LeBron To Cleveland? It Has Begun!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The NBA trade deadline usually serves as the conspiracy theorist’s Christmas and July 4th all rolled into one. Wicked rumors, wild plots and just about anything the mind can imagine is fair game in the months, weeks and days leading up to the deadline.

It’s a rare occasion that the juiciest plot is saved for the hours and days after the deadline.

But that’s exactly where we are today, with the growing buzz surrounding Miami Heat superstar LeBron James and rumblings that he could return to his North Ohio roots in the free-agent summer of 2014 and conceivably play alongside Cavs All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving, the man who succeeded him as the face of the franchise in Cleveland.

I’m not making this stuff up. Plenty of others beat me to it, as Michael Wallace of ESPN.com points out:

There seems to be growing speculation — both inside and outside of respected NBA media circles — that a James-Irving partnership could become a reality should James opt out of his contract with the Miami Heat in 2014 and return to Cleveland.

For now, James laughs off the notion — as he did after Sunday’s 109-105 win over the Cavaliers when he explained his motivation behind that harmless halftime connection with Irving, one of the NBA’s rising superstars.

“Oh, from Kyrie,” said an apparently fatigued James, who perked up when asked about dunking Irving’s miss. “That was an extension from All-Star Weekend.”

Exactly a week earlier, James and Irving played together on the East team that lost to the West in Houston during Irving’s first All-Star appearance. Whether they’ll establish any meaningful chemistry as teammates on the same roster is an issue James bypassed Sunday like a helpless defender.

“I can’t worry about, you know, speculation or rumors,” James said after the Heat extended their longest winning streak of the season to 11 games. “My only focus right now is to win another championship [in Miami]. What we’re doing on the floor right now is what it’s all about. We’re playing good ball right now, trying to win a championship. So, you know, I can’t worry about what people say.”

It’s a great attitude to have, because people have quite a bit to say about it. Greg Cote of the Miami Herald sounds the alarm in South Florida, where the subject (even in its conspiracy theory infancy) has obviously touched a nerve:

How would Miami feel if James opted out and left in ’14? How should we? Would it matter if the Heat collected another title or two this season or next, or would the feelings either way be the same?

I would imagine many fans and likely most would thank James for the thrill ride and the parade(s), understand his desire to return to Cleveland, and wish him well.

I would also imagine many others would be angry and see him as turning his back on the city that embraced him when everyone else hated him. The city where he enjoyed his greatest success.

There would be plenty in either camp whether James left with one championship ring, two or even three, and it’s tough to say where sentiment would mainly fall.

What I mostly think is that I hope we never find out. James is such an extraordinary talent I have no trouble blurring the line between journalist and fan in this case and hoping Miami finds a way to re-sign him. Selfishly, I would love for James to end his career here. I only wish I believed he would.

Sunday will be interesting because both his teams will be on the court when the Cavs visit the Heat: The one renting his services, and the one that still owns his heart.

It feels like it has already begun.

The Long Goodbye.

Heat fans will at least have seen this one coming, if it ever does. Cavaliers fans never imagined James would depart the way he did. And it’s taken the ones who have gotten over it lots of time (and plenty of Kyrie) to steer clear of the primal instincts that accompany a breakup as brutal as the one they had with James.

It doesn’t help matters when folks like Denver Nuggets coach George Karl weigh in with comments like these, to Chris Tomasson of Fox Sports Florida:

 “I think LeBron is at that stage where he’s challenging himself to motivate him to do something that’s maybe more difficult. I could see him maybe (returning to the Cavaliers). I see (Cleveland point guard Kyrie) Irving maybe being a reason for that.”

James had that classy, if not typical, response mentioned above.

“That’s the first time I’ve heard it,” he said. “My only focus now is to win another championship. I can’t worry about speculation or rumors. What we’re doing on the floor right now is what it’s all about. We’re playing good ball right now. We’re trying to win a championship. I can’t worry about what people say.”

And ultimately, he’s right. He can’t worry about what people say.

That doesn’t mean it’ll slow the tide of conspiracy theorists who watched him react to Irving’s 3-point shooting fireworks in Houston during All-Star weekend or to any other gesture that can be manipulated to support their theories.

The only thing that will silence all of this chatter is the summer of 2014 coming and going without LeBron returning to his roots!


  1. AFLiam1996 says:

    so all this talk about Lebron moving to cleveland to join kyrie, and not a single reporrter has stopped and thought that maybe Lebron is buliding a friendship with Kyrie in the hope that kyrie himself leaves cleveland and joins him in miami…dwade won’t be a max contract player for much longer and salary cap space will open up…kyrie irving and LBJ in miami

  2. Randall wellman says:

    i would love to see LBJ go to cleavland kyrie is in his 2nd years heres avreging over 24 ppg he is the next super super star like lbj kobe bryant ect. and lebron with him that would be something to see

  3. BIG MAN 7 FOOT 2 says:

    the new big three LeBron , kyrie , and luke Walton LOL !

  4. Coco149 says:

    Please dropped this blog!!! LeBron is forever a HEAT… Dan Gilbert nor does Cleveland deserve his talent. They ousted him like street booty!!

  5. SoFlaFan says:

    @ Chad, really??? You work in a club and people were drinking and you think we’re to think UD trusted you so much that he’d tell you that??? Hahaha!!!!

    They treated LeBron like straight up garbage, they still do, who would ever go back to that sort of disrecpect, not someone with Lebron’s talents. His best memories are here in Miami, that’s for sure!

    PS How about some factual news, that matters.

  6. LebronFan says:

    Lebron! Don’t go back to cleveland!!!

