobe = last of the true ballers says:

    Kobe, like MJ show what skills mean to the game. The game has changed, it’s way softer now so comparing “new talent” like Lebron to Kobe doesn’t make sense. MJ and ‘8’ Kobe played in an era where it was normal to drive the lane and be thrown to the ground in mid air by defenders (check the Pistons-Bulls matchups of the late 80s and early 90s). MJ and Kobe were forced to use skills to get around this. MJ and Kobe have a gorgeous turn around fade away and pull-up jumper in the bag that Lebron doesn’t have. Lebron has no need to develop that kind of shot or touch at this stage, he knows if he drives to the basket and the defense goes up, he’s got free throws coming and anything close to malicious is a flagrant. If those rulings existed in MJ’s day or when Kobe first entered the league, the entire opponent team would be fouled out or ejected in the first half!
    Kobe has a touch that means regardless of age, athleticism etc he will burn you, just like MJ did. Unless Lebron understands that he can’t rely on physical dominance 5 years from now he will start to go down hill as faster, younger, more physically dominant players arive – the circle completes itself.

  18. theholyspectator says:

    kobes a winner, and smart logical guy…he said it himself he wont be in the next olympics and has hinted many times his time is coming to an end…the guy at this point is all about titles..they not gettin one this year and next year is his last and again he wont win next year, too much talent and competition in the west and even if they managed to make it to the finals…they not gonna beat the heat…unless they got a really solid young piece added to the lakers next season…which could turn them around and really put them ahead of the rest cuz i feel they are 1 solid piece away from being a top contender and battlin the heat…nash was not the right choice maybe if he was 28…but yeah it was fun while it lasted VINO but its time for you to hang em up

  19. Francisco says:


  20. Marac says:

    Did anybody noticed howmany times LaBron travels and gets away with it…?
    I mean it stinks even for NBA…

  21. TheAsher16 says:

    Kobe for me was the most intellectually gifted player ever and has the highest IQ, probably. What sets him FAR apart from thes YOUNG GUYS like Lebron is his Ever SOLID DETERMINATION,HUGE SELF-CONFIDENCE and WILL TO WIN! Kobe never chose his team, never chose teammates to play with, and WON 5 RINGS in his own right. KObe plays with his brain and heart that he usually beats everyone on his path. I always believe that betterwinners are always better mentally than physically, because the best gift ever given to us human is our brain. Kobe never regrets taking last shots, and always greatly believes in himself,that’s why he always comes up with huge shots his entire career.For me he’s the most complete player in the post Jordan era! If only Lebron can develop the same type of dedication, mentality and will to win games like MJ and Kobe does, then probably we can compare Lebron to the 2 GOATs..But right now, Lebron has so much to prove that he is in their level (Kobe and MJ), as long as Kobe is still playing, it is very inevitable that he will always be looking up at Kobe..

  22. W/E says:

    Kobe keep playong till 40 please. Ur the most skilled player offensively in the league right now,ur game resebles the insane skill level of MJ, we have no MJ now but we have Kobe, When Kobe retires it will be a sad day, good Shooting guards are so rare to find, Kobes game will be missed deeply like when Jordan retired and ppl will want to him to come back.

  23. Joe Gallagher says:

    Thank you Kobe for the years and years of thrills. Ball on!

    • Patty says:



  24. dandy937 says:

    yup… kobe is a beast and so is lebron!!

  25. Matthew says:

    Kobe is a great player and was supremely lucky being drafted by the Lakers. That organization is known for getting rings and would have got a few with or without Kobe. Real basketball fans know this. Lebron is a great player and was supremely unlucky being drafted by the Cavs. That organization needed him and since they begin winning instantly, they did not have a real chance at rebuilding a championship calibur team. No one can take anything away from what great players do individually. I hope and pray every player can stay healthy and play at their absolute best for as long as they can. Having a jumpshot helps and being lean helps. Kobe is built for endurance. Lebron not-so-much.

