Joe Johnson Does It Again


HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The new site is great for lots of things. One of them is the ability to verify (or deny) a thought that might come to your head while watching a game.

Example: Joe Johnson drains a three to send the Bucks-Nets game into overtime and then hits the game-winner at the OT buzzer. Your thought: “Gee, it feels like Joe Johnson has been pretty clutch this season.”

So you go straight to (the site actually updates within 15 minutes of the final buzzer) and head to the Player Clutch page (Hover over the “League” menu, click on “Stats By Player” and then click on the “Player Clutch” button).

The default filters for clutch stats are Last 5 Minutes, Ahead or Behind, and 5 Points. So we’re looking at stats accumulated in the final five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime, with a score differential (either way) of five points or less.

If you change the filters from “5 Minutes” to “1 Minute” and from “5 Points” to “3 Points,” you get some different results. Now, if you click on “FGM” to sort by the most buckets in that situation, you see Johnson’s name right there under Kyrie Irving. And you see that Johnson is an incredible 9-for-10.

You can also go to Johnson’s player page, click on “Stats” and then “Clutch” to see how he has shot with a few other parameters.

And if you work for, you send an e-mail to your fantastic multimedia department, and they put together a sweet montage of those nine clutch buckets, which you can see above.


  1. Merp says:

    Come on now…Joe Johnson may not be a super star, MVP candidate like Melo, KD, or Kobe, but you cannot deny that he has been pretty clutch this NBA season. People like Kobe and KD get love ALLLLLL the time. Lets show some other guys who fly under the radar some love? They all work their tails off to play in the NBA.

  2. 7ft2 TRUE BIG MAN says:

    joe is not worth the 120 million contract because he disappears for half the season but he’s the most clutch player in the nba and one of the most clutch players in nba history . NNL NUMBERS NEVER LIE !

    • kobe says:

      how can a player who never shows up come playoff time and disappears for half a season b clutch.all he does is take jumpshots…watch more games

  3. Tht was a awsome Video with David West garding Wallice 🙂

  4. Big Euro says:

    Joe Johnson for me has been the most clutch players for the last few years. The LA media always hype up Kobe but in my eyes Joe, KD and Melo are the 3 best guys to run an iso clear-out play for at the end of a game. Irving has the skills to get into the conversation too.

    Needless to say, since his Hawks days and hitherto Joe Johnson is one of those players who seems to only score at cruch time. Is he worth $125m, NO. But he does make million dollar shots more than anyone else.

    • kobe says:

      your joking right….clutch…he never shows up in playoff games ..doesnt play d..and all he does is shoots jumpshots…r u even watching the NBA..HAHAHAHA

  5. menez13 says:

    Hi John!

    There’s a way to download info from Stats Site?, it would be fun for doing some stuff with the data at home :).


  6. EPhraze says:

    Stop it, NBA.COM!!!!! This is Joe Johnson and this was against the Milwaukee Bucks. This is still that same dude that evaporates at playoff time. He hit a well-challenged shot….nothing more, nothing less.