Morning Shootaround — Trade Deadline Edition

As today’s trade deadline approaches at 3 p.m., we’ll have coverage throughout the day on all the latest buzz and Twitter chatter. Here’s your dose of what’s buzzing as deadline day rolls along:


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Spurs miss out on Redick? — As of trade deadline day, the Spurs were one of several teams hot on the trail of Magic guard J.J. Redick. But despite a push to acquire him, it looks like San Antonio can forget about adding another shooter to the league’s best team, writes Jeff McDonald of the San Antonio Express-News.

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A couple more quick hits from the world of Twitter …

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A few quick hits from around the world of Twitter (which you can keep up with via our Twitter Reacts post, BTW)

And a quick note from Memphis, too …

Small move — or no move at all — likely for Grizz Unless someone pulls off a major blockbuster between now and the 3 p.m. finish line, the Memphis Grizzlies will be the team on record in 2012-13 for pulling off the biggest trade after they shipped out Rudy Gay on Jan. 30. That said, it doesn’t look likely that Memphis will pull off another big deal, but a minor one may be in the cards. Ronald Tillery of the The Commercial-Appeal has more on what the Grizz may do:

The reality is that Griz brass is trying to be opportunistic today in hopes of getting something for nothing at the 11th hour (Orlando has made it clear J.J. Redick can’t be had for anything less than a first-round pick). As of this morning, the Griz were looking at their exceptions one of three ways: 1) acquiring a guard/swingman they like from the end of another team’s bench 2) grabbing an established big man only if he’s accompanied by a second-round pick 3) not using the exception at all.

The Griz need more size and could always use more shooting. However, they don’t want to acquire a guard who has no shot at cracking the rotation. It’s been difficult enough for Austin Daye to get minutes now that Quincy Pondexter is healthy.

So don’t be too surprised if the Griz did something minor today or nothing at all. But as is the case at the trade deadline, you can always expect the unexpected. Doing nothing would mean the team would likely pick up a D-League player they like to occupy the 13th roster spot.

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Nets, Rockets in pursuit of Hawks’ SmithThe name everyone is monitoring today is the Hawks’ Josh Smith, who has seemingly been linked in trades to just about every team in the league. The Nets, who have pursued Smith since trade talks heated up, are still in the mix, reports’s Marc Stein. But Brooklyn is having trouble using Kris Humprhies in the trade, whom the Hawks are not interested in. Additionally, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports via Twitter that the Rockets are in the mix for Smith, but Atlanta asking for Omer Asik and Chandler Parsons isn’t getting them far with Houston’s brass:

From Marc Stein:

The consistent word circulating in front-office circles late Wednesday was that Atlanta has yet to find a deal it likes for Smith in a down market, despite the determined pursuit of the Brooklyn Nets and consistent (but conditional) interest from Milwaukee and Boston.

The Nets, sources say, will continue Thursday to search for a third team to help facilitate a deal for Smith, since Atlanta has made it clear that it wants no part of Kris Humphries.

Milwaukee would appear to be the most likely destination for Smith entering deadline day, but it remains to seen whether the Bucks will ultimately be willing to part with guard Monta Ellis, whom Atlanta has targeted as the primary player it wants from them.

As for Boston: Including Paul Pierce or Rajon Rondo in any deal with the Hawks is presumed to be the only way for the Celtics to land Smith, which is problematic for the Celts for a number of reasons. Focusing on just two of them: 1) Trading Pierce somewhere he doesn’t want to go isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds given what PP’s stature is in his city and with that franchise; 2) Boston’s chances of getting Atlanta’s unrestricted free agent-to-be to sign for the long term there would almost certainly be damaged if Rondo, one of Smith’s best friends, wasn’t still there to team up with him.

As of late Wednesday, sources close to the situation said that Atlanta hadn’t yet found a deal it particularly likes and was still holding out hope that either offers will improve or that previously uninterested teams, such as Houston, would change their minds in the final hours of trade season.

