Magic’s $1 Million Dunk Offer For LeBron

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Finally, someone put their money where there mouth was instead of just whining about LeBron James making an appearance in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.

Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst and Magic Johnson made his plea for James to take his pregame dunk exploits (above) to New Orleans for All-Star Weekend next year, and sweetened the deal by offering to put up $1 million for James to end the suspense and help revive the contest that Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins made a must-see event 30 years ago.

“Please LeBron, get in the dunk contest,” Johnson said earlier tonight on ESPN’s Kia NBA Countdown pregame show. “I’m going to put up a million dollars. A million dollars to LeBron. Please get in the dunk contest. I go every year. I want to see you out there. A million to the winner.”

If Magic is offering up a that kind of cash for the winner, surely there might be a few other superstars willing to join the fray. Perhaps 2011 Sprite Slam Dunk champion  and Los Angeles Clippers All-Star Blake Griffin would be willing to consider accepting the challenge? Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook has yet to showcase his stuff on All-Star Saturday night. And there has to be a standing invite for the reigning champ, Toronto’s Terrence Ross.

Presumably, any other superstars willing to get in the mix are welcome, too (hey, it’s not our money. It’s Magic’s cash, and he’s got plenty). It’s not just about the money, though. It’s about the competition. A star-studded field in New Orleans could help revive the contest and finally end the speculation about what LeBron might do on that stage.

After coming under fire for his spectacular pre-game dunkfests earlier this week, LeBron said he was considering not participating in the Heat’s unofficial contests anymore. But he decided against it a day later and was up to his old tricks before the Heat took on the Memphis Grizzlies.

Now comes this offer from Magic and a chance for LeBron to not only win a cool $1 million but to donate it to the charity of his choice (you know he won’t keep the cash if Magic’s stunt works and he actually accepts and wins the contest).

All we need now is to hear from LeBron …


  1. Marsha Dinnebier says:

    i LOVE BB and watch EVERY THUNDER game. i get so excited i could p…..i constantly watch ESPN, and enjoy MOST of the announcers, college gameday, etc for most all sports. HOWEVER…i find this offer, to a RICH man, totally offinsive. i almost had to cancel my cable service (and would no longer be able to watch my beloved THUNDER) just to meet my monthly bills. i got a THIRD job instead………..I really wish ya’ll would keep the flaunting of your money among yourselves.

  2. pooyan says:

    Vince carter made the best slam contest ever! LeBron is nothing comparing to carter!
    VC#15 4ever!

  3. JOSE says:


  4. JOSE says:


  5. MiamiKid says:

    how about instead of putting scrub no name bench players/Role players you actually invite stars and put a 1 million dollar donation to a charity of their choice on the line if they do it its just good Publicity.

    Javale Mcgee
    Josh Smith
    Maybe Gerald Green

    And everyone bitching about Gimmicks its what makes the contest fun now We need a Hype Factor

  6. mantywrestler says:

    your all fools

  7. Kolby says:

    Kobe will never be like Lebron

  8. manson28 says:

    if i were to organize a dunk contest, it will be a PG edition. Here are my participants:

    R. Westbrook
    John Wall
    Eric Bledsoe
    Iman Shumpert

  9. Kyle says:

    “Finally, someone put their money where there mouth was instead of just whining about LeBron James making an appearance in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest.” *their mouth, not there*

  10. C-Murder says:

    People want to see the stars. I don’t even particularly like LeBron, but I would totally tune in, if he was in it. The dunk contest needs star power, like it did back in the day.

  11. julre says:

    lebron is just a power dunker..

  12. BlackDove- says:

    in my opinion.. i think the all-star weekend is weak! esp nowadays. there’s no D, no competition just a group of pros showing off. its a show for children and teens.

  13. LALA says:

    JR Smith

    Make this happen.

  14. Hoops Old Timer says:

    NBA is trying to raise money for St Jude – great cause – how about Magic million dollar offer going to St Jude

  15. BlackDove- says:

    wow this is generating a lot of discussion lol
    only a superstar like lebron could

  16. W/E says:

    Thats just stupid, theres nothing in the league that comes close to the level of Jordan – Wilkins 80s dunk competition rivalry,those guys had heart they loved competing under huge pressure they were build for it,LBJ and co are just soft they cant do it they dont feel they can do it thats y they dont do it, am sorry but theres no point giving anyone extra money to these guys to compete, ppl must compete cause they want to and not because of money thats just disgusting, If some players feel that the dunk contest is too much for them theres no point giving them more money to force them in thats lame.

  17. Swag says:

    Vintage dunk contest would be funny to see

    If like Jordan and all can still jump and do his sick dunks.

