Hawks’ Smith Headlines Trade Deadline Rumblings

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Josh Smith‘s days of playing before an ambivalent crowd at Philips Arena are numbered. If we’re reading the trade deadline tea leaves correctly, he might even be down to his final 48 minutes there on Wednesday night when the Hawks host the Heat.

The Hawks’ attempts to convince Smith to stick around until the summer, when he’d be a free agent, have not slowed a number of teams pursuing the versatile power forward.

In fact, the list of teams with reported interest in Smith seems to grow with every tick of the trade deadline clock. The Hawks have let it be known that they are willing to move the Atlanta native by Thursday’s 3 p.m. ET deadline. And a player with his unique arsenal of skills can fit in any system.

The Brooklyn Nets, Washington Wizards, Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers are all either in full-blown pursuit or monitoring the situation closely in the hopes of landing Smith via trade … or perhaps later via free agency. That leaves the Hawks in the position of being very selective with their decision, while also needing to act now. There will be fewer potential trade partners to work with in July, courtesy of the particulars of the new collective bargaining agreement.

The max-deal conversation that has raged for weeks was, like many things in the Twitter era, not fully understood by most of the people. They were simply repeating the stories of Smith and the Hawks agreeing to disagree about his value to the team that drafted him with the 17th pick overall in the 2004 Draft.

Smith never said he demanded a max deal or else from the Hawks. A source close to Smith confirmed that the conversation between the two sides never ventured into that realm. Smith simply answered a question the way you’d expect any competitive NBA player to answer it when presented with the premise of “Do you think you are worth max money?”

The funny thing is the Hawks, spanning two different front office regimes, have never really made clear what monetary value they have assigned to Smith. His current deal — he’s in the final year of a five-year, $58 million contract — was one the Hawks had to match after the Memphis Grizzlies made a play for him as a restricted free agent in 2008. It’s a bargain for a player who has been as productive as he has during that time.

Since basically his first season, Smith has been on the proverbial trade market every February. And the Hawks have drafted player after player (Marvin Williams, Shelden Williams, Al Horford) who were supposed to supplant Smith as the team’s best option at his position. Yet Smith has been steady. For every knock on his game — the ill-advised jump shots no one wants him to take, the spotty decision-making and the well-publicized dust-ups with coaches Mike Woodson and Larry Drew — there are things Smith and only a handful of other players can do on a given night.

Two players in the entire league average better than 17 points, eight rebounds and four assists. Reigning league MVP LeBron James is one of them and Smith is the other. Smith is the only player averaging better than 17, 8, 4 and one block (he actually averages 2.1).

When the Hawks traded six-time All-Star Joe Johnson to the Nets last summer, the playoff forecast for the franchise changed dramatically. Smith and Horford were left to lead a team of good role players that few people expected to be among the Eastern Conference’s best teams early this season.

There is a high probability that Hawks fans who have grown disenchanted with Smith’s game over the nearly nine years he’s played before hometown crowds. That throng will get their wish and see him move on. It’s up to Hawks general manager Danny Ferry to sort through the mess and find the right deal (with the most assets — players, draft picks, etc. — they can get for their best player).

And all indications are that’s exactly what he’ll do by Thursday’s deadline.


Report: Kobe OK with Dwight deal | Clippers open to Bledsoe deal | A sensible Big Al trade | Report: Agent dismisses Redick talk | Hornets’ Gordon ignoring trade chatter


What would the trade deadline be without at least a little crumble from the season-long Dwight HowardKobe Bryant drama? Per a Fox Sports Ohio report, Bryant has let Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak know that he’s fine with trading Howard (never mind that Kupchak has made it clear that the has no plans to move the big fella):

With 29 regular-season games remaining and the playoffs still in sight, Kobe Bryant is more determined than ever to prove he and the Lakers can become the force they thought they were.

Whether center Dwight Howard is a part of that attempted revival doesn’t matter to Bryant, sources familiar with Bryant’s thinking told FOX Sports Ohio.

Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has strongly nixed the notion that Howard could be moved prior to Thursday’s trading deadline. But if Kupchak changes his mind, he’d have Bryant’s full support, according to sources.

While Bryant and Howard aren’t close, no rift exists between them, either. Still, Bryant appears uncertain if Howard is the right fit on a team that must put together a fervent finish just to qualify for the postseason — and one that is unlikely to possess home-court advantage in any round if it does get there.

The Lakers exited the All-Star break at an underachieving 25-29 and 3½ games out of the final playoff spot.

Optimists will point to the fact they’ve won eight of their previous 12 games. But they lost 125-101 to the Clippers on the final night before All-Star weekend — in a game that resembled little more than 48 minutes of garbage time.


But are they really ready to deal their backup point guard Eric Bledsoe? Ken Berger of CBSSports.com examines whether or not the Clippers are just posturing or serious about doing something:

 Though it’s all but a foregone conclusion that Chris Paul will re-sign with the Clippers this summer, rival execs are skeptical that the Clips would risk trading Bledsoe if there’s even the slightest doubt about CP3’s future — not to mention the slightest possibility of an injury to the All-Star MVP that would derail their push to contend for a title this season. Conversations with the Celtics about Kevin Garnett are dormant for now as both teams evaluate their options.


During the crazy season that is the weeks and days leading up to the trade deadline there are rumored deals that makes sense and deals that make anything but sense. Chris Sheridan of Sheridanhoops.com sports his GM camp and came up with five deals that he believes make sense, this Jazz-Spurs swap being the most interesting:

Why it Makes Sense for Utah: They will lose Jefferson for nothing this summer if he leaves as a free agent, and they have a capable starting center in Enes Kanter who is ready to move into a bigger role. They are not fooling themselves into thinking they are a championship contender this season, and they get a return on Jefferson along with a point guard to keep the playmaker seat warm until Mo Williams is ready to return. Kanter/Splitter ain’t bad at center for the next five years. If they do a Paul Millsap deal, too, they trade him for their future PG.

Why it Makes Sense for San Antonio: They upgrade at center from Splitter, whose game has improved considerably, and they get a center whose defensive shortcomings are well-chronicled but can be fixed with the proper prodding from the proper coach, Gregg Popovich. They strengthen what is already the best team in the West, and they get the payoff they were after since the day they hired Scott Layden away from the Jazz to be their assistant GM. They also make a deal with their “incestuous” buddies (explained in the link).

Will It Happen? I lean 60-40 in favor of yes. Jazz can’t lose Jefferson for nothing, and GM Dennis Lindsey was in Spurs’ front office when they got Lorbek’s rights from Pacers in George Hill deal. Lorbek is good.


Both Sheridan and Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld have mentioned the Knicks and Magic having discussions about a potential Iman Shumpert for J.J. Redick deal. But those rumors are being disputed by Shumpert’s agent, Happy Walters, who told CBS New York that it’s all much ado about nothing:

On Monday, Walters, disputed a report from Chris Sheridan of Sheridanhoops.com, which stated the 22-year-old was unhappy with his role and may be pushing for a trade.

“For the record, no one has requested an Iman trade from the Knicks. The report from Chris Sheridan is incorrect,” Walters tweeted. “@sheridanhoops needs to check facts before reporting. As Iman’s agent, you would think I would get a call fact checking a report. Really?”

Walters also said Shumpert’s reported unhappiness with the Knicks was “Totally false.”


Walters isn’t the only one refuting those Knicks-Magic trade reports. Redick told the Orlando Sentinel‘s Josh Robbins that the Magic are open to re-signing him, despite persistent rumors that they are shopping their veteran sharpshooter:

Redick said Magic general manager Rob Hennigan has told him that the team is “open” to re-signing him when he becomes a free agent this summer. Hennigan has stayed in touch with Redick and with Redick’s agent, Arn Tellem, in recent weeks.

“But this is a business. I have to make a business decision. And I know this from experience, regardless of any personal feelings or any emotional attachment to anything, a team is going to do what they feel is best for the team. And there won’t be any hard feelings if I get traded in three days or if they elect not to re-sign me this summer.”

