Howard Says Lakers Won’t Trade Him


HOUSTON — Some things change. Some things don’t.

The main difference in his All-Star experience from a year ago in Orlando is that Dwight Howard isn’t wondering whether he’ll finish out the season same with his team.

“They told me they weren’t going to trade me,” Howard said at Friday’s media availability. That message was delivered, he said, by Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

Of course, that will hardly stop the speculation that swirls about every move and twitch of the Lakers in a wildly disappointing season that has them four games under .500 at the All-Star break and in danger of missing the playoffs.

Howard, who is coming off back surgery and currently playing with a torn labrum in his shoulder, is averaging his fewest points since his second year in the NBA and that has some suggesting that the Lakers should unload him by the Feb. 21 trade deadline, especially since he could choose to leave next summer as a free agent.

“I should have the opportunity to make my own decision,” Howard said. “I shouldn’t be pressured or criticized for waiting till the end of the year. It’s not fair to the fans, or the team.

“I’m not gonna deal with it. I had to deal with it all last year. I got to do what makes me happy. That’s it.”

What makes Howard happy these days?

“Having fun on the court,” he said. “That makes me happy.”

Is he having much fun this season?

“At the present time, no,” he said. “Hopefully it gets better.”

Why isn’t he smiling on the court these days.

“I got criticized for it,” he said.

What is taking the fun away?

“Stop digging, man,” Howard said. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

New year. New team. Same old story.


  1. Howard coward says:

    I think the best things to do for lakers is send HOWARD COWARD to NBA D-LEAGUE….he still need to develop his skills,attitude and maturity….

  2. john says:

    dwight should of stay with the magic

  3. Save Nash Please says:

    kobe’s signature move…
    If lakers winning he get the credit…
    If the lakers losing he blames…
    very sad but TRUE….

  4. cotton says:

    leave him in L.A , they need to be bad for once, cuz im loving it

  5. Tushar says:

    Dwight should leave the lakers and go to a team which has the same kind of players orlando had when he was in orlando

  6. JohnD says:

    D Howard’s Signature move.

    Staying just right under the basket and dunk.

    And smiles with a big grin.

    That’s all he does offensively.

  7. Sid says:

    Don’t u get it? Nash, Howard and D’Antoni blaming Kobe about not givin up enough shots (like u would say ‘ball noggin’. So Kobe tries to adjust and becoming ‘The facillitater’, only to be blamed he takes away Nash’s game? I c Nash fumbling the ball all the time, I see Howard not getting easy dunks, missing every important free-throw (and way to many anyway), I c a much expected defense which isn’t one (4 guys behind the opponents free throw line nearly every shot? No wonder u be worst in gettin fast breaks against u).
    in the end it turns out to be like I expected from the start, better Kobe is going to get his game back, get rid of this “never-win-a-championship” coach and if possible somehow trade Nash, Howard and Gasol and try to get Kevin Love, John Wall and some role players. Get back the Master or since Tom doesn’t get along in Chicago bring him to LA.

  8. Dr C.Goode says:

    Just trade him to Brooklyn for Lopez and Humphries. Lakers get a young all star centre and a decent backup forward and Nets can terrorise the Eastern Conference by pairing Howard and Williams while at the same time getting rid of Humphries onerous contract. Or trade him to Minnesota for Love and Barea. Whatever happens they’ve got to trade him because he ain’t re-signing with the Lakers and to be honest I don’t think he’s worth re-signing.

  9. Obz says:

    trade Gasol and get Nowitzki…fire D’ANTONI

  10. LALAKERS says:

    First they shouldn’t trade howard just get a new coach blame dumb jim buss for not getting Phil over dantoni. If Lakers trade Howard its not like they will end up winning the championship instantly, Not much team won it all by having a big trade in the middle of the season. If Howard leaves LA, then Lakers would just have the same weak lineup minus some players and can only sign players at minimum salary. Then it would just end up rebuilding the team because they would trade gasol and nash to get some young players and wont get much cause there old and not playing too well this year. Kobe will cry for not having a championship calibur roster and would ask to be traded or retire We just gotta keep Howard and Laker fans should just see it as if the Dantoni aint working and he should just leave and say it aint happening with him on this team.

