Lakers’ Drama Soars To New Heights

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You have to wonder what Joe “Jellybean” Bryant has to say about the mess that has become the Los Angeles Lakers’ season and the superstar dynamic between All-Star starters Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard?

We’ve already heard from just about everyone else, and that includes Howard’s father, Dwight Howard Sr. Howard’s father opened up to Jeff Schultz of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, defending his son on one hand and taking direct aim at Bryant and Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni:

“I told him before he said it publicly, ‘It’s your career. No person can say what you need to do or not do. You can’t worry about what Kobe or anybody else says,’” the elder Howard said. “Nobody can say what Kobe said — that’s stepping into another man’s shoes. I understand what Kobe was trying to do, but he went about it the wrong way. He’s trying to win a championship. But Dwight has to tell Kobe, ‘I appreciate your opinion, but that doesn’t matter. We’re two men on this team. We need to be reasonable about this.’”

Dwight Sr. said he believed Bryant was trying to motivate his son, but that the advice was misplaced, adding: “The problem is the coach. (D’Antoni) needs to step in and say, ‘You guys have got to be quiet. We’re trying to secure something here. Dwight is probably looking at the coach, thinking, ‘What are you going to do?’ I promise, if that had been Stan Van Gundy, that wouldn’t have happened. (Howard) wouldn’t have been admonished publicly. I think the coach has a lot to do with who controls Kobe’s mouth right now.”

This latest round of drama, coming on the heels of Bryant suggesting that Howard needed to play through whatever pain is associated with his torn labrum, and Howard firing back and suggesting that Bryant is no doctor and need not be concerned with how he handles himself on the injury front, should make for an entertaining pregame locker room scene today in Miami.

The Lakers face LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and the defending world champion Miami Heat for the second and final time this season this afternoon (3:30 ET, ABC). It’s a game that will have the undivided attention of the basketball world for reasons other than the always anticipated Kobe-LeBron dynamic.

Few dramas in the history of the league have dragged the fathers of famous sons into the fray.

But here we are, with the Lakers seemingly on the verge of complete collapse or stunning renaissance every night, trying to sort out who is right or wrong in a public dust-up between superstars that should never have gone this far. Whatever issues Kobe and Dwight (Jr.) have should never have made it out of the locker room. So in that regard, Dwight Sr. makes a valid point about the responsibility that lies with D’Antoni.

Even D’Antoni, who insists that he and his stars are fine (despite the obvious evidence to the contrary), didn’t seem to object to a father protecting his son:

D’Antoni said, “We’re good,” when asked about the state of things between him and the two Lakers’ All-Stars, and shrugged off the comments made by Howard’s father.

“That’s cool,” D’Antoni said. “He should, he’s the father, he should defend his son. But I thought we had that [meeting] in Memphis. Maybe we have to do it again.”

Bryant, for his part, took the liberty of throwing the onus back on the media, a typical and easy response from a veteran of his fair share of teammate drama (Shaquille O’Neal …). He suggested that this has gone on all year, “people have been trying to hang on to stuff. He’s just got to go do his job, man. Just rebound, defend and we do our jobs and [fulfill] our roles on what we have to do to help us win. It’s not rocket science.”

That’s easier said than done when you’re on the receiving end of all of the verbal shots fired. Howard has been in retreat from the very start of this union and it almost feels like his father simply got fed up with his son being the scapegoat for all that’s gone wrong for the Lakers this season.

All that said, fathers often know their sons best. And there’s something else the elder Howard said about his son that speaks to the root of young Dwight’s issue with not only the Lakers but also with Los Angeles and his place in that fair city:

“L.A. has been like humble pie for him,” he said. “When you go from being the man in one city (Orlando) to second or third tier, it takes a toll on you mentally.”

Last I checked, Dwight Howard is the man who wanted out of Orlando. He was “the man” in that city but decided against remaining in that one city for whatever his reasons were then and are today. So if anyone is ultimately to blame for the hoops disaster that has unfolded in Los Angeles this season, “Junior” has to shoulder the bulk of that burden.

If there is a solution to be had,and at this point there is little faith that there is, it won’t come from fathers or mothers, girlfriends or cousins, Dr. Phil (the guy on TV, not Jackson) or Oprah or anyone else.

The only resolution to this issue will come from the two men at the center of it all. They need to resolve their issues, right the Lakers’ ship and guide this team into the postseason. Because if they don’t, the fallout will make all of this drama seem like child’s play compared to the firestorm that a crashed and burned season can bring in Los Angeles.


  1. BJ says:

    I don’t get this generation of players always talking about each other in the media. Back in the day you didn’t see Magic, Kareem, Worhty, Bird, McHale, Ainge, and those guys talking about each other when someone wasn’t playing well. if a guys game was off they just went to another player until the guy got back into his game and got is rhythm back. But today? these guys act like children daily.

    I remember back in the 80’s when Micheal Cooper was in a big slump for a good part of one of those seasons. He was an excellent 3 point shooter but for months he couldn’t drop a pea in the ocean. The sports commentators talked about the slump he was in, but noone on the team bad mouthed him. he finally got back into his game and started making his shots and everyone rooted for him.

    what has happened today, is money, undeserved indorsements before they have proven themsevles to be worhty, individual achievement over collective achievement, selfishness among players and wanting the spotlight. But I don’t blame the players at all. its the media, these sport business machines and the Sports industry as a whole now. Before Kobe came into the league they were telling him that he was better than MJ who had proven in his career to be the best. The media was saying this before Kobe had dribbled a basketball on an NBA court. that went to his head and thats why he became so arrogant in the beginning. Howard as always been overrated in my opinion. He’s not a franchise player, never have been. he’s a role player and since thats the case they can find another center that plays just like he does if not better. it was a mistake bringing him and Nash to LA. Chalk those bad decisions up as lessons learned and look to the future for young talented prospects because the Playoffs are a distance dream for the Lakers this season.

    why do people think they are going to make to the 8th seat is beyond me.

  2. whats wrong with you guys says:

    All the kobe haters like to talk about the Kobe from the past, referencing Kobe’s history with Shaq and all that.
    But seriously, Kobe changed. Stop viewing him and the rest of the world with such biased perception. It really makes all of you seem very very ignorant.

  3. ELMER says:

    the only reaso pau can put up with kobes big ego is because he dont got one dwight thinks he could be the man cause he won some stupid dunk contest the only reason hes an allstar is cause his dunks magic should have let hi go to college cause he thought he was like kobe and lebron so good they took him out of college

    If kobe wants him to play its gonna be another oden again

  4. Carlos says:

    This really needs to stop!. We all had great expectations for the Lakers this season, and look what we got, the biggest drama ever seen in the history of the NBA. Dwight has to go, I never thought I’d miss so much Andrew Bynum.

  5. John smart says:

    I blame Nate Robinson for all of this. Until he beat Dwight in that dunk comp Dwight was loved and admired. Down hill from then and now look at him……..thanks a lot Nate.