Yet sources stressed that the Hawks do remain eager to part with Smith and went into Thursday expecting to move him by day’s end to the team offering the best deal that won’t hurt their long-term financial flexibility. Atlanta, of course, is determined not to let any trade it makes Thursday affect its planned summer pursuit of Dwight Howard in free agency in July.

The Hawks, as a result, figure to attract more attention than anyone on deadline day.

And from Wojnarowski, via Twitter:

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Clips should keep quiet | Boozer, Hamilton safe | Report: Knicks shopping Brewer

Clips expect to remain as isAlthough the Clips had been linked to a handful of deals, including possible swaps for Utah’s Paul Millsap and the Celtics’ Kevin Garnett, they are likely going to stick with the group they have as trade deadline day wears on. Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times reports that coach Vinny Del Negro and team brass like the unit the Clips have assembled:

The most prevalent rumor had backup point guard Eric Bledsoe and center DeAndre Jordan going to the Boston Celtics for center Kevin Garnett.

Because Bledsoe, 23, and Jordan, 24, are so young, Del Negro was asked whether he needed to talk with them about the rumors.

“No, because if I felt it was necessary, I would do that,” Del Negro said. “But there are a bunch of needs out there. Like you said, they are young players that teams covet and that’s a good thing. That’s a good thing for us. That’s a good thing for them.

“But we feel good with our team right now. … Nothing has been presented to any of us that makes sense for us to do anything different right now. But we’re always available, always looking to make our team as strong as possible. But right now, we feel comfortable with our team.”

The Clippers have a 39-17 record, third-best in the Western Conference, and play the leading San Antonio Spurs (43-12) on Thursday night at Staples Center.

Del Negro said he has talked with Gary Sacks, the Clippers’ vice president of basketball operations, about ways to improve the team and about how good this team is now.

“There is nothing that Gary has brought to me that he feels and I feel is something that we would feel comfortable doing at all,” Del Negro said. “There really hasn’t been any.”

Boozer, Hamilton likely safe in ChicagoRare is the season when Bulls forward Carlos Boozer and guard Rip Hamilton do not find their way into trade deadline talk, but apparently both can rest easy this year. Nick Fridell of reports that the Bulls are aware that Boozer’s mammoth contract and Hamilton’s injury woes the last two seasons make both players not as appealing in deals. As well, the Bulls hope to retain financial flexibility for 2014 and don’t want to muddy up their cap. Here’s more:

Trading either one would likely get Chicago out of a luxury tax hit at the end of the season and would save the franchise some money in the short term. The problem for the Bulls is that there isn’t much interest in either veteran as the minutes to the deadline tick away. Boozer has a mammoth contract that the Bulls will likely amnesty in a year and a half, while Hamilton just turned 35 years old and has been playing on a minutes limit for most of the season because Tom Thibodeau is so concerned that Hamilton’s body will break down again.

Knowing these factors, and knowing the Bulls are trying hard to hold onto financial “flexibility” in preparation for the 2014 summer, it seems unlikely that they are going to make a deal by Thursday’s deadline.

As usual, speculation abounds in regard to possible deals and their ramifications for the future. The most popular one being pushed in recent days is the Bulls landing J.J. Redick from Orlando. The deal makes sense on a few different levels, especially given that Redick signed an offer sheet with the Bulls almost three summers ago and was ready to come to Chicago before the Magic matched the deal. ESPN Insider’s Amin Elhassan put together a proposal recently that would send Redick and a future second-round pick to the Bulls in exchange for Hamilton, Marquis Teague, Vladimir Radmanovic and cash considerations to Orlando.

Elhassan acknowledges the difficulties the Bulls would have given the fact that they are “hard-capped” for the season, but it’s the last line that should give Bulls fans pause. Yahoo! Sports reported that Redick’s agent, Arn Tellem, will be looking for a four-year, $40 million deal this summer. While he may not get that, it doesn’t seem like the Bulls would be willing to invest that heavily in a player who would only make them marginally better.

