Blogtable: What To Do With Rose

A sight Chicago fans would like to forget, last April. (By Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

A sight Chicago fans would like to forget, last April. (By Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Week 17: Playoff-bound team in trouble | Who can stop the Heat? | Do you want Derrick Rose back at 80%?

If you’re a Bulls fan, do you want Derrick Rose back at 80 percent?

Steve Aschburner: Absolutely. The Bulls need to get Derrick Rose back on the court ASAP — with “possible” defined as the point from which their doctors see no greater chance of Rose re-injuring his left knee than when he originally tore that ACL. Of course he won’t be 100 percent and of course his percentage of ability could rise, fall and loop back on itself multiple times — 80 one night, 85 the next, 70 the night after that — before he’s back to the Rose of old. But there’s a point in any rehab when the only remaining step is live competition, which eventually leads a player to trust the surgical fix. Whatever learning curve the point guard and the Bulls have to travel in re-acclimating to each other, they’d be better off traveling along it now. As for those cynical calculations that say, “If Chicago can’t win the title in 2013, why bother rushing him back?” that shouldn’t be muddying a strictly physical assessment. Doesn’t mean Bulls management or Rose’s agents/marketers aren’t doing it, but they shouldn’t be.

Fran Blinebury: Rose has said that he is not coming at back “80 percent.” In fact, he said he wants to be 110 percent, so the only question would be about his math comprehension. Yes, if he’s healthy, I want him back now. You don’t ever throw away a prime season of a superstar’s career. You never know what’s going to happen. Injuries? Upsets? If Rose is back and they’re in it, they can win it. He plays.

Jeff CaplanIf Rose is 80 percent, forget about it. Now, 100 percent physically, and with 100 percent psychological trust in his knee is a totally difference scenario. But, 80 percent? No. I just don’t see the Bulls being able to knock off Miami if he’s not fully trusting the knee and able to perform at an MVP-caliber level, because that’s what the Bulls will need. He’s too young, too talented, owed too much money to risk further injury this season. If he’s not 100 percent, see ya next year. Seems even Derrick exhibited this sentiment when he said last week that he might sit it out if he doesn’t feel right.

Scott Howard-CooperI’ll take him back if he’s at 80 percent in terms of conditioning and timing, and then be patient as he gets to full speed. But not 80 percent healed. Don’t increase the chances of aggravating the injury or, worse, turning it into missed games for next season as well. Rose obviously makes a difference, even at less than full strength. That’s why he shouldn’t come back unless he is healed.

John Schuhmann: I would always defer to the doctors and make sure that he’s not risking further injury by playing. But I would want him to come back this season if all is clear. And it’s not just about the Bulls’ chances of winning a playoff series or two. I think that any games that he gets under his belt this season can help his post-injury confidence and rhythm going forward.

Sekou SmithI don’t want him back at 80 percent. It might make a little difference, but the Bulls aren’t going to knock off the Heat with Rose at 100 percent. This is the face of the franchise we’re talking about, the backbone of Chicago’s basketball identity for years to come. There is no reason to rush Rose back any sooner than he’s physically, mentally and emotionally ready to play at his highest level. An early return is not necessary. The Bulls have shown themselves to be much more than the one-man show some assumed they were when Rose was winning his MVP trophy and they were piling up the best record in the Eastern Conference. They have two other All-Stars now in Joakim Noah and Luol Deng. They have one of the best coaches in basketball in Tom Thibodeau. They can manage the rest of this season without Rose, if need be.


  1. sanjay says:

    he wont make it this season. It is too late now! with just 45 days to go before play offs! Chicago has done well despite his absence. They can reach eastern conference semi-finals for sure. They cant beat indiana who are on a tear! But they have ability to compete with nyk. Miami might need some help from chicago though! miami faces tough competition from indiana on the east!

  2. Scott says:

    He should play at 50, 80, 90, 100% if the doctor’s have cleared him. It comes down to confidence and the pressure of being THE MAN on the team. He MUST want it and evidently at this point he doesn’t WANT that pressure. Come on Rose, step up and be THE MAN.