Of course, plenty of time remains before the trade deadline arrives, and a deal for Redick or any of the Magic’s other veteran players still could be put together.

Hennigan, who rarely discusses team personnel issues publicly, has declined opportunities to comment about the team’s plans.

Redick is trying not to think about the possibility that Tuesday night will be his final home game as a member of the Magic.

“You’re dealing with another hypothetical,” Redick said. “I think that the right thing to do is to assume that I’ll be playing here for the Magic on Saturday night against Cleveland.”


Eric Gordon has been here before, in the trade rumors crosshairs, and felt the sting of being dealt. The Clippers moved him to get their hands on Paul. He also signed an offer sheet with the Suns last summer, only to have the Hornets match the offer. So hearing his named tossed around is just a part of the process for the veteran shooting guard, as he explained to Jimmy Smith of the Times-Picayune:

“For any player that goes from team to team, whatever the situation is, it’s all about playing basketball. And it’s good to represent whatever organization you’re in. I’m here. And I look forward to being here. That’s that. Our team is building as one. And we’ll see what goes on from here.

“I’m not really worried about it,” Gordon said. “I’ve just got to go out and play my game and look forward to this week. Whatever happens, happens. It’s happened to be before where I was traded. Business is business. I really don’t worry about that. I’m just focused on this team.”

That’s what everyone says in the final days/hours before the deadline.

What else can they say?


  1. Jr Nets Fan says:





  2. asap says:

    dwight is not going nowhere there are no trade talks talking about him leaving mitch kupchak is not trading him what will happen is josh smith will go to bkn and garnett 4 eric bledsoe and caron butler and drat picks the lakers said gasol might be traded because he’s not healthy with mn pf derrick williams

  3. MAIZANO says:

    kobe wants to get a championship ring again,,so the best option is go to southbeach,,,problem solve!!!!!

  4. kelly says:

    josh smith is going to the brooklyn to play with his old team mate joe jonhson neff said

  5. asdfgkl says:

    walicie kupskiem!!!

  6. Larsenn says:

    Wish JSmoove to leave Atlanta asap just because they do not deserve him.

  7. donkeykong says:

    some posts here are hilarious… the only teams that Howard will resign with are NY/NJ maybe Lopez for Howard would be a good idea. Smith might end up there too for Brooks, Humphries and someone else or draft picks, .they could contend in the years to come and could be a big threat to Miami….

  8. Warrior says:

    Kg let it happen so we get Djorn n Eric from the clips than we can make a deal for josh smith

  9. Jayjoe14 says:

    i’m for big al and tiago trade, you can even include Blair on that package, or they could also go for Garnett rather than Big Al

  10. Darrick says:

    LMAO! at some of these posts!!! First of all anything involving Dwight Howard would only be with 3 teams…posibly 4. Brooklyn, Dallas, Atlanta…and possibly Houston. HE’S NOT RESIGNING WITH ANYONE ELSE…..I’m an Ultimate laker fan. I say make a deal with Brooklyn (include Artest) . Thats where he (Howard) wants to be anyway. I would get as athletic as possible (Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, 1st round pick…bench help) find another team to get involved and take Brook Lopez. Bring Gasol back next year as our center, surround him with athletes, make a good sound pick (replacement for Nash…athletic point guard) and come back next year ready to roll

  11. Aussie Bulls says:

    Three way trade between Hawks, Lakers and Nets.

    Hawks get Brook Lopez
    Lakers get Josh Smith
    Nets get Dwight Howard

    Maybe a couple of other role players/draft picks/cash thrown in.
    Brook Lopez could be substituted for Deron Williams or someone else.

