Blogtable: On LeBron’s Hot Streak …

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Week 16: All-time favorite Dunk Contest dunk? | On LeBron’s hot streak … | Winning it all without a star

What can LeBron possibly do better than what’s he doing right now? And this hot streak he’s on: Remember one as hot?


Steve Aschburner: I suppose James could regularly guard five positions rather than just four; we’ve seen scant minutes logged against centers, after all. I guess he could dazzle us with more stylish, less brawny off-the-dribble moves. But c’mon, this truly is nitpicking. He’s the best player in the league by a wide margin, as good as Kevin Durant is. As for the second part, please child! We live in an insta-age, where everything important presumably either happened three hours ago or won’t happen until tomorrow. I’ll just offer up this: Wilt Chamberlain averaged more than 50 points a game in 1961-62. From Dec. 8-13, 1961, he strung together five consecutive games of 50 or more. On Dec. 16, he started a new streak of seven games over 50. Two weeks after that, Chamberlain stacked up six more scoring at least 50, from Jan. 11-19. Then he put together another five-gamer from Feb. 25-March 4 of at least 58, including his 100-point classic. My work here is done.

Fran Blinebury: Come on, LeBron. I want the hot dogs plumper, the popcorn butterier, the beer colder and somebody to pat my back and burp me between quarters. See what you can do. My first season in Houston (1982), Moses Malone went on a similar tear where he was virtually unstoppable, making 30 points and shooting 60 percent seem routine. It produced the second of Moses’ 3 MVP awards.

Jeff Caplan: First, let me say, no, I can’t recall any streak by any player quite like this. It’s elevated LeBron’s field-goal percentage to a ridiculous 56.2, the kind of number that centers who mostly only dunk rarely even put up. But, let’s tackle the more pressing issue: Hey LeBron, how about learning how to shoot free throws, will ya? I mean 73.8 percent? You wouldn’t be shooting technicals on my squad, no sir. Not that you’ve ever been a great free throw shooter like, um, Kevin Durant, but you haven’t shot them this poorly since 2007-08 when you couldn’t ride your bicycle to home games because it’s too freaking cold in Cleveland. And let’s not stop at your free throw percentage, how about just getting to the line? What’s up with 6.9 attempts a game? Seriously? What happened to 10.1 like in 2009-10 or 9.4 the year before or, heck, 8.1 last season? And you call yourself an all-around talent. Hmph.

Scott Howard-CooperHe is blowing it by not playing the lottery. Anyone in this kind of hot streak has to play the lottery, unless maybe he just does not aspire to be wealthy. The other thing he can do better is make free throws. He is a good shooter, except from the line. (You said to nitpick.) And while I join the rest of the world in being impressed with the streak, there have been no shortage of magical playoff runs through the years. I’ll take Michael Jordan in a couple of the early Bulls title runs or Magic Johnson in the mid-80s. An extended hot streak in the postseason is on a different plateau than a hot streak in the regular season.

John Schuhmann: I guess, as a team leader, he could do a better job of keeping the Heat focused on defense. They’re still not very consistent on that end of the floor. But yeah, that’s nitpicking. And no, I can’t remember anything like this. That time (in the middle of the 2005-06 season) when Kobe Bryant scored 40-plus in five straight games was somewhat comparable. He only shot 45 percent in that stretch, but he was shooting more from the perimeter.

Sekou Smith: Really? We’re going here in the midst of one of LeBron’s all-time great stretches? I guess he could shoot 90 percent from the floor every night for a week or two, average a quadruple double and drive the Heat’s first bus to the airport after road games. Seriously, LeBron is playing on another level right now, even by his own ridiculous standards. But this has been done before, at least in some form or fashion. Wilt Chamberlain played in this realm on a daily basis. And Oscar Robertson did average a triple double for about five straight seasons. And Michael Jordan had stretches throughout his career where he reached this sort of statistical craziness. I go back to Jordan’s 1988-89 season (I know I’m dating myself here) from March 25 to April 14 and he had a 10-game stretch where he was playing like he was in “Space Jam”; triple-doubles in 10 of 11 games. Preposterous!


