Will Kobe Ultimately Drive Dwight Out Of L.A.?


HANG TIME SOUTHWEST — When Dwight Howard arrived in L.A. all smiles, nice Kobe Bryant talked of one day handing the keys of the legendary Lakers franchise to the big man, from superstar to superstar, to drive the purple-and-gold into yet another era of dominance.

If video evidence exists of recent Dwight smiles, please tweet or email me.

One must wonder if stone-cold, ruthless Kobe, the one with no working definition for injured, the one now urging Superman to suck it up and play with that torn labrum of his (although Kobe has now softened that stance), the one that tweeted a staged photo of the two to convince us that they like each other, will ultimately steer Howard straight out of Dodge, or actually somehow harden the heart and mind of this playful, stone-chiseled child of a man.

Howard’s choices are plain and in front of him. We will find out his first decision tonight at Boston if he chooses to play through shoulder pain as the Lakers, 23-26 and without injured Pau Gasol for the next four to six weeks, are in desperation mode from here on out.

Howard participated in the Lakers’ morning shootaround, according to reports, but he will be a game-time decision.

“I want to play,” Howard told reporters afterwards. “Why wouldn’t I want to play? At the same time, this is my career, my future and this is my life. I can’t leave that up to anybody else. There’s nobody else that will take care of me. If people are pissed off that I don’t play or if I do play, so what? This is my career. If I go down, then what? Everybody’s life is going to go on. I don’t want to have another summer where I’m rehabbing and trying to get healthy again. I want to come back and have another great year.”

The greater decision, of course, will come in July when Howard finally becomes an unrestricted free agent after what has seemed like an eternity of Dwightmarish indecision and immaturity, a confluence that delayed his free agency and destroyed a golden path to his desired Brooklyn, and finally landed him in L.A. via trade from forsaken Orlando last summer.

Again, Howard’s choice is plain: He can re-sign with L.A. and play for a legendary franchise and alongside one of the great competitors — and taskmasters — the game has ever known. Or, he can seek refuge somewhere a bit more comfortable.

Like Dallas, one of his original top three choices where first-rate owner Mark Cuban can coddle the big man in terrycloth robes, where Howard can take the torch as the shining superstar from a less domineering Dirk Nowitzki as he obligingly accepts a passenger seat during his remaining post-championship seasons.

Or, as we know, Atlanta general manager Danny Ferry has cleverly carved out cap space to make Howard a conquering hometown hero if he so desires.

It must also at least be noted that Dwight is right to scrutinize all aspects of the Lakers’ organization. Ownership has never been as unstable as it seems to be now with the aging Dr. Jerry Buss and his children-in-charge. The decision to hire Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson further complicated this season’s dysfunction, delivering an offensive system that doesn’t maximize a big man the way Jackson’s Triangle would. It isn’t even clear at the moment if D’Antoni or Kobe is in charge of the on-court direction of the club.

Still, just listen to Kobe talk about what it means to play for the Lakers in an exclusive interview with ESPNBoston.com’s Jackie MacMullan:

“[Dwight] has never been in a position where someone is driving him as hard as I am, as hard as this organization is.

“It’s win a championship or everything is a complete failure. That’s just how we [the Lakers] do it. And that’s foreign to him.

“When you think about it, there aren’t many organizations that look at it that way. There are only two that can really honestly say that’s what they live by: Los Angeles and Boston.”

Can Howard handle that truth? Better, yet, does he want to?


  1. Dew says:

    Lakers as a whole are just aweful. Plain as that. Kobe is past his prime, as well is Nash and Pau. Dwight is not as good as everyone once thought he was. Especially not on this team. The bench as well as supporting cast are not very good either. Blake, Meeks, Jamison and Clark would not hold a candle to Miami, Boston, San Antonio, New York, Oklahoma City, or the Clippers supporting cast by a long shot. To top it all off to go with a “Bad” team, they have a bad coach to coach them. One who has never ranked over 25th in defense. How can you expect to win games with no defense let alone a terrible offense? I can see how Nash and Stat led the Suns to the playoffs, they just killed everyone in scoring. The Lakers can not do that. So simple, the Lakers are just BAD!!

