Jordan At 50: Could He Just Do It?


HANG TIME, Texas — It starts out like the beginning of an old joke.

You know, somebody says that as great as Bill Russell was in winning 11 championships with the Celtics, he’d have difficulty winning even one against today’s class of NBA athletes.

Of course, goes the punchline, Russell will turn 79 on Tuesday.

But Antawn Jamison wasn’t kidding when he told Dave McMenamin of that Michael Jordan could still play effectively in the league right now.

Jordan turns 50 on Feb. 17, coincidentally the day of the NBA All-Star Game.

“I wouldn’t doubt that in the right situation with a LeBron (James) on his team or with a Kobe (Bryant) on this team, he could get you about 10 or 11 points, come in and play 15-20 minutes,” said Antawn Jamison before the Lakers played the Bobcats on Friday. “I wouldn’t doubt that at all, especially if he was in shape and injuries were prevented and things of that nature.”

That’s saying a lot, considering Jamison has Bryant on his team, and only averages 8.1 points per game in 20.5 minutes per game and he’s “only” 36 years old.

Jordan averaged 20 points in 37 minutes per game in his 15th and final season in the league before retiring for good at age 40.

Would it ever happen? Could it ever happen? Other than Larry Bird actually sprouting real wings, is there anything you might imagine that is more preposterous?

Remember, it was Jordan himself who raised the possibility near the end of his challenging, often vitriolic speech at the 2009 Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

“One day you might look up and see me playing the game at 50,” Jordan said. “Oh, don’t laugh. Never say never. Because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.”

We know that on the court there were never any limits or fears to Jordan, only challenges — some real, some imagined — that he used to constantly lift himself to a higher plane.

That is precisely the reason I have a standing bet with my good friend Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle that was made when Jordan hung up his Wizards jersey. I said then I didn’t believe His Airness was finished and one day we’d see him back on the court in an NBA game. At the start of each new season, Jonathan tries to get me to surrender. Then along comes word that the owner of the Bobcats showed up at practice one day in December to show them how it’s done. Or maybe just to feed his ego.

But after taking on some of his kids — Gerald Henderson, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Bismack Biyombo — in a little one-on-one, it’s always clear that the competitive spark is just below the surface and the skills are still there.

“He’s still got it. He can still shoot,” Henderson said. “I don’t know about his defense, but he can still score.”

Biyombo: “He’s pretty good.”

So we mark down Biyombo for understatement of the year, consider the opinion of Jamison and ponder the possibilities.

I once asked Hakeem Olajuwon, who just turned 50, if he thought he could still play in the league.

“Not full-time. But for a few minutes, yes,” he insisted. “ I’m in shape.”

When a 50-year-old Clyde Drexler was asked the same question, he nodded his head. “Absolutely. I could go out there and run up and down the floor with those guys one night,” he said laughing. “Then the next day I’d be in traction.”

So what do we do with the Jordan question? Could he? Would he? Should he, as the old Nike slogan said, just do it?

I’ll tell you one thing I’m not doing: Paying off Jonathan. Yet.


  1. Yes MJ could just do it @ 50. The real question is could lebron, kobe or any of these young players keep up w/ MJ & the answer is a resounding NO!!!

  2. SA says:

    For all those that keep knocking MJ when he played for the Wizards at the age of 40, please go to Youtube and watch the highligh videos.

  3. BJ says:

    No Jordan couldnt just do it at 50…. he smoke cigars too much and has gained too much weight, like most who retire from the game. He is the greatest and will go down as the greatest, but he couldnt do anything today.

  4. Sith says:

    They should give Jordan couple of minutes in upcoming All Star Game

  5. True Believer says:

    Jordan did a lot of amazing things for the game. A ton of firsts, so why couldnt he come back at 50? Just because nobody else has yet? Have some respect for the man who got you to pick up your first ball. Not only do I think he can score on 75% of the league consistently, I know he would fill a stadium on name alone. So i say please come back and elevate the game and our minds again. BTW FYI for all trolls Grant Hill is 40 and still puts up 8 or so PPG Jordan was putting up 20 around the same age so 8 points from the GOAT at 50 wouldnt be a big stretch. Hell he could come back tonight a probably put up career high on the Lakers LMAO.

  6. Hoover says:

    I love Jordan to death man and I watched him as a kid growing up. All those blokes that are now over 30 like myself will relate to the times you would lace up your sneakers go out the backyard lower the basketball ring (I’m only 5’9) and try to be like mike. He is the most inspiring athlete to have ever graced this earth and he is the greatest player I have ever seen. About playing today I don’t think so, the athletes of today are amazing. He iced his knees after every game since the age of 39 so just imagine how shot those twigs are now. But how we all love to fantisize about mike lacing them up one last time just to see our idol take 1 more shot. Rest up mike, your still the GOAT in so many of our eyes 😉

  7. Nate says:

    Some comebacks would be great to see, Jordan at 50 no thank you. The comeback I wanted so badly was Shawn Kemp, after he lost 50 pounds and was running up hills with weights on his ankles, he could have been a great backup pf at the time, shame no one took the chance. Hopefully Jordan keeps the suit on, maybe he should sign A.I to the Bobcats for 10 days I hear he wants to come back.

  8. Tyrone says:

    Put him in the celeb allstar game and lets see if he can still play

  9. Victor says:

    * I mean Fran sorry Fran write something that matter a high school kid could come up with this article

  10. Victor says:

    Jordan says limits are an illusion. Well, getting old is no illusion, sorry. Jordan has been partying so hard since he retired there is no way he could contribute on a team for a full season and would be a liability in any one game. And of course he could win on a team with a Lebron or Kobe because Mike Miller can win on with Lebron BECAUSE ITS LEBRON DUH! LMAO, Sekou why dont you break down some game tape and write about something worthwhile good grief

  11. papa says:

    kobe>jordan ???

    kids.. stop idolizing this jordan wanabe.. hell no that he would be better than MJ the BEST!!!

  12. Gary L says:

    Let me just start by saying that those bringing up MJ’s performance or lack thereof in Washington are idiotic. There were many factors involved with MJ’s significant drop in production and his age at the time was only a marginal reason.

