Kobe Says Playoffs ‘Not A Question’


HANG TIME, Texas — There was the stretch from Nov. 9-20 when the Lakers won five out of six games and peeked their heads above .500 for the first time in this tumultuous season.

Then there was the time when they won six out of seven from Dec. 14-28, which included the Christmas Day victory over the Knicks that got them back to dead level at 15-15.

But this time the Lakers really mean it. At least, that’s the message that Kobe Bryant delivered to Sports Illustrated when he told Jack McCallum that the debate over whether his troubled team would make the playoffs was hardly worth the time.

“It’s not a question of if we make the playoffs. We will.” Bryant said. “And when we get there, I have no fear of anyone — Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Denver … whoever. I have zero nervousness about that.”

The 26-29 Lakers are still 3 1/2 games behind the Rockets for the No. 8 seed in the Western Conference. But they have won six of their last nine games and are coming off a 113-99 thumping of the Celtics.

Curiously, it was a 107-97 loss at Miami on Feb. 10 to conclude their seven-game pre-All-Star weekend road trip that Bryant says gives him the most hope.

“We will make the playoffs,” he said. “And we will compete. And part of the reason I have that confidence is the Miami game. We had control of the game. That was no fluke. We were playing very, very well. We were reading the defense, making the extra pass.

“OK, they have two great players [LeBron James and Dwyane Wade] who scored eight straight buckets and took control of the game. But we were right there. We can do it.”

The Lakers are at home to face the Trail Blazers tonight, which will start a stretch of eight games in which they will face five teams with losing records.

Can we buy into it? Should be buy into it? Of course, a lot of were believers when the pieces of the so-called super team were assembled last summer and figured it was only a matter of tearing the pages off the calendar until the Lakers would be playing in The Finals in June.

Sure, you’ve thought they’d turn a corner before only to see them get flattened by a bus. But this time, Kobe says he means it.

Any takers?


  1. JJ says:

    What will kobe say whan the lakers don’t make the playoffs.

  2. NBALOVER123 says:

    Guys this is the NBA its rigged If they want LA in the payoffs refs will do anything to put them there. also think about the money.

    Most fans/they will get more money if they had a Heat/Lakers final(Which is not gonna happen)

    Come on I mean Kobe vs Leborn There gonna do anything in there power to get LA there
    After what happen to the mavs and blazers. I won’t be surprise If LA makes the playoffs . After seeing the refs cheat those two teams out. All I know is that Anything could happen beyond this point. It really Doesn’t matter to me anyway. The Heat gonna win regardless of what happens.

  3. Wonderboy says:

    I want to the Lakers to make the playoffs, and then get miserably crushed by San Antonio, or OKC. hahahaha would be a Laker hater’s dream come true!

  4. nbafan says:

    gotta join in. i believe

  5. aj says:

    sir charles kicking knowledge “even if they make the playoffs they going to get beat like a drum in the 1st round”
    their backcourt may be slow but who are we kidding here nash and kobe don’t play defense anyway i don’t think they’ll make the post season if the lakers play anybody up and down they’ll get destroyed their transition defense and offense are terrible

  6. Chris says:

    I never doubted them making the playoffts and i dont do it now

  7. Sarah says:

    When the Mamba says we will.. It will happen! #GoLakers #CountOnKobe

  8. Kinantot ko asawa ni Kobe says:

    @LAKERS hey too much NBA2K is not good for you…. your brain ain’t functioning normally… Stop worshiping kobe…. He’s only human, he’s getting old too…. sometimes the man speaks something that he didn’t mean to…. Like Dwight should go out even he is hurt…. Howard reacts all of the sudden he change again that he is not calling howard out…
    kobe is not a real MAN…. not true in his words…

  9. Kinantot ko asawa ni Kobe says:

    Nope THEY WILL MISS THE PLAYOFFS PERIOD. coaching,bench,chemistry, defense, blocking shot are part of defense but they are lacking transition defense, once the ball got stolen on kobe’s hands, he just stand and watch or WHINE…

  10. Ortiz2486 says:

    Man, the people who are doubting Kobe, I can guarantee that they have never even played a game of basketball or any sport. The reason I say this is because in no matter what you do, you should always believe in your team and yourself. half of these comments are from bang wagon hypocrites who don’t know anything. They like to try to be-little others just to get satisfaction. THE LAKERS WILL MAKE IT, PERIOD.

  11. GangstaP says:

    Lakers probably won’t make the playoffs. It was a good run by L.A. It’s just the end of an era. Nothing but respect for Kobe and the Lakers but it might be over for them. Great run by L.A in the last 15 years or so.

  12. LAKERS says:

    LAkers will win the 2013 title 99.99999999%

  13. LAKERS says:


  14. LAKERS says:


  15. Enller Garcia says:

    Lakers, Stop Wishing and Hoping, you’re not making the playoffs this year, Kobe doesn’t know what he is talking about. He’s not going to get the 6th ring, he’s not Michael Jordan, his time is done and counting down. It’s a new generation, a generation where Lebron James is the new big thing, haters……………..

  16. TakeMeOutDumbToni says:

    Barkley is the 1st Shaqtin a Fool, NO RINGS..and why would you beleived in him?? OVERRATED player of his time,wants to hang around with jordan and bird for him to be elevated in their status.Unlike KOBE, 5 rings speaks for themselves with MVP’s award too. Yes I believe Kobe we’ll make it thru playoffs whatever the results maybe.If Kobe wouldnt get his 6th ring now, he will still get it for sure season’s afterwards.That’s the heart of a champion/winner unlike the loser Charles B.

