Are Pistons Interested In Keeping Calderon Around?


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — The Detroit Pistons are a franchise that’s going younger, but might they have found their point guard of the future in 31-year-old Jose Calderon?

Detroit was the third wheel in the trade that made it possible for Memphis to ship Rudy Gay to Toronto. Career-long Piston Tayshaun Prince, the last remnant of Detroit’s 2004 title team, went to Memphis and Calderon, a career-long Raptor, and his $11 million expiring contract landed in Detroit.

The Pistons created additional cap room by taking on Calderon’s expiring deal and sending out Prince, who has nearly $15 million coming to him over the next two seasons. However, Detroit, with young building blocks such as Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond, Brandon Knight and Kyle Singler, might not be viewing the eight-year veteran Calderon simply as a money saver before letting him pick his next destination in free agency.

David Mayo of reports that the Pistons will make a play to keep Calderon, however they won’t break the bank to do so.

The Calderon trade created even more financial flexibility for the Pistons going into the summer trade and free-agency season but Joe Dumars, the team’s president of basketball operations, has made it clear that Calderon is not just any player on an expiring contract which pays a base salary of about $11 million this year.

Dumars has said he is interested in re-signing Calderon but neither side will discuss much beyond that; the Pistons won’t break the bank to keep Calderon and he isn’t painting himself into a negotiating corner by vowing to stay.

Calderon has impressed his new team with his steady play, averaging 12.3 ppg and 7.8 apg while keeping his turnover rate right about the same as it was this season with Toronto despite playing with unfamiliar teammates and garnering little practice time.

He’s increased his shooting percentages in his first 12 games with Detroit to 50.0 percent overall and 51.1 percent from beyond the arc. He’s averaging 31.8 mpg and that has pushed Knight, a second-year player, to shooting guard. He received six of Calderon’s 18 assists in Wednesday’s road win at Washington.

Those 18 assists quickly put Calderon in the Pistons’ record books next to Isiah Thomas, Mayo reported, as the only Pistons players with as many as 18 assists and as few as two turnovers in the same game since 1974.

The Pistons, who continue a three-game road trip tonight at the New Orleans Hornets, are 5-7 with Calderon, which isn’t terrible considering Detroit is 23-37 overall and seven games back of eighth-place Milwaukee.


  1. Scott The Magician says:

    I live in Toronto
    Calderone is one of a couple natural pg’s in the league. and an amazing attitude. i never understood why he didnt get 40 mins a game.
    consistently he has the best ast/t.o ratio in the league. hes awesome and deserves a huge contract.

    p.s. i met him at event for “thescore” and he was humble, polite and just very positive. no attitude or ignorance at all. just a great head and player

  2. Sunny says:

    Its funny that there are stars in the league who dont get treated like it because of the way they look or because they choose to stay low key. Compared to the caliber of players getting 10+ million this guy does deserve it. Although because of his age you could argue that he doesnt deserve it anymore but definitely full mid level.

  3. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    AARON BROOKS is Free Agent Now…
    PISTONS can sign him…

    Take also GILBERT ARENAS… his game had been improved now…

  4. Willie says:

    Keep Jose. Get rid of Stuckey and Charlie V.

  5. big man 7 foot 2 says:

    Detroit should sign him , he’s a top five point guard and one of only a handful of TRUE point guards in the league

    • sam says:

      Calderon is not top 5.. sure, he is a worthy starter for an NBA team.. but not top 5. CP3, Rondo, Parker, Deron, Rose, Nash, Westbrook, Lillard, Irving….. just a snapshot

    • allen says:

      top 5? westbrook, paul, parker, rondo, rose, nash, dwill, curry. which of these drop out to make room for calderon in the top 5??

      • Macarroni says:

        In my opinion Calderon is a top5-6, he can shoot and he can make a 18-10 season if he want. Just put him 38mpg…

      • Anthony says:

        Calderon is a way better than NASH now. Nash is old and slow and can not get his team mates involved.

      • Anthony says:

        Calderon is a way better than NASH now. Nash is old and slow and can not get his team mates involved.When you are talking of 5 best point guards in NBA today, for gets about Rose and Rondo for now, because nobody knows how good they will be after their injuries( TORN ACL…very delicate injury). So the top 5 are:CP4; kYRIE IRVIN; LILLARD; WESTBROOK AND CURRY. CALDERON probably sitting at 6 with PARKER based on your team needs.

  6. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    CALDERON is better the JOHN WALL…

    WIZARDS will try to trade WALL to DAMIAN LILLARD…

    • uoykcuf says:

      Strangely enough, I agreed with your Calderon is better than Wall. Calderon is a leader and a player who makes teamates better. Wall is a terrific player but cannot get his teamates involve.

    • Sedare says:

      Lillard – Wall makes me LOL.

      Get real. Lillard is better then Wall, and has more growth potential short and long term.

  7. Jdubb says:

    Calderon is the man!

  8. Romans116LYFE says:

    We’re gonna miss you Calderon. Toronto is always gonna be home for you. Wish you all the best of luck in Detroit, I hope you do well and have an awesome season. Your number 1 fan!

  9. anujgulati7 says:

    Caledron has to face this new test.. its the most crucial time now for him.. a few performance in future could decide his future in the game.

  10. LabMonkey says:

    I like Calderon a lot, but 11M$ is not possible, even though I would be surprised he wasn’t given lots of offers this summer. Maybe he could fix the Lakers, lol.