    Would MJ be the stud all world GOAT version of his old self? No. But I do not doubt that we would see flashes of his old self and he could play an important role for a top tier championship contender. For one seeing a 50 year old produce at a solid level and show extreme dedication by themselves would motivate whatever team he played for, That is before he brings his personality to a squad.

    All this is hypothetical however and we will never see MJ play in a season. He may come back for a celebrity challenge sometime to show he still has some skill if only for a game or two. It would be fun.

    As far as MJ’s career avg’s, I do not think a drop in those will do any damage at all to MJ’s legacy. It’s carved in steel.

    I would love if Jordan would sign himself to one ten day contract and play a few games with my Charlotte Bobcats. Of coarse only after he got himself in game shape. It would be good for his players. Not that they have the talent to be a threat or anything, It would just be a boost for them and may prove beneficial for the core players of the teams future.

    None the less it is fun to think of what might be if MJ was to come back. We all have great memories and we will remember the G.O.A.T fondly.

  13. Mark says:

    jordan should have took rondo spot in the all star game or play in celebrity game. dont play in an nba game and mess up your career averages mj.

  14. Patrickmarc says:

    Michel Jordan back in the game is similar
    as David Beckham at Paris St Germain,
    They can play ten minutes, no worry for the club !
    and a lot of money run in same time, because everybody
    want to see them, I mean the magiciens !

  15. Padraic Bourke says:

    If Jordan were to sign with the bobcats it would turn that team into a real joke. Needing gimmicks to get fans. How about signing and developing their young players so they get fans for wins not novelties. All respect to the guy but at 50 he isn’t going to make a difference to any team. Won 5 MVP’s, 6 Championships lets just leave it at that

  16. craig simpson says:

    If your talking jordan in his prime in the 90’s then it is a yes. If your talking 50 year old jordan, I would say no because of age and he looks like he has put a few pounds on.

  17. Rocks says:

    I look at some of the video clips of MJ at his prime and go WOW!!! This man was amazing. To think of him coming back at the age of 50 it’s cool but little bit unreasonable. Personally, I will love to see him play again but I know it’s selfish of us his fans to encourage such a move. Someties it’s sad to see your hero being reduced to a mere mortal. My eyes still get teary when I remember Mahumad Ali vs Larry Holmes’ fight. Most of us fell in love with the idea of watching Ali do the rope-a-dope again but forgot that age was a huge factor. Our hero got punished for that. I really don’t want to see MJ being humiliated on the court or limping away with a worst injury. I want to remember him as the announcer used to shout: Froooom North Carolina, 6.6 and guard……Michael Jordan!!! You knew it was on. You knew something special was going to happen that night. That’s how I want to remember him. Not a bench player walking up and down the court with flashes of his past greatness. I don’t even want him to play the NBA All-Star Celebrity game. He must just sit back and bask in his glory as Michael Jordan – the best sportman to ever live in our generation!!!

  18. TrueNBAFan says:

    To those of you who haven’t paid attention to the Bobcats (which is most people), Jordan often does full contact scrimmages with his team, but in an interview last season, MJ said his knees burned and he would pay for it the next day every time. So MJ couldn’t go out there and do it, he’d end up just getting himself hurt.

  19. Roax says:

    Jordan is jordan…… I’d be delighted to see him just to take a shot, the deadly fade-away, that players nowadays cant even match him.

  20. yerd says:

    its a free country! You can do what you want.

  21. RealisticLakerFan#1 says:

    Simply put… MJ was the greatest EVER!!!

  22. Fredday says:

    Worth a shot, Charlotte need all the help they can get. Maybe he could teach em a thing or to!

  23. Adiktuz says:

    jordan will come out of retirement just to try join KG in that elite club where he is alone.


    could he still do it at 50?

    straight up answer : YES
    reason : HE’S JORDAN

  25. William says:

    Question who did Hakeem have in his first championship yes there was no other allstar on the team Hakeem the greatest 5 th seed and they won a championship

  26. seanizzle says:

    jordan a 1 few man cigars now n he cant run up n down the courtt

  27. ARN says:

    im a kobe fan but first and foremost, im a Jordan fan. anyone who’s say that Kobe is better than Jordan is stupid.. Kobe’s great and “could” reach the level of MJ but he’d never be better than MJ. MJ schooled both Johnson and Larry.. Kobe never schooled Michael.. He patterned his game after Mike (thus the saying play LIKE MIKE).. lets just face it, your Kobe, Bron, KD, Wade and Pierce wouldnt be so much better without Mike. We all wont be… Respect to Michael.. and has anyone had better monicker than Mike? NO ONE.. You wouldnt be called as “His Airness” if youre not the top dog. Learn your basketball..

    • bigwes95 says:

      he didn’t school them. jordan scored 63 against the celtics and he still lost. next game, teh celtics clenched up their defense and held him to 19 points. MJ couldn’t even get past the first round while Magic and Bird were out winning championships. please tell me why MJ couldn’t even get a winning record until his fourth season, and then he couldn’t even get past detriot pistons for 3 straight years! the best ever i think would be able to get past one team if they vs them 3 straight times in the play-offs. and having a cool monicker doesn’t mean your better, it just means your more known. Air Jordans were being given away in Africa for goodness sakes! he was just the first super globalized player ever and now he’s immortalized like a god. i’d take Kareem, but whatever. and MJ got schooled by AI a couple times, so yeah, he’s gotten schooled before. but that’s nothing to worry about, everyone has gotten schooled before. and he’s call “His Airness” because he could jump like no one else (except basically a lot of other people not globalized).

  28. Mj don’t comeback Lebron might school you just like when u see Kobe guarding Lebron…Lebron owns him

  29. COmeat me bro I lift 420 each day says:

    Raptors should sign jordan & Kobe

  30. 90sfan says:

    Rockets in the 90s & MJ are the reasons I love basketball. Today alot of the NBA stars seem like brats.


