Jordan Stirs Pot By Picking Kobe over LeBron



HOUSTON — Vanilla vs. Chocolate. Less Filling vs. Tastes Great. Ginger vs. Mary Ann.

Maybe Michael Jordan was trying to light up a little rivalry fun on the eve of blowing out his 50 birthday candles on Sunday. Or maybe he’s just bored with his Bobcats on their way to another worst-in-the-NBA record (12-40).

For whatever reason, Jordan decided to weigh in on the hoop debate of our currents times and said in an NBA TV interview that he would take Kobe Bryant over LeBron James.

The deciding factor? Championship rings.

“Five beats one every time I look at it,” Jordan said. “And not that (James) won’t get five. He may get more than that, but five is bigger than one.”

It is, of course, the kind of classic debate that long has been the reason they put stools in bars and truthfully you can’t be very wrong with either choice. At this point Kobe has played 17 seasons in the league to collect his five championships, while LeBron seems to be just coming into his own in his 10th season in the league.

As a consensus choice as the greatest player of all time, we’re not here to question Jordan’s credentials on the topic. But we do have to wonder about his overly simplistic reasoning.

While championships should certainly figure into the overall evaluation any player’s career, should they be the difference makers?

Is is really fair to compare the breadth of Bryant’s 17 seasons to James at a time when he seems to be gathering confidence and might be starting a run of titles?

Five is bigger than one. We can’t argue with the math.

But by his own reasoning, that means Celtics’ immortal Bill Russell clearly gets the nod over Jordan himself. Eleven is bigger than six.

And while we’re at it, that happens to put Jordan behind Robert Horry. Seven is bigger than six, too.


  1. psych says:

    MJ knows Kobe won’t ever compete with him for GOAT, especially because Kobe does not and won’t ever garner the individual achievements MJ did, especially multiple MVPs. Moreover, MJ was alpha dog for all six of his championships; Kobe was alpha for at best three of his five. But Lebron could end up with better overall individual numbers than Jordan and more MVPs. And Lebron could end up with as many alpha-dog championship trophies, too. So of any current player, Lebron is the only real threat for GOAT that MJ sees out there. MJ therefore might want to tear down Lebron a bit, if he can. Lebron worships MJ, so his comments will get in his head. (I don’t think it will work in the long run, though.)

    • Rob says:

      JORDAN SAID THAT CHOOSING BETWEEN THE TWO WOULD BE TOUGH. The guys play different positions and unique traits. Kobe quicker in his prime – Lebron stronger and bigger. Hard for a bigger slower Lebron to guard Kobe who can get a shot off from anywhere. Hard for Kobe to block a taller guy who can shoot just as well..

      So looking at what JORDAN SAID IN HIS ENTIRETY ( Not just what you little piece you quoted ).. MIKE said it would be very hard to choose.. In the end he just gave credit to the guy who has more rings. JORDAN ALSO SAID Lebron might eventually have more.. Did you idiots making these articles mention that ? Mike is being fair..

      Lebron may one day have more- MIKE SAID that…

      By the way.. about 4 days after all this was said by Jordan – both Kobe and Lebron went to Jordan’s birthday party and hung out together.. Just go and google ‘ NBA Players attend Jordans birthday party ‘ … pics and even a video of all them hanging !

  2. Kimmet says:

    You guys are haters. Lebron is on his way to having one of the greatest seasons in nba history and the last I checked jordan needed pippen and kobe had shaq. And why even compare the lebron to jordan he’s more like oscar robertson or magic.
    –Lebron will be number one at the end of his career

  3. Patty says:


  4. Patty says:




  5. Kobe is the man! says:

    I’ve been saying it all along and MJ,(the greatest ever), reaffirmed it. Kobe was a driving force behind 5 Laker championships!! Along with Shaq and Gasol! 5 championships to one. I couldn’t have said it better myself! And who are any of you to question the greatest ever—MJ—his airness. Even the great Larry Bird said the same thing. He would rather play with Kobe Bryant to win. He would play with Lebron if he wants to just have fun!!!!!! MJ has spoken so live with it!!! Or get a kleenex to wipe the tears!

    • Patty says:




  6. genesy2013 says:

    Two things we all can agree on are Michael Jordan book in the NBA has been written and read by many; but we are still reading Lebron James book in the NBA. In Lebron James book I have learned he is a scientist of the game of basketball, he engages in plays to acquire and gain knowledge. He studies the craft, researches, and makes adjustments to the results by creating the best formula to win Championships. He is an expert in several areas of the floor which allows him to make the game appears simple. I have learned it’s very difficult to measure his performance because it includes so many elements that are restricted from the minds of mankind. I have learned Lebron James will unleash that inner beast that is uncharacterized in today’s game of basketball Therefore, we cannot summarize Lebron James book in the NBA until we have read the last page.

  7. bodjee says:

    Like they say, it is the teams that win championship. A single player cannot win a championship in basketball or any other team sports. Unlike a BABY, a free agent can sign with any team he wants. Grown ups do this offend, we are always looking for better opportunities.

  8. newyorksteelo says:

    Someone please explain this to me like I am a 5 year old. Le Bron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers for a reason. To join D Wade and C Bosh along with the rest of the Miami Heat “in the hopes of winning championships”. He even took a pay cut in search of the biggest achievement you can obtain in the NBA, a championship ring. Now LB states that championships don’t measure how great a player is or will be. Come on Cuzzzzzzzzz.

  9. Pintados says:

    I am a fan of Michael Jordan and Lebron James…not that Kobe isn’t great..BUT I agree with Lebron, and long before all these debates about Lebron vs Kobe dishing out the number of rings or championships to contend that “a playe” is great is just…umm..excuse my disrespect to MJ…IT’S STUPID!!!.. I have never heard…EVER IN THE HISTORY OF it all you want…I have never heard that when you say who was the 2012 NBA that youd was Lebron…ITS THE HEAT…of who was the 2008 NBA CHAMPIONS? you’d say it was Kobe? NO..IT WAS THE LAKERS…

    POINT IS….NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS define an NBA TEAM..not a single person who was great…..

    If MJs point is the number of rings..then he should agree that he is just in the same level as Scottie Pippen..and Robert Horry is greater than him..Horry has 7 championships…Jordan only has 6…so that’s Jordan’s point..

    GREAT PLAYERS should be defined by the MVP awards they garnered in their entire career…year after year..Lebron is on the MVP Top 10 cancidates… he already have 3..and he is just 27 yrs old…until the day he retires…then that’s the time he can truly be compared with MJ..but I dont have doubt he is better than Kobe.. cheers MJ

  10. MerloMVP says:

    lets correct it lebron is more efficient player than kobe and even Jordan but being the greatest not really…. when AI still playing he really not that good shooter but he is more on going for a layups but he never been sed that he was a greater player than MJ or Kobe… Lebron might shot better percentage coz. of him going strong on the basket, let put him on Jordan era where Defense is more physical like every foul is a hard foul what would u think… Lebron wont be close as jordan on how he play and love it…. he is like 32 but he still dominate the game

  11. Rossco says:

    Bill Russell was the greatest NBA basketball player of all time. 11 rings in 13 years! 8 in a row! He changed the way the game was played . MJ is right – it IS all about the rings. If I am starting a team I choose Bill Russell first.

  12. Rossco says:

    Bill Russell was the greatest NBA basketball player of all time. 11 rings in 13 years! 8 in a row! He changed the way the game was played game . MJ is right – it IS all about the rings. If I am starting a team I choose Bill Russel first.

  13. Everybody’s comments ignored the greatness of coach Jackson, who coached the uncoachable Mamba. Imagine LBJ coached by Jackson;therefore, MJ feels so insecure of the continuity of his label just because a new breed of athletes like Durant, Irving, etc will make look him like an average player for the new era. At this point LBJ in the man.

  14. viking1 says:

    uh….he chose Adam Morrison over Rajon Rondo and Rudy Gay. Just sayin’.

  15. cp10 says:

    OMG Watch the video for yourself, MJ said it was Kevin Durant!!

  16. Rois23 says:

    As simple as this, MJ says that KOBE is better that LBJ because he has 5 rings compare to LBJ’s 1. So when you base your comparission between KOBE vs JORDAN, he is better because he knows that he has more rings than KOBE..LOL MJ..

  17. kidkong says:

    so basically robert horry is better than jordan bcuz he got 7 rings??? is that what jordan means???? lebron is the best player right now in the nba if you dont like it stop watching the nba

  18. Sinuhé says:

    You bunch of kids. Jordan said that beacuse he and Kobe played for the Zen, Phil Jackson. Jordan will pick Kobe beacuse he knows the same system.

  19. Alamilla says:

    I hate this post! I only see this as a “Don´t worry LeBron, I still love you!”. Fran, stop this stuff! The best player of all time has spoken, and chose Bryant, the greatest player of this era!

  20. J Call says:

    Kobe may be is as close to Michael Jordan as we will get, while remaining below him. However, at the end of LeBron’s career, I believe he will have been the best to have ever played the game. In retrospect players seem to be like basketball gods who never made mistakes, as if Jordan or Chamberlain never turned the ball over or never missed a big shot; we just forget because the junk plays are never in highlight reels. The fact that LBJ is being compared to Kobe and MJ, after only being in the league for 9 years- Kobe has been in for 17- is a testimony to his greatness. Lets all just move on and recognize that we are witnessing basketball history, and the greatest player of all time… LeBron James.

  21. cp10 says:

    Where’s Mike Bibby in this conversation?

  22. David Jackson says:


  23. bodjee says:

    Is Horry better than Pippen because he has one more ring than Pippen? Maybe that’s a tough one! Is Russel the best player ever to play the game? I think if Jordan was to give Lebron the nod he rightly deserved with 1 ring versus Kobe at 5 then this would erase the 6:1 favours he has over Lebron as the BOAT. 🙂

  24. Heisenberg says:

    I agree with Michael Jordan. Getting five rings is not easy. The numbers doesn’t lie. And the writer of this column has the balls to compare Jordan against Robert Horry? Please!

  25. r5bbe says:

    it is clear that kobe is the best. lebron is great, there is no say in it, but i think what makes it so gud is its surrounding. by that i mean his teammantes. when the heat’s 5 men go on the floor they really play like a team. on the other hand whenever you watch a lakers game, the feeling is always that kobe plays alone. So he has to do everything becoz his teammates don’t really play well. like dwight now or even nash, they don’t really contribute to the game like kobe does and as MJ said it is tough to beat 5 when you are just 1. so if kobe’s teammates start to play like he does or like lebron’s teammates do, i think there will be no comparison.

  26. David says:

    Guys, guess between the lines… when jordan says it’s 5 rings over 1, picking KObe over Lebron, he’s just honestly saying, he’s the Best of the three… just like he picks 6 over 5 over 1, or, in other words HIMSELF (MJ) > KOBE > LEBRON.
    Besides…what he said was a conditional…if Lebron gets more rings..then it’s another story…

  27. Guggy says:

    I think that Jordan should not express himself like that because the only thing he is showing up is fear. Fear of being displaced by the one who will do that in a blink of an eye, Lebron James. Kobe, Jordan, and Lebron are different persons and each made their respective impact in the NBA but, Jordan was considered the greatest of all times until now. Lebron James is better but time will tell. For now I recommend him to stay away from making comments about Kobe, Lebron, or any other player and he surely better be asking himself how to improve his own bussiness, his own Bobcats team which is a complete joke at this moment. Thank you!

  28. marco says:

    Lebron James is the greatest player of all times. He’s even better than MJ because he can do more things on the court. Of course he doesn’t have MJ’s jump shot or Kobe’s jump shot: that’s why,I guess, Michael would still pick kobe over him; Kobe’s way of playing is at another level of purity and he has the same kind of aggressiveness and competitiveness Michael used to have. But LBJ is unbelievably skilled,he plays all the positions,from point guard to center,he

  29. dj cool says:

    this is to REALLY if lebron has such a high iq how come it took him 9 years to win a title,oh yeh and chuck so what kobe won his titles with a luxery team,lebron won a title with with dwade and chris bosh who have been double teamed and mike miller scored 7 threes in the championship game nobody from kobes team did that in the finals

  30. Andrew says:

    Horry didnt made critical shots that won games… But was NEVER a leader on his team like MJ…

  31. Albert says:

    DANIEL…..Lebron james is the best player today. You are correct! But Jordan in his prime and Kobe in his prime, James would not be the best!

    • Francisco says:

      show me the beef, bl, bla, bla kobe at his prime was the same , please look at the numbers , if you do not understand them , back to school

  32. Albert says:

    Look at last nights game Heat vs OKC. When Durant loss the ball and Lebron dunked it on the other side. Watch carefully when he stops his dribble and takes off to dunk. 1…2…3… steps! He travels half of the time when he goes to the hole. He is a good, strong player, GREAT player, but do not compare GREAT to GREATER(Kobe Bryant) to GREATEST (Michael Jordan)

  33. Toro says:

    wonder how far would Jordan get with LeBron’s Cavs.

  34. Feivel says:

    Really now, I see all of this whining and moaning about this and that. Championship rings are a collective effort. Great players make the players around them better. In the Chicago era, Pippen wouldn’t have been nearly as good without Jordan around to help mold him into the player he ultimately became. If you place Pippen on another team, he easily could have put up numbers like Jordan. He was great on both ends of the floor.

    Today’s players are spoiled, overpaid cry babies. Jordan used to get roughed up with an entire team collapsing their defense on him. I’ve never once seen Lebron James be teamed on to that extreme or roughed around like that. Sure, Lebron may have greater physical talent than either Jordan or Bryant, but he doesn’t have what they have mentally. He’s also not the same type of leader to lead with the intensity and tenacity of Jordan. Jordan never lost in a Finals and I don’t think he ever would have. The guy posted great numbers while sick with the flu against a great Jazz team that had 2 future hall of famers in Stockton/Malone. Jordan redefined the superstar standards that Lebron and Kobe try to live up to today. If youput the 95-98 Bulls Teams in today’s NBA, they would win 65+ games every year for half a decade barring injury and likely make Finals appearances at least 3 of those 5, winning them all.

    Jordan was one of the greatest icons in sports history and even arguably listed as the greatest of all time. Rings alone cannot determine much, but I guarantee if Michael hadn’t retired the first time, Olajuwon wouldn’t have won 2 rings with the Rockets. Jordan had the power, intensity and tenacity to posterize you at will. I’d like to see Lebron survive in an era that had people who actually still played tough defense. Boston almost won the ECF last year and if KG were younger/fresher, he could have shut down Lebron offensively well enough for Boston to win the series. That simply wouldn’t have happened with Jordan at the height of his career.

  35. Albert says:

    I am sorry but Jordan is correct. I do not like the fact that people compare James to Jordan, or james to Kobe. I think LBJ is a great player, but not at their talent. He can score the ball, of course. He gets the most and-1 even the guys are paddling back. I am guess the players are supposed to move out of his way! If Jordan was playing in this era, he would be scoring at least over 40 points per game. Now the defense is weak, you are not allowed to push and put hands on a player like back then, and it is lesss physical. Kobe won Championships with other players, that is why basketball is a team sport. But, to call stars and say “let’s get together to win?” I find that cowardly.

  36. Nik says:

    I agree to MJ, Kobe is better than LJames. Kobe won 5 championship rings and not leaving LA. LJames is at his pick now but Kobe will still be next to Jordan. The last minute or crucial fight of the championship, it is DWade holds the basket not LJames. Like Kobe on the last minute, Kobe can make it a basket in a Championship games. Figures and statics only for James.

  37. ayzed says:

    as many of the great coaches of our time have said again n again that they would’ve picked Kobe to take the last shot..what else z remaining now

  38. fpejr says:

    Ppl are still defending LBJ as if they had said he is bad.. he isnt, you just have to take into consideration.

    1. Jordan n Kobe , never ran out of their perspective teams to chase a ‘chip.
    2. joardan n kobe, have gone to slamdunks n won.
    3. wow lbj is aveg. 30 ppg… so now one said nothing when allen iverson was doing so.

    4. Kobe n or LBJ specially LBJ cannot be compared to jordan simple fact they have had it wayyy easier… yes jordan had pippen but kobe w shaq, everytime he got the ball he got double teamed and with his skills he scored…
    as for LBJ, he has wade n bosh so you cannot say he is such a great player n the best of the best when its obv.. that when wade n bosh get the ball somewhere so how one player is going to leave him alone n he will make the shot.

    5. Jordan 6 with pippen. Kobe 5 with 1 almost all start (Gasol is not shaq but he is good)…. LBJ just got 1 with 2 other allstars… they couldnt really do it all alone so ok bravo they took less money which they where complaining how he (LBJ ) was makin 10 mil less or w.e You choose to make less to get a Chip that you could not do on your self like others did.
    Oh yea wade has 2 first with shaq n not so much of a super team like now so..

    6. you cannot compare LBJ to Kobe one is 27 other is 34, Youd have to be a dummy to think that 34yr old is faster, more stronger etc. then a 27yr… so when news say lbj beats MJ or bryant , he had 40 n other player 30 its blablabablbabal

  39. Adri says:

    LBJ is uncomparable with KB or anybody else.Even this old jelaous man MJ is scary now when he sees what LBJ is able to do.
    We can do the math when LBJ will retire.
    LBJ is making history. It is his time. Nobody can contest it.Who does not understand that might be mentally ill

  40. ayzed says:

    well as the greatest player of all times(MJ) himself admitting what black mamba z inborn immense basketball talent he is…n this thing must be recognized

  41. kept says:

    Bill Russel won 11 championships, Coached and played for two of them, Battled fierce racism and segregation. He might not have been the best player, but he was most certainly the greatest to ever play it.

  42. Haywood says:

    To be honest? Who cares about MJ’s opinion? Jordan is known for HIS play as a basketball player, NOT a talent evaluator. He has been at least part owner of the Bobcats since 06 and majority owner since 10. Yeah…the same Bobcats with the worst record in NBA history when he tookover. Just because you were a good player doesnt mean youll be a good coach, owner, talent evaluator, consultant, etc .

  43. COMMISSIONER says:

    It’s not logical to compare players greatness by the number of rings they’ve harvested. I would say stat is the intelligent way of comparing. Ring is a result of team effort!