  18. Wilt #13 says:

    I dont know why offering 1M$ .
    I mean.. LeBron makes more in a week![From the HEAT and the shoes that he makes,and probebly some other stuff that im not aware of like ads to TV or something]
    I mean if you going to give LeBron something Just tell him that you will donate more then 2M$ To charity and maybe then he will agree..
    I mean That guy signed to a 90Million $ BEFORE HE CAME TO THE NBA .[With Nike]

  19. dunkONme says:

    i don’t get it why focusing everything on LeBron just because of his pre-game dunking show… to think the Clips do this as well… have you seen their videos? Blake, Jordan, Bledsoe and even the olides like Butler showin off their dunks… its LeBron’s decision if he wants to join the contest or not… and to prove something? what’s to prove? win a slam dunk cause Jordan did it, cause Dominique did it? hmmm…

    and if everyone wants LeBron to play then get everyone to play… bring-in Westbrook, Blake or even KD… pre-game warm-ups is just part of the game to loosen up… and yeah i think it works the wonder for the Heat they’ve won 13 in a row…

  20. This years contest was okay but it didn’t have me saying wow & that’s what most of us want to be saying every year. The biggest thing is they must do away w/ that 2:00 min unlimited tries to dunk-that’s just plain stupid & takes the competitiveness out of the contest. Just silly when you see a contestant after 10-15 tries getting all tired, not making one @ all & still getting 1 more try after 2min are up-REEEALLY COMON MAN! That has to be changed back to the way it used to be to bring it back to being a lot more competitive. Bring it back to 3 dunk’s per round & only 1 replacement per round-keeps them on their toes to make every one count & make every one a good one. That’s how you stiffen up the comp no matter who’s participating superstar or not.

  21. vincent says:

    i dun rly like the word “revive” cuz i was happy with this year’s dunk contest

  22. LBJ fan for life says:

    First off, Lebron James wipes his behind with benjamins, dont think he needs a million. Second why are people so set on Lebron going to dunk contest? If he doesnt want to do it leave him be. There are several great dunkers out there that can be in contest. Smith, Iguodala, JR, Russel, hell even KD. Also young players who should be in it Paul George, Derozan Harden just to be set on lebron is stupid. Yall think Lebron gives 2 ishes what u guys say lmao. ..i.. up to his F ing haters! Everyone hates on him but rides his D to do dunk contest which is illogical and hypocritical. He’s afraid? Lebron could lay it up thrice and hed win. Me personally wouldnt give a f if he did it or not, ik he’d win. And allstar weekend is already fun w 3pt,bbva,and ASG.

    Also something i dont understand: The dunkers were already chosen, so is everyone saying Lebron could just step in and give someone the boot? How rude on all of you on that part then.

  23. Going 4 da gold says:

    Is it just me to do y’all remember lebron saying that he can dunk over a giraffe

  24. ginobili says:

    I don’t know whats more sickening. Magic’s offer of one million dollars (and he seemed pretty serious) and utter disregard for what money is worth (millionaires talking about betting a million bucks that another millionaire will do something for fun- what a slap in the face to the working man) or the attention LeBron gets for even wiping his butt. I haven’t been liking Magic too much lately. I used to love the guy but it seems like the “Media Man” has him by the balls. Kind of like Bill Simmons now.

  25. LoL@NBABLoGComments says:

    If Lebron’s gonna be in the dunk contest they better have

    Jason Richardson – Cause he holds the best dunk I beilieve in dunk contest history

    Vince Carter – No need to say anything here

    And a couple of other jabroni’s that’s it that’s all.

  26. Squirtopus says:

    Sorry but I don’t get what everyone is raving about.The video above shows exactly why lebron will not join the slam dunk: these are some average joe dunks. Period. The between the legs one that was on last week and the spin one were nice but still in all honesty just not dunk contest worthy dunks. Okay, I do get the star power aspect that people are clamoring for, but to me Lebron is without a doubt the best player in the game today and a great in game dunker, but I don’t think he is capable of pulling of truly creative slam dunk contest material. I don’t get what everybody was bitching about anyway to be honest, Terence ross’s first dunk was freaking excellent this year and so was Paul George’s freaking vincanity tribute in the dark last year when he got robbed. Guards should rule the dunk contest, it is just more exciting in a contest to see a guy in the 6’4 to 6’6 range dunk than a really big dude like lebron.

  27. Allen Iverson says:

    I suggest putting LBJ, iggy, demar, if come back off injury j rich, v carter, westbrook that would be a legendary dunk countest ever since the domonique vs jordan dunk contest

  28. HSS says:

    I think its a joke they are offering him this money, it should be a privilege to compete in the dunk contest not a chore! And to think he could revive the dunk contest is ridiculous, how about fair judging! In this years dunk contest we saw a poor score kenneth’s 360 alley oop on the second attempt and a good score for a 180 alley oop which we sore jemario moon execute and look better for a score of 44 on his first attempt!

