Ibaka Not Concerned About Players’ Tweets

OKLAHOMA CITY — The NBA league office’s decision Wednesday to fine Oklahoma City Thunder forward Serge Ibaka and not suspend him for his hit to the groin of Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin drew a humorous reaction on Twitter from Griffin and bewilderment from a couple of Miami Heat stars.

The Flagrant 1 foul initially called in the fourth quarter Sunday in the Thunder’s 108-104 win was upgraded to a Flagrant 2 and Ibaka was fined $25,000. The decision not to suspend him allowed Ibaka to play in Wednesday night’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

“It’s always better to play than to sit down watching the game,” Ibaka said after the decision came down.

Griffin expressed his thoughts on the non-suspension by spoofing his own Kia car commercials:

His Clippers teammate Matt Barnes expressed himself a bit more graphically in his Twitter message:

And there was the somewhat odd chiming in from Miami’s disbelieving LeBron James, who came to the defense of his incredulous teammate Dwyane Wade, who was suspended for one game earlier this season for a kick to the groin of Charlotte Bobcats guard Ramon Sessions.

Ibaka said he didn’t see any of the tweets from fellow players, but, yes, he said he heard about them.

“But it is not really my concern,” Ibaka said. “Like I said yesterday about the foul, it wasn’t something I tried to do. The game was physical. I would not try to hurt someone, I am not that type of guy. I like to play hard. And just for all the fans, I did not try to hurt him, and I apologize to all the fans who were watching the game.”


  1. @ dj rgm9, scisca, & banner18-totally agree w/ all 3 of you-lol-it’s so true, those are the facts-based on old school officiating-miami won’t make it past 2nd round in playoffs-it’s just games against premadonna miami & ny need to be called consistently even for both teams-let both play or call for both. When that favoring happens, it just plain to see games get fixed & not just against my Celts, seen it happen against other teams-so yall know i don’t have time to hate-just can’t stand to see refs taking any players of their game while taking the favs out to F!!??! roast marshmellows & pat them on the A!!-:):(-It’s just sickening-We’ll see come this playoffs??????

  2. Matthew says:

    Ibaka should definitely apologize to B.Griffin for that. Not the fans or the league. That was a straight up swing and for a KO. He aimed it downward. Hit the target bullseye. Regardless of what D.Wade did punishments need to be consistent and unbiased. Ibaka is a pretty big guy too. Looks like at least a two game suspension to me. He hit both testes. One game for each.

  3. such a dirty player, its like he was proud of doing it!

  4. Now my boys, my Celts just play right thru it all the time unless it’s a warranted missed foul call! Just like they did wed against the pacers, Celts didn’t complain not once, they left that to Doc & pulled out the win on a very lopsided ref called game eventhough that one doesn’t show it on paper. Celts most resilient team in the nba!!!

  5. @ freida-talk about fairness-miami was handed the whole playoffs & ring last year by stern & the refs-those guys get a finger nail scratch foul calls all the time-then what’s called on them is what like 1/2 or 1 foul a game-their treated like queens by stern just like kobe because their names generate a lot more money than others. It makes the game of basketball horrific to watch especially for the little kids who dream of it someday-they can tell the difference of fair & unfair treatment of players. Also it’s not about being soft as a lot of the game gets called now-a-days, it’s about calls by refs or no calls need to be consistently done on both teams playing the game. Either let both teams bang & play or make the same calls for both. I started watching bball in late “70’s early “80’s & you all 30 & under fans talk about man they used to let them bang in the “90’s-LMAO-please that was nothing compared to “80’s & prior-lol-playing in high school i’d get elbowed in the stomach like 5-10 times before getting a call. Notice how when lebron, wade, & kobe talk to the refs whether yelling or normal after not even getting fouled, the refs start calling more fouls for them while they get their nails polished!!! You don’t see that for any other players, they get techs called on them!

  6. stop whining! says:

    Sheesh this game has become so soft a buncha floppin and complainin when things get physical.. griffin and wade are two of the strongest guys at their respective positions I just cant stand when they flop.. gettin hit in the groin serves him right for all the flopping

  7. Mala says:

    I remember Ibaka committing a similar play/foul during the 2012 Olympics – can’t remember against which team or player, thinking it could be Russia or the US.