  7. Francisco says:


  8. 4SHER says:

    any and all wade doubters who who are foolish enough to think his game is on the decline obviously don’t know much about the game…. Field goal% , up… Turnovers , down.. Minutes ….down…..thunder, dooooone….
    The man just came off knee surgery and for those of you who actually watch the heat play,he already looks better than he did all of last year. He looks much more explosive and he’s just getting stronger at the end of games. Top 4 player in the league

  9. Tizlub says:

    You scared to show my post Sekou?

    Get a life, and write about something valuable to the world.

  10. m says:

    hell no!, i don’t like him to go back in cleveland. just stay on your ALL STAR team,

  11. LeBron is NOT going back to Cleveland, NO CHANCE. The only reason he would ever leave Miami is if they had salary cap problems, which I am sure the front office will figure out so they can keep the Big 3 core together, LBJ is in Maimi for the long term, Cav fans, stop dreaming. A prime example of the big networks trying to hype this up for NO reason http://bit.ly/ZwgRJk

  12. gradeA says:

    what if kyrie is the one who leave cleaveland?

  13. BoyLogro says:


  14. ClevelandMenace216 says:

    Of Lebron come back I’ll welcome him. Y’all bandwagon fans is pathetic with why would Lebron want to leave when he can win more chips in Mia than Cleveland? Like Lebron said rings doesn’t define a players greatness. He won his chip now he playing and having fun on the court like he did cause the weight has been lifted. Y’all say oh kyrie going to the heat but didn’t you guys just say Lebron and kyrie can’t be on the same team cause they both need the ball in they hands???????? Kyrie Irving PG Dion Waiters SG Lebron James SF Tristan Thompson PF Tyler Zeller/Andy Varejao C not to mention the addition of Mo Speights and Wayne Ellington

  15. vadoom says:

    damn i said to heat fans tht if lebron stayed in clevland he and irving would be amazing but i dont want to happen cle would be too good

  16. MrPresidentXD says:

    If majority people in Ohio will hate James to come back in Cleveland, LeBron have nothing much to do but to stay in the Heat and grab more championships and NBA awards until such time Cavs nation realizes why don’t we allow James to get back in his Motherland.

  17. Gene says:

    Why Cleveland? Why not the possibility that he will join the Spurs, or the Lakers, how about the Thunder? Maybe both he and Wade will take their talents to LakeShore Dr. and join the Bulls with that fellow named Rose. And wouldn’t it be ironic if god (sometimes referred to simply as MJ) would be given the choice to choose either Lebron or Kobe to join the Bobcats – of course neither would accept but it would be interesting to see who he would choose. The point being that Lebron has multiple options, but everyone knows he will not leave “family.” (Miami)

  18. John B says:

    The greatest thing would be after winning a couple of championships with Miami, LeBron would sing up with Cleveland and win a couple more there and just end his career with the cavaliers. That would be a great ending for LeBron.

  19. MrPresidentXD says:

    Maybe Kyrie Irving will take his talents to south beach and join the Miami Heat. HAHA lol!

  20. Mastafiq59 says:

    The idea of this happening is crazy I think because LBJ has been so successful playing for the Miami Heat with D-Wade, and Bosh and them winning a championship 2012 last year. Also, LBJ is very valuable and important to Heat team cause he plays great offense and defense and makes his teammates better. Anythings possible, but believe the chances of him going back are slim!!!

  21. Patty says:

    I would not want Lebron James to return to Cleveland.




  22. dwayne says:

    its funny to me how people talk trash about wade n the guy jus came of surgery last summer. His game is not going downhill he’s playing smart preserving himself for the playoffs

  23. 123 says:


  24. sanjay says:

    lebron not going anywhere! lebron, bosh, wade have plenty of years left in them! They have to win at least 3 before thinking anything else! WE are in 2013 and let us worry about this year period! this article is way too premature to decide 2014 and there after!

  25. 123 says:

    oh please.. wtf is this blog!? a simple interview, a simple answer from james and this guy makes a whole lot story out of it. didn’t you already noticed that james has been answering his interviews in what you can call in “neutal” way. what do you think some fans will think if he said “no way” to the interview? the tide of conspiracy theorist is only consist of one person.. this guy.

  26. Grant Balvanz says:

    LeBron James is not going to return to Cleveland for at least 2 more years. He and Wade are going to try to win a couple more championships before LeBron leaves. Durant and Westbrook are a better combo than James and Wade. OKC is winning the finals this year. If that happens, LeBron will want revenge on OKC with the Heat.

  27. Blazers Basketball 4TW says:

    If Miami wins 2 more championships then you can almost guarantee that he’ll stay there. if not well he might go to Cleveland. And it depends on the team chemistry he has.

  28. Chad says:

    I work in a club in Miami , UD came in with his boys one night, he had a few drinks and told me at the bar if we win another ring, LeBron has said to him he’s heading back to Cleveland to finish his career off, apparently the Heat team know this and respect Jamess privacy.

  29. Alex Dellanzo says:

    Personally it could happen and I’m sure it won’t take Lebron long to be forgiven, with Kyrie in his early years and with Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson they’ve got some good pieces and who knows in a couple of years Cleveland could be a 5-6 seed especially playing in the East, but don’t expect Lebron just to pack the bags and head to Cleveland if he does test free agency because there will be teams lining up around the block for him

  30. Germ211 says:

    Is there a video of the Kyrie miss Lebron dunk? Can’t find it anywhere.

  31. lmao says:

    Here is a fact
    Cleveland with Kyrie Irving = No Playoffs
    Miami with Dwayne wade = still Playoffs

    if lebron goes to cleveland biggest mistake he will ever make..
    he will regret it.

  32. voice of reason says:

    I think Pat Riley is smart enough to not let LeBron out of his hands

  33. Sonics 4 Life says:

    There has got to be better things to write about then rumors that may or may not happen 1.5 years into the future.