  1. john says:

    lebron is the best player in the nba as long as he is healthy

  2. David L says:

    The only thing that bothers me about Lebron James is that Sports Writers, Announcers, Critics, etcetera spend so much time focused on Lebron this, and Lebron that. The man can do no wrong. Mind you, he is an incredible talent, with stats that haven’t even begun to tally up. But have we all forgotten that this sports “legend”, household name, and icon had an entire HOUR LONG special on national television to announce that he was screwing over his huge fanbase in Cleveland to ring-seek down south? Every night on ESP…(you know the network) it’s “Lebron is incredible”, “Lebron did this”, “Lebron did that”, “Lebron drinks Sprite”, “Lebron oil paints in his free time.” Then there is like a 2 second blurb, “Kevin Durant played pretty well tonight, now back to Lebron James.” Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest to ever lace them up, has 5 rings, and a work ethic that makes Donald Trump seem lazy, yet the league revolves around Lebron James. If Kobe Bryant got half the airtime during his prime that Lebron does now (having only ONE ring by the way) I wouldn’t be nearly as upset every time I hear Lebron mentioned. But the league plays favorites, and Kobe has never been one of them. Maybe the sports world should really try and look at the basketball being played, and not just follow the lead and rally around the “popular” players. Kobe deserved to be discussed more when he helped Shaq win his 3 rings, he deserved to be discussed more when he dropped 81 points in a game, and he certainly deserves to be discussed more when having a discussion about LBJ and the games best players ever.

    • HARDHOOPER says:

      The man can do no wrong? Where were you when he left the Cavs? the media CRUCIFIED him! Now that hes got another mvp, finals mvp, championship ring, and gold medal, has shown maturity and owned up for his errors he’s getting the positive coverage he deserves. If you have an issue with media coverage on him, stay away from the civilized world.

  3. Ro says:

    @ voiceofreason. I agree with most of what you say, but you might wanna check the roster of the 1994 Rockets. Other than Hakeem, they did not have anyone even close to a superstar!
    2003 Spurs – DRob was a shadow of his former self. Parker and Manu were not that good yet, they were solid. Timmy was the man in that one.
    And lastly, i dislike KB as much as anyone. But Gasol is not a superstar. So yeah, teams can win with only one superstar i would say….

  4. Carmelo over LeBron ANY DAY

  5. lakermig says:

    youve got to love how oscar roberton averaging a triple double for about five straight seasons is just thrown in there but jordan gettign a triple double in ten games is preposterous.

  6. genesy2013 says:

    Two things we all can agree on are Michael Jordan book in the NBA has been written and read by many; but we are still reading Lebron James book in the NBA. In Lebron James book I have learned he is a scientist of the game of basketball, he engages in plays to acquire and gain knowledge. He is an expert in several areas of the floor which allows him to make the game appears simple. I have learned it’s very difficult to measure his performance because it includes so many elements that are restricted from the minds of mankind. Therefore, we cannot summarize Lebron James book in the NBA until we have read the last page.

    • Mac says:

      AGREE to Genesy!! Just for the sake o fthis conversation people can NEVER agree on 1 tihng only, Everyone has their own favorite sports or favorite player and it is a human thing that they will not allow anyone to beat their own player in any way weather in achievement, statistics or what. Comparison between an active player and a hall of famer is quite non-sense, if you are to compare better amongst active players. If you are to choose who will be the greatest player ever played, DO NOT look at the statistics because basketball is a team game you may be the best freethrow shooter or you are the scoring champion, best rebounder, less turnover in a game but your team is below .500 or havent got any championship ring it is completely non-sense. Best players should do all that and at the same time influence other player to play at their best for as Ive said Basketball is a team game.

  7. marty says:

    U cats tripping if all u can talk about only making 73% at the line..I believe the skill set is one of a kind..APPRECIATE GREATNESS WHEN ITS EVIDENT ..Rare to see this kind of efficiency parallel dominance..
    Marty C

  8. Tim Duncan fan says:

    The spurs could beat the Heat any day. They wouldve won that game if they had had their star players. An dthey only lost by one point! So like the spurs.

  9. Arturo says:

    How can you complain about lebron when he’s just simply the best player in the world. The fact is he is winning games.

    • Chris says:

      he Isn’t winning games. The HEAT are winning games. It’s a team effort and as good as he is of a player don’t forget wade, bosh and the rest of the guys make it happen when it counts. Bear in mind last years championship involved guys like Battier, chalmers and Miller really stepping it up.

  10. Chris says:

    Lebron James is a great and skilled basketball player but for the love of God we don’t need an update Everytime the man does something. It’s bad enough broadcasters feel the need to list every single stat he has Everytime the man scores. Seriously, I’d Probably enjoy his performances more if people would shut up about him. Unfortunately him having a bad game would also create more media nonsense! There are other players in the NBA geez

    • bigwes95 says:

      he’s not just doing regular things though. he’s done something no one in the history of the game has done! Jordan, Magic, Kareem, Bird, Hakeem, Robertson and everyone else couldn’t do what he is doing. they list everything he does because he’s walking history in teh making basically and he’s not even trying. jordan averaged about 23 shots a game and averaged 30. lebron right now is averaging 15 shots. he’s taking almost 8 less shots than jordan to average the same amount of points! what he’s doing is legendary and he’s just thinking it’s an everyday type thing for him. he’s not trying! he could easily average 40 points a game for probably the next 3 to 6 years if he keeps some athleticism and doesn’t get injured. yes there are other players in teh game, but to me i see it as people only see micheal jordan as the best. and who’s the most advertised player in the history of any sport? oh, right jordan is. i’d take kareem over jordan any day of the week, but people never consider other people to be the best because they’re not as known. same thing here, lebron is doing things that no one has and he’s being mentioned for it on everything. only difference is that jordan didn’t these things and he was still more covered, which is really the only reason he’s known as teh greatest really. jordan hasn’t really done a thing that kareem hasn’t and i believe kareem actually did more.