  8. koiikoii13 says:

    In pro league , you have to be dirty. but don’t let the ref’s sees that . Ibaka is improving . yet he’s not mature enough. If he don’t want to change his attitude , good luck thunder in making the Finals 🙂

  9. g chaffee says:

    yes his crough hit with a closed fist was interntomal. i was a fan of okl until that. now — i haave no respect for okl or the league that employs such officials — go everyone but okl what a discusted display of sportmanship and fairness

  10. W/E says:

    Ibaka u filthy maggot! should get suspened for a game and get a fine.

  11. Banner 18 says:

    I can see Matt complaining about his teammate, but Wade and Lebron? Why is this even your concern? Wade tackled a person last season and didn’t ejected or fined so get over yourself.

  12. alex says:

    The NBA Should fined the refs, they mess up not just that play but the whole game.

  13. Scisca says:

    Let’s not forget Wade’s track record of violent fauls. Before Sessions there was Rondo (remember the dislocated elbow? Kinda big play…), Hamilton, Collison, heck, he even broke Kobe’s nose in an All Stars game! An All Stars game!! Ibaka hasn’t got such a bad record, so he gets a lower penalty – I think it’s ok. Wade got penalised for his notoriety.

  14. dj rgm9 says:

    Well,well kids!Everybody knows today that Oklahoma&Heat getting extra protection service from the best nba-referee’s, last season’s and more to come in the future! They always got away with the help of referee’s(a lot no touching foul-calls,defencive dirty tricks).There are no saint-defenders in the Nba,never bin in the nba history.The rules in the Nba today destroys the real spirit in the game,too much rules.Ain’t that fun anymore,it’s getting too boring time by time.
    In the past the finals between Bulls,Celtic’s,Lakers,Spurs where more interesting,spectacular too watch!
    It’s getting f….ng boring these days!

  15. pourquoi Serge? says:

    I think it was obvious it was an intentional hit, ibaka wouldn’t have used his fist if it wasn’t.. the nba should’ve made an example out of ibaka, a soft punishment for such a dirty and unsportsmanlike act sends the wrong message to kids.

  16. Sad on the NBA for even allowing Ibaka to play in that game against The Lakers. Everyone before Ibaka was suspended for either a push, flagrant 1 or 2 and the guy gets a fine. Its a big conspiracy the league would have to answer to. Come on i mean its almost as if they were Betting for the Lakers to loose that game to OKC because they knew the Lakers were a hot team coming in, but without the presence of Ibaka (Their Anchor In The Paint) the Laker would have won that long. A Conspiracy! BIG CONSPIRACY. Sad NBA! SAD.

  17. leonard says:

    berea hit ray allen for no reason at all . comment on this lebron and wade

  18. leonard says:

    lebron wouldn’t even be fined you are the superstar. remember the foul against durant in the finals that wasn,t called when he walked downcourt looking a bit scared and his hold on chandler on sunday that made him have a super block

  19. Russel says:

    The difference is that Ibaka does not have a long history of violence in the league. Now, while Dwyane Wade is no Metta World Peace or Bruce Bowen, he does have an inexplicably high number of victims of “accidents” or judgment lapses. The NBA takes a player’s history into account when dealing out punishments, and Ibaka’s clean record may be what kept him in the Laker’s game and minimized his fine, whereas the line of NBA players in the medical rooms for various maladies caused by Flash induced a heavier penalty.
    I also believe that higher-paid and higher-status stars SHOULD be penalized more heavily. They have more responsibility. Whether they like it or not, they are role models. That extra money shouldn’t just be about skill level, it should be an automatic gesture of trust. Dwyane Wade stands on a higher pedestal than Serge Ibaka. If he does something reckless, he rightfully aught to fall farther.
    Finally, Dwyane Wade’s pockets are so much deeper than Ibaka’s anyway. Why is he complaining about a bigger fine? Half a million dollars would have made a smaller dent in his checkbook than the $25K did to Ibaka’s. Dwyane Wade is fast becoming one of the league’s bigger cry-babies along with Dwight Howard.

  20. OKC Fan says:

    Yes, this may have been intentional, but I find it hilarious that Miami fans are saying that Wade/LeBron don’t get more calls than others. Refs are inconsistant in the NBA, if you watch any basketball you should know that. Blake gets away with offensive fouls almost every time he goes up for a dunk when he holds the opponents down with his off hand. They let it go for excitement for the fans. Superstars always get the benifit with calls. I hate it as much as the next guy, but you have to deal with it, or find a new sport to watch.