    Lebron, Kobe, Thunder, Mark Cuban stories… All this site has been reduced too.

    • specialfriedrice says:

      Sekou Smith is the worst at it…you see something he has done and you KNOW it’s a WASTE of time and just awhole lota BS…

  34. krazik says:

    d wade has atleast 3 more high quality years in him and will be in the league for maybe 6 more years. for those who say wade is slowing down is wrong! hes a very smart player who knows how to adapt to fit in to whats best for the team. his fg% this season is up from his career, turnovers are down, points only slightly down and minutes are down. having lebron has increased his future playing years by taking pressure off him and doesnt have to do so much anymore with james taking over. it will be interesting to watch how long lebrons hot streak will last. its scary how good he is at the moment

  35. West Side King says:

    Who would go to Cleveland when your in Miami just saying. Nice beach, sun blazing down all day in Miami or Cleveland. BORING. Lebron isn’t moving to Cleveland and Lebron might not want to go back to Cleveland simply because watching people burn his shirt might put him off. Just saying

  36. Romeo says:

    Going back? I think its more personal than what people think, they turned their back on him, why would he turn back as if nothing happened!? Miami has a good future in store for him, also, wth is in Cleveland!!??? LOL. Living in Miami compared to Cleveland is like comparing a Vinny Del Negro to Greg Popovich…its hilarious HAHA.


  38. Nash fan says:

    i would love to see the KING return! it’d be the PRODIGAL KING! lol and wear jersey #23 Cleveland again oh yeahhhh!! Get Cleveland a CHAMPIONSHIP Bron!!

  39. SoFlaFan says:

    LeBron isn’t going anywhere, people talk such nonsense. Look how he was treated when he left at the END of his contract, who would have it in their heart to go back, really?

    Miaim’s where he got his first ring, and hopefully many more t come!!

    Sports reporters just talking making their own story but you won’t shake the Miami Heat!!!!

    Go Heat!!!

  40. SHUT UP and LISTEN says:

    wherever he goes, he will still end up as GOAT

  41. welder says:

    Miami 40 14.. clevland 18 . 38….. LeBron wont leave greatness for terrible

  42. Turk says:

    Lebron will never leave miami thats for sure mayby to another team but never to cleveland again !!

  43. welder says:

    not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 not 7………. not going anywhere

  44. Aaron says:

    I am just laughing how people think that Kyrie is going to go to Miami. There is no chance of that for another 5 years and by that time the Cavs will be a great team because they WILL have LeBron back, Dion and Tristan will be great players and they will have a lot more young talent. The Cavs have an amazing amount of potential and I dont see Kyrie leaving anytime soon

  45. ElMalaka says:

    I dont see James leaving, I see him luring Irving to Miami for more rings.

  46. funny comment thread, i was thoroughly amused, king James for life

  47. Tarvis says:

    LeBron has never played with a top point guard in his life. A player who’s main duty is to bring the ball up the court and the irony is that LeBron does exactly that at certain times throughout the game. Can Kyrie and LeBron really flourish with each other and even if they do pair up, are their championship hopes even high enough to compete with the other teams in the league? I rather take a Big 3 with a good perimeter shooting supporting cast around it than a Big 2.

  48. Irving says:

    I’m taking my talents to south beach

  49. Junior says:

    i think lebron will return to clevland….. hes from ohio and you guys forget about the tax miami is about to get hit with. i doubt they will keep bosh/wade/lebron. lebron will likely go to clev and one of those guys will follow him.

  50. Frank says:

    Be smart about this. Lebron is more than just a ball player. This kid is smart and ambitious. He wants to be a billionaire . Is south beach ( famous all over the world ) or kleveland the place to accomplish this. Is it with a C or K.
    Sent from my iPad

  51. dhjjuihds says:

    i would welcome him back 🙂

  52. krazik says:

    lebron going nowhere in the near future, he sung a tune saying hes bringing multiple championships to miami so hes not going anywhere soon. cleveland is devoloping young players which is good to see unlike miami and lakers and boston years ago with the big 3 who just buy a good team with there marketing pull. Spurs are the best team who develop good young talent around duncan parker and manu. i hope indiana smash miami in playoffs or if they make it to finals san antonio or okc will beat them

  53. Nicolás says:

    Lebron should never do that if he does it he will make the biggest mistake of his life after what he has done in Miami HEAT, I know Lebron is smart but if he does that he is going to be sorry and D-wade is a good friend and teammate and the NBA will never be the same with Lebron in the cavaliers.

  54. Leena says:

    Being a Heat fan i really wish LeBron would stay in Miami. Him, Wade, and Bosh are the Big 3 and it would tear me to see them go. But of course it is not my choice but that is what i would prefer, If he goes back to Cleveland that would be O.K. i guess but if he goes anywhere else thats just gonna be annoying, and since I’m a LeBron fan, and a Heat fan IDK if i should go with Lebron or just stay with the Heat. But in short,
    Dear LeBron,
    Stay with the Heat.
    Sincerly, Majority of Heat fans!

  55. BillCollector1999 says:

    lebron work for dan gilbert never again, the idea of a return is ridiculous

    He quit,” Gilbert said. “Not just in Game 5, but in Games 2, 4, and 6. Watch the tape. The Boston series was unlike anything in the history of sports for a superstar.”

  56. olivier says:

    cleveland, money, stars..

    mmh no way.

  57. lebron says:

    lebron to clevland i like it

  58. Andy says:

    This is the most preposterous, non-factual, gossip journalism that I have read all weak, and I read the Enquirer.

