D12: ‘This Is My Life…My Career…My Legacy’


HOUSTON — The NBA rolled out all 24 All-Stars for a brief media session Saturday morning, lining them up in directors chairs on a long platform and putting teammates next to each other.

So it wasn’t Kobe Bryant‘s or Dwight Howard‘s idea to take on this duty seated next to one another.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ center was again put under the microscope because of a report that said the Lakers had discussions with the Boston Celtics about swapping Howard for Rajon Rondo, who is now, of course, out for the season with a torn ACL.

Howard said he hadn’t really heard anything about it and that trade rumors mean nothing to him.

“It doesn’t affect me. It’s a rumor,” Howard said. “A lot of times people will make up stories or they come out with stuff to make a story. Half the time that stuff isn’t even true so I just stay away from it, control what I can control and move forward.”

Asked if he ever seeks answers to find out if a rumor has truth: “No,” Howard answered. “There’s no reason to.”

Howard answered a myriad of other questions from the limitations caused by the torn labrum in his shoulder to whether he regrets the decision to sign the waiver that put him under Orlando’s control, delayed his free agency and landed him in L.A.:

Q:  Have the events of the last two years changed you?

A: A lot of times when you go through stuff like this, we’re never the people that change. Everything changes around us, so people assume that we change because of that. But me, I’m still going to be the same person. I’m not going to allow whatever happens to affect who I am as a person. It makes you, I would say, just mature.

Q: Do you regret signing the waiver last March to remain with the Magic — which led to the trade to the Lakers — rather than enter free agency, which could have landed you in Brooklyn?

A: Everything happens for a reason and it was meant for whatever to happen the way it happened. So there’s no need for me to have any regrets about it. I can’t live my life with regret and wishing I did this or did that, especially while I’m young. I have a whole life ahead of me. Maybe when I’m 56 I’ll look back and say, ‘I wish I would have done this differently.’ But for now, I have my life ahead of me. Whatever’s happened behind me is in the past and I just move forward.

Q: How is your back and the torn labrum in your right shoulder affecting you on the court?

A: All that stuff is fine right now. The stuff that really bothers me is when I have to battle down in the paint, guys wrap me up and I’m trying to fight through them or play defense, try to put a forearm on guys to box them out. That’s when I might have problems sometimes or run into problems where it starts to pop, tenses up, stuff like that.

Q: You said you don’t want another circus-like atmosphere regarding where you’ll play next season. But until you make a decision, you know the topic will not go away. Are you prepared to handle that for the next five months?

A: My decision is at the end of the season so it shouldn’t be a topic. This is my life, this is my career, it’s my legacy so I’m not going to rush into it, I’m not going to sit and talk about it every day because it doesn’t make sense to me to put myself in that kind of stress knowing we have half a season left to play basketball. That’s what happened last year, talking about it, back-and-forth, and it made me seem like I didn’t know what I wanted to do. So, I don’t want to have to go through that again.

Q: Do you believe all the chaos will ultimately make you stronger?

A: Always. Every situation makes us stronger, that’s why we go through tests and trials and things like that to see how strong we are to get out of it. Every player and person has a dark period in their life or a time where nothing seems to go right for them, and you just got to push through it and remember that there’s always brighter days ahead.


  1. Prnv says:

    I have a suggestion…trade Howard to the Bulls for Noah & a 1st round pick.
    Lakers don’t want Howard, Thibodeau can straighten him out.
    The Lakers get a pretty decent package in return for the grumbling Howard.

  2. Chester says:

    learn from the lebron, cleveland debacle. trade him while u can get something back. not wait till hee runs out on u. bucks should do same with jennings

  3. lakerslakerslakers says:

    the trade for howard wasn’t bad considering bynum hasn’t played a single game to date. gasol is not the problem. NASH needs to step up, the whole point of him being there is to make the plays and distribute….and now KOBE has to do that too? c’mon the other players have to step up. the core of KOBE, gasol and metta have been great, the others just aren’t living up to the hype.,

    • lakerslakerslakers says:

      the problem was they needed young legs at PG to run out on the break/transition, but with Nash at 39 with all those turnovers it just isn’t working. Nash needs to come off the bench and they need a good point guard who can run with westbrook and these guys.