  21. KingJames says:

    Ibaka isnt dirty i think he just lost his cool. hes should’ve been suspended and fined more. Ima heat fan and I also agree his was intentional too.

  22. Serge Ibaka says:

    Why is everyone on my d*ck? Smh.

  23. ter says:

    Wade wasn’t going for his nads? R u on crack?

  24. Jc says:

    damn its intentional..
    Look on the sLomo..

  25. Natalie says:

    Ibaka is such a humble guy I totally believe he was just in the moment and was not intentional. Lebron should shut up he and his team mates get nothing but babied by officials.

  26. sgx2000 says:

    Wade has a history of doing these sorts of things which is why the league took his history into account. Ibaka, at this time, doesn’t have that history. I can tell he’s a hot head though so it’s only time until he does have the history.

  27. Johnny Appleseed says:

    To all those who say Ibaka isn’t dirty or using excessive force…he has the 3rd most flagrants in the league, top 1% of players.

    • geeezzzzz12 says:

      Dude get over it it was a intense physical game and his not dirty ur soppose to bully guys down low as a big men that’s ur job him and Blake were blasting each other all night and one was caught on tape and you get your panties in a wad BTW!! you totally made that stat up!!! Go play in traffic hater

    • Ibakabestshotblocker!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      To Johnny (Imagirl)Appleseed: Please stop watching a man’s game like basketball. Please consider something a little less physical like swimming. I would love to watch you talk about Ibaka to his face. He would roll you up in a ball and bowl with you. Stop taking those estrogen pills they are really damaging your manhood.

  28. PacerNation2013 says:

    So let me get this straight? Roy Hibbert and Kevin Lee for that matter, each recieve a 1 game suspension for pushing and shoving eachother, something that happens daily, but if Roy would have just punched Kevin Lee in the nuts, all would have been well? Shows where the NBA’s priority is.

  29. kryz says:

    Just wondering, what pun is Dwayne Wade talking about? Typing in the acronym for World of Warcraft does not make something a pun.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      WoW is his new nickname Way of Wade. But really why do I have to hear about LBJ and Wade’s opinion on EVERYTHING? It doesn’t involve you shut your loud mouth. I’m an OKC fan. The foul was intentional. At the same time if u watched the game there was a lot of uncalled physical play. The refs let the game get away from them. The result is one player frustrated with being held and reacting in a negative manner, suspend Ibaka for a game and fine the refs!

  30. john alford says:

    chris paul and lebron james are the reason that children have to go to school with bulletproof backpacks

  31. Greg says:

    I think a fine with no suspension was a right decision. I see two players battling for a rebound. I see Blake Griffin grabbing Ibaka’s jersey in a way I call a foul, and Ibaka reacting to that. It did it too hard and unfortunately to the groin, but “Ibaka is a mad dirty player” is not the right explanation to me.

    • Johnny Appleseed says:

      Wrong. Ibaka clearly moves the off hand with his left hand then swings with his right hand. Are you telling me Ibaka isn’t aware that he has Blakes right hand contained with his left?

  32. Freida says:

    Hi everyone,

    It appears that David Stern did not want to sit Ibaka during the Lakers vs Thunder since it was on TNT. Something needs to be done by David Stern!!! When you hit someone intentionally and especially in the groin area, you have to be fined more than $25,000 and an absolute suspension. I am disgusted by David Stern’s not reacting fairly. Here is an outcry to David Stern to suspend Ibaka not 1 game but more than 1 game. Explain yourself David Stern. Now other players can hit another player and no suspension? Dwyane Wade got suspended and not IBAKA!! I am so glad Dwyane Wade and LeBron opened their mouth. Good for you guys. Anyway the Miami Heat is my team so I am glad they opened their mouths. I am so glad David Stern will be leaving soon. Maybe we can have some fairness afterwards.

  33. --yongqin says:

    Miami Heat fan here, and I dare say Wade’s was intentional. But so was Ibaka’s. Ibaka shoulda been suspended for a game too. There really needs to be some explaining done.

  34. Buon Livello says:

    Everybody likes to grab some — Shaqtin’ a fool!

  35. wang bu says:

    HEY DERS AN UPCOMINNG FYT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. As a die hard Celts fan i’m also a fan of the game & i like both players. After seeing that i would say he did deserve to be suspended as it looked intentional. Now the drama queens of the heat lbj & wade need to STFU & not have tweeted on that as wade is just a dirty A?! player-now his kick to the groin was undoubtedly intentional just like pulling on Rondo’s to dislocate his elbow-not even a reg foul for that-umm-i guess wade got away w/ one, probably more!