    LeBron > Jordan (in his prime)
    LeBron > Kobe (in his prime)
    LeBron > Shaq (in his prime)
    LeBron > any player that has played or that is playing in the NBA

    LeBron is the GOAT and has been since 2003.

  32. Drago says:

    The man has superb skill and knows many tricks so offensively I dont have a doubt in my mind that he could score THE PUNCH DIES LAST Rockey Balboa.Defense is another mater and depends on how much juice he’s got left in those knees.In my opinion he can play 10-20 minutes for about 50 games and you would get highlights for sure.

  33. Antonio says:

    when you said anything about kobe o lakers the first thing they say is you are a hater
    but all these youngsters the new kids on the block
    don’t realize is that without jordan sample you would have kobe o lebron
    who they learn from?
    show some respect
    and by the way who’s the hater now
    i will gladly take you to school even on weekends

  34. LBJ 4 PREZ says:

    I Dont Think he could a lot of his game was based on speed and athleticisms and being able to create his own shot and without the speed i dont think he could do that , he had a solid mid range but never was really a great three point shooter

  35. Ed Robertson says:

    Jordan to join the Lakers for the remainder of the season. Let’s start the talk now and see what happens.

  36. Jimmy sharp says:

    I hope one day I can make it to the nba and do it I’m a big bulls fan one day I hope to play for the bulls I just have to stay dedicated my coach once told me hard work pays off

  37. Andrea says:

    Jordan wouldn’t even be a starter in his own awful Bobcats. But if he does… The question is: how many times he will be posterized? Jordan, stop living in the past and face reality: LeBron is rasing. Just sit on the your couch, and enjoy the ride.

  38. Antonio says:

    the worse thing you can do is understimate jordan the man has a gift natural talent when i heard the hall of fame speech and people laugh what he said don’t write off yet right there is motivation he will prove to everybody that he still got it with today soft rules he can easily score points he might not be like he used to be
    but he will still be good and if he gets hot 50 at 50 won’t be that hard
    mj i believe in you
    you got all the skills you need
    but the most important thing you have
    is heart

  39. Manu says:

    I prefer to relive the Jordan Era in my memories. I was 15 when I discovered basketball and watched Jordan play for the first time. It was like God had descended on Earth just to show us mortals how the game had to be played. Just impossible not to become a fan. And that’s what I still am to the day. I wasn’t found of his second comeback stint with the wizards nor would I be with him playin’ in the nba at age 50. He almost ruined his legacy with the wizards.
    Anyway, I understand youngsters admiration for Kobe, Lebron and others. They truly are in the mix of the greatest players ever, but if you were there during the Jordan Era, there really wouldn’t be any discussion. Even all the youtube-stuff really doesn’t even show his true greatness as a basketballgenius…
    I’m still waiting for someone like him to show up, no offense Lebron.

  40. Antonio says:

    i always knew that jordan will consider coming back at age of 50 the problem is team selection i don’t want to see him playing for the worse team in the league the bobcats he can still win more championships but only if he play with a good team the wizard was a nigthmare he was still good but the wizards were a very bad team a 40 year old guy lead that team in scoring please comeback with the bulls a a good player deserve a good team you are still and will always be the best please say the words all you fans wants to hear i’m back

  41. NBAisMylife says:

    Could you imagine, starring for the bobcats. Owner, GM, Starting shooting guard, MICHAEL JORDAN!!! who wouldnt buy tickets to see that!

  42. Bauc says:

    MJ can still play at good level, just see the videos when he practices with the bobcats. MJ 4EVER

  43. Keep Out says:

    Jordan IS THE G.O.A.T Period

  44. justsaying says:

    Well, if he were a Bull again, imagine his clutchness spotting up and D Rose slashing.

    Even if it were only in limited minutes, those could include minutes where the game-winner is sunk.
    Whether he is still quick enough to guard the perimeter may be another matter though.

  45. Allan Caidic says:

    When you compare KOBE to JORDAN, you got to take note:

    – Jordan and his dad were close. Kobe is estranged from his dad.
    – Phil Jackson never had a problem coaching Jordan. Phil had a problem coaching Kobe.
    – Jordan has close ties with his family. Kobe is facing divorce from his gold-digger wife.

    Jordan has a statue of him built in his honor by his fans in chicago.
    if it were put up in some other city, people would still respect it.
    Would L.A. honor Kobe with a statue of him? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT.

    • bullsfan0218 says:

      Kobe has been key in bringing 5 championships to L.A. theres a pretty good chance hes gonna have a statue one day, plus Jordan and Phil went at it all the time; Phil is just really good at managing the egos of his players, thats what he does

  46. Nakuan says:

    50 might be to much but we are talking about the greatest to ever lace up a pair of sneakers but I don’t think he could guard these guards today not at 50 but he could out play most prospects and role players on any NBA roster

  47. CranberryCrunch says:

    Hey, I don’t know if anyone here watched the NBA Open Court episodes but Reggie Miller said he thinks he could give a team 1 game right now.. So imagine this Reggie gets in shape and can give a team 1 season on low minutes, I’m talking about playing the guy for 10 – 20 minutes spread through the quaters. Off the bench for quick Three’s. Now considering this the same could be applied to MJ. He could get in shape in time for the 2013 – 14 season play low minutes off the bench not asking him to dunk over 7 footers or anything just give good impactful minutes. I’m mean the Bobcats are going no where fast and Jordan per/minute potential on offence has to still be as good as any shooting guard out there bar a few of the current elites.The truth about the defence in the NBA currently is clearly that it isn’t perfect and as long as Jordans got a little something left in those legs which he has as seen in videos of him practicing with the Bobcats. On a low minutes per quater basis he could be just as effective as anyone if not a mojor threat to any guards on an equal or missmatch to his size and strength. If for nothing else it would boost the market in Charlotte for a year and give the Bobcats a springboard to build a Playoff calibre team the years after. The Last thing i can think to add is that there is no basketball fan in the world that wouldnt want to see Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Reggie Miller come back to the NBA, even if just for a one game and especially to play for the same team.

  48. Rafael_Certero says:

    that is an stupid question. of course he can do it, the real question is, He can do it well, in that case, I think, we the potencial and the agrecivity that the league has right now, is a little bit difficul that a 50 years man can do it well, I have no doubt about MJ but, 50 are 50.