    Dumb Jim Buss & Dantoni

    Mitch Kupchak show some balls and say you made a mistake listening to Jim and just find another coach that all egos in Lakers can fit in.

    O yeah its Phil Jackson

  11. Sentral says:

    Trade Kobe and Howard for 2 second round picks.

  12. Truth says:

    Yep….LeBron is clearly single handedly the best….its not that he has the best cast around him that allows him to do what he does since defences have to be worried about battier draining 3s, chalmers hitting, D WADE, Bosh, Miller, Cole, etc……

    stop with the Kobe hating the dude has absolute garbage around him……..and what is he supposed to do… nash dribble down and look for him… meeks jack up 3s, jamison flop around…..metta do what metta does whatever that is….dwight standing around complaining about shots like dude grow up you have no game beyond 3 feet from the basket…when you get doubled you have no post moves so why are you complaining when your offensive range is the most limited out of all the big men in the league like gortat is better…….

    its so sad to watch people hate on players when its a team game…….Kobe is in the bad spot of being the only option on that team capable of making his own shot, getting his own shot and being able to do anything against a good defence……..wake up and actually watch the lakers games………every single possession that kobe is on the floor he is the number 1 option because everyone else takes no responsibility…..who has stepped up? Jamison with his awkward shots and occasional 3s, earl flash in the pan clark? meeks? nash? ……

    dwight needs to step up and take responsibility and command respect……not demand it……walk up to the coach and Kobe and say gimme the ball each possession and i will get you points………but tht is not going to happen because

    a) he doesnt want to play under bright lights
    b) he wants to have fun
    c) he does have that elite gene that players like paul, durant, lebron, wade, kobe have….thats the gene that gives you that extra motivation beyond normal humans to perform at a level others cant…..oh and physical gifts alone dont get you there …..

  13. Peter says:

    Dwight is the LEAST of Lakers problems.
    Kobe is the team leader, the person with the most “weight” on the team. The way he plays, behaves and treats his teammates affects the outcome the most. Even more than the coach.

    So look for the problems there.

    When Kobe and D’Antoni start appreciating others, especially Dwight for who they ARE, not how they imagine they should be, then Lakers will start winning. There is nothing more damaging to anyone’s ego than openly showing disrespect and criticizing someone for their natural talent – like Dwight’s talent (and it IS a talent!) to see humor in everything.

    If they all learned to see fun side of the game, maybe they would disperse the dark clouds hanging over the Lakerland these days. I certainly enjoyed watching them a lot more last year when Kobe made that airplane bomber imitation after scoring a big point, or seeing smile on Dwight’s face after a bad call by a ref…

    Now Lakers are dull, losing and all serious about it. How is that working for them? It isn’t.

  14. Howard coward says:

    i think…..cousin is better than howard coward..look what happened to orlando magic when he was there,he always asking to trade..and i think lakers management was wrong for choosing howard coward to bynum…now,time for lakers to do some move….its not too late…common guys…

  15. Beavis says:

    fire jim bus! fire mike dantoni!

  16. W/E says:

    Man i can see it in his eyes,Dwight is being bullied hard by Kobe cause of his subpar performance and losig attitude, this season is lost in D12s mind and Kobe is crazy mad with him, they aint making the playoffs unless D12 plays as hard as he can..if they dont make the playoffs its gunna be really ugly, Kobe is gunna go crazy.