  37. Nor527 says:

    I wonder …. I thought its only on small leagues that players hit other player’s sensitive parts…:-)

  38. Angelo says:

    How about J.J Barea unfair call of flagrant 2 for the push of Allen vs Ibaka SERIOUSLY

  39. Wade says:

    WOW getting 200K+ to play one NBA game is criminal.

  40. racingno15 says:

    Ibaka: “I just play hard”
    Looks like he wanted Blake to be ‘hard’ aswell……

  41. blazerz says:

    Of course that was intentional, he wasn’t intentionally targeting Blake’s man hood, but he blatantly, with what looked to me with bad intentions, chopped down on the play which unfortunately hit south of the boarder. Whoever watched the replay that say otherwise is biased or plain blind. Believe me, if that were to happen to me while playing ball, someone would be getting KO’d, i’m sure others who play basketball can relate.

  42. TrinidadeJaneDoe says:

    The Heat haters always have something to say. Wade’s was intentional and Ibaka’s was not or it was questionable?? Are you kidding me? Its honestly pathetic how people can’t even be objective beyond their hate.

    Wade was trying to draw a foul from overly aggressive defense and in no way was aiming for anyone’s private parts. Almost every jump shooter attempting to draw a foul on a well contested shot does that at some point, and its never meant to hurt anybody but rather take advantage of the way refs call the game nowadays. But Ibaka clearly swung back and swung back low but it wasn’t intentional? And on top of that somehow Wade is a dirty player because Rajon Rondo decides to grab him and pull him to the ground on a loose ball and lands awkwardly. Really?

    I can understand people saying LeBrn gets calls, he absolutely does on both ends of the floor, and even as a Heat fan I consider it unnecessary since he’s so much bigger, stronger, and faster than anyone else that giving him more of an advantage is stupid. But Wade hasn’t been getting the benefit of calls for at least 2 seasons now, and now he’s being called a dirty player for plays every player makes but were unfortunate to go wrong the couple of times he was involved.

  43. pip says:

    Wade???he is one of the most unsportsmanlike in the league in terms of roughtness and thuggery..i still have in my eyes what he did to Rondo in game 3 2011..just shut up mister WADE!

  44. KobeWhiner says:

    lol what a bunch of babies in this comment section, miami getting this that, you are just all haters, just be a TRUE basketball fan and not some wannabes, when lakers won their championship wherein they got calls and calls against the sacramento kings does that diminish their championship? this is part of the game sometimes you get yours sometimes you dont.

  45. Bstarr says:

    Nice reaction Serge, don’t bother to read the tweets of those whiners!! Blake was holding his jersey and Ibaka was tired of his dirty defensive play. So he paid him back with a nice punch below the belt. And yes it was a flagrant 2 and I hope that Blake learns his lesson from now on!

    In the case of JJ Barea, Ray Allen kind of elbowed him away and he pushed back very hard. Ray Allen should have been called for an offensive foul too. JJ took matters in his own hand and got his flagrant 2.

    So fair or not, it’s a men’s game!

  46. DaFudge says:

    I mean, how can Ibaka say that it was unintentional with a straight face? Seriously, be a man and admit to your mistake! Apologize to griffin and the fans! We all saw the video footage and honestly, anyone with half a brain can tell it was fully intentional. Instead of rising up for the rebounds, you swung your arm toward his nutsack, I mean COME ON SON! Are you not a man? Do you not have a nutsack? regardless of how frustrated you are, show at least a shred of some professionalism and contain your emotions! You aren’t a child anymore, grow up son.

  47. MJfromOKC says:

    It probably would have been a suspension and a heavier fine if Blake would not have been grabbing the jersey but then you could argue the hit would not have happened and Ibaka isnt dirty its his first offense. You can bet the league took all of this into consideration.

  48. Cp3forMVP says:

    Ibaka should of been Suspended and Fined 6 Figures!

  49. Cp3forMVP says:

    I am so sick of the NBA! They let OKC get away with everything! In games they get the most calls while the teams there playing get HACKED and have to SCREAM at the Refs to get a call! Ibaka is a Dirty Player .When you hit someone in the NUTS That’s very Dirty! How can he say “It was a Accident” LOL That was Intentional! You Swung your arm PERIOD

  50. uoykcuf says:

    If you think that was unintentional, you sure didn’t watch the game. That was a close fist spike down when they were fighting for the rebound and the margin was I think 3 points.
    Another note, if it’s MWP, I think he’ll definitely suspended for at least a couple of games.
    I don’t care if Ibaka wasn’t a dirty player, that to me was a dirty play.