  6. Shawn says:

    I think that Kobe is trying to win the game and as a veteran should lead the team. And, that his opinion should be respected like it or not. If DHoward doesnt want to be perceived as a crybaby i dont think his father talking to the media helps. Obvisiously winning the championship is important to Kobe and as he said he is trying to figure it out. i am sure if i were in his shoes i would try to encourage all of my teammates to give 120%. He NEVER SAID TO RISK INJURY. He said he could play through pain. So we are sick of the finger pointing. i commend Kobe for pushing hard and having a sense of urgency.

    • Shawn says:

      if you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. That is why i say New York is not the place for arrogance. i didnt like Melo either at first but Mike Woodsen and the veterans applied leadership and melo and JR took to it. they became more humble and better players. Chris Paul is a great player, but he listens to Chauncy. so talent isnt everything. Kobe has been a winner most of his career. other teams have really good players and never won. So, it does take a sense of urgency to win championships and succeed in business. Sorry, Kobe its lonely at the top, but do what you have to do to keep wining the game. Faillure is never an option, you and i know it… others may not get it. but keep pushing anyway. much love

  7. Patty says:


  8. Tyrone says:

    “If we make the playoffs, we’re gonna make a lot of people nervous.”

    Well said.

    • globetrotter says:

      Oh yeah, the Spurs, Thunder or Heat will be very nervous if they meet with the Lakers in the post season…well said?! blind Kobe fan

  9. Victor says:

    Kobe has 5 championships and is ten times the player Dwight Howard is. Dwight needs to STFU and follow Kobe around like his lapdog.

  10. WILKSY08 says:

    oh and can someone tell me how Howard deserved to be an all-star? Kobe yes but Dwight? Really? Mark Gasol is playing way better. I wish the coaches decided on the whole all star team. That way people who deserve to be there would be. I think if your team is below 500 then you should not be allowed to have an all star

  11. WILKSY08 says:

    I’m hoping Kobe will retire if the Lakers don’t make the playoffs. He risks damaging his lgacy playing with an overgrown fie year old like dwight

  12. WILKSY08 says:

    Ok so lets play the blame game. Does anyonw really care anymore? Howard is a giant baby and Kobe CANT play with other superstars anymore. The simple answer is blame the GM!!!!! Why would you trade away an all star calliber centre for an absolute cry baby like Dwight Howard? Typical of the Lakers organisation, wanting to win too fast for their own good. I blame the GM and the players. Its not D’Antoni’s fault that Kobe and Dwight are a couple of hormonal women. You don’t see 2 time MVP STeve Nash getting involved in this. SImpy, there is no excuse for letting a situation get this bad. The Howards are obviosuly cut from the same crying cloth as well lol

  13. KK says:

    Looking at the video attached at the bottom of this article, it really seems that Howard is not his usual self right now. His jumping is no where near where he used to be. He is still not 100%. With that, it is fair to say that this bad season for Lakers is not entirely fault on anyone on the roster. Pau has not been his usual self with that foot injury, and certainly how he was used by the newly hired “offensive guru”; Nash has been out for more than a month; Howard is still not 100%; Hill is out for the season (though this does allow Clark to have his chance to shine, I’ll live with that); and even Blake was out for more than a month. All these injuries hurt the team’s ability to build chemistry.

    The one who really should be blamed, none other than “offensive guru”. Instead of maximizing all the talent on his team like a real guru does, he is making all those talents to do things out of their comfort zone. Lakers has the potential to be the most dangerous low post team, but instead he opt for shooting 3s. Dude give me a break.

    Phil Jackson is 99% unlikely to happen, and Stan is 98% unlikely to want to coach Howard again…Is there any chance for Jerry Sloan? Coach K? Heck, even Brian Shaw? Alvin Gentry?

  14. Paulius says:

    Phil Jackson the best

  15. sports fan says:

    Looking at the Lakers history since Kobe got with the team, it now seems Kobe is the problem. Some teams with a of talent can play well together & some cannot. Magic, Bird, & Jordan were all able to do keep a talented team together. When Olajuwon, Barkley, & Pippen teamed up in Houston they couldn’t do it. But Boston & Miami were successeful with their big 3’s. Kobe has not been able to maintain good chemistry with his team ever since he became the leader. Kobe’s ego got in the way with Shaq. Kobe’s ego also contributed to ruining the team when they acquired Karl Malone & Gary Payton. And Kobe’s ego is ruining the stacked team that they now have. I’m not hating on Kobe & the Lakers, I’m just pointing out a definite pattern here.

    • Mister 215 says:

      So after him winning 5 rings he is the problem…. After every laker worth mentioning said that Kobe is the best laker EVER….. After some coaches, players, and fans consider him to be the greatest basketball player of all time, he is the PROBLEM???? GTFOH!!!! You Sir, have to be one of the most stupid people in the world if you think he is the problem. You can question his shot taking or the fact that he publicly expresses himself, but to put the blame on him?? The nerve of people. He became THE leader in 05, and only took him three years to get to the finals again and the next two he WON. Just in case you are a slow as you appear, without chemistry you’re not going to win a championship. For one you play too many game in the playoffs to win without chemistry…. You have to beat a team with chemistry FOUR times…. That Sir is not going to happen. Chemistry is one of the main reasons why the lakers are strugglin with winning. Then you say it Kobe ego that is the cause…. So if I understand it correct, when you have an ego as big as Kobe’s, would you stop takin 20 to 22 shots a game to give the ball to someone else to score when you are the BEST option on the floor??? The man change his style of play after 16 years, but his ego is the issue???? Another GTFOH!!!! Nuff said!!!

      • globetrotter says:

        From your first sentence we can see the stupid here is YOU! It was the Los Angeles Lakers that won the championships which Kobe was a player of the team (one series against the Kings was fixed, just to remind). And from those, Shaq was the option 1, MVP of the team 3x times. “…coaches, players, fans consider Kobe the goat”?! only a blind Kobe fan like you would consider that. Even some REAL Lakers fans say Kobe is a big part of the problem. A team stacked with all-stars that can’t play the game. It is clear Kobe’s huge ego is a big part of the problem. Just to show you one of the many reasons Kobe is not one of the best of all time is the fact that never a fan of the Lakers wanted Magic out of the team, or a celtics fan wanted Bird out, or a Bulls fan wanted Jordan out etc, but with Kobe is different. You see Lakers fans that want Kobe to retire as quick as possible.

  16. Paulius says:

    sort Mike D – Antony

  17. UK Laker says:

    The truth of the matter is that Kobe being an old champion in the game that can still play at a high level wants to win, Dwight doesn’t get that he’s more concerned with what everyone thinks and says about him than winning a championship. Kobe’s point was this “if you have been cleared to play by the team doctor you should still give 100% effort, if your in danger of re-injuring yourself sit out’. dont blame Kobe for being upset with the fact that dwight doesn’t want to play hurt, this is the NBA NO BABIES ALLOWED!!!

    yes it is a great big mess that all of this had to leak into the media but your in the biggest market in basketball, what do you expect.

