Live Blog: All-Star Saturday Night

HOUSTON — State Farm All-Star Saturday night is minutes away from lift off. Nick Cannon and Rob Nice are hosting the in-arena festivities.

I don’t know what everyone else came to see, but for me, All-Star Saturday night is always about the finale. It’s a chance for someone to etch their name in All-Star lore with a mercurial performance in the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, much like that fella wearing No. 23 above did back in 1987.

Some of the All-Stars made their own predictions, several of them, assuming that James “Flight” White will rise above the crowd and do the most damage on his way to the title.

But first up we have the Sears Shooting Stars competition. I’m going with Team [James] Harden and the hometown advantage (he’s rolling with Sam Cassell, a man anyone would want on their team requires you to make clutch shots. (Team Westbrook should be dangerous, though, with Robert Horry and Maya Moore rocking with Russell Westbrook.)

— 8:37 — Team Westbrook handled business with the fastest time at 29.5 seconds. Team Harden kicked it off with a 37.9 as the West finished their business.

— 8:44 — Dominique Wilkins still has the touch. Knocks down the 3-ball for Team Bosh. They needed 50 seconds to finish, though.

— 8:45 — What’s up with Brook Lopez shooting 3-pointers like free throws? 1:07 for Team Lopez.  The East is down 20-0 going into the championship.

— 8:47 — So much for prediction. Team Bosh and Team Westbrook squaring advance and ready to square off in the championship round.

— 8:52 — I root for Swin Cash in whatever she does. Too bad she’s stuck on a team with Bosh and ‘Nique instead of say, myself and John Schuhmann … 1:29 for them in the championship round. The pressure is on Team Westbrook.)

— 8:54 — Team Westbrook can’t get it done. Team Bosh gets the win and Nique gets the MVP for knocking down both of his team’s half court shots. As my man Randy Moss would say, Straight (Swin) Cash Homie!

— 8:56 — Team Bosh collects the first hardware of the night in the Sears Shooting Stars. Nique is feeling good. Says he wants in on the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, too. (I’m kidding.)

— 8:58 — Gold medal winners from London, both men and women, getting some love on the big stage between events.


— 9:03 — Sounds like the dude from the Price is Right is reading off the rules for this event. I’m ignoring him and checking the shoe game of the contestants. Jeremy Lin kicks are wicked. Need to see an up-close shot.

— 9:05 — Hawks guard Jeff Teague clocks a 49.4, couldn’t get his passes or his 3-pointer from the top of the arc down. And he had the nerve to blow his final shot, going for the layup instead of the dunk. Later son.

— 9:06 — Pistons guard Brandon Knight learns from Teague’s mistakes and finishes with a dunk and a 32.2.

— 9:08 — Sixers guard Jrue Holiday rocks it with a 29.3. Made it look effortless. One of my favorite young players in the league. West has to beat 1:50.9 to topple the East in the contest.

— 9:12 — Jeremy Lin finishes in 35.8 but could have finished faster. He was stylin’ for the home crowd.

— 9:13 — Damian Lillard rips the course in the fastest time of the night so far, 28.8.

— 9:15 — Defending champ Tony Parker bows out with a 48.7. The East picks up 30 points thanks to Lin and Parker. Knight and Lillard move on to the championship round.

–9:17 — Alicia Keys gets some jumbotron love (she’s sitting next to Spike Lee). She looks marvelous, of course. We need to get her to do a theme song, “Hang Time is on fire!”

— 9:20 — Holiday with a 35.6, but Lillard snags a 29.8 for the win, 10 more points for the West and a trophy to go alongside that T-Mobile Rookie of the Year trophy he’s going to get in a few months. Well done young fella, the first rookie to win the event.

— 9:24 — East leads the west 40-30 after two events. They are playing for $500,000 in cash for charity.


— 9:32 — I had no idea this Phillip Phillips cat (or band, I’m not sure) sang this song. That’s my jam. I don’t watch American Idol, though, so I didn’t connect the dots. He smashed that performance.

— 9:35 — Steph Curry just warmed up from the corner rack and knocked down the first four without even looking at the basket. Ridiculous. Save some for the contest fella!

— 9:40 — Curry started slow but finished like … well, a Curry. He nets 17 points and Ryan Anderson is up next. He goes off from the start but struggles at the end, finishing with 18. Matt Bonner closes out the order for the West. His shooting stroke is awkward. But he finishes with 19 points, for a total teams score of 54.

— 9:46 — These Knicks kid reporters have stolen the show, clowning everyone and Nick Cannon on the big stage. You gotta love the kids.

