Rose: I Could Miss 2012-13 Season

The Eastern Conference playoff picture shuddered a little bit late Wednesday night, and it had nothing to do with the final horns or scoreboards from games played in Boston, Indiana, New York, Brooklyn, Milwaukee, Detroit or even Cleveland.

Derrick Rose opened the door to doubts after the Chicago Bulls’ loss to the Celtics at TD Garden. Doubts about the condition of his leg, doubts about his return date, doubts as to whether the Bulls and the NBA will see him back at all in 2012-13.

Speaking with traveling beat writers for the first time since training camp, Rose made it sound as if his prospects for returning – next week, next month or at all over the regular season’s final two months – still are largely unknown. He made it clear that he would have the final say but then sounded almost at peace with the possibility of not playing again until October.

“I really don’t know,” Rose said when asked about his timeline to return. “I’m feeling good, but if it was to where it’s taking me a long time and I’m still not feeling right, I won’t mind missing this year.”

This flies in the face of the conventional wisdom, at least around Chicago, which presumed Rose to be on or ahead of schedule and straining at a management-and doctor-held leash to get back in the lineup and boost the Bulls’ toward a postseason run. The NBA’s MVP in 2011 said early in the four-minute interview that he had experienced no setbacks in his regimen and recovery from a torn anterior cruciate ligament last May 12. But moments later he acknowledged “my leg still isn’t feeling right.” And despite some locker room chatter to the contrary in recent weeks, Rose said that he still cannot dunk.

So as much as he would like to be back on the floor yesterday, playing with abandon at United Center and shaking rust off his assorted skills, the 24-year-old native of Chicago’s South Side seemed at peace with a long view. While Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau has been preaching patience to anyone who has asked, Rose now sounds like he’s urging a little caution.

“I would love to [play],” he said. “That’s why I pushed my rehab and my workouts so hard. I’m trying to get back on the court as quickly as possible. But if I have anything lingering on, there’s no point.”

This has to feel like a bucket of cold water for Bulls fans. Many had pointed to All-Star Weekend as the end of Rose’s injury exile, their hopes high that he would be back when the team reconvened after the break. Others circled the end of February or sometime in March. Now they’re learning that the correct answer might be d) None of the above.

Rose played in only 39 of Chicago’s games last season, missing 27 in the post-lockout schedule with a variety of ailments. Then he blew out his left ACL late in Game 1 of the first-round series against Philadelphia.

Despite the remarkable season of NFL MVP Adrian Peterson – the Minnesota Vikings running back rushed for 2,097 yards in 2012 in his first season back from ACL surgery – many consider the recovery to be a true two-year process from incident to full capabilities. It’s likely that Rose, whenever he does return, will have ups and downs in performance and pain.

Even that has been enough to excite Bulls fans, won over by Thibodeau’s defensive teachings and the team’s work ethic to the point that Rose at 80 or even 70 percent might seem enough to challenge Miami, Indiana or anyone else in the East.

But Rose at zero percent, in terms of being active, available and effective? Nah, not so much.

“It’s exciting to know that all my hard work is going to pay off one day,” he said last night. “I just don’t know when.”


  1. Gerald says:

    Though not knee surgery, it took me over two years to come back from major reconstructive ankle surgery that I had several years ago. The need for the ankle surgery came about because I played on ankles that were not fully recovered from significant ankle sprains when I was younger. A lot of internal damage is done during the surgery itself in order to make the necessary repairs. The bottom line is the body must fully recover from an injury or surgery prior to returning to highly competitive play. Beyond question, it does make sense to not return if not truly 100% recovered.

  2. bob says:

    Jason = wrong

  3. JASON says:


  4. John says:

    I think that is a wise decision. He should just miss this whole season and comeback next year and be even better.

  5. LOL says:

    Derrick Rose needs to stop being a wimp and get back in the game. Not for us, the fans. For himself. He needs game experience. No one is just going to come back from an absence as long as his and be able to just go 110%. 110% doesn’t exist at this point without game experience. Go to the D-League, play limited minutes, take it easy, whatever. Eat the humble pie, bud. He needs to get back in the fray. He isn’t going to come back and just be amazing again. Anyone who thinks so, including D-Rose, is dreaming.