  51. Zoran says:

    Stars are protected in every team, because if other players continue to foul them hard without punishment they are going to get hurt and then you lower the power of that team significantly, and they normally want to avoid that. And yeah, all nba officials (except that old skinny dude) are god damn awful.

  52. Ray Ray says:

    World Peace would have been arrested and suspended for the rest of the season had he did what Ibaka did. The dudes active and plays hard, but there’s no excuse for a closed fist to the sack.

  53. Just saying says:

    The nba should fine the officials,they get to review the play and still gave him a flagrant 1..

  54. Simon says:

    David Stern is too old to make any important decision… Obviously, he has a very interesting view at his age now.

  55. g says:

    the only interesting thing to say is really that Griffin responded in a smart and elegant way. Respect for that !

  56. Saverio says:

    So what about Griffin flopping every single time? And dunking on people with elbows out? Shut up, Ibaka is a fair player and waaay better than Griffin the Punk.

  57. David says:

    LeBron James and Wade complaining? Everytime the go into the zone they got the call. No one can even breath the same air than those two when they have the ball because it’s called the foul and now they’re complaining… They need to review the last 8 or so minutes in their game against the Wolves… then they probablly will shut the … up.
    Then talking about Ibaka, i’d like to think that the play was unintentional, as i’d like to think in those cases, anyway a game out could be a good decision.

  58. Perry Boatright says:

    Ibaka is not that type of player?? Are you kidding, he either shoves someone in the back under the basket or hacks them EVERY game like he doesn’t know the rules . Physical is one thing, but cheap shots under the hoop over and over and over and over……get real Ibaka, you are in the top 5 of cheap shots there are in the league. You must have taken some lessons from Artest after you half heartedly went after him last year and this year. You know that you can continually get away with it and why NONE of the refs see this is beyond me. PLAY THE GAME RIGHT…..either you out jump the guy or outshoot him…

  59. Kokobrown says:

    Please as physical as the Heat play and always win because they get more calls in their favor than any team in NBA. Im sure Ibaka didnt mean nothing, it was a clean foul.

    • bullz4lyfe says:

      u sound like hater. Ima bulls fan and i dont even use that cliche non-sense ur spewing out right now. “because they get more call than any team in the NBA”?? Wow! Grow up! Guess it has nothing to do with having the best player on the planet playing the best basketball of his career. Nothing at all huh?

  60. nba says:

    Man hits to that area are no joke and are NOT part of basketball. Should ve been suspended intentional or not.

  61. Truth says:

    NBA should have rules when it comes to fines and penalties , like a certain amount of fee
    to those who commit flagrant 2 . Its just unfair for other players specially STARs to pay more
    everytime they get penalized.
    Wade kicked someone , may it be intentional or unintentional but hes not even looking at R.Sessions balls unlike Ibaka whos eyes are looking at Blakes groins while punching him , and ended up with no suspension and low fees.

  62. Fobuless says:

    If you hurt someone, why apologize to people watching? Shouldn’t you apologize to the person you hurt?

  63. lolerts says:

    don’t blame the players, blame the management idiots.

  64. Celou says:

    SMH to those people and players who think what Ibaka did was UNINTENTIONAL..you guys got a loose screw in your heads..It was obviously intentional..Ibaka isn’t a dirty player, he just lost his cool but what he did deserved an ejection from that game that might have helped Clips win, a fine close to how much he is worth (like D.Wade’s situation, he makes a lot of money so he got fined a lot as well I think), and at least 1 game suspension which might have helped Lakers win.

    • boon says:

      so teams must not only roll over and die but must also lose players to help the superior lakers win?

      flagrant foul on ibaka, yes. he looked frustrated on that play. but i guess it was because he was trying to get himself free as griffin was holding on his jersey on the rebound play.

      • Hm says:

        You don’t punch a guy in the balls because he’s boxing you out…

      • boon says:

        you don’t suspend a player either just to help your team win as stated above? on the punching issue, tell that to chris paul. i’m not taking sides here. it’s context. like someone else pointed out, the foul may be intentional but going for the groin isn’t. as many have stated, the referees call the game properly. they give too much superstar calls yet the regular guys never get a call despite all the contact. and that game was highly physical all through out.