  17. chucksaloser says:

    Charles Barkley is an established scrub, and for some reason has always hated the Lakers. His comments about any team are biased and irrelevant.

  18. dj rgm9 says:

    To all haters hatin,tellin if the Lakers makes the play offs they getting beating hard time first round.They realy d’ont know what theyre talking about,in fact nobody knows what gonna happen at all!The ugly position they bin and still are right now,if they making the play offs they are the the team to watch out seriously!!!It is already a miracle to secure your play off spot!Once they reachin theyr a diffrerent beast,a beast willing to win with theyre back against the wall are the most dangerous to compete,That’s mostly a fact!!!The play off expereience they have you hope Lakers not making the play offs at all,every team in the west know’s this and hoping they fail completly.You just d’ont want to give a beast any chance with they’res back against the wall,that for sure!!!Watch out with Lakers if they making the play offs,you better pray they d’ont! making it!Okc & Spurs even if they makes the finals,they’re not capable to finnish it,i’m 100% sure about that.The standing and the style a playin are quit the same as last season,first Okc without Harden gonna be difficult reachin the finals.Winning without Harden in the finals they loose big time bank this one,especialy against the “cheaters”!And for the Spurs gonna happen same thing if they reach the finals,sputtering without gas,just empty to compete in the finals bank this one too!!!Go Lakers!!!

  19. David says:

    it would be so unfair if we didnt even have right to believe! loll

  20. MICHAEL says:

    I believe trust kobe,and the rest of tha guys…i know kobe will not allow lakers to be eliminated…im sure you”ll see…youre my idol kobe .

  21. Heatles Read Chris's FACE. says:

    Notice how when kobe mentioned he fears no one he didn’t mention the Miami Heat, Defending Champions and Repeating Champions.

  22. NoHope says:

    I really hope they make it so they can get swept out in first round !! They need to trade some of the big name stars while they can for some draft picks and rebuild the brand around someone else because the lakers turd cannot be polished anymore no matter how much kobe, nash, etc. you put on it !!

  23. Dwade says:

    don’t count the chickks until the eggs are being hatched… KOBE is Banggali….

  24. Mamba Jumbo says:

    i do believe. i honestly think that the death of dr. buss was THE wake up call. this season for the lakers was a very emotional one and i just can’t help but think that winning the championship this year will be THE most amazing event in basketball history. count on kobe, nash, metta, pau, earl and dwight! GO LAKERS!

  25. mrtnlee says:

    in kobe i trust, be p.jackson that’s hired

  26. Boere says:

    The Lakers are donediddly done for

  27. bitch please says:

    I believe, maybe next year Kobe and his team will make it to the playoffs haha

  28. Lebron is a punk - self proclaimed Lebron Hater says:

    Kobe is the truth, the answer, the mamba. I have no choice but to believe him. Now if Pau Gasol or Dwight or even NASh said it, I would have a hard time believing them. Let’s go Lakers.

  29. The Oracle's Arena says:

    Barkely stop it bro happy BDay… let your hate for the Lakers go dude… to say Kobe (even at this stage in his career ) isn’t on Carmelo’s level is just plain ignorant and hateful… you should be celebrating the amazing level he is playing at that neither you or your buddy Jordan were this great this latein the game… Carmelo is a chucker who the lakers didn’t even want for Bynum… the only player that is in the conversation with Kobe is Lebron… not even Durant yet because anyone can score 28ppg and not win anything… I loved your game but your commentary is usually terrible..

  30. HEATalltheWAY says:

    actually, they really can’t make it to the playoffs… Maybe they can next year but now, they really can’t
    As my name say so, I am a Heat fan, though I am not a one sided person, People keep debating about Kobe vs LeBron shiii.. but now is not the time for that, first things first, Go to the playoffs, win the western championships, that’s the time to start debating πŸ™‚ like what Jordan says, if its 5-1, then make it to the play-offs before it does 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, 5-5, 5-6 or until LBJ retires maybe… But right now, they really just won’t

  31. Tim says:

    Typical Lakers arrogance. Any team which is still sub 500 cannot guarantee anything because they’ve clearly not proven their consistency. Another thing is that a Lakers team will always be a big scalp for another team so they won’t get the easy wins from teams who relax too much and don’t compete.

    Finally, if the Lakers make the playoffs then good luck to them – they’re gonna need it stringing together a run long enough to beat anyone. I, as a Grizz fan, am not particularly worried.

  32. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    The Jazz and Rockets will keep on winning. This is not baseball. You can’t just say: “Oh, we’re only 3 and a half games back.” Nope. You can in baseball. But NBA basketball works differently and more consistently. You can’t make up gaps with a limited amount of games left in this season. Plus, with no Gasol and with an injured Howard and a ball-hugging Bryant … no playoffs for the Lakers.

  33. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    The Clippers have clearly taken over that Staples Center. They may want to consider raising ticket prices for Clipper games and lower ticket prices for Laker games. May want to adjust this NOW.

    Lakers will have difficulty with revenues cause they’re going to stink for a long time.