  6. Arn88 says:

    It does not matter. The Heat are just too good. I love the Bulls and always will (I was born and raised in Chi during the Jordan days) but I’m being honest. The Bulls staff needs to get another superstar with Rose. Jordan did not win a title until Scottie came in. Why do you think the Heat, Thunder, Spurs are the best teams? They have more than one super player.

  7. Jimmy Boi says:

    That point he made about Adrian Peterson is so true, I don’t want Rose to rush back if waiting means that he’ll come back 100%

  8. sports fan says:

    I forgot to mention that MJ’s first full season after his injury was his highest scoring season of his career. D-Rose will be perfectly fine when comes back when he’s ready.

  9. sports fan says:

    When MJ got injured at the beginning of his career he came back when he was ready. D-Rose should do the same. Great players will always be great when they’re fully healthy.

  10. moistlama says:

    as a chicago fan i am actually really happy that rose is willing to wait out this season, although i was a little bit disapointed at this news i am also very happy to see that rose is focusing on the long term success for the bulls

  11. Patryk says:

    Who’s to say Rose’s delayed return will be up to expectations? Maybe this could cause him to lose his touch.

  12. Ky says:

    He’s afraid, and I don’t blame him. He’s worried about people saying he lost a step or two, or he’s not the same. Honestly, he’s probably at a level right now to compete at the highest level, he just want’s to be explosive like he used to. The fact is, that he’s going to have to change his game up and have moments of explosiveness opposed to everytime he touches the ball. I’m routing for him, but right now, it’s all mental, because physically, I believe that he can go out there and compete.

  13. Stu Brew says:

    Take your time D-Rose! So you can come back strong enough to take the Bulls to the NBA finals.

  14. Jovanie says:

    Dam! Chicago is losss whitout Rose. But Rose take ur time everyone want u be good to u show everybody WHO is the Best. Rose#1

  15. Jim says:

    Well if he can’t dunk yet that just goes to tell you that he shouldn’t come back this season AT ALL or in the playoffs.Management is prepared for that scenario and that’s why it got rid of the bench mob.However this summer will be a defining one for the bulls for years to come,do they commit to Boozer or Gibson?Do they get a potent shooting guard?And the most important of all do they get a good rose back?

  16. Davidson says:

    Seems that he is doing the smart thing come back 100 percent and dont risk further ruining your career by returning sooner rather then later.

  17. wow says:

    dont even come back rose, the bulls playing like shet right now

  18. zgillet says:

    The best thing Rose can do for now is learn how to shoot and score without using his freak athleticism. Sure, he can break it out occasionally when he gets back, but going all out all the time like he used to is going to destroy his body. If he could mix in some soft jumpers and runners and learn to change paces effectively, his career will be MUCH longer.

  19. MrRose take all time u need I once didn’t play almost two years from hyper extension in my leg once I came bak I was say a 1.5 times faster ..healup wheelup bring it bak comeRewinD siR

  20. nimit says:

    Fans on definitely have more common sense than fans on…. Rose rushed back onto the court his fourth season without letting his injuries fully heal. This patience he is showing is a sign of maturity. Bulls are learning how to grind games out without relying on D. Rose. Whatever it takes for him to have a long, healthy career… I completely support him. Seeing his work ethic and hunger, you know he is studying the game and is setting the bar high for his return.

  21. They should trade rip for a more athletic and young sg like mayo or they could put him in the bench for butler

  22. Bulls2012 says:

    Take your time Drose.Well contend for the championship next year.Hopefully We can upgrade our two guard.With Marco backin up and Kirk backing up PG..

  23. I like D-Rose a lot, I really do but I think he needs to really think about this decision. He needs to talk to guys like Penny, Grant Hill, T-Mac, stars who had major injuries in their careers and never were the same again. And here’s a question that needs to be asked, could his return possibly hurt the team? I know it sounds crazy but think about it, the Bulls have been pretty good so far this season and if he comes back and disrupts the chemistry could that come back to haunt him and the Bulls.

  24. sick says:

    .. agree

  25. Hope4Bulls says:

    Don’t worry all. This is not about Rose

    The Bulls are gettig ready to make some significant trades that will restructure the team and put them in a place where Rose return will not make a big enough impact. It’s better if he rests the rest of fhe season.

    Watch the trade deadline. That’s the only reason I can see for the timing of this information. Also, look at the energy the Bulls have lacked over the past few games.