  29. Jyrone says:

    I don’t want to see Blake Griffin in it again, he was just over-hyped, none of his dunks were anything spectacular, watch them now, you’ll understand… he’s a great in game dunker, but he’s not a good contest dunker.

  30. surebuddy says:

    There’s a reason why Steven Francis, T-Mac and VC never re-enter the contest. It’s because they couldn’t do or beat what Vince did. Vince couldn’t even out-do himself, that’s why he never defended his title.

  31. LFK says:

    Sorry about all the posts …..i get angry at severe insults and stupidity

    • aflo9 says:

      what everyone is forgetting is that he promised everyone he was going to do it after howard won his, but i guess hes not a man of his word

  32. LFK says:

    Shame on you Magic…..Why must it be for MONEY…..because the FANS are not in the equation only EGO AND CASH…..Shame on all involved

  33. LFK says:

    Why does it have to be for a million dollars ? Because the FANS DONT COUNT ……Dont tell its for any other reason these bandits in basketball sneakers ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY…..And shame on YOU MAGIC JOHNSON for presenting it …..Magic should be shaming these crooks into doing the right thing for THE FANS…….not at all good idea just another case of insulting the people who pay for this whole entire system …THE FANS

  34. Dontworry says:

    The reason everyone wants to see LeBron is not just because hes a star or because he does amazing dunks but its because he finishes his dunks in one try!

  35. LFK says:

    Why does it have to be for a million dollars ? Because the FANS DONT COUNT ……Dont tell its for any other reason these bandits in basketball sneakers ONLY CARE ABOUT MONEY…..And shame on YOU MAGIC JOHNSON for presenting it …..Magic should be shaming these crooks into doing the right thing for THE FANS…….not at all good idea just another case of insulting the people who pay for this whole entire system ……THE FANS

  36. Going 4 da gold says:

    I say
    J.r smith
    And either javale McGee or Kevin durant

  37. boon says:

    forget the dunk contest and all other events on all star weekend.. it seems lebron, the heat and their fans prefer a dance off instead

  38. duy says:

    Come on Lebron! Do it and give it to Charity!

  39. Andy says:

    not a smart move by Magic, shoulda offered to donate the million to a charity if Lebron enters so Lebron not participating would make him look like the bad guy in the media… which in turn would give him way more incentive to join the contest than the million he doesnt care about anyways…

  40. bball4life says:

    how about Magic DONATING a million dollars to charity, those guys sure don’t need any more

  41. dj rgm9 says:

    Stern must give the Heat the finals trophy now!Yestedays game heat vs Grizzlys,how the referee’s stole the game for the Heat!To much biased one sided calls for the Heat once again for 3 quarter’s long,Every championship they gonna win or not i consider them fake!Only for the referee’s,bandwagoners,a part of heat fans it’s valid to win that way.Without the refree’s help the Heat had very difficult to substain the lead on the game!Come on Stern!!!Give them the trophy now, everybody knows already this competition is fixed again!Let them just continue dancing the”nba shake championship celebration”…. signs,signs,symbolysm all over again.Boring sh.. .

  42. Calvin says:

    Derrick Willams needs to get back in it.

  43. Jerry Baylor says:

    bring back Spud Webb

  44. Cullen says:

    What a sad waste of money

  45. james says:

    imaging lebron james,russell westbrook,josh smith,andre iguodala and the return of blake griffing to the slam dunk contest???

  46. bodjee says:

    We need to make the contest competitive by establishing some famous dunks (MJ, DOM, VC…) as templates to rank the contestants as well as 1-ON-1, 2-ON-2, inbounding and so on… The contestants shall be judge by the degree of difficulties that they add to these dunks which will then set up the stage for the main event where freestyles will crown the dunk champion. PLUS the $1M from Magic and the other deep pocket celebrities who might want to join. 🙂

  47. Whitey says:

    Man so many Lebron haters. No creativity??? i haven’t seen many other guys throw it behind the back off the backboard and dunk. And to the people saying he wouldn’t win cause he is a power dunker. Did any of you listen to dunk contest commentators?? The dunk doesn’t score as high if there is no throwdown/power to it. Can’t believe the amount of people who refuse to acknowledge the talent and skill the man has. And to Meir people don’t think he is best in the league because he won a championship he was already the best in the league before the championship. Show me another player who can guard almost all positions (and as good as him) and name a player who plays the way he does day in day out.

  48. RWBJ says:

    What they should do is invite some of the participants from the “” videos to the NBA dunk contest to challenge the NBA’s best. I’m pretty sure after the NBA loses for a couple of years, the “stars” will attempt to defend the reputation of the league. NBA players don’t want “street ballers” to have bragging rights over them, egos are too big.