  2. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    Now comes the blaming game…. kobe will never stop on blaming people. enough already… If howard can’t do it, just shut up and try to win so the lakers can reach the playoffs, just leave the man alone. That’s not howard’s fault. The lakers front office made that trade not howard…. I’m sure the fans can’t believe that it happened and they crowned them 2013 champs already. one player even mentioned that they can break the 72-10 record too, Both sides suffer, ORL don’t have an Allstar on its roster.. Lakers got so called SUPERTEAM… kobe is always hungry for everything fame, attention etc. They gave him NASH HOWARD but still he ain’t satisfied… That’s what WADE got and kobe haven’t true leadership…. 2009 Dwade got a bunch of what??? J. Oneil, Beastley,Q Richardson. Did he whine because the rosters about his team rosters??? Uhm NOPE… He played his greatest game… Dwade done everything he could. 29PPG 7Rebs 8Ast 3Stl 1.5BLK that number belongs to a MVP… He reached playoffs but didn’t get past the CELTICS… At least He tried… Did DWade blame LBJ when they lose to the MAVS??? uhm No. He gave way to LeBron to maximized his abilities… A good leader (DWADE) knows what is best for the TEAM not trying to be the best (kobe) on the team.

  3. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    Real talk – Kobe needs to shut up. Kobe needs to keep the team’s business in house. Kobe is talking entirely too much to the media about Laker business and no one in the Laker’s organization is doing anything about it. The people in the front office is basically kissing Kobe’s butt (and he knows it) and letting him do what he wants to do. The coach appears to be basically walking on eggshells. And don’t think the Laker teammates don’t know this. The Lakers need to clean house, trade Kobe and start from scratch. The front office and coach need to get a handle on proper chain of command and protocol of media. As it stands right now – Nobody tells Kobe what to do on or off the court. Truly not an environment for success. I respect Kobe’s game and accomplishments but will be glad when he retires.

  4. Devildog says:

    Whatever happen let it be.

  5. karmaz says:

    howard, if you are injured, do like everybody else, shut up and don’t play, recover in silence.
    i’m no mean, just do like the others.
    pff really they don’t need phil jackson in LA for d’antoni, they need peter jackson to put all these drama actress in a new lord of the ring movie, a ring they won’t have (kobe, my preciouuuuus)

  6. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    I love the poll on Sunday’s game…. lakers win close one??? lakers cruise??? Was that a JOKE or something??? lakers gets dominated by the HEAT in staples center with full rosters… lakers will win in AAA??? That’s a bad joke…. the HEAT win a cruising game against Much better L.A. Team the clippers with BG,CP3,Jordan,Billups, J Crawford + Odom Bledsoe… That poll made my day… Heat with a 21-3 home record while the lakers are 9-17 on their road games… Who’s the dumb guy put that kind of poll???

  7. carly diamond says:

    Dwight howard shouldn’t be playing with a torn labrum in the first place and b/c of that he’s not playing like he should.

  8. Marc513 says:

    Dwight’s just not the player everyone think he is. All he’s good for is rebounds and the occasional block.

  9. kobe says:

    dhoward is soft…no heart..offensive game is very limited ..no touch cant shoot freethrows..if he aint dunking he aint scoring..can we trade him for marc gasol…hahahaha

  10. MJ says:

    I’m the best.

  11. Cyrus says:

    Kobe plays with injuries day in and day out. Kobe sets standards, leaders set standards, legends set standards.

    Lakers is an organization that have very high expectations. Yes, Lakers fans are spoiled but Lakers fans are the most loyal. We expect a winning season but we give energy to the team. If fans ain’t giving them support who will?

    Many Lakers fans may be supporting Clippers these days, but Lakers fans are also Los Angeles fans.

    These younger players have to realize that the franchise didn’t become a championship franchise being laid back and easy going. Lakers franchise has deep rooted traditions of hard work and commitment.

    Sometimes, someone has to be a d*ck, to get things done.

    These younger players have to realize that majority of the time you have to sacrifice your mind, body and soul for the game you love.

    • mike garus says:

      Who made you the philosopher?