  12. Trade Gasol and MWP to atlanta for j smith including kyle korver and devin harris they need him in the system of D antoni

  13. LA FAKERS says:

    i think MIIAMI HEAT will be the 2013 NBA CHAMPION.. no one can stop them,when the regular season ends, miami will become much tougher, they had a better center and power forward in the league.. they had anthony,haslem,birdman and bosh..their bench also contribute all they long especially cole,allen,miller,battier and jones.. so gudluck to all the teams that are trying to beat the heat;)

  14. Garry F says:

    Quote: “While Bryant and Howard aren’t close, no rift exists between them, either”

    We have seen this before with Kobe and Shaq. Apart from Bynum it must have something to do with All Star Centres that call themselves Superman. Haha.


  16. Mr. T says:

    Trade DH12 to the Rockets for a washing machine……..PROBLEM SOLVED!!!

  17. The Oracle's Arena says:

    Damn I’m dissapointed in D12 he is not a champ at heart… he is a physical freak … but no champion… he must be a role player for a team to win… LA should’ve traded him for a draft pick…

  18. Uncle Drew says:

    The Lakers GM made a mistake by not trading Gasol for Josh Smith at the start of the season. Now they have 20 million down the drain and they will miss out on Josh Smith, who I think could’ve fixed a lot of their issues earlier in the year. And Atlanta gets another skilled big man to go along with Horford.

  19. Ddub says:


    This could be good for both team, young Ross for ATL, maybe throw in some picks.

  20. dre says:


  21. tirik says:

    trade dwight howard for josh smith

  22. Faran says:

    Toronto does not want Howard period. Thanks. Who ever gets him I feel sorry for them

  23. mik24 says:

    Get rid of Howard,Blake and 1st round pick to get… Josh smith, Lou williams and kyle korver…from atlanta

    Try to get JJ.hickson from the blazers… Trade Duhon and MWP (he’s old)

    starting Unit
    PG- Nash
    SG- Bryant
    SF- Clark
    PF- J.Smoove
    C- Gasol (Hickson can play C while gasol’s injured)

    2nd Unit
    PG- Lou Williams
    SG- Meeks
    SF- Kyle Korver
    PF- Jamison
    C- JJ.Hickson

  24. Matti says:

    All I’m saying is this, it’s all up to the General managers to make these deals. Im a Celtic fan, if Kevin doesn’t want to waive his no-trade clause then he stays at Boston. Dwight should’ve stayed at Orlando. But it will be a Good trade if one of the General managers acquires Josh Smith in a trade and sign him to a long term extension cause later they would be a title contender and a threat to Miami, OKC and other top teams in the NBA. We just have to sit back and wait to see what happens.

  25. mik24 says:

    TRADE HOWARD+Blake+duhon+round picks.. for SMITH+ LOU WILLIAMS+kyle korver!!! gasol can finally play his game! to be Centre position!.. Nash and Smith I think will be better combo! plus smith Can play All position and he Can shoot mid range jumpers! ..and Williams will back up Nash for point and is a good 3 point shooter.. korver great 3 point shooter..damn..

    Starting Lineup:
    PG- Nash
    SG- Bryant
    SF- MWP
    PF- Smith
    C- Gasol

    2nd Unit: (lack of defense on 2nd unit but can provide scoring w/ lou and all the 3 pointers)
    PG- Williams
    SG- Meeks
    SF- Korver
    PF- Jamison
    C- (supposed to be J.Hill) but his injured.. so whomever.. you can put Sacre or Jamison.. MWP can play PF for defense.

    you guys with me???

    • mik24 says:

      Lol I Forgot about Earl Clark

      starting line up:
      PG- Nash
      SG- Bryant
      SF- MWP
      PF- Jsmoove
      C-Gasol (while injured play jamison)

      2nd unit.
      PG- Williams
      SG- Meeks
      SF- Korver
      PF- Clark
      C- Jamison (or sacre)

  26. djvictor says:

    they should trade josh smith to the 76ers
    76ers=josh smith,dreft pick
    hawks= spencer hawes, thaddeus young,lavoy allen or a draft pick

    the starting line up for the 76ers would be nasty
    Jrue Holiday,Even Turner,Nick Young,Josh Smith, and Andrew Bynum

  27. Dan says:

    i reckon Boston should KG for bledsoe and deandre and then trade bledsoe for millsap since they were rumors of that and then try and trade millsap for jsmith so the jazz get a young point guard, the hawks get a cheaper power forward and the celtics get josh smith who would work well with rondo

  28. J Call says:

    There is no way in hell the Jazz are going to trade Jefferson for Splitter. First, its a definite down grade. Second, Jefferson may be a free agent at the end of the season, but the Jazz need a PG not another forward/center. The Jazz have the best front court in the league, they will not ditch Jefferson unless it means improving their back court; especially in finding a PG that can score.