      • boon says:

        *let the referees call the game properly, i should say

  65. Mettaworldpeas says:

    if Metta did that it is automatically suspension

  66. nydia says:

    wade and lebron were talking about jj barea not ibaka…the writer needs to do his research next time…..

  67. kelvin says:

    I lost confidence in the NBA officials. He should have been kicked out the game and suspended period. I hope next time the just get punched in the grill and let it be over. Case solved with playground rules

  68. donavon yousey says:

    That is kind of funny for Blake to comment negativly on this considering two weeks ago he mad shaq a fool for a hand to the groin on a dunk. Not on the floor wrestling for a play. This is a really hard place for me to chose a side being from Oklahoma where Blake is from and Ibaka play currently but I don’t condone the whole chop of the arm thing that many players do today in all sports because there is no reason to strike at any one.

    • Hm says:

      A slowed down clip showed Blake’s hand briefly touching Chandler’s crotch area. That doesn’t even register as a love tap in real time. Just saying, this move was definitely more of a swing with a fist.

  69. SlamDunking says:

    Come on now.

    Should he have been fined/ suspended? Yes probably. However I dont feel that he did it intentionally.
    Wades unintentional or intentional? Clearly Intentional, he is a dirty player. Thats not the first time he has done it.
    Other players comments ie. Barnes? Barnes is a straight up Th*g.

    Personally I am sick of LA fans, both clips and lakers. All they do is complain.

    • Alfee says:

      Totally agreed. Barnes also smashed the head of Collison from behind bud didn’t get fined.

  70. kyungho says:

    B level players like Ibaka, Perkins of OKC do that kind of plays out of inferiority complex.I still remember last season Griffin made a big dunk over the top on Perkins. This guy thought he got humilliated and next time they met he delivered flagrant foul to Griffin. I watch game for fun. But watching these kind of guys playing just make me disgusting. Actually I can’t even call it a play. Just bad manners and lying excuses. Lucky Griffin didn’t got hurt.

  71. LALA says:

    The difference is that Griffin flopped on that play.

    • dhel says:

      Flooped on that play? are you kidding me? you need to get your eye checked my friend! let somebody do the same thing to you and lets see what happen.

  72. Stern H8r says:

    “taken away” not “taking away” you illiterate wuss. LBJ needs to visit a “Libary”

  73. salce1 says:

    Rules should be strict and should be consistent. Regardless of other incidents, Stern should have been more sterner! 25K fine is a joke!

  74. wooderson says:

    so david lee gets suspended because roy hibbert starts a fight, lee misses the knicks game that the warriors would have won easily had he been playing but ibaka is free to play?

  75. AI939 says:

    Matt Barnes should maybe do a bit of self-reflection before tweeting something like that

  76. King Gary says:

    I’m a heat and Dywane Wade fan and I will be the first one to say wades looked just as intentional. I don’t think Ibaka’s was even that hard and griffin obviously over dramatized. And relax Ibaka can barely speak english and is still growing as a player everyone is allowed to slip up and get into the game. It’s no big deal this wouldn’t have even got re-looked at in the 90s everyone needs to put their big boy pants back on and stop complaining.

  77. TT says:

    I really dont think there is a difference whether its a kick or a punch if its at the balls. Or does it mean that the balls are more resistance to punching than kicking??? anyone here has an iron ball strong enough to make a difference between that??? If Wade was suspended and fined that much, so should Ibaka. How the hell is that suppose to be unintentional when you dont look up for the rebound, instead look down at someones groin and swing your fist?????

  78. ClipperFan! says:

    Ibaka should not apologize to the fans but should have apologize to blake, He’s the one who’s been hit!

  79. LeBronKingOfFLOP says:

    what about lebrons flops haha ibaka is strying to box out it is an accident

  80. cari says:

    I have just watched the replay to that hit, the nba is wrong for that. He should have suspend two games and fined high for that. And, I don’t like Griffin, but wrong is wrong. Griffin should have beat his ***

  81. big jebb says:

    if the heat had to play on a level field like the rest of the nba teams can you imagine their complaining then? the officals treat the heat with kid gloves

  82. ely says:

    True while ibaka hit blake intentionally wade did not, but theres differences, wade kicked the guy and ibaka hit him… that being said ibaka still should have gotten suspended and I believe he should have had a bigger fine as well and that wade fine is a lil too high IMHO

    • genoa says:

      League is doing its best to help the thunder win i guess. Letting him stay in a close game vs the Clips, and not suspending him so he can play against the Lakers. Probably decided Lebrons time is over and they’re gonna push for a thunder dynasty now.

