Rose Will Return When He’s ‘110 Percent’


HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Chicago Bulls fans hoping eagerly anticipating the return of Derrick Rose will apparently have to wait a little longer than expected.

While there is still no concrete timetable for his return, all you have to do is some elementary math to figure out it’s going to be a while before he makes his return from offseason surgery on the torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee.

Follow the math in Rose’s own words, to USA Today’s Jeff Zillgitt:

“I don’t have a set date,”  Rose told USA TODAY Sports on Monday in his first extensive interview since the 2012-13 NBA season began. “I’m not coming back until I’m 110%. Who knows when that can be? It can be within a couple of weeks. It could be next year. It could be any day. It could be any time. It’s just that I’m not coming back until I’m ready.”

How close is Rose to 110 percent?

“Right now, probably in the high 80s,” he said. “Far away. Far away.”

Whatever the distance is between Rose’s high 80s and the 110 percent he needs to be at in order to get back  on the floor with his Bulls teammates, who have been even better than expected in his absence, it probably won’t be traveled in a matter of days. There was some hope that Rose would be ready after All-Star weekend. But that doesn’t seem practical based on his own assessment of where he is right now.

That said, the “high 80s” is a lot closer to 110 percent than the 50s, 60s or 70s. So there is still reason for optimism in Chicago.


  1. john says:

    I don’t blame drose he should’nt rush himself drose is young he should wait untill he is ready

  2. Mr. Wilson says:

    I dont know why everyone is getting crazy over the phrase “110%” all i think he is saying that he wants to make sure his injury has fully recovered and he might take extra time off too make sure he is good to go. For the Bulls this season they are built to play without rose not built around him like they have been in previous years and they are playing solid basketball without him. i think he should take this season off there is no reason for him to posibbly risk re-injuring his ACL, he should come back next season hungry for that Championship.

  3. $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ says:

    I can never comprehend what 110% means in basketball …

    But if my boss gives me a 110% pay increase,

    I think I will suddenly grasp the exact meaning !!!

  4. Save Nash Please says:

    Remember DA Derek Anderson during his stay on the SPURS??? Once a very athletic,fast, and just like DRose who doesn’t afraid to attack inside??? Guess what… He played the game like there’s no tomorrow, He leaps and leaps through the RIM, It was MAVS vs SPURS playoffs, he continued attacking the basket and then tragedy strikes… Jowan Howard fouls him mid-air then he bumps his head on the way down… After healing his injury, He ain’t Derek Anderson that I used to watch… He’s no longer aggressive, He’s afraid to attack the rim… That’s why he got traded by the SPURS to blazers for Steve Smith… I guess that’s what BULLS fan got to prepare for.. What if D.Rose return and his moves get slower, weaker, would you still believe in him??? Another one is Brandon Roy… Once very explosive player that attacks the rim… Now ROY’s basketball career is over… Should the HEAT worry on Rose return… I guess not… Bulls should worry more when DRose return, He might not be the same ROSE when he comes back…..

  5. kevron lamothe says:

    get better rose youre #1!!!!!!!!!

  6. This concerns me very much. D-Rose is like Bynum now. Young Talented players with career threatening injuries that make them more of a liability than comodity. I blame this injury on that stupid lockout and condensed season that forced all of the superstars to play almost everyday with very limited resting periods. What is the lesson here, don’t go on strike if you’re already a millionaire…Karma hurts…His speed…GONE…slahser style play…GONE…110%…NEVER…his value…questionable…that knee will never be the same, and because of his age this type of injury will haunt and mess up his mental poise and game period. He will always be afraid of re-injuring that knee and will hold back. Such a tragedy.

  7. CaboStLuke says:

    DRose is just being smart. What’s the use of risking re-injury if you won’t win anything? I mean, c’mon, everybody knows it’s going to be the Miami Heat in the Finals, heck, it’s also going to be Miami Heat as champions again this year, so there’s no use of playing for Rose right now. He and his agent are thinking and acting on what’s best for DRose. He should only come back if he’s completely healed and feel confident about his knee. Best time for him to come back would be next season.

  8. flamar says:

    i really hope he is as good as before, or maybe even better. or else the bulls will never have a chance of beating miami.

  9. regmac2324 says:

    If he return… 1st week is GOOD. 2nd week is AMAZING. 3rd week is SUPERB. And for the last week is UNBELIEVABLE!!!
    That’s D Rose for you. The Competitive level on his body is almost got the level of Michael Jordan. And that’s why he is going to return sooner or later. He is one of the player who come in the NBA once in a blue moon… Maybe once in a lifetime. Welcome back DERRICK ROSE!