  44. nba fan says:

    Whatever man! I didnt like that question, anyway. no body cares who you choose. and yeah maybe haters might be happy cuz of this. but it doesnt really matter. everbody knows it’s not championship what makes you famous, its just your ability to play and entertain people, that’s all matters.

    if rings were to matter – no body can beat bill russell. not even MJ – mind jordan!

    BUT – neither kobe nor MJ are the future. it’s Durant, Melo, CP3 and ofcourse THE KING.

    I’m not from USA – but most people know LJ than MJ – it’s not because of ring, it’s just cuz the way he plays shots.

    Good luck!

  45. Druiddribbles says:

    By rings MJ is correct in 5 is more than 1; in ability and athleticism Kobe and LeBron each led the league in their prime but the biggest contest now is Durant-James and rings will determine the winner here as well. Russell and opportunistic multi-teamed Horry were examples of different places and different eras.

  46. MeloMVP says:

    Lebron myt and probably will have to be on top on stats but stats doesnt mean anything… Malone had more toal points than Jordan but stil jordn is a better player than him… when james face the mavs in finals what happen they lost after a year they still in the finals but facing a younger team whiche lead them of winning championship.. on 1996 bulls is a veteran team compare to sonics kemp and payton, Bulls won.. next 2 year bulls vs. jazz Malone, stockton,hornecek… bulls won Bulls won 97 and 98.. so jordan facing a younger and a team is almost same as the bulls.. bulls won 3 rings…

    Lebron is the youngest in the NBA to reach 20,000 points his 28 yrs old he join NBA in 2003 at the age of 19, never miss a season so he need to play 10 year in nba to reach 20K points… Jordan started in NBA at age of 21 drafted in 1984 jordan reach his 20,000 points at the age of 29 92-93 season jordan retire after winning his 3 rings then back in the nba at age of 31 in 1994-95 playoff and lost to magic then play full season 95-96 and he dominate and lead bulls for the nba best record of 72-10 then won 3 more rings then retire at the age of 34 1997-98 coz. bulls cannot offer him the same line up and same coach then back after 4 years age of 38 coz. he feel he still can playand prove it on his ave. of 20-22 points on those 2 years in wizards…

    question is wht if jordan join the league same age of lebron(19) or let say lebron joiined the league same age as jordan(21) do u think lebron will be the youngest to reach 20,000 point.. (Kobe done it first before Lebron did)? i dont think so coz. LEBRON need 10 years 2003-2013 to reach his 20,000 points on the other hand jordan done it faster 1984-1992-93 season so jordthan an only needs 9 years or less a fact that jordan on his 2nd year as a nba player 85-86 season he manage to play 18 games only(INJURY)

    Do u think Lebron can lead his team to the same record jordan did on age of 32.. even lebron wont retire?… think Never

    Do u think Lebron will retire at the age of 34 then be back at the age of 38 and still can ave. 20-22 points and play in the all star game?? we dont know and cant tell about it.. until he reach that age..

    So sure jordan is afraid of lebron taking over the stat coz. that only he can be better of but jordan had some record that i think no one can beat .. plus a to many what if.. like what if he dint retire after winning 3 rings1990-1993? what if he never miss out a season or manage to play 82 game on 85-86 season? what if after 1998 bulls still have the complete roster in 1998-2000? what if jordan still playing and did not retire after 1998 season and played until 2003 ?

    do u think jordan will be afraid of lebron? he said things about lot of player becouse thats what he see on them, maybe kwame had something jordan seen on him but its kwame brown fault he did not showcase his talent he failed on that.. but about KOBE he been there before 17 years.. Lebron 10 years if Lebron want to prove he is a better player not on stats.. james have 7 more years on his game to prove it but until then Kobe already done it……

  47. dj says:


  48. shravan says:

    MJ made his point – but who cares? He is 50, he is out of his mind now, and yeah kobe will join him in couple years when he gets LAL to the worst records and you guys can still call him one of the greatest…. you unbelievable nerds out there! Nobody really cares about MJ … its just the talk on the tv, just to respect old sacks like MJ, kobe .. if we get KOBE, MJ or any jerk at the age of 26-28… no body has the athleticism like Lebron, and we all know.. And yeah.. he left Cleveland, so what’s the matter? he didn’t commit any crime.. you’ll act like he betrayed your mother LOL…

    FYI – MJ was popular not because he was having rings… he was popular cuz of his sport, the way he played, not cuz of championships.. so was kobe… now it’s lebron, Durant, cp3, … and yeah lebron is the best for now… tomorrow who knows?

    But when it comes to rings – both MJ and Kobe didn’t won it on their own – it’s a known fact!

    If you apply stupid MJ rule, that is championship counts – then he is not even half the man as bill rusell LOL 😀

    Bill Russell is the king of all time. MJ now you just shut the luck up.

    It’s guys like Lebron, Durant, CP3, Melo… they are the future

    No body cares about kobe nor MJ!

    The future is LJ!

    Anyway – happy b’day old man (50)

  49. LT says:

    I don’t think Jordan was properly understood. He said it was a tough choice, so to help him decide he looked to championships. It’s not a tough choice between Jordan and Horry, so your logic doesn’t apply. It’s not a tough choice between Jordan and anyone. Kobe thus far has had a better career than Lebron, but both Kobe and Lebron will retire in the top five or top six all time.

  50. seveere says:

    i dont know if LBJ will get 5 or more rings but he may the way things look he may. who knows and who cares. im a laker fan first kobe second. kobe has got my vote.

  51. Flavio says:

    “Rings” is just one metric…
    Should we say that Reggie Miller was not a great player because he does not have any rings ?

  52. NBA's Shaq says:

    Actually lebron james is better then michel jordan if not he up there with him lebron has great smarts in the game of basketball anyone who try’s to defend lebron then are thought of as fools kobe has no smarts hes a ball hog and has a stacked team i dont understand his ball play alot of players relate to lebron kobe is just another player in the NBA

  53. David says:

    I go along with MJ opinion, Lebron James stepped up his game just a year ago doesn’t mean he could be placed at Kobe level(5 championships, a Legend), However Lebron is still young to achieve much more and possibly be able to wear the same shoe as Kobe, Lebro James(6 something foot, 250 something pound) he is a huge player and he is also young, actually doing a lot of thing in the NBA that people havn’t done before! I think he is coming huge that guy!

  54. Esteban says:

    This is completely stupid and dissapointing. Rings doesn’t mean you’re better. I can’t believe Jordan himself thinks that way. I immediately lost the respet I had for him.

    Derek Fisher isn’t better than Kevin Durant only because he has rings.

    This is depressing. How can you call yourself a basketball fan when you think like an angry 10 year old kid.

    Kobe of course has than ‘magic’ than only about a handful of player have ever achieved. The moves, the impossible shots, the high scoring games, but LeBron has reinvented the game once again to a level where nobody can ever be even compared to, he rebounds, scores, steals, blocks, plays PF, SF, even Center position, PG,. He can literaly change an entire team revolving around him and boots the potential of every other player in his team. He’s the absolute definition of a leader. That tops all the magic, points and buzzer beaters. I’m sorry, true greatness works that way, it’s not about being flashy, it’s about being simply superior to everyone else on almost every way.


  55. SO says:

    I mean its obvious, jordan is afraid of Bron not Bryant. LeBron brought Cleveland to the finals, without an other star player. Have you seen the season Bryant has played without other stars?
    Bryant has 1 MVP, Bron 3. look at FG% and all the Wade talking, Wades stats since january are top

  56. Kobe says:

    Well if you watch the video it’s not like Jordan picked Kobe without hesitation.
    So far in their career Kobe is clear ahead.. Lebron has the time to prove otherwise… Kobe has accomplished way more than Lebron has at this stage of their careers. It is right for Jordan to Kobe. Ask him again in about 7~8 years.. His answer might be different depending on how Lebron plays until the end of his career.
    Writer is crazy in comapring robert horry against jordan… even if you are comparinng how many championships they’ve won, you have to look at the level of contribution to those rings. Kobe vs Lebron is comparing 2 franchise players… jordan vs horry is franchise player vs a swing man who’s been lucky to be on so many championship teams.
    Plus ya… Jordan won 6 rings

  57. genc says:

    i started to watch basketball because of MJ, but the main reason I LOVE this game now its KOBE BRYANT he is unique player with all his bad he has!

  58. NBAIQ says:

    Kobe > Lebron
    1. Kobe is more clutch
    2. Kobe has 5 rings
    3. All the big stars went to his team, he didn’t run and join forces elsewhere
    4. Better free throw shooter…more important than you might think.
    5. Alpha male mentality

  59. Daniel says:

    You upset me oh oh seven is bigger than six eleven is bigger than six, bro Kobe played a more of a major part in the five championships bill russel beat a less dominant league when it was cake walk for Boston to get 11 against lesser competition, I think Kobe bryant is still the best player in the game today Lebron is just having a great run he dunks better n might be stronger that’s it , you people need to realize he has wade bosh n ray Allen , Bryant is the closest I have seen to Jordan career wise when Lebron three peats he will be in
    The c

  60. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time no doubt!Lebron is the greatest today and Kobe is really great but not better than Lebron!

  61. AL says:

    Jordan is afraid about Lebron, because he know that Lebron is the only one who can beat him for for the trone…..of the best player of all-time………….

  62. Ramsés Gomera says:

    About championships?? So, Bill Russell is better than MJ?

  63. Fernando Denardi says:

    Man, how many clutch shots lebron had on his NBA carrer?
    For me thats the difference.

    Le bron can have the best stats but util now he´s more Le Chicken than King James… If he want to be compare to the greatest he shouldn´t trade team ever… he only got his (only Ring) becouse he went to a team that was ready and had won a championship even with out him…
    Kobe did wom 3 wit Shaq ok…..
    But when Shaq left the lakers he did not turn into a coward… He did wait for his turn to become the leader of the next TWO RINGS…..

    Common win rings with (wade, bosh) should´t be that much…

    he (Lebron) need to become clutch, what he never have been.

  64. marvin says:

    kobe over labron any day , i watch some heats game james rearly gets double! kobe gaved james his first and second gold medal , and its mr 81 !

  65. MIKE says:

    i think le bron is great, but kobe is greater,but then MJ is much better but then alll great players are better like wilt chamberlain or bill russel even abdul jabar, but the point is lebron leave the caveliers and went to miami because he wants to win championship, unlike MJ and Kobe, they never leave their teamss to have championships, so dont you think if lebron did not change he has a ring now i dont think so, so thats its i think being a great player means you can caryy your team to a championship without help to othe greay playe like wade or anybody…..

    • NBA FAN 4 EVERRR says:

      Kobe won 2 more games because the lakers get Gasol, Metta, Bynum, Odom and create a good team around him
      The Cavs didn;t do that for Lebron,
      MJ won 6 champs because a great team was put together with AN EVEN BETTER COACH,He was more than lucky that he was drafted by the Bulls and plays along 2 HOF during the 2 championship runs
      MJ is overrated

  66. Jrevits says:

    THIS IS MY ONLY ARGUMENT! TO ALL KOBE AND LEBRON DIEHARDS OUT THERE!!!! If you think Kobe or LEBRON can come close to Jordan, particularly LEBRON because a lot says its your time now, Listen peeps, WIN 3 CONSECUTIVE titles, then leave the game for about 2 seasons and comeback and WIN another 3 MORE STRAIGHT! Not to mention lifting your team to a 72 winning record. No matter how good LEBRON is with scoring or whatever titles, AS long as you can’t match that or prove me wrong, PLS STOP saying LBJ is better or will be better than MJ! LBJ has until age 40 to prove me wrong! Enough said! This is the only basis of what greatness is!!!! Remember 3peat, gone for 2 seasons and comeback and do a 3peat and win 72 or more!

  67. Daniel says:

    Jordan’s logic is weak….LBJ is clearly the best player in The NBA today by any standard…….This coming from a Laker season ticket holder…….Good day.

  68. mason says:

    Lebron also won his first ring in a shortened season….

  69. wow says:

    kobe is obviously isnt at his prime

  70. Dictator says:

    kobe is way out of lebron man lebron team up with great players which he cant win championship with the cavs, if lebron still in the cavs he cant win championship.. jordan point lol

  71. dave says:

    jordan needs to get off his high horse. he did not win one championship alone. he had pippen and phil jackson to help him. kobe also didn’t win alone… from shaq and phil to phil, odom, gasol, and bynum. at least lebron won without the greatest coach of all time. ALL HAIL KING JAMES… but tim duncan is still the man 😛

  72. Castaway says:

    Id take Kevin Durant over both of them anyway

  73. Craig says:

    From MJs logic, bill russell is the best player of all time because he has 11 rings….

  74. Bunbury says:

    maybe it’s was a way of saying kobe 5 vs lebron 1= Winner Kobe; OR Jordan 6 vs Kobe 5= Winner Jordan; OR Jordan 6 vs Lebron 1= (NOT EVEN CLOSE) Jordan. But it’s true what the article states: Lebron is just starting…

    (Fact) championships carry a lof of weight on players career but (My Opinion) they shouldn’t be the most important factor in evaluating a player’s career, talent, or determination. Otherwise we shall ALL be saying that players such as Malone, Stockton, Barkley, Ewing, Webber, Iverson are less than any other player that has won 1 championship.

  75. reality says:

    the conversation that people are having is ridicules. MJ vs LBJ, KOBE, who ever. just to clarify few things here. LBJ hands down is the best player today. trying to pick a players from comparing them to there career accomplishments is ridicules. MJ career 100% KOBE career 98% LBJ 60%……………. MJ 6 rings career 100%, KOBE 5 rings career 98%, LBJ 1 ring 60% career. lets talk about this when kobe and LBJ career is at 100%.

  76. Momowonthis says:

    3/24 and 4/5 is when the Heat play the Bobcats Lebron is going to get a triple double in one game and score 50 pts. in the other. I respect his opinion but Lebron is the 1st player to really challenge MJ legacy. So, of coarse Jordan want to keep his legacy untouched as the undisputed greatest of all time. But, LeBron paving his own path by mixing all the greatest skills into one player like a hybrid beast. When it’s all said and done nothing ever will be enough to over take MJ’s throne it’s just a matter of opinion who do you like better… I’m down wit THE KING!!!

  77. Alvin says:

    I hate when people use rings to see whose the better “individual” player. A championship is a collective effort. Its the icing on the cake but to say thats the determining factor on whose better is illogical. MVPs, and Efficiency have more to do with individual performance then Rings. By the ring logic Steve Kurr is better then Lebron. Now when we look at individual accolades Lebron is destroying Kobe. And “individual” accolades logically holds more weight when your debating whos the best “individual player”. Lebrons about to get 4 MVPs to Kobes 1. Not only that, Lebron keeps finding himself in Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robinson land. Thats a place where even Jordan seldom went too. Lebron quietly has a higher points per game career average then Kobe. Hes actually third in the History of the NBA in points per game. ANd hes not even a high volume shooter. The question was whose the better individual player, not whos the best team. And if you just look at Kobe and Lebron at what they have done solely on individual achievements and awards, its impossible to say Kobe is better.

  78. reality says:

    the conversation that people are having is ridicules. MJ vs LBJ, KOBE, who ever. just to clarify few things here. LBJ hands done is the best player today. trying to pick a players from comparing them to there career accomplishments is ridicules. MJ career 100% KOBE career 98% LBJ 60%……………. MJ 6 rings career 100%, KOBE 5 rings career 98%, LBJ 1 ring 60% career. lets talk about this when kobe and LBJ career is at 100%.

  79. utot says:

    Of he will pick kobe over lebron. he picked adam morrison and kwame brown before. LOL

  80. magic johnson is the greatest of all time then lebron “king” james is 2nd

  81. Un12ealdog says:


    KOBE over lebron anyday anytime. Thats a no brainer…

  82. KobeFan says:

    I cannot believe I just seen a comment saying, “i believe Kobe is the reason the lakers struggle.” seriously? the lakers would be down with the bobcats if they didn’t have Kobe. Kobe is a great player, as is lebron, but kobe just has a way more smarter game and as he gets older he works on his game so that it will fit what his body can handle. Right now Lebron is young and is stronger then ever, you think when he gets older he’s gonna be Dunking and running and moving people out of his way as well as he does now? no. So when lebron gets another 7 years in the NBA and his body is becoming more and more run down we’ll see if he is as good as kobe to be able to adapt his game to his body, until then kobe has my vote over lebron everyday. kobe is the most intelligent basketball player in the league right now. you ask him to become a facilitator, he facilitates. you ask him to take over, he will absolutely take over. His footwork and the way he just dedicates time to improving his game as he gets older even though hes already great makes him an amazing player.

  83. jaison says:

    back to cleveland.. hahahahha!! james now in miami with bosh and wade…. kobe with howard,nash,metaworldpeace,gasol.. where is the lakers now?!!! hahahha!!! dont make a comparison to Lebron James and Kobe bryant coz LBJ is better than kobe, and big 3 is better than the big 5 of lakers!!!

    • Bunbury says:

      I’m not going to be harsh on you since you are only a kid, I can see it right way for your non sense posting. First of all, the lakers are NOT a “big five” team. maybe a big four. Secondly, the “big four” are older and past their primes (with the exception of Howard), MIami’s big threes were in their prime two years ago when they formed (Age 25-28). Imagine putting kobe, gasol, nash, and howard at age 26. obviously, it’s only speculation but i am saying it to prove a point. also, dont forget howard is coming from a back surgery, he is not the same player RIGHT NOW. nash is 39; kobe’s 34 going on 35. PLEASE!!!
      it’s kind of what the Rockets did with Olajuwon, Barkley, and Drexler. they got together a little bit too late I would say. that team gets together five years earlier and Jordan wouldn’t have 6 championships right now.

