Rose Return A Slam Dunk Away?


HANG TIME, Texas — Lace up the adidas. Cue the music. Put the Heat, Pacers and Knicks on high alert.

It looks like The Return of Derrick Rose is getting ready to jump from very cool TV commercial to red hot reality.

According to Melissa Isaacson of ESPNChicago, Rose’s doctor has given him clearance to return to the Bulls’ lineup. Of course, like most of us, he’ll be using the “left-foot dunk test” to make his final decision.

Rose, who had surgery to repair a tear to the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee on May 12, has been videotaped dunking off each foot, but more casually than he would during a game. A source said that although he has been practicing and scrimmaging hard, he told the Bulls that until he feels “in his mind” he can confidently dunk off his left foot in a game situation, he is not 100 percent mentally ready to return to competition.

The team is not pressuring Rose, the source said, but the Bulls are confident he will return this season and are still hoping for a mid-March return, which would mark 10 months after his surgery. The Bulls play at Golden State on March 15.

The source said the team has been assured by Rose’s doctor that there is no more chance of the former MVP getting injured upon his return than anyone else and that the doctor told the Bulls that physically “he can play now.” Rose is now dealing with the psychological side of trusting his body.”

Since Rose collapsed in a heap at the end of Game 1 of last year’s playoffs, it has always been most prudent for the Bulls to take the long view for the benefit of their MVP, All-Star guard’s career, not to mention the five-year, $94-million investment that was made with his 2011 contract extension. But over the past month, there have been dramatic swings in the situation as word got out that Rose was making solid progress.

Even as Rose has been taking part in 5-on-5 scrimmages with his teammates over the past three weeks, he also raised the possibility of not returning at all this season when he last spoke with reporters on Feb. 13. Then his brother Reggie told ESPNChicago that the team’s failure to improve the roster would be a “big factor” in Rose’s return. Derrick Rose said he did not share his brother’s sentiments.

Though the Bulls are currently in sixth place in the playoff race, a return by a fully recovered Rose changes the entire landscape of the Eastern Conference, vaulting them clearly into that second tier of contenders with the Pacers and Knicks and could even make LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the defending champion Heat sit up and take notice.

Once he gets that left-footed dunk down comfortably, it’s time for the next step. The Return of Derrick Rose isn’t the end of the road, just the beginning of a new story.


  1. booze cruise says:

    Hey a point gaurd doesnt need to dunk get out there rose we need YOU

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  4. AnyOtherName says:

    Stop glorifying this guy. He is a talented basketball player but a poor sport and not nearly enough to make the Bulls competitive against the Pacers or Heat. When a player (Derrick Rose) instructs his teammates to not help opposing players up off the court and uses racial slurs while doing same – he loses my respect. When that same player acts like a baby in press conferences, refuses to give credit where it’s due, and proceeds to place himself above all others – that player (Rose) loses my respect. I hope he does come back and the Bulls get trounced in the first round.

  5. NBAIQ says:

    This is great news but I’d still rather him return slowly. I think a March return is too early perhaps the first week in April would be ideal. 20 min per game until playoff time should help him get his timing back and maybe only 30 min a game in the first round of the playoffs 7 min a quarter.

  6. Zach says:

    I know the thought that Rose comes back and the Bulls getting past the Heat is probably reaching a little bit, but it would be an amazing story. Just thinkin about him comin back and proving all the haters and doubters wrong and makin a statement in the playoffs, and getting to the Finals, that would be EPIC. Regardless, I just can’t wait for D-Rose to be back on the court. His return will be awesome to watch and as exciting as it gets for the NBA.

  7. cesar says:

    derick rose be patient dont be pressured to play to the bulls …and next season you will be traded to the heat if wade decide to play in his hometown chicago….. youl be playing alongside king james! 🙂

  8. rose for mvp says:

    We’ll see how will he play, The Bulls can contend with him, as well as the Heat, Pacers, and Knicks. LeBron, see u in the Conf Finals man…

    • bulls2012 says:

      The Bulls can beat the Pacers and Knicks..the heat if we dont turn the ball over and make them into a half court team ANY TEAM CAN BEAT THEM.pound the ball in the paint and keep makin bosh shoot those jumpers from the three point line

  9. NBA fanatic says:

    well rose good luck for the rest of your career, you’re really big lost for us NBA fanatics, ACL injuries really kills a players career, only few players came back good from that injury, jamaal crawford was one of them. Tmac was one of that victim of ACL injury, probably one of the biggest lost in nba history,

  10. Andrew says:

    The Bulls got no chances to make the Finals, so, no reason for Rose to come back. #norush

  11. Lets Go says:

    I hope he does come back, so then we could let this story go, and get back on track to wayyyy more important stories…Like Miami winning another Championship with Rose back

  12. I am not a Bulls fan, but I don’t like to see players get hurt. Rose is obviously getting a lot of pressure to come back sooner than later. He needs to take his time make sure that he is right before he return. Thibs is a slave driver and will run him until he can’t run anymore. Make sure that you are 100% otherwise you risk destroying what is left of your career.

