Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol 2., Episode 18

It’s a Shaqtin’ A Fool double-header this week. On Tuesday, Shaq crowned his main man JaVale McGee with top honors and tonight Shaq returns to call out Reggie Evans, Serge Ibaka, Kemba Walker, Carmelo Anthony and of course, the one, the only … Mr. JaVale McGee! Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. Leroy says:

    Melo getting hurt is funny D SCOTT take the shot now PFTFT PFFTT PFFTT PFTTT PFTTTFTT PFTTT LMFAO HAHAAHA x’D

  2. Jayson Mia says:

    I think video would probably on the no. 1 spot! Look this man!!!! please watch

  3. Mitresh says:

    I think the ball was too heavy to be handled by Melo.

  4. Geroy says:

    Get over the Carmelo thing. Injured or not he’s making 20+ mill this year.

    Aaaaand Shaq’s commentary made it funny.

  5. dwayne says:

    wow shaq really crazy

  6. uoykcuf says:

    yea, pretty low on Melo injury. Evans one was funny!

  7. Daniel says:

    Is Carmelo Anthony injuring himself a Shaqtin’ a Fool moment? That LeBron James’ one a couple of weeks was. But this…seriously!?

    Shaqtin’ a Fool had lost its humor nowadays.

  8. lakeshow899 says:

    shaqtin a fool is losing its touch i havent seen a a funny one in a while must be running out of material

  9. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:


  10. Nash fan says:

    u never disappoint JAVALE!! lol

  11. Jintan says:

    Why not a full Javale McGee special? like just one episode dedicated to the king of Shaqtin a fool. Javale McGee can even be REAAAALLY Impressive or do something REAAAALLY Stupid 😦

  12. Game Time says:

    Wow Melo getting injured is funny? I don’t even like Melo, but that’s cold. Maybe you should add Kobe and his elbow on here cause.

    Glad to see McGee being McGee.

  13. niqow27 says:

    Shaq u make film than jeval point 10\10

  14. Lmao says:

    put the lakers v hornets with 25 sec left on the 4th quarter!! i started cracking up in that game lmao

  15. YEADATSME says:

    That George Karl’s reaction was not from this play obviously 🙂

  16. Lakers#1 says:

    New Orleans Hornets must be on the next episode! LAL vs NOH march 6th, 104-102 with 25.5 seconds remaining in the 4 quarter. Every Hornets player position themselves on the offensive side of the Lakers, thus giving Lakers a free lane to score!

  17. oli says:

    A superstar getting injured is NOT funny… and hohrnets should be here…

  18. KevinRona says:

    how come the hornets are not in this episode… no offense to them but they clearly went “brain-neutral” on that last play against the Lakers… x_x

  19. Obligatory Chris Smoove-like Comment says:

    2 Shaqtin’ a fool segments in one week? Is this a fake week?

  20. Lowkey says:

    Melo getting hurt ain’t funny.

  21. JaVale!! says:

    LOL poor JaVale!! Shaq can we please have the Lakers vs Hornets 25sec left in 4th quarter that inbounds play where the Lakers confused the WHOLE hornets team

  22. I don’t know how Serge Ibaka was not suspended at least one game for that hit on Blake, and I was rooting for the Thunder.

  23. janmarius says:

    what?.. no Hornets?.. i thought they’d be in here for sure..