As it so often does when it comes to the Bulls and cap space, the conversation inevitably comes back to Boozer. Why would any team trade for a player with such an albatross of a contract? Also, the Bulls might be willing to eat the final year of Boozer’s deal, but not the final two years at over $30 million. They still view him as a solid offensive player who can help them load up on wins in the regular season.

Report: Knicks shopping BrewerGuard Ronnie Brewer has seen his role on the Knicks diminish with the return of Iman Shumpert. As such, his name is being floated about in trade talks, reports’s Jared Zwerling:

Brewer has struggled this season with the Knicks. He began the year in the starting lineup but was pulled after a prolonged shooting slump.

Brewer does not have much value on the open market, so it is unclear what the Knicks can get back for him.

According to ESPN’s Chris Broussard, the Knicks have expressed a strong interest in Phoenix’s Jermaine O’Neal.

That would seem to suggest they are concerned about the health of Marcus Camby and Rasheed Wallace.

As far as Brewer goes, he signed a veteran’s minimum contract with the Knicks over the summer with the hopes of getting a more lucrative free-agent contract in the offseason. That is unlikely to happen at this point, unless Brewer is moved to a new team and plays a different role.

7:06 A.M. UPDATE

Hornets’ Gordon staying put? | Redick waiting for closure | Lakers monitor Jazz’s Bell | Pacers expect to hold tight | Pistons not primed to deal

Deals for Eric Gordon seem unlikelyAs we mentioned in yesterday’s Morning Shootaround, Hornets guard Eric Gordon has been mentioned in some trade talks, with the Golden State Warriors as the most likely suitor for his services. But as Jimmy Smith of The Times-Picayune reports, those talks might be quieting to a total hush:

As rumors swirled all day Wednesday regarding possible trade destinations for New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon, it seemed unlikely he would be moved by Thursday’s trading deadline because of the size of his contract and his continued absence from the court in the second of back-to-back games.

The fact that Gordon did not play in Wednesday night’s 105-100 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers would likely tend to scare off any potential interest from other NBA teams who might have concerns about his current and long-term health. And Gordon’s four-year, $58 million contract could also dissuade suitors because of the more penal luxury tax in place in the new collective bargaining agreement.

One league source Wednesday night said of Gordon, “nobody wants him.”

But Ric Bucher, the Warriors sideline television reporter, wrote Wednesday night that a trade wouldn’t be forthcoming before the Thursday deadline, but it could be revisited during the summer.

A source close to the Hornets said Wednesday night there were no active trade discussions at this time.

Frustrated Redick awaits fateMagic guard J.J. Redick has seen his name tossed about in trade rumors, with the most notable destinations being to contending teams like the San Antonio Spurs and New York Knicks. Our own Jeff Caplan caught up with the Orlando sharpshooter, who just wants some resolution on his immediate future by this afternoon:

“For me, it’s just annoying if anything,” said Redick, who struggled for a second consecutive game with just 10 points on 3-for-12 shooting in yet another loss, 111-96, to the Mavericks. “I want to play, no matter what happens, I just want to play and not have to deal with this. I’m getting a new phone number; friends have been texting me crazy stuff all day. Probably should have just cut it off the last couple of days. You know, it comes with the territory, I guess. It’s for the birds, though.”

Redick is a coveted 3-pointer shooter that any contender would love to have coming off the bench. While Redick has said he’d be fine finishing the season with the only team he’s ever known in his seven-year career, he also dropped some hints that suggest he wouldn’t mind escaping a losing situation for the chance to chase a ring.

After saying he wouldn’t be “disappointed” if he is not traded, Redick followed by saying, “Look, if any player is in this situation and they’re on a team that’s one of the five or six teams in the league that has one of the worst records and they go to a contender, it’s not a bad thing. If I were to stay here, though, it would be great.”

