Brother’s Remarks Spark Doubts Of Rose’s Comeback Motives


– Impatience with Derrick Rose‘s injury is one thing.

Impatience with Derrick Rose himself, that’s quite another.

It’s also a new and potentially unnerving chapter in this city’s unabashed love affair with the Chicago Bulls’ All-Star point guard and humble native son.

The long wait for Rose to return from surgery in May on the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee had ground along uneventfully for most of the past nine months. But if Rose’s comments in a couple of interviews last week cracked open the door that something other than his physical condition might dictate his return – or whether he plays at all in 2012-13 – his brother Reggie kicked that particular door down Thursday.

Expressing frustration that the Bulls haven’t significantly upgraded their roster since before his brother went down in Game 1 of the playoffs last spring, Reggie Rose told that the team’s roster could be a “big factor” in Rose’s decision whether to return this season. “It’s frustrating to see my brother play his heart and soul out for the team and them not put anything around him,” Reggie Rose said. He said he was speaking for himself, not his younger brother, but the two are tight and Reggie is known as the Bulls guard’s “manager.”

Reggie Rose acknowledged the All-Star seasons that forward Luol Deng and center Joakim Noah have had. “But you need more than that,” he said. “You have to put together pieces to your main piece. The players can only do so much. It’s up to the organization to make them better.”

The older brother was frustrated too that the Bulls made no moves at the NBA trade deadline Thursday, though truth be told, had they done anything, they might have shipped out veteran shooting guard Richard Hamilton to reduce their payroll. The Bulls are carrying salaries of about $74 million, which puts them both beyond the salary cap and into luxury-tax territory.

Many Bulls fans have bemoaned management’s apparent priority of finances over basketball – letting center Omer Asik leave as a restricted free agent last summer, for example, or their overhaul of the bench. They still see Rose having to carry too much of the burden, and drawing too much defensive attention, when he does come back.

Still, what made Reggie Rose’s comments so incendiary in Chicago Thursday, lighting up sports-talk radio phone lines and dominating pregame chatter at United Center prior to tipoff of the Bulls’ TNT game against Miami, was the notion that Rose might not play even if cleared physically.

That sense has been floating around for 10 days now, and it works against everything Rose – and his adidas shoe campaign, “The Return” – purport to be about. If he were to hold himself out because he – or worse, his manager, agents or marketers – don’t like the roster or the team’s chances of pursuing an NBA championship this spring, he might be headed down a prima donna path normally reserved in recent times Dwight Howard or Carmelo Anthony.

Very un-Derrick Rose-like, in other words.

Bulls VP John Paxson, about 90 minutes prior to the game, said: “We’ve had great communication with Derrick. Derrick has never expressed anything like that to us. That’s what we know.”

A few minutes later, Paxson and GM Gar Forman met with Rose for about five minutes. The team then released a statement from its injured star. It read:

“I have always felt that the Bulls organization’s goals have been the same as mine and that is to bring another championship to this city.”

Notice any absence of when.

Rose raised eyebrows initially when he told USA Today on Feb. 11 that he needs to be more than fully recovered to play this season. “I’m not coming back until I’m 110%,” he said. “Who knows when that can be? It can be within a couple of weeks. It could be next year.” He echoed those comments two nights later to Bulls reporters in Boston.

So maybe Rose’s return wouldn’t hinge solely on his recuperative powers. Or even on the Bulls’ record, their competitiveness in the Eastern Conference or even Rose’s $16.4 million salary for this season.

Those who have undergone and returned from ACL surgery, such as Minnesota’s Ricky Rubio and New York’s Iman Schumpert most recently, have found that “110 percent” – besides being bad math – is unrealistic. Doctors will tell you that once a player no longer is in danger of re-injury, only time and work in live competition can get a player from 70 or 80 percent to 90, on up to 100.

Like the others, Rose would return with a minutes limit, gradually increasing his workload and almost necessarily being less than the player he was when he got hurt. He might follow good games with poor ones, for no apparent reason. So now folks have to winder: Do his agents or sponsors want Rose back only at Superman level, to fulfill the drama of those sneaker commercials?

Or might this be a way to hold Paxson’s and Forman’s feet to the fire this summer, leveraging some offseason moves in hopes that Rose and his business partners will approve and be ready for training camp?

This sort of suspicion and doubt previously was unheard of with the soft-spoken Bulls star.