  49. El Capitan says:

    If Lebron doesn’t, he is a fool. Come on, a fool who has no chance of winning would at least go for a million. Michael Jordan is God on the court, Lebron has a ways to go in order to achieve that greatness. Lebron is a cyborg, “God disguised as Michael Jordan,” Larry Bird. MJ did the dunk contest, Kobe did it, Vince Carter did, and so many other stars, why does he think he is an exception? He only needs to do it once…

  50. willie says:

    LBJ, demar Derozan, Iggy, BG, t.ross, J mcgee and Vintage Vinsanity for the dunk contest… these are the best dunkers now.

  51. josh stank says:

    Lebron please I would love to see u in the dunk contest

  52. Matthew says:

    Please, please no more dunk contest Magic. Let’s have a 1 on 1 king of the court contest, with a ref to call fouls. Use the million dollars for that. Alternatively the NBA could open it up so fans can contribute to the pot for the winner. With fan contributions you can get a significant pot. Let’s make this happen NBA. Fans already vote for the all star team. When we vote give us the option to put money in the pot for the King of the Court. If we must have a dunk contest let fans put the money in the pot for that. I can see it now, “2014 dunk contest with a first place prize of 15 million”

  53. smh lbj says:

    You guys are crazy, lebron would definitely do well. The reason lebron has not entered the dunk contest because no competition, however, I am not saying the guys that dunked this year were not good, but they are not stars . Why do you think KD didn’t enter the 3 point contest this year. No Kevin Love……

  54. Heat #3 says:

    To the people on here saying Lebron wouldn’t win because he doesn’t have skills to win the dunk contest, I hope you realise how stupid that sounds. The reason Magic has put this offer on the table is because of the skilled dunks he has been doing! How many Nba players are being talked about so much with pre game dunks? Spinning, chucking it up off the backboard from under his legs, from behind the free throw line and dunking it, how is that not skilled? He made it look easy! Imagine if he was actually trying. He doesn’t do the ‘skilled’ dunk you talk about it games because he wants to make sure he gets the basket. Lobs in games are still nice and put people in seats, Lebron has been putting people in seats lately way before the game starts, why? Because he is showing the skills he has as a dunker.

  55. darkacoustic says:

    In my opinion.. just give it to the charity.. nba stars are already get paid by millions.. just do it for a cause.. if they do it just for lebron or to revive the excitement of nba slam dunk contest.. I think… its so lame.. although I know they want to watch a good show.. but I think more importantly.. if the winner will donate it to a charity or a disaster victims.. it would be so good.. they have fun.. and yet they help a bunch of people.. I’m just saying.. and for the topic.. I think lebron is not a type of guy that would bring excitement.. he’s not a type of player that is so graceful like MJ, KB, and VC on air (what I mean is.. graceful whenever they lift to the air then dunk the ball to the basket..).. for the record.. im not a LBJ hater.. I’m just saying..

  56. hoopdreams56 says:

    I read the article twice to make sure I didn’t miss that fact that the money is going to charity, but didn’t see anything that indicated that. I hope that’s where it ends up. Just a hunch, but I don’t think Lebron or any other NBA stars are hurting for money.

  57. paulwall23 says:

    Lebron is the best player in the world easily. He fulls the stat sheet has an nba title and finals mvp. He will soon have mvp number 4, has rookie of the year, won a scoring championship two many player of the months to count and is an unreal dunker. If he doesnt wanna join something that means nothing then who cares he’s still one of the greatest players to puck up a basketball

  58. asvp_joeyy says:

    lebrons pregames dunk show isnt the best when they played the clippers deandre and blake would do the same thing thing and deandre did a nasty dunk better than any of the one lebrons didi in this viedo att AAA

  59. Jim Dayrit says:

    if lebron joins because of the money, then he is in it for the money. not for the love of the game or entertainment.
    so we go back to kobe vs lebron. aside from 5 rings vs 1, kobe is a slam dunk champion. if you wanna be like mike. follow in his footsteps… and eventually eclipse him. that’s the road for greatness! G.O.A.T.!

  60. Hero says:

    He is a powerful slam dunker not a finesse one. I won’t give a damn to see him on a dunk contest.

  61. Meir says:

    Everyone talks about Lebron this, and Lebron that. People, just because he won’t last year’s championship doesn’t make hime the best in the league. Sure he can dunk, but people are right. Skill is harder, especially when the whole NBA world is watching. James doesn’t want to participate, cause he is afraid he will lose. Too many cry babies in basketball now-a-days. Not like the late 80’s early 90’s. Those were the dunking days,.

  62. MacMaine says:

    Kobe Bryant or Vince Carter will destroy Lebron in a dunk contest.