  26. Reality says:

    As some one who has had that surgery twice….. Dont Rush Rose!!!!

    You may honestly think that he’s had enought time but if he doesn’t feel ready he probably isn’t.

    I made the stupid mistake of getting on the court to early and I was playinbg great! But on a rebound later in my High School Season I tore it again!!!

    Moral of the story is be responsible and listen to your body.. After my secon surgery(which was a year and a half ago) I lost my vertical by 40%. I can still play and play pretty good but I’ll never be the same.

    Rose as a true fan and a brother who went through the same injury… don’trush bro… don’t rush.. you know whats best for you and the future of the Bulls.

  27. Ball Is Life says:

    First of all i dont really care if he takes 2 weeks or 2 years to return to playing again the most important issue right now is the health of derrick rose , the buls have 2 allstars on there team and a few veterns who know how to get the job done !! as we are seeing this season last years lost of d.rose taught the bulls a lesson .. Stop relyin on d.rose listen he is my favorite player to watch and by far the best PG in the league and one of the best players in the game that we have today ,, the fact of the matter is that Derrick Rose will be juss fine do i think he will return this year ? only if we ( the bulls) make it to the 2nd round of the playoffs then i think we will see a return but no playoff = derrick rose returns next year ..

    • Hm says:

      “by far the best PG”

      • ? says:

        You are the only one laughing.

      • LOL says:

        LOL. I’m laughing too. Derrick Rose needs to stop being a pusssssssay. He needs game experience. No one is just going to come back from an absence as long as his and be able to just go 110%. 110% doesn’t exist at this point without game experience. Go to the D-League, play limited minutes, whatever. He needs to get back in the fray. He isn’t going to come back and just be amazing again. Anyone who thinks so is dreaming.

  28. Jose says:

    As a bulls fan, I’ve stayed quiet about Rose and the bulls this year. I know that his injury was the worst of all players last year.
    Career threatening injury, this is what D.Rose is going through. Rose if you put your trust in God, you will come 110% and much
    wiser. Rose if all goes well,will be the best player in the NBA again. So for now enjoy Lebron and the rest of the elites in the league.Rose take your time be smart. Cause when this star comes back it will hit the earth! God loves basketball Rose!

    • George says:

      Best player in the NBA AGAIN? Again? You have to be the best player before to be the best player AGAIN.

  29. BronFan03 says:

    Derrick Rose say that he still cant dunk….there’s no way he’s coming back this season. I think its better for him and his career if he misses this season because we all know that the Heat are gonna win the championship this year!

  30. Ted says:

    Just retire. He’s always not feeling right. Last season his appearances were sporadic and its almost like this knees are made of paper. Reminds me of Brandon Roy. Sorry Bulls nation, your superstar ain’t so tough. Ricky Rubio had the same injury about a month earlier than this guy and he was back like 3 months ago. Seriously Rose, if you’re just gonna keep acting like a baby, might as well retire. Well if he gets back, next thing we know, both his ACLs are rip to shreds.

    • Tim says:

      I agree.. this guy is a whimp and certainly no MVP. Kobey wouldn’t let himself be out this long and has played through all kinds of injuries and would have certainly been back on the court by now.

      Your team needs you… and you are getting paid a lot of money. Get back out on the court!

  31. Boogerman says:

    We’ve seem many NBA players like DRose who came back from ACL that were never the same good as before. ACL is a career killer because it degrade the performance of an athlete along with his confidence to play. DRose will soon be forgotten like what happened to TMac and the others.

  32. Realistic says:

    It’s wetter for him to return at 100%. Or as close as possible. What happened te season he tore his ACL? He was rushed back from other injuries which ultimately lead to the bigger one.
    I like Derrick Rose but he should be patient. We want him back for good and at his old level. So he can compete with lebron, and durant as well as Kobe and Melo. Everyone forgets how good he was hopefully wen he does return it’ll be like the injury never happened. Good luck to him and a speedy recovery.

  33. unb1nd says:

    i think this the same brandon ROY injury hi’s a very talented good player(Derrick ROSE) that the player said how good player you are if you have an injury that’s end of the carrer maybe he can play basket ball a lot of years but we can’t see D-ROSE same the last Couple of years no one can guard D-rose 1 on 1……..