    Why all the trade rumors for Howard? Who wants an injured, expensive player anyway?

    Why not find a way to get rid of Bryant’s salary? Why does Bryant get top priority?????? The more points this loser scores, the more likely his team loses. When he scores 35+ points in a game, the Lakers’ record: 1 win and 9 losses.

    He is ruining the once-great Laker franchise. Well, maybe he’ll just retire this summer. Otherwise, more financial Laker trouble next season. I love this game. πŸ˜€

  34. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    “Bryant is owed $30.45 million next season, the highest among all the players in the NBA. The Lakers’ payroll is more than $100 million this season and will be as high, if not higher, if Howard signs.”

    “ESPN reports if the Lakers are $30 million over the salary cap next season, their luxury tax bill could be as high as $85 million.”

    (Source: http://aol.sportingnews.com/nba/story/2013-02-22/mark-cuban-comments-lakers-kobe-bryant-dwight-howard-dallas-mavericks)

  35. Mln08 says:

    If the selfish player said,i cant believe. Just do it, the no. 8 ai Houston not lakers!

  36. zebo says:

    The lakers and their fans would be happy enough if they make the playoffs. And that will be their GOAL for this season. The team would say “Yes! Well, at least we made it to the 8th seed! and will be satisfied with that. At least avoiding humiliation of not making it. OF course they would bow to SA in the first round. Sorry to say, that will be the laker fairytale story this year.

  37. LAKERS says:

    HEAT VS. LAKERS guess whos gonna win…LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Salve says:

    I Believe!! Don’t Stop Believing! #Lakers

  39. Dr C.Goode says:

    It’s gonna be tough but I think Lakers can rally and grab 7 or 8th. But like Chuck said they will get beaten like a drum in the first round. So ultimately the Lakers under Kobe Bryant are done, Mark Cuban may have been closer to the truth than he realized when he said Lakers should amnesty Kobe. I think amnestying Kobe is a legitimate option at the end of the season especially if they miss the playoffs.

  40. Sonny Nuque says:

    You can make it. I beliebve you can beat Heat in the Finals and you will have your 17th title! Wanna bet?

  41. Basit Rasheed says:

    We will easily make the playoffs and we will win if we fire d’antoni

  42. Gstate says:

    what the point of of getting dwight howard steve nash and antawn jamison Lakers are already Star studed team with Kobe and Hard nose defender Ron Ron..and Ohh Yeah that patch bearded spaniard Pau Pau.. TheY Better Make the Damn PLay -Off… IF NOT Its A waste OF Jerry Buss MoneY… NO Question About It EVEn without a Coach They should Make The PLAY-OFF and INto THE FINALS WIth any Out any PRoBlem….They are Not a Golden State Warriors Team. That needs to get baby seated Just to win Games….

    • Gstate says:

      IF The Lakers Wont Make it to The PLay -Off or Lose In the 1st Rd Play -off Its Because Of The Coach MIKE D’ antoni Doest Know how to manage His PersoneL or Players ….

  43. jimbo222 says:

    If Lakers do get into the playoffs, it’s just because the other teams at the 7th and 8th spot will lose focus and go down. So as long as the Rockets or whoever just keeps on pace, Lakers will not make it, which will be interesting to see how it affects their huge “showtime” egos especially big baby Dwight.

    But doesn’t matter, it will still be Miami vs. OKC.

  44. Kels XIII says:

    Lakers must win one for Dr. Buss. It would be really awesome if they can do it and they will. R.I.P. Sir Jerry, Kobe and company will give you another ‘showtime’

  45. Tom says:

    I believed in the Lakers, until everybody started discussing whether or not they should make the playoffs. The discussion should have never existed so in my eyes the Lakers have already failed.

  46. LebronKingOfNba says:

    the lakers should pull a miracle to make it to the playoffs. lol. but even if they make the playoffs, they will be sweep in the first round. lmfao. #gonefishing

  47. Traxnificent says:

    the lakers will make the west finals, we have seen a system that works for them when they execute well. the defensive end will be key as howard is not 100%, plus we have not seen metta world peace work to his 100% potential as a defender and not to mention Pau Gasol having a serious reason to go hard now aswell. Dr Buss’s death God rest his soul, may just be the tipping point and the motivation in the camp.

  48. Andrius says:

    Well. Lets do the maths. Rockets have 25 games left, and I believe they are not going worse than 50% till the end of a season, which will make their record at least 44-38. So, for Lakers to get a shot for the playoffs, they need to do at least 17-9 in the last 26 games. I think, it will be 1 or 2 games separating them at the end.

    P.S. Jazz may get involved in this race as well.

  49. zz says:

    that quote.. they better win their next game first because if they lose and the rockets win against the wiz, they will be 5 games behind the rockets. Best of luck to them.

  50. Pham says:

    I believe that the lakers will make it, I believe in STEVE NASH who will do everything for the ring. GO STEVE! GO LAKERS!

  51. NBA fanatic says:

    Well, if dwight’s becomes DWIGHT again like how he played in ORL, they will have a chance, even in playoffs if they will make it, kobe will not dictate the LAL status, rather dwight will be that FACTOR for it, well nash is nash, so as pau and jamison, metta, those numbers are good for them knowing that the team has a multiple superstar talents, clark should recieve respect for stepping up, game after game, and kobe bryant …… he does it all this season, he even became a facilitator which was very rare to see from him, but still the plays and records didn’t change, as long as dwight continues his drama, well LAL fans will wait next season hopping to see kobe again, maybe one last shot for kobe, in the finals.