  63. joheike says:

    Lebron can dunk but not spectacular, he should have join slam dunk during his rookie year. If he want to jon, just join it. he coward actually, without Bosh and Wade, he is nothing!!!!

  64. BOxstOppEr says:


  65. cendo says:

    how about dwyane wade joining SDC? john wall, russell westbrook would be awesome to watch. it’s pity, this would happen only in video game.

  66. LeBron says:

    Slam Dunk Contest:
    LeBron James
    Blake Griffin
    Dwight Howard
    Nate Robinson
    Vince Carter
    Kobe Bryant

    3 Point Shootout
    Dwight Howard
    Andrew Bynum
    Shaquille O’ Neal
    Ben Wallace
    Roy Hibbert
    Kendrick Perkins

  67. Billy says:

    Lebron should enter the dunk contest. Whats holding him back anyway?

    Lebron James
    Kevin Durant
    Blake Griffen

    These 3 guys in a dunk contest will be enough for me.

  68. moron says:

    lebron, you’re a man. show this kids how it’s done man i’m diyng to see your talent in a dunk contest!

  69. boon says:

    lebron and the heat are just show offs. and that is why he will always have haters. all that pregame dunking, dancing, the video, the proclamation of championships before the season even begins.. it’s all about being ostentatious. let’s not forget the decision. yet when they lose they complain, refuse to show sportsmanship, they cry and make a fuss. i guess lebron is just afraid to lose.
    jordan was never really ostentatious off the court. he just does things on it. no hype or any of that sort…

  70. Daddy says:

    Unless D-Wade will be there to carry him for the dunk contest trophy… Other than that i don’t see it. Dunk contest is dead let it be

  71. RSS vs RSS says:

    A million going to some charity I see no reason why Lebron shouldn’t participate in it if not for the love of the game and the fans he should be in it regardless. Now to all the Heats and Lebron fans saying dunk contest don’t matter or you don’t get remember for that please know you history whether it’s Spudd Webb, Dominique Wilkins, Isiah Rider to Vince Carter and Blake Griffin they’re always remembered for their dunking skills that they display at the dunk contest not because they won a championship they showcase their talents vs other great dunkers. Beside Miami haven’t had a dunk champ since Harold Miner but then again you don’t know your history just became a bandwagon recently………..Lakers all day everyday

  72. Ricardo says:

    Lebron is a power dunker and haven’t had his flare since the McDonald Game beside he will be under the spotlight and this is something he hates to be pressure in the contest and if fail then get criticize by the fans, media (Skip Bayless and other NBA TNT guys) and other players. It’s one thing to dunk in a game but to be creative when the world is watching is different ask Rudy Gay, Shannon Brown, Andre Iguodala, Jamario Moon and Demar Derozan or James ”Flight” White when you’re on that big stage it’s a different ball game but for the fans and the love of the game he should but will he? Time will tell

  73. Black Mama Worm 24 says:

    who cares about dunk titles… It doesn’t matter If you participate or not… Dunks won’t measure the level of greats… season MVP, Finals MVP are much more important than winning dunks…. Many players became GREATS w/out joining Dunk competition… (random order) Hakeem Olajuwon,Tim Duncan,Shaq,Wilt,Bill, Bird and yes MAGIC too….. Did anyone question their greatness because they didn’t join dunk contest????? so blake even if Blake Griffin win it over and over It doesn’t matter…. You won’t be remember as great player especially if you don’t win a ring….

    • abc says:


    • wenz says:

      Lets all be Honest… blakes kia car dunk wasnt all that.. remove the car n it was basically mjs dunk except well will inside the free throw line ….until proven ..blake is really just a power dunker during games…
      Just like how all the lebron haters say lebron is just a power dunker….

  74. Gigantor says:

    How come no one has questioned Carter, best All-Star dunker ever!!!

  75. Loso says:

    put lebron in the dunk contest he should have been in the dunk contest like in his first couple years in the nba. might as well do it now before he regrets when micheal jordan won dunk contest kobe won dunk contest so lebron has to be a spectacle rather than running away like a coward he knows he can pull off good dunks based on his athleticism so do what everyone wants you to do.If I was lebron I would win the dunk contest,all star mvp,mvp(season),nba title, and finals mvp all in the same year then people wouldn’t question how his legacy is compared to kobe, or jordan because he is one of the greatest players to play the game that’s playing along with a few others(kobe, durant,melo,rose)

  76. MJfromOKC says:

    I wish the NBA would realize that nobody really cares about the slam dunk contest. Lebron shouldnt have to do it and he should tell Magic to keep his money. It would make Lebron look bad if he did it simply because of the 1 million which is probably about 3-5% of what he makes annually.