  18. Oh man says:

    Hi, perhaps I don’t know anything about this game, but as far as I can see there are some big issues in Lakers locker room, starting with Mr Mike D’Antoni, who I guess there’s no idea how to handle this team, (I am not saying he is a bad coach), other issue, Bryant is the player at the moment (talking about his acomplishments), but his ego seems to be gigantic (I keep asking to myself, why LeBron, Wade, Bosh and the other guys can play together, spite all….), Kobe likes to win, me too and everybody else too, so, I guess he gets really frustrated when he sees what’s going on and where Lakers are going to, If anyone right there knows the answer…

    For me, the answer was and still is Phill Jackson…

  19. hari says:

    What is Going on in lakers team.??????? Toooomany issues????? sooooo many superstars????????.ego between team mates????. what so ever, we[lakers fan] never expected like this from lakers.Plse play 4 lakers,not 4 issues.each & every one should open their mind,Solve issues.

  20. MIKO says:

    the lakers, need some young guys to power up their line up… an all star point guard probably… nash can’t work with kobe i think

  21. Alex says:

    Lakers could have a great record, if they would have a real coach. It was incredible yesterday with Miami to see how Howard had less shots than other Laker players and this is a fact in the majority of the games. They don’t seem to have a play for him. Of course you start to be nervous when such a thing happens and then when you receive the ball you are making bad plays because you are nervous. I think Kobe should be also controlled and this is the job of the coach. Too many isolations for him one after the other. Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time don’t get me wrong but he needs not to play the coach and force plays but execute what plays the coach says. I don’t think he respects the actual coach. I think that also Nash, Gasol not only Howard are unhappy with the actual situation.

  22. Mjnuest says:

    Like father like son! You two, cant you just shut up?!

  23. jerikobe says:

    we don’t have a deep bench nuff said!!!!

  24. LJ says:

    Who cares about Lakers! they are losers!

  25. Rooks says:

    Im confused whay did howard moved to lakers despite wanting to join the Nets?

    • Max says:

      Good question!Why did Howard join the Lakers? Howard just needs to grow up. He is a well built young man, but is not ready for the NBA!

  26. Peja says:

    I think that Kobe was trying to say: “DH should reattach his balls on, and start to play game. Just look at him when playing. At free trows, he is never there to jump after miss, he is already out of 3p line. He is getting away from opportunities for scoring… OK, injury, but if doctors say he can play, then play.”

  27. LemW says:

    Free Agency + Drama + Losing Season = Trade

  28. B Radd says:

    Howard, Smith, Rondo in Beantown anybody? Make room Boston, This summer should be pretty interesting!

  29. MiamiHeat06 says:

    @alex … your talking about the top player who doesn’t want to become number 2…. isn’t dwayne wade enough? he’s more than top player MATE! he is the MAN! do you want me to tell you the story about how he give way to LeBron? ding a bell? jeezzzzzz

  30. John says:

    I think it is above our widest imaginations to even think how do these players face this adversity (Laker Drama) but this i will say.. Jim Buss and D’Antoni would go down as the major failures of the Lakers Dynasty. Jim Buss wants to cut the ties from everything Phil Jackson left. That’s why he insisted Mike Brown, who I think is a good coach but not fit to the roster. And ultimately replaced hi with another coach whose system is a square peg on a round hole with the roster. And i have a little respect for this coach who chooses to play 7 seconds or less offense with little regard to god..even the kids around our block can play his system but will always lose coz he doesn’t preach and teach DEFENSE.. You can take as many as shots you can in a game but you can’t just win with it without stopping your opponent on scoring. I think DUMBTONI should look back to history and see if any championship team has ever win without playing extreme DEFENSE..
    DUMBTONI and LITTLE JIMMY would go down as the pair who tarnished the Lakers’ tradition of winning with STUBBORNNESS and STUPIDITY.

  31. None of that drama from the top down would ever happen in Boston!

  32. It’s a shame in la. Doc rivers would know how to use D.Howard.

  33. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    so laker fans still hoping for a comeback??? wait for it, wait for it… ding! ding! ding!… Nope that won’t happen…. piece of advice, make trades, Why don’t they try what POR have done? They let Mcmillan,fernandez,oden,roy… they overhaul their roster… They just retained DA and Batum… I guess they already have a head start on the lakers… doing it earlier,who knows after 2 or 3 season they might compete to the west against OKC and clippers Spurs… But for the lakers, they already knew that they are done for the season, yet they won’t consider moving big names to save as much money as they could, Because after this season the lakers will pay a lot of $ from salary standpoint and through taxes for what???? having an Expensive MEDIOCRE Team…. Pity for Nash though, He a good guy after all. He just made a wrong choice of Organization, He rather stayed in PHX… or Join OKC or HEAT….

    @Lebron is a punk – Self proclaimed Lebron hater
    Your kobegod is DONE…. Your lakers ain’t going nowhere…. 30 games left and they still at 10th place… They will get overtaken by the MAVS in no time…. And who will believe you??? You’re trying to defend a team on a losing battle… There are teams still playing on L.A. the Clippers and the D Fenders….. I’ll choose D Fenders over your lakers anytime….

  34. Paul Wayne says:

    How about Howard for KG straight up? One and done.

  35. bball fan says:

    if anything needs to be done….kobe needs to play like mj to get them to the post season and all supporting cast contribute in everyway. cant do anything with the coach…defensive rotation is the problem…

  36. jt says:

    guys how many championship rings do kobe bryant have and provide for you to stop criticizing him.

  37. Anyway, I still hope to see the Lakers in the Playoffs. Let’s go Lakers!

  38. Everybody'sAHater says:

    coming from a real Heat fan, clearly, Dwight doesn’t dominate like before. Injuries piled up and slowed him down, Kobe becoming a facilitator was something I thought he should have done before when they faced the C’s for the first time in the Finals. No doubt in my mind that Kobe is a great player, he actually finds ways to makes difficult looking shots makeable. Team chemistry is an issue for these Lakers, before the season started, I was skeptical about Howard and Kobe joining forces, personally I thought their personalities and game styles don’t match. They both need the ball to be effective, Dwight with post-ups, Kobe with isolation and drives. I just can’t see how the Lakers are going to make it to the playoffs this year. Defensively, the two are considered to be top tier defenders, and defensively, their styles do match, but offensively they have problems with their styles. Unless the two compromise for one another, the Lakers can finish 8th at best, it can be clear that they aren’t the best anymore. Not hating on the Lakers, but it’s time to face the reality of them not being the best, and would have a very difficult road to the playoffs.

  39. Ohoh says:

    trade howard for deng and noah

  40. nanzc74 says:

    To @Flowerpot and @ Joe,,,,,,Very well said,,,,,that’s exactly what’s on my mind! If Lakers is winnin’, Bryant credits himself,,,if they’re losin’ ,,,he’s blasting everyone on his team.,,,,,a sign of an egocentric person. just bad attitude.

  41. just sayin' says:


  42. Knixfan says:

    Kobe needs to stop yapping, to the refs about not calling a foul, while the other team is speeding to the basket with the ball for the score.

  43. bball fan says:

    The Lakers are a joke. They have 3 more games to play to complete 2/3 of the season. Even if they win those 3 games they still will be under .500.