  10. ko0kiE says:

    110% sounds like he got something more up his sleeve that we haven’t seen of him yet.. I’m curiouuuus..^^

  11. Gillsy says:

    I supose due to his age and contract size, and how the Bulls are placed what is the rush in bringing him back. I doubt if he stays out till next season.

  12. davis says:

    the return is comin back

  13. ZeekioBull says:

    Oh man! Chicago needs DRose! I expected he will back and put the Bulls in the top of the East Conf. Standing… WE NEED DA BULL!

  14. Dwade says:

    why is he being soft. just come back an play like dwade did. dwade was about 70 percent at the beganing of the year now he is around 90 percent. and he is playing damn well. h

  15. Gonna be a while says:

    Sounds like he’s at least a couple months away. But, who knows, maybe he just hit a bump in his road to recovery and is feeling a little down. Get well soon, Rose. But more importantly, just get well!

  16. I can’t wait to see him back he’s the best in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. cp10 says:

    J-Wall came back better than ever, D-Rose will be back better than ever!

  18. NBALogics says:

    Rose can get the next 10% offa becoming a better jump shooter, shooting at a Higher clip and playing smarter.

  19. Godwin says:

    Just watched that video again,
    he is always one of the greatest mvp, and the most humble one
    i know rose will not be the same when he is back, he will become better…and then the greatest

  20. Gerne says:

    the bulls will be betteer with d.rose? so much expectation. it was the same with the allstar-roster lakers.

  21. mike says:

    call me crazy if you want Kyrie Irving is better than rose

  22. sports fan says:

    Adrian Peterson made an awesome comeback after tearing his ACL. AND HE’S A RUNNING BACK! Derrick Rose is going to be just as great when he comes back.

    • rose fan says:

      totally agree with you man, everyone can be great but one can be amazing with confidence. d rose will wait til hes confident enough to know hes healthy and will return at his own pace.

  23. CODE-WIND says:

    He and the Bulls organization can decide when they feel he needs to come back this season…with a Healthy Hinrich, Noah, Boozer, RIP, and Nate…we can make it to the post season…but the fact is we wont make it past the first playoff series without ROSE !

  24. genoa says:

    Hopefully he does improve his midrange jumper – it’ll take the stress off his legs if he can score off of a simple cross over separation and not have to drive hard every time he wants to score.

  25. Emmanuel Stalling says:

    He seems a bit scared. Understandably so, but 110%, and “maybe next year” is a little strange for a person who’s eager to come back.

  26. Brandon says:

    We should all blame Tom Thibodeau for putting him late in the game, when they were obviously going to win.

  27. Cowan says:

    the team is doing pretty well without rose if anything it is a good idea to wait

  28. V1nce says:

    This is all adidas fault, fk adidas man.
    if you ever wear D-rose, you’ll know how much your feet sliding around in those shoes. And if you watch his injury video, you can tell his foot actually slided inside the shoe when he landed, thats how adidas fked him up.

  29. Game Time says:

    I understand where he’s coming from saying 110% but he needs to get back out there once he’s fully healed plain and simple. Trying to gain back what might be lost for good will only keep him out of competitive form even longer. Still it might be good for him to wait because for this year and at least next Miami will own the east haha.

  30. Tom says:

    quit the special treatment.. Rose needs to get back in the game.. Ricky Rubio had the same injury, and was back in the game, in no time.. Rose is a big sissy, needs to man up and go out there.. Dwight howard had back surgery, is playing… so why not rose? his taking way to long for a ACL tear.. they’re hyping him up, so they can have a huge following… marketing in the NBA

    • Feivel says:

      You’re an idiot. Who’s already reinjured and on the bench? Rubio is. Rubio doesn’t have enough to carry a team like Rose can. Second, every players injury is a little different. Have you personally gone through a rehab process? Even if you have, I highly doubt that your a professional basketball player and therefore, your body doesn’t have the stresses placed on it that a professional basketball player would.

      You call Rose a baby? Dwight is an effing baby, look at how he can’t handle the expectations placed on him in LA? He wanted to be traded to a contender and he got want he wanted. Unlike Dwight, Rose will stick by his team through thick and thin. He’s also man enough to realize his limitations and recognize the value he has for his entire career in Chicago rather than trying to come back early due to fan expectation simply because of tards like you.

      Another point of your argument that is completely invalid is marketing and hyping his return. They don’t need to. He’s a big enough name and already has an MVP to his name, as well as ROY plus plenty of endorsements. If you think him not coming back is a marketing ploy, you have absolutely no reasonable logic whatsoever.. Oh wait, that’s over half of the idiots that comment on these blogs who think their personal opinion on hoops = only thing that counts. Reality is, your argument is invalid and you have a very loose grip on reality if you truly believe that about Rose.

    • skrutz says:

      Or, they’re being careful? That’s all he needs to happen… come back too early, and end up with another injury, possibly more serious. No two people are the same, and no two injuries are the same.