    • John says:

      I KNOW….Kobe is greater than Lebron…for now..when it is all said and done,Lebron will have his time to shine!!As of right now in the current NBA…Lebron is the best player in the game!!But….Kobe won all 5 of his championships with ONE TEAM!!Bill Russell won 11…with ONE TEAM…Micheal Jordan won 6…with ONE TEAM…Hakeem Olajuwon won his 2 with ONE TEAM..Magic Johnson won his 5 with ONE TEAM…Larry Bird won his 3 with ONE TEAM….Robert Horry winning 7 bouncing from team to team??REALLY??Tim Duncan winning his 4 with ONE TEAM..I mean…Horry played a significant role in winning his titles…but not a presence during the regular season!!!He was always injured during the regular season and never had a good midrange game!!Kobe IS SMARTER than Lebron!!Kobe speaks 7 languages…he has a degree…did’nt flash an Elephant Hummer while he was still in High School…when his MAMA was Unemployed at the time!!And as for his team play?Last year against OKC…no one wanted the responsibilty of shooting the ball down the last stretch of the 4th Quarter!!Percentages play in Lebron’s direction ALL the WAY!!Lebron is more Effecient!!But….KOBE scoring 81 points and winning the game…holds more weight than WILT scoring 100 and LOSING the game!!KOBE NEVER had a solid point guard either!!He’s always shouldered BOTH Guard Positions both defensively and offensively his WHOLE Career!!To play in any sport at the level KOBE has played at…is alone…a Remarkable Feat!!Especially…when you consider that he is a guard!!Playing in different ERAS!!Lebron MAY become the G.O.A.T.!!!!No Doubt!!Kobe won without Shaq!!Can Lebron win without Wade or Bosh?He did’nt in Cleveland…but..I do think he will!!Just saying!!

  84. LJF1987 says:

    Jordan’s logic is faulty, as the article clearly demonstrates. He needs to concentrate on the Bobcats a bit more than being concerned with who is the best in the league, it certainly isn’t one of his players!
    For me, LBJ is better at the moment. Kobe in his prime and on his day is better, but right now, it’s LeBron.

  85. jaison says:

    “i’m not MJ, i’m LBJ”-Lebron james.. mah mvp lbj..

  86. heat says:

    patty shut up with the cap locks. we get your point already

  87. Chris says:

    cmon, the rings only matter when the talent level is as close as these two are. Russell and Horry are not even in Kobe and Lebrons league!

  88. jumpoffmiatesty says:

    Kobe wants to be like jordan, Lebron does not. So either way wether its the “goat” or spike lee talking its irrelevant! lebron gonna destroy any records jordan hasnt and more like he said after his first season in the heat…just taking notes…and after one championship people still tryna find a way to bring them boys down! it AINT HAPPENIN lol smh. get over it michael is the man and who he chooses to endorse is on him hes a smart man if i wasnt picking lebron i would pick kobe 2….jordan cant pick lebron because how will it look in 7 years from now when lebron shatters everything……exatcly.. cant root for the guy whos getting to be the biggest thing the nba has ever had…str8 up.

  89. jacobm says:

    so by this logic would Jordan also pick Adam Morrison and D.J. Mbenga over Lebron? they each got 2

  90. vince says:

    that’s why mj chose bobcats!!!!

  91. Gangstarr says:

    So i guess Horry is better than MJ then cause 7 is greater than 6. and luke walton must be better than Lebron cause of rings too? MJ was a great Basketball Player but that’s pretty much it, he’s a failure in everything else. Oh, he’s also the guy who thought KwameBrown was going to be an elite LOL. LBJ 3 MPVs > Kobe 1 MVP AND Lebron is getting another MVP this year.

  92. That guy says:

    You can’t compare Lebron and Kobe. They come to the game with two different minds. Kobe and scorer just like Mike. Lebron plays just like Magic. Thats why the Lakers are lossing now cuz Kobe havent realize he dont have to score like that. He has two of the best big mans in the game and lossing. Give Miami Paul or Dwight and see what happens. LeBron carrying the team by his self and won a NBA Championship by hisself. No true big man.

  93. tony says:

    if jordan will compare players with championships then.. MJ is not the best player in the world.. it would be bill russell…. even k.c jones would be better…therefore i dont think its fair to compare players with championships because we all know mj is better than bill and kc…

  94. jaquan says:

    lebron you look like an old man and your hairline messed up
    its all bout kobe
    if the lakers only won one game in a whole season i would think they still cold

  95. patutu says:

    Shame on you NBA.COM, how you dare to question the best athlete has ever lived. Jordan was not only a player but a leader to his team, He’s way of thinking is higher than we can imagine. It was not only physical game the type of game he played. he won a lot of games with his head. There most be strong reason why he’s picking Kobe over Lebron, and he never said Lebron is no good. He’s probably the best scorer in the league, but D-Wade backs him up, bosh is there, ray allen is there (We’re not talking about the usual players), these guys are superstars in any team you put them. Kobe has demonstrated being mature in his game and a leader in his team, I don’t like his attitude sometimes, but he definitely deserves the weight MJ gave him. One more thing. Kobe never left LA, MJ never left chicago, Lebron left Cleveland . A HEAT fan is writing this !!!! I love the championship, Im just saying we already had one with Dwade

  96. Cheryl says:

    If that’s true, Robert Horry was a better basketball player than Michael Jordan.

  97. Raffi K says:

    In my opinion there is no player better than the other i am talking about Kobe and Lebron … there are people who love to watch Kobe when he is playing and others love Lebron! as simple as that …

  98. Bulls93 says:

    Jordan’s comments may have have been unfair but the he did choose the right player. Kobe has the heart of a champion and has clutch to close out big games. Lebron is amazing in the regular season but playoff pressure is something he cannot handle. Lebrons pressure free regular season games will allow him to smash many records, but Kobe’s proven ability to deliver in intense playoff games is what makes him the better player!!!!

  99. Save Nash Please says:

    Lebron’s 6 x 30points over 60% Fg in 6 wins are far better than
    kobe’s 9 x 40points under 40% on a ballhog mode 9 losses…

    Do the MATH!!!!

  100. FILIPINO says:

    just watch and get your mouth shut up!

  101. HORRY???????? says:

    Why are you so stupid to put Robert Horry into the equation?
    He never led a team to any championship.
    Bill Russell is a valid candidate to greatness….but Horry c’mon man, that’s lame

  102. Ronaldo says:

    MJ maybe saying it in the context of leading the team to the title. Then it would be Kobe 2 and LBJ 1, suddenly its not that big a difference. Then again Jordan led his team to six, he can say whatever bloody hell he wants.

  103. loz says:

    jordan always has been known on being a hater, hey i heard space jam 2 is on the process on being film go check it out you might get a part on it, go on with your life your prime was over 15 years ago and help your team out instead get good players maybe that’ll get you back on the spot light…Frank great comments on bill russell and robert horry. those guys retired basketball was their achievement, success and now being with their family is what they do and work for… you dont hear from them making comments about other players they better than that..
    Wait jordan choose kobe because he’s a copykat of him on every aspect that there is to know.. jordan 1 of the greatest players to play the game of basketball, kobe awesome player getting ready to retire pretty soon and lebron amazing player and still got a decade ahead of him before hangin the towel. great players are recognized by helping young players develop their game not hating on them…
    i sense fear on records being taking away from the record books..ooops what did you expected that the new generation wasnt going to developed their game…i never liked the bulls, lakers, and neither miami but i do recognized great ball players

  104. FN says:

    It clear that MJ will pick KB over LJ because he always want to be the #1 option in a team (selfish)

  105. Roy says:

    This was a terrible article that is only going to enduce flamers and fanboys to rage, as seen above my comment. Great job Fran, you did it again.

  106. iLoveKobeButTheFacTis says:

    seriously ? talking about talent, .Kobe might have more rings than LBJ but LBJ has absolutely and obviously is more talented player than Kobe.PERIOD!

  107. GMAN says:

    I believe Jordan was asked to weigh in on who has had a more successful career.
    Jordan said he currently views Bryant as having the more successful career to this point than James.
    5 beats 1 which is true in a sense. The top of any sport is to win a championship. Both legends but one has more chips.
    Makes sense.

  108. JOANMG says:

    My question is: if you could pick ONE OF THE TWO LEBRON OR KOBE BUT WITH THE SAME AGE…. WHO WOULD YOU PICK….

  109. This isn’t a debate at all. Lebron did more with less than Kobe ever has. Dan Marino was obviously better than Trent Dilfer, but would you take Dilfer, because he got 1 ring? Not a chance!

    With that being said, Kobe is a top 10 player of all time. Lebron on the other hand will end up being top 3. Lebron can play the 1-4 and makes it look natural. Jordan will always be the best, but the guy isn’t qualified to make this call. Just look at his record with picking players for the Bobcats…

  110. MJ>Kobe>Lbj says:

    Spurs > Heat period! Duncan has more rings than Lebron haha 😛

  111. Save Nash Please says:


    laker fans crowned their team when they land D12 as the 2013 NBA champs…. Another guy tells the world too that they can break 72-10 record in the NBA…

  112. MJ>Kobe>Lbj says:

    Just compare the value of NBA cards.. MJ>KOBE>LBJ.. If the Heat wins another 5 championships in regular 82 games not 62.. then MJ>LBJ>Kobe PERIOD! haha

  113. MJ>Kobe>Lbj says:

    Enough guys! As long as LBJ does’nt win 5 more championships and win the 82 REGULAR SEASON and not 62 games.. MJ is right! haha

  114. Ok_Jordan says:

    I agree with MJ, 5 is bigger than 1. However, “MJ” if LJ won 6 or 7, would u agree that he will be better than you and Kobe? Also, 11 and 7 are bigger than 6, if you want to go there. Once again to all of you haters, Team won championship not individual player. I think everybody is afraid to say so, including Magic, that LJ will be better once he won the same amount of rings as MJ did. Again, 2 different generations of players. if I may quote D-Wade: “There will never be another mike.”. With that being said, there will never be ANOTHER COMPLETE PLAYER as LJ with his size, athleticism, unselfishness and ability in the NBA. That is why, he will be the greatest.

  115. Save Nash Please says:

    Let’s break some MJ’s executive decision right now…. MJ picks kobe over LBJ??? Why??? Because LBJ creating new records that will be remembered when Lebron retires… Not 1 but many NBA records… Lebron might dethrone MJ’s legacy one day… (The way he’s playing might have) He chooses Kwame Brown… He believes in his 1st round pick will be great… (Brown???) He chooses kobe over LBJ like he was choosing lakers over HEAT… lakers with Kobe D.Howard,Pau,NASH over LeBron Dwade,Bosh,and Allen… Smart choice I guess… LBJ was the HEAT driving force in the EAST while kobe drags the lakers down… No wonder why the BOBCATS are on the bottom in the whole NBA… They got a GREAT legend as a player but a dumb executive just like the lakers NOW….

    kobe’s lakers 25-29 10th place over Lebron’s HEAT 36-14 and #1 in the EAST… Geee Real good choice….

  116. ism says:

    The way I see it: Pick Kobe over LeBron WHEN? As rookies? So, how can you judge by titles? Or pick Kobe over LeBron now? Seriously? I mean, come on, the age difference… Or simply as: “Better player”. Ok, I agree with Jordan in one way:

    Kobe has no chance to tie or overtake Jordan, anymore as G.O.A.T. Don’t get me wrong, he is a STELLAR player, but the numbers don’t lie and Jordan is still ahead and always will be. However, as others already said, LeBron has a LEGITIMATE chance to go into the history books as the greatest player of all times, maybe together with Jordan. For that, he will need AT LEAST 4 rings, I guess. Because even if he has 4 and Jordan has 6, it’s not only about the rings, because those are heavily team-dependend (Jordan was blessed). And since we all agree that Robert Horry isn’t the G.O.A.T. despite his 7 rings, we should also agree that if James keeps on playing this way and wins at least some more championships, his legacy will be in very thin air, above even all-time-greats like Kobe.

  117. KOBEisBETTER says:

    Jordan made the right decision. Kobe has been waiting for the moment to show his greatness against jordan. Lebron just started nd my opinion is that anyone wins championships with a team like the heat. Bet if kobe has chris paul and griffin in the laker they will sweep the heats and every nba team. Kobe is alone nd he take the lakers on his shoulders and carries them till the last second. Lebron cant do somethimg like that himself. Kobe is a legend . Lebron is a rookie.

  118. KINGKONGJAMES says:

    I join miami heat because i cant win a championship in clevland:(

  119. JustAfan says:

    People in our days are so obsessed with all sorts of stupid comparison and weird irrelevant stats that they fail to appreciate the fact that there are still players in the league that can blow everyone’s minds with the things they do on the court. So for the sake of this beautiful game and these exceptional athletes, just give up on these meaningless comparisons and debates that are by the way, irrelevant, and learn to appreciate the quality of the game.

  120. Colin says:

    jordan also won mvp every single time he made a finals appearence, clearly showing that he deserved to win those rings. bill russell played basketball at the nba’s dullest point when the game lacked the creativity and diversity it has now, not to mention his WHOLE team was good.

  121. jeff says:

    as of now i agree to mj’s comment but for me Coach phil Jackson has the most impact to win all of them a championship kobe is a great player., but look at lakers now with out phil jackson what happen…… and compare it lebron only 28 with a 3 consecutive mvp’s… you cannot decided until lebron and kobe finished their career. Lebron will set a lot of records and a lot of awards he still young.. But for me as now Lebron is now the greatest player right now in nba…

  122. The Oracle's Arena says:

    Jordan picked Kobe because he is a better player… He is still the best scorer in the league I don’t care about what the announcers say… (Durant , Melo ) and he has proven he can be an awesome distributor and Kobe has had the killer instinct since day 1. Lebron is an athletic freak who’s game is coming into his own after a decade in the league and after he fled Cleveland to join the 2nd best 2 guard of the 2000’s and and all star power forward…

  123. NeilBenz says:

    The writer is missing the point…. first of all, the conversation was, Lebron VS Kobe, not Jordan VS Horry…
    and second of all, would you really pick Robert Horry over Jordan?

    Between Lebron vs Kobe, that’s Jordan’s reasoning…. but between Jordan and Robert Horry? come on….stop being stupid…

  124. ahmed says:

    Kobe is Kobe(Old)
    Jordan is Jordan(Even Older)
    Lebron is the Greastest player this season

  125. yunero says:

    Last time i checked, winning a championship is a team effort. No single person can win a championship on his own, no matter how big his individual contribution is.
    IMHO kobe got early into a team that had always a potential to win a championship with the lakers, therefore his individual skill put the team over the hump to win it several times. LBJ’s cavaliers could hardly be compared to the lakers in terms of quality, no one truly believed they could win a championship. But LBJ brought them quite far nevertheless.
    All in all comparing individual skill with championship rings is comparing apples with oranges.
    That said, the thing what MJ really meant was probably, that winning a championship once is good and fine. winning it 5 times is a lot harder. That is what LBJ still has to prove. In Miami he has no excuses any more. He has a team, who can win it. Now he has to show, if he can be that individual that makes the difference between a good player and a great/legendary player.
    if you ask me who is better, i would do a coin toss. couldn’t say…they are both great

  126. Americanoii says:

    Jordon….second greatest player of all times…is not a good judge of talent… His Bobcats speaks volumes to that point.

    MJ second greatest player, muir says, to whom? …..To LJ..:)

  127. Rooney says:

    Why does miami get so much attention from media? I guess people will never stop hopping on that bandwagon.

  128. Real Talk says:

    With the gifts Bron has been giving height, speed, strength and hops he should have been winning. The league has been gift wrapped for him and yet you people cry for him. Take away the rings and the Mvp’s now tell me who goes harder (killer instinct) win the game is on the line? Who would you want with you in those moments win it’s all on the line? That’s who’s better. We already know and seen the weak and the strong in the finals. Since youhave to decide no fence riders MJ, Kobe, Bron.

  129. ralph robert says:

    LEBRON JAMES is good & KOBE BRYANT is good
    ill go for lebron because he got 3 going to 4mvps season and 1mvp finals ,they r talking about the player not about the team ,not how many champions
    You know im sayiN

  130. Fred says:

    Next statement from Jordan will be :
    My lovely team Charlotte is better that Miami and Okalahama city.and deserve to be number 1 in NBA.

  131. SM says:

    There is no player in the history of NBA as good as Labron. Jordan knows that Labron is having a performance better that himself on his good days and tries to make false statement about Labron.
    My recommendation for Jordan is to hire Coby for his lovely team Charlotte.

  132. JOSHUA SORRELL says:



  133. ThunderFan says:

    Don’t compare LBJ to Kobe. Because those two has their own position. Look at it. Kobe is SG and LBJ is PF. Base on their height LBJ is on the advantage but if you look at the skills, talent, speed, athleticism and enthusiasm we all know that Kobe is on the advantage. We can’t even compare them because they don’t have the same size and strength. It’s given that LBJ is strong because of body and height. But think of it, Kobe’s moves and strength as a small guy is so damn good that can compete with a PF. So don’t individually. Let’s compare them in how they help their teams.

  134. TV63 says:

    How do you love this title, JOrdon stirs Pot. These dam reporters. They point blank asked who he would prefer and then turn around with a headline like this. No wonder Jordon keeps away from the media. They’re snakes.

  135. Sean says:

    Jordan is obviously the greatest to play the game thus far. Kobe and Lebron are obviously great players. But C’MON Jordan! No wonder the Bobcats are horrible…..

  136. Lebron James says:

    Jordan is only saying this because he is seeing Lebron getting even better than him. And Michael is afraid for someone getting better thatn him

  137. Colby Webb says:

    I love how people always go back to “how many rings has Kobe won without Shaq?” People however, don’t realize this. How many championships did LeBron win without Wade and Bosh? LeBron’s championships will always be tainted because he was never able to do it alone.

  138. Cha says:

    I picked Kobe! I dont care who picks Lebron. Just respect Jordan’s decision. Its not your choice, it is his choice.

  139. Ace says:

    Give kobe a body like lebron……. and he will be G.O.A.T ……

  140. KG21 says:

    Jordan never lost a final series. Lebron and Kobe both lost to less superior stars but with a better team. They might be better physically than MJ, but the essence of how basketball should be played they’re far behind Michael as he understand well the importance of winning championship. Nobody can claim that they beat a Jordan led team on an NBA final series which is still regarded as the grandest in basketball.

  141. Cha says:

    Its Mj’s decision its not me. its not you. so why dont you pick on ur own player and stfu!

  142. Majestic says:

    You did not get it, by talking about the number of rings, Jordan is saying Kobe is lower than him!!!!!!!!!

  143. Just Saying says:

    Oh and by the way MICHAEL is the best ever and that is also a FACT!!!