  17. John says:

    D12 wants to trade in Miami Heat to get a ring..sosososossad to LA fans….keep crying LakersLand hahahahaha….enjoy ur Fishing while other team playing on play offssssssss jajaja

  18. CHINA MAN says:

    Trade howard to cousin evans thorton and picks cash he will not sign to the lakers this coming free agency so make something happens

  19. walton says:

    Let’s recap his past year…

    1) Demanded a trade
    2) Said he didn’t want a trade
    3) Got head coach Jeff Van Gundy fired
    4) Signed away his early termination option
    5) Said he wanted to be traded anyways
    6) Got traded to the Lakers
    7) Hasn’t played to his max – and there is a difference between playing at full capacity due to injury and not applying oneself – Howard is the latter
    8) Argues with Kobe repeatedly over everything
    9) Gets called out by Steve Nash
    10) Claims he’s the best center in the NBA even at 75% – that’s a stretch
    11) Keeps everyone guessing again about free agency
    12) Plays inconsistently all year
    13) Clearly can’t make up his mind about what he wants
    14) Wants to have fun but can’t deliver the goods on the court. First rule of championship basketball is you don’t have fun unless you perform. This is the NBA not a random pickup game on the street.

  20. Pale0904 says:

    It’s just like when lakers acquired O’neal they have to adjust and after a year they have three peat and when they got Gasol they repeat, now they have DW12 they need some time to gel as well as a team.

  21. LakersFaLIfe says:

    Josh Smith and Jeff Teague for Fright Coward would be nice!!!

  22. texasranters says:

    This season shows that the Lakers need to re-tool for the future. Howard is the best trade bait they have that’s healthy. Gasol would be gone as well if he was healthy. Bottom line, it’s all about the team and what’s best for them.

  23. Cha says:

    It is that kind of attitude that makes him a constant X factor in every team. It’s not about him having fun or not, it’s about the team winning or not. Smiling is reserved for when the fruit of your sacrifice appears.

  24. Gillsy says:

    The problem with the lakers is what happened over last offseason. Signing Nash even though he is hall of fame material didn’t make sense. It was like signing Kidd to be your chief play maker. Offering someone like Holiday even though he is not an all star yet would have made more sense. They also knew what they were getting with Howard and even though Bynum could have walked they may have been in a better position. Atleast he had been there and won and they chemistry between the two big guys ( and yes i know he hasen’t played this year and is probably as big a kid as Howard). They lost most of what bench they had and the only bright point has been the play of Clark, who should develop into a good role player. Yes they may still make the playoffs because the worst they shoud do is 9th. But they look like dogs breakfast. I would not be suprised if Howard leaves if they don’t make the playoffs and Gasol has already hinted he wants out (and I don’t blame him). While Kobe has 4 points for the game. Then a few games before I don’t think he had a shot in the first half. Which shows he is finally starting to show his age or D’ Antoni’s system is even starting to mess with his game.

  25. Wilt #13 says:

    The main reason why the lakers arent winning:
    1)Nash not doing Pick ‘N Roll
    2)Kobe ballhogs the ball which is the main reason why Nash is not doing his magic .
    3)Howard isent 100% and not getting alot of touches with Nash.[Kobe is the main reason]
    4)Gasol does not get along with howard.
    5)They have no bench.
    6)They are old and as the seaon goes on they will get older.
    7)Both Howard and gasol are injured.[Nash was also out for 2 weeks in the start of the season),
    8)They think th

    • Wilt #13 says:

      8)They think just because they are the lakers they will win it all .
      Sorry I pressed enter and it just posted.
      Hope you think the same as me.