    • specialfriedrice says:

      most of Kobes injuries are just media stories that he plays on people…nothing significant…it’s like if i banged the mrs too many times and my wang got sore…would i say no to another round…hell no ‘i’ll play through it’…

  12. CaboStLuke says:

    What an airhead for Kobe to say that there’s only 2 NBA teams that goes by the championship or bust way. If so then that means he’s been a complete failure for 12 of his last 17 seasons, and will be a complete failure again for his last 2 seasons. Arrogance preludes each thing that Kobe says or do, he doesn’t even think of what he says! He’s not so smart after all

  13. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    What happened to 72-10 SUPERTEAM? When they got all the pieces… Nash kobe MWP Pau Howard, and laker fans crowned them already as 2013 NBA Champs… Before the start of the preseason, I told everyone, Watch disaster will strike the lakers, Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t hoping for injuries , What I saw was Bench, Team Chemistry, Who will lead them, Can kobe gave way to his allstar teammates for the sake of winning, can Dwight and kobe share the same spot light? and so on… Now the lakers gave me much clearer answer…. DISASTER.. EPIC FAIL….

  14. Bob says:

    This farce started the moment the Fakers hired Dumbtoni instead of a coach that actually has a better strategy than “go, go, go!”. Love it!

  15. theking0522 says:

    Man, look at these whiners Lakers fans!! They were soo excited when they got Howard for Bynum. There were some of us who said that there were not differences between Howard and Bynum. In fact, back on the summer, I said that hack-a-Howard was going to hurt the Lakers. I called it haters!!! Greg Popovich has used this strategy for years and I said he, and any other coach, would use it with Howard. If anything, Bynum is a better player than Howard because when the game is on the line, he can make his free-throws. Howard is leaving LA. You guys lost Bynum and you won’t win the championship this or next year.

  16. Eaglos says:

    All that talk and in the end it won’t make any difference since the
    only reliable center that Lakers have is out for at least 1,5 month.

    Now Lakers are stuck with an injured one dimensional center who
    is unable to convert from the free throw line and an egoistic vete
    ran who has the brains of poser teenager.

    Good luck with that and best of luck to Gasol. I hope he finds a
    proper team with a real coach.

  17. Big Al says:

    It’s quite misleading to say that the team chose D’Antoni over Jackson. Phil didn’t want to coach anymore.

    Dwight may have just been misunderstood here. He always appears to be the easy-going, playful type who wants to have fun, as opposed to Kobe who wants serious business when inside the court. But I think that D12 wants to win just as badly as the Mamba, so he won’t be some sissy missing games just because of a boo-boo.

  18. Burak Uguz says:

    The only thing Howard blocks this season is Los Angeles Lakers not shots or dunks.

  19. rasheed says:

    Give our Lakers break, give players break. Give us (fans) a break. We have been thru a lot. Mike Brown took too much time and we requested Phil Jackson but we got Mike D’Antoni due to personal issue by rich owners of Lakers, playing with emotions of fans and putting Championship opportunity at risk. Then we have Nash out for almost whole season, most players went to injuries and never got chance to play together as one unit. Multiple factors affected Lakers and it is hard for everyone in Lakersnation/coach is trying but he is not a Championship caliber type and Kobe sometimes goes into his mode which turned out bad for Lakers most of the time this year but you can’t blame him, when all else fail, he tries to take over. If his team mates are missing open shots then Kobe does what he does, take over.
    Chemistry issue is still the biggest problem. Only PHIL JACKSON could have tried to resolve this issue. Although Phil in upset mood said Lakers are not championship team, that’s another story.
    D12, we as Lakers fan Thank You for playing for Lakers, even thru injuries and recovery…

  20. danito says:

    i never been a howard fan, to me he is a tyson chandler, or a javal mcgee, he only used his athelism to make baskets, now that its gone. he has nothing. bynum has post moves has better free thru shooting. lakers made a mistake when they made that move. they should of waited tell bynum get healthy. and played with gasol at the center with earl clark at pf. antonios system would worked and the team would of won more. trade howard for lopez and wallace

    • theking0522 says:

      But, but…You were sooo excited when the Lakers got Howard. I told all of you that Bynum was a better center

  21. Dwight Coward says:

    dwight should stay with the Lakers and prove his critics wrong. play the way people expect him to play

    he’s only going to ruin his image more if he leaves L.A. and if he does leave then my username fits him perfectly

    i know Kobe and his personality are the exact opposite (he’s happy go lucky and Kobe is more serious) but he should adjust to the new environment he is in right now.

    they are not playing basketball just to have fun they are there to win championships.