For now, he and his bosses are sticking to the original script: Rose will play again when he’s capable, no sooner. Presumably no later.

“His body is going to tell him when he’s ready,” Paxson said. “The fact that he’s on the floor now [practicing 5-on-5], that’s the logical progression to all this. When he’s ready, we’ll know. I’ve been around enough, having played, to know you never tell a player when he should play off of an injury, especially a significant one.”

Coach Tom Thibodeau was asked if Reggie Rose’s comments would be disruptive or a slight to other Bulls players.

“Not really,” Thibodeau said. “Obviously Reggie and Derrick are very close. We share the same concerns about Derrick’s health. So it’s not a big deal. Reggie’s entitled to his own opinion. We all want the same things. We want Derrick’s health and obviously we’re trying to pursue winning a championship.”

The we just seems a little strained from what it once was. The lines of it – Rose and the Bulls or Rose and Rose Inc. – suddenly are hard to discern, for the first time.


  1. Ti Brown says:

    CHI was the best team in the NBA when DRose went down, at that time, even better than MIA who went on to become the champs. The NBA is tough business (period), but I pray that CHI brings DRose back when they can get back to that apex. Just a fan.

  2. eri bur says:

    After Miami wins the championship 2013. Lebron is headed back to Cleveland, and guess what Derrick Rose will get the help he needs because Dwayne Wade will go to the Bulls with Derrick Rose both Chicago natives. Just a thought. I think D-Rose will need some help, It is insane to think that he will come back from such a significant injury and be superman and win it all. Its one thing to practice and do shoot around, but it is entirely a different story getting back in real game shape. I hope he takes all the time he needs because Miami has it this year anyway.

  3. Rose is AWSOME 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. vern says:

    Maybe bro should tell Rose to give back some of the money the Bulls are giving him since his contract is the reason they couldn’t sign anyone of any value. Rose should stay out until next season. He’ll be 100% starting out. The Bulls are doing pretty good without him as far as staying relevant.

  5. Rose is veary good 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  6. sleeplessbull says:

    wow.. its really amazing and alarming on how some people interprete stuff they way the want … One comment of one Dude and hell has broken lose… suddenly the team is bad.. D-Rose is selfish SoB…
    guys stop that bad medicine you are taking it doesnt d any good!!!

    I`m saying this adding one more Star for years… If Lebum would have come to Chicago they would already have 2 titles.. but he didnt…
    Boozer didnt play what he is paid for.. ok… but we have to stick with him for one more year… than we will amnesty him in his last year…

    Deng is good… but but but… he cant carry the team.. About Noah.. come on Guys… he is just AMAZING… the best Center in the league.. he is not the most talented.. but he is the best… what he lakes in ability he makes up by hustle!!! i dont think we need a star SG.. we need a star Big man – PF that would add up nice.. so i kind of hoped we could land Josh.. ok he`s not a bright one.. but we have other guys that can do the thinking…

  7. FanO Da Bulls says:

    Shame on you Ash. Take a look at this kid’s record. His comments, and his actions have always jived with what we the fans have seen as a love of the game and a drive to win that rivals Michaels. He played his heart out with a bad team and a bad coach for the first few years of his career and yet his comments were always supportive of his teammates and coaching staff. Any blame he spoke of he has shouldered himself. To compare his behavior to that of players like Melo and Dwight is a monstrous insult to Derrick. His comments to USA Today and the Bulls beat reporters said nothing of delaying his return for any other reason than his wish to be comfortable with his ability to sprint, cut, and dunk on the break at full speed in game/practice. The comments in question were made by Reggie, not Derrick. Don’t you think you as a reporter have a responsibility to take the mans word for it rather than his brothers? Based on his years of humble and selfless behavior, isn’t he due that simple respect from any media, not to mention a tenured, respected, and well known reporter such as yourself? I have lost a great deal of respect for you today sir. Shame on you.

  8. abunchofdribble says:

    will DRose do a LeBron and skip town for a better shot at winning a title…..never say never!

  9. Mariah says:

    Reggie Rose DOES NOT know what he is talking about! The Bulls have upgraded their roster since D. Rose got hurt and they are doing good. So imagine how much better they will be when he returns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stand when people have no clue about basketball go to talking about it! If you don’t know then shut up! D. Rose needs to come back when he feels that he is at “FULL” strength to play!! And his team will back him!