  3. Scott says:

    Rose will never be 100%

    Knee injuries have a huge psychological impact

    no one ever returns to previous glory, stop living in la la land

    let him come back next year, play in certain minutes like they did MJ

  4. Scisca says:

    A true competitor wouldn’t even think about it for a second. If you’re healthy – you’re playing in the play-offs. Can you imagine MJ ever saying: “nah, I’m still only 80-90%, I don’t care about fighting to the title this year”?

  5. Gerald says:

    No, I would not risk D-Rose coming back at 80%. Come back to the game when he is ready at 110%. He is a franchise player and is still young. There is still many more years in his career, so don’t risk re-injuring that can be career-ending.

  6. Rocks says:

    You need to look at a player’s strength and weakness before making such decisions. Rose’s game is built around penetrating the lane and taking it straight to the basket. With a 80% knee recovery I see problems already. D Rose has a nice jumber but it’s not consistent. And being as competitive as he is, he will sometimes feel the hunger to take over the game and that might not be good for his knee. Remember when you play with an injury you are likely to cause other injuries because you put too much balance on other part of your body causing strains. So the bottom line is that it’s not worth it. Be 100% healed and come back to the game. Work your way up and let the game come to you.

  7. Jman says:

    I would rather see D Rose come back at 100% than 80% because he would pose more of a threat to other opponents and it would be nice if he was at 100% right before the playoffs so that the team would have a better chance of going deeper into the playoffs.

  8. Matthew says:

    I want DRose back, but i want him to be 110% ready. They (I dont want them to do it) shouldnt do its too much of a risk it could get worse. So please do not come back at 80%

  9. JP says:

    Scott Howard-Cooper hit the nail on the head, “if he’s at 80 percent in terms of conditioning and timing, and then be patient as he gets to full speed. But not 80 percent healed.”

    If he’s 100% HEALED, get him out there even if he’s 80% in-shape. Conditioning will come, and probably quicker if he gets some real game-time in. Not to mention the positive psychological affect it would have on him to get him some actual minutes on the floor, and gain that trust in his knee.

  10. Shey says:

    Everyone is pretty much in agreeance. I just want to add on top of NO ONE needing to rush an ACL injury, especially a point guard like Rose with a style of explosive cuts, etc. I mean…we’re talking about his knees here. I hope the Bulls don’t push him

  11. rochmind says:

    he’s not playing this season as he will never be 110%.. he should work on his maths while recovering

  12. rochmind says:

    not coming this season unless he’s 110%? well, not playing then coz he can only get to 100%.. he should work on his maths while injured

  13. Munya says:

    Parhaps you meant…A (sight) Chicago Bulls fans would like to (forget). – April 2012

  14. Goldenarms23 says:

    Only Rose knows in what condition he is in. Therefore I think if he believes he’s ready he’ll come back. He will definitely not return to the game at 80% though, why risk it?

  15. Karlo Garcia says:

    It’s he’s whole career he needs 2 look at. Only D Rose can answer whether he is 110% or not.

  16. anon says:

    the bulls will never win a championship even with rose at 100% as a long as there are teams like miami in the league

  17. Patrickmarc says:

    2012 and 2013 so many injuries…Rose has to play a different way, he was doing things really dangerous before.

  18. The Unknown Planet!! says:

    I think its time to Trade Derrick R. its been too long for him in Bulls. He’s always been a Injury Person in the Team. Now the Bulls will need A PG a healthy and explosive scorer and defender. One of my fvorite teams. IM SO DISAPPOINTED for Derrick. He’s an All Around PG But the Bulls will decide SOON TO SACRIFICE DERRICK FOR A PLAYOFF RUN OR A CHAMPIONSHIP RUN SOON. If he will come back for 2013-2014 season they will make a Championship Run becoz of Derrick’s Injury for too long and they will use the advantage that derrick is in 110% fit?? and the question mark FOR HOW LONG?

  19. NBAIQ says:

    Rest that knee young superstar. Bulls need him at 100% not 80%. This isn’t just about basketball it’s about Derrick Rose the person. If you like the guy you don’t want him back yet.

  20. Kharl says:

    d.rose said he’ll come back when he’s 110 percent ready, when he feels like he can play, when he’s sure about himself. i want to see him play now, being even better than before. but it’s up to him to decide when he’ll come back, because if he comes back now and hurts himself again, it’s gonna be on him, then he would maybe retire if the case is too much, and we know the end of the story. so for those reasons nobody should rush him, it’s his knee, his career, his life. i hate having to say that, but there will be antoher season if God wants.