  52. Mario says:

    I believe they will make it and if they make it they will be the dangerous team in the playoff……..

  53. Jason says:

    The Problem is: When Houston keeps playin strong. LA needs Utah AND Golden State to have long loosing streaks casue Dallas will probably finish in front of them. Carter plays better and better, Nowitzkis start to get to a normal Level they have a great team chemistry and soon the get Kaman back. so will be VERY difficult for LA.

  54. Matthew says:

    Heat Vs. Lakers in the Finals. Guarantueed.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      No, they can’t even control their own arena. The LA Clippers have taken over the Staples Center.

      You can dream on, if you wish. It’s very funny.

    • ^^ says:

      keep on dreaming laker fan ……. miami will definitely win the NBA championship this year

  55. joelg27 says:

    Wish upon the star Kobrick! πŸ˜€

  56. MiamiFan says:

    who the hell even thought that the lakers wont make the playoffs, but when they make it, whether its the spurs or thunder or even the clips their season is most probably over but you never know

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I knew the LAL would not make the playoffs.

      Dallas Mavericks have a better team and a healthier team than the LAL. Dallas is way more dangerous than the LAL. Dallas will finish higher in the standing than the LAL.

  57. willie says:

    haha…. kobe should retire already, he’s getting delusional… haha funny quote from the mamba

  58. joelg27 says:

    Dream on, Kobrick!

  59. Asap says:

    We will see if kobe and the lakers will make it or not
    Will be awesome


  60. Duv says:

    As a Rockets fan, all season long I’ve been trying to quieten expectation given I thought the team was not capable of the making the playoffs. Harden, Asik, Parsons and to a greater extent only more recently Lin continue to prove me wrong. But the Lakers have so much talent it’s a deep concern for me that Houston may drop out of the 8. I hope that’s not the case. Personally, I’d like to see Golden State drop out along with their cry baby coach Marc Jackson! Either Lakers or Portland can fight it out to take their spot. I don’t really care which one does either. Much respect to both those teams

  61. tohdlerr says:

    100 % yes we can

  62. Kinantot ko asawa ni Kobe says:

    kobetards… lakers won’t reach the playoffs…. POR on a slump…. They play weak but against the lakers… They played tough… But the lakers win on 8 against 5 Vs POR on the floor…. They are Miles away from SPURS OKC and the Clippers… kobetards keep dreaming… After a few days… We will hear new DRAMAS again….

  63. Watch&Learn says:

    Do any of you remember when Grizzlies took that 8th spot few years ago and came to the conference finals… Do you really think that Kobe is gonna let the playoffs slip away with this roster? All of you can hate but i know for a fact they will make the playoffs, whether it seems impossible or not.. because all of you are forgetting that championship win by the mavericks with Dirk leading the way.. IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING

  64. championkb24 says:

    I bet you all my left testicle plus my cat the lakers will make the playoffs

  65. sports fan says:

    Lebron hater said:
    “Lebrons is good but not the best. He is a big time ball hog and he only goes for stats. Kobe is a better team leader because he can lead the lakers to the finals without really good players like dwayne wade or cris bosh. Kobe can beat james ivi anyday. When kobe says something it is law”

    We all know that Kobe is the bigger ball hog. He’ll either shoot way too much & not let Steve Nash do his job OR he’ll go into distributor mode & not let Steve Nash do his job.
    And if Kobe is the better team leader then how come he hasn’t been able to lead his stacked team to a winning record after 2/3 of the season? That’s because he’s really not a team player nor is he a leader. He has way too much ego.
    Lebron hater has some silly personal vendetta against Lebron & can’t objectively look at Lebron & recognize what type of player & leader he really is.

  66. sports fan says:

    Golden State, Utah, & Houston are all pretty much tied right now for the 6th, 7th, & 8th seeds. There’s now a 3-way race between the Lakers, Portland, & Dallas just to make it to the playoffs. The odds are definitely against the Lakers. I think Kobe’s promise was meant for next year.

  67. rayzm says:

    Die-hard Laker fan still hoping.. WTF. reality, no LAKER on PLAYOFFS

  68. sam says:

    lets do it

  69. libertatus says:

    I believe Bryant has a boundless drive to win. He is after all a proven winner. Unfortunately, this task of making the playoffs is not entirely up to Kobe and his relentless drive to succeed. I’m inclined to agree with Kenny Smith, though.

  70. ram says:

    Lakers will make the Playoffs and make it to the Finals…….. watch out!!!! All the things you see is DRAMA……Lakers will surge all the way to the Finals…

  71. Bojeezy says:

    You are not a true Lakers fan if you don’t think they will make it to the playoffs with their roster. Watching the last game versus the Boston Celtics gave me a lot of hope more than they have anytime during the season. Sure, the Celtics have had their own injuries but they were playing pretty good basketball prior to their match-up against the Lakers. I think their chemistry will only get better. There is no other greater motivation for them than winning another championship than winning it for the Late Great Jerry Buss.

    Lakers Nation baby!!! We still believe!!!