  22. kobeng Burat!!! says:

    trade PAU to Kwame Brown, waive Howard then sign Brian “The White Mamba” Scalabrine, 2 mambas are still better than one….

  23. Willy says:

    Kobe is telling everyone he is tired? He is gone in another year, maybe? Nash, not too many left. MWP will be done in another year or so. Get rid of the Dwightmare now while you can. Go lottery, draft, trade for younger players, rebuild. The Lakers will be a completely different team in 3 years anyway. Wonder why the Lakers didn’t go after Harden?

  24. shaqin says:

    dwight is like kwame brown…you better go to d-league…D12 is trying to be SHAQ in the making..

  25. sinniter says:

    I’m calling it right here!! Trade Dwight Howard to Atlanta. Pick up Jeff Teague and Josh Smith and we will be right back in the thick of things! F$*k Dwight Howard. He’s immature, he is a total slacker, he doesn’t have a killer instinct, and he’s not ready for the big stage! I’ve just about lost all my respect for #d12. #lakers

    • Badgers says:

      One of the other reasons Dwight would go to Atlanta would be to play with Josh Smith, his friend. Best thing Atlanta can do to get Howard is keep Smith there and happy.

      I can’t see Howard getting traded this season as who is going to make that trade knowing he’ll be going in the summer.

  26. SpurForLife says:

    Dwight, if I were you. If you want to win a damn title. I would take a smaller contract and play for the SPURS. He will get a great guidance under POP and TIMMY. Dwight and Ginobili will become a free agent this summer. And I believe Manu will sacrifice to make room for Dwight. And if that happens, it will be the next generation TWIN TOWERS. And another decade of dominance for the spurs. By the way, #SPURforLIFE

  27. RocketFan says:

    Lakers will be a better team if Dwight goes somewhere else & it’ll be better for him too. Seems like it’s toxic for Dwight to be on the Lakers team. Lakers should find someone young with potential, motivated, costs less, less injury prone, & does not need to be the focus/ center of attention. Maybe someone like Lopez. I think Lopez & Gasol would play better together too. Kobe will always be the star & unofficial on court coach for the Lakers. I’m not a big Kobe fan but he’s worked hard & earned it.

  28. Max says:

    Dwight just not have the determination to be a Laker. Dwight, did not realize that the NBA was such a tough JOB. No time to smile and be so nice. Yet, must win! He could have it all, but seems to want to whin and blame others for his failure to produce and that is to produce when he is healthy. He is fast becoming a un-healthy player. 2nd team and no playoff? Houaton will cry for more if he goes to the Rocketts. Atlanta, well they will welcome the child home, but a Championship?not likely. So, where and who really wants a player that cannot be a full court player and is accident prone? Better hope Laker’s want him to stay and realize that he is in the best seat to win a Championship. However, Laker’s know how though one has to be to be winner of the Ring! Somtimes must play through pain. Ask Nash, Ask Kobe!!

  29. tony says:

    ….. The article title doesn’t have anything to do with the video. Kobe in the video did not say anything that might drive Dwight out of LA. SMH Nba Blogs…

  30. Patty says:

    Kobe is absoutely wrong. Kobe you just take care of your self. You are as bad as Charles Barkley talking about you with Shaq. Leave Howard alone. Shame on Kobi.

  31. Common Sense says:

    Blah. Media blowing everything out of proportion. Kobe won’t do anything to Dwight. If Dwight leaves, it’s because he always wanted to be in Brooklyn, it won’t be because of Kobe.

  32. Obama says:

    He is not going to Dallas his only options as a free agent are Atlanta, Lakers, and Rockets

  33. Barry Lird says:

    B U M !