    • jp says:

      Kobe was not drafted by the Lakers, he was drafted by the Hornets THEN traded to LA because Buss and West saw potential in him. According to your logic, Lakers without Kobe would have won 5 championships last decade?

  26. J-Short says:

    This man demands a double team to try and keep the ball out of his hands in crunch time low clutch shoting percentage or not that is the ultimate respect from Pro players after 17 years in the League. Respect greatness, one of the greats man, never seen any great hit as many deep fadeaway 3 point shots with dudes hanging all over him like Kobe look it up yourself.

  27. larry says:

    Kobe!! Dont leave yet. 3 more seasons. Kobe is playing great. I personally dont see him slowing down. I think his will and if the lakers do better with talent, those things will keep him playing past next season.

  28. moneyball says:

    Top 5 player all-time

  29. John says:

    Kobe is the best after copying all moves by MJ? Wow no originality dude….hahahhaaha lakers maybe past the first round but goodluck to OKC hahaha

  30. Raptors says:

    Every one talks about how Lebron will do same thing when he reaches 34. What I am going to say here is that; yes, he might do it but not when the game is on the line (and definitively not back to back to backkkkk). That’s why Kobe is KOBEEEEE. No one can stop Kobe but Kobe him self. Lebron chocks. He is a fun player to watch but he chocks a lotttttt. I got a question for a real NBA lovers ……. tell me, how many close games Lebron won as compared to Kobe? Currently Miami still goes to Wade or Chalmer on most nights when the game is tight. You know what Kobe would say when the game is tight …… GET OUT OF MY WAYYYY. You know what Lebron says when the game is tight? Coach I am not feeling it today let wade have it LOL. On a serious note though Lebron is playing unbelievable as is kobe. I wish they could meet in finals…. It would have been a game of skills vs strength. Since Kobe got the better skills and Lebron got strength.

    • GrammarNazi says:

      Grammar Nazi here.

      “Every one talks about how Lebron will do (THE) same thing when he reaches 34.”

      “No one can stop Kobe but Kobe him self (HIMSELF).”

      “Lebron chocks (CHOKES). He is a fun player to watch but he chocks (CHOKES) a lotttttt.”

      ” I got a question for a real NBA lovers ……. ” Is this suppose to be singular or plural? If meant to be plural, remove the article “a” before “real”. If meant to be singular, remove the ‘s’ in “lovers”.

      “Currently Miami still goes to Wade or Chalmer (CHALMERS, not a grammar error but still, atleast get the names right.) on most nights ….”

      ” I wish they could meet in (THE) finals….”

      No need to thank me. My job here is done.

  31. Bayaraa says:

    They should give MVP. Because: 1.Kobe is playing 17 years. Kobe is the smartest player. he plays BRAIN, not power. 2. He has only 1 MVP. but last decades who get 5 rings? 3. we want interesting game. WHERE AMAZING HAPPENS, who shows? who get 81 points? … and so on.

  32. Nikki says:

    Kobe is still next to MJ, he can push up to the playoffs and even to championship. He is more mature and experience than those previous days. I think he can still make it on a no.6 ring..

  33. Derek says:

    “His 27.8 scoring average is Bryant’s highest since 2007-08”

    Um, no it’s not. Last year he averaged more points (27.9). Do your research before you publish false statements.

  34. Just a guy. says:

    The league will never be the same once he retires. I probably won’t watch the NBA after he’s gone. He carries not only the Lakers on this shoulders but also the entire league!

    • Patty says:

      JUST A GUY!!!


  35. Beavis says:


  36. Mark says:

    Personally I think that Charles Barkley is a hater. I agree that time is the ultimate deciding factor but we are not all created equal. Some people put more effort into the care of their bodies than others hence providing longevity. Some of us as “father time” shows allows our bodies to be overwhelmed with weight poor conditioning, Charles Barkley. There are a lot of great players who have not won a ring to show their excellence but guess what? They don’t talk as much as Charles Barkley. Charles, you need to keep your mouth closed and let Shaq the man speak ( I am trying not to say shut up Charles ). Charles, stop “HATING” and just enjoy the display talent that shows up your lack of talent.

