Drummond Shuts His Critics Up With Play

HOUSTON — Andre Drummond can’t change the past. He can only change opinions.

Panned in the lead up to the 2012 NBA Draft, Drummond was billed as a big man with superstar talent but a motor that didn’t match. It’s one of the reasons the 7-footer lasted until the ninth pick, where the Detroit Pistons cashed in with what has turned out to be one of the steals of the entire draft.

Drummond’s work through the pre-All-Star Weekend break of his rookie season has been an eye-opener. In addition to that potential superstar talent, he’s shown off a motor that more than matches. In fact, he’s been lauded by Pistons insiders for being even better than they had hoped in terms of his work ethic and the energy he brings to both practices and games.

A stress fracture in his back will cost Drummond at least a month, and that includes his participation here this weekend for the BBVA Rising Stars Challenge. But it won’t deter him from his goal of silencing those who questioned his character and game before the Draft.

“”I think coming into a situation where the game is as fast-paced as NBA games are was beneficial for me to pick things up and move forward,” said Drummond, who averages 7.3 points, 7.5 rebounds and 1.4 blocks in just 19.7 minutes a night. “My coaches and teammates helped me move adjust and nip some of that stuff people had against me in the bud. I think Detroit is a great city, the fans are definitely great out there, and having the right environment to g to work in makes a big difference.”

Drummond is just 19 and with his combination of size (he’s just shy of 300 pounds with just six percent body fat) and skill along with the physicality he brings to the floor, the notion of him being a dominant big man in the league alongside the Pistons’ other budding young frontcourt star Greg Monroe.

The injury to Drummond is setback, but by no means the end to what has been a promising rookie season.

“I want to maintain the effort and energy bring every day and continue to get better,” Drummond said. “We have plans on being a playoff team [someday] and I want to be a big part of helping make that a reality.”


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  3. go celtics says:

    sully is the biggest steal of the draft even though he got injusred he will be better in the long run with the surgery im looking forward to big things from him

  4. big cat says:

    the future is bright in Detroit if they can keep this young core of knight, munroe, Drummond , stuckey etc . .. together

  5. Hm says:

    This guy should be rookie of the year and they could give it to him now if they want to. He’s carrying that Pistons team despite coming off the bench. His production per minute is far greater than Lillard’s and despite averaging about half the minutes, his total number of win shares is 3.9 to Lillard’s 3.5… Add to that the difference in age and the fact that he touches the ball way less.

    But the voters like flashy guards more.

  6. Vindicated says:

    What a beast! Get well, soon, ‘Dre! Couldn’t believe teams slept on him in the draft. I remember the questions about his drive but COME. ON. You don’t leave a specimen like this on the board, with 8 picks in front of him.

    I was choked that the Raps didn’t pick him. Screw needs, or chemistry, or “already got a young center”. Pick him and deal with it later. That being said, once the season started, and I got a good look at Jonas and Ross, it doesn’t sting so much. Buuuut, it seems like this guy’s gonna get close to his ceiling…..which is high. Very, very ridiculously high. This could end up stinging a little more….especially with Calderon, arguably the best Raptors PG ever, throwing him lobs.

    Yes, I just said Jose Calderon is, albeit arguably, the best Raptors PG ever. Welcome to the Raptors!

    • Piston Joe says:

      Yep, cant be happier for Andre and the Pistons. As a Pistons fan, the draft comments from every expert weren’t exactly positive, apart from his athletic ability. But come on, he’s 19! Plenty of time for him to learn some skills from Greg Monroe, and the two of them together next season with Kyle Singler, Brandon Knight and hopefully Will Bynum, will give them a good chance of making the playoffs, if they continue to grow. Now, all they need to do is pick up 1 all star caliber player with the extra cap room….or do they? The future looks good in Detriot, and about time!