  144. Just Saying says:

    Heer’s the truth, both Kobe and Lebron are great. Michael picks Kobe because he was probably looking at the body of work that Kobe has had so far compared to what Lebron has to this point and the potential. He is right for picking Kobe. People are talking Lebron now because he is the best player now and he is the face of the NBA in the coming years and he just won the championship. People are quick to forget that when Kobe had the back to back in 2009 and 2010. the talk was all about Kobe.. People are too quick to jump on the next hottest thing and the media makes sure to stir you in that direction. If KD wins this year then the media will say watch out ‘cuz it’s gonna be KD and the OKC the next dynasty. What if LBJ and the Heat don’t win the championship this year and let’s say the Bulls did with DRose coming back? Or Carmelo wins it? Better yet, what if the most improbable scenario just happened and the Lakers ends up winning it all? Too many damn WHAT IF’s right? Here’s the facts. As great as Lebron is, he still has only won once and Kobe has managed five. MJ made the rings the determining factor on this question because that’s how great players are measured by the MEDIA and NBA players since the 80’s when the league started to become more popular.

  145. klipster says:

    kobe has the ability to equal jordan . lebron has the ability to detrone jordan as the greatest player in nba history. 6 years more and that will be a reality.

    • Duanne Nicolas says:

      yeah thats why he choose kobe too pressure LJ

    • Garry F says:

      Quote “kobe has the ability to equal jordan . lebron has the ability to detrone jordan as the greatest player in nba history. 6 years more and that will be a reality.

      Even if Kobe gets 6 rings as a player he will never be equal to MJ. MJ had an alright team and made them better won 3 in a row. Came back with a team that was hinding it hard to reach 500 for the season and with the addition of Rodman then went on to break the NBA record 72-10 and repeat 3peat. Not bad eh? Kobe as good as he has been has not done that. Jordan and the Bulls would not have been taken out of the playoffs as the Lakers have the last couple of seasons.

      Now your comment on Lebron James. Yes he is a beast and will create his own legacy dethrown Jordan??? Like LJ said he is not Jordan he is Lebron James.

    • Ok_Jordan says:

      I agree with MJ, 5 is bigger than 1. However, “MJ” if LJ won 6 or 7, would u agree that he will be better than you and Kobe? Also, 11 and 7 are bigger than 6, if you want to go there. Once again to all of you haters, Team won championship not individual player. I think everybody is afraid to say so, including Magic, that LJ will be better once he won the same amount of rings as MJ did. Again, 2 different generations of players. if I may quote D-Wade: “There will never be another mike.”. With that being said, there will never be ANOTHER COMPLETE PLAYER as LJ with his size, athleticism, unselfishness and ability in the NBA. That is why, he will be the greatest.

    • MJ>Kobe>Lbj says:

      What??? DREAM ON!!! MJ will still be the greatest player of all time PERIOD!

    • MJ>Lbj says:

      what? dream on dude! Until LBJ wins a championship in a 82 REGULAR season and beat the Knicks in the playoffs this year.. then you can talk haha

  146. Duanne Nicolas says:

    11 rings is better than 6 rings!!! nuf said

  147. koudrus says:

    The problem is that the media, just as the guy who wrote this article, was hyping Lebron before he got his first ring. He was crowned King for no apparent reason. There will always be doubt about the way Miami won the championship. I’m not saying that the finals were rigged, but I will say that some questionable calls were made mostly in favor of Miami.

    Lebron is a great player and the Miami Heat are a very good team but the media attention they get is just obscene compared to the rest of the NBA. I can’t recall a moment in NBA history where an entire team was pampered like this. This is why a majority of people will always criticize Lebron. Not because he’s not a great player but because the NBA shoves him down our throats as the next best thing every single night. Just stop it. Let him first play out his career and then judge the guy.

  148. Yeah! says:

    I respect Jordan, but I think he just said that he would pick Kobe over LeBron cause he knows that he is better than Kobe but LeBron is better than both of them, he didn’t want his own face removed as the G.O.A.T so he chose the one he is better than, and the one he was most like. You also can’t blame LeBron from leaving Cleveland, Jordan had Pippen & Rodman, Kobe had Shaq & Gasol and LeBron has Wade & Bosh on the Heat. What did Lebron had in Cleveland? Mo Williams? Ilgauskas? Seriously?
    …AND you can’t compare LeBron to Jordan! Lebron= PF/SF/C/PG/SG, Jordan & Kobe= SG/PG/SF. Lebron is Lebron he’s makin his own legacy!

  149. Zuul says:

    Gosh, there was a lot to read before I could post. I decided not to read all the comments this time so somebody might have said this already 🙂

    With all do respect, I don’t really get why you’d want to start comparing players by rings and rings only? To my belief rings are a result, a reward, of a collective achievement. So why would you want to compare players indivually with their collective achievements? If one would take it this narrowminded it would make more sense to compare their MVP-awards imo.

    Either way they’re both great and we should just enjoy what they bring to basketball! 😀

  150. KOBRICK says:


  151. Lolol says:

    What do you think will happen if LeBron was drafted by Lakers and Kobe by Cleveland? You think he’ll have 5 rings?

    • jaquan says:

      no he probably would have still quit on them it wouldnt be any difference, i think kobe would have won with cleveland but he would`ve had 6 to 7 rings by now

  152. dexter macol says:

    i agree with asia and patty. nice comments

  153. Traxnificent says:

    no doubt LBJ is talented and will be one of the greatest players, BUT he is not in the same league as Kobe and MJ. 1 championship does not make a true champion, only this streak he’s on could make a person consider how great his game really is, for this reason alone could yo really put him up there in the legends section, but untill he wins atleast another 2 championships he’ll always be second best to kobe.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      championships are won by team not by an individual player, so its really stupid to make that a reason for being a better player… they had more championships because they had better team, the argument is about “who is the better player?” and not “Which is a better team?” and a better team is scaled not just by the talents in those teams but also their chemistry, team consistency, and the most important thing LUCK(e.g your star players gets serious injuries.. bad luck), you can have all the greatest players in the world and still lose to another team with just some good player put up together. look at LA Lakers now…. Look at team USA getting beat at the Olympics before…

  154. Miguel W says:


  155. Miguel W says:

    In 2007-08, and after 12 seasons in the NBA, Kobe Bryant won his first MVP award. LeBron James has won it in 3 of the last 4 seasons.

  156. Miguel W says:

    and by the way, Lebron has 3 Season MVP while Kobe has 1… hahahahh!!

  157. Me says:

    And I guess Robert Horry is the greatest basketball player of all time right? I mean he has seven rings MJ who?

  158. smileylb says:

    There is no doubt that Lebron is a great player. The media has hyped this guy all throughout his career. He came into the League dubbed the “King” without accomplishing anything NBA-wise, It wasn’t til last year…Lebron became a GREAT player…not “shying” away in the fourth. I’m not trying to bash the guy. But, its pretty hard not to win an MVP award when the media is all up on him…He’ll probably be Head-lined even if Dwayne Wade goes for 50-12-11.

  159. Yes says:

    I agree with MJ with this. LBJ will have to prove something first before he can be put at par or even above kobe. The reason why I am saying this is because LBJ obviously has the advantage in terms of physical strength, ability, or simply athleticism. IQ? Still debatable, but nonetheless, the fact that LBJ has all of these on his arsenal, he could still do better than his current performance. This is why I think MJ chose kobe over lebron, kobe so far has proved to be the better player between the two of them. With the rings part? I think that MJ just wanted to give everyone material evidence, there is no doubt that he probably has more reasons for choosing kobe.

  160. Me says:

    Lets make one thing clear because apparently many people argue and they don’t even have any clue of what they’re talking about. My and Kobe did not need to switch teams because their pimps successfully made the effort to give them great teams to play with. Kobe on one hand won championships with shaqs dominating post game, Derek fishers Clutch factor, Robert Horrys clutch shooting and defense, Ron Harper, Horace grant. Then got a repeat with gasol, Bynum, artests defense, that’s a big three in it of itself. Now lets take a look at MJ, he had pippen, grant, rodman, Harper, Kerr, and Cartwright helped him win his rings. What happened when MJ didn’t have a solid team with him, he didn’t win a damn thing. I respect what Jordan has done but this sounds like he’s a whiny little girl just jealous that he has to sit back and watch as lebron kills the competition. Face it people, the league has gotten about 15x better than it ever could be when Jordan was active. For lebron to do what he’s doing with the leagues competition going through the roof is a testament to how good he is. Maybe he doesn’t have five-six rings but he has more talent than pieces of metal can ever decipher. We just expect too much from these guys that’s all. So I know Jordan and all the haters are lying thru their teeth when they say they’d pick anyone else first but lebron. These guys are just arrogant jocks (especially Jordan) that can’t have the courage to give credit to where it is due. I don’t care if lebron never wins anything other than 1 championship, if you guys took a look at how this dude plays and not just talk to be biased, you would see that nobody does what lebron does during a game, and no one has even come close

  161. Really? says:

    Why do Lakers fans keep criticizing James for going to Miami? Do you guys forget that Bryant refused to play for the team that drafted him, and demanded that he be traded to a HOFer and All-star studded team, where he would be proceed to be gift-wrapped 3 rings by Shaq? Do you all forget that your “loyal” star requested to be traded after he drove Shaq out of town and the Lakers became mediocre?

  162. Random Comment says:

    I’m a former LBJ fan when he’s still in Cleveland. Becomes hater when he leaves. For all Kobe fan. Kobe had erased most of the records MJ did. And LeBron is now erasing what Kobe did. LeBron is still in the hyped of his career. Kobe will soon retire. I’m telling you. This greatness LeBron has will soon be recognized when all is said and done, when he retires. Just watch the history as it happens and just be proud that you have seen one of the best (if not the best) ballers of all time.

  163. Jimbean says:

    5 is greater than 1?

    Oh yeah, great logic MJ. I mean it’s obvious that Robert Horry is better than you (7 is greater than 6?) and than you are not even in the top 10 best players (ranked by number of rings, of course). I don’t even mind that MJ chose Kobe over LeBron (especially at this early stage in LeBron’s career) but I did expect a more well reasoned argument from MJ.

  164. why does hire this writer? his articles clearly have no depth and are often just trying to squeeze juices out of meaningless news. fran please. just join the paparazzi.

  165. Charles says:

    I don’t disagree with Jordan he is right about the rings but guys MJ is MJ, KOBE is KOBE and LeBRON is LeBRON!

  166. yanah says:

    oh come’on MJ.. just because LEBRON has only 1 ring compared to kobe doesn’t measure their greatness.. don’t be too BS.. maybe MJ is trying to prove that he is better than the two because he has 6!! come’on man, let the bobcats reach the Playoffs first before talking stuffs!

  167. Memphis901 says:

    Okay, Jordan has six rings. Kobe has scored 81. Lebron just made history with the PPG and FG%.

    Yes, all championship teams have several options (this is why Reggie Miller, Allen Iverson, dont have rings. One great can carry a team pretty far) Chemistry plays a big part, there are past big threes like Barkley Hakeem and Drexler that did not win as a “super team”. LA is a modern example, the Clippers bring in a new squad and have a amazing chemistry, LAL totally different, the point was proven tonight. So, each of these players are different. Magic Johnson is mad at Kobe for liking Jordan? I really think that’s a mistake, in well thinking. MJ is not bitter of Lebron’s one ring, on his 50th party, because as millions have said Jordan is the greatest. I know MJ doesn’t think it clearly in terms of Championships, because i’m sure a man who hit the game winner winning a college championship, countless game winners and emotional moments that fans who actually watched MJ will remember. Lebron, we will always remember his light show.

    The theatrics of a last moment shot very few players outside of Kobe and MJ have hit this many. Yes, Jordan played with a great defender and scoring point forward in Pippen (whose game is more like Lebron’s than MJ’s ) Kobe had Shaq, then LAL had to rebuild after losing Shaq, clearly they did. Boston had a big three, which was their first challenge. Pau is a world champion, as is Kobe both hae had olympic gold- both have rings. Kobe plays more like MJ, simply saying Lebron plays like Magic, well your not giving either player due credit, while Miami’s numbers are off the charts, LaL Showtime, was created by Magic’s creativity, Lebron is just filling in the gaps- much like Magic could do. Yes, people love to compare players but stating who is better, who plays like who currently like a hall of famer, ect.- well even MJ gets criticism and he is the greatest.

    You guys are talking about MJ like he’s a scrub or Kobe like he cried or Lebron like he is doing it all on his own- they all have had help, Magic, Larry, MJ, Kobe, Shaq (who played with Lebron and Kobe btw, lets not say Kobe cried for Shaq since he began his season in LA and actually wanted Shaq gone, secondly picking up Gasol was a move the Grizzles wanted to make, not one Kobe “cried for”. (The Grizzles just gave up Gay for Prince) So yes, by all these illogical reasonings, including the article itself. Let’s keep in mind, Jordan is contradicting himself, second Kobe is past his prime and is talking like he may be done in a year or two, Lebron is in his prime so clearly a lot of people are going to jump on the fact he is breaking out. Any other year Durant is the MVP of the leauge, so while we’r watching a great player do great things, on a great Miami team. Keep in mind Kobe has played broken fingers, lingering injuries and continues to delight Laker fans after 17 years and he’s still winning some of the vote for the best player in the leauge.

  168. odo says:

    jealous jordan

  169. Doctor S. says:

    MJ…guess what???’ Robert Horry is > than u… he got 7

    stupid argument….MJ said it becouse he want be the greatest player for ever…but sorry. KingJames is here, and we re all witness

  170. sammy says:

    are we forgetting Robert Horry?

  171. theJayTee says:

    The most important thing is that MJ chose Kwame Brown as 1st overall pick in the 2001 draft.
    I think that alone should show the weight of this statement.

    Oh, and the current position of the Charlotte Bobcats should serve as a good litmus too

  172. VINCETERRIFIC says:

    You dont get it guys, MJ not just talking about how many rings they have and how they count it, It’s simply how they get the rings, Kobe has 5 and 3 of those was with Shaq, 2 with Pau, you see the difference between their teammates at that time, Lebron has Bosh and Wade, which can really help take the load off him, yes he is LBJ and he is right now the greatest player in the planet today but will never be the greatest player ever played the game, Lebron will be Lebron, Kobe will be Kobe….

  173. wooderson says:

    wow michael jordan is actually an idiot, explains why his team are the worst in sports, he actually doesnt know basketball. why is it even up for debate? they arent even close in comparision. kobe bryant isnt even the best shooting guard of recent times, not even close, dwyane wade is.

  174. KingMSC says:

    The fact is rite now LBJ might not be but the way he is playing he will be the best ever and everyone will be looking for the next LBJ. Just because MJ has won rings does not mean he was a better basketball player. Kobe is better shooter, closer and skilled that MJ was.

    Just tell me this against Which Super Star did MJ win the eastern conf and the finals?
    and I mean super star like we have now. KD, KB, Paul P, Melo. and the list goes on. these guys on their day can match MJ and no one could have matched MJ in his era.

    • Memphis901 says:

      The fact is it’s LBJ’s prime and Kobe’s 17th and he is still winning the vote of one of the best ever. Jordan is a competitor, he played against Kobe (remember Kobe#8 being taken out of the All-Star game when he was stealing Jordan’s show. I think the last second shots, the degree of difficulty, the fact the man has stayed with one team his entire career and won championships in a very tough era of Boston’s coming together, San Antonio’s emergence. Does anyone remember Lebron in a cleaveland uniform knocking off Kobe? No, they tended to stop around the time they met Detriot in the east or San Antonio in the finals, these are teams Kobe’s Lakers contended with- I would try to compare them as they are or were.

      I would say Jordan’s UNC game winner, theatrical highlights in the playoffs, what he has done for the game. Along with people’s desire to compare everyone to someone (Young Vince Carter was the closest to Jordan imo, at one point Jason Richardson was who Jordan compared to himself) Lebron can do a lot of what Magic did, statistically and as a leader. Because to be on this Jordan- Kobe- Lebron- Magic- Bird level, you have to be a vocal leader, you have to have help. This will be known probably as the basketball generation of technology, twitters, instant replays on close calls during certain points in the game, ect. The game has changed but greatness and players bringing in new waves of comparisoons with other players continue to pore in, taking the best aspects of different players tape and work ethics.

      Face it, Kobe will be remembered for atleast 5 rings, a 81 point game, a streak of 30+, a streak of 50+. Lebron will be remembered for however many he winds up with, a brilliant shooting percentage and a fantasy goodie King (hence the nickname). Jordan himself, we regard as the best as basketball purist, I think instead of contradicting himself, he’s giving respect to Kobe Bryant, the kid who tried to steal the All-Star spotlight in Jordan’s last. In the past, people would of said similiar things about Kobe that are being said negatively about Lebron. Lebron’s lightshow and “the deciision” to leave his home town for championship coasts. One more thing we agree Kobe, Lebron, and Jordan had help- Kobe’s Lal fell short to Boston when the big three came together, Lebron’s team lost to Dirk n the Mavs, Jordan always found ways to make it work it seems at this point. However, can you imagine competitors like Jordan or Kobe losing to the Maverick’s championship team. I surely cannot. Not even a knock on Miami, they beat a much better OKC team the next year, it’s hard to keep Durant out of these Kobe, Jordan, Lebron conversations, just as it is to keep Magic, Shaq, D. Wade, C. Bosh, D12,

  175. KingMSC says:

    Mj is just bitter that Lebron James will become the best player that has ever played when it’s all set and done.
    Kobe is great and so was MJ but now it’s the King James. don’t just look at the rings, look at what LBJ is doing night in and night out on both sides of the court and that’s what makes Lebron the best ever and he is only improving.

