Kobe To Cuban: ‘Amnesty THAT’


After torching the Dallas Mavericks for 38 points, 12 rebounds and seven assists to get the Los Angeles Lakers a key win, Kobe Bryant shot back at the Mavs owner who days earlier suggested the Lakers should consider using their amnesty clause on their 17-year superstar.

Via Twitter, Kobe wrote:

Cuban, talking on a local sports talk radio show Friday, immediately followed his amnesty comment by saying he was speaking hypothetically and that the Lakers would never do such a thing. It didn’t stop the Lakers organization from getting ruffled, calling Cuban’s comments “inappropriate,” in an official statement and suggesting it would not oppose the league stepping in with a fine.

That’s not likely to happen.

Cuban, whose team fell to 25-30 and suffered another blow to its diminishing playoff chances, was amused enough by Bryant’s Twitter response to tweet back:


On the radio show, Cuban was asked if he’s surprised at the state of the Lakers. Early in the season, Cuban said he hoped the Lakers “suck.” He said the Lakers’ struggles have surprised even him, and then he steered the conversation back to the topic of the CBA.

“If you look at their payroll, even if Dwight [Howard] comes back, you’ve got to ask the question: Should they amnesty Kobe?” Cuban said on the show. “You just don’t know, right? It’s the same reason I wouldn’t get rid of Dirk Nowitzki.

“I’ll take a hit for a season rather than get rid of Dirk. That’s just it. I’ve made that commitment to him over the years, and he’s returned that commitment. Maybe that’s selfish, but that’s just the way it is. So I’m just saying that hypothetically. When I say, ‘amnesty Kobe’, I don’t think they’d do it, but they’ve got some choices to make. Now, they’re in a big market, but they’re still limited. The Knicks, the same thing. Boston, same thing.”

Prior to Sunday’s game, Cuban reiterated that he was simply giving a hypothetical as an example to make a point.

“Any time you try to explain the CBA, it’s hard to do without giving an example,” Cuban said. “Whenever the commissioner or anybody talks about the CBA, they talk about Dallas and Tyson ChandlerΒ or Dallas and Dirk or whatever. You’ve got to use examples.

“I was clear saying it was hypothetical and I didn’t expect it to be that way, but it was a good example because they have the highest payroll and the highest-paid player in the league. That’s the end of the story.”

At the end of Sunday’s story, it was Kobe with the last laugh — or last tweet as it were.


  1. @ go lakers!-damn, that’s all-only repeats & threepeats-TRY EIGHTPEAT!!! Never to be broken! Celtics-GreenAllDay!!!

  2. kobitch says:

    lakers loss to denver.. now amnesty that!

  3. king_james says:

    DREAM ON FAKER FANS…… WIN first BEFORE TALKING NONSENSE …Oh WAIT, RAPIST no. 24 WONT MAKE TO THE PLAYOFFS … I FEEl sorry for HOWARD ..he should have sign or be traded to brooklyn …. KOBE ..24 .. the BLACk RAPIST … LoL

  4. Black Mama Worm 24 says:

    Lakers Got dominated By Denver…. Lakers got issues… Bench,Leadership,Egos ,Coaching,And SPEED… Their Biggest obstacle right now was their SPEED… D’Antoni’s System was executed by DENVER against the lakers… Run and GUN… lakers don’t even have an Identity yet… 24 games left to the season and yet they still don’t know what they are doing. Run and Gun system don’t mesh well on lakers… Because they only execute Gun and more gun by the ballhog… Give me the Ball…. I’ll score again, or I’ll set you up for a dunk…. kobe’s game affects D.Howard and Nash game… Yes Amnesty Him so that your lakers will have SPEED again…

  5. King Gary says:

    Lol at Lakers “fans” getting excited over simple things and 1 game shows or blocks by Kobe in an exhibition game and thinking they are a threat because of it. First off you gotta make the 8th seed to even play a playoff game and have you learned anything from this season that not one player (or 3-4 for the matter) can get it done for the Lakers. Get real.

