Report: Curry Set To Replace Collins?


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — An already rough week could get a lot tougher for Philadelphia 76ers coach Doug Collins tonight when his team takes to the TNT stage against the Chicago Bulls (8 p.m. ET).

After his “mind-numbing” description of his team’s performance after Tuesday night’s loss to Orlando went viral, rumblings about his days as the 76ers coach being numbered started spreading.

If Collins is indeed headed for an exit from the bench, CSN Bay Area’s Ric Bucher is already reporting on a succession plan. Assistant coach Michael Curry, whose last coaching work came with the Detroit Pistons, is poised to take over. Curry last just one season in Detroit. But Bucher reports that he will be considered for the job on a permanent basis, if he does take over for Collins before this season ends.

The Sixers have lost six straight games and still haven’t seen prized offseason acquisition Andrew Bynum anywhere but the practice court. Lingering knee issues have kept the All-Star center out of the lineup since training camp. And based on his comments the other night, Collins doesn’t seem terribly confident that Bynum’s return, if there is one, will do much to change things for his team.

This season has turned out to be a complete dumpster fire for a Sixers team that came into the season with plans to challenge for the Atlantic Division crown and a lofty playoff perch in the Eastern Conference standings. Pairing the free-agent-to-be Bynum with All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday and a solid supporting cast looked like an ideal plan, at least on paper.

Entering tonight, Philly is 5 1/2 games behind Milwaukee for No. 8 in the East. The Sixers appear to be headed back to the lottery at the rate they are going, not to mention into the mix of teams searching for a new coach.


  1. Jon says:

    To all the people on here defending Doug Collins, you should be ashamed for speaking about something you do not know about. If you are a Sixers fan, you would clearly know that the blame starts and ends with Doug. He was given power to put this team together and this is the product he put on the floor. In addition, he is probably the worst coach in developing players I have seen in pro sports. He would rather win 35-40 games with guys who are not part of the Sixers future as opposed to tanking a season and developing your core players. He hates losing so much that he forgets about the bigger picture. Good example of that was last year when he played Elton Brand extended minutes knowing he was likely to be amnestied or traded in the off-season because of his expiring contract. This would of been a good time to evaluate Vucevic, Lavoy, and Speights(who was traded for nothing). Hawes and Lou Williams had expring contracts last year and could have been good pieces to trade to contenders for future draft picks and young prospects. Us reaching the 2nd round last year was short term goal oriented and the main reason Vucevic didn’t play in the playoffs and now putting up numbers in Orlando. We are most likely not going to sign Bynum this summer because of the high risk so we basicallly gave away Iggy, Vucevic, Harkless(who am high on being a good player), and a 1st rd pick for Bynum to be in a suit for a season. Looks like Doug over stayed his welcome in Philly in 3 years like he did with the other 3 teams he coached in his career. He nneeds to go back to commentating and leave the coaching to guys who know how to.

  2. Jay says:

    Fire him because that’s what he wants. I agree with everything he said but public declarations means that he’s mentally out of there. Epic Line: “…it’s a player’s league…then own it.” That really says it all right there. He doesn’t know what else to do with the team and he doesn’t respect them – can you blame him – so it’s time to move on and he deserves to continue getting paid while he’s gone. If it’s good enough for Bynum, then it’ll be good enough for him!

  3. Alex says:

    i hope this doesn’t happen, collins is a great coach and you can’t really blame him for the sixers’ season

  4. bu says:

    Collins is a good coach. He preps the kids well. However, there seems to be a trend that his type of nagging & ways of coaching only works for certain types of players. I don’t know the inside & enough to say, but do you see Sloan, Nelson, Karl, Brown, Carlise (well, before the Mavs) coach young & effective teams like Collins? Or, does it have to do with the management’s backing & support? Does the Sixers really have a good culture in the whole organization?

    What if you put Collins with Celtics or Lakers or, even the Heat? Will it work out better? If Collins stayed with Bulls back then without PJ, would it worked out & won championships? I have some doubts.

    Let’s not compare to Doc, Pop, Jackson where they had superstars & hall of famers. But it seems that, from history, success in bball comes from a combination of factors. The culture of the organization is very important. even if you hvs a lot of money it won’t buy you a championship.

    Anyway I feel sorry to hear this from Collins.