  77. blake32 says:

    lebron is a coward, he’ll never do it. it’s the same reason he joined up with wade and bosh, couldnt handle the pressure. he’s intensely afraid of failing, and therefore wont even bother trying. hes a half hearted competitor.

    • lol says:

      Because he joined a better team, with better players, with an owner who actually wanted to win, he’s a “half-hearted competitor” Did you even watch last years playoffs? LeBron was on a mission, he didn’t crack a smile till the Heat won the NBA Finals. He is one of the great competitors in the NBA.

  78. MackDaddy says:

    I dont get my Howard is mentioned?

    How is a 7 footer who dunks supposed to impress me?

  79. wow @ blake says:

    did you just really say about lebron clutch shots. here is a reminder if you don’t know. kobe bryant last two year 3/21 when it come to game winning/ tying (clutch shots) and his career average for those shots is 25%. lebron is 40%.

  80. larry oconnor says:

    I hope all the fans will boycott the dunk contest until the stars get involved. The NBA should get it going again. If that doesn’t work boycott the whole All Star Game. if that doesn’t work start boycotting other games etc. WE WANT A REAL DUNK CONTEST!! Imagine all of these years we could’ve had Kobe and LeBron instead we have NATE ROBINSON winning three times….only took 1000 attempts. RIDICULOUS!

  81. mr. ed says:

    what’s funny is that the dunk contest for the past few seasons have been decided by fans through text messages and other means.
    if that’s the case, he’s simply gonna win just by name recognition.
    and yet he’s still scared to join the contest?

  82. destruction says:

    lebron would probably win.

    P.S. People stop adding Kobe to this, he is to old for dunk contest.

  83. thurix says:

    Lebron is just giving the chance to other talented players….there’s no thrill if lebron joins oz surely he’ll dominate it coz he’s now popular..and ofcorz he will get more votes..slam dunk participants get their points on the audiences…lebron has the edge coz he’s really popular now…that’s why i’ll go more for charity if Lebron decides to join…

  84. DC says:

    Lebrons dunking is SOOOOOOO overrated. Ok he can jump off 1 leg pretty well but not like he could as a rookie. His 2 foot dunking is very average compared to G green or V Carter or Griffin etc. He has limited styles of dunks, which is why we see the same one handed one foot thawk alllllll the time or a reverse etc He is a power/game dunker but come on….hes not even as good as James white is off 1 leg. Everyone hypes up his between the legs dunk in warm ups but that dunk is STANDARD issue these days. People do 360 degree between the legs dunks now. I think the commentators should stop whining and being so spoilt. Open up the comp to dunkers from other leagues around the world or street players etc and it will be amazing.

    • lol says:

      If you open up the dunk contest to non-NBA players, then why call it the NBA Dunk Contest man? And have you seen LeBron’s dunks before and during games? A lot of them would be 50’s. And the between the legs, LeBron dunks with power on those, so you can call him a power dunker, but he can dunk with a lot of flair.

  85. Gillsy says:

    I like the idea of James taking Magic’s million and then give it to charity. James would be the type of guy to do it to. I would like to see Westbrook and Harrison Barnes in the dunk comp to. If not they could just get people in the Miami stands holding up numbers as judges during the warm up.

  86. IanK says:

    Translation: “Come on, Lebron. Don’t be such a wuss.” — Magic

  87. Broderick says:

    i just want to see somebody put in a good dunk on the first or second try or maybe earn their score because thie judges the last 3 years have been giving away points. 37 and 38 dunks getting 50s

  88. Wayne Turner says:

    I’d like to see the following in the dunk contest next season:-
    LeBron James
    Dwight Howard
    Blake Griffin
    Terrence Ross
    Nate Robinson
    Harrison Barnes –

  89. toniomayhem says:

    Of Course Lebron will have a chance of winning the dunk contest. considering his Lobs are very accurate and how easy he can catch the ball mid-air.

  90. Bacellar says:

    Hell… for 1 million I dunk for you Magic! No prob

  91. Kevin says:

    well i believe that lebron wont do the dunk contest cuz he usually doesnt play for no reason. he probably has 1000000 in his wallet right now. so as much as i would love to see what he can really do as of his dunks against griffin,westbrook,gerald green,and terrence ross i dont think it will happen so please people please let it go.

  92. luggers777 says:

    KOBE vs. James , 100% the whole world will watch the contest..james can’t do nothing againts the MAMBA. Kobe can do different kind of style cause he’s flexible..James he’s only a power dunker one style maybe that’s the reason why he’s not competing the contest.

  93. GO BLAZERS says:

    Magic vs James?

  94. Ayane says:

    It’s Magic’s hard-earned money, not your money, and he has all the right to put it where he wants, so shut up.
    Kudos to Magic for manning up and putting his money where his mouth is.