    • Mala says:

      Spot on Mark. He really dislikes Kobe – I think it borders on jealousy. I am still trying to figure out/understand how and or why he got knighted – could someone please enlighten me. And Charles, if you don’t have anything positive or nice to say about Kobe or any other player, just zip it please.
      Kobe grew up playing bball in Europe – look at all the European players, they have skills and so does Kobe. – he was not raised as a streetballer. He is simply amazing to watch – Charles stop hating and appreciate the awesome display of talent, skill, heart and determination of a 34 year old phenomenon – traits that you lacked then and now. The only thing that worked for you then and now is your big and nasty mouth. Let Kenny and Shaq do the talking.

  37. Dalvin says:

    Kobe anti letting up

  38. Hell says:

    You can find marathon runners at 45 years old, 60-year olds climb Everest, hes complaining to much about his age. Jordan put those numbers as 40 year old. Training your whole life day and night.

  39. enjoy says:

    Why people talking about Lebron James here? Its the 4th quarter and its “Kobe’s Time”.

  40. RafaelPT says:

    I’m portuguese to and if it wasn’t the dedication of Kobe and his love for the game I will never had become a basketball fan and continuing to play

  41. Patrickmarc says:

    Instead of black mamba, I would say “ Jaguar “ because his perfect body, “royal eagle“ for his eye, “lion“ for dominance,
    “mangouste“ who bite faster than a manba.
    He is able to hypnotize the fox himself. He can be a chameleon as well.
    And there only one specimen like this on earth, with this special I.Q.

    And of course, as the most famous “vin de garde“ ,he is getting better, year after year!
    We are lucky !

  42. bigseanny says:

    Kobe is top 10 players in NBA history.Enough said

  43. TomasPT says:

    Kobe made me a basketball fan. I’m 17 years old and here in Portugal, just now NBA is getting some attention but I start seeing NBA in 2002 or 2003. I think that’s unbeliveble what Kobe can do, not just by is age because he’s better than anyone in the league. I hope that he keep playing for some more here’s because I must see him playing

  44. mayo says:


  45. MIKO says:

    cant compare them yet….

  46. peteralph says:

    not to mention his been playing throughout a lot of injuries these past years and still manages to put up big numbers and carry the load. how can you possibly hate a player who has that much determination and devotion to the game. he doesn’t have the biggest body or the greatest speed its just that he has the skill and work ethic to really perform and produce such great numbers. and i for one applaud such a players.

    “KOBE BRYANT IS THE BEST PLAYER ALL TIME FOR ME” and thats me saying i’m a huge KOBE BRYANT FAN!!

  47. noyb says:

    He’s one injury away from the bench. And if at his age he keeps up these minutes, that’s inevitable.

  48. Annie says:

    This man is simply amazing!

  49. J. says:

    Kobe is not getting the credit that he should’ve have because, always ppl say that he had shaq and he had pau, now he got howard and pau, and yet it’s the worst season of all. and who is stepping up in a team effort, Kobe, Kobe more dedicated that most persons in his team. not disrespecting Howard and Nash. but Kobe is playing so many season with pain, soreness, struggle. it’s the engine of the team, and everybody is saying a few weeks/months ago, how Kobe is begin bold and harsh on teammates. He wants to win for the team. so he does what he must do to get the win, playing through pain. I cant know how the pain of Howard must feel, but he’s also bein in back surgery last season. and playing, not at 100% but still playing, I think he’ll be a monster in the Playoffs. if they succeed.

    Also it’s funny that in this artical several comments are on Lebron. But this article is about Kobe not lebron so they cant be comparished because Kobe is older more expierenced in the league.

    Anyway, It’s simply amazing how Kobe at age 34 is performing. few players have this type of level of play at old age.