  59. Jose says:

    Im a nig cavs fan and would like to see the king return home. With that being said, lebron will most likely leave because with the cap issues surrounding the heat that year, there is now way they can sign everyone they need to. They most likely will get rid of bosh and wade might go to Chicago. Lebron knows that cleveland has talent and we will have tons of money to satisfy him. For the people who say we have no talent now, look what we have. We have Kyrie Irving who arguably could be the best PG in the NBA today, we have Dion Waiters who is vastly improving week in and week out, we made a steal in a trade which we received speights and ellington and a draft pick. We also have tons of picks this yr and years to come so Cleveland is very young and can compete with anyone. Lebron would just be the final piece to the puzzle.

  60. joe says:

    Its one thing for lbj to run to a superteam miami to win a ring- It’s not even impressive or a show of perseverance; its a natural consequence of voluntarily forming a dreamteam. Now to win a ring in Cleveland, that’s the greatness that mj is made of.

  61. kanuk says:

    lebron likes his tax rates in florida (as do most pro golfers). i dunno what ohio’s tax rates are, but the guy makes big money and the more he can keep the better the location feels to him i’d say … really that’s what it’s all about kids …

  62. AJ Stack says:

    There is no way Kyrie will go to Miami, he will have a minimum of 7 years in Cleveland

  63. Theman says:

    Keep dreaming Cleveland fans. Lebron is trying to be in the same sentence with MJ now that he got over his first championship hump. So he will need atleast 4 or 5 championships. That won’t happen in Cleveland and he knows it. The Heat are SCARY right now, I really see them potentially winning it all again for the next 2-3 seasons untill another dominant team pops up. I doubt OKC stands a chance without Harden. And they were the only team that did stand a chance against the heat in a 7game series. Noone in the East stands a chance against them. The West u got the spurs, clippers, okc as threats but still not enough to beat Miami.

  64. Rebecca says:

    Anything can happen!

  65. dude says:

    You are all stupid and this author is a complete joke. THEY ARE MAKING THESE HEADLINES SO THEY CAN GET VIEWS AND MORE ATTENTION. We don’t know what is going on in lebron’s head at the moment. If he leaves, I thank him for the years of joy he has given heat fans. If he stays, hopefully pat puts in younger players around and let’s face it, the heat management blows the cav’s out of the water. Do you think money would be an issue with lebron? the dude makes millions of dollars in endorsements and commercials with other companies that want his name and image because he is the face of the NBA at this moment and for years to come, more than what his contract gives him. Plus pat riley can make anyone do what he wants because he is that much of a gangsta…..so everyone chill.

  66. James says:

    I absolutely do not belive LeBron will come back to Cleveland. I see Kyrie leaving in 8-10 years if not sooner and I see them trading away their young talent, which they always do. EX: J.J. Hickson.

  67. l-train says:

    This article and these rumors are BLASPHEMOUS, JUST BLASPHEMOUS!!!
    Who started this stupidity? LeBron will return to Cleveland only when he has to visit his friends and relatives or has a game against the Cavaliers.

  68. Joel says:

    Kobe Out James In!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. MJ says:

    Bored? Are you really so bored? First, MJ still playing at 50, now LeBron back to the future. It just says what a boring season it is for the media to talk nonsense like this! The new collective bargaining agreement left so many clubs saving and not making any moves that it’s a starvation period for media guys!

  70. PistonsFan93 says:

    What! That is the worst thing you Lebron could even think about right now. WHY would he go back? Just like the other guy said. Dan Gilbert hates Lebron’s guts. Plus the Heat obviously are better than the Cavs and Dan Gilbert made that statement last year about how the Cavaliers will get a ring before the Heat. So much for that nonsense… Please…. Lebron’s not going back, even if he wants too. He’ll be hated in Miami as well.

  71. Hahalol says:

    I believe Kyrie would be the one taking his talents to South Beach.

  72. It’s funny but Lebron and Dwight are singing the same tune. To win championship this year and not to worry about what people are saying, etc, etc, etc. The wheel of “future” is spinning around, will the arrow point to Lebron or Dwight. Only the future will know. But then again there’s always a dark horse looming somewhere.

  73. Aaron says:

    LOL! Did you just call Kobe Loyal? Bahahahhahahahaha

  74. Jon says:

    In this age of max contracts and ‘sign and trade’ (which I despise) scenarios, who really cares? If a team can sell tickets, have a GM with half a brain, plus a decent well rounded coach, championships can be bought. The new and more punitive luxury tax will not change any of this. Just about every player will do what they want! Not what’s best for the team, fans or league. This is what happens when a game becomes a multi-billion dollar business. That being said,

  75. Ivercinth says:

    LeBron won’t win any championship without any stars surrounding him. So unless the Cavs have a star-studded roster, he ain’t coming back. Still, there’s a possibility. Since he has no loyalty, he might move to another team. He’s not like Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki or Tim Duncan whose loyalty is unquestionable.

    • jose says:

      Of course that he is not like baby cry Kobe. He is like Dwight, Like Barkley, like Garnet, Gasol,Nash, Melo , Stoudemire..Shak , CP# D william …etc
      Got it ?

      • kidd says:

        other then garnet… none of those people got rings….. except gasol,,, who won with kobe… who stood on the team…. so your point #invalid …. dirk , kobe, tim… won rings… on THEIR teams… got it?

    • Loyalty is overrated. Look what happened to Tayshaun Prince. Do you think LA won’t trade Kobe if his stats fall?

