Paul’s MVP Signifies Something Greater for Clips


HOUSTON – The moment was Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers winning All-Star MVP on Sunday night, getting 20 points, 15 assists and four steals in the West’s 143-138 victory at Toyota Center and then getting eight of 12 votes for the top individual award.

In other news, the moment doesn’t matter.

It was fun and even a little historic, Paul becoming the first Clippers player since Randy Smith of the franchise’s Buffalo Braves era to grab an MVP at the midseason showcase. But the best sign about the Clippers at the break is that they have a chance to render an award from an exhibition game close to meaningless. They don’t need Paul beating out Kobe Bryant (two votes) and Kevin Durant (one each) for a credibility boost. The Clippers have the same Paul to thank for that, the way he moved an entire franchise forward just by signaling his intention to stay long term if management brought him in from New Orleans.

Paul is entirely a big-picture topic, down to how he has successfully muted any potential distraction over his free-agent future by strongly indicating at the start of the season he would re-sign in the summer 2013. He is leadership and superstar play.

And now there is this: On the same weekend he was winning MVP honors and Blake Griffin was putting together a dunk highlight reel en route to 19 points on 9-for-11 shooting, sources said the Clippers are not expected to make a deal before the Thursday trade deadline. Certainly not a major one, of the Kevin Garnett variety, as has been speculated.

That could obviously change – they fell into Nick Young at the 2012 deadline when the Nuggets and Wizards needed a third team to complete the Nene-JaVale McGee exchange. But every indication at the moment is that the Clippers are moving forward with who they have.

Their best player had already re-established himself as the premier point guard in the game, whether or not he played well Sunday. That Paul did adds another positive layer to the season, though, and there is never anything wrong with that around a franchise that for too many years had been dragging itself through the gloom. Having an All-Star MVP means something more to them.

“Pretty special, pretty special,” Paul said afterward. “It’s something I’ve never done. And it’s something that definitely coming into the game I wasn’t trying to achieve or thinking that it might even be possible. I told KD [Durant] early in the first quarter, I said, ‘Man, if they score anything, you run. I’ll get you the ball. You score. I want to be the one to give it to you.’ In games like this, it’s so up-tempo and fast-paced, a guy like me that’s a facilitator, I enjoy [it].”

It was a good moment, even if it didn’t matter. One of many that have come this season for Paul and the Clippers. Possibly, they hope, one that will be pushed to the background by what comes next.


  1. theholyspectator says:

    people praising kobe for blocking king james twice…how come kobe couldnt and didnt do that when miami played them twice this year and beat em? all star game people…relax…lol…back to the nba life..lebron gonna win his 4th mvp and his 2nd ring…resume hatred

  2. Logic says:

    Lol this was pretty much Kobe’s only chance to go at LeBron because he won’t be able to do that in a regular season game and he will definitely not meet him in the Finals. His time is running out.

  3. Rocks says:

    Being MJ fan made me to appreciate Kobe more than Lebron. But what Kobe was trying to prove on the AllStar game was uncalled for. Yes, it’s competition but it’s still AllStar. Why defend Lebron like it’s the finals? I don’t think we got the message he was trying to send. Imagine if everybody stepped up their D to that level. It was going to be boring. Anyway, CP3 deserve the MVP award. Good for him, good for his fans, good inspiration for other PGs and good for the LAC. Way to go!!!

  4. italexpress says:

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  5. CHamP agaIN says:

    I only say HEAT REPEAT FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  6. Sponz says:

    It’s cute that Laker fans still have something to cheer about

  7. Wise Dude says:

    The NBA needs to bring hand checking back into the game and allow for very physical play. I don’t like when players just fly to thevrim and dunk with no ine trying to stop them. If you try to block a player these days, the ref call a foul on you quickly, its ridiculous
    Some of today’s players would have been great in the 90s but they wouldn’t be shooting 60% for 6 straight games in a row. Defenses were tougher and easy buckets were hard to come by, you had to earn your buckets. Nowadays, guys shoot 60% without sweat, they still look fresh and without sweat after playing for 48 mins. What a joke !!

  8. Isaaac says:

    Lebron fans just gots to chill! Kobe is still the Mamba, don’t be surprised when he pulls out the odd block, the old dawg still got his hops.

  9. joelg27 says:

    Kobe’s blocks to LeBron is non-sense! He should have done it in the 2 games they played this season. 😀

  10. Joel Gaspar says:

    LeBron will bag another regular season’s MVP!