  34. rondo says:

    I think Kobe should have not played through some of his injuries. If he waited until he was healthy his stats could have raised in average.

  35. Stan says:

    Dwight already bought a home in L.A. But so did most every rich NBA player that can afford to live anywhere they want. L.A. is where he can do the most good for his career and the Lakers will never trade him so he is here to stay. Shaq did’nt win his first few years in L.A. and Dwight will not his first year, but in the furture the Lakers will surround him with the best players he needs to win. The Lakers will have no chance this year or next without Dwight and they are finding Bynums shoes are not that easy to fill. Giving up Bynum would not have happened without a promise from Dwitht but they should get it in writing this July. Kobe will be gone in 2 years and Dwight will be the focus in the future.

  36. Rosanne says:

    GO MAVS!!I SURE hope Cubes can talk D-12 into coming to BIG “D”. We could certainly use him alongside the Dirkster!!
    He would definitely help the MAVS for YEARS to come!!

  37. NHbleedsGREEN says:

    I would say that OKC and the HEAT are in the ring-or-nothing catagory too Kobe!!

  38. Ben says:

    I dont think he will go but if he did he should go brooklyn nets.
    In the end hes right and should rest himself and come back when he feels comfortable to play.

  39. QuestionMark says:

    If Dwight does leave L.A then Kobe isn’t at fault. Kobe is a winner and he wants to win, if him trying to get Dwight to play 100% every night and drive him to play well every night gets Howard to leave L.A, then it is purely Howard’s fault. Howard has to take the challenge upon himself and drive himself to improve and play well. We have seen it many times, Howard likes to clown around and not take things seriously at times, Kobe is the complete opposite, obviously there are times where every player clowns around, but when it comes to game time, Kobe is as competitive as ever. He is also right about this season being a win or lose type of situation. Kobe is aging, Gasol is aging and Nash is very close to retirement, after this season, the Lakers won’t have any chance to win a title, even this season seems very slim, unless they completely turn it around and play like everyone thought they would when they got Howard and Nash.

  40. Beavis says:

    fire Jim Buss and hire Jeanie Buss!!!

    once that happens noD’antoni will be out of a job & we can start fresh with Brian Shaw or Curt Rambis next year.

  41. Trevor says:

    . I like him off the court, coz he’s positive and funny man, but he’s just too soft for a championship caliber team! Trade him for Garnett!

  42. TV63 says:

    Kobe is a small factor but the coach will be the biggest reason he leaves.

  43. Scott says:

    Dwight is garbage.

  44. Kobe says:

    Nice try Garnett. You’ll stay in Boston.

  45. Oscar says:

    Bad move for both LA and Dwight if he’s moved somewhere.

    Dwight needs a little growing up. Kobe and LA with the current environment, will provide a catalyst for that.
    Let’s just be patient with D12. No better teacher than an active player with 5 rings!

  46. Shawn says:

    the problem is there is to many “I’s” in a team work the consideration should be the larger good. there is no medical reason why he cant play and so no DHoward it is not all about you. Long as he does not come to New York, please. You have to play hard to make it here. Sorry Kobe. But, we respect you for pushing!

  47. Arriaga says:

    Exteremely obvious he doesnt want to wear the purple and gold. such a baby sometimes. he has always been saying he wants to play for a winning organization, and now that he is there, he is complaining again. Trade him now before we lose what value and offers are out there.

  48. flowerpot504 says:

    D12 should not be moved by Kobe’s exhortations of urgency as that urgency was brought about by (mis)management. Kobe’s ultimate agenda is simply to put up numbers.

  49. anthonyice nelson says:

    Howard will stay what we need is a 4 that can stretch the floor like Josh Smith or Kevin Love that will leave room for Howard 2 go 2 work an that will make him happy

  50. This1s4_Me says:

    Lakers don’t care about Dwight, Lakers care about the Lakers. If my shoulder needs rest or surgery, forget playing, this is my career. And why risk it? So the Lakers can make a last ditch effort to get in the post season where they will clearly lose to the upper echelon of the West? If I’m Dwight I leave LA without a second thought; he gets no respect, he’s obviously not enjoying himself, and he’s not allowed to even rest while injured without everyone scrutinizing him.