  76. TV63 says:

    James loves all the idle talk to create this type of frenzy. One thing is for sure this time around, he will demand to get the big bucks! There did seem to be a message being sent to Kyrie in last night’s game by the the other Heat members. They were attacking him aggressively and double teaming him every chance they got. They clearly wanted to blow the CAVS away last night. MOre so than any other bottom feeder team. It almost look like that was going to happen at half time and then came the third quarter!!! Message Cavs sent was Irving isn’t the only one who can score and they not only made up the 20 point deficit but took the lead into the final minute. BUt alas it’s the Heat and they do what they do best in the final tick tocks, no mistakes and win. BUt this was not an easy win for Miami. Kyrie and company have youth on their side and they will come back. He too has that killer instinct and it hasn’t yet become. All in all it was a fun game to watch.

  77. SaYO says:

    what a dumb article lol
    i ain’t even a lebron fan
    but wTF? lol why would he even bother with cleveland again lol tsk tsk

  78. wonderboy says:

    as long as Wade and Bosh are both in Miami, so will LeBron. I don’t see them breaking up this chemistry until after they are retired.

    • Dieter says:

      Dwayne Wade is declining, and he probably won’t be an All-Star anymore in 2 years. If Miami gives Lebron a max contract, Wade 5m and Bosh 10m, than I can see him stay because than they can add some other quality players or a future superstar like Kyrie Irving, John Wall or Paul George. If they all get a 16m extension, than I don’t see them winning another championship.

  79. Jeremy says:

    Anyone taken the time to think Kyrie may end up in south beach oh man I would love it lol

  80. Victor Manoel says:

    I’ve ALWAYS felt like LeBron would come back to Cleveland some day, I even wrote that here in this blog, last season (even before LeBron’s first title). So, that’s not such breaking news to me. I doubt he will opt out of his contract in 2014, but I’m sure he’s finishing his career in Cleveland. If Irving still plays there in 2015, it would be the best situation for LeBron, who would get a great chance to finish his business in his city. Come on, it would be legendary stuff seeing LeBron coming back to where he was born, pairing with a younger star and bringing home a title. It would be something that would forever cement James’ legacy and his status as one of the five greatest players of all the time. But this won’t happen now, we’ll happily have to see LeBron James, Chris Bosh and D-Wade run the Big 3 era for some more years 🙂

  81. Banks says:

    Tyler Zeller, Tristian Thompson, Lebron James, Dion Waiters and Kyrie Irving starting lineup two years from now….O….M….G and not to mention any high rookies they happen to pick up between now and then.

    Its very realistic that he would leave Miami, but in 2015, not 2014, I think he will exercise his option…

  82. LebronKingOfNba says:

    lebron would go back to cleveland if and only if dan gilbert is no more the owner of the cavs. dan just S U C K S

  83. Zach martin says:

    If lebron left miami it would stupid cause if u come to miami and know u have a team that can win championship and has won one. Why would u want to leave a championship team and go to a team thats in an rebuilding process that will take some years. But hey im just another fan it all on lebron when that time comes so i think it best if everybody get of his back about it

  84. frantz says:

    lebron will not leave he got too much of an opportunity to win titles here than cleveland

  85. Dean says:

    No one is saying he will leave next year…after the 2013-2014 season he can become a free agent and to be honest he should. Miami is virtually unbeatable right now, next year I think we will see a decline especially in Dwayne Wade. The chances of Miami being able to win a championship after the 2013-2014 season will definitely be no where near where they are now. I think both Lebron and Bosh will go their own ways and Miami will be a target for some other free agents come 2014-2015 season. But the real question is does Cleveland actually want him back? How does Kyrie Irving feel about giving up his top spot for non other than the guy who abandoned him home town team? Won’t be surprised to see Lebron play for a team like LA, Houston, or Dallas come the time, but definitely will be surprised to see him back in a Cavs uniform.

  86. mikey says:

    lebron james will never go back to cleveland he is better playing for the Miami heat

  87. You people have it all wrong. Brooklyn Nets are LeBron’s second option after Miami Heat. Cleveland is not even in the radar. However, it does make for a good story that LBJ might return to Cleveland. The earth may also be attacked by aliens, doesn’t meant that it will actually happen, does it?

  88. sinner says:

    i doubt it
    it’s more likely Kyrie to join the Heat and replace Wade

    • jhbh says:

      that would be great for MIA, but they would never let Wade leave. Of course I thought that about Det and tayshaun prince also

  89. tony says:

    greatness is apparently graded according to the number of championships.
    dwade has one more than lebron, so if lebron finishes his career with the heat, wade will always have one more ring than lebron.
    something to think about

  90. Look out for the Bleh Bleh Bleh says:

    MIA will have to break up the big three because they can’t afford the tax in 2014. As a result LeBron would have to go somewhere. He can’t stay in MIA for championships.

    Besides I don’t know if they’ll be in the finals this year because they can’t seem to match well against top eastern teams like NYK or IND. MIA is 0-4 against those teams so far this season. They seem better against the West top contenders (including SAS, OKC and LAC). MIA is 4-1 against those teams this season.

    • Silence I'll kill u says:

      Oh really? By just seeing the previous games not making their championship defense before the all star, u can tell is that they cant beat new york and pacers? Hell no,. Mia after all star break change their gears now and keep accelerating till playoffs. It will still be miami going to the finals.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m pretty sure Bosh will be the first to go, not James….

  91. Peter says:

    I’ll put it to everyone like this.

    If Lebron continues to win championships in Miami, He is NOT going ANYWHERE.


    It makes no sense, “Oh look, I won 2, 3 championships here” I’ll just leave now and go to another team where I will potentially win nothing instead of staying on a team where he can continue winning even more champion ships.

    • Johnno says:

      Hey lets not get carried away. He and his made up team have only won one. And they had to come from behind to win it. There are lots of other teams that can ruin his party like Dirk did in 2011.

  92. Denzo says:

    If he went back to Cleveland it would magical.

