NBA Does Not Consider Legal Action Serious Threat in Kings Case

HOUSTON – The NBA does not expect legal challenges, whether from minority owners of the Kings or groups in Seattle, to be a serious impediment to a potential move, league sources said Thursday as the debate over the proposed sale and relocation to Washington state moved to All-Star weekend.

While Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson has been in constant contact with top NBA officials, he is expected in town as part of lobbying efforts for the daunting task of convincing owners to vote down the sale of the Kings to a Seattle-based group led by Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer. Others efforts in the California capital include possible legal action from the minority owners who claim their initial agreement came with a right of first refusal on a purchase if the team is ever put up for sale.

But, sources familiar with the thinking high in the league office said, those possible roadblocks, along with lawsuits in Seattle trying to stop construction of the proposed arena, could be an afterthought by summer. It is not clear whether NBA leadership, with several lawyers among the ranks, thinks the legal action has no merit or whether the concerns will be addressed in other ways.

Also Thursday, sources said every indication is that the vote on the sale of controlling interest in the Kings from the Maloof family to the Hansen-Ballmer group will be held as scheduled at the Board of Governors meeting April 18-19 in New York. The BoG could rule before then to approve or deny, either by conference call or e-mail ballot, but people close to the situation told the issue will likely be decided at the regularly scheduled full meeting.


  1. Jason Page says:

    Go Supersonics, 2013/2014!

  2. Rafael says:

    Average Home Attendance 1985-2008 (K = Sacramento Kings, S = Seattle SuperSonics)

    K- 10,333
    S- 8,032,
    K- 10,333
    S- 8,692,
    K- 10,333
    S- 12,008,
    K- 16,517
    S- 12,920,
    K- 17,014
    S- 12,244,
    K- 17,014
    S- 12,443,
    K- 17,014
    S- 14,315,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,805,
    K- 17,317
    S- 14,682,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,457,
    K- 17,317
    S- 17,007,
    K- 17,317
    S- 17,072,
    K- 14,767
    S- 17,072,
    K- 16,750
    S- 17,072,
    K- 17,562
    S- 15,018,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,630,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,630,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,451,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,541,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,255,
    K- 17,317
    S- 16,475,
    K- 17,317
    S- 16,198,
    K- 17,317
    S- 15,955,
    K- 14,150
    S- 13,355

    SACRAMENTO’S attendance was HIGHER than Seattle’s for 21 OUT OF 24 SEASONS since the Kings moved here in 1985. Sacramento has sold out 17 out of its 28 seasons. If you think Seattle supports their Sonics more than Sacramento does for its Kings then you are only kidding yourself, numbers don’t lie! The Maloofs have threatened to move the Kings for the last few years and BACKED OUT on an arena deal. Fans have lost trust in their team due to all of the Maloof’s nonsense. Give us new owners and our trust and attendance will go back up.

    NBA, SACRAMENTO DESERVES TO KEEP IT’S TEAM! TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT! ($23,203,000 and counting as of 2/15/13)


  3. Joe Jericho says:

    If Sac doesn’t come up with a buyer and corresponding arena plan now, then I get it. But if they do and the NBA allows the move to occur, I’ll continue to sour on the league. And I am in a league market 3000 miles away from Seattle. Far and away, I watch more NHL now than NBA, even with the NHL labor problems. Pity

    • @Joe. we already have a deal in place for an arena and ownership. and an agreement with the maloofs. they wont sell to sactown. they will keep the team if they reject the deal. and tthe other owners dont o the lame duck city of sacramento anything. they arent gonna say (hansen and maloofs agreed to a deal but we want the kings to stay in a city that cant sell out theyre stadium with out having the rich buy tickets to give away when ur team is on the verge of leaving. sacramento is no where near the city or fanbase that seattle. is more money better tv market better ownership group and soon to be the city with the team NOT sacramento

      • Jimmy Smith says:

        So you are basically admitting Seattle is ready to steal the team from Sacramento?

      • Big D says:

        Are you kidding me? Kings fans are some of the best in the NBA!! Most cities woundn’t have went through the trouble us fans have went through to keep the Kings here….I don’t remember hearing about this kind of support when Seattle moved the team…

  4. Big D says:

    I betcha the Kings won’t move. I bet ya anything Mayor Johnson has a plan up his sleeve, and in my opinion, he’s almost ready to reveal the plan by a couple of very wealthy buyers.

    • not gonna happen y hasnt he announced the whales if that was the case????

      • Big D says:

        Because KJ is just waiting for the right time to release his what of an offer, that’s why.. He’s a smart man, he knows what he’s doing, and he knows when the time will be right to announce it, you just watch 🙂

  5. Gary says:

    It’s s done deal!!

  6. hansen's little yappy dog says:

    “sources”? Doesn’t sound credible at all.