  10. Just Win says:

    Rose ia the best point guard

  11. Nice Try says:

    The Chuckster said it best last night on Inside the NBA: Let the famous guy be famous.

    People around these superstars make them look bad in the public’s eyes.

  12. nba fan says:

    Shut up Reggie Rose. Be a stand up guy, and stop living off your lil brother. What a bum.

  13. Wiz Khalifa says:

    Now look, Bulls were STUPID to give up Osik, Korver, CJ Watson. Terrible Decision. BUT, there team is still more than championship ready. People keep complaining about Boozers lack of productivity since moving from Utah. Thats Tom Thibs fault for being a mediocre Offensive Coach, and especially since Derrick Rose isn’t a playmaking point guard and hasn’t established a pick and roll tandem with Boozer. They have Noah, Gibson, Rip, Nate and Deng! If you gave superstars like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant this team they could win one or more championships. Its up to Rose to make a few more improvements (already a superstar and 2nd best pg in the league) than they will be championship contenders! They have the pieces, they just need to do it!

  14. ko0kiE says:

    it’s kind of stupid to sit out games until you’re “better than before” the injury if you’re cleared by the doctors.. because real games would accelerate that process immensly..

  15. ChiTown23 says:

    Could this possibly the Lebron James story all over again? Hopefully Rose won’t leave his hometown team either.

  16. Game Time says:

    Why is his brother speaking to the media about his return? Rose is apperently ok with it and if that’s the case it’s probabaly true what he said. Sounds like D Rose is feeling like he’s in Cleveland 2010.

  17. Paul says:

    What the Bulls need to understand is Derrick Rose was a gift. It was not the front office “making good moves” through the years. It was a 1.6% chance they hit, and got extremely lucky. Paxson needs to walk into the United Center every morning and remind himself this. That they could be sitting in Chicago with no Derrick Rose, and could have potentially picked Michael Beasley over Rose which would have sent Rose to the Heat with the super friends. The Bulls front office needs to come to this realization before Rose does become another Penny Hardaway. Not only this, but how many good point guard are there in the league? Plenty. The Bulls completely overvalue their players such as Noah, Deng, and Boozer. For their respective positions, there is much better talent out in the league.

  18. LakersFan says:

    Why are credible sources of information like putting up stories about what players’ family members have said??? Who cares! D’Rose’s brothers opinion holds about as much credibility to me as the fat guy in row 9 at the united centre… But
    If there is any truth to this story that rose wont return when medically cleared because they don’t have a strong enough team, then I’d be real disappointed. There are around 16.4 million reasons rose should be lacing up his sneakers and going to work as soon as humanly possible…

  19. Randomist says:

    I think Rose’ll do what he feels is right for him and the team, but only time will tell. The Bulls really are in need of another consistent source of offense, and although the team has generally stepped up (big year from Boozer, Jimmy playing well, Belinelli, Nate especially) the lack of scoring really shows against a team the Heat, who are great both offensively and defensively.

    Realistically though, I don’t think there were any moves they could’ve made this season that would really make any significant difference in the team’s Playoff chances this year. As a lot of people have said, the team has to look after the team’s future in the long run, not just this year’s.

    Off topic, just reading the comments on this page, the Bulls really do have the best fans. No bashing, no hate. Just concern.
    Gotta love it,

  20. SoulChorea says:

    Welcome to the world of business and sports, people. Oh, “for the first time ever Derrick Rose is starting to sound less like the humble servant of Bulls fans and more like a self-serving money-making athlete” blah blah blah. Stop over-praising when a guy seems to be a nice person, and stop over-condemning when he makes a move for himself. This is stupid.

  21. TT says:

    Derrick Rose is gonna tear his ACL again if he plays for the big T ever again. Remember the first round of last season’s playoff against the Sixers, remember who to blame.

  22. Martha says:

    Reggie, Reggie, Reggie.. , do your job, whatever that is and let Bulls Management do there’s.

  23. Joshzilla says:

    End of the year GET MONTA ELLIS!!! He’s the pure scorer that Derrick needs beside him. Would be the best 1-2 punch in the league.

  24. scott says:

    Rose’s brother’s comment just shut the door on the possibility of Rose sitting out all season.
    If he does, everyone will know that he sat out just because he didn’t like his teammates.

    GOOD JOB REGGIE! I need Rose to come back this season for my fantasy team.