  49. Kamote says:

    Always been an MJ fan. But I hope he’d have that same fire in managing a team :).

  50. Kobe can´t even make the lakers a playoff team anymore thats PATHETIC!Jordan would kill kobe anyday!

  51. Lol Jordan in his prime would destroy kobe, lebron and everything he faced!

  52. Beli says:

    He was good. A lot of help from the organization and referees, but he was good.

  53. mihai says:

    if Jordan will be back, even just for 1 game… i’ll buy a ticket and come to charlotte just to see the greatest for the 1 time in my life, to see the MAN who made me to love basketball . and i’m from romania… i’ll be gladly to pay every single dollar.

  54. Seb says:

    I’d like to see it, but it will never happen for a simple reason:

    MJ would drop to #2 in the all time scoring average list with only 3 games @ 10 PPG. And i am sure he won’t want that 😀

  55. Evaughn says:


  56. jody caison says:

    i think if micheal trained and theres no problem playing with them guys like lebron or kobe, he would still be one of the best playing the game and yall act like jogging down the court is hard and playing defense and scoring. they said he still had his offense game but he slacking on his defense but i say “JUST DO IT”

  57. jonar says:

    what about an exhibition games of above 50’s sounds great huh…

  58. Ron says:

    Like the senior PGA golf tour lets start a NBA Senior leauge. Have a 12 game series and 10 min quarters. That would be awesome to see some old players again.

  59. Dave says:

    Yes probably he could play a few minutes. But, at 50 he’s probably got other stuff he’d rather be doing, and imagine how odd it would be in the locker room having an old fart suit up.

    Every player knows there is a risk of injury too. Getting something like an ACL tear in your 20’s or 30’s would be bad but probably recoverable … at 50? good luck, maybe rehab for a few years and then finally be happy to do be doing day-to-day normal stuff

  60. scotty 82 says:

    Is it just me or do people not remember defence back in the good old days.. Pistons n bulls.. attacking each other, the days were u could hand check a player faced up.. Today’s defence is all show, Iman Shumpert is probably one of the better defenders out there (pre injury) and Joe dumars would defend better.. Today’s athletes r supremely conditioned, much longer careers.. Bring back MJ, I’d be happy to c him even take a shot

  61. coco says:

    maybe Stern and his cronies can make up a seniors NBA?

  62. goclip says:

    haha kobe fanboys say mj at the age of 50 would not be able to defend today’s guards lol. kids 50yr old mj is a better defender than kobe in his prime.

  63. Lakerfan06 says:

    I think he should definitely play.. Even if he’s not fit enough which I doubt, it would be an incredible honour if he just steps on the court for a minute!!
    Jordan all the way man!!! 😀

  64. igor comes says:

    I don’t understand those that critic, even if they are a few.. MAN… MJ story his about our childhood, about our dream, about something magical.. Of course, he won’t play at his best, of course he could be weaker, of course he could get block, of course he won’t score 61 points… But is that the matter?? it’s like watching an old cartoon from your young age with your kid, it’s just give you dreams, bring back some memories of an amazing decade, it’s give you fantasy and excitement.. And if you think about it, athletes, the sport in general, is made for that.. to make people dream and get together along one cause… Man MJ is the best example that the sport has ever created. Is the one WHO STILL WILL MOVE CROWD. We don;t care how well will his come back be, because just by running on the court he will make people talk, laugh, talk again and again, scream and cry.. Here is the soul of the game and nobody else can compete. MJ FOR EVER!!! and nobody can dispute that, if you do just never play the ball again you don’t because you don;t know what that;s mean!

  65. famohsen says:

    when great players retire there will always be ppl disrespecting there game…this will happen when kobe and lebron and many more others retire…many fans just have a really short memory…respect to MJ

  66. BoyLogro says:

    nope, we’ve seen enough… you’re already the GOAT

  67. lal says:

    i think still kobe is better because from those replies u can see that micheal wasnt guarded so hard… take a look to kobe… almost all the time double teamed

  68. Dave says:

    Even ten mins a game – Mike would rip most teams a new one. Look what he Did at 40. Guys was still tearing it up and dropping points on some of today’s ‘superstars’

    Lol, people saying Kobe>Jordan. Still making me laugh to this day.

    ‘Oh but Bryant dropped 50 plus on MJ’ – What game was that? Oh that’s right, the game that Bryant abused Stackhouse from the perimeter all game until MJ moved over to guard him, making Kobe shoot just 1/13.

    MJ back for limited minutes a game? Hell YEAH. I might actually start watching the NBA again.

  69. pppppppppppp says:

    this topic is stupid and it makes no sense

  70. karmaz says:

    i agree i think he can play 10 minutes at a good level, maybe 5 more, and score 10/15pts or maybe more because it’s MJ, you know what he can do just with his mind, he just do it. (not like kobe, lebron or anyone, who ALMOST do it)
    but i think he will end injured very fast, and cant’ play D
    i’m sure the guy could drop 40 a last time

  71. The kid says:

    MJ is too old to play in the NBA, take that slo mo game overseas, they like novelty acts!

  72. cp says:


  73. PHIL says:

    I´d like the idea of 5 to 10 games a season called the “former all stars”, where those who still are in shape can play if they like. This would be fun to watch! And I bet that MJ would be the Topscorer.

  74. dafyaman says:

    I guess a lot of people forget when he dropped 43 pts on the nets at age 40. He may be 50 but black people don’t age as fast.

  75. GO ON MJ-BRING IT!!!
    MJ would still make lbj, kobe, wade, & so on look like they don’t belong on the court!!! The real question is can they keep up w/ MJ!!!

  76. nba90s says:

    if uncle drew can do it, im sure jordan can! young bloods be reaching.

