Steph Curry Lights Up The Garden (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The New York Knicks got the win.

Let’s just get that part of the business out of the way right now.

Tyson Chandler had a monster night, grabbing a career-high 28 rebounds, and Carmelo Anthony came up with the daggers when the home team needed them late, finishing with a team-high 35 points. J.R. Smith was fabulous as well, scoring 26 as well.

But make no mistake, Wednesday night at Madison Square Garden belonged to one man and one man only. Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry dropped an NBA season-high 54 points on the Knicks, guaranteeing Mike Woodson and his coaching staff didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

Take a quick look at this artist at work:


  1. You may also think one can say well he just missed a lot of open shots @ 6-22 & 3-11 3’s but most were made difficult attempts by Bradley, Lee & co. Then refs gave him 10-10 ft on a lot of cheesy foul calls-Bradley 5 fouls & Lee 4-reeeally! So one may say if Curry hit most of his shots maybe a diff outcome, hardley-also KG was 2-10 & Terry 2-11 on 3-5 3″s so Celts could have still won by 15-20!

  2. Not in Boston-got job Bradley, Lee,rest of team!

  3. chris says:

    dammit! why is the video in slow mo? saw like 6 shots in 2 minutes

  4. fan of the game says:

    simba: now becomes lion king
    breaking point
    robbed of an all star spot
    but all nba for sure

  5. KB24 says:

    what a background song…

  6. steph curry is amazing…him being snubbed in the all-star was atrocious….how can tim duncan be an all-star and he isn’t? I know tim is one of the best but he’s deteriorating…and certainly not playing like he used to back in the day

  7. vern says:

    Felt all around the league that he was robbed of an allstar spot.

  8. vern says:

    The young man had a very good shooting night but the team lost. He won his battle over Felton but clutch sequences by Felton helped Felton win the war.

  9. NNNice going Curry-Warriors should have won-refs gave ny that game!
    Doesn’t everybody know by now that every superstar from opposing ny teams light up msg-The Truth Pierce does it on a regular! 🙂

  10. NBA fan says:

    and yet he’s not an allstar this season? underrated.

  11. Willy says:

    Ya an amazing shooting performance, but in the end his game cost his team the game. He was so intent on taking his shot, a few misses at the end and turnovers as well, and celebrating his makes that he lost focus on winning the game. Pure shooting performance.

    • dattebayo says:

      This is such a ridiculous stereotype. When good players have a bad shooting game and shoot 8-24 from the field while making an important shot down the stretch, they are somehow viewed as clutch players that secured the win, overcoming adversity and what not. However when Stephen Curry explodes in the Garden for 54 points on 18-28 shooting, knocking down 11 out of 13 threes, there are people like you, that think he didn’t do enough and cost the Warriors the game…

      Bogut and Lee were out and Chandler grabbed 28 rebounds, Jack and Thompson didn’t knock down their jumpers, the Warriors as a team had 23 turnovers, maybe that’s why they lost the game…

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Lol no, no it didnt. The rest of his team barely scoring as much as he did combined caused their loss. You dont score that much and shoot that efficiently while losing and it being your fault.