  72. Dean says:

    Unless Utah falls out of playoff race it’s not going to happen. Sorry Kobe but maybe you should actually pay more attention to what’s going on in the league. Rockets are playing well and won’t fall out of playoff race. Fact of the matter is there are 8 other teams playing better in the West.

  73. Save Nash Please says:

    I hope his right, because this would be their 3rd failure statements,
    1. lakers 2013 champs that will dethrone the HEAT???
    2. they will break 72-10 record???
    3.They will make the playoffs and beat all contending teams in the WEST???? OKC,SPURS??? they can’t beat the clippers what more playing against OKC in playoffs with no bench, poor coaching…. Ego’s… kobe telling lies to himself…

    So kobe ain’t thinking that other teams want to win too… Maybe his playing too much NBA2k… Wake up they got beaten by Sac 3 games to 1 including preseason…. The only team they beat on their own division was PHX….

  74. March says:

    I have nothing to argue about what Kobe said and does this season, but i think it will really depend on what Dwight would want in every game, ive seen some great game from him, and some bad game, but these team need Dwight to be focus on what he does best and thats rebounding and inside presence, this stretch will gauge them and will determine the outcome of their season.

  75. RocketsFan says:

    You wish!!!

  76. tietcanhvit says:

    I have a question? Why did the league block CP3 trade to the Lakers but allow LBJ, CB to join the Heat? I don’t get it.

  77. jey says:

    not that easy

  78. Lakers can go to the playoffs........ says:

    If they buy Tickets

    They’re not catching Houston

  79. bing says:

    Lakers will not make it to playoff, i bet yah

  80. OKCFan says:

    I believe in Kobe… Lakers will make play offs. They just won’t win.

  81. big jebb says:

    Not this year Kobe

  82. Cp3 fan says:

    I hate the lakers and to the other lakers hater we have to admit they will make the playoff

  83. LAL vs OKC 1st round says:

    i believe.. and if they do, the 1st and 2nd seed in the west (probably san antonio or Okc) would have an early playoff exit..

  84. Jimmy J says:

    I think they’ll get into 8th but they ewill get spanked by the Spurs in the firtst round

  85. shamel says:

    I believe that the Lakers are definitely gonna be in the playoffs with dr. buss gone R.I.P. I look forward to seeing the inspiration and determination to win for him all the pieces are there and the Lakers will finish have faith all Lakers fans all eyes on Mamba and the Lakers!!!!!!

  86. anon says:

    no he’s bluffing. and if he is right then i will finally believe in him

  87. FIRE MIKE (NO D) ANTONI says:

    if only they can play defense πŸ˜‰

  88. LakersRule says:

    Lakers will make the playoffs chuck just belive in the lakers for once in a life time and they will make to the playoffs kobe will go off

  89. joey boy says:


  90. LakersRule says:

    lakers are going make the playoffs its not even a qustustion lake will make the chuck is lakers will the playoffs there 3 game away from housten get the 8th spot

  91. Kobr Fan says:

    Kobe rocks

  92. Lakeshow2013 says:

    Count on Kobe

  93. ene be a says:

    Hahahahaha… kobe says I’m gonna make the playoffs, The king says I’m gonna win the champion. U got that ? Is. Funny….

  94. Lebron hater says:

    Lebrons is good but not the best. He is a big time ball hog and he only goes for stats. Kobe is a better team leader because he can lead the lakers to the finals without really good players like dwayne wade or cris bosh. Kobe can beat james ivi anyday. When kobe says something it is law

  95. anon_fire says:

    love them all but the lakers are belly up. will not make the playoffs? ask harden and lin.

  96. Die hard lakers Fan #24 says:

    Kobe Bryant is the next Jordan. No question. He has 5 rings. How many does lebron have 1. Lebron says it not about the rings but why did he go to miami for rings than. Lebron i a loser

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      if its all about rings
      dont forget that a gentleman
      named BILL RUSSELL.
      He has as many rings as
      MJ AND KOBE haters!!!

  97. Tyrone says:

    Lakers are only 3 games back from 50% so if they can continue winning and go on a huge streak then certainly is possible.

  98. purpandpiss says:

    The pansies will not make the playoffs…..

  99. hosen says:

    26-29? come on!!

  100. cole says:

    Fran Dumbbury needs to stop writing articles about the lakerrs, and articles in general for nba.com. He is completely biast and uses only one sided facts. He has made it obvious that he is a boston fan, but his actions and words are always hurtful to my laker team. I believe in heckling when necessary, but it should not be coming from an nba.com writer/editor. This man is an idiot, obviously knows nothing about basketball, and only goal on this website is to bash the lakers. Get this idiot off of your payroll. please.
    the basketball world

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Lakers need to get Bryant’s hefty salary off their payroll. Otherwise, they’ll incur luxury tax fines repeatedly. Lakers won’t make the playoffs ever again. At least not for a very long time.

  101. trojan says:

    Count on Kobe πŸ˜‰

  102. Nagehunter says:

    I believe on Steve Nash

  103. Fayeb_12 says:

    Honestly, I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs this year, too much inconsistensy.