  26. Roy says:

    Excuses excuses…why dont they just admit that rose is now a “has been”… If the bulls are really a great team, then they should do some adjustments and not rely on the return of rose

    • Randomist says:

      How is Rose a has-been? He hasn’t even been back yet, and already you can say that? No basis, no facts, no statistics should equate to no comment.

      And the Bulls HAVE made adjustments. How else are they 5th place in the East? And just 1.5 games behind Brooklyn, without Rose the whole season, and recurring injuries to Hinrich and Hamilton?

      You obviously just don’t like the Bulls and just want to comment.

  27. Steph13 says:

    Reading all the comments all I have to say is that you all just expressed great opinions..and the thing is that you all made a good point..all i have to say its patience Chicago fans, Rose will come back and even though I don’t support Bulls I believe in their team and the players they have now..and with Rose back I don’t see any reason why they cant be a championship contender team AGAIN like two seasons ago

  28. Mike says:

    This is a team sport, not a one man freak show. It’s selfish and foolish for them to even think that an organization should base a team off of O-N-E person. Look at what happened with the Magic. In the Bulls case they were doing perfectly fine and have played excellent with out Rose and will play better when he arrives. If they want a championship they better start taking note of what the Spurs are doing.

  29. Serge says:

    Ok first of all i have to say that the BULLS have a better Team than the critics are showing right now in this blog. Reggie Rose is not correct the BULLS are doing a super job right now. Why people are so on on having basketball stars in their team? It took seven years for Jordan, how many for Lebron? how many for Dirk? can you tell me by the time David Robinson left the NBA who was behind Tim Duncan as SPURS won 2 or 3 championships?
    Stop it! Derrick Rose just had three good seasons at all before the injury came! Parker is running the floor up and down for seven years (I guess) and if he wasn’t by the Spurs Lebron would have won a championship with Cleveland. What’s about Kobe since ten years bringing high stats in LA or Nash bringing his team Phoenix in how many conference finals? I have no doubt D Rose has the potential for being a superstar only if he s healthy. The problem is not the team but his health. He has the best team he can have right now!
    Winning a championship is not a matter of having stars teaming up other stars. BULLS know that.

  30. LebronKingOfNba says:

    reggie rose = kevin love. if u know what i mean. he’s ruining the reputation of his younger brother lol

  31. Denzo says:

    Please dont turn Rose and Kevin durant into LBJ and Wade type players.. they have been so humble.. such winners in so many peoples eyes.. we need to accept that some people may think its ok to complain till they have a team full of all stars and win a championship.. but when you get paid that much money, you are also role models, and it would be great if, like all the greats before these guys, tried to win it the right way. And publicly dogging your team is not the right way.. I mean they made ECF last time they were healthy.. what else you want?

  32. Matthew says:

    Honestly I would have dealt Boozer, Deng, and Hamilton a long time ago. Those guys are not playoff players. They are good players and definitely better than I’ll ever be but realistically they should have been traded or at least shopped around. After saying that, Rose should come back when he feels he is 100%. There is no 110%. Come back when you are healthy. Physically and mentally… because anything else would be shortchanging the fans and the organization.

  33. Shawn says:

    We love D-Rose because he has always given 140%. he is an unselfish player, and has great character. He has always been humble, and always played with a sense of urgency. So for him to give 70% is like failure, which is never an option. I know because i always give 130%, and i feel him. So the boy most be frustrated and his confidence shaken. The brother is a different breed, their opposites. They love each other and have different strengths and weakness. His brother made self-serving comments, perhaps making excuses? that help no one. But, Derrick Rose has never been that way and never will. I think he is going through mental, emotional and physical anguish. So, all i can say is we miss you terribly D-Rose. We all know you won’t be 100%, but you can still contribute a lot even at 70% physically initially — and you will get better only by getting in the game. your team got you in the playoffs, and I know you respect that. Your leadership spirit and toughness, and sens of urgency will permeate to the others, and is incomparable to those mentioned, albeit Carmelo has grown up a lot under Mike Woodsen and the veterans. Welcome Back!