  77. Patrickmarc says:

    People need that dream, but in fact there are so many talents now,
    Jordan could not make all his stuff in ours days, it was possible before,
    now we have super player like Lebron, Durant, Kobe, much better, or as good as Jordan.
    Jordan was good at his time, Bulls could dominate, because the other teams where not so difficult to beat.
    It is very different now, look teams like Washington, or Cleveland, or Sacramento there are not the best team but they are so difficult to beat.
    Sure it was much easier for Jordan and Bulls to beat these teams before.
    I remenber that great difference of level between teams, but now I don’t see a weak team anymore,
    look how difficult it is to survive for Dallas or Lakers !!!

  78. dafyaman says:

    Jordan can still play in the NBA if Kurt Thomas can do it.

  79. aaron says:

    to me, MJ is always going to be considered the greatest to every play the game, but at 50 yrs. old, he can’t hang. Better question is whether MJ in his prime faced Kobe, Wade, Lebron, Melo or Durant in their primes who’d win. If thats the question, then no doubt there’s a debate…although Jordan is still better than all those guyz.

  80. dm6 says:

    Why not making the legends play in nba all star?

  81. Dr C.Goode says:

    I never really understood why he retired in 98. I understand the Bulls wanted to rebuild but Jordan still had the fire and the drive to keep playing or he wouldn’t have come back for the dismal Wizards. Would have been great to see him team up with Ewing or Mourning or Duncan post Bulls so he could have played with a dominant big man. As to him coming back at 50, that is just wishful thinking, he’s not going to risk his legacy and status as the greatest scorer with the highest ppg average.

  82. qwertyuiop says:

    No. Stay retired MJ!!! It’s best for him and for us.

  83. Oz says:

    MJ would own every single player in the NBA in his prime hands down!!! Absolutely NO ONE can compare to MJ!!! All these people comparing Kobe, Lebron etc to MJ, give it up already, coz there is no one and I mean no one that will be as good as MJ!!!

    • Dieter says:

      Kobe would be better one on one against Jordan in his prime. Lebron is a freak of nature, like Chamberlain was. When Lebron’s carreer ends, all 3 players will be named top 10 NBA players ever, but it’s almost impossible to compare them, as they all three dominated at their position. I still don’t think Jordan was better than Magic and Bird. And how many titles would Lebron have if Phil Jackson was coach of the Cavaliers and Heat?

  84. 17,6 says:

    this is a joke right? i mean everybody knows (and if they don’t know they should know) that jordan is the G.O.A.T but age 50? are u kidding me? no way dude…

  85. Niko says:

    Jordan = Jonathan? These are the same names?

  86. Patrick says:

    I love how people are throwing a fit about Jordan Playing Defense at 50. How many of you actually watch Basketball. Kobe is horrible on Defense but no one is saying Kobe cant Play. I would take Jordan at 50 over alot of players playing today. I was lucky to grow up and watch Jordan in his hay day. No one compairs.

  87. Mike says:

    I wonder if MJ gets paid royalties for every time an writer hits a creative wall and cashes in on using His Airness in blog headlines.

  88. Boogerman says:

    Yes he still can do it in WNBA

  89. Jvin says:

    C’mon guys pippen don’t get double team when he and Jordan are playing, Kobe, Lebron and d wade got the pleasure of teammates that got doubled team,

  90. Melomvp says:

    How can u say lebron is the king if he only had 1 ring.. And doubt if he can win it if he dint join the heat…

    • bigwes95 says:

      how can MJ be the best when he only has 6 rings compared to Bill Russell’s 11? i don’t believe that MJ is the greatest/best ever, but i never use champioships as a way to compare players. i think Kareem is the greatest ever, he won through two generations of the NBA, but MJ could only win in one. MJ never would have won a title without Pippen, either, because the season Pippen came, it was MJ’s first winning record. whenever MJ played without Pippen, he couldn’t hardly make the play-offs, let alone actually win one. Pippen should have 8 championships right now, one for the ’93 season i think, adn the other one for the 2000 season. he was screwed by stern in 2000, and in ’93 he was screwed by one of the worst call’s in NBA history. So i really doubt MJ would have won anything without Pippen, maybe 1, but that would be it. And Pippen is probably better than Wade is, Pippen is sometimes regarded as the best defender ever that’s not a center. And Pippen could win more games than Wade if they were the only all-stars on the team. And i’d take Rodman over Bosh. His defense and rebounding is way better than Bosh’s and defense wins championships. So overall, i think MJ had a better team than Lebron has now anyways, but if MJ had to play half the play-offs without Rodman, he couldn’t win, like how lebron won without Bosh. and then lebron had Wade injured too, and while he was injured, he couldn’t hit a shot and was also going through a divorce at the same time. MJ never had to deal with that, and when he didn’t have a dominate PF or C, he couldn’t win anything either.

  91. Melomvp says:

    Maybe he will play in a allstar game someday

  92. BULLS FAN OF SINCE '89 says:

    I can see MJ playing as a reserve for KOBE with phil jackson as a coach.

  93. Salmaan Beg says:


  94. frank says:

    MJ”s comebakc will the be on of the best days of my life.

  95. Darius27 says:

    Absolutely Air Jordan is the G.O.A.T. He can definitely score up against this guys with much more wisdom and play making stuff. When he brings out that tongue, beware to where it would go, into the basket or into his teammates throwing a nice dish for the bucket.

    Yeah, he might as well sign up next season to revive the CATS. Go Jordan. Fears are illusions. God has given you the talent and you have shared it to everyone and will always inspire people even if you play at 50.

    Show them what you’ve got.

  96. j23 says:

    MJ the reason why i love basketball….

  97. Fred Garvin says:

    I’d love to see Jordan get dunked on by LeBron every night

  98. Wade says:

    Jordan is the best to ever do it.But I think he should coach with all that knowledge that he has.

  99. RocketFan says:

    I want to see Jordan, Olajuwon, Drexler, Horry, Kenny Smith, Barkley, Reggie Miller, Shaq, etc. play. If they aren’t willing to play rookies, they can play East vs. West former NBA stars for a reduced minute game. And I would like to see Jack Nicholson & Spike Lee as their coaches LOL. Imagine the excitement that would bring & Jordan wouldn’t even have to leave the Bobcats. I’d be curious just to see how in shape they are today.