      • Chris says:

        im just saying they overhype the guy. Maybe it’s the changes to the media and how easily accessible information is with the digital age that makes Lebrons exposure seem annoying. Either way I don’t take anything away from his skills just saying seems if the guy doesn’t make MVP this year it will be front page sports news rather than a story on who actually won it. I loved Watching Him play when he came into the league, wanted to see him get that ring earlier but after watching his attitude after games sort of grew disgusted, now after seeing him not only admit to his own immaturity but rise above it into a champion I’m proud of the guy, and I hope he never gets destroyed by injuries like so many potential stars, but still don’t want to see his face or hear his stats updated Everytime he scores which at this point isn’t anything special, it’s just him being him.

  11. Karlo Garcia says:

    It’s incredible what Lebron is doing stats wise.

  12. teedub says:

    why is you guys so critical. would like to see any of yall even score 10 in a game HATERS!!!!

  13. king of the court says:

    What was his averages with the cavs Point is lebron james can shoot 100% for 20 games straight and still check the stats he still wont measure up to michael jordan or wilt chamberlain or even magic johnsons scoring levels greatest of all time please i know all the kids posting from there xbox and ps3 or mom and dads cell phone stop hold his jock he would have my respect if he stayed with the cavs and won his ring but weak stick james went to a superteam for a ring last poster was right he is hot garbage now kids put that in you lunch box

    • voiceofreason says:

      Really? do you even know what the word respect means? he is on one of the most effecient streaks of all time. you are right about one thing, he will never measure up to MJ, or Wilt because he is totally DIFFERENT player than they were. He can be compared to the skill level of Magic and if he stays healthy, he will have the most points all time. Heck he could easily have 50k if he decides to go all selfish and decides to take 30 shots a game. There was no way he could have won a ring with the Cavs alone. You need to brush up on the history of the game and see how teams won titles. Since the 80’s There hasn’t been a team that won it all with just ONE superstar. The Lakers of the 80’s had Magic Kareem, and Worthy. The Celtics in the 80’s won it all with not just Bird but they also had Mchale and Parrish. The Bulls in the 90’s won all their rings not just because of MJ, but also because of Pippen and Rodman. I’m not sure if you see the pattern yet. The Spurs have all their rings with their Big Three and David Robinson. The Lakers in the early 2000’s had Shaq and Kobe, and the last two titles of the Lakers came with Kobe and Gasol. The Celtics won their’s with their Big Three. I don’t know about you, but history would suggest that it is ALMOST impossible for ONE player to win ring a ALONE no matter how great that person is. It takes a team to win it all. So please do us all a favor and stop hating and just enjoy the game and realize that we may not see this type of player again for a very long time. Besides, he is not the only person in the history of America who changed work places. SO GET OVER IT ALREADY AND APPRECIATE THE GAME!

  14. jack says:

    come on now lebron is garbage

  15. KingLBjBoy says:

    Jeff Caplan are you kidding me????Go eat some hotdogs get some fresh air boooooooo

  16. Jonjon says:

    wow wait a go trying to deminish a acomplishment by comparing him to the greatest player in history did all of the writers catch skip bayless disease or something

  17. KingLBjBoy says:

    Jeff Capllan can we play ball 1 on 1 lol

  18. HARDHOOPER says:

    Jeff Caplan, do the world a favor; go visit the statue of liberty, climb to the top of the stairs, open the window and take the fast way down. The only way you can not appreciate a performance like this (NEVER done by anyone, Jordan, Wilt, Big O etc) is simply because your cup runeth over with hatorade.

  19. james says:

    jeff caplan really upset me. is he saying lebron isnt an all-around talent ?

  20. Reality says:

    He isn’t MJ … He is LJ

    • chalice says:

      You’re right that LBJ is not MJ and he never will be but that’s good news. Who wants to be the 2nd MJ when you can be the first LBJ! I remember when Jordan first came out, they were comparing him to Dr. J. LBJ is in a great position to be one of the greatest of all time. All he needs now is TIME. LBJ needs to get a 3-peat under his belt (a 4-peat could catapult him way past Kobe and into MJ territory). We will see want happens come playoffs.

      • LeBronBoss says:

        So like your Name (first or last) pretty much has to start with J to be considered good. LOL. LJ, Mj, Dr.J