  176. Tomaz G says:

    Hey no doubt LBJ is a monster, but black mamba is performing on the highest level way longer, no matter how many rings … If LeBron wouldn’t end up in Cleveland, he might have 5 or more …but a lot more a head of him, so for the present time, I def agree with MJ ! Chef T

  177. Melomvp says:

    How could u say that lebron is better than Mj at first henever went to college and play basketball, Lebron is the youngest to get 20k points but did u realize that jordan 2nd year he only played fe games Like 17-18 games.. What would u think jordan egt his 20k points when he is 29 years old 8 years in NBA means jordan get it faster than lebron… Plus he never change team or join a super team to win rings.. He beat great players before him in finals. Jordan retired after winning his 3rd and get back and prove he still the best in the league and won 3 more… Plus he help bulls to its best record in NBA of 72-10 and until now no one ever break that record… Jordan probably if he did not retired for almost 2 season and if the bulls kept them together for 2 years more jordan probably had 10 rings and will be no 1 in total points, win more season and finals MVP and even a all star MVP and had more all star appearance and he is the first roomie guard to play in all star game… Lebron is the opposite of it. Hejoin wade and bosh, plus he had 2 chance to beat great player before him… Duncan and nowitzki,kidd but he failed he had his first championship to the hands of a young team plus jordan never back down and hit clutch shot and lebron is the opposite of it after failing to show ip in the fourth quarter of nba finals agains Maverics.. Plusi reallynever see him like MJ see him as a player close to pippen or Magic those player have a great court vision they can find teammates and made their teamates better.. So i guess never it will happen that Lebron will be better than MJ maybe in stats but as a player never plus James first championship is not on a full season of games

    On jordan saying he choose kobe for lebron maybe he just saying Kobe has 5 and james had 1 he hasa deeper reason for that… So lets just respect him.. Its like Kobe choosing Melo is harder to defend than lebron… Ol players had own opinion

  178. NBAIQ says:

    Kobe > Lebron
    1. Kobe is more clutch
    2. Kobe has 5 rings
    3. All the big stars went to his team, he didn’t run and join forces elsewhere
    4. Better free throw shooter…more important than you might think.
    5. Alpha male mentality

  179. MCFunk says:

    Time to put Tim Duncan in this argument!. He has the Rings, MVPs and loyalty that often gets forgottenwhen weighing up the greatest

  180. Legacy says:

    Kobe Bryant has a much greater legacy than Lebron James. At this point in time, Lebron might be the better player NOW, however Kobe is arguably a top 5 player of ALL TIME! lebron still has miles to go to even catch up to pippen. Compare him to Kobe when hes won 5 rings! Kobe in his prime would school lebron every night!

  181. Gullaver says:

    Kobe is greater than Lebron as of right now but I agree with some of the earlier statements saying that if Lebron wins 3 he is comparable to Kobe. I agree with that because the first championship goes fully to Shaq. The second championship kobe played a very very big part BUT Shaq was putting up 30 pts and 15 rebs throughout that postseason. So despite kobe’s stellar play shaq was still the most dominant. Now the third title the load was honestly carried a lot closer, so I can almost count that one as a co-championship. So when I see Kobe I see 3 full championships. Some people like to say Lebron can’t ever be compared to Michael Jordan because he is playing with Wade, then Kobe shouldn’t be able to be compared to Jordan either since he played with Shaq. I know Kobe won two with Pau also, and I respect those titles. But I don’t think that people can easily dismiss what Lebron did last year. Lebron was averaging just under 30 pts and 10 rebs for the entire post season last year. It was impressive. Wade is still a star in his own right but he isn’t the player he was 3-4 years ago, if Lebron were playing along side that Wade I would hear people out more on that issue. Also, Kobe winning titles with Shaq during those years also can’t be compared to Lebron for the same reason. Whats more impressive winning with Shaq in his prime or winning with a 30 year old D-Wade. I sure wish Lebron could have gonna to a team to play with one of the most dominating forces ever seen in basketball early in his career too. How many rings would lebron have it he would have been teamed up with a KG in his prime. Who knows, but I really do think that 3 titles with 3 Finals MVPs puts Lebron at Kobe status.

  182. Mick says:

    I’m pretty sure LeBron wants to be the first LeBron James not the next Michael Jordan!

    The biggest thing that bugs me with the NBA are the CONSTANT incessant comparisons to Michael Jordan! It happened, yes let’s all move on from Michael Jordan and appreciate what LeBron is doing in the game today. If rings was the definition of a great player than Bill Russell must be almost twice as good as Michael was. AND he Player/Coached something i doubt Michael could have ever done.

  183. brian says:

    How are the Charlotte Bobcats doing?

  184. MJMVP25 says:

    lebron is just entering his prime and kobe is about to retire
    you cant compare them

  185. andrew says:

    “But by his own reasoning, that means Celtics’ immortal Bill Russell clearly gets the nod over Jordan himself. Eleven is

    bigger than six.

    And while we’re at it, that happens to put Jordan behind Robert Horry. Seven is bigger than six, too.”

    I dont agree with the article written…

    Jordan is the main piece and the leader. The main defender and scorer. And the main core of the team. Jordan helps

    his team mate on burst mode their playing game goes high when and everytime MJ goes on full MODE.

    Russle got tons of HOF in his team. Horry is just a utility man on a team with a full and complete team that he never

    leads. if your trying to flame what MJ said and you are a moron.

    and a full hater.

    None has done it.. but you can compare it with Bird and Magic.

  186. joe says:

    I don’t know why titles should mean you’re the best or not. Sure, I think it’s important to win a title but that can’t be the only way you judge great players. So much depends on your teammates, you can’t win any titles if your teammates aren’t very good. MJ came in the league in 84, did he win any titles right away?? No, he didn’t even sniff a title because the Celtics with Bird, HcHale, Parish, D Johnson, etc, always crushed his teams. He didn’t win a title for 7 years, until the Lakers, Celtics, and 76ers got old. But, even though he didn’t touch a title in the 80s, was there another shooting guard that was better just because the other guard had more titles in the 80s?? Nope. So to grant greatness from most titles won is silly, Magic went to the title game 9 times and won 5. But in those title games he faces far superior competition than Jordan ever faced in a title game, Jordan never had to face a team like the Celtics in their prime, not even close.

  187. blankczech says:

    You can’t compare players who play different positions (like a guard vs. a center). You also can’t compare a player who is in his prime to a player who is nearing his retirement, and you definately can’t compare different players from different eras. The way the game is played changes. The way the game is officiated changes. The rules change. Other aspects of the game change like the advent of the 3-point shot, the width of the lane, etc. Free agency has also changed the game. It’s also impossible to evaluate the competition from era to era (for instance Wilt’s stats are freakish, but who did he play against?) I agree with those who think that winning a ring (in any sport) is a team accomplishment not an individual accolade. The only true way to compare players is to watch them play against each other, head to head, each in their prime and then look at the stats. So all of you folks can make up your own reasons why this guy is better than that guy, and you can promote your own agendas and prejudices, and grind your axes but in the end it’s just your opinion and your opinion (or Michael Jordan’s or Magic Johnson’s) isn’t worth anymore than anyone elses.

  188. The Real Moby says:

    Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but do you think michael jordan might’ve just said that so he wouldn’t have to make a proper choice? It’s not like it was a franchise decision. Sounds like it was an off the cuff remark to avoid a real decision. But for me, lebron is a great all-round player, as is kobe, but what seperates them is that kobe is clutch. Whether it be free throws or a big shot, kobe is more consistant at the end of a game. But hey, give lebron 7 more years before you write him off.

  189. Andrew says:

    Yeah and MJ thought Kwame Brown was better than Pau Gasol.

  190. The Guy says:

    Yeah, like MJ picked Kwame Brown over Tyson Chandler and Pau Gasol

  191. caliber says:

    you cannot compare era and i think the game is more faster and player are more athletic then it was in michael jordan era but the defence was more vicious in mj era michael and kobe are better offensive player then lebron but overral lebron is a better player and talent is not determine by number of rings

  192. MJFOLIFE says:

    lebron would have never won had he not switched teams. this shouldn’t even be a topic. still Kobe > LeBron

    At least MJ got one thing right since coming to Charlotte. hahaha

  193. MJFOLIFE says:

    lebron would have never had he not switched teams. this shouldn’t even be a topic. still Kobe > LeBron

    At least MJ got one thing right since coming to Charlotte. hahaha

  194. Evan says:

    Michael Jordan picks Kobe over Lebron. Just another example of Jordan being a horrible decision maker. Returning to play for the Wizards and constructing a team that got the worst winning percentage record last year were also results of bad decisions. Player isn’t measured by rings, that is why the WHOLE team gets a ring after a championship. Individual records and performances are a greater measure of talent.

  195. anon says:

    jordan is overrated. yes he is one of the greatest players and i respect him for all that he had accomplished in his career. but just because most people think he is the best doesn’t mean what he says is always true. he is overrated because people think like he is a god of basketball. i admire him for having 6 rings, but it is won by team effort. jordan is the best in his era where there were no defense. basketball today is much more improved compared to jordan’s era and there are more great players in today’s league. people who says jordan is the best are being delusional and are bandwagon. they keep saying how great he is without giving a valid reason. they just keep saying he has 6 rings. bill russel has 11 rings does that make him the best of all time? wilt chamberlain scored 101 points does that make him the greatest? jordan picking kobe doesn’t even know what he is talking about. where are the lakers right now? kobe won’t even make the playoff this year. at least lebron has made it to the playoff all his career and carried a weak cavaliers team on his back. when lebron left the cavs, where is the cavs right now? this is why i can’t consider michael jordan the best because he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about. kobe is a ball hog with poor FG% and can’t even carry the lakers’ to the playoffs with howard and nash. but i respect jordan for inspiring players like lebron who is soo much better than him.

  196. Nate says:

    Lebron is not Jordan, He’s making a name for himself. What I mean there is someone who will become the next lebron james for the coming years.

  197. gucci mane says:

    Luke Walton has more rings than Karl Malone, who would you take???

  198. Mick says:

    Very wise MJ. Just when people are comparing LBJ to you, you throw in Kobe in the mix. nice smoke screen. its Kobe vs. LBJ, not MJ vs. LBJ, right? What a bitter, insecure man. Everyone knows how MJ is the best in spotting talent, right? just look at the bobcats.. oh no wait…

  199. kwambe says:

    good choice mike like how you picked kwambe brown lol

  200. Kenny says:

    SPEAK THE TRUTH, Lebron is a super athlete with an average Basketball IQ, Kobe is a aging super athlete with a PHENOMENAL Basketball IQ…. plus the desire to win isnt even close.

    Kobe had 3 rings already by the time he was 28 (LBJ CURRENT AGE) Lebron has a slim to zero chance of catching Kobe’s legacy, nuff said.

    Lebron 6 straight 30+games?

    Kobe 9 straight 40+ games ….

    just amazing people forget what happened less than 10 years ago 😀 all you little kitties need to catch up on the history of the game and stop riding lebrons bleep like its made of gold.

  201. Jerry Baylor says:

    who cares…they’re both all-time greats

  202. Jegiboy says:

    if that is the basis then MJ isn’t the greatest player to ever play the game, it would be bill russell then robert horry because they have more rings than MJ.

  203. worldboss says:

    Well, everyone from the past would tell you Jordan hate to lose, it’s obvious now since he hating on Lebron greatness status. He was hating since Lebron left Cavs, he knew then that King was going to stack up on rings so he came out the shadows voicing his opinions and making counter videos.

    It’s a fact, (especially with tonight win) Lebron will be 2013 MVP so that’s 4 MVP’s… How many does Kobe have? And yes, Lebron will get 5 MVP’s to match Jordan.

    And like Fran said, by Jordan simple minded logic, Robert Hurry is better than Jodan himself… RIGHT???

  204. Kisses says:

    So, just because Jordan pick Kobe over Lebron, That doesn’t mean he does not know what his saying.
    Come on, MJ is the best player in the game and he knows what he’s talking about. So him picking Kobe, shouldn’t be a surprise at all. I Love his idea of picking Kobe bryant, he knows whose best and whose closer to him.

  205. g money says:

    MJ was the greatest player of his era and arguably of all time. He should not have left the game after 93 and again after 98. Kobe picked up where MJ left off and has had a stellar career. That career is coming to an end and Lebron is the new face of basketball. Lebron is hands down the best player in the world right now, it’s not even close.

  206. Oz says:

    Kobe? Lebron? NEITHER! Would these guys be as great as they are, if they didn’t jam pack their own teams with All Star Players? Sure MJ had some All Star Players on his team, but his team grew together very early in their careers. They didn’t make trade/swaps to get All Star Players to join MJ. The Bulls became who they were from the very start and became All Stars, not were already All Stars in their prime and joined one team to be a Super team.

    I’d like to see these players be on their OWN team without so many All Star Players on their team and see if they are as good as they are and be able to win championships! The max All Star Players any team in the NBA should have is 2, that is 2 major All Star Players. If the NBA really wants an even playing field, they should limit the amount of All Star Players that can be on one team and evenly disperse the rest. That way, the smaller market teams can have a fighting chance of being as competitive or even a chance at winning a championship.

  207. KTrav Smoovfresh says:

    Well, he does run the Bobcats.

    Jussayin’… 😀

  208. al says:

    Another thing, put Kobe on Heat uniforms and LBJ on the lakers. Then try to figure it out what will happen on every team? Or put LBJ on the Bobcats uniform and u will see how it works. They would possibly reach every playoff on every season LBJ on this Bocats uniform but stil, cannot get rings because getting rings is not only be done by one great player but he needs another great player on their team. Ask Pippen, Shaq, Gasol, and any guys who belong to the whole of fame that gets a ring. Could, MJ get those ring alone without some Hall of Fame awardee on his team? Did Kobe gets his 2 rings w/o crying to the management to get another HOF player in Gasol? Did kobe gets his 3 rings without Shaq? But you know Guys, LBJ gets his MVP awards without the help of other player coz its an individual career achievement as what the club seen every season. Thank you Guys! LBJ is Great player! No argument with that But stil far from MJ, I admit thAt. But Kobe? I think He’s better than that guy (Black Mamba). I love kobe as he love the Ball always in his Hand!

  209. rey monasterial says:

    imho, Jordan is starting to get insecure with LBJ with the way The King is playing! 🙂

  210. julie says:

    so Bill is better than mj? haha

  211. motionblur says:

    oh if it would be just decided on the number of rings then DEREK FISHER IS GREATER THAN LEBRON JAMES. LMAO! MICHAEL JORDAN IS A GREAT PLAYER, A GREAT PLAYER AND A GREAT PLAYER. That’s all. He cant even manage a winning team.

  212. KobeWhiner says:

    this just shows how he manages the bobcats. look where they are now. being someone as great as jordan once was doesnt make him mr know it all. just like a great player doesnt become a great coach. jordan is great if not the greatest but.. anything else? bobcats i rest my case.

  213. Alieu says:

    I dont understand the reason for arguing. Its Micheal Jordan’s opinion and his choice even-though they make no sense. LeBron James is playing a different game today. He does not only entertain Heat fan but also the opponents’ fans. He has great statistics. He has beaten Kobe several times (both Cleveland and Miami). He has put up great numbers against Kobe. He has great personalities unlike Kobe. Kobe just started becoming friendly. Kobe has been disrespectful, defiant and pompous to fans and team mates. LeBron barely argue even after taking hard fouls. Watch carefully, LeBron doesnt go away with playing fouls. Infact, players foul him the most in the league. This guy is just stronger and atheletic. Most of all, he is blessed like anyone in the league. What does a referee gets favoring LeBron. Absolutely nothing. Bobcat or whatever should play well to get the media’s attention. Te better you play the most attention youn get from the media. Jeremyn Lin did it, Lebron is doing it. Tell your team or player to play at a higher level. The media promotes LeBron because he is versatiled. One thing I will say about Micheal Jordan is that he is jealous. You are not alway going to be the greatest player in the NBA. Somebody will take over. It could be LeBron, Kevin Durant, Anthony, Chris Paul, D-Wade, D-Rose or the rockie Daian Lillard okay……Let it go….Encourage them and stop creating problems. Fix the problem with the Bobcat or whatever!!!!!!!

  214. Lebron Has hes name lebron says:

    Dont Compare lebron to michael or magic cause none of this 2 Has the Power That Lebron has and lebron is now taking the game to a new level i havent seen a player like lebron… and yea KOby is a copy of michael Bu tlebron is a copy of hes own Lebron

  215. nba says:

    Jordan also picks Kwame brown over tyson chandler and pau gasol..jordan doesnt know how to but the real thing is JORDAN is GOAT..kobe did his thing as well as lebron..diffrent generation and different chapter of NBA

  216. KobeWhiner says:

    Koba greatest ballhog ever. 4pts the other day 1 out of 8 lol! yeah you are right mister jordan. hahaha

  217. KingJames says:

    Kobe and Jordan are great players but Lebron is the youngest to get 20,000 points in his career. Also he beat wilt having 30 points or more in 6 games shooting at 60% or higher.

  218. JOPPY says:


  219. Pete D says:

    MJ changed the way teams had to defend- he could play at both ends of the court and any role on the court- Kobe plays a similar game to MJ, but didn’t revolutionise the game the way Jordan did in the 80/90s. LeBron and even KD are more likely to be “game changers” in the next few years because they play a different style to most guys out there (big men who can play deep in the post, defend all positions, and are a threat on the drive and on the perimeter). To be even considered the greatest, you need to change the game and how people approach it.
    I think MJ picked Kobe because he plays the same style (touch shooting, game smarts)- LeBron is a different guy because he is physically so different to the other 2.

  220. al says:

    Comparing individual talents should be based on their individual achievements as a player? Now, if you want to compare Kobe againts LBJ, please be fair in giving your judgement coz every season the club is giving an award to best player ever played in that season. Now, if I were you start counting now how many awards this two individual as what we called, “MVP” or the Most Valuable Player every season. Then, who’s the one who gets the higher number then please accept that he is over than the other one because that was what the club had seen them as valuable to a team in the entire season. Now, Who’s Over? Kobe or LBJ? Simple!

  221. THEREALDEAL says:

    LBJ is not like Magic. Please stop comparing. LBJ = Most dominant player in sports. Now that LBJ has a post up game he will win more champs then MJ. He will be getting another MVP this year. Magic was not as physical, fast, or equal to LBJ talents.
    I think MJ picked Kobe over LBJ for one reason. LBJ is the only person threatening to dethrone MJs best player ever.

  222. Scott Marcos says:

    sure MJ will pick Kobe over LeBron coz they have similarity! MJ & Kobe are both individual-mentality players!!!!