  93. Lakersfan4ever( built aroud C Irving Cleveland no James. says:

    If I was the owner of the Cavs I would never consider bring Queen James back to Cleveland for doing what he did to the team just leaving and signing with Miami or any other team, if he would have been honest and say, that he wasn’t going to sign with the team at all, but he didn’t do that. Cleveland has a great player on Irving and I would built around him and not even think about James is a free agent or not, He fail in Cleveland he had a good enough team to win it and he didn’t do that, so F James.

    • The Truth says:

      So you would continue to dwell in the bottom of the weaker conference for years because you cant swallow your pride? this is a business, thats what it boils down to. you put the best players you can on the floor, no matter what. The cavs when from a 60 win team to being one of the worst teams in basketball without lebron. and they do have talent now. kyrie, waiters, tristan thompson, alonso gee and anderson. dan gilbert would sign Lebron back in a heart beat if it would put his team back on top and in a position to win a championship again

    • jose says:

      Hey , you saying QUEEN so many times that I suppose that you want to be repliedaccordingly!!! YOU ARE THe QUEEN , stupid ASH…!!!
      Queen lakersfan forever…! Lady , senorita .mademoiselle SF-UP

    • jhbh says:

      Dan Gilbert doesn’t try to build teams, all he does is try to sell jerseys

  94. jacobm says:

    i honestly cannot picture lebron leaving the heat especially with arguably the 3 best player ind the league in Dwyane Wade at his side.

  95. Pheget says:

    What a drama queen

  96. keltics says:

    In your headline ‘Lebron defuses talk….’, I believe you were trying to say he *diffused* the rumors. That is all.

  97. Kaijon1 says:

    Look Lebron gave seven of his best years to Cleveland and they did nothing to improve the surrounding cast. Miami did it the minute he stepped of the plane and they will continue to improve the team as needed as long as lebron wants I believe he will make history here like Michael did for Chicago

  98. "Business Woman" says:

    LeBron James is the best player in basketball today. He would, in all probability, end up as one of the best ever. But to fall in love with him is like falling in love with a ‘business woman’ – You know, how the word ‘whole’ would be pronounced by a Japanese !

  99. Kinantot ko asawa ni Kobe says:

    laker fans disguised as a Cavs fans…. LBJ won’t going back to that sink hole…. He’s finally relieved that Dan Gilbert got a new cash cow… It’s very clear that Cavs owner doesn’t really support his players…. After 7 long years he stayed on that franchise, the Cavs keep squeezing LBJ to win a title with little to nothing HELP…. Aging SHAQ,Aging Ben Wallance, Jamison? Mo williams? Simple explanation, Many great players deserve great Help too… MJ with Pippen,Harper,Kukoc,Grant,Rodman,Kerr and so on… Magic,Kareem,Worthy, Bird Machale,Parish D.Scott,Ainge…. I’m not saying all but mostly… How about Dwade on his 7 years span as a HEAT… Let’s break it…. SHAQ,Mourning,Payton,walker,posey,J Williams, and PAT Riley yes Pat He climbs down to coach and to win 2006 After that 2010 Onwards with LBJ …. Wade,Bosh,LBJ,Battier,Haslem,Miller, now with Birdman,Allen,lewis,cole…. Right now after 3 years the CAVS still on MEDIOCRE place… Does LBJ want to go back to that sink hole??? That’s a Big “NO”

  100. Ownership… franchise ownership and management that is willing to do anything that it takes to WIN. The Heat is in the upper echelon of NBA franchises along with that of the Lakers, Celtics, and Spurs. I may be missing one or two others, but that is what it boils down to in the end for someone like LeBron… WINNING!

  101. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    LEBRON to the LAKERS by 2014…
    they will do it together with KOBE…
    2 cents.

  102. clark says:

    kyrie is going to miami heat!!!:))

  103. Mr. Guy says:

    maybe in free agency when all his contract extensions run out in 2016, but not in 2014. He wouldn’t leave D-Wade and the Heat so soon.

  104. Lundy48 says:

    You all sound like fake fans, which let’s be honest most of you are. It’s all the same. Lebron Does take the easy way out. Hence leaving Cleveland to begin with. And we all know he will go back if/when he can’t repeat in the finals. Heat fans will troll for a few weeks just pretending they’re still bron fans. Then the hate posts then the acceptance. That’s when we all will see, all Miami fans wearing Cleveland jerseys again. Bandwagon for life. Happened when he ditched Cleveland and it will happen when he ditches Miami to play with someone better than wade. And let’s all face it. Wade isn’t really wade anymore. Not because of the injury but because he gave the team to Lebron and became his robin. Dwade can’t dominate a game anymore. Just my thoughts. We shall see. Decision part 2?

    Celtics fan so I could care less where queen James goes next.

  105. Reality says:

    If lebron 3peats he will never leave the heat

  106. Russell Eastbrook says:

    To Rocket33–Are you serious man? Do you honestly believe this? Ive seen athletes sign to rival teams 3 months after the fans of their new team were chanting his name together with the positions in which they would abuse his mother. (Im not from the US, no not all fans chant defense and Lets go exclusively).. Lebron couldnt care less about Gilbert’s words, and Gilbert would sell his soul to transform his business from 3rd worst in the league to top 3. In fact, Gilbert and Lebron still chill buddy. I wont tell you what they do when they chill, because its probably illegal vulgar content (except maybe in Colorado?) and it wont be posted here

  107. b0ardz says:

    dat shi cra let him hoop bra ima bulls fan there will never again be a better pg than drose or lj
    wat eva he chooses he wont win another ring

  108. ko0kiE says:

    I don’t think dan gilbert and lebron get along well since the decision.. so I can’t see a chance for this to happen.