  34. Sean says:

    As much as I would love to watch Derrick Rose start playing today, I’d rather not watch him for a week or two and then miss him for another year or the rest of his career due to re-injury. He should come back when his body and mindset are in the right places… Oh, and that bringing another title to Chicago talk is pretty unrealistic for now because I don’t see a way past the Heat, Pacers and Knicks with this team and of course we all know there are some damn good teams in the West..#ToughBattle

  35. TIm Kouwer says:

    If your team manages to get very close to 2nd best in the eastern conference, without one of the league’s best players, then you obviously make a fool out of yourself complaining.

  36. john says:

    if you sent lebron to chicago and rose to miami chicago would have best record in the league every year and bulls would get multiple rings. stop complaining your just not good enough d. rose. only the greatest players win rimgs and the bulls have the second best role players (TEAM) in the league other than the spurs and the 2nd best coach other than poppavich. cry me a river. boo hoo. and the bulls are 4th in the east with no superstars.

  37. Karlo Garcia says:

    At the end of the day it’s Derrick Rose’s call! U only have 1 career.

  38. Oz says:

    Players of today need to be like MJ was back in the day. It wasn’t about the money, it was about the love for the game. MJ didn’t get paid millions and millions of dollars when he played. He got all his millions from endorsements. The players of today are just plain greedy and if they say it ain’t about the money, then take a major pay cut so your team can use that money to get decent players around you. It’s that simple! Stop being so damn greedy! All that talk from Lebron saying it ain’t about the money, it’s about winning championships, oh plz! If it wasn’t about the money, why did he only take a million or so pay cut rather than a huge pay cut? Lebron is so full of it!

    • Hm says:

      Why would he take a bigger cut in his salary if that wasn’t necessary? With Michael Jordan you managed to bring up quite the exception. First of all, he reportedly made around 90 million dollars in 13 seasons, the last two of which on a veteran contract. By comparison, Kobe reportedly made around 221 million dollars in 16 seasons, without “taking breaks”.
      He made tons of money off of endorsements because he’s probably the biggest sports personality of the past fifty years. Who doesn’t know that guy? His shoes sell as fast as drugs. LeBron’s name might become even more powerful, but to think that stars should expect to be making money off of endorsements like Jordan did… Well, I don’t think that’s very realistic.
      Players should be greedy anyway. They’re the product. And if they aren’t greedy, they’ll be taken advantage of.

  39. Christ says:

    Well, you have gd thoughts Nicholas G… In fact, most of what u say i true. I think what Reggie says is what Derrick also thinks in someway. The Bulls are a team who are waiting for “one guy to save them”, one guy who can retract all the pieces (luol, carlos, joakim etc). The thought is wrong cuz the main reason to why he got injured is because of that, because of the pressure, the personal responsibility to win a game in his own hands while his game was to aggressive also. Derrick knows what is waiting in his comeback, he may be the same guy before getting injured, he may be worse or he may be better… But a fact is that he is willing the Bulls to get someone else who can help him with the burden, I mean the Heat will stay the main team in the EAST if something does not change in the Bulls…
    Rose is surely waiting for something more to happen before he comes back

  40. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Its time for the return……of the White Mamba

  41. KingLBjBoy says:

    Reggie apply as a GM of the Bulls lmao

  42. Kevin says:

    It’s annoying when people think teams can just magically upgrade whenever they want. It’s a wee bit more complicated and difficult than that.

    That being said, the Bulls are 5th in the East without Rose and have a pretty nice squad. I would hate to see this turn into one of those situations where a star holds his team hostage and demands another “star” be acquired immediately or he’ll bolt, because that’s how bad decisions like Iverson to the Nuggets (Carmelo Anthony) and Rashard Lewis getting max dollars (Dwight Howard) happen.

    • Geroy says:

      Well Rose has made no inclination to any behaviour like that at all.
      But lets be real with ourselves. The way the NBA, especially the Eastern Conference is set up, nobody is primed to even give Miami a real challenge. Knicks, Pacers, Celtics…
      You saw it this year, when The Celtics built a team to ‘beat’ the heat. Even though that isn’t looking too good for them, thats what these other teams have to do as well.
      As excellent, and hard working and well coached as the Bulls are, they will not beat the Heat in a seven game series for the next couple years at least with their team as it is.

    • turk says:

      Realistically who would the Bulls have had to give up, and who are you going to get back to get significantly better? Right now, with the players that were available, there was no practical move the Bulls could have possibly made to make them better. There was nothing. So, Reggie I’m sorry, but you sound like an idiot. Are you trading Boozer for Bargani or whatever the hell his name is? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think someone like Bargani is the answer.