  100. Ryan says:

    MJ stay retired please. LBJ could probably play till he was 50. He would just have to move to power forward.

  101. DeLawrence says:


  102. Lou says:

    Jordan > NBA ALL STARS 2013

  103. RocketFan says:

    I would like to see Hall of Famers vs. Rookies game as well. I think Hakeem, Clyde, & Michael can all still play today for about 5-10 minutes per game. I would watch for sure! I loved the 90s era when they played. They’re still amazing!

  104. Ped says:

    Key is Energy & smart. MJ may smart, but not enough energy. anyway let’s try.

  105. Zee says:

    They should change the all-star celebrity game to let former NBA Hall of Fame players play instead of some celebrity who can’t play at all.

  106. LeBron is the King and will always be one!

  107. Wayne says:

    I love Jordan but NO HE SHOULDN’T!!!! If anything, get the Bobcats on top!!!

  108. JM says:

    Hopefully “One” day, NBA will have a GAME between the team that won the ALL-STAR game and those that we call LEGEND that played the game of basketball. Anyway its just for fun though. We will surely be grateful and pleased to see those guys play.

    • Dieter says:

      Paul vs Magic, Bryant vs Jordan, Durant vs Bird, James vs Malone, Duncan vs Olajuwon.
      If this would be a competitive game than i think the score would be somewhere around 150-30 (but a score of 200 for the youngsters could also be possible if the game is fast paced).

      Than I’d rather see a game between legend ex-Nba players only, or why not coaches? Vinny Del Negro & Mark Jackson as team captains.

  109. M23J says:

    dont compare Kobe to MJ…. some people said that he is not the next Jordan he is the first Kobe… yes indeed he is not and will never ever be the next Michael Jordan…and i am lucky enough to watch the GOAT play… Kobe is the First WANNABE – Jordan to ever fail…

  110. czvz says:

    jordans the best at ripping old man farts now

  111. Marvin says:

    Get off Jordan’s nuts already…. Kobe>MJ

  112. v1ctoryankee says:

    MJ23 the best there ever was.. the best there ever will be..

  113. tread61 says:

    You guys forget they play ZONE defenses nowadays…not man as they did in MJs day! Him with a decent front court and defense would not be as big an issue…now his waistline that would be another subject. Staying in shape is alot easier for a basketball player than GETTING in shape…lol…I know Im 51…and still enjoy a good run. Okay I enjoy just being ON the court…lol

  114. Mikhail says:

    You guys are having a debate on Jordan’s capability to play. No doubt that he can still compete. In the Philippines, we had a player who still played on his 50’s. It was Robert Sonny Jaworski, who still played and even coached a team in our professional league. So for Jordan who’s way better than him… no questions asked..

  115. MJ fan says:

    Imagine if MJ did make a return.. he signs a ten day contract with the bobcats, plays one game.. and gets the arena packed. Imagine the TV broadcast even!!

    … If only

  116. Phamie says:


  117. cp10 says:

    I can see MJ at 50 competing with 35-40 year old’s, but not 19, 20, 24.. by the way I love that film clip of Drexler Pippen Robinson and Horry just having a conversation

  118. Karlo Garcia says:

    Part time not full time.

  119. trojan says:

    kids today will never know how jordan played the game… some of the clips were in youtube but not the same as watching him live during his days… now these kids argue about who’s better kobe or lebron LOL

    Change the bobcats name to HORNETS and put in your no.23 uniform MJ….

  120. jfack says:

    i think we all agree he could, maybe not many minutes but i bet he could compete well still.

  121. EnBeeAyy says:

    LOL are u serious. Jordan is one of the GOATs but theres no way a 50 year old player could keep up and compete in the NBA right now. Hes gonna be many steps behind on Offense and especially on Defense. Just no way man no way

  122. not recommended says:

    That would be something to see. However, I think he has more to lose than to gain. It would be too risky, he could get seriously hurt. He was the best that ever did it in his time, but imagine him trying to take a charge on LBJ. Not even the young players today can handle that locomotive coming down full steam 25mph. He’d end up in the hospital is what would happen.. MJ is just too competive to play conservative or allow himself to be embarrased. We love MJ, but Blindbury is smoking some good stuff..

  123. wat says:

    they should have mj play in the all star game

  124. krespino says:

    Jordan can not do it at 50.
    One player that can come back and play watchable basketball would be David Robinson, who is also close to 50.

  125. kingofaces2895 says:

    I’ll tell you what. Nobody would want MJ to hit the court again more than LeBron. Remember that pick he posted where he had the ball and he was being defended by a prime MJ (it was edited of course). LBJ waters at the mouth over the possibility of posterizing his idol. I would love to see MJ come back to the game for a year, just to show that he’s got it. Could he ball effectively? Sure, if you kept him playing no more than fifteen minutes a game. He is still smart, and his post game would still school the majority of the young guards in the league these days.

  126. Ryan says:

    it would be cool maybe if he did an all star celebrity game

  127. Dapper Jay says:

    Jordan should play in the Celebrity Game like Pippen did the year before (and Pippen should’ve won the MVP for that game). With Jordan playing in that game, it would be an easy win for the East team. Also, if Jordan went off in scoring, I bet he would ponder his options in playing for one or two seasons, limited of course. I think he would go for it, with the right motivation, like adding on to his scoring total to keep Kobe away. Ehh, who knows, you could never say never. I mean, this IS Michael Jordan we’re talking about…..

  128. W/E says:

    lol he could score the ball but comon at age 50 no one can play defence against young guys, defence is all about effort energy stamina and quickness,thats y players retire after 35, it makes no sense to play at age 50 unless u have superhuman stamina and excellent shape but who is able to do that at age 50?

  129. Berg says:

    While I do think that he would be able to produce acceptable numbers on offense I think you guys forget about a little thing called DEFENSE! There is no way a 50 year old, no matter his physical condition, would be capable of keeping up with a 20 or 30 something year old top athlete on defense! He would be torn apart on that end of the floor, not to mention the risk of injuries with the many twists and turns going on in a basketball game…
    As much as I love MJ, this should never become reality!