  44. Sid says:

    @Lebron is a punk – Self proclaimed Lebron hater

    Man you make me laugh… use words that your probably dont know the meaning to…..Your one of those fans who are one sided morons…..have ever thought the reason your probably not in the NBA is because your illiterate…..if you really think you were that good why didn’t you go for the drafts….oh right because your probably a high school dropout….lots of people know how to ball but everyone needs to go through the process… probably are better than a lot of nba bench warmers but doesnt give you the right to comment like you are doing…..your ignorant like the rest of Lebron haters who fail to see the fact that how great he is playing….and believe me im not saying this because i am his fan…what would you do if you were in his shoes? Choose Cleveland over Miami? Have you been to Cleveland and Miami and seen the difference? and btw the reason you will probably never have any career in the nba ( maybe kobes towel boy but i doubt that too) is because all your comments/opinions are biased….you speak with emotion and not logic….like kobe/howard and lot of the other idiots who criticize their teammates in public….when you play for a teams its like your family, you have a problem solve it inside….dont go crying to the media….also you keep saying “enuff said”…people usually stop after they say that but u know how to run your mouth pretty well… the game and stop giving biased opinions….you should love players because of how they play, you can make comments with facts not emotions….Grow up kid…

  45. hyuuga neji says:

    welcome to the Faker show hahaha

  46. Lakers4ever says:

    I know NBA is declining right now and we see whining players in the league that are lobbying for extensions and demanding trades… Why can’t they just accept that you are not the hero all time. Basketball is a team game, no one should be left out. Egos of player should be put set aside. Dwight should do his thing and if he does not he should be out of LA.. There is nothing to be excited with this league anymore, even the all-star game and in the playoffs. The league has be softer and softer and softer. I want those showtime(with defense and physicality) 80’s and physical and exciting 90’s back.. Today the 10’s era is considered as a video game era of the big 3(Lebron, bosh and wade) is 1/100 of what I saw in the 80’s and 90’s. .

  47. ceedogg says:

    I’m going to say it again. Obviously Gasol doesn’t have the basketballs to shut crybaby bryant up, so superman I suggest you take out that egotistical rat outside and whoop him!!!!

  48. ChiBlues says:

    I couldnt expect anything else from a group of guys who never went to university.

    High school baby ballers needed to learn how to become men

  49. Devildog says:

    Can these men just get alone an win some ball game.

    • zzz says:

      Geez.. the media steps in again on the personal issues of the lakers, particularly between dwight and kobe, and making a drama out of it. Even dwight’s father gets involve!? Come on.. The media is only making things worse and I think they really enjoy the fans hating both dwight and kobe. Seriously, these personal matters should be kept only within the team and eventually it could be resolved. The Lakers should keep quiet about this issues and avoid answering any questions involving the matter.

  50. Gerry says:

    Oh my, how us people out in the sticks are enjoying seeing the Lakers and these two arrogant prima donnas find out that, despuite the best erfforts of Stern and the league office, they aren’t owed a trip to the finals every year, and that (horrors!) they have to rub elbows with the league’s peasants… I’m a Pacer fan enjoying this IMMENSELY and don’t give a rat’s behind about Stern weeping about the fall of the mighty….

  51. djangojazz says:

    Why does a losing team get this much coverage? It is honestly like the NBA is less about basketball and more about: “My day with the Lakers.” I have yet to see some stories when Denver, Portland, or the Clippers get great wins yet I get to hear every other day about how the Lakers are struggling. No duh, stop talking them and move on to some teams that are actually winning. If the Lakers can start winning, THEN give them some coverage.

  52. Scott Cason says:

    and as the drama and payroll rolls on high in LA, down here in San Antonio, Coach Popovich is winning on a daily basis no matter who is starting….and nobody is really playing more than 30 minutes a game…… Egos vs Team, I’ll take Team!

  53. davidlee722 says:

    Lakers need to figure something out with Dwight. To be honest when ppl were so happy he arrived in LA i was less so… i was aww we lost bynum…. Like most of us know that Bynum has more offensive skill set than dwight in the post but i wont dwell on this any more. Its time to Trade Howard and attach either or all of Metta, Blake and Duhon into a package and get some younger skilled talents…. And the next thing to do is fire the coach if not now just wait until the playoffs, its not going to make a difference anyways fired now or later we wont make it to the playoffs so yeah… break up the team namely howard.

    • BLAME NO ONE says:

      BYNUM DIDN’T PLAYED YET THIS SEASON, so it was a smart trade, i think bynum and howard are equally good so, GOOD TRADE. and, i saw miami vs lakers and they are all egoistich so not only blame kobe for that, the whole team is only thinking about thereselfs ( what often happens with losing teams) .

  54. AK says:

    This is what separates Lebron from Kobe. Lebron is a true team player, Lebron think team first and himself second. Kobe on the other hand is very selfish. You’ll never in a million years see Lebron or even Durant trash a fellow teammate in public!

  55. John says:

    Kobe is a whiny f’in baby and is done, face it Kobe fans he’s done.

  56. bobby says:

    how about fisher? the impact he brings to LA. 2004 fisher left, LA down. 2006 he returned LA, rise again. 2012 he left again, LA down again.

  57. John says:

    “um they tried in 2003 and failed because shaq started to get jealous because Kobe was starting to take his spotlight.”

    Um, NO. They failed because the San Antonio Spurs were a better team than they were.

  58. Steffen says:

    Ofcus Kobe talks. His opinions are important. He is the face of the team, by fare the best player on the team and the captain of the team.
    Who the hell is Dwight? He’s a nobody until he show something on the court. This little whiner think he can win in the papers, while failing on the court. It’s disquesting to say the least.

  59. gradeA says:

    If lebron is in laker with kobe, who do you think will be 1st and who will be 2nd? if kobe will take all shot will lebron be the same as he is now in miami? your answer may apply on howard and kobe :))

  60. Jack M says:

    Kobe is a great player. But he is no MJ. MJ would never allow a team with the best center in the leauge, best pure point guard in the leauge to miss the playoff.

    Kobe’s team with all of this talent will miss the playoff. That is incredible to me..

  61. Scott says:

    Allot talk about MJ here.

    Fact is Kobe is a great offensive player, not so much a team player, but a shooting guard. Jordan was an offensive and defensive player, he missed a shot and he would run down the other end. Jordan get blocked and he would chase his man down. Kobe on the other hand……..jeez, he look at the ref.

    You know Kobe was probably just as good as MJ on offense but overall he is not even close, just look how he is closing his career out, and YOU CAN’T SAY Jordan had Pippen and Rodman wah wah, because he already had 3 before Rodman. And Kobe he got Howard, Nash and Gasol, 3 HALL OF FAME PLAYERS RIGHT now.

    It would be good for Kobe to reitre, it would be great to simmer his career and place him into a numbered position of the great all time players like we all do. Kobe has his name in allot of statistics already, his name is there now and would not go away. Now let the focus go to Lebron and see how many rings he can get.

    • Max says:

      Scott, I watched MJ. He was great for his time in Basketball History. However, he could not be the Great in today’s Basketball market. Same as the “Dream Team”. Who did they have to compete against? Look at the 2012 USA team? They had to beat other NBA players, who were playing for their own Country. MJ, like Magic and Bird. Good in their time of BB History, but NOT in todays type of play. Sorry Scott!!!Truth does hurt!!!

  62. Haha FAKESHOW loose again! What do you laker fans have to say now? Heat just swept ur a$$3s and Lebron as always owned everybody on the laker squad with that clutch performance can you say MVP!