— 9:52 — Kyrie Irving forgot to take his warm up shirt off and still finished with 18. And as you might expect, he knocked down his money ball on the last rack to beat the buzzer. Paul George is up next. Love this cat but he’s in the wrong contest. Maybe he meant to sign up for the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest? Steve Novak has to make up for PG’s 10. Novak finishes with 17 and the West wins the 40 points. Bonner and Irving for the title. Who picked those two for the final round? I had Curry and Novak. I’m done with the prediction business tonight.

— 10:02 — Kyrie just put on a show. Knocked down eight of his first nine and 17 of his first 18 shots before finishing with 23, two shy of the record. He even got LeBron James up out of his seat during his wicked stretch. Kid is on his championship grind. Bonner goes for 20. The Cavaliers might still be a lottery team but at least they’ve got Kyrie!


— 10:07 — Fall Out Boy is on stage and they must be from Chicago because they are wearing their Jordan throwbacks. Rock stars love skinny jeans and tattoos more than NBA youngsters. Now they’ve got 2 Chainz up here with them and he’s singing the hook after doing his rap verse. The Sprite Slam Dunk Contest participants come out while they remain on stage.

— 10:16 — Rudy Tomjanovich, Dikembe Mutombo, Yao Ming, Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler are the judges tonight. Houston’s hoops Mt. Rushmore?

— 10:20 — Houston’s own Gerald Green kicks off the contest with a perfect 50 on his first dunk, a reverse tomahawk dunk where he had to duck his head or risk a concussion after he bumped his head on the rim. Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

— 10:22 — James “Flight” White with the 45 on the two-handed runaway dunk from a step inside the free throw line. He missed his first attempt. Had he made it, the 50 would have been a lock.

— 10:24 — Terrence Ross gets an A for persistence, finally making a behind-the-back 180 after five misses. That was generous for a dude who missed that many dunks.

— 10:26 — Kenneth Faried nets a 39 for a 360 off-the-backboard dunk that looked way better on the replay than it did in real time.

— 10:28 — Eric Bledsoe missed his more aggressive between-the-legs dunk four times before opting for something a little easier to complete. He matched Faried’s 39.

— 10:29 — Jeremy Evans bags a 47 with an assist from Mark Eaton, he jumped over the big man’s head while the former Jazz center was sitting and holding a ball.

— 10:31 — Kevin Hart and Cannon are doing their stand up routine while clowning the All-Star’s baby pictures. I’m going home and burning every baby picture in the house!

Round 2

— 10:35 — Flight White’s inability to dribble the ball up the floor is going to cost him the title. He’s got all the hops in the world. But he has to go back to the lab and work on the handles. He botched his second dunk attempt and during the allotted 90 seconds and ended up missing his one untimed attempt. That 32 should end his night.

— 10:40 — Green just cut the nets out and is attempting to dunk it twice. Loving the idea. But this is a tough one, even for the cupcake dunker. And now we have to wait for someone to find the replacement nets for this rim. He timed out as well and then missed his untimed attempt for a matching 32. Somebody get Nique some shoes.

— 10:45 — Ross only needs a 33 to represent the East. Just do something normal and you are in. Hang time … he’s got a 49 and moves into the final. There is going to be some serious complaining about this format.

— 10:47 — Faried with a 50 for his between the legs jam after just two steps. Is it me or do the 50s get tossed around rather liberally these days.

— 10:48 — Bledsoe with a 50 of his own for the sick reverse windmill off the bounce.

— 10:49 — Evans dunks two balls but with no authority whatsoever, collects his 43 and advances from the West. There won’t be a whole lot of debating about what went on here.

— 10:53 — Judging by the looks on the faces of former dunk champions sitting around the floor, they’re not impressed with what they have seen tonight. Power used to be a dunk contest staple. Now the apparent degree of difficulty has trumped raw power. I’m trying to be diplomatic tonight. I’m going to need some time to digest what we’ve seen tonight before I start shredding these performances.


— 10:56 — Evans goes over a the cloaked painting of himself jumping over a cloaked painting of himself dunking and then he signs it. Nice touch but I’d have been more impressed if he snatched the cloak off the painting on his way up.

— 10:58 — Ross throws down a grimy leaning reverse jam that Rockets forward Terrence Jones bounced off the side of the backboard. Arguably the second best dunk of the night behind Green’s first attempt in Round 1.

— 11:01 — Evans has outlandish hops. Jumping over Dahntay Jones and doing his own version of the Jumpman pose showed off just how ridiculous his vertical is folks. RIDICULOUS!

— 11:03 — Ross trumps him with a between-the-legs, jump over the ball boy dunk that should seal the crown for the Raptors rookie.

— 11:06 — Ross takes the title. He made up for his rough start to the competition by bring out his best when it matter most. The West won the night, though, finishing with 140 points to the East’s 125.