  130. LaQuonda says:

    Michael Jeffrey Jordan will remain the best player ever to step on a hardwood floor and if he returned to the league, if for one night only I would be in complete awe… He is tremendously talented and I know for a fact that he can give some of these newborn pups a run for their money… Go MJJ!!!!

  131. Yeah Right says:

    Jordan might score 10 points, but he will get absolutely destroyed on defense

    • LeBUMjames says:

      you think so? but jordan can rip your shorts in a game too. BISH

      • Lebron Fan says:

        if lebron is a bum then all the other players in the league are bums that ask lebron for lunch money.
        just look at his stat,. numbers dont lie

  132. GT says:

    He wouldn’t play in a celebrity as it wouldn’t be right to see him trotting up and down the court with the others like some sort of sideshow.

    He wouldn’t be able to play anyway due to his position with running the Bobcats and the rules of playing while having shares in a team.

  133. Styx says:

    Hakeem, Jordan and Miller, imo. Hakeem, being in better shape than the others i think can give 10 minutes off the bench.

  134. Carlos says:

    no he could not he would not be able to play nba athletes would be far too physical for a man his age

  135. amin says:

    I think Michael jordan can play at 50

  136. Wilt #13 says:

    I think that is a big mistake for jordan.
    I mean cmon dude… you are 50 years old and you are kinda not in shape like Hakeem is.
    Maybe for a 10 day contract just to get some money outa the fans to get some real players to make the bobcats better.
    Dont know about you all.. But I LOVE to see the bobcats.
    Everythough they lose alot I love Kemba Walker and MKG.

  137. mharon bayabaya says:

    i am a big fan of nba, if michael jordan play again? hmmm thats the time i’ll purchase a ticket to watch him in live game……how i wish for that i could watch atlast my fave game and my idol.

  138. Bottoms_3 says:

    I also think he should play in the all star celebrity game.. it would be fun !!

    • specialfriedrice says:

      I dont know why the NBA has never taken advantage of that…a rematch of East and West All Stars from the 80’s and 90’s…i’m not saying play 48mins…probably be a few heart attacks but…i would watch it and love to see some sort of game celebrating Heros from the past…serioulsly that game would be epic…

      • Tim NBA Fan says:

        There used to be an old-timer’s game during all-star weekend, but it was pathetic mostly. Watching old guys limp around and cause serious injuries to themselves isn’t as fun to watch as you’d think. It’s kinda like watching the Lakers this season except much worse.

      • Rocket33 says:

        An All-Star Legends game would be great for those of us who watched the NBA in the 80’s and 90’s. Have it on the Sunday before the actual game. 8 minute quarters or something.

  139. LL says:

    I believe that Hakeem would be more able to play today than MJ.

    Hakeem is still in shape and he still have his post work which he clearly shows in his workout videos. Additionally there is no competion at center spot.

    MJ on the other hand is fat as hell and the amount of athletic guards/forwards would torch him on defense.

  140. PistonsFan93 says:

    Maybe. It would be cool to see him play because many youngsters never got to see how Air Jordan rocked the court with his skills. 10 day contract? More like 3 day…..

  141. Bulls2012 says:

    Jordan can come back at age 60 and drop 30 on a team….Legend fo life

  142. Nathan says:

    He needs to lace it up and play in the celebrity game.

  143. Michael says:

    Michael please make my life complete – Come Back

  144. Mr MO says:

    Watch out for the NBA All Star celebrity game…

  145. rose and kobe fan says:

    i think lbj well still b good at 40.. bcuz hes the GOAT

  146. rose and kobe fan says:

    he couldnt do at 40 so.. NO

  147. Fromthechi says:

    Man if Mj came back it would be great. Not even for that long just one game. He’s just the greastest of all time

  148. Scisca says:

    I’d love it if MJ talked to Hakeem and both returned to play with the Charlotte Hornets (hopefully) for next season. That would be the story of the year!

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      Charlotte HORNETS?! You do know they’re the Bobcats now right?

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Catch up mate…New Orleans Pelicans from next year. hornets name be available and that’s what Scisca was getting at.

  149. I bet he could do it he better then everyone in Charlotte Jordan just retired one year before Lebron The next big thing

  150. Deni says:

    He could come back and play in an all star celebrity game! I would love to see that!

  151. SaYO says:

    now nba is just praising jordan too much lol

    • LeBUMjames says:

      nahhh.. because you just don’t know that much of NBA history . gtfo and play some nintendo wii KID

      • SaYO says:

        he was shooting like 43-44% on 22 points per game at the age of 40… thats pretty good
        but than at the age of 50?… lol you guys act like he still trains 24/7 for a ball game -__-
        hes the g.o.a.t … but to draw attention to the nba by bringing up a 50 year old jordan? lols
        i can see now most nba fans are fools.. no wonder the ugly media loves bringing random news into the nba

  152. ko0kie says:

    he shouldn’t do it… it was already hard to forget those days as a wizard. I want to remember him as the best…^^

    • Lebron Fan says:

      i guess him being the only player past 40 putting up 40 points wasn’t what best players do, or the game winners he hit, or the 25+ points he put up multiple times after he turned 40.
      clearly your memory’s not right, because he was putting up numbers kids like you can’t even do in a pick up game when you’re 25.

  153. Yup says:

    Defense has evolved so much in the last decade that these old school guys would not know how to handle it.

    • Tim NBA Fan says:

      Perimeter defense has actually gotten worse over the past decade plus. That is the main reason I think Jordan could still put up some points in today’s league. He would have to get in great shape though to merit a roster spot with the Bobcats or any NBA team. A one game 5 minute appearance would be pretty cool. More than that would be painful to watch I think.

    • hello says:

      actually, defense was harsher back in the day.. with the handcheck and everything.. today’s game has crybabies, little contact and they are complaining to the referees..

    • Tony says:

      It hasnt evolved it’s devolved.

    • Rocket33 says:

      The only thing that would stop these old guys is their bodies. They played through hand checking so I’m sure defensive systems wouldn’t be the problem. The league today is designed to make the offensive players look better. The only exception being on charging fouls where the player slides underneath a guy leaping towards the basket. Maybe if LBJ or Durant break their neck on a fall the NBA will do something about it.