  63. SaYO says:

    its so simple
    mike D did a horrible job with carmelo and amare
    mike woodson took over
    put them in the playoff race
    and now is doing a great job with the knicks
    lol lakers interm coach went 4-1 with the lakers…….
    yet they hired mike d….. just keep that dam interm coach..

  64. danmacatuno says:

    Lucky for Mike Brown, he’s out in LA or he’ll be the one to blame.

  65. Kiddo says:

    I totally agree to Howard’s father. Kobe becomes a great player because of Phill Jackson. Instead of his play strategies, PJ has success to handled and controlled stubborn and selfish player like KB. He even can improved Shaq become a #1 key player. Now, no one can shutup bad manner of KB. Last year, he was crying for trade back Odom and Fisher and getting mad when he knew Pau will be trade. What a child.

  66. dredd5150 says:

    Problem #1 – Kobe isn’t going anywhere SO… D12 is going to get traded. If the Lakers won’t trade D12, he’s gone at the end of his contract and that is a fact.
    Problem #2 – D’Antoni doesn’t like Pau for some strange reason. So, since coach is locked up for three more years and LA-LA still has to pay Mike Brown… the Lakers are going to trade Pau.

    If the Lakers want to make the playoffs… these two trades need to happen. Because the pieces they need to run D’Antoni’s offense will come from these two crucial trades.

    OR, the Lakers will suddenly trade Kobe… which is close to impossible. If this happens, the Lakers will have a shot at keeping D12 at the end of his contract. I seriously doubt it… but there will be a small chance that he’ll stay.

  67. Edjumacator says:

    Howard Jr. should tell his dad to hush. This makes him look bad. It’s not manly. And to all you losers who love Shaq because he’s on tv: Shaq was great. He was one of the greatest underachievers in the history of the NBA. Two-thirds of his rebounds were from his own shots. After 2000, he showed up out of shape every year until his weight ruined his feet. But Shaq was funny, never saw a camera he didn’t like, and the media zeros loved him. The rules of the game were bent for him, or he’d have fouled out of every game he was in. But David Stern said, “It’s ok. We’ll give Shaq six fouls for each of his butt cheeks. He’ll never foul out and we’ll have a big star.” Stern did MJ the same kind of favor. He established the Jordan Aura. If a defender even got in Jordan’s aura a foul was called. And Jordan never fouled out of a game, courtesy of Stern’s star system. The sad thing is, Jordan didn’t need help to be great. For various reasons, Kobe Bryant has not been extended that kind of protection. His career is not as picture perfect as Jordan’s. So what? Their careers are not really comparable. MJ vs. Kobe is the most ignorant, boring argument in basketball. That’s why you hear it all the time, because NBA fans got squat for brains.

  68. Aandris says:

    No question,they need Phil!! Only he culd puzzle theas four stars(Kobe,D-12,Pau,Nash) tougether sou the Lakers cud be an ”wracking machine” !!!! Kobe need`s and hes starting to understand thed Dwait is now the no.1 pleyer and hes No.2 then the laiks vil be on a victory marsh!!

  69. Stan says:

    I appreciate Kobe’s honesty but he seems too hard headed when it comes to playing TEAM BALL. Kobe is the main reason the Lakers are losing… yes when you take half your teams shots and they are not good shots it destroys your team and thats what Kobe does. Dwight is doing a good job and playing hard, its Kobe who is settleing for the long jumper when the Lakers should be going inside to Pau and Dwight. Dwight has a missmatch every night so why is he not getting the ball?? Kobe is a step slower and leads the league in turnovers and missed shots. Kobe is not the player he was 10 years ago and its time to get rid of him.

    • W/E says:

      lol Kobe is actually having a good year compared to his previous, 10 years ago he was actually not playing as good as now,maybe he was better on defence but offensively hes above hes average,back then he had Shaq and Phil and he was on winning teams so now ppl can see how overated Kobe is when he is actually the man on his when Shaq left and the lakers were hopeless until Pau and Bynum came to help…

  70. Elwinder Singh says:

    I absolutely despise the Lakers, but anyone who remotely follows basketball can see that, Dwight is not the same player prior to his injury, Nash is way past his prime and is a liability on the defensive end, as well as the fact that the lakers don’t have any outside shooting on the weak side that suits the system D’antoni would ideally like to run. If we also take into account their injury woes and not to mention their bench (or lack of!), it is clear that Kobe is frustrated for it would be a travesty especially with regards to his legacy and that of the Lakers organization if they miss the playoffs! Too bad he’s venting his frustrations in the spotlight of the media.

  71. bryan says:

    Lakers needs to change the coach

  72. Kamote says:

    Just imagine, what if Kobe didn’t get to play for LAL? What if he played for a small market team that can’t afford or doesn’t have that influence to pull of shady deals so he could whine about getting All-star/future HOF team mates, and doesn’t have that media hype? Would he still be that “great”? Sure, he’d probably shoot around 50 attempts per game and have a career average of 50+ pts. But winning a title? Think about it.

  73. B-Spec says:

    Get Kobe out of the Lakers and they will come back to win a Championship again. As long as he is there no one will ever be able to come in to that team and actually play well with his ego and mouth ruining everything.

  74. […] calling it quits next year?!?!?!?!?! Lakers’ Drama Soars To New Heights | Hang Time Blog Hope he is just frustrated right now with his team and not being serious when he said that […]

  75. Paul says:

    Media always saying something doesn’t true ….keep your words where your mouth is ..Kobe and Howard always keep thing in right ways ..

  76. Peter says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that many (potentially or truly) great players have come to Lakers recently, performed well for a few games only to somehow loose that magic about them and play like beginners?
    Let’s see:
    – Gasol. Brilliant, but lately the only consistent thing about him is that he is underperforming.
    – Howard. Also brilliant, and many games we saw what he was capable of, but now caught up in this row with Kobe, the guy that should be his mentor not his harshest critic.
    – Bynum. OK, never was my favorite, but something happened to him too.
    – Sessions – came in, played really well a few games, only to somehow fizzle out…
    – Barnes – never truly appreciated in Lakers, look at him now in Clippers.
    – I can tell that all this is even influencing MWP who so far has been the most resilient of all Lakers.

    Even Nash is underperforming. He would do better if he was playing in atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support guided by some much needed wisdom of the coach.

    It often happens that the very person who is responsible for team’s success becomes the person who is undoing that success. Guess who I have in mind. I hope he wakes up to the fact that truly great people make others feel great too. “Blessed shall be the meek”…

  77. Arman says:

    Man the media needs to stop making things worse for the lakers. Howard said it himself you guys bring a lot of negative energy. Just leave them alone and they will do just fine.

  78. arresa11b says:

    First of all, Howard’s father needs to shut up. Dwight gets paid 15 million a year to play basketball and nothing else. The Lakers organization have every right to tell Dwight what he has to do on the court and so does Kobe.
    They brought him in with hopes of winning a championship but instead a playoff appearance is very uncertain. The lakers current troubles are all Dwights fault, he doesn’t want to win, he is crying like a little baby when Kobe is yelling at him to man up. How could dwight not know that the lakers is one of the most successful sports franchises ever and a lot is expected from him there, especially when he is the best center in the game? Dwight used to be my favorite player when he was in orlando, now he’s just a whiny little kid who has the potential to be one of the greatest ever but obviously can’t handle the pressure.