  4. reineken says:

    d howard is having hard time at this moment but by the time the team chemistry is there. this team team will be unstoppable.

    and by the way to those people who still giving dwight some cheap shots thru media. you are just jealous, and SHAQ just leave the man alone. when you speak SHAQ you think you are the greatest center of all time. i am sick and tired of you not taking the opinion of kenny and charles. YOUR EGO IS MUCH BIGGER THAN YOU ARE. we all have our opinion and say but not all times we are right.



  5. Knixfan says:

    LAL should trade HOWARD. I don’t think he will return this off season.

  6. Save Nash Please says:

    laker fans still crying…. kobe gets NASH,Howard,Gasol,Metta…. Still ain’t enough??? Even if the Lakers surrounds kobe with Durant,DRose,KG,and Duncan, They will still lose because the lakers let kobe dictates the Game…. The ball won’t rotate to everyone, It will often fell to kobe’s hands…

  7. yao says:

    lakers have two PG no lakers a center and player 3 points

  8. Eddie says:

    Why don’t players show some loyalty to their teams or at least be up front with them about signing or not signing. They’re already getting paid in the millions, how much money is enough?! Plus they can just make their Money through endorsements. All this carrying on by Dwight is not doing him any favors, he’s not very likable or more important – he’s not very ‘marketable’ because of the way he’s handling his upcoming free agency.

  9. sirsparhawk says:

    Soon as dwight leaves the lakers he will go back to dominating.

  10. LAL True Fan says:



    the LAKERS need a 3-pointer which is why i send korver to the lakers.

    the Nets wants Howard so they will have to clear some cap space and trade wallace to the kings, but don’t worry peace is there to fill the void of wallace

    the Atl. really need a Guard so they will recieve Evans from the kings

    the Kings will recieve HILL,WALLACE AND BLAKE since they are a poor defencive team they need those guys to help them

  11. Lucas says:

    Howard must to be traded again, he is a traitor and is not going to choose the lakers!and the last minute is going to say that he wants to play somewhere else

  12. Lucas says:

    What a crying baby is this guy, why don`t you learn something from the greats? You are sharing a weekend with Tim Duncan, try to copy something good from him!!!!and you hava a lot of stuff to copy from that guy

  13. dattebayo says:

    Looking back at it, 29 teams have got to be so happy, that Stern vetoed the Chris Paul trade. Imagine the Lakers could have gotten rid of Gasol for CP3, turned Bynum into Howard and amnestied Ron Artest. Imagine CP3, Kobe and Howard on one team along with a bench, that can actually support them.

    Howard has not been a dominant force for the Lakers, but his numbers still rank at the top among active centers. He is leading the league in rebounds, scores efficiently and he is a much better defensive presence than Bynum ever was. Yes he could score more points, but Mike D’Antoni has no clue of how to involve Howard effectively on offense. The one good play they have run this season, was a lob from Gasol from the elbow. Everything else was a postup, which Howard isn’t really suited for, because teams can just hack him until they are in the bonus and then they can hack him some more off the ball. Despite his (severe) injuries, Howard has only missed 6 games and somehow he is the guy that gets booted for the Lakers poor performance.

    Blake and Nash missed the beginning of the season, so the Lakers had to start Morris at point and had literally no offensive system, but Kobe isolation plays and their Princeton sets (that actually made Kobe look 5 years younger). The Lakers played poor defense the entire first half of the season, Afflalo was dropping 30 on Kobe, Durant, Melo and Harden were dropping 25+ on Artest and Gasol couldn’t even be bothered to get a hand up and contest jumpshots out of the pick and roll. Last but not least, their bench support has been very poor. Jamison can score, but he is a revolving door on defense, Meeks is a streaky shooter and the only guy that played productive basketball was Earl Clark. The coaching changes also didn’t help and Kobe has once again proven, that he is an a******…

    • Carl says:

      The man wants to win. He holds EVERYONE to a certain standard, ESPECIALLY Dwight Howard, who has the potential to be one of the best players in Laker history. How does that make him an a******? Apparently, you couldn’t play with Kobe either.

  14. LAL True Fan says:

    Trade howard and world peace for kg and pierce