  26. LAL True Fan says:

    well not anymore, the real reason why the lakers are losing is because howard is not howard that we really know

  27. james says:

    well on my opinion it doesnt take an expert to know whats happening 3 key points here

    howard low basketball I.Q no defence no mid range last game blake owned him like a college student

    kobe his making the lead but his not really a true leader in heart,seriously you wont beat mj’s rings if his not doing any actions
    why does miami has a good line up why lakes hasnt?they have aqcuired players with calliber,

    scouting most poor in the nba

    all in all remove the gm his not doing good for la specialy kobes time is just right at the corner

    no offense im a laker fan and i want to see the great lakers before and pls try to do something on your salary kobe you dont need money any if more well if you need or want to have more rings you need to invest you cannot do it all by yourself
    or just retire in shame

  28. 8 says:

    Ha! Every lakers fan boy asking to trade Howard! Blame him for everything, They got the wrong man but that`s another story. One question: ÌF they traded Howard, who`s going to be their center piece when Kobe the rapist retired?
    Aha! Loving and enjoying this Lakers drama every second! Not that I hate the Lakers more like I detest their dumb fans.

  29. Santi says:

    Then let Mitch Kupchak coach the Lakers, maybe he’s better than D’Antoni.

  30. PistonsFan93 says:

    Please, Dwight Howard not getting traded…..Old news, New news. Whatever. Dude is not having a dominant season like alwyas. I’m surprised the Lakers haven’t traded him. But you know the city of Ls Angleles. Star-studded, and blockbuster trades. If he leaves the Lakers after this season, it would have been a waste for the Lakers as well as Dwight. He needs to step up his game and get back into form.

  31. Howard coward says:

    If I were Lakers management,I will trade Howard coward….He is the reason why Lakers continuous loosing…Nash isn’t effective guard anymore.Howard coward still immature,he act like a child..if he not continue to play seriously, Lakers will be out for finals…

  32. KobeWhiner says:

    that selfish big ego, ballhog one man superstar ego will never ever win another championship. i agree with everyone here who are a true basketball fan who sees kobe as a ballhog, its proven day in day out year in year out, only these kobe fanboys think so highly of him and blinded by all his shortcomings. best ever? lmao. best ever ballhog that is.

    • Mark says:

      Hey KobeWhiner how can you call Kobe a ballhog? He has 5 rings and it wasn’t him hogging the ball. If you can remember Horry, Fisher, etc all hit big shots that helped Kobe win his rings. He shoots alot of shots b/c he is the best option on the team. I think there season will turn around. If they make the playoffs watch out. And if you want to call Kobe a ballhog then what about the four players ahead of him in the all time scoring leaders stat, are they also ballhoggers b/c they have all those points? The answer is simple, no.

      • Francisco says:

        do you know math dude? you can be a ball hog if you shoot 50 % , but you can not if like Kobe you are a career 45% shooter, you should feed the centers that usually shoot over 55%, THE LAKERS WON 5 TITLES IN THE LAST 17 YEARS DESPITE KOBE

    • Peter says:

      Exactly. Those who are drinking the “Kobe is best” coolaid, should check the stats before they post here… It is not how many shots you make, it is the percentages that matter most. Kobe’s percentages are bad, even when he scores over 20 points.
      Against Phoenix he had 1 for 8, right? What’s that – .125?

      And looking at stats further you will see that before Kobe learned to share the ball a little, every game he scored below .5, Lakers lost. They only won when he scored above .5, and that was rare. That’s why they are in the hole, no one else to blame but the guy who is hogging the ball.

      Nowadays, that he is sharing a bit, even when his stats are bad, the Lakers can still win, thanks to the fact that others get looks also.
      On the other hand, D’Antoni should pick up even more blame. Keeping tired players in rotation, while benching those who are scoring and fresh makes no sense to me. Letting opposing teams get away with murder instead of immediately calling a time-out is beyond me. I don’t get the guy at all.

  33. KobeWhiner says:

    Kobe is the MAIN reason for lakers losses for more than half of the season hes been a ballhog like all through his career, no teammates gonna like playing with someone who just hogs the ball night in night out. kobe shoots 20+ shots a game dwight shoots less than 10 thats what you call TEAMMATES. Dwight pack your bags and leave the lakers with nothing next season then the lakers will fight with the bobcats for last place in the league.

  34. Stu-Brew says:

    Dwight Howard is a cry baby hopefully he’s off the Lakers after this season. Also D’Antoni will also be off.