  79. Let Howard rest for the entire rest of the season. I like him but if the issue is that he needs to rest then he should rest.

    In case you forgot, we still have Kobe, Nash, and MWP still healthy. Last time I checked, you didn’t need 3-4 HOFers on your team to win a title.

  80. Tru says:

    Kobe had his time he will go down the second to Jordan no matter wat Lebrun does n the present or future he has so many skeptics n plays for basketballs greatest franchise to play for such an organization you have to hold players accountable for the countless fans who want to see it done there is so much pressure in LA and Kobe has tackled it leaps and bounds for better or worse stood his ground as a laker and never thought about leaving his fans he is a true professional but a human at the same time to judge him is what humans are expected to do but when it comes to basketball respect what goes on on the court and I salute all of his efforts

    • LakerfanE says:

      kobe at best is 3rd alltime behind jordan and majic and i’m an LA fan and a Kobe fan. MJ was the most athletic and strongest wing in the game during his era. kobe was never either which is a feat in itself that he’s was and is as good as he is. plus majic could play all 5 positions legitimately not like labron there are no real centers now

  81. Peter says:

    Three rules to live by:

    1. Never discuss your sex life in public.
    2. Never discuss your finances in public.
    3. NEVER EVER say anything about your teammates or colleagues in public, unless it is praise.


    Kobe, I hope you are reading this.

    • Beverly says:

      So true. I AGREE !!!

    • Max says:

      Peter,now I think Kobe had more rights to discuss playing issues with Dwight Howard, Jr., than Daddy Howard jumping into the middle of an adult professional job. Know of any other Company that would allow an employee’s Father have a say about the Adult Employee? I would think Dwight JR. would be so ashamed of what his Father said. Dwight Jr. Just needs to grow up and stop blaming others for his own like of playing abilities. Needs to go back and try College and then learn what it takes to play the Adult NBA Game! No Blame allowed with any Company and the NBA is a Company for Adults!

  82. Why can´t kobe be a leader for once?Where is the team player kobe?C´mon show up…

  83. Max says:

    Howard’s father is right. Dwight Jr. was the Star at Orlando and now has to compete with other Stars and he is not the Superman in Laker Land. DH just has to decide if there is anywhere he can once again be the ony Star. Most NBA teams have more than one Star in today’s games. One has to earn their place, because it is not a given. Dwight, just like C.Paul needs to work on playing their best with the team they now are on, and they do have a starting role on that team. Jumping from one team to another just gives the Player more things to overcome and new Fans to judge their worth. The more teams they jump to, then the less Fan base they will acquire and soon town fans will not show those players, as their team Stars. Pay is important, but where besides Los Angeles or New York can a player draw more pay than what DHoward and C,Paul now earn? Selfish to think the NBA only has two Super Stars. There are too many for all to even make the All-Star roster. Better think before jumping again!

  84. SVG to the rescue? says:

    So if Stan Van Gundy, the man the Dwight ran out of Orlando, was his coach in LA, he wouldn’t have these problems? Hilarious. I know Stan has a strong personality, but the only man capable of keeping Kobe quiet for any period of time is Phil. If they weren’t going to bring in Phil Jackson then firing Mike Brown was a mistake. The Princeton offense was meant to distribute the load offensively and extend the careers of a 40 year old Nash and Kobe who has played over 1400 games (not including international play). As is, the Lakers have gone all in on a season where they won’t win the Championship, might lose D12 at the end of the season, and still owe Nash 18 million over 2 years, and don’t have 2 of their next 3 first round picks. For a fan of a small market team like myself, this season in LA makes me practically giddy.

    • Costa says:

      Why should Kobe stay quiet?
      You pay a guy 20M per year.The doctors clear him to play.The team needs him to play cause they dont have any other centers (all are out) and the guy chooses to sit 3 games out because he is feeling pain??If this was game7 of the finals he would not miss a minute and he would play like he is not feeling anything.
      Kobe has played countless times with injuries and he only expects other stars on his team to do the same.I dont see how its absurd in the situation Lakers are.

  85. bjkrys says:

    Before speaking, you need to think; a great player is surrounded by lieutenants. magic johnson was surrounded by iconic players such as james whorty,or abdoul jabbar.
    if you look at all reserves, they were all flunchies players.
    ac gree, byron scott, billy thompson. so it ca that has made this team wins the bagues.mais today if you look at the five players already on the ground there are only 2 or 3 who are motivated and have a good level but the others do not. when was howard must accepeter of repproches kobe ​​yes I know you will say kobe ​​would not be the second of shaq I say that it is wrong because the 1998 to 2003 kobe ​​accept the evidence they win titles together . and after he wanted to take a course thus becoming the lider of the team but the shaq frowned and walked away. I recall the league criticize kobe​​. but after he was obliged to work hard is it to pay. and today it is part of the 5 greatest players in the history of NBA. dwight must first learn to listen antoni ca kobe ​​and will help has become big one day. imagine that gives LA today I think we will play a ncaa because our place is no longer in the NBA. lol

  86. CARMEN says:


  87. LAKERS says:

    once again kobe is becoming a scape goat for ALLL the lakers issues….and the media (like espn) are just milking it.

  88. mascot69 says:

    I wonder why most LA fan blame Howard and Gasol, and wait even the coach. How about the so called Black Mam-BALL Hog?

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      How do you guys know this haters are Lakers fan.???? True Laker FAN won’t talk about their team. and we need to stick with these topic that is about our Laker tean not the Pacers, Heats, or any other team or player.

  89. jzarecta says:

    Because who cares about the Pacers having the best run in the East, lets keep talking about the Lakers, because we dunno enough about that team right???

    • david says:

      what would you really say about the pacers that would interest a majority of people? there are enough laker fans and haters to fill up Indianapolis 15 times over. thats why people tlk about them. your ignorance and fanboyism portrays you in poor light.

    • nbafanhere says:

      LOL the Pacers’ number 24 is having a better season. lol

  90. Slin says:

    Is this or TMZ ? Kobe makes 27 mils +, dwight 19+ – just go out there and play. You can’t say Kobe doesn’t want it bad, when u look at Dwight running up and down all u need to do is check his face expression, he doesn’t want to be there, he doesn’t belong there, he doesn’t give it all. Pity for all LA fans that thought this guy can change their ball club.

  91. angry says:

    Go heat,go

  92. KingLBjBoy says:

    Fire dwightmare always bby Cry

  93. STK says:

    I’m no lakers fan, but I agree with Kobe on this one. MJ could have never done it without Pippen, Batman couldn’t have done it without Robin, and with Gasol out, D-Howard has to step up if they want to even make it to the playoffs.

  94. Chuck Norris Cole says:


  95. denzo says:

    Yeah I like it how Howards Snr. Says if that wasVan Gundy team mates wouldn’t talk publicly.. yeah and look at where your son got Van Gundy.. Fired.. Does he not think of that or is everything “Howard first”. Van Gundy gave his life to ball now hes coaching from his house.. and he took Howard to the finals.. as many times as Durant has been there..