    • Patty says:



      • Logic says:

        Stop typing in capitals. It’s only more annoying and makes me NOT read your comment because it looks stupid.

  11. TV63 says:

    CP3 played well. Good for him. I’m glad he won it and not KD. He shared the ball and that’s what it is all about. But even more impressive not mentioned is Coach Pop. He coached to win and put in his best players unlike Spoelstra whose ego got in the way. You can’t make someone something they are not. Bosh is not a PG. Result: Guards jacking up 3’s and not feeding the BIGS = Eastern COnference loses again. CP3 was the best player on the court and should be rewarded.

  12. amitpal says:

    Chris paul is my favorite player but I never thought he would win the all star mvp. I was pretty sure kd was going to win it again. Oh well what matters is the playoffs and the regular season mvp and that one I hope chris paul or kd wins it. These two guys r really deserving. Not to say that lebron james doesnt deserve one but lebron james does have better players around him then both chris and kevin. On top of that lebron is in the worst division. The teams they play four times a year r the worst team in the nba with the magic bobcats and wizards. That should be 12 easy wins riggt tgere.

    • sirsparhawk says:

      You are so right. Lebron is great, but MVp shouldnt be about personal stats and should go to one of the top teams in the NBA, Sure thats heat atm but like you said they play in the east, not a very strong division either. CP3 and Durant have worse surrounding casts and still play just as good if not better than the heat. CP3 imo deserves it more but Durant is having a career high year so its tough. Definitely my favorite PG and SF in the league.

      • Game Time says:

        No way. James has a cast equal to both Paul and Durant but nothing overly greater. Paul has the best bench in the league, with one of the top 5 PF, and now Chauncey. Durant has a talented young team that when compared with a bit older Miami team, they are pretty much the same…minus rings lmao.

      • Sponz says:

        Not sure if I agree with the supporting cast comments. Granted the heat have Bosh, Wade and Allen…..but who after that is a difference maker? Then lets look at OKC. Westbrook, Ibaka, Martin and then credible guys such as Collison, Sef and Perkins. Too many names to mention on the LAC team….but for instance lets say: Griffin, Butler, Jordan, Bledsoe, Crawford. If we’re really saying that it’s about the top teams in the NBA and not personal stats, shouldn’t Tony Parker get the award?

  13. Joshua Greenfarb says:

    If I recall correctly, it appeared that at halftime of the All Star game, Kobe Bryant went to shake Shaq’s hand and was sweating profusely. Kevin Durant was walking right next to him and looked like he didn’t even break a sweat. K. Bryant was playing like it was a real regular season game. This is just too funny.

    • W/E says:

      its beucase he is almost 35, Kobe is old and he gets tired more easily than KD

    • LakersWillWin says:

      No, it’s because Kobe is the ULTIMATE competitor. That is what is so grea tabout him, even if he has the worst game you know he went out there and gave everything he had on the court. That is the greatness of Kobe Bryant people are blind to.

      • Hm says:

        The greatness of Kobe Bryant is that he goes all out in an All-Star game?

        You don’t know how silly that sounds.

    • Patty says:


  14. feelazone says:

    What a story in the all-star game 2013:

    CP3 became MVP;
    Bryant blocked LBJ twice;
    Howard for three (despite he can’t shoot free throws in regular season);
    LBJ written history (30+ points at 60%+ shooting) can’t be applied in the all-star game;
    West wins three straight all-star game.

    That’s the reason why i followed CP3 from NOH to LAC. I like the way he play. Hope LAC will be champ this year.
    Btw, it’s an all-star game, like it’s showtime, more sportsmanship, like it’s a break for the beast players of NBA.

    I enjoy watching. I’m the avid fan of NBA.

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Bryant blocked LBJ twice? Like that would ever happen in a real regular season game. Lebron looked like he was just messin’ around when Bryant blocked his shot.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        LOL no he didnt, he was trying to make a shot. Kobe just blocked him. Get over it. Doesnt matter either way, Durant outplayed Lebron this time around.

      • Game Time says:

        You could totally tell Lebron wasn’t playing as hard as Kobe. Bryant used up all he had just to do that lmao. Would be nice to see him play such good defense in a regular season game.

        @Sirsparhawk, LMAO Durant can have all the great All-Star games he wants because James is focused on winning it all.

      • Patty says:




    • sirsparhawk says:

      Agreed, CP3 is boss, Possibly the best pointguard in nba history, atleast imo. best part about his game is the fact that he can score as well as anyone, and yet chooses not too. Kobe take notes.