  35. kamotz says:

    just dwight coward howard

  36. Theman says:

    Dwight is Mr. Non-Committal. At some point in his life, He is going to have to pick a path and stick with it. It seems like if there’s any adversity or unwanted challenges getting in the way of “having fun”, he’s not all in. This is very disappointing since he said his goal is to be one of the greatest to ever play the game. If he really wants to be that, he has to be more decisive. It puts doubt and confusion in his mind and his teammates when these things carry out. Lakers need to come togethor at this point if they want to salvage the season and make the playoffs. Dwight needs to come out and say he’s fully committed to the Lakers no matter what, or say that he wants a trade. Leaving everyone in Limbo is wasting the time of the fans, the management, and the players.

  37. Save Nash Please says:

    I expect 73-9 but I know Dwight has nothing to do with it… Not his fault… Same with Nash… before the start of the offseason, laker fans crowned them already as the NEW Champs…. Metta brings more pressure on what he said before…. The same with kobe, he’s ego hurt the team… If i was Dwight I’ll go to the TEAM that really needs my Talent not because He’s got a big name… The Team who appreciates what package he got to bring in the table. Maybe if Howard played for HOU or Nets. But not lakers… They don’t need talented players because the ball often fell in kobe’s hands, It’s useless surrounding kobe with better team mates. Nash before coming to lakers, he’s career ave. 14.5 ppg and 8.6 today not even close he’s game taken away from him by the ballhog, the same with Howard everytime the lakers loss you will get all the blame because kobe expects too much, He wanted to do now is watch the team win then take all the credit on how great he is… I suggest Howard leave lakers, You won’t lead the lakers until kobe is playing… Dwade is more unselfish player, He gave his team to LBJ… Try to find anyteam with an allstar that is more willing to gave his team too for you…

  38. Pheget says:

    If you are playing like a scrub fans getting mad, if you are playing like a star you get respect, Simple as that. Stop acting like a kid Dwight you`re more than that.

  39. HAMER says:

    is Dwight Stays in LA they will be unstopable next season.. lets just forget this season and play more ball game just everyone does.. if LA make it to the playoff im pretty sure they are hard to beat specially when Pau gets back from his injury cant wait to get him back..

  40. dwigth s*cks says:

    hey dwight get the h*ll out of LA..u r destroying them…better be in d d league so that u will grow up!!

  41. kb24 says:

    as much as i like howard hes doesnt fitvto be in lakers

  42. Big Euro says:

    What an irritating set of questions. I would be agitated too.

  43. tony says:

    At this point Dwight should’ve just stayed in Orlando..

  44. Angela says:

    I hope the Lakers trade him. Just because Mitch told him he wouldnt be traded doesnt mean it cant happen. Dwights a good guy but lets be real hes not happy with the Lakers, and the Lakers need to get some pieces for him and try and make the playoffs.

  45. Willy says:

    just retire asap.

  46. Stan says:

    Howard is the biggest baby in the NBA – hands down. No one complains as much as he does, yet does so little to improve the situation.

    Let’s recap his past year…

    1) Demanded a trade
    2) Said he didn’t want a trade
    3) Got head coach Jeff Van Gundy fired
    4) Signed away his early termination option
    5) Said he wanted to be traded anyways
    6) Got traded to the Lakers
    7) Hasn’t played to his max – and there is a difference between playing at full capacity due to injury and not applying oneself – Howard is the latter
    8) Argues with Kobe repeatedly over everything
    9) Gets called out by Steve Nash
    10) Claims he’s the best center in the NBA even at 75% – that’s a stretch
    11) Keeps everyone guessing again about free agency
    12) Plays inconsistently all year
    13) Clearly can’t make up his mind about what he wants
    14) Wants to have fun but can’t deliver the goods on the court. First rule of championship basketball is you don’t have fun unless you perform. This is the NBA not a random pickup game on the street.

