Kings’ Changes Continue At Point Guard

HANG TIME WEST – The latest was Aaron Brooks being released Friday as part of a buyout. But that came after the Kings spent most of the last four months trying to sort through options at point guard among current candidates and a good portion of the last several years scanning the globe for a solution.

Literally scanning the globe. Brooks signed last summer after playing in China, which came after Jimmer Fredette was picked from BYU in the lottery, which came in the same draft Isaiah Thomas was selected in the second round out of Washington, which came after Tyreke Evans was chosen in the lottery via Memphis, which came after Slovenian Beno Udrih was signed and then woefully overpaid to re-sign. Anthony Johnson, Sergio Rodriguez, Luther Head and Pooh Jeter (as in “cheddar,” not as in Derek “Jeter”) were somewhere in there as well. So even Derek Jeter was in there.

How long have the Kings been searching for a replacement for Mike Bibby?

So long that Bibby has played on four different teams – Hawks, Wizards, Heat, Knicks – and has sat all this season without announcing his retirement, while Sacramento has burned through prime draft choices and cap space. And still no answer. Nothing close to answer, in fact.

Three of the so-called solutions are still on the roster, but Evans has been moved to the wing, at shooting guard and small forward, in his own ongoing search for position stability and could be playing his final games for the Kings, before becoming a restricted free agent July 1. Fredette struggled so much last season as the next Point Guard of the Future that management offered the vote of confidence of signing Brooks in what at the time seemed like a smart move, with a reasonable salary and a coach, Keith Smart, who wanted to play fast.

Thomas, while clearly delivering the best return on investment, from No. 60 pick in the 2011 draft to an encouraging start on a long career, is at 25.5 minutes a game heading into Friday’s game, commendable given his path but not exactly taking over the position.

The topic becomes especially relevant as the draft gets closer and Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart continues to track to a potential top-five pick and maybe even the top three. But, though a physical presence at 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds with an intense style of play, he’s still learning to be a true point guard instead of a combo guard. His shot is inconsistent. There will be Evans flashbacks.

For now, the roles among the remaining Kings have better definition, with Thomas the starter, after sharing the job at times with Brooks, and Fredette coming off the bench barring a sudden change of direction from Keith Smart. Fredette is shooting better than a season ago, but getting inconsistent minutes and still trying to show he should remain in the conversation for the job in the future.


  1. LALA says:

    How about they put the guy with 20-5-5 at PG as the PG. I know it’s radical. I know that Reke flourishes at the 1 spot, so it might be worth the gamble putting him back there, but what do I know…
    Reke should be the second coming of the Glove…

  2. Trade tyreke evans to the lakers he will fit there!

  3. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    next to be Released will be TONEY DOUGLAS….


  4. Rico says:

    just change the coach first!
    then maybe they can trade couz for a star SF..

    Build again around Evans at PG and Jimmer at SG (on offense – then they will switch in D)
    Jimmer can be the Sacramento version of Steph Curry

  5. BIG MAN 7 FOOT 2 says:

    They need to start my guy jimmer fredette if they are to have any success , he’s one of the best two guards in the league and his butt is getting bench splinters , GET HIM IN THERE !!!

  6. dmh says:

    The problem the past how many years for the rebuilding in Sacramento has been the redundant parts and the fact that they have been yanked and twisted in and out of the lineup in baffling ways. Aaron Brooks can ball in the right system, but they have a younger taller stronger version of him in Evans so that was a mistake. Isaiah Thomas was a shocker due to the fact that he was the 60tth pick and now probably is one of the keepers in a backup role. Marcus Thornton and John Salmons are the exact same type of player as well. Fredette in his 2nd year has proven to be a keeper in a bench role. However, who plays sf in Sacto? Evans can’t do it defensively for long stretches. Who backs up Cousins? Thomas Robinson couldn’t see the light of day playing behind Thompson and his 6’6′ backup. What makes Sacto think Patterson is the answer (unless its at center maybe?) when the 5th pick in the draft couldnt see daylight.

    Point being theres no direction. Heck, I even see Phoenix doing the right thing and playing their younger players at the end of the season and with some success I may add. The page needs to be turned when it comes to the young talent Sacto has. Give up on at least 1 of their gazillion 2-guards (Salmons perhaps) and start letting players like Fredette, Thomas, Evans, Patterson, and Cousins grow together in their respective roles instead of yanking them for vets that are not the type of vets to show the Kings/Sonicperhaps how to win. The vets that the Kings have are all from losing teams originally anyways. Get a sf through the draft or trade and let it grow. Make sure theres no redundancy in skill either. Then they can sort adequately between the Keepers (Thomas at backup and probably Cousins), the maybes (Evans at the right price) and the redundant garbage for this team but possibly a gem for someone else (Thornton, Salmons, Hayes I think the guys name is, and so on) and the end of the benchers.

  7. Jim says:

    Too late for that now,they wasted Tyreke and if I were him I’d get off this train-wreck of a franchise without an identity.I’m sorry but this whole selling and relocation has the Kings in the worst possible situation for a franchise.The kings’ future should be decided by the summer and after that the team should get a total makeover because as it stands they’re not going anywhere.Get the best talent with the draft regardless of postion and build around him.No need to stick to Thomas because he was a steal if there’s someone better get him.And finally trade Cousins,if the franchise can’t handle itself it doesn’t need the added trouble.

  8. Verk says:

    Stop trying to replace someone and play with who you got. Tyreke had one of the best rookie seasons ever. Build around him. Find players that compliment him. Stop living in the past.

  9. Bob M says:

    Sacto is confusing. Tyreke was a real baller, I don’t know what happened to him. They should have made some kind of move at the trading deadline.

  10. gary says:

    go SONICS

  11. The Kings don't want to Win!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    Marcus Thornton and Tyreke Evans are a bad combo. One can’t shoot, the other can’t dribble. They should play closer to Harden and Lin but the Kings obsession with a prototypical PG is poisonous and blind to better strategies.

    The Kings have tried to

    1. Go completely small – ( Didn’t work with Tyreke at SF)
    2. Put one player on the bench- ( where Thornton wastes away)
    3. Put Tyreke at PG- ( which was a 20-5-5 season , R.O.Y, but they don’t like him at PG.. which is stupid)
    4. Strip down the roster… (which is where they’re headed)

    Bottom line, give Tyreke the ball or Trade him. He’s one of the few players in NBA history to have Michael Jordan numbers their rookie season. But If you keep playing him off-ball he’s no better than Tony Allen.
    — and when you look at it that way, which is comparing them to Memphis, you’re still missing a good power forward and a SF that can play lock down defense ( Hint Hint)

    Tyreke Evans
    Marcus Thornton
    Isaiah Thomas
    Tony Douglas

    Two of these players need to Go. If they’re all still on the roster next year, then you know

    The Kings don’t want to Win!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Matt Tavaglione says:

    Just give Jimmer a chance, give him some healthy minutes. He has really improved and him and Thomas would be a good combo on the floor together. In the minutes Jimmer gets he makes the most of it really and has a good proficiency.

  13. Jason Page says:

    Building a team the Microsoft way.

  14. bulbulito says:

    seems they can’t find a true point guard to lead the team on the court..
    hope they can find another mike biby or bobby jackson to their point slot

  15. celtic4life says:

    boston should give him a shot n johnny flynn

  16. Mike Hodge says:

    Wow.. still looking to replace Mike Bibby?

    ..And that’s why this franchise has gone down the drain.