Hang Time Podcast (Episode 104) Rick Fox Goes Off On Dwight Howard … Again!

HOUSTON — Los Angeles Lakers All-Star center Dwight Howard might have no idea who Ulrick Alexander Fox is or that he won three championships during his 13 NBA seasons, all with the Lakers.

But even if Howard has no memory of Rick Fox the NBA player, he might want to listen to Rick Fox the NBA TV analyst.

Rick has been adamant about Dwight needing a history lesson and provides some insights on how to handle yourself like a champion in a city used to celebrating them over the years. His words on Episode 104 of the Hang Time Podcast should not be missed.

We also discuss All-Star Weekend, the always entertaining trade deadline rumors (involving Hawks forward Josh Smith and plenty of others),  Lang Whitaker joining the Dallas Mavericks in their refusal to shave until they reach .500 (Lang’s still bringing up the rear in Braggin’ Rights), the wicked run of one LeBron Raymone James and why New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony is the darkhorse pick for the MVP trophy in Sunday night’s All-Star Game.

Check out all of that and more on Episode 104 of the Hang Time Podcast.


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  1. Coop says:

    Dwight play he just has to work his way back in the league and not just for his team

  2. Michael says:

    They need to trade him. It seems as if he doesn’t take anything serious. It’s ok to joke around and have fun while playing, but the lakers are not winning sooooooooooooooo WDH. Either he needs to dominate or they need to deal him away.

  3. Nope says:

    Dwight is soft and so is most of today’s superstars you seem how Kobe wouldn’t let lebron score in the all-star game that’s real competiveness

  4. manny says:

    Dwight,Dwight,Dwight….stop been a little girl,,come play ball out here in the streets of the real warriors..see who cares about your feelings getting hurt!!!!!!!play ball and end this drama….

  5. Powaqqatsi says:

    Just as Rick Fox had to leave the Celtics for the Lakers to avoid veteran oppression, Karma is now acting in reverse and Dwight should leave the Lakers to avoid oppression from Kobe, D’Antoni, Rick Fox and the rest of laker Nation. He shoul leave them for the Celtics cause we have the best coach in the NBA and the best point guard who will feed Dwight in the post til he’s in a food coma.

  6. Ron says:

    Rick Fox is spot on about the generation of the 2000 NBA era, some of these guys are a bunch of thin skinned weaklings, and we are talking mentally weak. They can’t take constructive critisim and turn it into a positive. Imagine a coach telling a proven vet that he don’t wont to hurt a young players feelings?? Really!! If I am correct, the reason why sports was invented was so that men can find a way to express competitive nature without killing one another.

    @Dwight Howard, sports another form of war. And when you are at war nobody cares about hurting your feelings or wounds when you are on the battlefield. Insubordination(in this case unprofessional behavior) is unacceptable in the ranks that’s why you get paid millions to deal with your emotions and keep them in check, but you belong to the army/team. This is not a daycare center and you should at least listen to the vets who have been there done that. Approach the game like you at war and you will be a better player.

  7. Jack says:

    Rick fox also played for the celtics.

  8. fpejr says:


    Gotta love Rick in his sneaky points back in the day, ( not a Laker Fan myself but have to admit) I even know about Ricky Fox
    . He wasnt Kobe but you still had half an eye in looking at him… little things do count on the court

    Howard is really showing his true colors, he doesnt even know his own JOB NBA basketball. sad 😦 he should stop crying n play better. News Flash please Howard, listen to Rick’s audio, this will save your life-career !!!

    Rick, does nail it on the head, :). bammm,

  9. Green says:

    No one ever said Kobe won be himself. I feel Kobe is trying to get them to be more aggressive as a team, he doesnt have to be nice about it. this is business. Some of these players are soft. they talk mess, but when someone says something to them, they get all Butt hurt. Pls!!!

  10. Samuel says:

    Love it Cuz, Gotta let Mama hear this. She and Daddy are some serious Laker fans and she can’t stand Howard.

  11. Josh says:

    Preach Rick,
    8 years is a long time to not improve at all. I think there is a new “Big Baby” in the NBA and his name is Dwight Howard!

  12. ZULU says:

    The podcast is alright as is. As a long time listener I like the improvements YOU all have made. Was this particular pc good ? Yes. As a long avowed Laker fan I am tired of all the ya-ya period coming from the player’s, even Kobe. Rick Fox’s comments were very much in line with my thinking. Only I would cut the cord to all mics & recorders in the locker room. The Lakers need to playball, period. Hey, Kobe never won a “title” by himself. This team has too re-build for a game that has changed. Enjoy the all-star break and come back with some more great dialogue.

  13. Logic says:

    Fox makes some very good points, like Howard and Cousins being pampered all the time. They need to be told by some veterans how to act like real men and not boys. Just like Fox said that his confidence was destoyed by the Celtics veterans when he was a rookie. Then he had to build it up again and earn it to become a real man.

  14. Gerald B says:

    As if the Lakers would not have won those championships in 2000-02 without the exploits of Rick Fox. He needs to shut up and be grateful he was on Phil Jackson’s teams led by Big Shaq. Dwight has struggled but he had back surgery less than a year ago. It’s still “Kobe’s Team” and Dwight is just a squirrel, if you ask me.

  15. KeCe says:

    And yes, he did tell it. It makes pretty good sense to me.

  16. lucky23 says:

    Tell it how it is Rick

  17. lakerzray says:

    folks listen from 38:50 mark – rick’s simply hilarious … luvin’ it YAY =D

  18. nick says:

    damn rick fox went hard lol. he starts at around 28:00

  19. tfish29 says:

    Would you be willing to list times of specific portions of the podcast? For instance, I would’ve appreciated being able to skip to Rick Fox’s take on Dwight without skipping around haphazardly.

    • Scott The Magician says:

      RICK FOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      100% agree…my fav statement “hes a 20 pt 11 rb guy, YOU ARENT SPECIAL”!! YYEEAAHHH

      Tell it like it is fox!!! ALL TRUE!!!

      ps….2000-2003 monster lakers fan, love yah then and now Fox!!

      • Dwight says:

        Ai yo, yo, this is Dwight, yo! Aye, Rick, that was hard to listen to your words but I ain’t goin’ lie, man, those were some good words. Don’t let other ppl convince you that i’m not Dwight, but I am. I realize that basketball is a fun game to play, but when u really want to get that Ring, you just gotta really focus and fight for it. Like what Lebron is doing now to chase Kobe, like what Kobe has been doing year after years. No wonder everybody was saying Kobe is always serious. I realize that is really what it takes to win championships and um..I’m gonna have fun winning and focus and work harder when i don’t. Thanks, bruh!