Redick said he’s had no conversations with Orlando management about the remainder of this season or beyond. He will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He said he is open to a return and he believes the Magic are, too, but that there has been no commitment from either side.

The Magic head to Memphis on Thursday for a game on Friday night. At least Redick’s bags are packed if gets the call that he’s gone.

“In terms of speculating, there’s no point,” Redick said. “You’ve obviously seen 72 different trade rumors regarding Josh Smith and different players around the league. Iman Shumpert has been rumored to go to every team in the NBA. Until something happens, there’s really nothing to make a worthwhile comment on.

“Wherever I am when tomorrow afternoon, I’ll just be focused on finishing the season well.”

Lakers watching Bell situationThe last time Jazz guard Raja Bell logged minutes on the court, it was in an April 26, 2012 win over the Blazers. Bell had a falling out with Utah coach Ty Corbin last season and hasn’t practiced or been around the team since. Although there had been talk in the offseason of the Jazz buying out Bell, he remains on Utah’s roster. Alex Kennedy of reports that the Lakers — who employ Bell’s former coach in Phoenix, Mike D’Antoni, as coach — might be interested in the veteran:

Bell is under contract with the Jazz, but he hasn’t been with the team all season. Over the offseason, Bell was highly critical of Jazz head coach Tyrone Corbin, which upset many people within the organization. Prior to training camp, Bell was told to stay away from the team. The two sides tried to negotiate a buyout earlier in the season, but could not reach an agreement.

The Lakers are monitoring the Bell situation because they believe he could be a significant contributor in L.A. Bell would provide perimeter defense, toughness and experience. Last season, the 36-year-old started 33 games and averaged 6.4 points for the Jazz.

Bell is currently working out in Fort Lauderdale and he has made it clear that he wants to play this season. Sources close to Bell say that he would love for the Lakers to acquire him.Bell’s 2013-14 salary is $3,480,000, which makes a trade difficult. However, Utah has already paid most of his salary for this year. With 56 days left in the season, Bell will be paid $1,082,000 for the remainder of the season. If he’s willing to leave a large portion of that on the table and agree to a buyout, he could sign with the Lakers and make most of that back. However, the Jazz would have to agree to that and they aren’t going to do anything unless it benefits them as well. The last thing the Jazz want to do is help the Lakers, especially since they’ll be fighting for the final seeds in the West down the stretch.

A buyout seems to be the most likely way for Bell to end up in Los Angeles, but nothing is imminent at this point.

Pacers likely to hold tightAfter missing the start of the season due to patellar tendinosis in his left knee, former All-Star Danny Granger rejoined Pacers practice just before the All-Star break. The emergence of Paul George as an All-Star this season led some to speculate that Granger might be on the move come the trade deadline. But as Curt Cavin of The Indianapolis Star reports, the Pacers are counting on only one deadline-type move for them: the eventual return of Granger to the lineup:

Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel spoke of overhauling the team’s roster before today’s 3 p.m. NBA trade deadline.

He couldn’t keep a straight face.

Not only are the Pacers not trading for a host of draft picks as Vogel joked about, they don’t expect to trade anyone for anything at any time Thursday. The organization’s brass like what they have, particularly with former All-Star forward Danny Granger returning from a knee injury that has sidelined him since the first week of November.

Granger could be activated for either of this weekend’s games against Detroit. He’s gone full speed in two practices this week. Granger not only will give the Pacers more offense and greater flexibility on defense, but the extra body will strengthen the bench.

“We feel really good about the team that we have going forward,” he said prior to Wednesday’s game against the New York Knicks at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Pistons not in position for more movesThe combination of already pulling off a trade (the one that brought Jose Calderon to town) and salary cap concerns make it quite unlikely that Detroit will be active in today’s deadline action. Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press has more on the outlook for the Pistons:

The last time the Pistons were in the news on a daily basis at trade deadline time was two seasons ago, when they had public discussions with the Nets and the Bulls about former Piston Rip Hamilton.That won’t keep Pistons fans from crossing their fingers that some savior will come through that door to rescue the franchise.