  96. Hendrik says:

    what in godsname do fathers of NBA players have to do with anything. If you don’t have any real opinions to write about, don’t write anything. (just like the MJ article by Fran)

  97. Allstar24 says:

    Yeah… I agree with this.. D’Antoni is a bad coach. Kobe know talks often and Dwight is silent.. the lakers cannot make it to the playoffs like this.. kobe and dwight should talk (apologize to each other maybe..), get some chemistry through that talk.. they can be a big threat to others wen they understand each other in thier plays in basketball, their attitude and they should not criticize each other… Maybe when they talk to each other the Lakers can fully turnaround their season to make the playoffs…..

  98. Joe says:

    Kobe has always been a double-edge sword, a great player who has never been a team player. When Shaq was on his prime, he refused to be the 2nd option. Right now, when he is on the downhill of his career, he still wants to be the man. That’s the reason he loves Pau, because Pau is willing to be his #2 and just obeying that master Kobe wish to do.

    So much contrast with the players like Jordan and Lebron, they never have to force anything, everything comes natural and easy to them, Kobe just has to force everything because he is not on the same level but is working so hard to be on their level.
    He just doesn’t accept the fact that he can still be a great player, does not have force his way to be on the same tier.

    • Lebron is a punk - Self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

      Hey Joe this is the way of the Lakerland. They are in Hollywood. If you don’t put up an act that the LA fans will have something to talk about then you aren’t a real Laker. Kobe is doing what he does best and what has been done long before he got there. Pat Riley started this as the Lakers coach and now he is doing it in Miami. He is the Glengarry Glen Ross/Gordon Gekko of the NBA. He gets things heated up so that fans can get on his side and go against any player that doesnt want to coincide with him. Study the game and not what is at the moment.

      • Joe says:

        I don’t think so, show time LA was filled with a lot more legendary talents but no one bad-mouthing another. Kareem, Magic and Worthy took turn getting the glory depending on the situation. I’m not saying that Kobe is not a great player, what I’m saying is that he could and should have won more titles had he not been trying to be the MAN.

        What does Pat Riley have anything to do with Kobe? anyway, based on the result (and this should be the main factor) he was one of the best coach. When he was with LA, NY and Miami, he could maximized the players that he had.

    • Lebron is a punk - Self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

      You gotta read Joe, it’s fundamental. Here is an excerpt of what i was talking about. Drama has been in LA before KObe arrived and it will continue to stay long after. “Riley stepped down as coach of the Lakers after they lost to the Phoenix Suns in the 1990 NBA playoffs, amid rumors of player mistreatment and anger problems on his part. In spite of these rumors and his resignation, he was named NBA Coach of the Year for the first time”

      I am the czar of basketball, If i said it then it happened.

      You can find that on this link – son

  99. Once upon a time T-mac says:

    C’mon, Dwight, don’t be big baby. Go there and play some real basketball! Kobe’s right, it isn’t a rocket science…

    • LakerfanE says:

      i agree

    • Lakersfan4ever says:

      I agree, enough with all this BS gossip, let the mans play at their best, no player and team need these non sence gossip, if you believe everything that you read you guys are dumb as the one who started the gossip. The ONLY problem with the Lakers is the COACH and MANAGEMENT, thats the botton line.

  100. Joshua L says:

    i’m so over u guys writing about the lakers. he said, she said, his daddy said…get back to the game please. that’s what we love, not this gossip

  101. Lebron is a punk - self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

    Continued from the previous post. Here is a new marketing campaign for “So you think you can beat an NBA player?” contest. Nothing drastic, if you want to dumb it down let it be a game of horse that anyone can play in. Otherwise make it a real one on one or team situation in practice for REAL fans – not bandwagon fans like all my Kaplanites in South Florida who just jumped on the HEAT bandwagon after Pepe LE Piu got there.

    • Brian says:

      Keep dreaming, they get millions of dollars and you get only million of words to discharge, LOL

      • Lebron is a punk - Self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

        REally Brian, you had the audacity to say that. A paycheck is a paycheck. JUst ask Eddie Curry, Antoine Walker, and Delonte West ( who had to apply for a job at burger king because he couldnt afford to pay his bills during the lockout). Man makes money, money don’t make the man. Go study the game and not the politics thrown in your face son. I don’t worship men. I alpha male them. A man is a man is a man is a man. Nuff said.

      • Lebron is a punk - Self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

        Oh and by the way, The pen is mightier than the dollar. Why do you think everybody and their momma get riled up over words. Why do you think the NBA has created blogs like this so that these players can read and get mad because someone said somethng about them. Last i checked the value of an american dollar is now equivalent to a tissue paper. Keep worshipping falicies and you will become that falicy.

    • End! says:

      I’m with you bro’ – google Scallange… The White Mamba is showing those young’uns – respect.

  102. Lebron is a punk - self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

    It’s KObe’s Team Howard. Shaq thought he WAS THE MAN until he got booted out of LA. Don’t let the same thing happen to you Howard. When you score 81 points, 5 championships, reg season MVP 2 finals MVP’s, 4 all star MVP’s, then you can do and say what you want. Kobe is proven and I don’t think guys give him the respect he deserves. That’s why he has to get medieval on their culo’s. If you don’t want to give him his respect he will take it. Just ask Shaq who lost his criminal justice career for calling him out in a rap in public. Nuff Said. I am the czar of this thing called baskeball. Give me a job, I will get in these new school players culo’s and make them understand the level of greatness necessary to play this game. Come correct or don’t come at all. Matter of fact i think i can play better than 1/4 of the league. Give me a shot and i will show you. Stop picking players based on politics and start picking players based on real talent.

    • D-Tron says:

      Hey, I like this guy. For once someone who makes a good point.

    • Rob says:

      i agree 1000%. except the part where your better than those players. Most of those bench players are pretty amazing as well.

      • Lebron is a punk - Self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

        im sure they are but you have never seen me play as well as millions of guys out there that can ball these bench players out of their paycheck

      • The Guy Next Door says:

        Go to D-league dude and get in the NBA – stop whining here and it is not even a cover letter that you are sending – show your skills and not rant some letters that you are great – if you are gonna be in D-League – then give me a reply – and i will buy your first jersey ever – that’s a promise

    • Jaime says:

      Do you think Kobe won those 5 championships all on his own? Kobe has always been a selfish ball hogging idiot! The only reason he was able to accomplish all that he has so far is because of the TEAM that was around him. Whether Kobe has a good supporting cast or not, Kobe will always think it’s all about him and that the team only wins because of him. NO SIR! The team wins because of the team, just has to put up with your cry babe antics and selfish attitude and loses because of the team, and still having to deal with you selfish cry baby attitude. Common factor here is you Kobe! You don’t have a great supporting cast so therfore your team doesn’t do well. This should show you Kobe and all your idiot Faker fans that it’s not all about Kobe! The only reason I despise the lakers so much is because of Kobe. Selfish dude straight up!! Just imagine if shaq had stayed, ya’ll probably would’ve won 2 or 3 more championships. Stupid DA!

