Pain Only A State Of Mind For Kobe


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The Los Angeles Lakers make their way to New Orleans tonight (8 p.m. ET, League Pass) limping and clutching various ailing body parts. But if Kobe’s in, everybody’s in.

And Kobe’s in.

“This is a critical part of the season to say the least,” Kobe Bryant said after Tuesday’s 122-105 loss at the Oklahoma City Thunder. “So I’m going to play.”

Kobe re-aggravated an ulnar nerve contusion, a painful injury to the funny bone that just lingers in the elbow, that he first injured earlier this season against Detroit. Dwight Howard suffered another flare-up of the torn labrum in his right shoulder early in the game, and Metta World Peace rolled his right ankle late in the game. All three are expected to play in tonight’s critical end to a back-to-back.

“I just got popped on a nerve,” Kobe said. “That’s the exact reason why I wear the sleeve is to protect that thing, and I just got popped right on that button. Every time you try to bend your elbow extended with a little resistance, it’s a lot of pain. You got to adjust your shooting mechanics and I wasn’t able to hold my follow-through too much, but you just got to adjust to it and go from there.”

Other than Kobe continually gripping his elbow or hanging his arm after contact, it was hard to tell he was hurting. When he returned from the training room, his first shot attempt was a lefty hook through the lane that missed. From there, he went back to peppering shots from the perimeter on his way to a team-high 30 points. He had 18 at halftime and for much of the game he single-handedly prevented a massive blowout and allowed the Lakers to make a run that eventually whittled the Thunder’s lead to 110-105 with six minutes to play.

“He has incredible confidence,” Steve Nash said. “He was struggling with his elbow and still fired off some big shots for us and made them. He was great.”

The Lakers dropped to 30-31 after the loss and fell 2 1/2 games behind the Utah Jazz, three back in the loss column. The Hornets are just one of three West teams (Golden State and Minnesota) that the Lakers are 2-0 against this season. The Jazz (32-28) play at Cleveland tonight, while the seventh-place Houston Rockets play at Dallas.

“For us right now, we have to get some wins,” Kobe said.

That means Kobe’s in. And so everybody else is, too.


  1. NBAlove says:

    i m a huge lebron fan. and i mean huge. And i dont really like kobe. But nobody can argue that he has always been a great player. You cannot score 81 points when you are not a great player. Some will say he took all the shots of the game to score so many points but nevertheless.. 81 points. just think how difficult that is. And all the other things he has accomplished. With or without help.He won 5 championships. With A LOT of help. But he played great to all of them. He s got more than 30000 points and for 16 years he gives his all in every game. You have to respect that. And something irrelevant: I give credit to lebron cause he is the only player i remember that has gone to the finals, and had the best record in the NBA for a couple of years with teammates : Varejao, Gibson, Hickson, Moon, Inglaouskas, Williams was ok but, etc. When kobe played with these kind of teammates the lakers didnt do so well. He makes everyone better.

  2. johnny says:

    Lakers will make playoffs enough said. Kobe greatest in the leaguue after Jordan.

  3. what a come back in new orleans good job Kobe

  4. J-Short says:

    Needed and solid win for the Lake show, its all about how many W’s we can get at this point. If we make the playoffs we will see what happens then.

  5. Vino Kulafu y Shuktong pamparegla ni kobe 24 says:

    You know what… Still can’t see the lakers on the standings… from 1-8… Starting from Spurs down to Utah… Ooooppsss no lakers…. uLOLs…. every time I open… the lakers don’t appear on that list… I see MIAMI and SPURS on top followed by New York and Oklahoma City… Still no lakers…. too bad… I guess because they’re still a .500 team… 20 games left.. They will play TOR,CHI,ORL,IND,MEM,LAC,SAS,HOU and SAC yes SAC they have problems containing COUSINS,EVANS….

  6. Sam J says:

    That laker game last night was a joke, if that wasn’t rigged I don’t know what is! knowing houston and utah lost and then coming from 25 down to beat the hornets? c’mon man.

  7. Adam says:

    What has Lebron James done that Kobe Bryant did not achieve? Switch teams to desperately win a championship! LOL! He is indeed the greatest!

  8. Vino Kulafu y Shuktong pamparegla ni kobe 24 says:

    lakers down 19 points in the Half.. New Orleans???? Keep playing that injury CARD kobe, maybe some laker hater will have some pity on poor injured VINO… what??? injured??? and yet still taking too many shots… as of now he’s still the leading the lakers in Shot Attempts..

  9. krazik says:

    dont 4get spurs ever1! and trade mwp. hes 2 slow cant mark durant or lebron. should of kept shannon brown and devoloped him further instead of trading young talent for older past there prime guys! its not what youve done in past its what u can do now.

  10. Cole says:

    If his elbow is hurt. Why is he shooting so much?

  11. Bish says:

    @NHbleedsGREEN “Kobe has ZERO rings by himself playa-
    Last I checked he needed Shaq and Gasol!”

    Last time I check LeBron also has ZERO rings by himself – he has Wade and Bosh. And MJ, too, with Pippen. And anybody in the NBA who won championship.

