Frustrated Redick Ready To Learn Fate


Orlando Magic guard and wanted sharpshooter J.J. Redick is so tired of receiving texts from friends with the latest trade rumor and being asked by reporters where he thinks he’ll play after Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET trade deadline, that he proposed his own three-way trade Wednesday night.

It’s a doozy: “Between the Cincinnati Reds and Baltimore Ravens,” Redick said. “[The Magic] pick up [Joe] Flacco.”

So where’s Redick headed?

“The Reds.”

Utility infielder?

“Second base.”

Apparently the Reds player in the deal is TBD.

“For me, it’s just annoying if anything,” said Redick, who struggled for a second consecutive game with just 10 points on 3-for-12 shooting in yet another loss, 111-96, to the Mavericks. “I want to play, no matter what happens, I just want to play and not have to deal with this. I’m getting a new phone number; friends have been texting me crazy stuff all day. Probably should have just cut it off the last couple of days. You know, it comes with the territory, I guess. It’s for the birds, though.”

Redick is a coveted 3-pointer shooter that any contender would love to have coming off the bench. While Redick has said he’d be fine finishing the season with the only team he’s ever known in his seven-year career, he also dropped some hints that suggest he wouldn’t mind escaping a losing situation for the chance to chase a ring.

After saying he wouldn’t be “disappointed” if he is not traded, Redick followed by saying, “Look, if any player is in this situation and they’re on a team that’s one of the five or six teams in the league that has one of the worst records and they go to a contender, it’s not a bad thing. If I were to stay here, though, it would be great.

“Again, the issue is if I get traded to the Reds. That’s the issue.”


Redick said he’s had no conversations with Orlando management about the remainder of this season or beyond. He will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1. He said he is open to a return and he believes the Magic are, too, but that there has been no commitment from either side.

Orlando (15-39) has lost 15 of their last 16 and have the worst record in the league since Dec. 20, at 3-26. Redick had a key blunder late in the third quarter, having a layup that would have put the Magic up eight, blocked from behind by O.J. Mayo. It led to an alley-oop dunk and a complete reversal of momentum.

Dallas outscored Orlando, 28-14, in the fourth quarter and 21-2 after it was a 90-88 game.

Wouldn’t a trade be a refreshing reboot to a season that has provided little relief from last season’s Dwightmare?

The Magic head to Memphis on Thursday for a game on Friday night. At least Redick’s bags are packed if gets the call that he’s gone.

“In terms of speculating, there’s no point,” Redick said. “You’ve obviously seen 72 different trade rumors regarding Josh Smith and different players around the league. Iman Shumpert has been rumored to go to every team in the NBA. Until something happens, there’s really nothing to make a worthwhile comment on.

“Wherever I am when tomorrow afternoon, I’ll just be focused on finishing the season well.”


  1. Somewhere says:

    Well, now we know he’s gone to Milwaukee.

  2. kenny says:

    he’s going to memphis

  3. ajDOMS says:

    Go to Bulls for Booooozer…LOL!!!

  4. playoffs says:

    if he goes to boston the celtics would have to give up a guard (bradley, lee, terry) it wouldn’t be worth it. Lee has been playing better lately. so theres no sense in trading him

  5. AussieCeltic says:

    It would be good if he came to Boston, I doubt he will though.