  104. djasdj says:

    Like if the lakers traded dwight howard to like what for josh smith that would be good to make the playoffs

  105. theholyspectator says:

    heres the thing im not quite understanding about these lakers and their fans….and please correct me if im wrong…lakers standard is all about championships..or minimum nba finals appearance..when did it ever become a sense of urgency to make the post season? i can understand teams like memphs or hawks..teams who make the postseason year after year but never go past 1st or 2nd round…but the lakers? arent they expected to at least be western conference champs? arent they expected to be in the finals? arent they expected to win the title? yet here we are..lakers with prolly one of the best line ups theyve had in a loong time and they are just hopin for playoffs? and lets be honest about all this here…we all know that even if they did make the post season … they are NOT gonna beat teams like OKC or CLiPS or SPURS in a 7 game series..its impossible…no way..so if we know this as a fact then why are lakers and their fans so excited ? unless you guys are admitting to lowering your standards and just becomin a playoff team and not a team that will bring titles..in that case ok then it makes sense to get all excited about the lakers and makin it to the playoffs…if the lakers standard is the same then nothing less then an nba title means that they flopped…which they have been doing for a number of years now….and with this line up they arent gonna win a title or even get to the conference finals…so doesnt that mean this has been once again another lakers flop? soo what are yall cheering for again?

  106. d-wade says:

    it depends on how kobe plans to do it. if he does the old way, which just trying to score 30 pts on 30 attemps. its imposible for them to catch up. so now miami is is yard stick huh? they played well, until me and LBJ decides to close it out. how about houstons game against OKC. thats not a fluke too. currently they are no. 8. they are also playing well. anyways, i agree to those who say steve nash is the key. if only kobe would let steve nash be steve nash. and adjust and play with steve like leandro barbosa did back in pheonix. and this guy howard i think is better thatn amare. then i believe they can still make it. let it go kobe. swallow some of your ego and start playing like a team. you have great team mates. don’t forget. just sayin…

  107. Brandon says:

    Just like he said they were going to win that Dallas series? Hah

  108. Dumb Mamba says:

    “Not a quesiton” Hello! You’re under .500 so it is a question. ROFL

  109. […] the results will be exponentially positive and they’ll finish the season better than 8th. Kobe did guarantee it, after all. If that happens, I’ll probably sigh again, but this time not so deeply. Now at least they […]

  110. ezequiel says:

    the lakers make the playoff and win the title let go lakers.

  111. Ron Artest Peace says:

    I believe. Kobe, Dwight and Nash will lead everyone. Kobe being the overall leader, Dwight being the dominant monster, and Nash being a smooth operator that he is.The criticisms this team takes makes them stronger. Especially Howard. He will be a monster. All who begs to differ can just sit there and be amazed.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Howard looks like he’s eligible for the disabled list any time now. He’s dealing with multiple injuries. It’s not logical to think he will play well.

  112. Jay Kulot says:

    I don’t believe in mamba…

  113. SmoothMM says:

    I’ll say this: they’re not overtaken my Rockets for that 8th spot (if they’re still 8th at the time… they may move up). Maybe the Jazz, but not the Rockets. Good luck with that, Lakers…

  114. Raffy says:

    I believe I can fly – R. Kelly is true warrior lol

  115. rafa says:

    not a chance in the world for them to get no8 and competing for a tittle is a dream.

  116. r says:

    umm. kobe might be fired up but unless they start trusting howard more and howard gives them a reason to be trusted….. i just don’t think it’ll happen.

  117. bmac says:


  118. paymon says:

    Check your grammar before you post.

  119. JLin7 says:

    Don’t believe in the words of a snake… Jk. yeah even if they do make the Playoffs, they’d get destroyed.

  120. SilentShot says:

    i believe!

  121. Hammy says:

    AGREE!! ;D Go LAKERS!!

  122. hahjjaja says:

    yeah i believe utah houston and LA gonna make the playoffs… warriors are inconsistent.. i dont want them come playoffs

  123. Willie says:

    This is what you call be positive, a good leader will not say negative or else everything will fall apart..Kobe is right to stay positive
    Just keep on competing even if you lose at least you try hard not to give up..reward will come, playoff is here to come, championship is just around the corner.

  124. yeah ehhh says:

    the thing is, even if the lakers squeeze into the playoffs, they will have to face either spurs, thunder or clippers in the first round. and i think we all know that those teams would probably stomp all over the lakers. sweep or 4-1 doee

  125. lakerslakerslakers says:

    barkley’s a hater and a loser, the most overrated player of his time!

  126. lakerslakerslakers says:

    they’re down but not out. but can they beat denver this year?

  127. McDa says:

    thats Mamba’s word.. i believed it.. no matter what it takes.. lakers gonna make it.. im still hoping. Go Lakers

  128. I hope Kobe is right. I would love to see them rally and make a fight in the playoffs. I’ve always hated the Lakers but this year I’m rooting for them.

  129. jfack says:

    i doubt it, they blew it already. they got to beat out jazz houston gs denver or memphis. all those teams have too good of a head start over them and are still playing too good to lose enough for the lakers to catch up. except gs they have lost like 6 straight, but theyll pick it up im sure

  130. Matt P says:

    I think there’s a good chance they make the playoffs…IF Howard can average more points. 16 points a game is not going to do it. I also think if the lakers were serious about getting better, they should have picked a couple people up before the trade deadline. They don’t have anyone at the point who can defend Parker, Paul, or Westbrook, and they need more players who can get create their own shot and make plays besides Kobe. The only advantage they have is Howard and Gasol playing at the same time, and clogging the paint. And they don’t even do that most of the time…

  131. Zil Zerimar says:

    He is really very humble like Dr. Buss. PWE!