But there are a few things to remember.

The Pistons have already pulled off a significant trade when they sent Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye to Memphis in a deal that brought Jose Calderon.

With a payroll at $68 million, they are well above the salary cap and just under the $70 million luxury tax. They aren’t in position to take on extra salary.

And there’s not a sense that anything has changed since the weekend when two sources told the Free Press that a major move is unlikely. To clarify, that means don’t expect a Josh Smith or Eric Gordon getting shipped to Detroit.

Could the Pistons do a minor deal? Perhaps, but they aren’t dealing their younger assets (Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight and Kyle Singler). Of the remaining players, teams ask around about Jonas Jerebko and Rodney Stuckey, but the Pistons would be selling low now in both instances. Something could possibly happen with Stuckey or Will Bynum with teams like the Thunder and Celtics rumored to be looking for backcourt help.


  1. I am a knick fan, trade Amare, camby, and brewer, like kenyon back with the bully carmelo, pick up brandon jennings to help with the point guard, jason kidd, is in age, felton or jennings can start at point, let shumpert play the sg role, when he comes out slip jennings at the sg with felton playing pg, melo at the small forward, martin or rasheed at the power forward, chandler at center, and bring novak off the bench at small forward or shooting guard, then put melo at the 4, with chandler or martin…..the rest of the teammates will have to learn to play hard nose defense. love martin and rasheed with melo….amare to if he could control his emotions.

  2. Tyree Powell says:

    Who’s new for the chicago bulls?

  3. Dan says:

    Most boring trade deadline ever. No one that counts is moving.

  4. adam says:

    will lebon win

  5. markabby says:

    yeah mate! why not?!!!!! it will be good for the bulls!!!!you are stupid not me!!!!hahahahaha

  6. Gringo Staar says:

    Deadline is near, Raptors make a move to bring an inside big, J-Smooth or Cousins would be big in T.O.

  7. Gary says:

    Deng for Smith? What a stupid idea!
    Bulls doesn’t need neither Smith nor Gordon.

  8. markabby says:

    Boozer, Hinrich for E.Gordon and Jason smith will be good…and if J.Smith and L. deng will push through the bulls will be tough in the playoffs and a threat to MIAMI

    Rose if he will be back

  9. Aiden Lawrence says:

    I think that some of these trades are fair and others are a little overrated. No team should be completely stacked while another team is filled with a bunch of rookies. The fact that some really good players are going to really good teams is ridiculous. It doesn’t give other teams a chance to win any games. I hope that some of these trades are reconsidered.

  10. markabby says:

    Deng for Smith will be good for both hawks and bulls….

  11. OctoPPus says:

    Chris Paul
    J Smith
    Biilups (for back-up) – doesn’t that sound GOOOOD???

  12. OctoPPus says:

    love KG and Celts – but he’d better head to Clips ( + as Allen and Rondo r out) – Celts r no more Celts they’ve been – this year Clips (especially with KG) got a good chance –

    Clips – gather a SUPERSTAR TEAM !!! let the playoffs be VEEERY INTERESTING ))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Let Chris Paul get the ring – HE DESERVES THAT !!!!

    By the way + Josh Smith – that would be a killer team ))

  13. Blove619 says:

    I think it would be nice to send that fool Howard to the Nets for Lopez i now Lopez will not cry and will listen Kobe.

  14. Bulls2012 says:

    Boozer is not going anywhere and I dont want him too.Not that many PFs are averaging double double a game. Unless we can get a studd number two guard for Boozer but thats not gonna happend.

  15. DJ says:

    Eric Gordon is a selfish overpaid injury prone professional basketball player, who should be benched for the remainder of his career. He’s obviously not the leader of the Hornets/Pelicans team. The owner Tom Benson should fire the General manager and the coaching staff for allowing him to play whenever he feels like playing. Eric Gordon should not be traded!!! CUT HIM!