  6. Sean says:

    I’m not a big fan of Kobe Bryant but I gotta say I love the reply, “Amnesty THAT”

  7. ReMo says:

    Lol You not only don’t understand the game, but on top of that you HATE basketball to think that the Lakers would not only get swept by S.A. or OKC, but that all losses would ne in blow outs….

  8. Lakerfan2013 says:

    Why are we talking about this we should be talking about how Kobe’s gonna get to 31,000 tonight.

  9. LAKERS says:

    LAkers wil lobviously make the play-offs!

  10. Lakerfan2013 says:

    It was in Dallas the Mavs were motivated, and DH12 didn’t even do that much so cmon. If they were in LA Howard did something and Dallas treated this like a normal game Lakers probably wouldv’e won by like 15.

  11. Lakerfan2013 says:

    Thanks for motivating Kobe Cuban that was quiet a game maybe one of the best performaces I’ve ever seen when the player doesn’t get a triple double or 50+ points.

  12. Lakerfan2013 says:

    Great good it was one of the best games of the year in my opinion but the Lakers should have won that game more easily.

  13. dmh says:

    This is banter. Kobe responds well to banter. Feelings hurt on either side??????…… No way! It just makes the game fun. It is the same concept of trashtalking MJ back in the day. He would always respond with at minimum 40 points any time there was trashtalk. Now I realize that the comparison is not fair to MJ as he was the best ever, However the ice-cold blood and fever are some similarities. Nobody had ice cold blood like MJ had. Lebron just has skills and is big enough to play the post, however I don’t think of his blood as ice cold. Not yet anyways. The weird part about that one is that when Lebron develops that ice cold blood it will be scary for the league. 72-10 may go bye bye if Lebron develops the actual killer instinct that MJ had and Kobe occasionally picks up. I haven’t really seen it yet as the heat have simply coasted through easy games. Their cruise contol is actually a lot of times better than the other team’s best. However they have been shocked a few times this year by remaining on cruise control too long and underestimating their competition based on a couple wins and losses. (ie washington)

  14. RIPCITY says:

    Lakers getting it back together? Portland should have won that game, if it wasn’t for the Refs! They handed the game to the Lakers!

  15. Maurice says:

    You need to relax and really listen to what has been said. People take stuff out of the context and really don`t take a second to reflect. Same was true with the Jordan “Kobe vs. Lebron” last week.

    Totally blown up artificially and taken out of context.

  16. TakeMeOutDumbToni says:

    Hey Cuban amnesty Dirk..and he will play for the Lakers..put your money where your mouth is..

  17. Pero says:

    Take THAT! Cuban. Here we come!!!!

  18. gamerfan says:

    My Lakers can make it but not by aiming to take Houston or Utah’s spot, they need to aim for Golden State. Aiming for Houston still places them in Jeopardy of missing the playoffs, and a candle in jeopardy of going out flickers violently before dieing. That’s Houston. Golden State is least likely of all western playoff teams to keep it’s current streak and that’s where they need to aim. Leave the battling for bottom spot to Houston and Utah. They will have to go on at least one 15-game win streak or two 8-10 game win streaks to do it, but they have the firepower and experience that should help.

  19. dor says:

    whats amnesty ?

  20. Ven says:

    Mark Cuban is a idiot , you can’t put Dirk and Kobe in the same category and talk about amnesty. Are you A COMPLETE IDIOT!! There is NO correlation between Kobe and Dirk. TOP 5 PLAYER OF ALL TIME, DIRK WILL NEVER BE THERE.

  21. yoyosuites says:

    It doesn’t matter. Kobe had a flawless finish to a fantastic game and the lakers barely beat a 10th place team. Dwight looks like an old man out there. Watch how he sits down. His back is stiff. Karl Malone never looked that old. Until he was a Laker. At least this year they’ll get a lottery pick… And give it to the Suns! lol

  22. KingJamesBallin says:

    Looks like Cuban won’t be on Twitter for a while.