  21. NBA FAN 4 EVERRR says:

    I’m a heat fan, couple of years ago chicago lost to miami in the playoffs, DROSE was 110%, it was a very good series but they lost, wish means the only way Chicago can get close to miami again is with DROSE at 110%
    The franchises want to win, but is the players future what is at stake here, So i agree with DR , he should wait untill next year and then we all will see another Good series between the HEAT and the BULLS

  22. JJ says:

    I just want my favorite player back out there….the league just isn’t that exciting to watch without him. D Rose #TheReturn! Get well soon and win championships Mr. #1!

  23. sebastian says:

    i love bulls derick rose should come back right now.if u can make it derick keep tring i want u back in the nba when the frist time i saw derick rose i practice hard to be just like him i want u back derick rose

  24. abunchofdribble says:

    @Sekou Smith….”the Bulls aren’t going to knock off the Heat with Rose at 100 percent”…well sir just to refresh your memory the Bulls already beat the Heat this season without Derrick Rose so I can only speculate as you have already done that you have been drinking the Miami kool-aid. as Kobe Bryant showed in the All Star game LeBron can be shut down at the end of games if you’ve done your homework. Miami won the championship in a shortened season so they had fresh legs. now those legs will be tested in a 82 game season and if i’m not wrong Miami is the second or third oldest team in the NBA. so please stop drinking the Miami kool-aid and try some red BULL instead.

  25. Sean says:

    Reading some comments and just wondering who is better between D-Rose and KD when each is at his best

  26. Bob says:

    It’s “quandary”, not “quandry” writers. Seriously, it’s pathetic how often there are grammatical errors on the front page of Do the writers even have high school diplomas?

  27. Rezi says:

    ACL injury is very serious thing so if rose is not ready to play for 100% its not wise to rush him back…

  28. ann harris says:

    I don’t see rose at 80percent he’s always at 110 but I don’t want to see him back until he and his doctors feel he’s
    Ready I don’t want to see him risking his health and his career he needs to take his time to recover and. He comes back
    At 150percent

  29. do master says:

    derrick rose should come back right away because he rocks

  30. FORTRESS says:

    I want rose back this season, i dont want miami thinking that they an unstoppable and superior team on the east winning another championship..or OKC who thinks they are the best on the west..Rose’s presence on the court will penetrate the way everyone is playing basketball in the nba right now and im tired of espn and sportscenter making these guys look like they are the best when they are not. The current bulls lineup can make it to the post season but the Bulls are not gonna make it past the first playoff round without ROSE. I want him back ASAP !

  31. Michael says:

    No D Rose needs to be 100% so what if they don’t make it to the finals this year. Bulls will be better by making sure Rose is fully recovered rather than try to hurry him out on the court.

  32. I feel bad for Rose 😦 But iI felt realy bad when Rubio got hurt 😦 (Stupid Kobe Bryant)

  33. Naomi says:

    There is no such thing as 110%, unless the 10% is his mental. If the medical staff clears him and has met the team expectation from his rehab he should return. Its no guartanee sitting out a full year, its no guartanee period.That’s why you have rehab and a medical staff and If he doesn’t play after all that, then the Bulls have a bigger problem. It’s called its not your legs, it your head.

  34. MrDetroit says:

    As a fan, i WOULD NOT want him back at 80%. in reality, why would anyone want to come back early from a serious, sometimes career ending injury, such as a TORN ACL. Rose has too much to risk by coming back early. Yes fans wants to see him back, HOWEVER, according to the bulls record and they way they’re playing ball, the bulls ARE NOT desperate for him to return at 80%. Also, with rose being out, i feel the bulls have learned how to trust one another more on the court, which i believe has been part of they’re success this season.

    Rose, please take your time to get healthy, get in shape and comeback BETTER THAN EVER.


  35. Dennis Trice says:

    I want him back. For the bulls to be more succesful they need Derrick Rose. If Rose comes back late near the playoffs or in the playoff he’ll be rusty. If he’s rusty it’s another disapointing year. He wont be able to do much if he’s rusty. He needs to trust his knee and go with it

  36. m says:

    Rest and come back on the playoffs. for now lets trust the team..