  16. sleeplessbull says:

    you know what would be nice for the bulls… hamilton boozer + money for J smith!! would be one level up at the second!


  18. DumbToniPlsKickMeOut says:

    lets trade coach pls..pls.. to any team..

  19. Lukas says:

    Pau Gasol for STAT.

  20. Perry says:

    Please God, let Ronnie Brewer be traded.

  21. shush says:

    Miami is just cruising during regular season Pacers can beat them as much as they can when playoff starts that when the Heat steps it up..thats how it always been with the Heats

  22. AxelWing says:

    I don’t thing that movin Smith away is a good move for the Hawks, even for Asik + Parsons. He’s healthy, and is one of the best PF at the moment. They need to keep him. OR AT LEAST, to find someone that can match up what he did and what ehe did for Atlanta this last few seasons.

  23. Q_bulls 1993 says:

    The thing Is with Hamilton and Boozer Is that there isn’t a team out there that wants them do to either injuries or lack of expected performance on the court.

  24. Ewan says:

    As a Clips fan I think they should go after the Millsap deal. Trading Bledsoe and another bench player (Barnes, Odom or someone like that, not Butler as some people have been saying in my opinion). He adds a good bit of size, scoring ability and defensive presence needed for strong title hopes. And better than the Garnet trade Millsap is a lot younger so is a player for now and the future. From what I’ve read this isn’t going to happen but I think it would be a great deal with the Clips having a number of good guards. I think this could lift them to the same level as OKC and the Spurs

  25. joey boy says:


  26. joey boy says:


  27. Howard coward says:

    please, let lakers trade howard coward to josh smith…Im begging you…please,please

  28. Howard coward says:

    trade howard coward to josh smith……….lakers need a serious and matured player like smith

  29. sufayan says:

    chicago should get rid of boozer & hamilton! use players like hinrich as starters and trade boozer and hamilton for a better playerr

    • Thomas says:

      Hamilton Yes but Boozer ? Hell no ! Boozer plays this season like beast and Chicago would only loss on trade like that. Hamilton is old and has problems with injuries but Boozer is a big fundamental i Bulls roster.

    • Vax says:

      Problem is no one wants Boozers humongous contract for lower return than JJ Hickson… Not even the Raptors, for Bargnani…
      So it’s either you trade Boozer for next to nothing or not trade him at all… I’d rather keep him.

  30. overrated says:

    granger +augustine for pierce. makes sense for both team. granger gets to start fresh in BOS with augustine helping celts w/ their backcourt problems. pierce gets the PACERS over the hump and gets to play for a contender. is larry bird still with the pacers front office?ehem celtics pride. btw, pacers been beating heat right? just the way pierce wants it! lol

    • thejerr says:

      Pacers are fine, but if they dont do damage in the playoffs this year then they should make a move with granger imo, Plus paul george plays the SF… so…

    • Bulls2012 says:

      Better make this last Indiana..If anything this is your year to make some noice in the playoffs. The Bulls are going to be contenders next year with a new two guard and a healthy Drose. Miami is completly underseize against you guys and if Hibbert plays up to that contract in the playoffs I can see them in the Finales with the Spurs or OKC

    • Chester says:

      I like that. Ainge has to remember the early nineties when bird Mchale parish were all gone before the celtics could get something for them. Forget sentimentality Danny, trade pierce and kg. look what happened to Phoenix and Cleveland or Toronto after their stars left when they should have been traded earlier

      • Rob Nee says:

        you people I guess don’t read posts enough. The Celtics are one big man away from being a serious contender so why give that up? They have a great chance of signing josh smith or dwight howard next season. More likely Smith not to menton Josh Smith’s relationship with Rondo. Plus Kg wont reoke his no trade clause so the celts cant trade him and Pierce has stated that he will retire a celtic as well.