  50. Black Mambaa says:

    Kobe has had an amazing career. Lebron couldnt come close to his accomplishments! Afro Bryant would take lebron to school and so can the kobe now! haha. His jump shot evolved to another level and thats how he’s managed to take over games in the past 5 years. Lebron will never be able to score like kobe and tracy mcgrady. They were part of aa golden era. These new guys are just that…New.

  51. hossein morsali says:

    Kobe was the number 2 choice both years that Nash won MVP. Even though Kobe had better numbers most voters believed that Nash was more important to his team than Kobe was to the Lakers

  52. hossein morsali says:

    I agree Greg. Kobe was the number 2 choice both years that Nash won MVP. Even though Kobe had better numbers most voters believed that Nash was more important to his team than Kobe was to the Lakers

  53. rabbitking says:


  54. Marius says:

    K24 est meilleur: athlétique, leader il joue avec élégance. Les journalistes lui reprochent juste de ne pas être comme les autres: camaraderie, le mauvais rapport avec la presses… Merde. Ce mec, quand il sera à la retraite, il nous manquera comme Jordan. K24 MVP
    Je suis en France, je me lève dans la nuit (00h30 voir 4h30) pour le voir K24 jouer.
    Je suis fan de basket.

  55. David says:

    Kobe again showing how great he is, all down to dedication, determination and will to will win. A disgrace to his career he has only 1 MVP!! Been the best player in most season’s since MJ left.

  56. MSC says:

    It’s your talking about skill overall, there is no one who is better than Kobe, he is the best before you all start jumping on MJ. Just look at the type of shots kobe makes, no one can match that. One of the best if not that the best player ever.

  57. Bradles says:

    Oh quit the LBJ v Kobe nonsense, and the league desires this and that, and rigs this and that!!!! Kobe is having an outstanding season…I have never been a fan due to perceived attitude and off court transgressions (note – perceived – I am not a moron). LeBron is an outstanding baller in his own right. As are all the names that get thrown around in these discussions. It is ultimately irrelevant and subjective, even given statistics, who is the greatest. Championships are usually key which puts Russell in some rarefied air with his 11 rings. Era, team, position, opponents and even blind luck and injuries mean that there is no level playing field. Over and over again so many folks on here have their heads in places they probably shouldn’t be! Love the game people. We are blessed to see those who play it for our lifetimes!

  58. arnie says:

    3 words for Kobe..Unbelieveable..Fantastic…and Great player of all time..Nothing compares.

  59. arnie says:

    3 words to describe Kobe..He’s unbelievable..fantastic and one great player of all time..U have all the heart Mr Black Mamba..nothing compares !!

  60. Blake says:

    “Lebron is probably the most physically gifted basketball player ever. He has the handles of a point guard in a power forward’s body.” What a fantastic description of Lebron, and the entire situation. I suppose who holds the distinction as “the greatest ever” depends on your definition of what makes a player great. Is it simply whoever has the best stats on paper and the greatest athleticism? Or should we take into account a player that readily possesses both of those things at an extremely high level and takes it a step further with their heart and and determination? In my opinion, Kobe has personified work ethic and drive to win his entire career and it shows in Championship rings. As MJ poignantly stated “five beats one.”

  61. Mjnuest says:


  62. John says:

    Keep crying lakers land……kobe need to play hard cause those team is under 500 but he need to play almost 48minutes to win the game or else no more play off baby hahahaha