    • Shadowspinner says:

      Defense has evolved?

      If defense back in his prime was played like it is now and called like it is now, MJ could have gone for 40-50 a night.

      The hardest thing for the old school guys would be trying not to play defense so they could play in the league the way it’s called now.

  154. Z says:

    Mike coming back @ age 50 would be one of the best days in my life!

    • Scott The Magician says:

      It would be the best day of my life!!

    • Shadowspinner says:

      It would also tarnish his legacy.

      We want to remember MJ at his prime – not MJ with the Wizards, and definitely not a 50 year old MJ getting dunked on and crossed up by a Westbrook or other young allstar.

      MJ was the greatest we’ve seen, but as much as he could still produce in limited minutes, he wouldn’t be MJ, he’d be a ghost of himself. We should love what he was, but accept that he is no longer that same player.

      No player currently in the league is even in the discussion for comparing to MJ right now, but that doesn’t mean that putting him back on the court would be a good thing.

      Let’s keep our memories of the greatest Bull ever pristine.

  155. Tommy says:

    I`m a big Jordan fan, but i don`t think he should play at age 50.

    • ELMEN says:

      Hey you guys imagine if Jordan came back and played with the Lakers? You Imagine Kobe & Jordan together? Who Would not want to buy a Jordan Laker Jersey? And better yet…KOBE AND JORDAN get a ring together? I would jerk off to that

      • kILLarifIC says:

        dude what are you hi on?? MJ and Kobe getting a ring together?? Jerking off to it?? u must have alloott of free time.. feel bad bro

  156. Richard from New Jersey says:

    I would love to see Hakeem Olajuwon play again and school some of there young bucks.. Maybe to the HEAT. he could probably play about 10-18 minus a game. MJ it would be a dream if he laced up again in a bobcat uniform and play some minute here and there.

    • kILLarifIC says:

      The Dream and MJ are my 2 fav players of all time but i know Hakeem cant play anymore. Mj could still shoot but he cant guard anyone and he can drive past people like he once did.. Hakeem w the raptors was hard to watch, Dnt want o see that agan

  157. bfG says:

    I’m pretty sure if you asked Charles Barkley (who is also 50) to get on the court he’d prob…. wait a minute xD I laughed 😀

  158. damdin m says:

    the bobcats can sign him to a 10 day contract to draws some fans. People will go nuts and flock from everywere just to see him play again. He seems to still have a good jumper and some quickness.

    • yup says:

      Jordan is the bobcats, he’d be essentially signing himself, so yes this would be pretty legit, I’d like to see it happen

    • No Way Jose says:

      If Michael Jordan would like to be remembered as so far it has been and not be remembered at the end of the history of the NBA as a RIDICOLOUS, should stay out of the court as an active player.

      • In Your Way Jose says:

        Oh well that is true but, for making of RIDICOLOUS already with only one time with the White Sox was enough. or not yet ?

  159. GOD says:


    • Live says:

      no doubt

    • Mino says:

      Hahaha, Kobe carried two championships, Jordan carried 6.

      • jjk says:

        hahaha jordan had pippen kobe had shaq lebron had wade tim duncan had parker dirk had chandler and kidd umm… chaouncey had rasheed prince n rip…stfu kids everyone needs help no one can carry a team by them selves enjoy the game

      • d-wade says:

        a little correction for you jjk. jordan had pippen 6 times. shaq had kobe 3 times. kobe had gasol 2 times, d-wade got shaq 1 time and LBJ got d-wade 1 time…and more to come. your rigth, everyone needs help. but being the top dog all the time. that’s something. his airness jordan still the greatest.

      • Shadowspinner says:

        Kobe didn’t have Shaq, Shaq had Kobe. Big difference. Kobe was second fiddle for 3 of his 5 rings – comparing that to Jordan’s being top dog for 6 is laughable.

    • Hm says:

      In Bizarro World maybe.

      • neitel says:

        How dare ppl in here to question jordan’s inner killer panther! no one was stopping Jordan in his prime or in 1998….he was still something to watch in 2003….common, like if you dont stick out your tongue when you ball?? i do it today, in tribute and because if it wasn’t for michael picking up a basketball, i most likely wouldn’t have either, Im 33 and im still balling, with my tongue out…….no wonder players be fouling the s*** out of me, they see me wiggle my tongue out going up and boom! foul….im at it again the next play. Jordan = Respect

      • neitel says:

        How dare ppl in here to question jordan’s inner killer panther! no one was stopping Jordan in his prime or in 1998….he was still something to watch in 2003….common, like if you dont stick out your tongue when you ball?? i do it today, in tribute and because if it wasn’t for michael picking up a basketball, i most likely wouldn’t have either, Im 33 and im still balling, with my tongue out…….no wonder players be fouling the s*** out of me, they see me wiggle my tongue out going up and boom! foul….im at it again the next play. I can see Jordan coming back 1 more time….like he said: Oh dont laugh, cause like limits, fears are just an illusion. Respect #23

    • Abbanndonn says:

      Keep dreaming

    • Eli Odell J. says:

      mighty short memories y’all got…. always movin with the fads and the wind blowin y’all down…

  160. JJ says:

    Nobody could stop the G.O.A.T! He could rip apart teams for 20 a night

  161. noyb says:

    Evidently a slow day for Fran. Yaaawwwwwnnnn….

    • Scott The Magician says:

      But in saying that, hes still MJ….and he could still score!!!

    • Ginobili says:


    • BJ says:

      yea, Jordan couldn’t do it at 40, thats why the Wizards fired him. Yea, I think this was a slow night for Fran, lol. Thinking of something to talk about.

      Talk about some other hype like Lebron being better than Jordan and possibly going down in history as the greatest player ever…………… with one ring, lol. Kobe has had to face the harsh reality of how hard it is go get rings because he’s not going to get at least 6, he has to settle for 5 and that has humbled him and crushed his ego.

      lets speak in realistic terms Fran, lol.