  109. Dont Worry says:

    NO WAY! Cleveland should’ve accepted LeBron when he left I know how they felt with him leading them to the Finals and leaving and then they go on the horrible losing streak. But they shouldve thanked lebron for all he did for the city. Hes been representing cleveland all the way from high school. They dont deserve him back THe GMS have to be changed or write LeBron a 7 page sorry letter.

  110. that guy says:

    yo jerk off thats why he will be a FA in Cleveland

  111. Heat #1 says:

    LeBron James will not go back to the Cavs. He is doing a lot with the Heat and had an an AWESOME year of 2012 with the Heat. The Cavs don’t have talent and if he goes back LeBron will be carrying the team on his shoulders. He should stay with the Heat and will hopefully have many awards and prove to the Cavs that he doesn’t need them.

  112. chris says:

    If you have ever been in a long-term relationship, allot of ugly things are said right before the “breakup”. Most strong couples push those things to the side and work through them, and take the harsh words for what they are, angry sentiments coming from a place that only betrayal from a truly loved one can bring. With that said, outside of the beautiful weather and people in Miami, home is still home, no matter how cold it gets. Why wouldn’t he return to bring a title to Cleveland. He can achieve the best of both worlds, pressure free at that!

  113. If LBJ was ever to returned to Cleveland he deserves to go through the same pain and tribulations he suffered before he went to Miami. if LBJ goes to Cleveland, Kyrie Irving will never win a championship with him simple as that. talk about the ultimate hypocrite, oh sure lets have Kevin Durant go win a championship with the Lakers or Spurs and then have him returned to OKC. (SO THATS THE FUTURE OF THE NBA) TEAM PAY A PLAYER FOR A FEW YEARS HE GETS HIS RINGS AND THEN HE CAN GO BACK TO HIS OLD TEAM LIKE NOTHING EVER HAPPENED,( RIGHT!!!!!!!!), DAVID STERN SHOULD INSTRUCT ADAM SILVERMAN TO VETO THAT TRADE BY ANY MEANS WHATSOEVER.

  114. Lucas says:

    C’mon guys lets get real. would Lebron really want to leave a team like Miami? He has a chance here of winning the championships now and probably again next season if he stays.

    • Brian Hradek says:

      Because Wade’s on a decline and he wants to make right with Cleveland, plus he’s best friends with Tristan and Kyrie and this is a young team that if Lebron does decide to come back, has the cap room to add a third star such as Love (another great friend of Kyrie’s).

    • Jeffrey says:

      ^They’re not saying he’s leaving this season, but after the 2014 season when his contract will be up and he’ll have the choice of staying with the aging Miami squad or “Taking his talents….back to Cleveland.” lol

    • alberto says:

      I think LeBron is not thinking about changes for the moment, now if things change in miami and embers forced to change and do not think to go to Cleveland

    • r says:

      they might have to get rid of one of the big three. and if that happens there might not be an opportunity to win any more championships.

      i know bosh isn’t exactly on fire right now. but he has really has the most reliable jumper on the team.

    • KenAlex says:

      @ lucas, they are talking about nba season 2015.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Yes, Why wouldnt he? He has his ring, While Miami is a great team idk if they would get another ring. Either way apparently he loves cleveland, and playing with kyrie would be fun. Its not all about winning rings, you have to have fun with what you do or you just end up miserable, look at dwight.

    • Johnno says:

      Well the article does state that he wouldnt be leaving until summer ’14. I’m sure even the arrogant clown LeBron has reasons to leave the most hated sports team in the world

      • SoFlaFan says:

        Why would you even care, since you’re such a hater???? For the record, he’s more a man then you’ll ever be an we love and respect LeBron in South Florida!!!!!!!!!

  115. King leonardo says:

    He will never go back to Cleveland, why would he leave Chris Bosh and D wade to go and join Kyrie Irving, who maybe the next best point guard in league but he, like Lebron, needs to have the ball in his hands in a game, the system would not work with them both in Cleveland as Kyrie would become a back lot to the return of King James. The Cavs are Kyrie’s team now and if Lebron went there he wouldn’t be welcomed an the situation would become awkward and look like Lebron trying to steal Kyrie’s crown. The league moves on and Lebron stays in Miami and wins multiple championships and Kyrie becomes the best point guard in the league and takes the Cavs to the next level

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Nah, he would go back because he liked it there and sometimes you gotta go where you enjoy. Also Kyrie doesnt need the ball in his hands, watch some cleveland games, he plays better off the dribble which works perfectly with lebron.

  116. jai says:

    enough.. i don’t care where he will go.. lbj will always be the king!

  117. kdog says:

    d-wade’s one of lebrons best friends, an olympian, a champion and is better than kyrie (for now at least)… and miami is a much better place to live than ohio… I really don’t see lebron leaving unless d-wade retires

    • Truth says:

      better than Irving?? yea right start watching more games from these too and you will see d wade is slow compared to Kyrie…

      • jake says:

        Truth, last time I checked basketball wasn’t track and field. So speed isn’t the tell-all statistic.
        Kyrie is very good and will likely be a great player for many years, but please, Kyrie is no D-Wade.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      No, not better than irving. Wade is one dimensional, he can only drive and maybe hit a jumper every now and then. He is the SG version of tony parker. Irvine can shoot from anywhere, drive, shoot free throws, and make plays. Irvine is as good as wade if not better.

  118. cojab says:

    you’re only trying to make lebron look like someone who’d always want an easy way out. i mean, first he teams up with dwade and bosh, and then he teams up with kyrie because let’s face it, dwade is on the decline. it wouldn’t be a pretty legacy and reputation to have if he does team up with kyrie in the future.

  119. jtascensao says:

    I’d go with Karl, if Lebron ends up feeling he’s lacking that kind of mindset Cleveland is certainly an option to spice things up again a bit for him.