  63. Majestic says:

    That comment was @Bballlove

  64. Majestic says:

    I understand the presmise of your comment, lebron is a “freight train” that powers his way through players. That is true,because at 6″8, 260lbs how could you not use that sheer size to be an ummovable force of scoring once you get down the lane. Just because he doesn’t do 360 layups or jump in the air and flip his hands around 3 times before he releases the ball doesn’t mean he has no finesse. Don’t be deluded into thinking the skills of players like westbrook or wade,who jump in the air and can move as they please and let go of the ball in a ridiculous position and sitll make it , is the defitnion of finesse. I’m sure you may not be referring to them or thinking of them when you say finesse, but sitll being able to drive spin and relaese the ball with a hook shot in one fluid motion is finesse to me, which Lebron does regularly. You can’t exlude a basketball players size and athlecism and comapre him to others obviosuly their in the nba because of their size and athleticism to play a certian position or in Lebrons case many. Once again I nderstand where you’re coming from but you need to understand finesse comes in many forms which most nba players have in their own unique way. Also cmon don’t tell me you havent seen Lebron spin around a player and do a reverse, or put the ball behind his back quick crossover and score? He doesn’t need to do it often because thats not his game and all he really needs is good steps and boom basket.

    • Chris says:

      That won’t do him too good when he’s older. He’s a heavy man, and all that freight train madness is going to catch up with him after he’s put so many miles on those knees of his. However I have no doubt when Lebron’s athletism fades about his ability to adjust his game. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to adjust and adapt to compete the way that Kobe does but Lebron is going to be around for awhile, I’m not even a fan but I know he’ll still find a way to compete

  65. Gillsy says:

    Kobe is the only one of four players that are around that age 35 or more to keep their game at a high level. The others being KG, PP and TD. However, what seperates them is his minutes. KG and TD’s minutes have shrunk due to age. While Kobe just keeps expecting his body to turn up like he is in his 20’s. The biggest thing about him is his determination. Just last week he played through the pain of another arm injury. I would love to know how many games he has played in his career that he wasn’t ment to play due to injuries.

  66. pasigiri says:

    It’s really amazing to watch someone literally fight for it. With everything they’ve got, just absolutely bleed for it. Kobe is literally pulling the Lakers with nothing but will. It’s just incredible. Lebron is great and Durant is just awesome, but Kobe is on a different planet now. One player is not suppose to be able to carry a team like this. No way. Not at age 34 and season 17(18???). But that’s the great part about this run by Kobe. It’s not about MVP, scoring titles, stats, spot light, and attention. It’s about winning. Defeating the opponent in front of you. We don’t get to choose our opponent on the field of battle nor when we face them, but face them we must. Kobe, at age 34 and in his 17th season, is facing his opponents no excuses and no regrets. Just the will to win.

  67. Greg says:

    It is simply jaw dropping to see his numbers. It is simply miraculous he’s already 34, but he’s still playing along 25 year olds. It is simply outrageous he isn’t getting the credibility he deserves.

    Kobe is both a leader, a scorer, and the most important player to the Lakers franchise. How he has 1 MVP, we’ll never know. How Kobe won’t win MVP this season if the Lakers make playoffs, I don’t know, but Lebron will probably still win it with everyone bandwagoning on him. Yeah yeah I know, I’m a Lakers fan. But let’s be honest. Take Kobe out, and Lakers wouldn’t even be close to where they are right now. No one else on that team has the dedication and drive like Kobe. Take out Lebron, and the Heat are still a playoff bound team. MVP should no question go to Kobe, but no, Lebron is going to get it this year, as usual, again.

    Regardless of MVP status, Kobe’s dominance can only be summed up by a few words, Dedication, Selflessness, and Pure Heart. Dedication, the dedication to continue playing 38 minutes a game, when his legs are getting tired, when his body is weakening, he refuses to quit. Selflessness, putting his body on the line just to get a chance to make playoffs. Still trusting his teammates in overtime vs the Raptors. And Pure Heart, the heart to never give up. Many players would start to just hoist up shots this late in the season and give up. Not Kobe. He never stopped giving up. Not when they were 4th last in the West, not when they were 5 games back of 8th, not when they were down big in games. That is the true nature of Kobe Bryant.