  51. Dwightmarewillalwayscontinue says:

    If he doesn’t play tonight he’s gone. Then maybe he will benefit the Laker organization in some way.

  52. JimD54 says:

    I have to say, although I’m not a Laker fan I like the way Kobe handles himself in front of the cameras, he speaks well and he’s careful about what he says and he doesn’t let the commentators trick him into saying something he shouldn’t say, a lot of those NBA poster Players could learn a lot for him. …That being said the Lakers still don’t have a snowballs chance without some quality bigs….

  53. mike says:

    Title is misleading. Is this Caplan trying to make a name for himself by starting a gossip…. They should put this Caplan in a celebrity site or TMZ instead of having him here in NBA.

  54. rushnroll says:

    Trade Howard before the deadline. His immaturity and ignorance ruins the whole team’s character (like a totten aplle you put to other fruits and it infects them)…It looks like he doesnt even have the willingness to learn from Kobe and others (and this after 9 years in business -> big CHILD?!)…Moreover his injury took some of his athleticism and seemingly he doesnt have the skill set or/ and understanding of the game to compensate it – in contrast to Bryant and Pau. All in all I dont thing Howard has the ultimate winning menatlity and has to grow, but with this coach and his ignorance? Try to get Love alongside with a talented young (backup) pg…nash is playing too many minutes (like Kobe does)…

    By the way: I am just 25 years old, a Laker-Fan since “CrazyFlight8Kobe” came in the league and was very very happy when I heard that “D12” comes to Hollywood ( although I had my doubts with regard to the team chemistry)…but now its obvious that Howard wasnt ready to take the responsibility for the maybe greatest franchise in Basketball-history right now……

    Bottom line: SAVE THE LAKERS, TRADE HOWARD! please

    • Juls says:

      Don’t be so rough with dwight. He has been a SUPERSTAR when he was in orlando. Don’t forget that. He just needs role players by his side, not superstars. Like in orlando, he was the only star, and they had a run for the championship in 2009. He will fit good in a team with no superstar at all, and with that, they may have a run for the championship.

  55. Forreal says:

    Kobe is the boss no more excuses get the job done as a TEAM

  56. Dwightmare says:

    Send him to brooklyn, thats where he wants to be anyway. Brook Lopez is a fine center and if you don’t want him you can work a three way deal for Kevin Love who I’m sure would be eager to come home after his treatment in Minneapolis. Besides he’s one of few bigs who fit Dantoni’s system with his love of the three ball. Dwight will never be the force Shaq was, he has been in the league 9 years now, it would have happened already. He’s just not that type of player.

  57. sacreblue says:

    I feel sorry for Dwight. He just wants to have fun and play basketball. But all this media hype and pressure has made him indecisive and shows his immaturity. Its like dejavu LA style. He is going to play soon even with the injury, he knows that. But he cant always say “i”, “me” “my” on his interviews, during that shootaround. Kobe is a different species. Even when his right hand was injured he dribbles and shoots with his left. After an ankle sprain, he would still play the next game after 48 hours of constant treatment. Dwight has not played with a competitior like Kobe. If the pressure is too much for Dwight, he can leave town for all Lakers fan would care. I think Kobe can still play for another 4 years. They can pick up another good/great young big by then who has the urgency to win now. They have the versatile earl clark, defensive minded metta, and steve nash. They can get another good center if he leaves, And I’m sure Pau will want to play for the Lakers next season, with jordan hill back in the fold, the Lakers will be better after one more year of camraderie.

  58. Anonymous says:

    lakers should of hired phil jackson regardless the amount of money he wanted!! they would of been a huge threat in the west and we would of finally seen KOBE VS LEBRON

  59. Anonymous says:

    Lakers flopped big time!! wow. trade dwight trade nash heck even trade kobe.. let them all go to miami .. then no one would stand in their way!