    Need I go on?

    • LakersFaLIfe says:

      Wow!!! You jus naliled it!!! CASE CLOSED!!! Fright Coward get outta LA!!!!

    • Mz DiaRose says:

      Point and case, you not only hit it on the nail you hit it out the ball park!

    • Patty says:



  47. bill collins says:

    dwight howard has always said : ” I want a trade ” every time he is unhappy with a team !

    How boring !

  48. yonas says:

    howard needs to stop acting like a big baby and start being himself for once. He was the one who wanted out of orlando and to come to the lakers. So do less complaining and more playing or the team will trade him, and im sure he doesnt want that, does he. who agrees with me.

  49. BballFan says:

    I have never witnessed such horrible grammar and typos in my life as I have in this comment list. Laker fans were so thrilled when they got Mr. Howard, even though they should have known he would not be the same post back surgery. I know several people who have had back surgery and not one of them are the same. Most of my friends and family members who had back surgery were not even able to return to a regular 9-to-5 office job. Many are still in pain years later and it is really sad to see.

  50. abdulaziz says:

    you know what dwight it dosent matter if u leave or stay cuz we the lakers fans were counting on u but its sems that its all about u not the teams not pleasing the fans its all about u. u want the spot light u only think for urself i was ur number 1 fan nd i never thought u would want to leave the lakers i thought u were better than that so u knw what just get the hell out of our team if ur gona keep wyning like a baby so we can focus on the games i hate ur guts now i hope u take note of this message and remember carefully what i said wen kobe leaves the lakers is urs think carefully but i know that its only about u and u will leave the team this summer so just leave man leave we dnt need u

  51. Praize says:

    Trade Kobe get some pieces to help Howard. Kobe is about to retire ,then what?

  52. Willie says:

    The guy is not 100% let him get an off season to get fully healthy and you see the lakers turn into a force…but not as long as no D d’antoni is coaching them

  53. Forty says:

    Before I say this, it’s obvious that Howard is a crybaby.

    Anyways, I don’t get why everyone has the focus on one team, whether it be the Heat, Celtics, or right now Lakers.. yall have your own team (If you aint some bandwagoner), and should be focusing on that team, seeing how they could get better and not putting all yo energy and time into a team you dont like.

  54. Grievous56 says:

    I hope Dwight leaves LAL either via trade or at seasons end.

    • LakersFaLIfe says:

      Same here!!! Fright Coward is scared to be a great Laker big man!!! He doesn’t have the guts!!! Dude is soft!!!

      • LAL True Fan says:

        three team trade, the lakers will trade dwight for pacer’s paul george then trade hibbert for Bobcats walker and 1st round draft pick and the other 1st round pick to the lakers and then the lakers will send world peace to pacers for a second round draft pick… the LAKERS STARTING LINEUP PG:NASH SG:BRYANT SF:GEORGE PF:CLARK C:GASOL… PACERS STARTING LINEUP PG:WALKER SG:STEPHENSON SF:GRANGER PF:WEST C:HOWARD… BOBCATS STARTING LINEUP… PG:SESSIONS SG:GORDON SF:MKG PF:MULLENS C:HIBBERT. THEY ALL WIN!

      • LAL True Fan says:

        MY bad the lakers will trade WORLD PEACE TO BOBCATS

      • LAL True Fan says:

        MY bad the lakers will trade WORLD PEACE TO BOBCATS so the bobcats starting lineup would be PG:SESSIONS SG:MKG SF:WORLD PEACE PF:MULLENS C:HIBBERT

      • Patty says:


  55. Not Blake Griffin says:

    Somethings up with Dwight Howard, either he’s getting bullied in the locker room him & Kobe don’t get along “Behind closed doors”, or the coaching staff is trying to push Howard to do things he don’t feel comfortable with*. I feel Kobe let Howard know that He’s the 2nd or maybe even 3rd choice/option on the team has far as go-to situations. I thought & still think he has a better chance of dominating In Houston or Brooklyn. I have my eye on Mr. Howard cause Hou.-Rockets still are wayyy below cap space to sign a Cornerstone top tier player of the league, and James Harden can score no matter what. so mark my words!! Watch out for HOUSTON! They can shock the NBA nation.