  29. KingKong says:

    Howard to D-League. He will mature there.

  30. KnickerbockerAl says:

    Jefferson to Spurs. Its what Tim needs. Do it. Iman aint going anywhere. Knicks need to keep D players. Iman has a nice future imo.

  31. bigzy26 says:

    Lakers need to trade mwp, ebanks and duhon… for a late 1st round pick and a ok younger player.. sign a young center.. sign jj hickson in the off season…Next season , trade gasol for a young point guard or shooting guard

  32. jarrod says:

    if atlanta did a deal with toronto they would get back something good in return josh smith goes to toronto and the hawks get back terence ross jonas valencinci ( sorry about spelling ) and bargarni atlanta might have to throw in some one else because of cap room and salary wise but toronto need a big man to get them in the playoff run

  33. aintdointhat says:

    Dwight is either injured or a bum

  34. Brady says:

    I was just thinking, what about Cleveland making a trade for Josh Smith? The duo of Kyrie Irving and Josh Smith would be one of the best 1-2 punches in the NBA. Could even take the Cavs to the playoffs.


    i don’t like josh smith to be traded in brooklyn nets. giving up players to only one team is biased and unfair…first it was joe and now its josh… is it the relocation of the atlanta in brooklyn?..i like him in houston or milwaukee, playoff teams that could get better..

  36. qwertyuiop says:

    trade josh smith and louis williams for pau gasol

  37. slezz10 says:

    I wouldnt mind that trade if they gave us T. Ross instead of Landry and a couple of first round picks. Amir Johnson is breaking out this year and physically is impressing.

  38. L.A. Mike says:

    Would a josh smith for gasol and Clark deal work?

    • marthy Wren says:

      no cause the lakers are not going to trade clark, they would be STUPID. i think jim buss is not that stupid. gasol maybe but i think he always fit well with the lakers. personally i think nash and howard dont fit the team.

  39. DANNY MANNING says:


  40. G says:

    Josh Smith IN LAL

  41. Dave says:

    The jazz are not going to trade their pretty much franchise centerpiece( Al Jefferson ) for a player of Tiago Spilliter’s calliber. Let’s face it the Jazz are taking a risk by not trading Al, they might lose him this summer in free agency.

  42. Jessie says:

    Yahoo just reported:

    The Toronto Raptors are putting a trade offer together to bring Dwight Howard north of the border. Players included in the trade will be Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields and Amir Johnson. A second Laker role player will be included in the trade, as well future draft picks.

  43. TheFInn says:

    Easy solution if Dwight Howard for Josh Smith simple

  44. DLEEEEE says:

    if the lakers dont make the playoffs, and the clippers dont make the finals, cp3 and dwight will both want to leave. since atlanta is clearing space and have loads of money now, ive heard from many sources that dwight will be a hometown hero. cp3 has always dreamt of playing with dwight, so if this all adds up, cp3 and dwight are going to be in ATLANTA for the next season

    • marthy Wren says:

      i doubt it he said already that he do not want to play for the hawks aka his hometown. in that case why trade smith when ur going to get the same player?

  45. Patty says:


    • marthy Wren says:

      i agree i think if he is with the right team he could a very dangerous man on defense

      • Mr.ManSirGuy says:

        i agree with the both of u! if the lakers land Josh Smith! they wont just make the playoffs…they might even win the west! 🙂 ohhh n if they find some bench pieces as well!