    • fiveodano says:

      I agree Greg. Kobe was the number 2 choice both years that Nash won MVP. Even though Kobe had better numbers most voters believed that Nash was more important to his team than Kobe was to the Lakers. I thought Nash deserved his MVP’s back then and for the reasons you gave Kobe might deserve it this year. IF he continues to play at this level and IF they make the playoffs.
      Either way, 17 yeas in the NBA and playing at this level is amazing. The only place he has slowed down is in defense. Kobe made had made 1st NBA all-defense team 9 years, and also had a few 2nd and 3rd all-defense teams

      Just a thought…Is there any player who has taken more free throw shots in the past 17 years? I have always been impressed at his ability to draw the foul. Shaq used to take a lot of free throws, but teams would foul him just to keep him from dunking on them.

    • Francisco says:

      the most ridiculous injustice would be to give kobe the MVP, are you guys nuts?.you want to give him credit for the lakers making the last spot in the playoff but blame somebody else fo r a team that was suppose to be figthting for the first spot in the western conference. as good as stats show how well kobe is playing (better than at his prime at least offensibly, he is a liability deffensibly). lebron and Durant are having a season for the ages. Please look at efficiency

      • Just this once says:

        this is like compare Adenium obesum with family rose. The Lakers started with some very bad situations. They were put together right before the season started, switched to a completely different system, injures has always been their problem. They struggled for several month, even until today I would say. In the last two games Kobe put two straight 40+12 games to help the Lakers stay and go above 500,he’s very valuable to the team. Just look at the guys Lebron is surrounding with, look at the bench. Heat is arguably the best team in the league right now thanks to the right moves their coach and management made. MVP stands for Most Valuable Player. The heat will continue do well without Lebron, the Lakers can not win without Kobe. So, please think again and maybe take off the “ridiculous” and “injustice” from your sentences.

      • Greg says:

        efficiency doesnt matter for the MVP. you should make a “most efficient player” award then. no. MVP means most VALUABLE player. with kobe’s drive and determination, theres no way you are going to put lebron over kobe at this point. kobe has been the most valuable player for his team. lakers would have been down and out by january without him.

  68. daquan gilliard says:

    kobe is the best player to me and people think that lebron and durant is good kobe was better at there age and still doing it at 34 but just think lebron dont have a jumper or shot like kobe and it hard to defend kobe 1 on 1 u have to double team or else a three or fadeaway or a dunk u will see before ur eyes wen kobe retire will go down as the best laker ever count on it

  69. Marcus says:

    The thing that amazes me the most about Kobe is his determination, and that is what separates him from people like LeBron and Durant. LeBron is probably the most physically gifted basketball player ever. He has the handles of a point guard in a power forward’s body. He can guard and play any position on the floor.

    Durant is a 6-10 guy with octopus arms who can shoot from anywhere on the court. Give him space, he’ll shoot the jumper over you. Guard him closely, he will explode by you. We have never seen players quite like LeBron or Durant before.

    But Kobe? He’s a regular 6-6 NBA player. His athleticism was good, but nowhere near people like Vince Carter’s. He didn’t have the speed of people like Russell Westbrook, or the physical gifts like LeBron. But what Kobe has is determination, stubbornness, and work ethic.

    Kobe is probably the hardest working player in the league. All those days waking up at 4 AM to go to the gym to practice has paid off. He is making it seem like he’s in his prime again. Those explosive dunks, contested 3’s, and fadeaways we have taken for granted. One can imagine how many times he has practiced every single move in his arsenal.

    It’s sad that Kobe says he is retiring soon. You should all stop arguing about who’s the best ever (MJ or Kobe), and instead sit back and watch the game. Kobe is paid to put on a show, and we should just sit back and enjoy. I know I plan to.

    • Yer Boy says:


    • K. Chief says:

      Well said, my friend. Well said.

    • Sensation says:

      Marcus – You know your stuff…. very well said.

    • Patty says:



    • Chris says:

      Great words! I sure know I appreciate Kobe more! Never really could as a youngster, too caught up in the Iverson hype and even Lebron in his cleveland days. But now I’ve learned to appreciate what Kobe has done throughout his career and continues to do today

    • Julian says:

      Agree, but Kobe will go down as one of the best closers of all time, when you think of the word closer does the name Lebron James come in mind?? Didnt think so.