  23. Napster says:

    even though, I’m not Kobe’s fans. but for this one. I’m with Kobe. see you at the playoffs. down goes dallas..

  24. joe says:

    typical internet gangsters. trying to make something out of nothing. blinded by irrationality.

  25. K14 says:

    I don’t know why you are talking about Kobe and Cuban when there is only one subject to talk about in NBA now and the next 4-5 years. Miami and The King πŸ™‚

  26. Zack says:

    @ballsohard. LOL “us” really your’e a part of the team now?

  27. DRose tinted spectacles says:

    Man y’all Kobe lovers are some ignorant fools. Kobe has the biggest salary on the team with the biggest salary cap issue, its the PERFECT example for Cuban to use.

    Thats why you stay watching youtube highlights while the big boys talk business.

  28. iSHAQ or SHAQTOLOGY says:

    KING LEBRON vs QUEEN KOBE to the Finals!!!

  29. unb1nd says:

    for me…i have to trade Perkins to GORTIAT………………….1 on 1 Trade

  30. LJF1987 says:

    The Laker’s need Kobe, he’s the glue of that team, I think he’s made that clear over the years. He’s also vocal and takes himself pretty seriously, so he didn’t respond particularly well to Cuban’s hypothetical. No need for all this drama though

  31. Gunn says:

    Kobe need to stop taking over games when he has Dwight and Nash on his team. Fourth quarter has to be a team thing for Lakers to win a championship at this point of kobes career. Ok he’ll hit amazing shots at Dallas one night, he’ll not do that every night and even if he does they will lose every now and then if they don’t put worse teams away before last seconds. Right now to much about last quarter heroics I believe. He had a crazy nice night though.

  32. Stern H8r says:

    If Kobe had heard or read (yes I know, Kobe can’t read) Cuban’s comments, he would have understood exactly what Cuban was saying. It was a hypothetical example, just like T. Chandler or Dirk examples. This whole thing is just Kobe being Douche.

  33. go celtics says:

    can every one please stop saying “amnesty THAT” i mean we read the article you dont have to repeat it please comment something useful

  34. CP13 says:

    Cuban was talking from a bussiness perspective so shut up and by the way getting rid of Kobe would be a great basketball decision also. Those of you who know basketball will understand, those of you who watch kobe highlights on youtube won’t. Oh, and even if the lakers make the playoffs, the spurs and the thunder would obliterate them. Not to mention Miami.

  35. KR450 says:

    This story says more about the Lakers organisation than either Bryant or Cuban, neither of whom I have much time or respect for, particularly Bryant. But how precious and pathetic are the cream puffs running the Lakers if Cuban’s speculative, hypothetical comment prompted them to make an official crybaby statement on it? Why should they care what Cuban’s thoughts are on the way LA is struggling this season? The world is full of princesses these days.

  36. KR450 says:

    I wonder if that’s what Kobe says to girls in Colorado too…

  37. lakermig says:

    KOBE, KOBE , KOBE !!!

  38. Chris Brown says:

    Amnesty THAT!

  39. kob says:

    Amnesty that , Redneck

  40. willie says:

    shut up kobe!

  41. babacar says:

    after this game cuban shall never comment on BLACK mamba again..AMNESTYY THAT..

  42. KB24 says:

    Amnesty CUBAN!

  43. Synteck says:


  44. Synteck says:

    Haha Kobe dont need to be a KIng like lebron especially when hes up there next to the Gods like Jordan

    • Francisco says:

      next in size, position, way of moving the tongue, what else, in stats and individual, INDIVIDUAL ACCOLATES , iam closer to kobe than kobe to michael lol

  45. cesar says:

    haha you think that win can make the lakers go to playoffs ? NOT!!!

  46. MJ likes KB says:

    Amnesty THAT Cuban!!!!!