  223. lakeshow says:

    Kobe is really a better player than lebron james. james can’t guard any position as u guys are saying because this era doesnt have dominant centers anymore can lebron guard shaq?. he’s averaging monster numbers obviously because he got wade and bosh. the defense is not only focused on LBJ lol while kobe recieved double teams all season long

  224. Jordan says:

    I think Jordan is feeling a little intimidation that he might get a little company at the top soon

  225. Chuck_Norris says:

    Jordan was protecting his throne so he pick -up kobe because KB24 can’t get his throne anymore but LBJ6 is just starting to go beast mode…… Jordan is so Jealous guy i idolized him so much same as lebron but ill choose who’s the 2 will i choose? I will go for Lebron than the jealous JORDAN shame on you man

  226. fistakuffs says:

    first ring – an old and aging lakers team
    2nd ring- ok it was epic, tailor made finals
    3rd- was exciting cuz barkley was the mvp and he capitalized on mistakes to make it a 6 game series
    4th, 5th, and 6th was set up, the western finals team of those years were pretty lackluster other than an undersized stockton, if jordan played a kobe and shaq laker team or an olajowan, barkley team it woulldnt be as easy as it was for him, great players cant be measured by rings or stats, cuzthe nba decides who wins and loses, officiated is biased and subjective depending on which star playing is bigger.

    the only two players i respect are kareem and jerry west, i mean kareems records havnt been touched in over twenty years and west imagine losing in the finals nine years in a row, but not giving up, perseverance is a lost art, people get caught up with what the media throws at us and we just fallow like zombies

  227. Save Nash Please says:

    MJ is Jealous…. Lebron’s creating new records on NBA History Book….. For your comparison check this out achievements on both kobe and LeBron

    Now you can choose who’s better…..

  228. Sooo says:

    Bill Russell has 11 rings. Does that mean he is better than Jordan…?

  229. Ally R says:

    Mj will eat those words soon! I don’t like Mj anymore because he always make stupid comments. He may be the worlds greatest BBall player but he is hands down the worlds dumbest executive. Shame

  230. zz says:

    Mj picks kobe because of.. rings.. as simple as that, end of argument. And yeah some of the fans are thinking yeah he is right because he is the greatest player of all time. Nah, just look at the bobcats if his picks were always right. Why don’t you watch those 2000,2001,2002 finals and see who is the MAN on that lakers team. And what happened to the lakers team when shaq left? Seriously this player comparison because of rings is just nonsense. Mj is asked to pick between kobe and lebron base on their skills and talents not their TEAM accomplishment.

  231. FirstTake says:

    Jordan didn’t play in the bum days like Bill Russell. Jordan actually has finals MVP’s in all 6 finals appearances unlike Robert Horry. This Flan Blinebury guy sounds like he’s just trying to pick flaws in what Jordan says to cover up for his fav played, that being Lebron James. Jordan’s talking about OVERALL level of work. Kobe has 17 seasons under his belt and has 5 championships out of 7 tries. Lebron has 10 seasons under his belt with 1 championship out of 3 tries. Right now at this point in time, Jordan takes Kobe for that reason. Wait till Lebron has 17 seasons and we’ll see if he has more or less in championships. This isn’t Jordan’s final say in the argument. He’s probably going to be here 7 years from now and that’s when you won’t be able to argue against his answer.

  232. NBA Fan says:

    Having an argument if Kobe is better or Lebron, kid brings up rings….
    If that’s the case, Robert Horry is better then Kobe,Mj,Magic Johnson, blah blah because he has 7 rings….

    It aint about rings, it’s about points, rings are a team effort, not a player effort. You can say LeBron is the best player with 1 ring, and Kobe is the best with 5, but you can’t say Kobe is better than Lebron because he has 5 rings while LJ has 1…

    LeBron James Career (9 seasons): 19045 points
    Kobe B. @ 9 seasons: 14034 points

    In conclusion, Lebron James is better than Kobe Bryant comparing their first 9 seasons.

  233. andy says:

    read more of Sam Smith.

  234. MJ says:

    Bill Russell has 11 championships does that mean Bill is better than MJ.
    I agree that LeBron should win atleast 2 more championships to be considered among the best but wining the championships as the sole criterion to judge a player is stupid !!

  235. SpringTime says:

    Jordan answer of 5 is bigger than 1, is a little too simple. Because people are right to say if he’s using simple math then Yes Russell / Horry would be ahead. But it’s not that simple.
    One comment mentioned that “we” are talking about only the best players on their team, well Russel was the best on his team, and he played against some of the all time greats. In Kobe’s was number 2 on three of those championship team. (Shaq 3 finals MVP)
    And when Shaq left Kobe managed 34wins. (Side note, Kobe would have one less ring if it was not for Horry)
    One of the many accomplishments Jordan has is, he has never been number 2 (well maybe when he played for Washington, and even that is debatable.) So that goes a long way for Lebron he has never been number 2, He took that Cavs team (most of those guys were comparable to D-Leaguers to a 60+ win seasion, and even on this Heat team, Lebron is still the best player period. It’s never as simple as just how many rings you have period, because there are some greats that have never won a ring, and then you have Horry who has 7, and although he was never the best player on his team, he definitely made some big shots.

  236. andy says:

    I have a huge question mark with your knowledge and vision, 🙂 you shouldn’t belong here, NBA shouldn’t hire you, i don’t know, i just don’t think you can write in NBA …

  237. Robe says:

    You know what. MJ may be the best player to ever played the game of basketball, but when your going to say things like five rings beat one, that simple means your telling us that its the rings that make you the greatest player and not your playing ability. With that said using MJ own words Bill Russel is the greatest player of all times Eleven beats six.

  238. YoungChop says:

    That’s the man who picked Kwame Brown

  239. andy says:

    🙂 Frank, if you bring Rober Horry into the conversation, you should not have your own column with NBA, i don’t think you understand the point and you seems like a hater more than a writer nor ……

  240. Rick says:

    I have never commented here before but I have to comment on this one. Why is the author surprised that Jordan would pick Kobe over Lebron. Kobe is more experience, better go to guy, have the record to prove it. Even if Lebron is number one right now you still cannot compare Kobe and Lebron. They are not in the same category. Kobe has a proven record and shoot better under pressure than Lebron. How we quickly forget.

  241. C'mon, Man... says:

    It’s articles like these that make me question what purpose Hang Time Blog really serves.
    Kind of hard to keep track of the number of cheapshots Mr. Blinebury takes at MJ in this article.
    Firstly, I think Jordan stressed the timeframe; he made it clear that he was referring to the two players’ current overall standings as professional athletes. If you were to place one player’s career over another right now, there’s no doubt that Kobe has done so much more. That argument, as Fran half-heartedly agrees, is sound.
    However, I fail to understand the cryptic comparisons he makes between Russell and Jordan, and even Horry and Jordan. Jordan was not implying that rings directly translate into status or prestige. Like MJ, I see no reason to pursue this any further.
    All I gleaned from this article was a hurried, flawed interpretation of some simple comments MJ made.
    “Or maybe he’s just bored with his Bobcats on their way to another worst-in-the-NBA record (12-40).” This is NOT OKAY. Don’t know about anyone else, but I feel like the fact that this “joke” is still around is pretty annoying.
    Unless you work with Jordan or have experience as an NBA owner, you probably don’t have the right to criticize his “business” actions. It’s kind of disrespectful, really. Though I suppose us commenters are doing the same thing by criticizing each other and the writers on this website. Eh.

  242. LeKING says:

    I would pick LeBron over Kobe any day..

  243. Bilal says:

    Lebron james is way better than both kobe and jordan. having 5 or 6 championships doesn’t mean thay are better than lebron. Jordan knows that lebron is better than him and kobe, and he’s keep getting better and making records, that’s why he is making these stupid kind of news. He got nothing else. BUT, Jordan just stay with your bobcats.

  244. pepe says:


  245. joe says:

    lbj can never be greater than kobe or mj. For lbj, there is no great story of perseverance, no great story. The heat winning is simply a natural consequence of putting together a dream team of players who couldnt win it without teaming up with eachother. We’ll never know if lbj can win if horace grant and an undeveloped pippen were OR if a young andrew bynum and pau gasol were the next best players on his team. Simply, lbj took the easy way out: kobe n mj stuck through it

    • THEREALDEAL says:

      I think you are mistaken here. Didnt Kobe and MJ both have dream teams? How many Hal of famers played with MJ to win champs? Isnt Scottie listed as top 50 players all time? What about Kobe he is always surrounded by the best talent. Wow you Kobe MJ fans are too narrow minded and bias. Get real!

  246. Amado says:

    Mike needs to stop smoking that thing man. Whatever he is smoking, must be pretty strong.

  247. lebron number 1 says:

    Mj only chose Kobe bc he feels threatened by lebron and knows that lebron Is capable of getting more rings!!!

  248. Amado says:

    Michael Jordan just proved why he is the worst GM of all time. Kobe over LeBron? Seriously? HA!

  249. Hi el says:

    MJ is feeling the heat as LJ is breaking new records! Rings can’t be only measurement for greatness. Shaquille was MVP for 3 finals and Kobe get credits? LeBrone is the best overall player and most telantant in NBA history.

  250. kiddo says:

    if MJ count champion rings, so I choosing Robert Horry as the best player, he has seven rings compared to MJ’s. before, I don’t like LBJ a lot but he has grown to be a great player. LBJ has change the loosing pain into a championship manner. for KB, I never enjoy looking KB plays.

  251. Sage says:

    Now we’re going to hear why sports writers understand basketball better than Michael Jordan.

  252. joelddhans says:

    If lebron had been drafted 13th, like kobe, or even 3rd like michael jordan, he would have been drafted to a better team, and won more championships. How many rings has anyone won as the only all-star on their team?

  253. Mohit says:

    You’ve just pissed of the king

  254. LeBron not in equation? says:

    Are you people kidding? I guess people still have problems with LeBron. What is Michael even talking about? Kobe had Shaq for a good portion of his 5 rings, and Shaq was the best player on the Lakers of that era. Anyway, MJ is not making too much sense talking about rings as a factor. He only had 1 ring when he was 28; LeBron is 28 now…

    • Joe says:

      Yeah, but MJ won titles not because he joined Magic in LA or Bird in Boston. You gotta build it baby, riding is much easier.

      • THEREALDEAL says:

        Do not forget about one of the top 50 greatest players of all time. Scottie Pippen. How quickly yall forget

      • Saeed says:

        and he was not in the small, poor Cavs.
        LeBron got a bunch of D-league players to the Finals in 07 when he was only 22.
        He was just not lucky in 2009 post-season and 2010 post-season.
        The only inexplicable point in his career is 2011 Finals loss to Mavs where he labled himself as immature, In fact, MJ did not have somebody like KD during his territory time. He only started to win when Bird retired and Magic was an old guy.
        and MJ also had supporting superstars in his team. Yes maybe DWade is a little bit greater but anyone saw that in last year’s NBA finals, DWade was not a good, athletic player as he always was. Even CBosh was injured during esf against Indiana where in Game 3 Cbosh was out, Dwade had only 5. Then in game 4, he had one of those, 40 – 18 – 9 and helped his team win fueled by Wade’s 30 and Haslem’s 4th quarter spark. He simply did not have those helps in Cavs to help him change the results down-the-stretch.
        Again, vs. Boston, Bosh was out. NO SIZE. KG was not an offensive juggernaut but could easily get 26 on 55% shooting in game 5 simply because Heat had ABSOLUTELY NO SIZE and he enjoyed his size in the paint.
        In game 6, neither Wade nor anyone else in the team was good but LBJ helped his team to get back in the series by a 45 – 15 – 5 masterpiece.
        MJ had no supporting superstar in 1988 and he had a bad result in regular season, but james, WITH ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AND A BUNCH OF AWFUL PLAYERS, led Cavs to 66 – 16. If james had someone like Kyrie Irving when he was in Cavs, he would never leave Cavs for the Heat. and again Heat is not a desired heaven because he has got his supporting superstar but he still lacks SIZE, SIZE, SIZE, SIZE, SIZE. what can you do when you can not rebound?????
        what can you do when your opponent has Perkins and Ibaka going for rebounds and take from you far too many offensive boards????
        I wonder what MJ could do if he had guys like wade, CP3, DRose, and lacked SIZE.
        Again when you CAN NOT REBOUND, NO MATTER HOW MANY SMALL SUPERSTARS YOU HAVE ON YOUR TEAM, YOU WILL BE DEFEATED UNLESS YOU START TO REBOUND, TO DISTRBUTE, AND TO SCORE YOURSELF. and this is what LBJ did in Game 4 against Indiana, game 6 against Boston, and in the whole Finals (well in the finals, fortunately Bosh was not at his minimum, although he was not at his maximum) but Dwade still was not the Dwade we have seen throughout years.

        The only vague point in his career, as I told, was in 2011 NBA finals. It was inexplicable. But otherwise, James a sensational player and a combination of MJ, Magic johnson, and Wilt chamberlain + an athletic body that can fuel a boned-muscled 113 kg body to go as fast as Cristiano Ronaldo. I am also a soccer fan, I have seen no body as athletic as James in history of soccer and basketball. He is Great.

  255. Kobe is the man!! says:

    You have it from his Airness himself. Sorry for all you haters, but the real King has spoken!!! Go Kobe and go Lakers!!

  256. French_Kid says:

    Why Peoples forget how much Kobe was great at Lebron age???
    Do we need to remember you what kobe did between 2006 and 2010??
    Jordan is totaly right!! Will Lebron have 4 more rings? who can predict it 100%?
    Will Lebron play like Kobe at 33-34 years old?
    Who can predict this futur?
    Thats why Jordan is right, for the moment Kobe is 5 and Lebron 1!! and Kobe did much great than lebron for the moment… FOR THE MOMENT…

  257. LBJ says:

    Lebron King James is the best in the world!! More than Kobe and everone else!!

  258. KingPaulGeorge24 says:

    LARRY EFFIN BIRD!!! Seriously, as a BASKETBALL player he was the best ever. He wasnt athletic like the others, but he could out play anyone….But really, why do we care who was better? Enjoy whats happening now, jordan is old, let him enjoy his bobcats.

  259. BigBoiBam says:

    MJ changed the game ! And after Jordan career was over everyone said there will never be another Jordan but then there was Kobe who has been everything and more to the Nba .. Now rather Kobe won his first 3 with Shaquille or not he won and he did everything to win .. Now lets keep it real most of you don’t like Kobe anyway and who could love Mike and not like Kobe there game is so similar . Mike and Kobe are champions multiple times until Lebron catapult into that category he can impress all of you with dunks and numbers but some of the best that ever played in the Nba has put up Mega numbers and don’t got the jewelry that Mike and Kobe got ………

    • THEREALDEAL says:

      LBJ has NBA records Kobe nor MJ can ever get. EVER! Do not forget it. LBJ will hold more NBA records then any player ever.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      like everyone said, there will never be another jordan. kobe’s game is so similar to MJ cause he is trying too hard to be like MJ. and that is why not all MJ fans are a Kobe fan, because he can never be jordan, there will never be. thats what making LJ better than KB, LJ is playing AS LJ, KB is playing as a second rate MJ.

  260. Beanz81 says:

    What’s the big deal?

  261. pablo says:

    players can’t win championships…. teams only
    Jordan had not won without Pippen, Shaq would not have won without Kobe, Kobe would not have won without Pau … and company (rick fox, rice gel, Ron Harper, Robert Horry, John Paxson, Steve Kerr, Dennis Rodman, Tony Kukoc, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher … don’t u think??

  262. SBUL says:

    What would we (all the reporters, medias, and fans) say if Jordan would to come out and says, “Lebron is better thn Kobe.” How would we contrast that by saying “NO WAY, Lebron only have ONE ring, he is no better thn Kobe’s 5.”

    What would you say about MJ then?

  263. Relaxed03 says:

    MJ’s era is gone is going to be James’ turn. Another 30 game tonight!!!! Sorry MJ..

  264. How does Championship rings make you a better player?? says:

    I’m sorry, I thought NBA teams won championships, and not individual shooting guards.

    If rings are the only thing separating players in terms of greatness, Bill Russell is the greatest player and that’s the end of the discussion.

    Michael Jordan and Kobe represent a brand of basketball, and Lebron is a new brand of greatness.

    Who would win out of Jordan vs Lebron if Jordan was in his prime? Hard to tell because apparently Lebron is still getting better. Make those comparisons after Lebron retires…. and enough with the Jordan Worship,

    • Joe says:

      Well, if Lebron could win titles whilst he was in Cleveland then he could be considered greatness. Lebron did not build the team, he joined an already ready to win titles team, how can it be called greatness.

      • NBAFanatic13 says:

        lol… LeBron does not own the Cleveland cavaliers team… he can say his wants and needs but in the end its the orgs decision. he spent his 7 years at cleveland and still the team was no good, he just had to move on … and it just so happens that miami has a space for him and wants him and miami has the players with the best chance to get a ring, and yes they did. he just chose the team where he thought he would fit most (close friend of wade) and has the best chance of getting a ring. just like garnett/ray allen/carmelo/dwight etc etc..

    • Patty says:





    • THEREALDEAL says:

      Jordan already proved he cannot scout players. Why does anyone take his opinion about basketball players serious? If he was so good at pickign the best players what about the bobcats? What about Kwame Brown? LMAO! what a joke this all is. HAHAHA. Retire already Kobe. Give Kobe Dwight Howard and Steve Nash and look what happens. Dwight Howard does not even like playing with Kobe. Every player loves playing with LBJ.

  265. TakeMeOutDumbToni says:

    i can make another ring for kobe…just kick me out…pls..

  266. NBAfan says:

    it’s simple. Jordan sees more of himself and what made him successful in Kobe. All this is is Jordan’s self-pride in himself as well as his inner diva and thirst for attention coming together all at once

    • bigwes95 says:

      wow, i couldn’t have said it better myself. MJ is just scared that people are comparing another player to him so he says he’s not close, more trying to convince himself more than anyone else really, though.

  267. mike says:

    and by the way, no one wins a championship by themselves.

  268. mike says:

    Stupid article. Jordan made the 5 > 1 reasoning because the two players are so close skill-wise (you cant say the same with Jordan and Horry. my gawd, I cant believe I even made that comparison.). He went with the rings because it’s just too close a call between Lebron and Kobe. He’s basically saying, ‘Man, both of them are so great and almost as good. But one guy has 5 championships so I’ll go with him, FOR NOW.” The Jordan-Horry comparison was very stupid and ignorant.