  83. Boo says:

    NOW they upgrade it to a Flagrant 2, after Ibaka got to stay in the game and make a 3-pt play and a game-saving block so that the Thunder could go on to win it. Even though he CLEARLY went for Griffin’s groin with full intent to hurt him. And then as a further slap in the face, they didn’t suspend him even for one game, maybe so that they can get better ratings for the Laker-Thunder game tonight on national television. Idk this whole situation just seems so wrong on so many levels 😦

  84. RocketsFan says:

    Lebron & Wade should be fined for complaining like Cuban & others do. They get away w/ so much stuff so I really don’t think they should be complaining. First time I’ve seen Ibaka play dirty & I’m glad he is getting aggressive against flopping Griffin.

  85. djunsan says:

    Serge Ibaka = Reggie Evans
    “Crotch grabbers”

  86. JuanDelaCruz says:

    Ibaka is not a Dirty Player.It’s not intentional..I think, it’s just like tug of war and blake lose that’s why Serge hits the groin unintentional….

    • kb24 says:

      Yeah, sure… KD and Westbrook are nice guys, Ibaka isn’t dirty, KD should be MVP and the Thunder will become champions without the refs…

    • grumani says:

      A closed fist hit is illegal, even if aimed at the basketball, not the other ones. This was a dirty play, the chop down was not at the basketball, it was still up in the air…so, what was he striking at with his closed fist if not Blake’s groin??? Bad call by the league, but they favor KC Thunder so much on so many calls anyway, that it doesn’t surprise me. Prediction: In a playoff run with a new NBA record for the most freethrows awarded to one team, KC wins the championship. It’s all planned out.

  87. miraz08 says:

    woooohhhh..have you watched the replay of what you did SERGE??? who in the world will believe that it wasn’t intentional!!!

  88. SynByn says:

    That is truly unfair. Ibaka’s punch to the groin looked way more on purpose than Wade’s kick and he only got fined 25k? Wade payed way more and he got a suspension. That is kind of ridiculous, he should have at least gotten 1 game suspension.

    • Aadil says:

      Wade got a bigger fine probably because he’s known to be a dirty player. He has had many prior incidents of being dirty. Is this Ibaka’s first offense?

    • Jimbo says:

      Haven’t you NBA players learned yet? The more money you make the steeper the fine!

    • transrebal says:

      After watching it in real time, it looked like an intentional hit to me but after watching the replay in slow mo it looked like an unintentional blow and here’s why i think that. When the ball was in the air you can see Blakes right arm all across Ibaka then Ibaka tries to push his arm away with his left hand then takes his right arm and chops down over Blakes right arm, imo, to get Blakes arm out of the way and get position. If you watch the replay you can clearly see Ibaka looking up at the ball when he swings is arm down. Unintentional to me just really physical play.

  89. MICK SEYER says:


  90. dag2 says:

    What’s 10x’s worst than Ibaka’s closed fist punch to man’s most sensitive area?

    Spurs sitting their aging stars after 4 games in 5 nights..

    Really David Stern?

    • timmy-d says:

      someone explaing the leagues move please, just pathetic

    • Eti says:

      You got a strong point here! I guess décisions are only based on business.
      TD sitting down for a game is not good for business.
      Neither is sitting Ibaka down after Kabe saying “I would have smacked him in the mouth”… Now that’s how you get audience…

  91. Stacey r says:

    I’m sorry, Really. Wade and Lebron are comlaining? They get away with so much. They really need not say anything. And wade KICKED dude not swatting. Two completely different plays.

    • brian says:

      What the f*ck are you even talking about. Wade’s kick doesn’t look intentional compare to Ibaka. I’m not saying that it’s not intentional either way, but what Ibaka did was so obvious and he only got fined $25,000 ? and did not get suspended. And then people say that ref’s are with Miami ?

    • Logic says:

      Ibaka’s was much worse, not even close. Wade DOES deserve to comment because his penalty was much worse for doing something that was much less severe.

  92. baboy says:

    wade’s was unintentional..
    ibaka intentional..

    go figure..