  37. spanky says:

    Sekou Smith is right the Heat are ruling the East and no team can touch them unless injuries change the odds.Like last season when Wade and Bosh where out at critical moments an LJ was playing with cramps.You cant touch a team like that without 150% of your ability.Rose at 80% still raw from a long recovery is not going to help the Bulls win such a series.

  38. Rafic Sawaya says:

    well as a bull’s fan i would obviously like to see rose back on the court, see him soar above all the players and lead the bulls to victory. But if rushing it will cause problems for his health and by taking risks will aggravate his injured knee and deprive him from attending future seasons, I think the wisest idea would be to wait till next season, he would have all summer long and a couple of months to attain his 110%. I should know, i play as a starting PG for my high school team and the fear of getting seriously injured haunts me every second of my life.
    Besides it would be better seeing a 110% derrick rose making miracles on the court than seeing a 80% derrick rose struggle his way through every game.

  39. Lemuel Houston says:

    I would only have him on the court at 80% with partial play time to help build confidence and to get back into the feel of real time play situations while continuing the process of getting to 110%. Whether 80% or 110%, Derrick Rose has a ton of expection on his shoulders and reguardless when he returns, he has to be ready to play ball. Now, about this 110%. Who in the NBA is 100% all the time? besides those on the bench, and they have issues at times to, but the focus on the percentage is is he wanting the injury 110% or himself (actually ability to play) 110%.

  40. W/E says:

    THis is nonsense, Rose should come back as soon as possible to get back in game shape, chicago couldnt do it when he was fully healthy with a better roster and they cant do it now, no championship sorry lets be realistic, the best thing for him and the bulls is to come back as soon as possible and play limited minutes until he gets back on track. THeres no point in not playing if the injury healed, he is gunna get to 100% when he starts playing NBA games, u cant substitute game time with anything, he cant be 100%, impossible to go 110% if he gets no game time, HE MUST START PLAYING LIMITED MINUTES….so honestly isnt it totaly dumb to expect Rose to come into his first games after 1 year of absence and be ready to play 35 minutes and be 110% to compete for a championship……? Even if he stays until next year, same story, hes gunna need time to get used to playing 38 minutes in an NBA game and be competitive…so the sooner the better and i hope Rose takes care of himself and Thibido is not stupid enough not to limit his minutes.

  41. Sohan says:


    we don’t want derrick to be back until he is a 110% fit….. We still have no chance taking over heat this season with the former MVP…

  42. Cory says:

    Look, I have been a bulls fan for as longas i can remember and no I do not want D-Rose back at 80%. Being back at 80% is still playing injured. The buls have proved that they can win without him and unless they’re in danger of miising the playoffs, which is hihgly unlikely in the East, then I say he sits out the entire season and come back for the opening tip next season

  43. Bstarr says:

    Chicago must forget about 2013. Last year when he came back he was very rusty and missed a lot of shots. His presence on the court will not help the Bulls defeat Miami, NY or Indiana. I predict a first round loss in this year playoffs for Chicago with or without Derrick Rose.

  44. uoykcuf says:

    I didn’t “foget” but I forgot why I’m here. Stop the sloppy typing!

  45. Mike Roth says:

    Derrick already said HE’S not coming back until 110% so I guess that settles it.

  46. JJ says:

    A site? You mean a sight? And these baboons get paid to write articles? SMH

  47. Tucker says:

    I wouldn’t risk him coming back this season. Deng, Noah and the rest of the gang are young enough to make a championship push for years to come. They’d be risking future championships by bringing him back early.

  48. Tracey Ross says:

    I thick derrick rose should comeback right now. its just the regualuy season. so i say let him get in the game for about seven min and let him feel out if his knee can feel out.if not ake hime out and just get ready for next season. not saying he sould just go and play hard as can and they injury his self again.

  49. dj rgm9 says:

    Rose need time to come back,only a good medical staff can tell when he’s clear to start.end of story!

  50. Toni says:

    Rose….if you are not 100% dont come back plz its just to risky. Come back next seson 110% and play you game.