  13. KB 4 MVP says:

    I know what its like to tear an acl. and he has every right to have that fear that it will happen again. Its a hard injury to come back from.

  14. Kevin says:

    Call me dumb, but isn´t Rose right-handed? Don´t all right handers dunk off of their left foot anyways? I don´t get it.

  15. Freida says:

    The Bulls are not paying him to be psychologically ready. I hope he doesn’t come back to upset the Heat. I have never liked Rose as he never smiles and now he is acting like he can’t come back psychologically. If you can’t get up to the basket then distribute the ball!!

  16. W/E says:

    Rose can come back the next year or after 5 years it doesnt matter, he stilll be at the same risk getting injured again and again unles he learns to shoot the ball and stop the crazy penetrations in traffic.

  17. Martin says:

    How can the Bulls win it all with a below 100% Rose, when Rose was MVP and fully healthy he got shut down by LeBron and the the Bulls couldn’t find any other offense? With the way LeBron and the Heat are playing now it’s delusional to think the Bulls can beat them. All the offensive load will just be put on a not 100% Rose and it’s gonna be sad to watch since people like you put pressure on him to beat the heat and win the championship which he can only do if someone else share the offensive load for the Bulls which the Heat and Pacers can probably stop as well…

  18. mr rogers says:

    can u please wait til lebron gets no 2?

  19. aaaaaa says:

    I don’t see why this is a big deal. He’s not going to make enough of a difference right away for the Bulls to make it anywhere. They won’t make it past the second round of the playoffs. They’re a good team, but not as good as Miami, OKC, San Antonio, etc.

    • Hm says:

      I guess he might as well retire then, because he’s never going to make enough of a difference.

      • Roy says:

        Are you serious that’s crazy. Derrick rose, when healthy, is the best finisher at the rim hands down. For you to even sit there and say that, your not a true fan of the game then, don’t be a hater. I bet that you are a miami heat fan huh, The players huh couldn’t win it by themselves lets come together and be dominant. What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hm says:

        “the best finisher at the rim”
        That would be LeBron or Griffin or Chandler. Those guys.

        Even Chris Paul has better percentages than Rose for “at the rim” on hoopdata. You should probably check that out before you make false claims.

        You’re clearly a fanboy if you have to whine about the Heat instead of making a real case for Rose.

  20. Nash fan says:

    BULLS can win it all and beat the HEAT!

  21. abdullahi hussein says:

    and don’t rush yourself if you can’t come back i know you are going to come back

  22. abdullahi hussein says:

    don’t come back in til you work hard on that knee and we love you and the fans can’t wait you to come back derrick be better then last year

  23. hamdi rose says:

    D.Rose u r the best thing in my lifeee i hopee i’ll be just like keep working hard and i now that u r gonna make another MVP and u ‘ll win a championship 4 sure 🙂


    Dear Rose
    wait till next season

    Sincerely Yours

  25. theholyspectator says:

    didnt they get beat by miami when he was 110%??

  26. You know, derrick rose was one of the players that inspired me to play basketball, so I can’t wait for him to return and see him play since it’s been so long.

  27. I can’t wait until he’s back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  28. Heat says:

    Rose take your time

  29. Heat says:

    ROse take your time bro

  30. kobeisthebest says:


  31. yahooooo says:

    What then if he could come back? Can he beat the top seed in the East? He’s only 1 man player. Sorry folks not too excited about it. Hope he could come so the Bulls doesn’t make bunch of excuses. lol

    • Jeffx21 says:

      Thibs has said all season “We have enough..” he never makes excuses! Noah and Deng are playing injured, Hinrich has benn in and out (out at the moment) and Taj Gibson hasn’t played much of late either. Thibs is a genius, if he can get this crew into the playoffs with the injuries they have he has done an amazing job. All the Heat fans, who made comments above, are worried that they might get all their players back on the court for the playoffs. I doubt they can win this year but I would like to see them try at Full strength. You don’t win the most games in the regular season for the past two years with a bunch of guys who can’t play. I think the Heat have reason to worry, Indiana and Chicago could both be threats, don’t think the New York teams have much hope (maybe the Knicks if Melo comes good) and Boston are short and a bit lost without Rondo, however I am sure the Heat aren’t looking forward to playing Boston if they come 8th, as Boston will hurt you physically in the playoffs even if they don’t win. Don’t rate Milwaukee or Atlanta.