  70. Edward says:

    Once Kobe’s gone the game will never be the same. It’s full of floppers, travelers, and babies who can’t win without David Stern rigging the games. This dude made me a Lakers fan when I was 9. I’m 21 and I still say other than Jordan no one can compare to the Black Mamba. It’s a shame the way the media is disgracing him as only “okay” when he’s leading the league in scoring at 34 and having an MVP season but LeBrick will win it just because the league desires for him to go down as the greatest.

    • Witness says:

      No. He’ll win it because he IS the greatest. When both KB and LBJ are retired, Lebron will go down IN POPULAR VOTE as the better player. Period.

    • I also dont get how the league can allow the forming of The Heat the way it is… Stern blocked C. Paul from joining the Lakers for “Basketball Reasons”. Understandable. Now, how can he allow a tem to reduce their salaries to form a superteam? I mean… Lebron is clearly the top player on the league. Wade is not behing that many. If you look at the Salary cap, Heat players are well underpaid compared to other team rosters. Lebron, the league’s MVP receives far less than more than a handful of players on the League. That for me is enough “Basketball Reasons” to block that move. If they want a superteam, be ready to pay the Lux Tax!!!

      • Sensation says:

        Eduardo – you are a little confused.

        Stern stopped the New Orleans deal because the NBA owned the Hornets at the time.
        The team had to pulled out of the red by the NBA – so until new owners stepped up – Stern was forced to also play the role of Hornets owner – and in his mind mind giving up Paul for what the Lakers were offering did not make sense for “Basketball Reasons” for the Hornets not for the NBA.

        Nothing wrong with that – although as a Lakers fan I was pretty disappointed.

        Under current CBA – players are free to join any team they want and free to take any salary they choose.

        They have striked for that right – and although it may ruin the distribution of talent around the league that’s the way it is and the way it will likely remain going forward.

      • Sansation – thx for explaining, I had never understood that.

        As for the Heat’s salary cap, i know players have the option to do it, i just refuse to agree with it. Its not like he had a horrible team in Cleveland, They made the finals! Or he could even move elsewhere and get over 20k a yr. I dont see sportsmanship when ure earning 30% less in order to boost up ure team roster giving it more stars per salary cap.

    • Ian K says:

      The NBA is missing an award: Best Player.

      Kobe deserves the MVP because he’s the most valuable player to his team, and that’s how you define an MVP. I don’t know why the NBA confuses MVP and best player, when they’re clearly not the same thing. Lebron is valuable to his team because he’s the best player in the league, and you really can’t be that talented without being valuable to your team. However, the team’s success doesn’t rest squarely on Lebron’s shoulders. Or Durant. Or Carmelo, quite frankly.

      MVP Candidates: Kobe, Irving, Curry, maybe Chris Paul
      Best Player of the Year: Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Paul

  71. Yogi 24 says:

    Long Live Kobe!!
    Yeah I really think you gotta give a player like Lebron alotta credit and a little time!
    My Fav player was Hakeem but from daydot I have loved watching Kobe Hustle up and down “His” court! He will always be in my dream team and stay as my alltime favourite but I also Love watching Lebron play the game.
    The determination the pure talent, Lebron is fluid in motion on the court! Over time Lebron will eclipse some of the greats of the game in numbers sadly Kobe may be one of them but for the chance to see what this “young” guy may be able to produce over this time i will happily watch with amazement and great awe

  72. bballlove says:

    honestly lebron is good because he is so strong and athletic.. all he does is run over people no finesse in his game tbh if were looking at just playing basketball and if size and athleticism didnt matter ray allen would be a much better player than lebron. and kobe mj bird magic kareem and olajuwon would be top 5 all time but when people look at stats and the highlights they think lebrons the best. dont get me wrong he does it all, he gets his teammates involved and does everything else on the court. but if you look at his moves when theres good defense on him and he doesn’t use his size and athleticism hes not better than any of those 5 guys. durant can be in there too but hes got a lot to prove and a lot to learn, imagine if durant played like kobe with kobes post moves and all that, the way hes playing now, using his brain more than his body to get the job done. i think basketball players that use their brain and not their body are the best ones.