      Even if, I don’t know about all you guys, but I’d rather see the Bulls win a Championship as perceived underdogs. It makes winning so much sweeter. Does any body really think the freak 7 foot kid in gradeschool scoring 59 points a game is great. No. It’s when the kids playing their hearts out against the 7 footer and win – that is great.

      I would love to see Rose come back this season, and shut you all up. Basketball is basketball and anyone can win any game on any given night. Whether or not Rose returns this year, the Bulls still have a shot to get to the Finals. Maybe not the greatest, but nonetheless – a chance.

      I love this team, and wouldn’t trade anyone on it. Well maybe if I’m getting Eric Maynor for Radmanovic I guess. But anyways, get healthy Rose and come back when you’re ready. Don’t listen to anyone, and when you do come back, I know you’re going to do your best to bring Chicago back home the Larry O Brien Trophy when you physically can. GO BULLS!!!!!!!

    • jay says:

      the Iverson to yhe Nuggets trade happened cuz Melo and several other players got suspended for the fight in NY

  43. Dc says:

    His brother shouldn’t have said anything about the bulls organization we all know the his little brother D Rose need help, but they doing the best they can without DRose in the line. Just look forward to next season they will get pieces. When Jordan was playing it took him 7 years before he got his 1st title. The organization know what they are doing.

    • turk says:

      I agree his brother shouldn’t have said anything, and I also agree the organization has made solid moves. I guess leading the league in wins two years in a row (…or well tieing with the Spurs once – But nobody cares about the Spurs) isn’t good enough for some people. Even when things are good, people still find something to complain about.

      You’re not a Bulls fan if you’re questioning the team’s decisions. I know there’s no definition of a fan, but I believe if you are one, that should mean you stand behind your team no matter what.. Enjoy the game for what it is. Be happy that you’re alive, quit complaining you want the Bulls to pull in LeBron outta their a$$holes, and enjoy having the good fortune to turn on your 50 inch high definition LED TV.

  44. Noit says:

    After watching todays game Deng is not an all star. Not only is his shot not there, but now his defense is not there. The highlight of the game was Deng locking up James and then winning the jump ball but wow Deng is playing misreably. Can’t make shots and can’t disturb James’ offense at all. Paul George from Pacers is better than Deng defensively now, this is ridiculous.

    • turk says:

      20, 5, and 3 wasn’t good enough for you just two nights ago? Get real.

      • Reality says:

        20-5-3 is very good… It’s the consistancy missing for Deng. Deng has had only 2 good game since coming back from his hamstring injury. The NO game straight out of the all-star break gave us hope, but then he came out and laid another dud. He just needs to find his game consistantly again.

      • Hm says:

        To be fair, he is leading the league in minutes per game. That might wear a player down, you know.

  45. Josh says:

    Derrick didn’t say it, his brother did. Whether they’re close or not shouldn’t matter. They’re both grown men with their own perspectives and opinions; neither speaks for the other. On another note, if Rose is frustrated with the organization’s moves, he should be and I agree. We don’t have the kind of team that will help beat the Heat and get to the finals, Until they add a shooting guard and perhaps a better big man off the bench, hopes of championships are non-existent.

  46. Robert Lawrence says:

    I think Reggie Rose is spot on! The Bulls have done nothing to build a team around Derrick that can compete for an NBA title. They need another superstar and a stronger bench. Until these issues are resolved a title is out of reach. The Bulls front office knows this, even if Bulls fans don’t. Unfortunately, the organization spent too much money on Noah, Deng and Boozer, and are now paying the price for their lack of vision. The Bulls need help, it’s that simple.

    • Noit says:

      I think it’s not fair to say that the players are not deserving the money. If anythign I want to see the players get paid. What the front office needs to do is go ahead and pay the luxury tax. We’re the 3rd richest team in the league….. Pay the luxury tax…. That’s what should upset people, not how much they are paying the players.

    • turk says:

      Actually, it’s not that simple. Telll me how and what the Bulls realistically do right now to, as you say, get their needed superstar and stronger bench.

      • Robert Lawrence says:

        Unfortunately, they can’t do much of anything right now! There is no money unless they’re willing to deal with the luxury tax, and the trading deadline just ended without a murmur from the front office. So whoever is currently on the roster is who they’re stuck with until the end of the season. Not making the playoffs and having a shot at a lottery pick was just wishful thinking on my part. The Bulls will make the playoffs and wind up with a draft pick that’s just this side of worthless to help fill their needs.