    • W/E says:

      aww man no hes probably gunna ruin the chemistry of the ROckets team so no i hope they dont sign him its too risky,ROckets need another big man but i dunno about Howard this guy can be such a pain could ruin the whole team if he doesnt get along with other players.

  56. LA 4LIFE says:

    Mike D’Antoni is a joke man

  57. LA 4LIFE says:

    Lakers should fire D’Antoni now

  58. LA 4LIFE says:

    The Lakers are stuck with Mike D’Antoni , please No trade for D12 ,just fire Mike D’

    (Remember New york New York Knicks last year with D’antoni)

    • LA 4LIFE says:

      The Lakers are stuck with Mike D’Antoni , please No trade for D12 ,just fire Mike D’

      (Remember New York Knicks last year with D’antoni)

  59. Sander says:

    This is just ridiculous…

    Dwight has the body and the talent to be one of the best centers of all time. Unfortunately he also has the mindset of a 13-year old girl.

    Quote the faboulous mr D12: “I shouldn’t be pressured or criticized for waiting till the end of the year. It’s not fair to the fans, or the team.” Now rewind selecta.. What the hell were you doing the past few years in ORL, if not being unfair to the fans and the team??? You made your teammates, fans and the whole organization a laughing stock and now I see that you don’t even realize it… C’mon man, really…

    If I was anywhere near the Lakers front office, I would get rid of him quickly. Dwight is not a late teenager anymore and the simple fact that he hasn’t been able to mature during the several years he has been playing, should clearly point that he just does not possess the required character for a genuine superstar. And that’s why Lakers should seriously consider a deal ASAP, as long as the “walking joke” still has some trade value.. He is still widely regarded as the most athletic and dominant big man in the league today. But that notion is already an artifact of the past, a keepsake from his undeniably impressing work on the court during his ORL years. Nevertheless, without the right mindset and mental maturity, it is simply impossible to be a successful franchise player.

    Yes, he is playing through an injury and yes, he is still trying to figure out how to play with a real superstar, but that is not an excuse for acting like a diva chasing the spotlight. This is his chance to show how much he wants to win, how much he wants to destroy and humiliate the opposing teams. And what do we see? An average performance night-in-night-out and spectacularly pitiful comments shared with the media.

    Actually this is just freakin’ sad to see a talent go to waste, but what you gonna do, right?

    For the record, I was writing this as a lifelong Spurs fan, therefore I should be the last dude, who wants to see the Lakers improving, but this charade is getting ridiculous..

    Also, english is not my native language, so I apologize up front for any potential mistakes in the comment.

    • LakersFaLIfe says:

      True True True!!!!!!

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      I didn’t really watch the All-Star game, but I’m glad to see Coach Popovich played Kobe Bryant A LOT down the stretch. Although, he totally STUNK. Maybe Bryant will have the energy to play in his next regular season game. Or … maybe not really. 😀

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      Yes, Howard’s numbers across the board are all down, right? He probably didn’t deserve to be an All-Star this year. However, part of this is due to injuries. Part of this is due to that ball-hugging K. Bryant DUDE. This Bryant bro has been successful in fazing out Howard (I saw this coming a mile away). Again, NOT NEARLY enough blame is being put on that BRYANT bro. This BRYANT BRO has selfishly destroyed the Laker franchise. He could be the biggest MINUS player in NBA history. He almost made the West All Star team lose. 😀

    • Joshua Greenfarb says:

      If I recall correctly, it appeared that at halftime of the All Star game, Kobe Bryant went to shake Shaq’s hand and was sweating profusely. Kevin Durant was walking right next to him and looked like he didn’t even break a sweat. K. Bryant was playing like it was a real regular season game. This is just too funny.