      But maybe it is a conspiracy, like you say.

    • spuddragg says:

      You clearly have no idea what an ACL injury is if you think he is being a sissy.

  31. ROSE DA'AM says:


  32. Chi-Town says:

    rose is a beast and still will come back #1 point gaurd in the nba. born and raised in CHICAGO and he will represent us well.

  33. Bryan Hayes says:

    Reblogged this on Chicago News Rag and commented:
    Like most of you, I can’t wait to see DRose back in action. He has given so much to the Bulls, the city of Chicago, and the NBA. Lets give him all the time and space he needs to be his best. When he comes back and plays like his previous self, or better as he states, the Bulls are going to take the NBA by storm. Who thinks the Bulls could win it all this year? (I do)

    Sail Fast My Friends!

  34. big cat says:

    I would take this guy over that bum LeBron any day of the week , one word LOYALTY. won’t jump ship on you when the going gets tough.

    • EC says:

      You dont win games with loyalty.

    • skrutz says:

      Plus, he’s only “jumped ship” once, never mind the fact that we’re not comparing him to LeBron here.

      • bigwes95 says:

        @Basketball4Ever. do you seriously think if Jordan didn’t win anything after 7 or 8 years he wouldn’t have left? by that time, he had pippen and grant, two HOF’s in their primes. and don’t bring up that college championship either. he was completely carried by james worthy. worthy had 28 points, 4 rebounds, and the steal to give his team a chance at winning. jordan had 16 points nad just happened to hit the game winning shot. and what happened soon after worhty left? jordan never won another NCAA chmapionship even with players like himself, brad daughtry, sam perkins, and kenny smith. they were all top five picks! except smith, he was a number six pick. with three other top five picks, shouldn’t he have been able to win one more there?And loyalty actually doesn’t win games. it’s exection on the floor and rebounding and defense. if any team has all of these to a really good degree, then they have a chance at winning a championship. so because J Wall is loyal to teh wizards, they’re always going to win? no! they aren’t even winning now. and not to mention that jordan also had the greatest coach ever in teh NBA of all time. jordan had everything set up for him by 7 years, but with no help he didn’t make it anywhere. lebron made it all the way to the finals! please don’t say he won because he was loyal

    • dattebayo says:

      Hey, if you’d pick Rose over LeBron, you are siding with Ric Bucher…

  35. Jim says:

    Definetely the right thing for D-Rose to do look at Rubio and Shumpert they’re definetely not playing as they used to (expected) however one can say that rubio was rushed due to a desperate Minesota.Shumpert now has to outplay J-Kidd and a surging Felton which is quite the task as well.Keep in mind a torn acl is a 2 year injury the first year the players come back and start playing b-ball and the second they get back to their usual form.Otheriwse we may have the next batch of T-macs in our hands with rondo and D-rose.

  36. cepo says:

    Rose come back faster man .. please ..

  37. Bobby says:

    What some people don’t realize it that once you tear your ACL, With the correct rehab workouts, It should be even stronger after it’s healed! Take ya time D Rose! #1

  38. matt says:

    All this talk about %. Nobody really cares about that, I just want him back cause he is great and will make the team better.

  39. Edub says:

    He won’t be 110% when he comes back, everyone knows that. He will come back when he FEELS 110%.

  40. Jaquell says:

    Derrick Rose is the best point guard in the league and whenever he decides to come back he’s going to know its the right choice and so does his teammates and coaching staff

  41. Heatles631 says:

    Read on article at the beginnig of the season that said DRose strengtened his relationship with God. I have complete faith that Rose will come back the same if not better than he was. So as far as 110%, Go for it DRose anything is possible with God.(Phillipians 4:13)

    • jsumma says:

      i got a buddy that seen him practice before the nuggets game the other day,and says he watched him make least 80 jumpshots out a 100.he also add he only missed 2 floaters out of 30 buddy wouldnt lie,becuase he’s far from a bulls fan.yeah yall should scared.i would be too if i wasnt a bulls fan

      • EC says:

        Making jumpshots with no defender is not something to worry about lol. Good Luck, don’t be to disappointed when he comes back lol.

      • W/E says:

        yeah dont expect Rose to be his old self hwhen he comes back, hes gunna struggle in his first games until he finds his rhythm

  42. MJ@50 says:

    The league needs Rose since he is the best guard in the East anyway.


  43. Rest till next year says:

    Better save your talent for next year Rose.. Your lineup is not competitive than last season. Miami is destined for Back2Back.

