Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol 2., Episode 13

On the eve of All-Star Weekend, Shaq pays tribute to the fans of the Phoenix Suns, Kobe, Michael Beasley, Blake Griffin, and of course, Shaq’s main man, JaVale McGee . Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. thunderdan says:

    Does Beasley think Nash is still the Suns teammate??lol

  2. Alberto says:

    Someone else has realised that the final image of Chandler is not from the same year?

  3. Erik says:

    You left out DeAndre’s ridiculous dunk attempt vs Houston, where he tried to throw it doen Superman style, but only hit the bottom of the net!

  4. HeatRoc says:

    Blake playing man to groin defense!

  5. dwayne says:

    funny again shaq keep at it lol

  6. Logic says:

    The Magic teammate falling over while trying to help up another teammate that was down was good. Lol what’s up with Beasley’s hair, the style of a 10-year old girl.

  7. kuyabest says:

    I like JaVale’s acting. It was to make FUN and not flop!

  8. kuyabest says:

    I love JaVale’s acting. It is meant to make fun and not to fool people as flop!

  9. zgillet says:

    You missed the rockets drive (maybe Parsons?) where he threw the ball off of an opposing player then layed it in.

  10. CSN says:

    that fan is pretty :>

  11. Text is small. Please fix it. I can’t be the only one??

  12. Alex says:

    only Michael Beasley could make Steve Nash look like a good defender

  13. a4xnightmare says:

    blake’s got a “handful”

  14. joey boy says:

    Rookie Nets 3consecutive airballs… send him back to Europe!!!

    • shaqtin a shaq says:

      kobe had 3 airballs to , lebron had 3 airballs including free throw where u are unguarded what can only he and shaq do

  15. asdfg says:

    beasley looks like bruno mars lol

  16. Javale says:

    Nice EPISODE!

  17. toki says:

    hahahaha oh Javale!