    • aaaaaa says:

      Well also you have to take into account that LeBron is on his 10th season and still only has one. He his great but not as much as everyone says, if he were he’d have more by now (not to say that he may get more later)

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      i agree with your post mike.. horry and jordan… lol really stupid comparison

  269. pablo says:

    lebron say’s he don’t care about individual stats…. JA JA JA… funny

  270. GO BLAZERS says:

    I agree with Jordan. I’ll admit Lebron is the best in the NBA if he gets even close to five championships and his career stats are better than Kobe’s

  271. aaron says:

    Jordan is the best player ever so its hard to argue, but Championships are not all that matter. his reasoning is flawed. As of right now(and the past 2 years), yes LeBron is better than Kobe overall, but in terms of career Kobe is definately better than Lebron, and there is no one who can prove otherwise. and another thing as far as Lebrons ‘amazing’ streak. Gimme a break, its 30pts in 6 straight games, thats nothing. Call me when he drops 62 in 3 quarters, 81 in a game or averages 40 for an entire month like KB24

    • bigwes95 says:

      he’s shooting over 60% from the field, something jordan never did! jordan never scored 30 for 6 straight games while shooting over 60%. actually, no one has besides lebron. and lebron could average 40 for the next three seasons barred injury and if he took 25 shots like jordan did. he’s been averagin less than 15 shots and averaging over 30 points.

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      shooting 30 pts with more than 60% accuracy in 6 straight games in the NBA and your saying its nothing?? why do you think he is the first to do it in the history of NBA? because it is nothing?? lol! 62 in 3 quarters, 81 in a game… thats ball hogging…

  272. rick says:

    MJ, media and NBA fans. NBA championship is base on team play not individual stats, you cant judge how good the player base on number championship. you cant win championship by your self, So look at lakers now 🙂

  273. lakerslakerslakers says:

    if lebron was better than kobe, he would have rings with Cleveland, end of story. Going somewhere else and needing HELP is not the way of greats. you say shaq won the first 3, well wade won LBJs first

    • bigwes95 says:

      shaq was better than kobe, and lebron is better than wade, so that logic doesn’t make sense. and who won all those finals MVPs when shaq and kobe got the championships? and who won the finals MVP for the finals they won together with lebron and wade? oh that’s right, lebron did. and lebron won 65 games without another all star on teh team, kobe was trying to ditch when he was winning around 40 something games. so lebron is obviously better

    • NBAFanatic13 says:


  274. lakerslakerslakers says:

    wow is so pro-lebron it’s not even funny

    • NBAFanatic13 says:

      its not that is so pro-lebron… its just the truth and you simply dont want to or accept it like any other LeBron haters… Kobe is a great player, and so is LeBron… who is better? scoring wise? prolly kobe, better clutch? definitely kobe as of now, but overall basketball play? definitely LeBron… MJ is MJ, LJ is LJ, Kobe… wannabe MJ.

  275. No one says:

    kobe is past of his prime and era ….
    while lebron is in his prime …
    so stop comparing players …
    mj , kobe and LbJ are all great players… in thier prime OK …

  276. Riem says:

    The ring game again..Pfft. Its like saying kobe won without the rest of the team(Fisher,Shaq,Horry,Artest,Gasol,Odom,etc)
    like Jordan without(Kukoc,Kerr,Rodman,Pippen). Team wins championships. Kobe wont even make the playoffs if he was playing with an old shaq,old wallace, Wally scerbiak?and some other random guys.

  277. dabb says:

    MJ is motiVATING Bron to win more championships.

  278. #RipCityRepresentative says:

    Wow… Most of you aren’t even considering the TEAM aspect of all this. I mean, SERIOUSLY!? Lebron played like 7-8 years IN CLEVELAND, where his biggest help came from guys like Varejao and Mo Williams. Give that kind of a team to Kobe and lets see if he has 5 rings. Come on i mean, he always had superstars to back him up, meanwhile Lebron barely had 3 years with a team that could back him up and/or takeover when hes in a slump. Therefore number of rings might matter, but dont forget to consider in WHICH TEAM those rings are gattered.

    • HARLEMSHAKE says:

      LOLLLLL Thats why Lebron won is FIRST ring with WADE and Bosh lollll! U cant ask for a better Big 3 than this……

      Now do the HARLEMSHAKE

  279. John says:

    LeBron cant even be mentioned in the same breathe as MJ! Kobe is the closest thing we will ever see to MJ, I’d take Kobe in his prime over Lebron allllll day everyday!!!

  280. Daniel says:

    Is it just me or does it seem that with an answer as short and (with all due respect) senseless as the one he gave – maybe he actually doesn’t really care and is just having a bit of fun?
    We all know that no. of rings can NOT be the only deciding factor otherwise you’re saying a player like Andrew Bynum is better that Patrick Ewing cause he got rings.
    Michael has been involved in conversations about “who’s the best” for the last 20+ years – whether asked about himself as “all-time best” or “best of that era” or (since he retired and re-retired once or twice lol) being asked to weigh-in on the “best of that era”. He’s probably sick of being asked so he wanted to have some fun with the media…besides it won’t be a fair comparison until both have retired cause we all know Kobe is on the way out (he ‘maybe’ has 2 or 3 seasons left) and Lebron has only just won his first ring.

    MJ you are the man and still know how to create a media scene – I salute you! G.O.A.T.

  281. iScream says:

    Kobe has only 2 rings to be honest. The other 3 rings belong to Shaq ONLY

    • lakerslakerslakers says:

      still more than LBJ!

    • No one says:

      to be honest kobe is part of the lakers when shaq win the C.ship
      kobe played a major role in that c.ship run
      so why .. kobe has 2 rings not 5?

      w/out kobe shaq can;t do it alone … ok shaq even admit it

      • Batto says:

        Without Kobe, Shaq would have another supporting star. He would still get his rings. LA as alway, are able to buy players.

  282. rands says:

    You MUST keep into account that Jordan played in an era of much stronger, harder and punishing defense. Nowadays, stars need only get looked at in the wrong way and they get a pair of freethrows. Lebron and other stars are benefitted by refs protecting them half the time.

    The crazy battles between the Bulls and Knicks or Pistons would never be allowed in today’s game. Despite the higher intensity of defense in Jordan’s era, he was able to score and win championships. Lebron is great, as is Kobe for that matter, but their feats and stats would be way way lower if they played during Jordan’s time.

  283. Franz says:

    As of right now, LeBron is the best player in the NBA. Over the last 10-15 years, Kobe is better. Let’s wait til LeBron hangs up the Air Jordans before we can compare the two.

  284. HarlemShake says:

    Evenn if Shaq had 3 final mvp, kobe deserved 1 or 2 of them…. he played like he owned the team… one of the many reasons shaq left after all…….

    Do the HarlemShake

  285. Vi says:

    I pick Horry over MJ, Kobe and Lebron!!!!!! Seven rings with three different teams! Oh yeah!!! Seven is bigger than six!!!

  286. 02pong20 says:

    the problem with you guys is that you doesn’t respect someone’s decision. You kept asking him of an answer but when his disagrees yours, you question him. If he picks your pick, then you elevate it to something more. Stat wise doesn’t show leadership. Rings won’t tell GOAT but as for michael himself, he saw something that he think he has before that it is with kobe and not with lebron.

  287. Jay says:

    In that case mr Fran its safe to say that francisco elson is better than LBJ because he has 2 rings and LBJ only has 1.right?

  288. tom says:

    I find it so interesting the various criteria that people use to rate basketball players and how good they are compared to others. I could understand rings being a valid criteria if there were only one player on the team. there is only one valid criteria, in my mind, in ranking players: “what is their level of contribution to winning basketball games.” that’s it. period. we are talking about a team sport here and stardom over the years has become more important than the team. all you need to do is look at an organization where it is ALL about the team and see how that has worked for them: the san antonio spurs.

  289. The person who made this article sounds like an ignorant twelve year old that say “Lebron is better than Kobe”, “Kobe is better than MJ”, “nobody will ever be better than MJ” . The guy who made this article i have no respect for at all. pffh the NBA is turning into biased children.

    • JORDAN#1 says:

      THANK YOU FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THIS DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WRITER!

      • sick says:

        Jordan’s Bobcats and Kobe’s Lakers will meet in the Finals ahaha
        Are you threatened by his accomplishments MJ??
        Kobe will not be better than Jordan but LBJ will be better than him.. LOL

  290. Rance says:

    Your reasoning and logic is too far on how MJ is saying it. The number of rings comparison is just to justify why he choose KB over LBJ, you can’t compare the rings of other players to say they are better than MJ co’z it’s clear that MJ is the greatest and most athletic player in his era. Kobe and LBJ should not be compared either, today is the prime of LBJ’s career. Kobe had his already. Age does matter in basketball, and using math, logic and stats, there’s really no point of saying LBJ is better than Kobe or vice versa. They are great in their own ways, with their perfect team mates at their perfect time.

  291. Dito says:

    Don’t forget Wade, he has one ring without Lebron, so,……. and Miami has two players with MVP in finals

  292. KingLBjBoy says:

    And d first pick is Kwame Brown …. Decision making ??

  293. LBJ4MVP says:

    poor reasoning by MJ. he picked Kobe for he is now threatened by the accomplishment lebron is making as of the moment.

  294. Read says:

    He never said MJ has 5 rings. He’s talking about Kobe.

  295. Husni says:

    11 is always greater then 6 to me don’t you guys agree ? Rings can’t determine a players skills.

  296. W says:

    Not surprised, we all know Jordan is great at playing but not so good at choosing…just see which team did he buy.

  297. Iceman says:

    0 is better than 2. That cause both LBJ and Kobe lost twice in a Finals series vs MJ who never lost. To the person who asked how many rings Kobe has won by himself. The answer is ZERO. No player wins by himself. If your’re question was who was the main man in the championship run? By that standard MJ 6, Kobe 2 and Lebron 1. Lebron still has a lot of good years ahead, he may be even getting better. Kobe is slowing down now. My 2 cents.

  298. The kid says:

    Kobe is better because of his rings, it’s y even the biggest Aaron Rodgers fan can’t say he’s better than Brady, it’s the hardware folks

  299. master says:

    LOL, it looks like Jordan just picks Kobe cause of his championship rings (which mainly thanks to Shaq). Whats funny is that Jordan also picked Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison. Jordan is the best, he earned that but he’s not good at evaluating players. Kobe over LeBron? come on.

  300. The kid says:

    Kobe is better, last I checked one ring n ten years aint all that!!!

    • LeBronBoss says:

      9 Years. he is PLAYING in his 10th. And last time I checked, it took Kobe 13 years to get a FInals MVP, while it took LeBron 10. i could go all day

  301. Ohreally!? says:

    I expected more from you MJ..
    But i was totally disappointed that you’re only basing your facts by the number of rings to determine a player’s greatness.

    Well then..if you say so..

    Bill Russell is the GOAT because he has 11 rings.
    Robert Horry > Michael Jordan because 7 > 6

    • JORDAN#1 says:


  302. sam says:

    kobe is the best lebron is to horrible to catch up to kobe.mj is not beater then kobe. lebron is never going to beat kobe in shoting or basketball.

  303. KingLBjBoy says:

    Horry over a,J lol

  304. Just Biased says:

    How can you have the right to question MJ’s decision, he is greatest player that played the game and no offence, you’re just a writer, you didn’t even played the game to question his greatness.

  305. Rickkky Bobbyy says:

    This comming from the guy who runs the bobcats and picked Kwame #1 overall

  306. Kobe says:

    How many titles has lebron won by himself ?? Without Wade and Bosh and a great bench he couldnt have done it

  307. Joe Gallagher says:

    Oscar Robertson was the Michael Jordan of his era. Kobe succeeded Michael. LeBron’s turn began last year. Who comes after LeBron? All I know is that it ain’t gonna be me!

    • Chris says:

      good way to look at it. Still before Lebron I felt like there was more appreciation for other great players in the league, perhaps it’s just the State of today’s media where we hype one person to the level of God. Also who will come after Lebron? Judging by his home videos his son likely

    • JORDAN#1 says:

      R U SERIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KOBE SUCCEEDED MICHAEL??????????????????? SHUT YOUR MOUTH, YOU DISRESPECTFUL DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO IQ!

    • Patty says:

      I AGREE.

    • LeBronBoss says:

      Rondo or Andrew Wiggins or Damien Lillard

  308. krs says:

    deep inside himself jordan is jealous cause lebron might be better than him thats why he said that , and jordan cant be g,o,a,t, , he was just a great player of his time

    • JORDAN#1 says:


      • JORDAN#1 says:


      • Relaxed03 says:

        Jordan is measuring it by rings which again, doesn’t measure talent but team effort and talent. It’s not an individual ring. Really. Kobe is good but James is great!!!

    • Patty says:



      IS IQ IS ABOUT 70.


    • sick says:

      Jordan is jealous coz his Bobcats and Kobe’s Lakers are going to meet
      in the FINALS hahahaha

  309. Michael says:

    No doubt, Fran is James’ fan….

  310. Lerp says:

    he did not say Jordan has five you douche’s

  311. allaroundballer says:

    Because Kobe has more similar game and mentally

    • Patty says:





  312. newyorksteelo says:

    Oh, and let’s not forget that Jordan retired at a very young age, while he was in his prime, and twice. Had he continued on, he would of won more championships.

    • LeBronBoss says:

      I half-respect Jordan. but he couldnt win 6 in this era. He might win 2 and he would make the FInals. but he wouldnty be as good. yeah he was 6/6 in finals and he invented pretty much evry crossover, but LeBron James Is BETTER than Jordan

      • The Worm 91 says:

        I disagree…i guess you’re someone who was not able to watch the earlier NBA. I find players nowadays soft and cry easily. my guess is, if LeBron goes back to the bad boys time, he’ll be in the D-League.

      • sick says:

        what? those bad boys will die if they take charge from LBJ.. Lol

  313. newyorksteelo says:

    To be the best, you have to be efficient enough to win championships. Kobe has been pretty amazing throughout his career and has achieved more than Le Bron so I can see MJ’s point, but this argument cannot be determined until Le Bron reaches the end of his career. As of right now, considering Kobe’s achievements, MJ is right “point blank and period”.

  314. Bulls fan says:

    Before you write an article, do research about the G.O.A.T

  315. W/E says:

    Yeah Michael, ROBERT HORRY IS BETTER THAN U, WHY?!?! CAUSE HE HAS 7 RINGS PAL….YEAH RIGHT…Championships are all team effort, best players win the playoff MVP and are the true superstars in their teams…season mvp doesnt mean much cause all that matters is who dominates in the playoffs and gets the title, MJ is the best of all cause he has six of those, then u have Magic,Duncan and Shaq having 3…Kobe has 2 but i think Pau deserved one of them…LBJ has 1 so even though he is a great all around player HE STILL HAS TO PROVE HIMSELF and get to the finals a couple more times and get more finals MVPs with his titles…UNLIKE BRYANT who had Shaq as the better player in his first 3 rings

  316. jhmertens says:

    The Robert Horry thing is erroneous. The whole argument is about who is the primary driving force of the championship team. That’s why people say Kobe can’t hold up to Jordan, because he and Shaq we’re both the driving force for those first three. Pippen was great, but he was always second fiddle. As for Russell, he wasn’t the offensive driving force so it still doesn’t quite match. I’m not saying the championship thing should be the only qualifying factor. After all, I love Clyde Drexler and he only managed to get a ring after he left Portland. Same for KG and Minnesota. Still, I don’t think you can compare Lebron to Kobe at this point because of the rings and because of the legacy. You have to wait to see what Lebron’s legacy is. Everything else is just chatter.

    • uhhh yeah says:

      If you had actually watched the LA championship games you’ll know that Kobe was as much of a second fiddle in the LA three-peat as Pippen was in the 6 championships of Chicago… So either they’re both second fiddle or they both aren’t

    • LeBronBoss says:

      And we all know the most recent Lakers-Celtics Game 7 was rigged. Dont even say no, cuz the ref admitted it. So technically KObe won 1 , where Pau was his ‘second-fiddle’

  317. timpson says:

    James has to catch kobe before he can even think about catching mj

    • Patty says:



  318. purpandpiss says:

    How many rings has kobe won by himself? ?????

  319. mavs41ife says:

    @mandingo, he was clearly comparing mjs’ rings to horry and russel.

  320. JDee says:

    *of rings

  321. JDee says:

    Its more Eleven is bigger than six and Seven is bigger than six if we’re comparing Russell and Horry to MJ…..Good point Fran, this is exacly why the number is rings cannot be the one indicator or the most important…

    • And another thing bro. when we talk we are talking about erras played in also. In Russles era he won 11 championships. But the thing is that same era i could take Tyson Chandler and replace him with Russel and he would win 11 rings possibly more ok? Now keep russel ut of this debate. And stop using Horry also. Its about the superstar of the team, not who went along for the ride. I knw a guy whos on New England Patriots Practice squad and has 1 ring. I gues that means hes better than Brian Urlacker. Now common people lets talk sme sense. Any erra older then Magics dont count and will not get credit if used to cmpare to these days. Derrick Rose would get 21 rings playing in 1950-1971 and we all know that. Hakeem ologuwon is the greatest center of alltime. Wilt Chamberland is probably second or third because i believe he is the only big guy7 from those days that could compete because of his height and strenth. Hed probly be another shaq with better defence in this era. Anyoine else you could leave them out of this. Wilt nly proved that Shaq, Ologuwon, or Patrick ewing would have scored 100 also against those bums.

    • Joe says:

      Fran is way more overly simplistic, ring only counts when you’re the best player on that team, not just a role player. Robert Horry or some other clean up guys might get more rings when they’re lucky to be on the winning team but the discussion is about the best/greatest player, so unless you’re the best player on that team, that doesn’t count.

      Kobe’s rings when he was playing with Shaq will not count if he did not win more with Pau, so Kobe is still considered the best player on his team because he has proven that he could win and be the best player on the team without Shaq (who was the best player on LA before he left).