  44. Im Ready For You To Come Back Mann

  45. Save Nash Please says:

    Rose??? Problems on EASTERN CONFERENCE??? I don’t think so…. Last time i checked the HEAT beat the bulls… in 2010 2011 playoffs… The bulls got weaker and the HEAT got much better… Sure the bulls won in MIAMI but regular season and playoffs are two different games… HEAT’s just cruising… They don’t need to give it all out… They are the NBA Champs… Problems in the EAST??? MIAMI is waiting and the HEAT is ON!!!!

    • Jimmy Butler says:

      With a name like Steve Nash please you hold 0 credibility. Rose cares about only winning and he will do whatever it takes. The bulls have no pressure on their backs to win a conference or title, the Heat do.

      A great example of this is the lakers this year. Mark my words on this one……THE FANS ARE WHY THEY ARE STRUGGLING!!!!! Every-time something does not go their way its like the LA lynch mob starts claiming scalps. So LA fans how does it feel to ruin your team’s season. HAHAHA fakers.

      Also I wanna see jimmy butler take kobe 1 on 1.

      • 94302gt50 says:

        you’re absoloutely right. It’s not for the fact they changed coaches twice, or their style of play 3 times, or the fact that injury has bothered L.A since before preseason, or the fact that they need time to mesh together but can’t cause injuries still hunting them, forget Phil Jackson they’ve should have hired you instead, you’re a genius.

  46. alex says:

    I’m not sure if Rose will even return this season, and if he does it will be really limited minutes.

  47. toytoygogie says:

    He’ll be particularly come back for the playoffs. What I smell here, D-Rose is preparing too much for his come back to prepare for a stronger playoffs and a possible championship. Hope he’ll be back and be strong, enthusiastic, and still fun to see him back and play.

  48. Logic says:

    I hate that people keep using the term 110%. If he would wait ’till he was 110%, that would mean he would have to wait until he is 10% better than he ever was, which is very unlikely. Also, there is no such thing as giving a 110% effort. 100% effort is the best effort you can possibly give. To me it sounds stupid when people say that.

      • Ram says:

        Logic, I completely agree with you. I get it if they say 90% or close to 100%. But when somebody say 110%, it means either they doesnt know what that % means or they trying to use some PED maybe?!!

      • It does not sound stupid says:

        Well, like you said, 110% exists if you set your previous limit at 100%. 10% more than the previous 100% is 110%. That’s not stupid. You contradicted yourself dawg!

      • Adarion says:

        Tell that Mj that there is no 110% effort or some or the greats in different sports. You must of forgot about the game when he had the flu when his health was at 50%-60% but he gave more than 100%

      • butete says:

        lol. how stupid can you all get? you take things very literally. he said 110% to mean he will return whenever he’s ready to return. he’s probably tired of answering questions regarding when he will return. read his statements again and you’ll understand

    • olanski says:

      even in the real world of mathematics, there is 110%, or 210%,,etc. so, this is just right.

    • Game Time says:

      Rose must want to go SS or something if he plans to be better than he ever was lol.

    • Seriously says:

      People who have an issue with media statments like giving 110% or being 110% need to get a life, In this context It means they are being extra cautious simple as that, he will need to stengthen the knee beyond what its was previously to help prevent reinjury. And If its reported someone gave110% effort in a game it means they were extraodinary we have seen many examples of this through the history of the game.

  49. God says:

    Derick rose is a born loser and he dosent know how to crossover

  50. DRoseIsKing says:

    “I gained 10, 11 pounds of muscle. I don’t know what type of player I’m going to be. I just know that I’m going to be very good.” @TheBiest69 #TheReturn

  51. Jeremy says:

    Damn. Until he comes back, I will be impatiently patient.

  52. Kal-el says:

    He should work on his jumpers more, an acl injury is a very sensitive injury. If he does what he’s been doing before even at 110%, there’s a chance he could re-injure it. Time to change his game for his health and career

  53. Statisticator says:

    I wonder how long it will take for the Bulls to adapt when he returns. Could be more disruptive than anything else in the middle of the Playoffs…

  54. George says:

    I am going to be stressed every time I see him set foot on a basketball court for the rest of his career

  55. W/E says:

    D.Rose pls dont come back until u improve ur mid range shooting, that would be 110% for u and make u a complete player.

    • Michael says:

      U know that he isn’t just taking a year off to improve on whatever issues he had before right? The only reason hes not playing is because of his acl so the only problem he should be focusin on his acl not his jumpshot before he comes back.

      • W/E says:

        lol…EVERYBODY KNOWS ABOUT HIS ACL just saying he has all the time to work on his jumpshoot as well..

    • spuddragg says:

      You apparently don’t read much about Rose. It’s already been stated multiple times he’s gained more muscle and has improved his jumpshot.

      • slider821 says:

        110% would imply that he has to have become a better player than he was when he was healthy last year, he had to have improved some part of his game or he’d just be 100%.

  56. mrkC says:

    Eastern Conference we have a problem!