  132. Andre DePaz says:

    He’s just another Rasheed Wallace with broken promises.

  133. Junior says:

    that’s funny but its very obvious lakers wont make it!!!

  134. glenn says:

    ur the man kobe! nothing is impossible!

  135. joshh smith says:

    the man also said theyd beat dallas down 3-0

    • alan072182 says:

      so true. but it wasn’t his fault. its because of his teammates

      • 8 says:

        Right, and it’s not kobe’s fault that he CANNOT lead a team that has D12,(DOY) Nash(MVP), MWP(DOY) and Gasol. Wake up and see the facts! I think if you put LBJ into kobe place and Lakers will be definitely in the finals

  136. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    If they do make it, they’re gonna get beat like a drum in the first round πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  137. Nash fan says:

    I really wish and want the Lakers to get into the Playoffs and break Nash’s NO-PLAYOFF streak for 2 years!! Lakers need to be in the ZONE and to put 200% FOCUS and EFFORT for every game! I love how Kobe said “There’s no question that they are to make the Playoffs!” because their teams depth and experience especially Howard, Gasol, Mamba, Nashty and MWP…. will carry them on and are unmatched with other teams like Clippers, Denver, Houston etc…. Lakers have Playoffs experience…. a lot! So main goal is to WIN each games first….. then reach Playoffs! Then let experience take u to the Finals!! XD

  138. i hope the lakers makes the playoffs, it only makes it harder in the west and easier for miami come the finals, after the west are worn out from battling with each other :). GO HEAT

  139. z says:

    “Only to see them get flattened by a BUS.” TOO SOON WOW NBA.COM WOW

  140. Aliasnw says:

    A whole lot of laker and Kobe haters. Wasnt this like the heat situation? they will make the playoffs and shut it down. Hopefully this is the last season I go without my favorite team. Lets go Sonics!!!!!!

  141. Back2Ballin says:

    I Believe… #LAKESHOW

  142. KingLBjBoy says:

    Ok they will be sweep by d no.1 team

  143. beyKrewz says:

    it really depends on how Houston,Golden State perform on the final weeks of the regular season.
    But so far,their chances are slim.

  144. Jason Page says:

    Kobe may get hurt watching playoffs at home in a freak recliner accident?

  145. Alecs says:

    If anyone could do it, it’s KOBE !

  146. Game Time says:

    Completley blinded by arrogance.

  147. wwlsk says:

    Kobe’s got experience throughout his career. He was in a deficit when lakers went like 34-46 several years go and the lakers got back up to the championships like 3 in a row (almost 3 peat). Even though injuries and chemistries are the problem in the Lakers , they’re not done right now. Earl Clark for expample has been dominating getting O and D rebounds for the past like 14 games and Jamison is playing aggressive offensively. Laker’s bench has been averaging about 25-30 points for the past 14 games. Kobe and Nash might be getting old, but their experience and basketball IQ is what the Lakers got as a weapon to go to the playoffs beating Rockets and possibly the Jazz. Steve Nash and D12’s pick and roll has been efficient during the Boston’s game. I might not be able to predict if the finals can be possible for the Lakers this year but I can guarentee that they Kobe and Nash will lead their team to at least the quarterfinals if not the semifinals, which will then make D12 extend his contract for another year.

  148. lerler:) says:

    lakers all dayyy…we can do it.! And you know what we will do it.

  149. dattebayo says:

    I am with Charles. The Lakers will not make the playoffs, because there are too many tough games left and the losses will stack too high. On the bright side, look at all the money the Laker faithful will save by not having to buy playoff tickets πŸ˜€

    Lakers in the playoffs, lmao

    • sally says:

      You are absolutely right, I agree with Charles too, and all you people who live in FantasyLand, California are going to get a real shock when they get tossed aside. Do you know how many games they have to win to make the playoffs ??? Kobe just says that because he’s a little obsessed with winning, he’ll say anything, why would you believe him. Miami is going to march right in there and take it home again…..Watch !!

  150. HMH says:

    Bryant has nothing to lose by claiming that the Lakers will make the playoffs. If they do, then that’s one positive out of this freak-show of a season for them. If they don’t, it just confirms how bad a team they have this season…

  151. ProfLakerHater says:

    I am not a Laker fan. However I think that the race for the 7th and 8th seeds will be very very close between Houston (James Harden is coming off his hosting of the all star break and his destruction of his former team is proof that he has his young beard pointed toward a playoff berth), the Lakers (who owe Earl Clark a lot more than any Laker fan would ever admit but for whom the majority of the weight rests on the vast, unreliable and shrugging shoulders of their so-called superstar center), and the Utah Jazz who have been quietly cruising recently with consecutive wins (or 3) and have a talented enough roster to make sure they hold on to one of the spots. Matchups between any of these 3 teams with each other will be very fun to watch!
    That said, if the Lakers DO make the playoffs (most likely), they have proven themselves incapable of beating their fellow LA Clippers all season, I do not believe they stand a chance against the deep and talented SA Spurs and think that in a best of 7 series the youth and speed of the Thunder will get the best of the Lakers’ remarkable inability to defend the high speed game.