  46. marthy Wren says:

    Honestly i would do a three way trade for this. I still like the fact in seeing howard or smith in Brooklyn. I would trade humphries, brooks, evans for d howard and smith. humphries and brooks to L.A. and evans and a first round pick to the hawks. i know yall saying what about the salary cap. but we do have a billionaire owner who would just literally eat up the luxury tax like it is nothing. thats what i would do. D howard at PF/C Brook Lopez C Smith SF Joe Johnson SG Williams PG. but i know this wont happen so i would like to see howard go to the nets. they run a offense smiliar to the triangle and i think he will be ok. cause look how they got lopez playing with that offense.

  47. dj rgm9 says:

    This time now is not a good time to trade important pieces from the Lakers,if they trade Howard they have no center because also Gasol injury’s plays a part too (still 6 weeks out at least)!The Lakers organisation has been taking a big risk with Howard(1 year contract )hes gonna be the face of Lakers& he’s not at 100% now.Very important for Lakers to try Howard keep Howard in LA and give him a 2 or 3year deal next season,Howard gonna be back playing 90% of his capacity next season!For the moment he’s still playing at 65% of his capacity,keep him and the rest too!This is not the moment for Lakers to make deals,stick just with anyone on LA,the biggest problem is still D’Antoni.He’s not the coach to lett the team gel together, end of story!!!

  48. big boi says:

    go to dallas Dwight they need a center man for title.

  49. ryan says:

    76ers= josh smith
    hawks= thaddeus young, spencer hawes, lavoy allen or a draft pick

    nets=josh smith
    hawks= marshon brooks,kris humphries, draft pick

  50. Sentral says:

    Trade Howard for a future 3rd round pick.

  51. Joel says:

    Why not have a player for player trade? How about the Lakers give up Howard to New York Knicks for Stoudemire? both teams can do well with that trade..

  52. zaddison says:

    Hawks should trade Josh Smith to New Orleans for E. Gordon & Lopez

  53. beyKrewz says:

    Bargnani/Johnson/Fields for Howard and another team involved makes sense.
    i’m just laughing at what ‘critics’ here are commenting that it’s an impossible trade.
    There’s no guarantee that DH stays in LA and Toronto wants Bargnani out and is willing to sacrifice Amir who has greatly improved and Landry who is a solid defender.

    come on,there’s a lot of rumors about this weeks before the allstar break.
    do your research.

  54. The Batosai says:

    Well I am from toronto if the rumor trade happens that would help toronto out big time, Dwight is not 100% yet he needs more time but he is slowly progressing. I am also a laker fan, those 3 players would help the lakers big time we have no depth on the bench.

    compare sanantonio or dallas bench to lakers its sad to say the least my lakers need help.

    If toronro and the lakers want to make playoffs a great trade needs to happen now, trade Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields for Kevin lowe toronto is the right fit for him. Toronto would be playoff bound.

    We do lose another 3 point shooter thou.

  55. Gerhard says:

    It is way too simple, trade Howard for Smith and let Gasol play center. Atlanta will get one of the best Cs in the game and finally Horford can play PF. everybody wins

  56. rei ragnar says:

    not likely to happen..

  57. Zianeel says:

    d raptors r gonna pick either smith or howard

    • Tyrone says:

      Only way that can happen is if Raptors would amnesty one of their overpaid guys (i’m refering to bargnani) to get smith. But that itsn’t likely going to happen

  58. MSBTG says:

    Knicks should try to make this trade it would benefit them a lot.
    Stat and Iman shumpert or Jr. Smith for Josh Smith and Kyle Korver, both teams would really benefit

    • The Batosai says:

      Well I am from toronto if the rumor trade happens that would help toronto out big time, Dwight is not 100% yet he needs ore time but he is alowly progressing. I am also a laker fan, those 3 players would help the lakers big time we have no depth on the on the bench.

      If toronro and the lakers want to make playoffs a great trade needs to happen now

  59. two says:

    john wall for howard

  60. VIC says:


    • JM says:

      Hell no.