  47. Kinantot ko asawa ni Kobe says:

    What Cuban said before… What if they amnesty Kobe they can land big names too with more dept in their bench… ex. Harden plus Kenyon Martin,Nate Robinson Afflalo …. add that to the current roster… They can meet the HEAT in the finals… Kobe salary alone can get 4 quality players… 27.5 ml $ in a single season… He just give an example which is he didn’t do either… Let’s say Dirk’s salary $20,907,128 how many quality players can they get with that amount of money… kobe just over reacts on what cuban said before… Imagine If they Amnesty Dirk then they can acquire more players Like Dwight plus Josh Smith with the current mavs line up… They can be dangerous… OR kobe/Dirk make a pay cut on their checks for the sake of winning…. Good example for that SPURS and the HEAT…..

  48. nothingisenoughforme says:

    No matter what u say cuban, u will NOT get dwight howard~

  49. nothingisenoughforme says:

    No matter what u do cuban, u will NOT get dwight howard~

  50. jake s says:

    Mavs and Lakers are fading. Thunder and Spurs are the only real contenders in the west. No one in their right mind would argue that Kobe is a bad player, but no one in their right mind would argue the Lakers will win it all. The next opportunity for the Lakers to win a championship is after Kobe leaves (sorry Shaq). The next opportunity for the Lakers to win is post Ginobili (two or three years). Look forward to Thunder dominating the west for the next five years or so. Given the stats, i would say it will be Thunder vs. Heat for at least 3 of the next 5 years.

  51. Inglebert says:

    Bitch please!Just amnesty dirk!

  52. Boomshockalocka says:

    Kobe is filthy. The Lake Show is looking good right now, too. Will Utah or Houston slip enough to allow Kobe and Co. to move into playoff contention? We shall see. I do know that if the Lakers claw their way into the playoffs, anything can happen. This could be the Year of the 6th Championship for Mr. Bryant.

  53. jroc says:

    We all know Kobe will step to a challenge any day. Cuban just gave him extra fuel.

  54. cory says:

    amnesty the playoffs, Kobe.

  55. Cbrab says:

    Amnesty That !!! ( spoken words by black mamba)
    cuban ! u know you were dealing snake right ??
    snake that can bit and tweet too
    mamba 100000 – cuban 1

  56. Angelica says:

    Good Job Kobe.. Keep it up. Show them when you were at age of 20s.

  57. Laketown true fan says:

    Please Amnesty kobe. With d12, gasol, nash and mwp, they can definitely make the playoffsor even in the west finals. With Kobe in the lineup not a chance.

  58. many trophies says:

    Mark Cuban really enjoys the spot light. In the first place his team is not doing well, so maybe he should put a cork in it.

  59. manly22 says:

    remember the 2011 second round playoffs? amnesty that sweep.. hehehe

  60. manly22 says:

    amnesty that 4-0 sweep kobe of the second round playoffs.. hahaha! remember that!

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      @ manly, you right Kobe will sweep your team in the 2nd round, and he will remember your stupid comment,hahahaha.

      • Lakerfan2013 says:

        I bet the Mavs wouldn’t sweep the Lakers if they faced them in the playoffs this year. Which they won’t.

  61. Nando says:

    Everyone STFU!! The Black Mamba has spoken… L.N 4-Ever!!

  62. LAKERZZBBY!! says:

    Amnesty THAT!

  63. fpejr says:

    blackkkk MAMBAAA !!!!!!!!!!!

  64. JustAnotherFan says:

    props to YOU Cuban for making the nba a little more fun…
    people should do this often. make the competition a little more hot theyre all just a buncha pussies now
    now im missing van gundy where is he

  65. Dude says:

    Can someone insult Kobe before the Denver game, we’re going to need his A game again.

  66. Karlo Garcia says:

    Kobe would not back down on anything even a comment. As if the Lakers were listening 2 Cuban. They r a smart organization.

  67. Kobe^ says:

    My son kobe still got it cuban is just a hater like all the other ones #True

  68. bitch please says:

    who cares? both team will never get to playoffs this season haha

  69. abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz says:

    Amnesty THAT!

  70. Kobe 24 says:

    I am a badplayer I should get amnestied.