  95. So $1M for Lebron just to enter the contest? Then $1M to the winner? Lebron might be a great dunker in game but he will get shat on in the dunk contest. Those are 2 different things. Just look at Shannon Brown. The only dunkers capable of wowing the crowd would be: Westbrook, Harrison Barnes and Gerald Green (yes, the same guy that blew his last dunk).

    • uoykcuf says:

      Westbrook, lol. That to me is a great in game dunker rather than skills dunk. Not that lebronze has skills though. IMO MJ, Nique, Carter had skills. They make those dunks like an art exhibition.

  96. D12 says:

    I would want to see Dwight Howard again, with Lebron James, and blake griffin !

  97. dxman says:

    Vince Carter

  98. Scott says:

    who cares, what star ever had to be begged to do the dunk contest?

    i hope he does his ACL during the contest for being such a baby

    • Wilt #13 says:

      Wooohooo Dude!
      LeBron Didnt do anything.
      And I hope you will get you’re ACL hurt cuz You dont know what kind of an injury that is. you have no idea.
      After a player hurts his ACL he will NEVER be the same,Or better after he will come back.
      And LeBron Isent a baby,Heck he didnt even cry about him not being in the dunk contast.
      You LeBron haters are just stupid,He broke alot of records like alot of greats.
      Surly he is not Jerry West who is Mr.Cluch,Or MJ who can make a hard shot look really easy when the team needs the most.
      He is not Perfect,No player ever was Perfect Even MJ,He Didnt Win all the time so he is not perfect,
      Even Bill russle He won alot but he didnt shoot from where Ray allen can shoot.
      Kobe is not perfect.No player is

    • uoykcuf says:

      Very nice of you to wish an injury for someone you dislike, must be a real treat around you.

  99. Andre says:

    why just dunk contest? what about 3-point contest too? is there any regulation tell a player is prohibited to attend more than one contest at the all-stars weekend celebration? c’mon lebron, i know you can

  100. MakeitHappen says:

    Lebron James has to be in it, not just for the dunks,we just need a contest full of star players again
    Blake Griffin
    Paul George
    John Wall, has everyone forgotton the kinda dunks this guy did in the rising star challenge last year? and a point guard! amazing hops

  101. Ray24Lu says:

    How about 1 million to the homeless? or for education? 1 million for Lebron to dunk a ball? smh

  102. vadoom says:

    i dont think lebron would win the dunk contest dont see him as a creative person and in the dunk contest creativity and pulling off the dunk is everything

  103. Come on lbj accept it…. It’s not about the money becuz 1million is nothing to lbj or magic Johnson but it’s about us fans finally enjoying a dunk contest…
    Here’s a list for 2015 slam dunk contest
    L. James
    J. Magee
    T. Ross (I guess nba will invite him becuz he won 2013 dunk contest)
    R. Westbroke
    Heck even invite V. Carter bak becuz he still cud jump..

    • Mikey Mike says:

      I think LBJ should hire Vince Carter as a consultant. IMO…He had the best overall set of dunks in Dunk Contest history!

  104. mkz says:

    LeBron James
    Blake Griffin
    DeMar DeRozan
    Russell Westbrook
    Deandre Jordan
    Terrence Ross


  105. bulbulito says:

    oh c’mon prople lebron don’t need to join the dunk contest just to prove that he is a great dunker..why don’t we just watch his pre game warm up dunks,rather than convincing to join the contest. ..i..

    • luggers777 says:

      if james is a good dunker, show to the world why he’s afraid to join the contest. you know the reason why cause he’s only a power dunker he can’t do different kind of style.

      • One Hit Wonder says:

        so what if he’s not the dunker you want him to be? he’s still a walking triple double threat, one of the best scorers in the game, will be in the hall of fame one day(dunk contest or not) and most of all he’s a champion.

  106. Tushar says:

    Blake vs Lebron

  107. Mike says:

    How about if Lebron and Magic agree that if Lebron enters the dunk contest (and wins) Magic will donate $1 million charity…seriously, does Lebron need another million?

  108. oscar says:

    kobe vs lebron that be a hell of a contest

    • johnny says:

      Kobe can’t jump anymore. He rarely dunks, he lays it in most of the time. I want JR smith!

      • Legreatness says:

        ? Kobe dunks it all the time but he definitely cant get air like he used to let alone even hang with LBJ in a dunk contest

  109. mmm says:

    if Lebron does take the money and donate it and win it he should try 720 maybe 1080

  110. noyb says:

    Nobody cares anymore. It’d be worth it to get Jordan out at 51 and see what he could do (har har).

  111. Anonymous says:

    Ever heard of autocorrect and proofreading?