    • Damien says:

      Wow man,

      I was on the verge of writing a comment until I stumbled upon yours : exactly what I would HAVE written. Skill over athleticism.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      What I love is a PRIME LeBron is getting compared to a closely retiring Kobe Bryant. What does that say?

    • dmac says:

      imagine what numbers the king will throw up if he hogged the ball as much as kobe does…

  73. Rodolfo says:

    For me, there is only a three or four talented players in the history on the NBA: MJ, Magic, Bird and Kobe Bryant. Lebron James is better now only because is younger, but there is not comparison with the all Kobe’s career. Is unrelieved that Kobe is doing at his 34 years. The most difference between Kobe and the other players is the talented and his spirit to win.

    • Nash Fan says:

      Wait until Lebron is older then maybe he’ll put up numbers like kobe did too. Don’t get me wrong I’m a Nash fan but give Lebron a credit or too..

      • ALLDAY says:

        Lebron doesn’t have the touch that Kobe has on the perimeter to do this at 34 you have to be lean and have a shooters touch. The bigger you are the faster you decline. Especially with knee problems for bigger sized players, Lebron is having more knee tweaks recently.

      • I do believe Lebron can have the same kind of numbers when he reaches that age… IF he can adjust his game and become a killer jump shooter. Is he gonna do that? I dont think so. Lebron is highly dependable on his athleticism. His FG% are masked by moster freight-train dunks, uncontested fast break dunks and unstoppable oops. Kobe is a natural killer. Skilled as any other player to ever play the game. His ability to adjust his game to any kind of defence is unmatcheable. He NEVER stays behind on any match up, when he was 18 or now that he is 34 (EG: Kobe vs Jordan / All star game. Kobe vs Lebron a month ago). The Mamba does not rely on his athleticism to get past defenders; as for Lebron…

      • kobe? says:

        I totaly agree. LeBron has an unmatched work ethic and he is one of the smartest players in the league ( yes smarter then kobe). He may rely on his atleathisism now but that is because he needs to use it while he still has it. LeBron takes shots that he knows are smart and if you wath him game by game then you know that he scores in many different ways. I don’t even have to argue this but lebron is as skilled as anyone in the league if not more skilled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Charles Trist says:

        I am not giving Lebron credit UNTIL he gets old like Kobe do what Kobe does at his age now. Lebron is a phenominal, one in a million years talent but we’ll see.

    • Maurice says:

      This is nonsense, guys.

      How did this become being about Lebron? It`s not and it´s not fair to him as it wouldn`t be to Durant. Just like it isn`t fair to compare Lebron (today) with Kobe (today) to determine which of those two is the better player. Simply Ludacris! They are at very different stages of their carreers and therefore you might as well stop it. In any way it is about the evolution of the game and all the greats add to that evolution. Russel, Wilt, Dr. J, Magic / Bird, Jordan… Kobe, Lebron and Durant (amont others…). One generation learns from the other.

      Take if for what it is: Kobe is a great player that (somehow) is still able to add to his myth of being clutch and the most driven player since Jordan. Even Jordan himself stated about him (Kobe)”… in that sense he (Kobe) is cursed just as I am.” Those two are madmen in their need, not desire, need to win and to do everything there is to win.

      I for my part am starting to see that in Lebron as well now – and Kobe acknowledged so in his ESPN interview yesterday. Lebron is just exictingly driven and will, a couple of years or so more into his career, will certainly call some of the Jordan / Kobe attributes of “Madmen at winning” his own as well.

      I am not comparing either of the Legends, which those two KB24 / LBJ are already, while still playing.

      Just an amazing time if you are a basketball fan!