  71. Why everybodY jumpn down MarK throat for hypotheticaL statemenT..now number24 has fueL for the flamethrower ..LA makes playoff!!beT dat

  72. Franz says:

    Doesn’t matter. Lakers and Mavericks will not make the playoffs. Combined with a Spurs championship, it would be a perfect season for me and the worst one for David $tern.

  73. dan says:

    cuban u killed ur 2011 championship team just to make or save yourself money u cheap bastard,shut your mouth and mind ur own business!!!

  74. rafa says:

    cuban for president. whata cleaver guy.

  75. drick says:

    Nice idea from a talkative Owner,hahahha…
    Or juz trade KOBE for TAJ GIBSON,,hehehehe

  76. Black Mambaa says:

    Haha Kobe just owned Cuban

  77. fuccXcuban says:

    This full cuban is a joke, wtf is he talking about, I think he became rich by accident HAHA what a sore looser!!!

  78. Jay Lee says:

    Haha Marc Cuban got owned

    • Logic says:

      Kobe = overrated media noob
      Cuban had a good point. If you got rid of Kobe and had a D12, Nash pick and roll combo and Gasol as the secondary scorer there would be chemistry and they would be a title contender overnight. With Kobe….. same problems as always. He wants to take every shot.

      • Leblocked 2x by Kobe says:

        Logic lol! a title contender w/o Kobe?… Nash 17 years in the league w/o a finals stint… pathetic & idiot hater!… You don’t know what ‘logic’ really mean… Kobe w/ his jacking up shots have been in the finals 7x & helped LA Lakers win 5… That’s reality!

      • Nice says:

        Here we go again with the “5” rings dilemma… later we will here…17 banners… so on and so forth… GO LAKERS FANS!!!

      • That’s what he gets paid for…it resulted in 5 RINGS!
        He is not an overrated media noob. His words off the court speaks for itself during game time.
        “The Black Mamba has awaken and its killer instinct is venomous ever than before!’ Nat Geo
        I see it in his eyes and can feel it too!

      • Go Lakers! says:

        5x champion 15 time all star (consecutively) mvp 31000+ career points… overrated… nice logic

  79. Ballin Queen says:

    Amnesty THAT!

  80. brill says:

    amnesty you self cuban. Hahahah

  81. Ventruck says:

    yeah I don’t know why people got so mad at the comment. It was purely hypothetical and Cuban even implied he’d be against it anyway. It’s just an out there thought, though perhaps way out there because Kobe’s been leading the Lakers whereas Dirk has been out of commission for the first half of the season. Never heard the radio chat to know what context brought up that comment from Cuban, and why people are blowing up on it.

  82. Pawned says:

    I think Cuban should give himself amnesty. lol

  83. Edmund says:

    Amnesty THAT

  84. AnnoYouLater says:

    Cuban really meant that and just has no balls on to stand by it…specially after what kobe did to that game

  85. mazonator says:

    cuban should just worry about his own team

    • Hm says:

      Or maybe the Lakers organisation should lose its penchant for drama… Asking for a fine because he gave a hypothetical example of the implications of the new CBA. Insane.

      • Go Lakers! says:

        they never asked for a fine they said his comment was inapropriate (which it was) and that a fine might be necessary

      • Hm says:

        Why would the comment be inappropriate? You haven’t indicated why it would be, yet you make the claim that it somehow is.
        “a fine might be necessary”
        Which is the same as saying: “We don’t like what Mark Cuban said. Commissioner Stern, please fine him.”

  86. SHAQKOBE says:

    MIAMI will win the (East again)
    THUNDER should have get ARIZA & OKAFOR
    in a trade with PERKINS & KEVIN MARTIN…
    OKAFOR is better than PERKINS…
    ARIZA is defensive minded will fulfill what james harden left.

  87. Allen Iv3rson says:

    Cmon lakers!! hopefully you stop all this nonsense and go back to what you were doing before… LOSING!!!! πŸ™‚ lol