      Compared with Bill Russell, it is obvious MJ is more dominant because although Bill won more titles, but his individual achievements are less, eg. throughout his whole career, he was only 3 times selected as NBA first team where MJ was always selected after he went thru his rookie seasons (first 3 years) and that’s also because there were more well-known great players ahead of him who has been playing in NBA for quite sometimes. Titles are about team so Bill could win more titles because of various circumstances.

      MJ is the best player ever, period. Rewind the tape and you will see how effortless he played the game. LBJ, eeh, unless he can prove that he can win title without another MVP (Wade) and one of the best versatile PF (Bosh), he can never be put into the equation. One can argue that MJ has Scottie, Rodman, etc., but all winning teams need to have good players but none of them was on the same level as Wade. They were supporting cast, not like Wade.

      LBJ can probably be compared to Magic because Magic also had greatest players with him, but definitely not with MJ.

      • Relaxed03 says:

        Jordan is measuring it by rings which again, doesn’t measure talent but team effort and talent. It’s not an individual ring. Really. Kobe is good but James is great!!!

      • Francisco says:

        just compare individual stats dude

      • purpngold says:

        MJ understands that Kobe has made more clutch buckets. The finals is where true legends are forged. This is where the best players prove themselves, performing under scrutiny and under immense pressure. Kobe has been to the finals more than Bron and has delivered more. Regular season games dont mean much. Only the best get to play in the finals..

    • LeBronBoss says:

      Yes THANK YOU!!! And his logic makes him tied for 10th best player. And Dj Mbenga is better than Rondo,Lebron KD and wade. I think Jordan is a little too HIGH(bad joke)

  322. RR says:

    The biggest thing I see is Lebron has the whistles in his favor and the media is pumping him up!

    • Chris says:

      true he’s a great player but there’s been some questionable foul calls and no calls in the process of getting his ring. Namely Wade clear as day smacking Rondo in the face and not getting called. Still even If the refs are favoring him it’s safe to say he earned his ring last season, thunder choked. Unless people want to go deeper into conspiracy theories and say their presence in the finals was preset up cause they knew the less experienced team would choke against a ring starved LBJ while the spurs would have not

    • saxi says:

      I’m sorry but the only thing we can argue about is the unbelievable physic of LBJ and his god-given talents…for me it is more about commitment and durability which defines greatness. and right now LBJ is just feedin from his advantages…dont get me wrong – he is one of the greatest bit this argument will shadow his legacy forever – dont you think?

  323. Mandingo says:

    Get yor ish right. Mj has 6 rings, not 5 like yo mentionned twice. i jst hope yo were still refering to Kobe’s 5.

  324. G.O.A.T. says:

    jordan has six championship rings….
    really expected more from someone employed by
    just further goes to prove your columns are becoming more and more lacklustre

    • Emmanuel Stalling says:

      It was Jordan who said that, and he was talking about Kobe.

      • ASIA says:

        MJ is just giving his true opinion.. he can still remember why James leave Cleavland because if he was LBJ he will definitely NOT leave Cleaveland since MJ and KOBE has the same approach in the game with the same grateness no matter who is your teammate they will do whatever it takes to win a championship.. KOBE will not go to a powerfull team with D.Wade on it just to say I won my own Championship.. Without Kobe in LA I don’t think that Shaq can lift lakers in 3 consecutive championship.. Kobe plays a big part of those 5 championships that he gain and he didn’t choose his team.. that’s why KOBE’s talent and greateness is way too far than your Lebron.. Making 81 points in a game and winning the vs raptors with veteran Rose and Bosh is not easy and that was real history.. MJ and Kobe Slam Dunk champion where is LJames Slam Dunk championship? MJ respects championship rings than MVP season rings.. MJ knows the killer instinct of KOBE even at 34 and still beating the young guys.. LJames is now 28 and I dont think winning 4 championship rings beating KOBE is feasible for him anymore with aging D.Wade with him and after 2 years he starts to slow down unless if learn the greatness of the outside shooting and creativity of MJ and KOBE..

      • DZ says:

        I don’t know what ASIA is talking about. The only reason Kobe won all those championships are because of a powerful team. The Kobe Shaq era? At that time Shaq was in his prime, he was probably a more powerful player then Wade. The last championship Laker won, wasn’t because Kobe was carrying the whole team. Paul Gasol, Bynum, and Metta all played a huge part in the championship. If Lakers didn’t win a Championship 7 years straight, I am sure Kobe would have left the team also.

      • MJ says:

        You can’t argue that one player is better than another simply bc he has more number of rings. On the other hand, you can’t just look at the stats when comparing players. There are players that have HUGE impact on the game with their presence even though they dont put up number or have any ring, like Dwight Howard. You can’t compare an older player with a younger player at their prime, or by lining up their stats. This is a team game. Players that are good as teammates and players that good individually and stand out. You take all the players that good individually and just say they’re great without ranking. Quit trying to compare and rank player. It’s an endless comparision that allows the media to use over and over again when they have nothing else to write about.

      • Vijay says:

        Wow folks. It takes so little to create soo much in this world today. Michael Jordan says “it”, “it” becomes law. As was referenced in “Suits” there is a distinct difference between Michael Jordan the player and Jordan the owner/executive of a basketball franchise. It does not always translate that on court basketball brilliance will transcend to the front office.

        With that said. In reference to the straight forward statistical logic, yes Kobe has more rings than Lebron. However that alone will not determine who one will pick today for a franchise. Kobe is 30+ heading for retirement Lebron is in the prime of his career. So yes it would be a no brainer as to whom one will pick now, a resounding Lebron James (not a James fan btw). If one re organises the question and makes it more specific, in terms of age appropriateness, athletic ability, basketball IQ, individual basketball drive and determination, then it will produce a different response not related to number of rings. Larry Bird has said that he would pick Kobe for winning championships, though they may come to high words regularly, over Lebron. He would pick Lebron for winning games and making the game easy. That response was the best response personally that I have heard when evaluating the two.

        For all Kobe detractors, Kobe earned all of his rings. Real basketball fans remeber that the same dominant Shaq was dismantled in Orlando, and the first two seasons in LA, before Phil arrived. Also the same Dominant Shaq was dismantled, Kobe too, by Detroit in ’04. Lebron James took the easy road and joined forces with two other Franchise players. He also got lucky in the sense that Chicago with a healthy Derrick Rose beat them all last season. Then again with a Boston team that their front line was thin and they ran out of gas with only KG to fill the gap. I won’t even address OKC cause they were just a resounding disappointment. I had the Spurs to come out the west until OKC seemed to have gotten it right then to revert to the same old habits and flaws that I saw throughout their run to the finals. Westbrook though offensively minded and gifted is too trigger happy. Far too many time I saw in the stat sheet Westbrook finishing with more shot attempts than Durant, should not be so.

      • R4 says:

        Asia speak the truth about Lebron his outside game is not a threat. I rather see Lebron shoot all day because he a beast in the paint. If he can learn that all around game like the best of them. He will get his respect. NBA needs Lebron to succeed with Kobe leaving and Lakers going into rebuild mode. So I do understand why this article try to poke fun at Jordan theory. Because if you chop off the Head the body will follow. And NBA is about superstars regardless what team they play on. People go to watch Lebron play not because he on the Heat. Furthermore, Lebron still gets away with alot of plays that I believe are meant to keep him focus of today NBA.

      • Patty says:



    • MC says:

      Jordan’s endorsement of Kobe over Lebron goes a long way in explaining the predicament that is the Bobcats. I hope that if the hypothetical decision was ever to be made at the Bobcat HQ MJ’s endorsement would be different… If not lord have mercy on all Bobcats!

      • Patty says:




      • Relaxed03 says:

        Jordan is measuring it by rings which again, doesn’t measure talent but team effort and talent. It’s not an individual ring. Really. Kobe is good but James is great!!!

      • Really says:

        @ Patty you don’t know what your talking about if Kone has such a great IQ then why did it take him 5 years to win rings without shaq. If Kobe has such a great Iq then why dosen’t he consistantly and effectively facilatate instead of taking away from his team’s rythm. LeBron’s IQ is the same or better than Kobe and you would know that if you watched basketball. Jordan is sayimg that based on rings he would pick Kobe but when it’s all said and done we will see who is better.

      • ASIA says:

        MJ is just giving his true opinion.. he can still remember why James leave Cleavland because if he was LBJ he will definitely NOT leave Cleaveland since MJ and KOBE has the same approach in the game with the same grateness no matter who is your teammate they will do whatever it takes to win a championship.. KOBE will not go to a powerfull team with D.Wade on it just to say I won my own Championship.. Without Kobe in LA I don’t think that Shaq can lift lakers in 3 consecutive championship.. Kobe plays a big part of those 5 championships that he gain and he didn’t choose his team.. that’s why KOBE’s talent and greateness is way too far than your Lebron..

      • John Halliday says:

        Have you actually read the article? He said LBJ “might go on to Win 5 or more” but he hasnt as of right now! And frankly if you took both careers, right now and I know Kobe has played 7 more seasons, but if you took both careers which is all you can do until both players are done MJ is taking kobe! For the record I’m not a Kobe fan think he’s the reason LA have struggled so Bad this year, BUT despite LBJ’s Stats being better you have to look at efficiency over all not JUST scoring LBJ’s are better but Kobe has delivered consistently in the playoffs and in playoff Series! LBJ has disappeared in TWO NBA finals 2007 and 2011!

        When its all said and done I think LBJ will be pretty much widely accepted as better than Kobe, not a Shot at MJ for the record but better than Kobe! MJ is saying what he thinks NOW you cant predict what LBJ is gonna do in the next 5 to 10 seasons! But people forget he’s not getting any younger and has already logged 10 LONG seasons with multiple olympic summers, he has peaked in my opinion and will now platow for the next 3 years before he begins to slow down.

      • sally says:

        Mj’s opinion is just that….and nothing else, he’s just a man, not the almighty, I am sure Lebron could care less what his opinion is, he’s not trying to impress MJ. He plays for self-satisfaction and winning for his team, not a popularity contest. Get real people. If you listen to the interview he didn’t say Kobe was the best he said five is better than one. The media leads you to believe something else. Besides that… ain’t over yet folks !! To Patty: you probably would not believe what Kobe Bryant’s IQ is, yours is probably higher and that we could probably count on our fingers and toes. He wouldn’t have gotten in his Denver mess if he was intelligent. Please !

    • Joe says:

      Fran is way more overly simplistic, ring only counts when you’re the best player on that team, not just a role player. Robert Horry or some other clean up guys might get more rings when they’re lucky to be on the winning team but the discussion is about the best/greatest player, so unless you’re the best player on that team, that doesn’t count.

      Kobe’s rings when he was playing with Shaq will not count if he did not win more with Pau, so Kobe is still considered the best player on his team because he has proven that he could win and be the best player on the team without Shaq (who was the best player on LA before he left).

      Compared with Bill Russell, it is obvious MJ is more dominant because although Bill won more titles, but his individual achievements are less, eg. throughout his whole career, he was only 3 times selected as NBA first team where MJ was always selected after he went thru his rookie seasons (first 3 years) and that’s also because there were more well-known great players ahead of him who has been playing in NBA for quite sometimes. Titles are about team so Bill could win more titles because of various circumstances.

      MJ is the best player ever, period. Rewind the tape and you will see how effortless he played the game. LBJ, eeh, unless he can prove that he can win title without another MVP (Wade) and one of the best versatile PF (Bosh), he can never be put into the equation. One can argue that MJ has Scottie, Rodman, etc., but all winning teams need to have good players but none of them was on the same level as Wade. They were supporting cast, not like Wade.

      LBJ can probably be compared to Magic because Magic also had greatest players with him, but definitely not with MJ.

      • LeBronBoss says:

        As far as individual achievements go, Wilt is THE BEST! And LeBron is 2nd.

      • 3 says:

        Wade was never an MVP, and every player need help. Even though LeBron has Wade and Bosh, he’s still clearly the best player on the team and lifting his team mates to another level. To say that he has to win a title without help is just crazy. And as you said, MJ had Pippen (selected as one of the 50 best players in the NBA) and Dennis Rodman (an elite defender and rebounder selected to the Hall of Fame).

      • Really says:

        Wade is no mvp he is a scottie pippen tho. Sure he won one ring before lebron with shaq and an awsome supporting cast but he is no mvp and he has never won the award tho he came close in 08-09. Magic had Kareem and other hall of famers. Kareem is way better then wade so that is not a fair comparisin. If LeBron wins 3 rings he is better than kobe 5-(3 with shaq as a sidekick= 2 by himself) If LeBron wins 6 = 100% in conversation for GOAT. Now all the talk has to do with people in the moment talking about LeBron’s potential. I understand what Jordan is trying to do to quite all the people who are starting to forget all that he did in his career by down playing LeBron’s achievements and tho I hate Kobe I have to agree with MJ untill LeBron has played 17 seasons.

      • Elvisto says:

        @Joe, you are crazy and you are very disrespectful of Scottie Pippen and Dennis Roadman, how can you actually say that none of them can be compared to Wade and Bosh, thats crazy….Scottie is also among the 50 greatest players in the NBA just so you know….Michael had Hall of Famers around him, I don’t see y so much fuss about how LeBron should not have a Hall of Famer beside him

      • Ben says:

        why don’t we wait until all is said and done because LBJ has won one ring but is only 28. wait until kobe and LeBron are retired then talk about greatest of all time with them in the conversation. and sure shaq was great in LA but he didn’t win a ring in orlando when he had Penny Hardaway and others. Shaq needed kobe for those three rings. And kobe also won two rings without another superstar. I like LBJ better but you guys have got to stop hating on kobe and diminidhing his achievements

      • Marco29 says:

        MJ is consistent with the statement he made at the time of “The Decision”: when he played, he competed against the best players, he did not join them to play together. MJ did not go to LA, Boston or Detroit. He stayed in Chicago and won the tittle in his 7th season. He finallty had good teammates but he was clearly the best player on the team and their leader. LBJ failed in Cleveland (also management failed in buidling the right team around him) and had to move to Miami and join other All stars to win that 1 ring..
        I think in MJ’s oprinion it is not only 5 vs 1 but he doesn’t value that 1 at the same level. Had LBJ won even only 1 title with Cleveland and showed some real killer instinct when it mattered, along with his personal stats and all-around play, maybe MJ would consider LBJ differently.
        Also MJ finds more similarities, (killer instinct, highest competitiveness, character) in Kobe than in LBJ.
        So I think it is not only “5 is more than 1” but there are various reasons that explain why MJ values Kobe more than LBJ.

      • LA Dwight says:

        i don’t think jordan was really looking at championship could. i think it has more to do with each player’s determination to succeed. it’s likely true that jordan did not want to team with another superstar on another team just so he can prove a point that he can do it all in with just one franchise. while shaq was the bigger star on those laker championships with kobe, he had a tendency to “turn it on” or “off” whenever he wanted to. jordan sees more of himself in kobe, where he goes all out in a game. lebron, on the other hand, like shaq sometimes just coasts — something jordan would never do. i still can’t believe a lighter and less athletic larry bird is a better rebounder than lebron. then again, i’m not surprised either. bird was also one who never took naps. it’s that kind of determination that makes championships possible. lebron would probably have looked better in jordan’s eyes had he never left cleveland.

      • Joe says:

        1. Wade was an MVP (2010 all stars) and he was certainly often considered into regular MVP.
        2. Nobody says MJ won titles without help.
        3. Will Pippen be selected as one of the 50 best players had he not played with Jordan?
        Will people know who Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc and some other guys on the team had they not played with Jordan?
        The thing is when you played with a great player, like it or not, you will reap the benefit.
        4. As good Dennis Rodman is a defender, he is also a liability on the offensive because opponent never had to respect his scoring, so it was 4 against 5 in the offensive. My take is: Rodman is okay but was never a pivotal person.

      • Joe says:

        1. Definitely not crazy and not disrespectful of Scottie, but was perhaps disrespectul of Rodman because I think Rodman was overrated. Sure he could defend, but he could not score and that made 4 against 5 in the offensive. It’s a give and take, not give.
        In comparison with Wade: Do you think Scottie would be known as he is like now had he not played with Jordan? well, Wade had already established himself without other greatest player around him.
        Do you think Pau will be known as he is like now had he not played with Kobe? sure, he is a very good player and perhaps the best player in Memphis, but will he have legacy? most likely not. Was it because he never won title? not really, Charles Barkley never won title but he was selected Hall of Famer,

        Elvisto: I don’t see y so much fuss about how LeBron should not have a Hall of Famer beside him
        But Lebron did not help in creating the Hall of Famer, they are already established players. Lebron actually begged for help when he jumped ship.

      • Marco29 says:

        In all the Pippen vs Wade talk, one should not forget that Wade got a ring without LBJ. Pippen never won without MJ. And Shaq was no longer in his prime when MIA won their first title. So, MJ obviously never won alone but he never had another superstar like Wade on his team.

    • Patty says:



    • ASK Yourself! says:

      Could Jordan or Kobe Play every position effectively AND guard every position effectively?

      • John Halliday says:

        NO but MJ COULD guard 1 through 3 BETTER than Lebron! Oh and MJ guarded : Magic pest pg ever (IMO) and Divac a high quality nba centre in any decade! AND MJ won defensive player of the year while averaging 35 ppg! 2 straight years with over 200 steals and over 100 blocks Lebron hasnt done that FACT. MJ was by far the better defender compared to LBJ but LBJ is IMO a better defender than Kobe

    • Patty says:




      • lee says:


      • Patty says:



    • Duh says:

      Read it big dog… He did say that Jordan had 6….. Maybe you’re just lackluster man. Don’t be so quick to judge dawg

    • m says:

      it said at the bottom that Jordan has 6 rings. Trust me…they would know better than you

    • ASIA says:

      MJ is just giving his true opinion.. he can still remember why James leave Cleavland because if he was LBJ he will definitely NOT leave Cleaveland since MJ and KOBE has the same approach in the game with the same grateness no matter who is your teammate they will do whatever it takes to win a championship.. KOBE will not go to a powerfull team with D.Wade on it just to say I won my own Championship.. Without Kobe in LA I don’t think that Shaq can lift lakers in 3 consecutive championship.. Kobe plays a big part of those 5 championships that he gain and he didn’t choose his team.. that’s why KOBE’s talent and greateness is way too far than your Lebron..