Shaqtin’ A Fool: Vol. 2, Episode 12

In the latest Shaqtin’ A Fool, Shaq calls out Caron Butler, John Wall, Roger Mason Jr. and Tyreke Evans as well as investigating some recent free-throw shenanigans. Vote for your favorite Shaqtin’ A Fool moment!


  1. Alex says:

    Wierd free throws says shaq…

  2. yeah says:

    best starting five.

    kwame brown
    derron williams
    roy hibbert
    danny ainge
    steve kerr

  3. dwayne says:

    better this week shaq keep doing u

  4. Dr C.Goode says:

    So JaVale has gone 2 weeks without Shaqtin a fool on court? Hmm I find that hard to believe but if true that’s gotta be a new personal best by far.

  5. TeCh says:

    1. The Butler did it.
    2. Worst. Layup. Ever.
    3. Pssst…play some D.
    4. Tyreke!
    5. Weird free throws.

  6. Kevin Lin says:

    to the guys posting vids of Shaq airballing a free throw……….you should realize he probably forgot about that moment….besides, was that the only time he did that?

    • Logic says:

      Uh, if you open your eyes you will realize that there are 2 videos embeded of Shaq air-balling before your comment. Shaq is a hypocrite in this case, and he should be the last person to comment about bad free-throw shooting. But that’s just Shaq, he’s still cool.

  7. sb8636 says:

    Sorry, here’s a link that should embed:

    I thought free throws were one aspect of the game that was supposed to IMPROVE as you got older ;-).

  8. sb8636 says:

    Shaq, love you, but:


  9. sb8636 says:

    Shaq, love you, but here’s another one:


  10. Jovan says:

    Mirza Teletovic 3 airballs in 38 seconds?

  11. allan houston says:

    yeah , that move from butler was not funny , it was stupid and idiotic , he would never do that to some of star players like lebron, durant, melo etc. , what a shame , but u should’ve add mirza’s 3 airballs , that was funny but it is just the beginning of the big career like kobe in 97 , AJDE MIRZA ĆEBE BOSANSKO

    • Hm says:

      That’s because those guys wouldn’t give him the ball. All that was missing with Valanciunas’ gift was a decorative bow.

      • Who cares?? says:

        The was was already ending with 8 secconds. What Butler did was pretty funny. I don’t even know how Valanciunas’ gave up the ball so easy.

  12. Lithuanian says:

    Butler is pease of … In Europe we don’t do what..I think what USA people have low IQ for doing what ..Shame

  13. Tony says:

    Hey Shaq, you should add Mirza Teletovic three airballs in a row!

  14. rayray says:

    I love how they allways take a quick snap of coaches and players after one does something stupid