  32. jp says:

    as much as i want to see him back on the court, this might not be the time. the playoffs are near and the teams are gonna be much more aggressive when the time comes. if he plays now, maybe. but if he decides to join in with his team later then he might as well wait till next season.


    I would love to see ROSE come back, but he’s going to need a few games before the playoffs just to get that rustiness out, AM I RIGHT OR AM I RIGHT?

  34. TJ says:

    Will he make an immediate impact on the teams performance? Hardly. When you come off an injury like this it will take you a couple of weeks to get back on your roll. It took Jordan a couple of weeks to comeback after he retired the first time. I would take it slow and maybe even wait out the season just to make sure the injury doesnt get worse. But its just advice right?

  35. abunchofdribble says:

    this is exactly how i’ve visualized this playing out. Rose returns near playoff time and turns the entire playoff picture upside down. now nobody knows what to think or who’s the favorite in the east. it’s every man for himself and all hands on deck or i should said all hands on Derrick if they plan on stopping him. fasten your seatbelts,this could be one hell of a ride.

  36. JJ says:

    OH MAN :’D!!!! I can’t wait!!! Be back soon Rose, love ya!!

  37. BluesDriveMonster says:

    How about you guys stop putting up “Rose near return” articles and wait for him to actually come back.

  38. MASTER says:

    Rose, i hope your left knee dunk test is successful and you are confident enough to come back this season, you’re a strong person…we await you !

  39. Shawn says:

    that’s exciting news. even if he is not 100%, his decision making and leadership will help the team a lot a boost morale. and you never know about the Bulls. wonderful news! i appreciate that the team is understanding and patient, and unselfish. you got to love this ball club!

  40. Matthew says:

    A doctor cannot know your body better than you do. All the scans in the world and diagnoses cannot compare to the mind. Your mind controls your body and your heart/soul controls your mind. And ultimately God can work miracles in and through them all.

  41. #BullsfanDan says:


  42. Brad says:

    Why wait to come back? If Chicago was at the bottom of the conference, then I’d agree, don’t come back, get a good lottery pick. But their right in the mix of the playoffs so if he can get back, they might as well (Chicago) see how far they can get…

    • Nicholas G says:

      Because there’s no way they’re beating the heat. They can’t score enough with or without him. I just don’t want to see another Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill type story.

    • Roy says:

      Well lets see here they have a lottery pick already, the bobcats first round draft pick.

  43. wayne says:

    he’ll be back mar. 15!

  44. robthefourth says:

    Bulls should just sign renaldo balkman. He’ll help them in the playoffs by choking people.

  45. Matthew Caba says:

    Come back in the Playoffs. Its great way to bring back exciment and momentum.

  46. Jeremy says:

    He’s back!!!!!!

  47. Magic Jordan says:

    rose wait until next season man, you’ll be good by then

  48. Vino Kulafu y Shuktong pamparegla ni kobe 24 says:

    who cares???

  49. RoseAPansy says:

    Rose is a pansy and will not return this season. Get on the court and help prevent the Bulls from becoming an 8th seed! Slam dunk? Can’t he do a layup in the mean time? There are plenty of great players in the league that can’t dunk.

  50. Ddavis says:


  51. D.Rose is my favorite person in the NBA i look up to him and some day i wish to see in face to face and play him in a basket ball game even though i’m only 14 years old

  52. ayzed says:

    great news… i am so touched..excited soooooo much…..luv ya MVP..D Rose # respect

  53. two says:

    can;t wait

  54. jfack says:

    ok ok, youve given me hope

  55. DeeBee says:

    Dont cone back this year Rose wait till next season !!

  56. Cole Dyak.... says:

    “IM BACK 2.0 “..

      • Jeffx21 says:

        I read most of the comments on this blog. To all those who tells us what Rose is and can’t do, just relax in your armchair and have another soft drink cause that’s as close as most of you will ever get to the NBA. If you have torn an ACL then you would know about pain and fear. Fear that it might happen again. Rose isn’t getting his knee fixed to relax in an armchair he’s going out against the best. He will be ready when he’s ready, give the guy a break!