  5. jamesfrmphilly says:

    the new owners eviscerated the roster.
    why should the coach get the blame?
    why should the players get the blame?

    the OWNERS and the GM did the damage.

  6. Jordan says:

    Coach Collins should not be fired for Philly’s problems. It ain’t his fault that this team is stinkin it up on the court, he blasted the team without callin anybuddy out, and now he could possibly lose his job? There is no such thing as a fair firing of a head coach.

  7. willie says:

    collins is a very good coach. bynum is at fault here, and so is the one who pulled the trade for him. letting go if iggy … hahaha…. in that 4 team trade, denver won. haha πŸ™‚

  8. purpleman says:

    I guess we cant critize certain coaches.. Some coaches get many chances!!

  9. Davie says:

    How can the author call Coach Collins press conference mind numbing?

    It was very honest (without throwing any one person or people under the bus), very personal and extremely interesting to listen to.

    To be perfectly honest though, I hope the Sixers do get rid of him. He is too good for this organisation! Come next season I am sure he will be back on the sidelines with a team / program that will appreciate what they have!

  10. croneberg says:

    after the LA trade for howard. all 3 teams have gottan worse

    • JBR says:

      “All 3 teams”?? You forget it was a 4 team trade. And the team you have forgotten – the Nuggets – have hardly ‘gottan worse’.

  11. MackDaddy says:

    Completely unfair. A coach tells it like it is, and all of a sudden its ‘rumours’ of a knee jerk reaction typical of team management looking to move the blame to some scapegoat instead of looking at themselves.

    Collins is a good coach handicapped by a subpar team. A coach can only do so much, and last I heard performing miricles isnt part of the job description.

    And its not the players fault either. It’s the MANAGEMENT making poor decisions. Bynum is a bust, face the facts and move on. Never had heart to play like a champion in LA, so why would anyone think any different elsewhere.

  12. John says:

    This is a complete joke. Doug Collins is a very competent coach. It isn’t his fault he lost his best defender for a player who has not played a minute this year.

  13. Unkle Daddy says:

    Here we go again. Another good couch getting canned because he has an average to below average team. He told you exactly what the problem has been. I love how every team thinks they should be winning, “we just can’t figure out why we’re not winning” really you can’t. You trade away your best player (the heart of your team, and the engine…) as well as another very solid player for a guy who when he plays can be productive, I’ll give you that, but Bynum has the body of a giant and the heart of a mouse (a weak mouse at that). Organizations need to start realizing team problems are your fault most of the time, not always the coach. You can’t take a team with average talent and be a team high in the play off standings. You have to have a superstar talent and average but solid talent around him or multiple all-star caliber talents with sold players around them to be a high caliber team. If you don’t, good luck to ya… Doug, you the man, sir!

  14. all part of the bynum effect says:

    seems like everyone just forgot how bynum is milking his injury til’ the next season with pay. not only that maybe collins coaching startegy relied heavily on bynums help since he WAS supposed to be playing this season. Honestly collins is a great coach but he just doesn’t have the quality players to compliment his coaching abilities.

  15. Jay says:

    I don’t blame Doug Collins at all, not his fault his team is underperforming. I’m blaming the Sixers organization 100% for it.

  16. NBAChicago says:

    This is pretty sad. Collins spoke the truth. Now people can’t handle the truth so he get’s fired? lol

  17. 16going417 says:

    Way to go Mr. Collins. All you did was speak the truth. If the people in that organization, to include the players, cannot handle the truth then they are not serious about fixing the problem. Maybe you would be better off commentating again rather than dealing with individuals who do not want to play with heart and determination. You have given them an opportunity to be successful. You know what they say about leading a horse to water……

  18. coolguy1975 says:

    This goes to show these sports are a tough business. You make the playoffs a year before and then there is talk of being fired. I mean seriously this is not the same team. Getting rid of Andre Igudoala was a mistake they only won by 2 but he torched the Blazers last night with 29 points. TRhis is not the same team. Bynum is OK but he isnt really that great. It was not worth the trade that they had to give up to get him. Now Philly is spiraling downwards and this is a good reason why. Sure Bynums been injured but I still dont think it would have mattered much. The one that should be fired is the person that let this trade happen in the first place. Give Collins another year at least it is what I would do.