  152. telecustom says:

    even though I too believe they’ll make it, the miami example is pretty funny… “Ok they have two great players that we couldn’t stop but other than that we totally stopped them!” it’s kind of miami’s thing to have opponents hang around only to kill them in the 4th. so… yeah. I was almost as fast as usain bolt for the first second until he ran out of sight. but I was right there!

  153. Countonkobe says:

    Kobe kobe

  154. Ali Malik says:

    BELIEVE……………………………………….Kobe has 5 so its not hard to believe you my friend! You have given us more than any other player in the nba today!

  155. kobe24 says:

    charles barkley has no trust in his team back then, thats why he’s saying the lakers ain’t making the playoffs. There’s that word called “believe” that you have to include in your game dude.! get your facts straight.

  156. cosmadeven says:

    Kobe don’t you be shaqtin a fool now

  157. marty says:

    What u expect him to say..

  158. nibo26 says:

    believe you can ……what fly?

  159. Mustafa says:

    It doesn’t matter if they do make the playoffs. They will not win the championship.

  160. Tyrone says:

    I want the Rockets AND Lakers to make the playoffs………hopefully the Jazz fall off after the break!

  161. Justin says:

    LOL Yeah and lebron will make clutch shots

  162. jonathan2010 says:

    even though im a heat fan.. i really want the lakers to make it to the finals so we can have a heat vs lakers (lebron vs kobe) that would be super fun to watch

  163. devin harris says:

    it depends what they do differntly.

  164. Beavis says:

    the weird thing is it wouldn’t be that surprising if they made the playoffs & were a tough out.

    & at the same time nobody would be surprised if they didn’t make it at all.

  165. JPA says:

    If Kobe spoke I Believe ….

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      kobe has been flappin his gums all year. Did it take the owner dying to get them motivated. Thats pretty pathetic IMO.

  166. mharon bayabaya says:

    dont say it idol, just do it!

  167. Buss says:

    The only thing I think is a certainty, is that Kobe Bryant will rape again.

    • 8 says:

      Maybe he’ll learn from his mistakes and actually paid her/him this time to shut up?

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      He needs to be “Beyond Scared Straight.” That show is scary. Those cellblock pods that contain the worst people (including rapists) look frightening. Bryant wouldn’t last in there, given his celebrity status. They’d have to put him in a segregated cell.

  168. Chris says:

    Hard to believe when any glimmer of hope gets shattered. Backup center hill is out, Pau is out, Nash and Blake were out for a chunk of the games.. Whether they have significant roles or not the absence does very little to help build chemistry on the court which is their main problem

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Let’s not forget that if Bryant starts ball-hugging again … the Lakers’ record when he scores 35+ points in a game is: 1 Win and 9 Losses.

  169. uoykcuf says:

    I think you all got it wrong. He meant there’s no question lakers are not making the playoffs this year. That’s why he has no fear of OKC, spurs because he’ll be at home watching the playoffs with his whipping boy D12.

  170. eddie says:

    i believe….

  171. NorCalLakerFan says:

    I believe…

    • Lakerforlife says:

      I believe in Mamba..

    • nibo26 says:

      you believe you can…….fly?

    • sk172 says:

      I believe in Steve Nash! He is a real warrior and he will help Lakers get into da playoff this year!

      • Lakersfan says:

        This is a team effort no just Steve Nash, and we all the lakers Fan Believe in our Team. GO LAKERS.

    • Dwight says:

      There is a thing they said sometimes u can’t be too truthful. What do you expect Kobe to say when being asked the question? He’s not going to say times after times that “yeah, we’ll see…we might not make the playoffs. There is not purpose in playing our hearts out for the rest of the games.” Or “im not so sure..” They get paid to keep the fans hopes up, be positive, and motivated. You can’t get paid millions and not be positive at your job. The real truth is with the pace they’re playing and the coaching system. they won’t win a title this year, that’s all they’re playing for after all. Gotta get Phil back.

      • James says:

        Phil Jackson won’t be alive forever guys get over it damn

      • Joshua Greenfarb says:

        Yah, but saying so does not mean so.

        There’s a difference between confidence and overconfidence/arrogance.

        You don’t hear Dirk Nowitzki talk about guarantees. He doesn’t have to. He’s not that desperate.

        IMO, Dallas will finish the season with a better record than the Lakers. I don’t think they’ll make the playoffs, however. The Jazz and Rockets just keep on winning and winning and winning and winning … they’re 7 and 8 seeds!!!

      • Dwight says:

        When u dont make the playoffs then u dont make the playoffs. It doesn’t matter if you have a better record u dumba$$ cus that doesn’t get u anywhere. Right now Dwight needs to lock in and be serious on chasing his first championship ring. He doesn’t have much time left. Lebron got his first when he was 28. Dwight don’t wanna wait till he’s 30 to get his first. in a blink of an eye, he’ll realize he has no ring to compare with any of the greats. Ppl can’t talk about his talent forever. Be selfish Dwight, don’t let your opponent/friends get there before you. Show them that you’re in it to win the ring, not just one or ten games. Dwight is too friendly to fans, teammates, and even other nba players/opponents. He needs to get that ring for himself!

    • Greg says:

      I believe as well. Lakers fan 4 lyf. Never surrender.

    • Couch says:

      i have faith in you mamba. even in 8th seed we will be thrilled to see you in playoffs.

    • specialfriedrice says:

      keep dreamn’ sunshine…