  60. KOBE #1 FAN says:

    damn idk kobe, your one of a kind…

  61. I like Dwight but he needs to mature. I don’t think he will ever be a Shaq or really great big man. Maybe had Phil J been the coach maybe he could have taught him to grow up but that won’t happen now.

  62. NBA-Hoops says:

    This is all easy for kobe to say, but he ain’t the one dealing with the shoulder injury as a big men. Why should howard play through an injury which could potentially put his career at risk and his value for a guy who wants to be mentioned next to MJ with 6 rings? It’s not worth it from howards stand point. I suggest howard to wait it out. Kobe is just being dumb like he always is

    • Lakers' fanboy says:

      u didnt watch the video and listen to what kobe said did u? he said ” play it through “IF YOU CAN””
      sigh people these days (Like howard and you) cant understand anything anyone say to you. open up your mind, you will gain more than u will lose.

      • Sally says:

        That’s what kobe said in the interview, yes, but what he REALLY said to dwight is something different, don’t be so gullible “FanBOY”. Talk is cheap !! These guys talk trash off court as well as on court.

  63. rushnroll says:

    TRADE D12 before the deadline! His immaturity and ignorance ruins the whole team…He is like a rotten apple you put to other fruits and it infects these…Moreover he has lost athleticism and isn’t looking to have or get a skill set that would compensate it (in contrast to KB24, Pau…)…try to get Love alongside with a young, talented backup pg…nash is playing too many minutes…

  64. the mandalorian says:

    I think they lose both pau and Dwight and kobes last 2 seasons are spent in lottery land

  65. Garnett says:

    better trade Dwight and get some value players before losing him to free agency.

    • Shaq The Disel says:

      Yi JianLian is better than Dwight Howard. The Lakers should sign Yi.

    • Shawn Smith says:

      Worse then that. I few more “Hack-a-Howard” scenarios on that shoulder, he may need to shut it down with surgery crippling the Lakers bargaining power for trades.

      Lakers are toast.

    • xpact says:

      i still think the lakers will still win 70 games MAYBE 35 now en 35 nxt season maybe MWP is right after all. of saying they will win 70 games but one season just isnt enough to win 70,,,question now is how can they win it all?? well atleast thats what there fans wants us to believe

      • Sally says:

        They can amp that up all they want about them making the playoffs, but it WILL NOT happen, Kobe can say all he wants, it’s just trash talk and something to feed the media. Dream on Laker fans !!

    • Garnett says:

      If basketball teams continue to consistently trade megastar like Dwight once they got him…which is where the Lakers is at right now, players like Dwight no longer get spoil and they will mature up, be more committed to the organization that they’re playing for. On the other hand, players like Dwight don’t respect any organization and play hard. They think too many teams want them so they’re having too much power. If you get pay $15M a year you better play hard and win a title. Many people make less than 6 figures and have to work their butts off over 10 hours a day.

    • Brad says:

      Lakers need players with the physique and mentality to win. Dwight is a physical specimen, but he only puts forward minimum effort.

    • kk says:

      The lakers are foolish if they dont trade dwight. There is no way he is signing a long term contract with the Lakers. Lakers need to trade him ASAP and get some good young talent, then try (which will be almsot impossible) to trade Kobe next year. If they do this, they could have a run at the championship within the next few years. If not, they are doomed for at least a decade

    • CP3 says:

      He should not be missing games due to just a “sore shoulder” they are missing hill for the season and gasol for a minimum of 6 weeks now. I wouldnt wanna play hurt either but he has to step up.

      • Sally says:

        How long did he play in Orlando with not one injury, I don’t buy it. I will say it again, the problem with the lakers lies in the locker room (team chemistry). Kobe always has something to say about Dwight in every interview and he and Dwight have had words already. Kobe doesn’t want someone coming in and stealing his thunder, so he starts with the trash talk. “Chemistry, my friends” It’s very important if you want a winning team.

    • Pedro Arnaldo says:

      nice try garnett xp

    • Scott The Magician says:


      I had no place to post this.
      On shaqtin a fool tonight the big shaqspear said he HAS NEVER SHOT AN AIRBALL

      This ones for you big man hahaha…nice try though, as if us true nba fans could let this slip!!! lol