  60. 94302gt50 says:

    nash, meeks, duhon, gotta go!!! Nash, meeks, duhon, sacre, for Josh Smith.

  61. Jim says:

    True Dwight cares too much about what others think about him he’s the typical guy that wants to socialize with everyone but the minute something goes wrong he can’t take the pressure and hides behind excuses.

  62. david says:

    Are u Kidding me? STOP caring about what people think about you that y ur struggling bcuz he cares about what people care about him that gets you nowhere in life if u live your life on others thoughts and expectations

    • Trojan says:

      SELFISH Hollywood MAN!!!!

      Dwight Howard u is the main REASON why Lakers is LOOSING this season..He doesn’t CARE about wining games! he only care to be the Superstar and the main offensive , defensive option of any team he will play. Leave Lakers for good D12 , You are the reason for the Lakers Failure!!!!! YOU ARE A VERY SELFISH BASKETBALL PLAYER!!! Winning is everything !!! You don’t have Winning attitude!!!!

      • LakersFaLIfe says:

        yup!!! Completely agree!!!

      • sparks says:

        Actually LA is looking cause Kobe still thinks he’s 20 years old and can take any player 1on1…he needs to get smart and change his game play like Jordan did – no point in having an awesome PG like Nash if Kobe always wants to handle the ball himself.

      • Patty says:



    • hey says:

      or maybe you know, hes not playing well cuz he broke his back and hurt his shoulder

      • ray says:

        dwight is not a true great player the real great players play through injuries blame themselves for the lack of sucess of the team, he is talented, quick, and mobile for his size but i dont see the heart of say kobe, labron, mj, bird, majic.

      • JJOHN says:

        hey maybe you should learn how to spell. And I think the problem is dwight not having enough of shots. He shot 7/10 in clippers game. Everyone else on the starting line also had 10 shots that should never be happening. Clark and Metta World peace should not have the same number of shots. That is like Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd shooting just as much as Anthony

  63. waltwilliams55 says:

    leave dude alone

  64. swatguy says:

    He will most likely have a better season next year wherever he is. Most do not understand, Dwight did not choose LA, LA chose Dwight. The last “high” quality player that chose LA was Rick Fox(Nash is not High Quality anymore). Dwight is maturing and he will be fine.

  65. samantha says:

    lakers need dwight haword he shines kobe will kill with him

  66. Richard from New Jersey says:

    I’m said this before but here it goes again if the lakers are not going to trade D12, are they going to trade KOBE? man I feel bad for Dwight he seems really sad and unhappy.

  67. trade howard now says:

    hey dwight, please ask for a trade right now, the lakers have a dwightmare season since you came, so please tell to the lakers that you want to go with the nets so the lakers will get brook lopez. the lakers will not make the playoffs until you’re there.

  68. Bear says:

    Dwight says it’s not fair to the fans or the team to say his intentions, when really it’s not fair him keeping every team guessing. If he leaves the Lakers at the end of the year he’ll be hated on more than ever. He knows this and “Just wants to have fun” but the Lakers aren’t about fun, they are about winning. He needs to just play, I don’t want to hear about injuries when he’s playing in the All star game. I don’t want to hear about lack of shots when he clearly doesnt’t look comfortable.

    Just play Dwight

    • dd def says:

      excellent point. i think in light of the season he’s having it’s absurd that he actually got the all-star start. or that he’s on the allstar roster at all. dude needs to get his ducks in a row.

  69. michael kamin says:

    in other words-he is part of the problem;he wants to be a leader but he is not in his personality.
    he needs to be the second in a team and then he will succeed. Just “fighting” to be like others will not make him like them

    • NHbleedsGREEN says:

      Its not fair to have to hear about the drama about this clown already.
      He’s the most overrated player in the NBA hands down.