  34. Row says:

    D-Rose is very hard on his body with the way he plays. PGs are great being incredibly athletic, but if you want a long term career, play smart too.

  35. john says:

    wish rose a quick recovery he is a strong kid

  36. big cat says:

    that’s fine the bulls could still easily beat any team in the east , however Indianapolis is gonna win the east this yr, not the bulls or those chumps from miami

  37. jay says:

    Bulls shouldn’t feel the need to rush Rose back. They need him to recuperate and be back at 110% like he said. Once he’s back, this team will be one of the best teams in the league like they were prior to his injury.

  38. DaBulls933 says:

    I really don’t mind if he comes back next season hopefully he will change up his game and develop a better and reliable jumper and gain back his confidence to make important shots and attack the basket.

  39. Toughluck says:

    no Rose, no chance..

  40. Anonymous says:

    I hope Rose returns to the game healthy. No need to rush back and play. Just remember a player like Gilbert Arenas who trained hard during the off-season and made an attempt to return to the N.B.A. too soon. Both rest and rehab is needed. The Bulls are playing well this season and should play competitively without Rose this year. Basketball fans want a healthy D. Rose that is 100%. Good luck to the Chicago Bulls and D. Rose.

  41. uoykcuf says:

    let him take the season off if it’ll make a full recovery, we don’t want another young star crumbles before he reaches his potential.

    • Davro83 says:

      Yeah, he should take this season to heal. He has only just started his career and i want him to be around a long time. Forget about this season and think long term.

  42. Tushar says:

    Keep taking your time we need you 110%

  43. Rock Robin says:

    Stop wimping around and just play. Talk about letting your team and your fans down. The bulls need D- Rose now so he can be at his best During the playoffs

    • Davro83 says:

      You are a moron. Another person that doesnt care about someone or think about long term. The Bulls have Rose on a long contract. They dont want him to come back and then do more injury and be injury prone his whole career. I hope he takes this whole season off to heal properly, that way he can come back at 100% next season and be healthy and hopefully stay that way for a long career.

    • justme says:

      What’s the point of rushing the comeback of Rose?
      Bulls are not able to win the title this season so let Rose recover completely and make sur he is 100% when next season arrives.
      Thinking “mid-term” should be wiser then short term in this situation

    • AJ Mills says:

      Yeah, that worked out well last year.

  44. Anthony says:

    I have serious long term concerns for Rose durability throughout his yet to be finished career.

    The way the guy plays, he is fairly small, leaps in and out of the lane at all sorts of angles, off balance (but due to his athleticism he remains in control), twisting and shooting layups all around the bigger stronger bangers in the middle. His greatest strength is that he is so fast, unbelievably so. But that style of play is going to carry a higher risk of falling awkwardly, landing on peoples feet and rolling ankles, etc etc. I fear we will see a great great talent, have his career reigned in due to ongoing injuries. We saw the first signs of this before he tore his ACL. to me its nearly inevitable. I hope more than anything that I’m wrong, there is no player more of a joy to watch.

  45. Derrick Rose says:

    play in the plaoffs. we need u.

    • Goku says:

      i don’t think DROSE should rush anything, he rather take his time and comeback next season for the long run of the bulls, like Amar’e did in his years of phoenix when he changed from 32 to 1.. ROSE sits out and comeback as an MVP…

  46. ice says:

    now that he has been out for so long and still will be out for a little while, his return wouldn’t be that great at first. his numbers will be low and it will be hard to for to reach the top again. specially that he will be forced to play less minutes and take it easy on his legs and joints. last year in the playoffs he came back so hard jumping so high and landing with such hard force and pressure on his legs that put him out for a whole year now. let’s hope he wouldn’t go down the same path grant hill did because if it wasn’t for his injuries Hill would’ve and could’ve been the best of all time. personally i dont think we will see Rose on the court the same way he was when he got the MVP, at least not anytime soon after his return.

  47. wisdom0054 says:

    1st but besides that i would like 2 say if he cant even dunk yet then he might have 2 sit out the whole season sigh :,(

  48. Bossman says:

    That was a misleading title to say the least. I do think that Rose will come back this season. He’s not as far way from returning, as the media likes to portray it. He said he was in the high 80 percent, so I think he’ll be fine.