Let the debate rage on about the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest, though. Because no one leaves the Toyota Center tonight feeling like we saw the absolute best of the best ply their trade in this contest. Someone out there, someone hungry and creative, needs to step up. MJ and Nique aren’t walking through that door!


  1. IkonTheHologram says:

    The dunk contest was not really exciting.
    The judges were not good also. Man some of the dunks got 50 so easy. For example I can’t believe that Ross’s dunk got 50 in the first round. Compared to Gerald Green’s first dunk, it definitely didn’t deserve 50. Did you all see how Green easily performed his first dunk, and it was hard, and his head was above the rim? Now THAT was 50. No other dunk in the first round was up for 50. If only Green did that second dunk in time, I’m sure he had sth special in the second round.
    But Ross is a great dunker, he just didn’t deserve 50 in the first round, but deserved a win afterwards.
    Also, but this is a story for itself, I CAN’T BELIEVE that Jeremy Evans is even competing in the dunk contest, not to mention that he had won it the last year. He has some good ideas, but really, did any one of you ever saw him jump as high as Gerald Green, Blake Griffin, or (even) Ross? He has long arms, and is even taller than most of the competitors in the dunk contest, that’s why he can perform his dunks successfully. But I HAVE NEVER seen him jump as high as MANY of them out there!

  2. W/E says:

    Man the dunk contest is going downhill, doesnt even worth mentioning most of the dunks were so plain and boring it gets worse every year, god i knew it James White got old he could write history if he was 5 years younger but he lost his insane athleticism the guy could go between the legs and windmill beyond the free throw line when he was younger…what a disappointment that dunk contest was

  3. Jit says:

    Explain to me how the West wins again, when the East took 3 of the four trophies. That point system is totally garbage, much like this years Slam Dunk Comp

  4. Anthony says:

    Dunk contest was pretty boring through out…..except for the last round. I expect much better dunks during All Star Game tomorrow than the ones tonight. Blake Griffin, Kobe’s due for a flashback at the All Star Game after that monster dunk over the whole Nets Organization , oh and the King. Need i say more.

  5. mosgov says:

    you know they are just making it up to the raptors for stealing those two from derozan and all those games the refs stole this is the make up call..are the raptors going on espn now?

  6. wanted: superstar says:


  7. TheUfo says:

    the best dunk of the night was gerald green’s first dunk, he could have easily won this if wasnt for his stupid second dunk…

  8. Ronnetta says:

    NBA yeah hope i win btw im only 12 years old

  9. aaron says:

    sorry but Terrence Ross’ off the side of the backboard 180 windmill w/ the Vince Carter jersey on tooo was the best dunk of the night…other great ones but no 1 guy had a fantastic series of dunks. But Ross deserved it

  10. Blaine Seipert says:

    WEAK!!!!! The contest is rigged!! Nick Cannon was handed the results envelope with more than 10 seconds left on the “fan” voting line. This All Star Saturday night was the worst in my memory and now that I know that the NBA is fixing the outcomes, it will be the last that I watch.

  11. Needs change says:

    Slam Dunk NEEDS CHANGE!!! The way it goes year after year seems ugly!!! Some basic rules must change and the competitors must embrace the glory of this moment, BUT seems that many of them just want to get rid of it…what a shame!!!

  12. Jared Garson says:

    I voted for Ross

  13. Barbie says:

    Anybody who can paint a pic and then jump over there painted pic has style and needs major points!!!!!!

  14. Nba joe Ike says:

    Told me to reply for a reward

  15. Branden says:

    Yo the dunk over the kid plus between the legs… He killed it with that last dunk

  16. gregg says:

    we are to the point that the NBA Slam Duke is just not as exciting as it used when Jordan and Spud Webb were in the competition. NBA you to just go back to allowing the guys to just make up their own dunks and get back to the purity of the the skill of the player and His own imagination and feel of the Dunk!!!!

  17. Nima Kormi says:


  18. Gabriel Tejeda says:


  19. millsmatrix says:

    The dunking contest is boring….

  20. O.B.Son says:

    Chuck need to push up on a ring.. lil

  21. O.B.Son says:

    Chuck need to push up on a ring.. lil

  22. jalen says:

    Its about to start lets go!!!!

  23. anthony says:

    Watching NBA ALL STAR competition, good skill comp and 3point shooting lineup but come onnnnnnn slam dunk contest!!! NO BLAKE GRIFFIN, LEBRON JAMES, KOBE OR KD???? OLD SCHOOL IS THE BEST WITH MJ, DOMINICK WILSON, KEMP, WEBB, VINCE CARTER, SO ON….SMH