    Why is logic always broken here in NBA Blog?

  12. W/E says:

    Sorry Kobe but the pain is for real this time, 20 games left and ur team has a losing record chasing the playoffs…

  13. LALAT says:

    LAL is not gonna make it. It’s too late, sorry Kobe. Still OKC vs MIA in the finals.

  14. Erik Spoelstra says:

    They may make it to the playoffs. They’re improving although they lost to the thunder last game. It’s too late for them to build their chemistry there’s a high chance they get knocked out in the 1st round as playoffs is about team game.

  15. Jim says:

    Yeah I definetely see this L.A team getting blown up in the summer coz their chances of making the playoffs aren’t that good with their schedule and of course this team won’t make it anywhere near the finals with their D.In the summer LA will have to get along with the times and find a young athletic point guard and overall inject some youth.Trade pau and nash get rid of jamison duhon and blake and get a decent bench

  16. Brian says:



  17. Nash fan says:

    go get W’s LAL!

  18. thesacredspectator says:

    lakers have a 50/50 shot at this point in time (3.6.13) to make the post season, but as i keep mentioning, even if they did, they aren’t going past first round…laker fans are hopin and prayin they make playoffs…and?? lol i thought lakers was all about titles and championships? ok so they make the playoffs…they lose and exit first round…next season you got all your starters who are a year older and even more worn out then before…nash will be 40, kobe i believe will enter his last season and dwight maybe at 100% but hes no champion material….their is no scenario where lakers come out wit a title…they cant beat okc or clipps who are gettin better and better each year and if they some how miraculously make the finals your tellin me they are gonna be the heat in a 7 game series? lol…lakers wont get another title for a very very long time…once kobe leaves all chances for LA are completely and officially over and its time for the rebuilding years…

  19. The Heat r going to make it into the playoffs not the Lakers

  20. uoykcuf says:

    $100 says Lakers don’t make playoffs this year. Anyone?

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      With the first pick in the 2013 NBA draft…The Los Angleles Lakers Select….

  21. Pill Clinton says:

    steve nash finally showed some aggressiveness last night, and the lakers made a great run and almost came back. keep shooting and play with howard like you did stoudemire. kobes presence must be a lot more influential then we may know. he’s got a mvp and Olympian taking a back seat to his prowess. the only people it seems that are trying to be aggressive with kobe is earl and jodie, and they are playing for a contract.

  22. kobeisthebest says:

    kobe wherever you are you are the best no matter if your injured

  23. JJ says:

    Lakers will make the playoffs and when they do they will be able to beat the Thunder or the Spurs with ease. D12 is getting back into shape rapidly, Pau will be back and Kobe will be killin’ all defenders. Sefolosha can’t guard KB, Ginobili can’t guard KB, and he proved last night he is a better scorer than Durant! The only worry I have for the Lakers is their lack of defensive minded guards.. Westbrook and Parker will be hard to contain to say the least

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      I want some of whatever you are smoking my friend.

    • Francisco says:

      that is when stats come to show the truth, kobe better scorer than Durant, did you take any math, stats course at all?HAHA, FUNNY, DURANT IS THE BEST SCORER IN THE NBA IN THE LAST 4 YEAR, CAREERWISE LEBRON JAMES, AND THEN DURANT, NUMBERS DO NOT LIE

    • Dan says:

      The lakers will make the playoffs he’s not smoking anything you the one smoking add up Durant and lebron championships ill wait……….= 2 add kobe by himself 5! Case closed!

      • NHbleedsGREEN says:

        Kobe has ZERO rings by himself playa-
        Last I checked he needed Shaq and Gasol!

      • johnny says:

        Nice math, LeBron and Durants titles = 1.

      • Daniel M says:

        I don’t get it do people just look for articles about Kobe simply so they can write at the end of it how much they hate him?
        Weather you like it or not he will go down as one of the greats, easily inside the top ten of all time.
        Of course there were other players in the sides when he won but that is the same for everyone. Jordan had Pippen, Tim Duncan had Tony Parker Boston needed the ‘big three’ and last year LeBron had D Wade – D Wade had Shaq!

        It is a stupid argument, the facts are he is tough as hell and will do everythings he physically can to make the lakers successful this year lets just hope he can find another player in that team to help him.

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        NH has better math then you Johnny… Kobe rings:5 Lebron rings:1 How many rings did eather player get by themselves?
        Little Kid: ZERO!

    • Isaaac says:

      a better scorer than durant? how do you even argue with this sort of ignorance?
      KD has a better FG% FT% 3PT% and coincidentally, averages more points per game.
      that should suffice.

    • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

      JJ go home your drunk

  24. Lakers need Utah to fall out of the playoffs, Houston will not budge.

  25. Bryan says:

    it’s over for the lakers..sorry. They can’t contain the offense of the thunder, and surely won’t be able to contain the defense of the spurs. as far as i know, they will face one of those teams. it’s gonna be another matchup between the spurs and thunder: spurs will take it in 6.