Meet The Three-Point Participants


The Foot Locker Three-Point Contest will be held Saturday night with five stations arranged around the arc and five balls at each spot, the first four worth one point and one red, white and blue “money ball” worth two points. Players will have one minute to try and complete all five locations.

Kevin Love of the Timberwolves, out with a hand injury, will not be defending the title won a year ago in Orlando.

The Eastern Conference lineup:

Paul George, Pacers: Though not known for his 3-point shooting, George is on pace to improve his percentage behind the arc for the third season in a row. That has been part of a climb from 7.8 points a game as a rookie to 12.1 in 2011-12 to 17.5 the first 61 games this season.

Kyrie Irving, Cavaliers: The escalation from No. 1 pick and Rookie of the Year in 2011-12 to All-Star in 2012-13 includes an improvement from pretty good on 3-pointers to challenging for a top-10 finish. Imagine where his scoring average goes if Irving starts to make threes more of a priority.

Steve Novak, Knicks: A man made for this competition. Novak is a career 3-point specialist, often posting a better percentage from behind the arc than on two-pointers. He was fifth in the league in 3-point accuracy heading into Wednesday’s games.

The Western Conference lineup:

Ryan Anderson, Hornets: The winner of Most Improved Player last season while in Orlando is the ideal complement for Anthony Davis and Eric Gordon after moving to New Orleans in a sign-and-trade. Now Anderson is on pace to finish better than 40 percent on 3-pointers for the first time in his career.

Matt Bonner, Spurs: He is averaging all of 12.1 minutes (11th on the team) and 4.1 points. And he absolutely deserves to be at All-Star weekend. Bonner is second in the league in 3-point percentage and on pace to shoot better than 45 percent behind the arc for the second time in three seasons.

Stephen Curry, Warriors: Barring a late injury on the Western Conference All-Star squad for the Sunday main event, appearing in the 3-point contest will have to do as a consolation prize. It may do very well, though. Curry is third in the league in accuracy behind the arc, making him one of the favorites to win the title.


  1. 3pointer says:

    how about Klay Thompson?

  2. Boctie says:

    I heard Kyle was asked and declined so he could spend time with his new baby daughter.

  3. NBA fan says:

    how about Dwight Howard vs. Andrew Bynum 😀
    or Dwight vs. DeAndre in free throw shooting

  4. i hope jodie meeks or even goudelock is there…

  5. Zeke says:

    Go Ryan Anderson!!!

  6. LBJ 4 PREZ says:

    They need to put LBJ in this

  7. jermsguy says:

    I was hoping Randy Foye would get in. He’s hitting almost 43% from 3 at 28 minutes per game.

  8. sirsparhawk says:

    They want a challenge, with Kyle Korver in its almost a lock out win for him.

    • LARRY BIRD says:

      Thats the good thing about KYLE, he is putting high bars to all the challengers. give KORVER the record if he wins it 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.. Make it competitive even if its just for a show.

  9. macattack says:

    kyle kover has already been in three point compititon a couple times. I think the main idea behind these events like the slam dunk and the 3 point shootout is to showcase other talents throughout the league.

  10. Boere says:

    Horrible video. Six people talking at the same time, I couldn’t here a thing.

  11. johnyon says:

    Matt bonner for the win! I still find it ridiculous that it took this long for him to participate. the red mamba will take it

  12. Joaquin says:

    Steve Nash needs to be in a 3 point ocntest someday

  13. Giddi says:

    Can someone explain why the best 3 point shooter is not in the all star 3 point contest?

    Kyle Korver shoots at 46% and is a high volume shooter, I always thought this is the contest of the best players and not “best of the players the NBA prefers over others”.

  14. Daniel says:

    I don’t get the criteria used to choose the participants. I mean, how can you have George instead of Korver?