  47. John says:

    Lets be honest, Rose has Joakim Noah, Carlos Boozer, and Luol Deng, so a good front court. He has one of, if not the best coach in the NBA right now. A solid bench, of course it’s not as great as last year’s, but it still has Taj Gibson, Nate Robinson, Bellineli, and Jimmy Butler, all solid players. The only iffy player is Richard Hamilton, but overall a solid team, who have managed to remain in the playoff picture, so stop complaining Reggie

    • Roshin says:

      I think what he is trying to say that they have not really made any moves other then the people they got in draft. I mean common after that pacers match it was clear that they needed a back up centre. I really think we will play placers in playoffs and it will be tough to beat them with jst noah and taj.

    • Sean says:

      Tom is not better than Pop, one of the best coaches yes but he is not the best. His team has held it down and is 5th without him, he has some help but I agree he needs more! He needs another all star next to him to win it all thats clear as day, that or a way better bench.

      • Fan says:

        Well has has 2 All-stars this year. The problem is that neither all-star can really create his own shot. Boozer is a pick and roll guy and usually ends up fading away if he does post up. That’s what this article is trying to say, they need someone to draw the defense off so D-Rose is free to make cuts or spot up (hopefully he worked on his jump shot a bit). Less pressure for Rose too not having to be hounded by ball hawkers of the other team all the time too.

      • NHbleedsGREEN says:

        Look at the team Pop has t work with,then look at the team Thibs has to work with=no contest!

  48. Nicholas G says:

    Man look, that boy trying to avoid being the next Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill type player.. boundless potential cut down by injury. I understand folks wondering about his big bros comments but think for a minute, the bulls are a top 3 defensive squad. Defense normally wins championships. But they going against the super friends down in Miami (who are pretty good defenders themselves) and if you can’t score- excuse me- if your not dangerous offensively, you don’t stand a chance. Rose probably feels he’d need to be 110% going against that to not only stand a chance (as they’re only viable offensive weapon) but to stay healthy in the process. If he had help, maybe he go out there at 80% knowing he could lean on someone, but as it stands, its too much. You only get one temple (body).. just saying..

    • turk says:

      We’ve all seen Derrick play, we know he’s a true competitor. If he can play without risking re-injuring himself, he’ll be back. Though I agree it would make his decision easier if the Bulls did have another true go to player, who can create on their own.

      • cool v says:

        If they win the first round without Rose then how would he feel.

      • Dr NBA says:

        Wanting another important piece (player) sounds reasonable; who wouldn’t want another reliable player? The main problem is that there is no $$ and Boozer is not playing as good as his salary would require. They may be able to get another star in IF (and it’s a BIG “IF”) they could trade Boozer, but the reality is that nobody is crazy enough to be willing to take Boozer’s contract at this point. Bad luck, I guess.

        The Bulls could hope for Boozer to play like a star, for once, and then you get your chance for a championship.

      • Mark. NYC says:

        Whats ironic about this whole situation is that during that” Im taking my talents to Heat” free agency, Derrick Rose basically said he doesnt want any superstars on his team that is better than him. His words” I like the team we have “. When Dwight rumors swirled last season he didnt want him either. Guess because he is close to Noah and Boozer. If he wouldve been more open to great free agents coming in they probably would have had one already. Reggie Rose your brother destroyed that during the 2011 free agency. In my opinion Rose got attached to overrated teammates(DENG,BOOZER). Play super hard but the ability to get a shot on their own. I think Joe Johnson would have been perfect if he didnt resign with the hawks at that time. They should persue O.J Mayo in the off season. Athletic, good defender, create his own shot, good shooter. Im just saying………Dont complain now!!!!!

    • LJF1987 says:

      Very well said.

      It’s true that players only have one body, you could have unbelievable potential, but one unfortunate incident on the court can ruin or at least seriously reduce your upper limit.
      For the Bulls to stand a chance to win a championship, they need a 100% Rose and either everyone else to have a simultaneous purple patch or add an out and out scorer, unlikely to say the least.

  49. DamonP says:

    it was just a metter of time before yall tried to throw dirt on derrick. the man has morals and character, dont put him in the same circles as dwight and melo. different breed