      • Lebron is a punk - Self proclaimed Lebron hater says:

        um they tried in 2003 and failed because shaq started to get jealous because Kobe was starting to take his spotlight. Whatever Kobe had been doing has worked for him so i wouldnt change a thing. He is the only guy i know that can shoot 2 for 24 and still win. Thats greatness. He brings fierce leadership that make the weak scared. Dwight ( boo hoo) , Shaq (when he got older he got weak boo hoo) Kobe is like fine wine he ages well with time. LOL. Just like MJ and Kareem.

      • Lakersfan4ever says:

        No one wins championships on their own, For people to think that Kobe won all 5 championships are dumb, Kobe will be the 1st one to tell you that was a team effort, No matter how good any player can be.

      • Macky says:

        No idiot. That’s called playing for the Lakers with teammates like Pau Gasol who can put out a lot of producitivy with very little usage rating. Lakers have the biggest pay roll in the NBA. Kobe in a small market team shooting 2 for 24 (24 shots is a ton in the NBA) would mean that his team would lose by 40 points.

  103. flowerpot says:

    Kobe, if he were truly great, would be bringing more cerebral aspects to the game. The media is going to blame Dwight Howard for this mess, but there is equal blame to go around. Kobe knows better than to be discussing team matters publicly before the media, and D’Antoni as the coach should have put clamps on this foolishness long ago. The bottom line in all of this is simply that Kobe in his last hurrah wants to put up as many numbers as he can muster in his effort to be like mike.

    • Joe says:

      100% agree.

      Kobe has always been a double-edge sword, a great player who has never been a team player. When Shaq was on his prime, he refused to be the 2nd option. Right now, when he is on the downhill of his career, he still wants to be the man. That’s the reason he loves Pau, because Pau is willing to be his #2 and just obeying that master Kobe wish to do.

      So much contrast with the players like Jordan and Lebron, they never have to force anything, everything comes natural and easy to them, Kobe just has to force everything because he is not on the same level but is working so hard to be on their level.
      He just doesn’t accept the fact that he can still be a great player, does not have force his way to be on the same tier.

      • Alex says:

        You’re talking about MJ, he had a team that helped. Scottie – was MJ’s Pau Gasol. And he had others to help, eg Dennis, one of the best defenders alltime. When he came back to play in 2003, he opted for Wizards to be #1 on the team.
        Just show me a top player that wants to be #2… common mate…
        Dwight should actually step up and do the things he get paid for.

      • Kamote says:

        Actually, you can’t compare Kobe to MJ. First, Pippen was a rookie when he teamed up with MJ, unlike Gasol who was already the leader of team Spain (2nd in the world). MJ has to wait for/mentor Pippen, Grant, Armstrong, Paxon to mature as players before they won the Bull’s first 3 rings. And please bear in mind that it was with MJ when P-Jax got his first ring. As for the new players on the second dynasty (Dennis who is traded with Grant, Kukoc, Harper and Kerr), they all came in not to practically “help” MJ, but to “fit in” their system with MJ and Pippen being the core. So MJ actually held on to the Bulls and lead the team through ups and downs, until this team became one of the best team in league history.

        Kobe whined when he won the first 3 rings because he plays as Shaq’s #2. He whined not getting to the playoffs after the Shaq trade and Jackson leaving. He whined when LA refused to let go of Bynum to get Kidd. He whined again and demanded All-star team mates or he’d leave LA, that’s why they got Pau. Kept silent and breathed in the glory of the 2 rings after, thinking he was solely responsible for it LOL. Then now, he is whining again despite of having 3 future HOFs in his team. Well, that has been the history of Kobe’s achievements I guess. Just imagine if he landed playing for a small market team like Milwaukee or Minny, and not have that money/influence LAL has on his fingertips, would he be as “great”?

      • Joe says:

        Alex, you’re missing the point. Off course all great players still need help, after all, it’s a 5 players game, not 1. and off course, everyone wants to shine, but Kobe is so over-confidence and defiance in that his main goal (honestly) is not to win the game whatever it takes, but to win the game as long as he is the best player on the floor, otherwise no way jose.

        Even Phil Jackson said it that Kobe often went out the planned scenario so that he could become the hero, even if it sacrificed the team and off course it worked occasionally, but the thing is when you have the most dominant player in Shaq on the floor, you should maximized him, not trying to get your own glory with the sake of team’s win.

        I’m not defending Dwight either, he has his own pride also. He is well-known not for his offensive skills but his defensive, but does not want to be the clean-up guy, he also wants to be the #1 guy where his talents just doesn’t cut it.

        The thing with LA right now is that most of the pieces are just not in right place, a complete mess.

      • C says:


        Bulls teammate helped, because MJ’s got true leadership. Nobody wants to be number two, but they bowed down to the greatest and be content content with the roles that they were given. Why there’s beef btw shaq and kobe and now DH with Kobe? Because Kobe has got a crazy ego that gives people the creeps. What he was saying to the media was like a year old asking the public to be on his side. What’s going on in the locker room is no one else’s business but the players. Maybe the mature thing to do for DH is to swallow his pride, but why give in to this egomaniac? We all know what’s the right thing to do, but when people keep stepping across the line, there will be times you just gonna have to give one to him in the face.

      • TrueBalls says:

        Howard is just overrated. Let him leave LA. Kobe will retire. Then LA will get Lebron. Howard isn’t fit to become the future in LA. 9 years in the league, and he’s acting like a child? Everyone knows he just flopped and he doesn’t want to play because the media are blaming him. It is the consequence being in a great franchise. He wanted to be the main guy, but he doesn’t show it on the court? I wouldn’t blame Kobe for saying this publicity, everyone needs to know that Dwight is still immature. Just shut up and play what you get paid for.

    • kobe is unquestionably more aflluent and more influential than Dantoni, both relative to team decisions strategically, as well as on the floor executed. he is unequivocably seeking his own agenda relative to the MJ dilemma, more than he is towards the jelling of Dwight Howard into the Laker System. When it was clear to kobe that he screwed up, and that Dwight Howard’s quest to be a Laker was more his quest to get out of Orlando than to be a responsible contributing factor on a promising competitively stronger western NBA which is not holding back for the aging Lakers, Kobe Bryant took the game in his own hands and have not looked back since. In addition, Steve Nash has been a semi disappointment consequence of his injury, as well as Paul Gasol, both of whom were promising responsible team players.
      Times are hard for Kobe, relatively speaking, and the days are fewer. Age has waited for no one. Nor has the Laker management when it came to coaching.

    • apexofkryptos says:

      I agree with the point of you are making about Kobe, but I strongly disagree about one minor detail: he most certainly does NOT know better than toshoot his mouth off. He thinks it is his right – nay, his obligation – to continually do so.

    • LakerfanE says:

      I can tell you don’t watch the games lol. dude there are plenty of games where kobe tries to get everyone involved but they don’t make shot IE Charlotte we go down 20 the Kobe has to be Kobe for us to win. Kobe has to guard point guards cuz Nash can’t then he has to be the point guard because Nash is struggling with ball pressure and distributing smh its crazy. the team isn’t that good which is why kobe is trying to motivate D12 is it the wrong way sure but he’s frustrated.

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      you got a simplified media created way of lookin at things… you dont know the man.. y’dont know none of this, you talk like its you talkin but all i’m hearin is the same ol’ same ol’, just another lemming