    I mean, even if there’s nothing more to prove in Miami there will always be plenty the unfinished business for him with the Cavs.

    Things change though so let’s see what happens this year and next.

  120. Noor says:

    As Heat fan, if LeBron left Miami with 3 titles, I would happily thank him for the enjoyment and silverware and wish him the best. However I would only have that sentiment if he went back to Cleveland. If he goes anywhere else I would be thoroughly annoyed with him. But as for now I am enjoying watching two of the best players I have seen, playing together with such joy.

    • Arky says:

      As a Miami fan, it’s already been an incredible ride. I agree, if we get to the end of 2014 and he goes back to Cleveland, well… look, realistically this core will be done by then and most of the contracts are up then too. The Big Three will all opt out, Wade will sign a “finish his career in Miami” type of deal. If James stays maybe new pieces can be put around him and Wade (the guy I think will definitely go is Bosh, who will want to go somewhere and be Alpha Dog and put up big numbers a night again because he wants to be a Hall of Famer). But if he goes back to Cleveland, I think we can accept that by then we’ll have had 4 years of magic, which is more than most teams get.

      If he leaves to go to somewhere like LA, however, then screw THAT.

  121. patrick says:

    you never cease to amaze me with your awful nba articles. your name is the only one i ever remember because reading your articles, or even the titles of your articles ruin my day – i wonder how nba.com allows your stories to be published. you are the epitome of a gossip columnist for the nba. you should opt out of your contract in 2014 and sign with “people” or “us weekly.”

    • Ally R says:

      Heck yes! Preach! This mAn is a drama queen. Lebron did not entertain your bizarre accusations. Another trash article!

  122. will says:

    i would prefer lebron to return back to cleveland.
    his partnership with kyrie would be unstoppable and the less championships thug wade wins the better

    • Harenton says:

      You are ignorant to even think that wade is a “thug”. He is a devout Christian and spreads the word frequently.

      • AL says:

        The bigest thug are also the biggest devout chrstian fake……

      • skrutz says:

        You are ignorant to think that being a Christian means you’re automatically a good person. Wade isn’t a thug… but it’s not unreasonable to call him one.

    • JIMMYBEAR says:

      Well you have no idea. And WADE won a championship before lebron got there pretty much on his own. but there by far the best combo in the league lebron wont be goin anywhere

      • Jigsaw says:

        On his own ehh? WIth Shaq, Mourning, Payton, A. Walker, J-Will, etc

      • jake says:

        two things Jimmybear, Wade didn’t do it by himself. Have you heard of Shaq? He had MVP-caliber seasons for the heat.
        And LeBron and Wade are ARGUABLY better than Westbrook and Durant.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        LOL on his own, yea no, like kobe he won it with shaq and many others as stated below me.

      • TWizz says:

        Let’s not forget he won that 06 championship with the help of the refs also, thanks to Cuban of course. Mavs couldn’t even look at Wade or else it would be a foul haha.

      • lol says:

        screw wade right now is on the way to turn into a tracy mcgrady and thank god enough with his dirty tricks

      • Takwach25 says:

        You guys can argue about KD/Westbrook vs. LBJ/Wade in terms of the best combo, but both fall short to Duncan/Parker (add Ginobili for best trio). Fact of the matter is they have more rings, play more cohesively, and the Spurs have the best record in the NBA. The other aforementioned combos might be more fun to watch, but no other duo/trio have accomplished more than them.

    • LBJMVP6 says:


  123. xpact says:

    he will go back to cleveland thats for sure

  124. Rocket33 says:

    As long as Dan Gilbert is there I don’t see why LeBron would have any interest in going back to Cleveland. How could he ever play for that guy again after all the stuff that was said and done? And can you imagine the press conference to announce the signing. Full of fake smiles and pretend arms around each other claiming not to have any bad feelings.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      They would fire him and hire a new one.

      • artifex says:

        Whom they gonna fire – Gilbert? Suppose, you mixed something up here,
        Gilbert is the Cavs owner. How can he be fired???

        But with that circumstance, I’m not sure whether DG would ever want LeBron back.
        On the other hand, whod say no to James? I’m not a fan of him but you can’t deny that he is just the best at the moment… but again, I don’t see why ever James would like to leave. He can compete fr a title for some more time playing alonside 2 good friends. Needing a new challenge? As good as the Heat are, I don’t lock them as champions per se. There are 3 others in the West and NY is on a good track this season… sounds like enough challenge to even repeat.

      • illone says:

        Ah, he is the (majority) owner of the team. Nobody but himself can fire himself by selling (part of) his majority stake.

    • Al T says:

      Sounds like Business 101.

    • mr woo says:

      Look, we don’t want the guy back..we don’t care that he left it’s the way he left.. he a basketball player, not the chosen one or king, the nick name and arrongance made us dislike him, and his personal issues he had, thats why he left.u people don’t know half of the stuff this dude did here.

      • Really? says:

        You don’t know half the things your talking about. LeBron never had personal issues he had issues with the team not sorrounding him with enough talent. People hated him for leaving ina disrespectful manner and it was the media and cleveland that named him King James smart one. Your obviously are confusing lebron’s personality with allen iverson and kobe bryant who do not deserve half the credit they recieve. Kobe and Iverson have both had legal issues. Kobe raped someone Iverson picked a fight in a bar. LeBron diddn’t do any of that stuff so you obviously don’t know who he is.

  125. sick says:

    maybe 😉

  126. Chris says:

    Hell no

    • bballjunkie1 says:

      You are right, Lebron and Kevin Durant could come close to what Jordan/Pippin did. I said close. What a one, two at least they won’t have the ego issues Kobe/Shaq had, those two should have had 4,5,6 in a row?