  112. theholyspectator says:

    those were some nasty dunks…lebron would easily murk the dunk contest…hes built to destroy..all tho he was off tonight against the grizz…but hey a W is a W

  113. rod says:

    i know magic wants to fail Lebron. Lebron won’t buy that because he can pull out a million buck from his pocket to donate to a charity of his choice.

  114. zhiggi says:

    …..LeBropaganda…Leave the guy alone man…lol

  115. ene be a says:

    Lebron wins the dunk contest easy…

  116. Really? says:

    Come on lebron please take this awsome offer by Magic Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  117. Brandon says:

    just let it die magic

  118. CHINA MAN says:

    What about boykins or like muggsy they can 720 to the freethrow line or 1080 dunk one

  119. Aram says:

    Ok Its Lebron against who? Kobe?:D

    • LeBronBoss says:

      Blake Bron ross kobe DeMar (even tho he said he isnt doing it anymore) and Paul George

      • Huh? says:

        Kobe? You seriously want him in a dunk contest at his current age? You do realize that it’s a contest to display their leaping abilities right? Put in Iguodala, DeAndre Jordan, or even Javele McGee instead of Kobe and it’d be a pretty entertaining dunk contest. I’d suggest Gerald Green as well, even though he failed the 2012-2013 dunk contest, his leaping abilities is still one of the top in the league today.

        BG, LBJ, Gerald Green, Iguodala, and Javele for 2013-2014 dunk contest.

      • luggers777 says:

        Huh?,are you watchi’n NBA basketball eversince or just know what basketball is all about..age doesn’t know that KOBE proved it already ..he’s already a SD Champion. James can only do one style. he can’t do 360,,vincesanity style ,he’s only a power dunker with the help of of his team player.KOBE,can do so many kind of style, he’s awesome, graceful, smooth & beautiful cause of his ball handling ability & flexible body that JAMES can’t do…

  120. Please Lebron join the contest next year. Im not a millionaire but I will save 1000 dollars and put it with magic million to the winner. because i think you can bring the contest back to life. after Jason richardson won his 2 i really stop watching it.

    • Blake says:

      Lebron has always been a craven, he is afraid that he is not going to win it all and blemish his reputation. That’s why he has always been afraid to take the clutch shot.

      • D12 says:

        I agree, I shoot free throw 80% on practice but less than 40% on the actual game. It’s easy when there is no pressure.

      • BasketballStudent says:

        You must live on another planet. Have you watched him play this season? Do you watch Miami Heat games? Because if you did, you would see he is taking clutch shots. Sure he isn’t MJ, but he’s gaining confidence and becoming unafraid to take them. Hell, he even hit a big three pointer tonight after being 1 for 8 on the field. I’m sick of LeBron haters going back to the same ignorant arguments after they’re clearly not valid anymore. That just speaks of someone who is close minded and so misinformed on the matter that all he can do is go back to old suppositions about LeBron. And by the way, LeBron doesn’t have to win the dunk contest to prove anything. He is a Champion. He’s past that. We all know that he isn’t the best dunker, he knows it. Winning the dunk contest won’t change anything about LeBron’s dunks or the way they are perceived. They will continue to have the same power and elevation, and so will the other contestants’ dunks.

      • uoykcuf says:

        lol, have you really watch lebronze play or just listen to what people said? Cavs vs piston? last year vs boston? I dislike the hairline fading guy but he did had clutch game. He’s not kobe who’ll shoot the last shot no matter how many D on him or how many wings are open. He’s a team player like magic which makes the right play.

      • Number Don't Lie says:

        Yes that must be why he shot 0ver 60% from the field with 30+ points for a NBA record 6 games in a ROW. Not even MJ did that. I rest my case, die hard hater.

      • LeBronFAN says:

        I agree with Blake that LeBron had been afaid to take the last shot (as a straight jump shot) to win the game in the past. But if you hear Dwayne Wade talk about taking the last shot and his mindset on making or missing, you’ll understand why taking the last shot and missing it is not something to fear at all. This is why I think LeBron has already overcome that fear. If you miss the shot, nobody cares, but if you hit it, you take down the other team and get all the glory. It’s a win win situation. Nobody will ever talk negatively about you if you take and miss a shot to win the game but if you make it, you’ll get all the praise. Its a no brianer and a great shot to take.

      • Bstarr says:

        Don’t offer that coward nothing. He does not deserve it. Teasing nba fans with pregame dunks and now Magic needs to get involve to convince you??? This smells like the way Lebron made a show how he left the Cavs and joined the Heat.


      • Julius Sieza says:

        Lebron has been clutch and closing games for quite some time now. Where have you been?

      • SaYO says:

        to basketball student
        are you kidding me?
        you mean he sits there while wade scores 6 straight points and forces the defence to double team wade and leave lebron WIDE OPEN lmao dont kid arouundd

    • BIG P. says:

      keep your money