      The one thing the Wiz need to keep in place is the Wall-Beal duo. Sure Howard’s one of the league’s best players, but you have to think about what the team needs. That’s why in a few minutes the Wizards’ starting lineup will be Wall/Beal/Josh Smith/Nene/Okafor.

  61. Denis says:

    Trade Howard for Kevin Love!!! Gasol for Rondo 🙂

  62. 4dawyn says:

    howard might have skill but with his attitude he is just worth a couple of bench players and some 2nd round draft pick in my opinion…

  63. lyust says:

    Lakers have to trade Dwight, but they won’t. And they will have hard time trading Gasol because of his injury.

    Josh Smith is going to be traded, the Hawks have no other choice.

  64. NJ_Nets says:

    Normally, I wouldn’t believe a random comment like that… but with a name like “Da Beaver”, what’s not to trust?

  65. Another trade rumor

    Possible trade going on between Dallas and Lakers. Dwight Howard for Elton Brand, Rodrigue Beaubois, and cash. . .

  66. Paul says:

    If this is true (raptors) then it means they are giving up on Valanciunas. WHo has been playing well since he healed from the broken finger injury. Unless they are planning to start him at PF spot which probably wouldn’t work out since he is a true center and the raptors would have the same 2 center problem as the Lakers do. Still I that trade would be great for the raptors.

  67. Sarge says:

    As a Spurs fan, I’m not sure I like the idea of trading Tiago for Jefferson at all. I realize that, from an offensive and skills standpoint, Jefferson is the better player. But I’m not sure he brings the right skill set to the Spurs. I don’t think he’ll fit all that well, and we’ll end up with _another_ Jefferson that doesn’t quite work out.

    Now, if we could somehow get him without giving up Tiago… all bets are off. But I don’t see that happening.

    • RG says:

      i agree. i’m not giving up Splitter in the deal. looking at what Sheridan came up with in that scenario (Jefferson for Splitter, Jackson, De Colo/Mills, rights to Lorbek, and a 1st round pick), that’s way too much to give up for one player. not gonna happen. take out Splitter and the 1st round pick, add someone else that would help match the salary, and then i would probably go for it. and i don’t get why would the Jazz would want to take in Splitter when they want more playing time for Favors and Kanter, while still having Millsap on the team (if he doesn’t get traded). i just don’t see it happening. i honestly would rather stand pat, and wait for the waiver deadline to see if a veteran player gets waived.

  68. Ross says:

    Da_Beaver that trade makes no sense, the Lakers would be getting barely anything for a player as good as Dwight Howard

    • Costa says:

      Howard becomes unrestricted free agent this summer.That means that any team he doesnt want to sign in the summer will lose him.

      Why would they give anything for Howard and not wait and get him for free on summer.Lakers gave a cripple and got an immature kid ,thats the story.They are not trading him and he is leaving summer.

  69. Da_Beaver says:

    This just in…

    The Toronto Raptors are putting a trade offer together to bring Dwight Howard north of the border. Players included in the trade will be Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields and Amir Johnson. A second Laker role player will be included in the trade, as well future draft picks.

    • 94302gt50 says:

      Yeaaa….No not happening. So Howard and a role player for those three guys? Who are they?

    • Mytownla says:

      Its funny how you post this without stating where you heard this from, to back up your findings, knowing thats what ppl are going to wonder upon reading this very possible bs you just wrote smh

    • Jeffrey says:

      I doubt this trade would actually go down.. WOuld be cool to see on the Toronto side of things however

      • Patty says:



      • Not a Dwight fan says:

        I wouldn’t trade Amir for practically ANYONE. That second Laker better be good! Anyways, this trade ain’t happening. PEOPLE, his name’s “DA BEAVER”…..clearly a Canadian with dreams of grandeur.

    • jm13 says:

      They would have to do a three team deal to move Howard…..

    • this guy says:

      you odviously dont watch basketball so get off this site please and thank you

    • Florida says:

      You meant for this season or next season.. I do not think it will happen this season .